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For the Present the Stock Will
Be Removed from the Honstead
to the Supply Company Build
ing, Mr. Grete's Store Remain
ing as it is. But Bls Soon a.s
Improvements Can Be Made
Ta-king in the Storeroom Next
Door, the Stores Will Be Con
solidated in the Granite Build
ing Along With the Grete Store.
The most important business change
which has taken place in Silver City
for a long time past is briefly told in
the above headlines. Two prominent,
stores have made arrangements to con
solidate. Charles H. Grete, who has
been in busiuess here almost siuce a
young boy, for the past several years
conducting a clothing, hat, shoe aud
gentleman's outfitting store, and L. S.
Honstead, who for the past three years
has kept a general supply store, have
formed a co-partnership and will con
solidate their two stores in one greater
In addition to this they have to
gether purchased the heavy stock of
the Silver City Supply Company aud
taken that in, in addition to their joint
stocks of goods. This stock was pur
chased at a great discount on its cost,
aud all the parties are busy this week
inventorying it. It is estimated that it
will amount to upwards of $15,000.
Asked in regard to their future
plans, Nugget was told that for the
present the Grete store would remain
as it is, but the Honstead stock would
be removed into the Supply Compauy
building, but that later on the store
room adjoining the Grete store would
be remodeled, with a new front aud
arches between it and the Grete store,
and the entire business concentrated
there, while the Honstead store would
be used as a storage room for heavy
articles and reserve stock.
This will make a stroug und progress
ive busiuess firm, with a heavy aud
complete stock of goods, ample capital
at its back, and its members
known and enjoying the full confidence
of. the community.
One sincere regret, however, goes
with the ohatige. Mr. A. H. Gaylord,
who for the past two years has been
mauager for the Supply ( ompauy, will
probably soon leave here with his fam
ily, aud he and they (there are six girls
in the family) have all endeared them
selves to Silver City people in such a
manner that tbeir loss will be sincerely
regretted. Wherever they may decide
to make their future home there will
the good will aud ,good wishes of all
Silver City people also go; and it will
uot be surprising if some of our best
young men strive to bring some of the
family back here.
A Strange Affair.
Quite a sensation was created in
Dewew last Saturday, by Mrs. James
Beaton, a lady much respected both in
that place and here, taking clandestine
leave of her home and husband, he for
a long time an employe iu the machine
shop and at th-j Trade Dollar Con. mill
and mines. Mrs. Beaton came up to
Silver City aud visited a sister residing
here, and while here secured a bank
certificate for mouey deposited iu her
name aud some money also deposited
here, aud returned home the evening
before her departure. Her huaband
was ou night shift—getting off a 3
o'clock a. m. He came home aud found
a fire aud his luucheou awaiting him,
but his wife absent. Thinking she had
gone to a neighbors for some reason,
he ate his luncheon and retired, as
usual sleeping until late in the morn
I ing. When he got up he went to a
neighbors and inquired for his wife,
but she had not been there. Further
inquiry elicited the information that
she had boarded the stage for Silver
City at4 o'clock that morning and gone
on to Murphy on the stage out from
here, and an answer to a 'phone to
Nampa informed him that she had
taken the west bound train for Kent,
Washington. Kent was their former
home, and their only daughter, a bright
little girl of 12 or 13 years, is now at
tending school there. Only a few
months ago Mr. and Mrs. Beaton visit
ed there with the intention of invest
ing in property there and making that
place their future home. Unable to
account for the strange action of his
wife, Mr. Beaton started after her the
next morning.
Gossips have started all sorts of ru
mors and surmises about this strange
affair. Except the most charitable of
the surmises we will not repeat any of
them. This one is, that a sudden long
ing to see her daughter had overcome
her, and fearing her husband would
not give his cousent to her making the
visit, she had gone thus clandestinely.
For the past four years Mr. Beaton
has been steadily employed at good
wages and, it is said, has every month
turned over his pay check t<> his wife,
going to her when he wanted money
and always getting it. As they did not
live extravagantly, it is thr.light their
savings must have amounted to several
thousand dollars, all deposited in her
name. The lady has always been high
ly esteemed and respected. She has a
sister, Mrs. Palmer, residing in Silver
City, and Mr. Beaton's aged parents
and a sister, Mrs. Swan, also reside
here, and to all appearance the utmost
harmony has always existed amongst
them all.
The Minstrel Show.
Wednesday night a packed hall of
Silverites enjoyed a rare treat in the
first and only appearance of the Home
Talent Minstrels, a jolly good troupe of
musical aud joke burnt cork artists,
organized for the occasion by that tel
euted mauager, W. B. Hard. It was a
great success from the opening over
ture to the closing chorus. It would
scarcely be fair to meutiou the mirth
or melody making stunts of any single
artist without meutiouing the work of
all the others, for all were good, funny
or delighting. But noue of the artists
will feel slighted at our uot passing
hoquets to them if we make special
meutiou of the serpentine dance exe
cuted so charmingly by Mr. Hurd's
little daughter, under changing colored
lights. "That was just too sweet for
anything," was the comment of a
school girl.
Au effort will be made to induce this
troupe of fun-makers to repeat their
performance soon, and if possible, to
have them go to Dewey and DeLamar
aud give those camps of what the Sil
ver City coons can do.
Resolvitions of Condolence.
Whereas, It has pleased Almighty
God, our Heavenly Father, to take
unto himself our deceased brother,
John Skoveru, who died at DeLamar,
Idaho, January 30, 1900, aua
Whereas, He was a man who was well
loved by his acquaintances, he will be
sadly missed from our midst.
Therefore be it
Resolved, That we, the members of
tne DeLamar Miners' Union No. 53, W.
F. of M., do feel the loss of our beioved
brother most keenly, aud we earnestly
sympathize with the brothers, relatives
aud near frieads outside of our Miners'
Union. Furthermore be it
Resolved, That these resolutions be
placed in our minutes, and copies be
prepared aud sent to the brother's rela
tives, aud that a copy be sent to the
Miners' Magazine and be printed in
some nearby newspapers; and we drape
our charter for a period of thisty days.
Where the faded flower shall blossom,
blossom never more to fade ;
Where the shaded sky shall brighten.
brighten never more to shade.
Where the child shall meet its mother
And the mother meet her child;
And ».ear families be gathered
That were scattered on the wild
bear ones, we shall meet and rest
ilid the holy and the blest!
(Signed) J. C. SMITH
G, B. Adams
[seal] Flu. Secretary DeLamar Miuers'
Union No. 53, W. F. of M.
Herbert Hoskins,
Mrs. John Fraser was a visitor here
yesterday, from Dewey.
Try McDonald's Whipped Cream
Chocolates, at Tremewan's. They are
superior to any other make.
Seven grandmothers sat together at
the table on which the bountiful lunch
eon was spread, at the Grete 44th wed
ding aaniversary, last Tuesday night.
Big reports are reaching here about
homeseekers coming to Grand View, to
locate under the Bruueau canal. The
lands belonging to the state, to lie sold
down there March 3, will all go at good
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Newnian and their
baby boy were outgoing passengers
Thursday, the lady and boy to visit her
Tacoma home aud Mr. Newmau to
Twin Falls, to look after his business
Adel Brunzell found a gold locket on
on the street Wednesday, which the
owner can have by calling at his place
of busiuess. (t is a plain, oval shaped,
locket, suspended from a gold buckle,
aud contains a lock of a child's hair.
Remember that War Eavle Tribe of
the Improved Order of Redmen have
taken charge of the celebration of
Washington's Birthday here, aud will
give a grand ball or war dance. All
white brothers and sisters are invited.
Mr. Horn, of the Avalanche, got his
paper out a day early this week, so
that he could spare more time to pick
up political pointers at the state capi
tal, whither he again hiked this morn
ing. Jake is a great rustler, in his way.
Nugget has just received a large as
sortment of tine stationery and paper
stock. It is uice aud we can print it
nicely. Send your orders to this shop
for anything you may want, from a
wedding auuouucement to a show
Snow fell here Wednesday night aud
yesterday, to a depth of about four
inches, improving the sleighing by fill
ing ruts and bare places iu the roads.
This was afier four weeks of ideal
weather, clear days aud cold, starlit
nights. Today it is clear sunshine
Mrs. Mark Colburn has sent invita
tions to Silver City aud DeLamar
ladies to joiu her in a Martha Wash
ington party, at Hotel Dewey,-uext
Thursday afternoon, intimating that
the guests will be expected to appear
iu costume commemorating the revolu
tionary times.
Nugget regrets to state that Mrs.
McMahon, mother of Mesdames Stod
dard, Droliiuger, Counors aud Rogers
aud Frank McMahou, has been so ser
iously ill during the past week as to
cause considerable anxiety among her
family and frieuds. At last report she
was slightly better.
All Honor to Washington's
Birthday and Incidentally
Redmens Ball
Which occurs ou the
same date, aud to
which all are cordi
ally iuvited.
*| Iu this, their ini
tial entertainment,
the REJMEN will
spread themselves to
show all a good time.
Dance begius 9 sharp
==■§§§ =
Feb. 22, '06
—Committee on Arrangements—
Harry Moss
John Hawes
E. .1. Burrough
—Floor Committee—
John Hawes
K. J. Burrough
R. Hawes
Mrs, Mary Deary, from Lone Tree
creek, was a visitor here yesterday, j
coming up to make annual proof of
improvements on her desert land !
claim. She was accompanied by
Christie Driscoll and Ambrose Maher, |
her witnesses.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grete, Jr , and
their four little girls, and Mrs. John
W. Rowett and sou Ernest, all left for
Boise Wednesday, for a visit and to
watch the capital city grow for a few
days. Mrs. Rowett ana sou will also,
before returning, visit friends and
relatives at Mountaiuhouie.
Hon. and Mrs. Charles M. Hays ar
rived here in the early part of the
week and are now comfortably located
in their former residence uorth of the
Creek, which they left several years
ago, and Mr. Hays has hung out his
shiugle to practice law. The girls still
remain iu Boise Where Alma is attend
ing school, but Roweua expects to joiu
them here iu a short time. Tney are
receiving a cordial welcome from their
many old time friends in Owyhee.
Nugget will receive and forward sub
scriptions for any newspaper or per
iodical published anywhere in the
world Ht the regular subscription price,
thus saving subscribers the cost of
money orders and postage, and the
trouble of writing. We have arrange
ments with a news company with wh'ch
we keep a deposit, which enables us to
do this.
With more men arriving daily to
work on the construction of the big
sugar factory; with the railway people
continuing to make extensive improve
ments; with plans made aud worii be
gun on several new business blocks;
with numbers of new dwelling? pro
jected or beiug constructed, Nampa is
setting the pace for other Idaho towns,
aud the pace of Emmett, Payette,
Weiser, Caldwell and Boise are uot so
slow. But if they are busy now, what
will they be when work on the great
Boise-Payette reclamation enterprise is
fairly under way, with a reservoir be
ing constructed on Deer Fiat to hold a
body of water larger than Payette lake,
the New York canal being eularged to
the Size of a small river aud all the
other work involved iu that great
terprise beiug prosecuted! Aud this is
only a mere mention of oue portion of
Southern Idaho. Go to the Minidoka
tract aud Twiu Falls to see them more
than duplicated. Truly, these are busy
days for all of Southern Idaho! Aud
the Owyhee mine owners are getting
busy, too, and propose to make this a
record year.
record year.
A Wedding Anniversary,
Tuesday was the forty-fourth auui
versary of the weddiug of Mr. aud Mrs.
Fred Grete, Sr. Cuu you imagine that
their friends forgot it? Well, no they
didn't. But they plotted to take that
much esteemed couple completely by
surprise. They succeeded,
lettiug out a hint of their designs, a
large company of their lady friends
and relatives look their
ant and quiet home by stoim in
the evening, armed with baskets aud
hampers of refreshments, aud "had a
time of it " Among the party was the
bride's sister, Mrs. Mary Grete, who
attended their real wedding, forty-four
years ago, aud two ladies. Mesdames
Brunzell aud St Clair, who had otiici
ated, nineteen years ago, as brides
maids at their silver weddiug. As me
mentos of the happy occasion the
company presented the bride with a
gold handled silk umbrella and a hand
painted creamer and sugar bowl. Our
informant told us that the spread made
up from the hampers the invaders of
the home brought with them consti
tuted a most elegant repast.
It was the wish of all that at the an
niversary of their golden wedding the
bride aud groom might both be there,
healthy and vigorous, to participate in
just such another enjoyable gathering.
Clearance Sade.
Iu order to make room for her spring
millinery goods, Mrs. Mills is now offer
ing excellent bargains iu Neckwear,
Ribbons, Silks, Ladies' Caps, Hats, etc.,
etc. Be sure to call and see the tempt
ing offers.
Best line of imported and domestic
cigars in town at Tremewans.
Nea.ring Completion.
A walk through the Dei.amar mill,
last Saturday, with W. R Thomas, the
mill superintendent,
good conception of what an extensive
plant that will be when completed.
Everything about the former mill has
been torn out aud discaided
gave us a very
the water aud steam power and the
filter press, aud everything in and
about the mill proper has been built
anew, even to Lhe structure, from the
roof of the ore house at the foot of the
tramway to the foundation by
the big iron leaching tanks
ported. The mill when completed will
be oue of the largest and most modern
cyanide mills in the whole mining re
gions, and will in fact embody some
improvements for separating the slimes
from the ores which will be entirely
new. It will be but a few weeks
until it is completed, wheu Nugget will
endeavor to give as complete a descrip
tion as practicable of its arrangement,
capacity and the process of reducing
aud treating the ores. The
are sup
ment is uow hastening its completion
in order to take advantage of the water
power for as long a season as possible,
lhe power ditch has already been
cleaned of snow and the water wheel
will be run to supply power for the
machine shop, the electric light dyna
mo, aud for the air compressor which
supplies power for the machine drills
employed in the miue.
Arthur Buckbee, manager of the
Pioneer Mines Compauy, back from the
railroad whither he went last week
with a bar of bullion, made one of his
trips down town Wednesday. He
says that the cleanup made at the mill
a few days siuce was only a partial
made while the mill was waiting for a
pump, aud as his compauy is not
uiatiug iu its stock, there is
ion for giving the lesults of
further thau to say it was quite satis
factory. The pump h$s been replaced
aud the mill is now running smoothly
and the usual force is employed in the
no ocoas
a run,
Mr. Buckbee expresses great faith in
the future of War Eagle mountain, and
especially anticipates busy doings at
the Commoner miue in the near future.
He also thinks that Mr. Hill, when he
returns here from the east, will
prepared to develop a great property
out of the Stormy Hill group.
At the Addie miue drifting is
beiug done from the bottom of the
fifty foot shaft, sunk from the
level. The crosscuts to the
west veins were run from the
point. The mauager reports that the
mine is showing quite satisfactorily at
all these points.
east and
* *
The Banner tuuuel contractor, whose
work is measured up for him aud
ments made on the 15th of each mouth,
encountered harder ground during tb
month and only made 83 feet,
against 87 the previous mouth. He re
ports the ground gettiug better
Col. J. F. Sullivan is grading ground
on which to construct ore bins of large
capacity, for the Sullivan & Noble
mine at the bead of Jacob's gulch.
Henry Stevens was down from
Rich Gulch Company's
morning on snow shoes. He
has drifted 30 feet on the ledge this
month, aud that it continues to show
up as great as ever.
mines this
says he
Advertised Letters.
Following is the list of letters
maiuiug uucalled for in the Silver City
postoffiee for the week ending Feb 17
McCandless, D C
Ohlsson, Miss Olga
Roberts, James & Belle
Shell, SS
Walling, Harry
Letters uot called for will be
the dead letter office.
sent to
C. H. Grete, Postmaster.

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