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Proposed Consthutiorv
a.1 Amendments.
The following' proposed Amend
ments to the Constitution of the
Stute of Idaho were duly author
ized by the Legislativi Session of
1905 to he submitted to the
electors of the State at the Gen
eral Election to be held on
Tuesday the Sixth day of Novem
ber, 1900.
The same are six in number
and as follows, to-wit:
1. That sectiou 3 of article 8 of the
constitution of the state of Idaho be
amended to read as follows :
No county, city, town, village or otb
er subdivision of the State shall incur
any indebtedness or liability in auy
manner or for auy purpose, exceeding
in that year the revenue and iucotne
provided for it for such year, without
the assent of a majority of the quail
tied electors thereof, voting at an elec
tion to be held for that purpose, nor
unless, before or at the time of incur
riug such indebtedness provision shall
be made for the collection of an annual
tax sufficient to pay the interest on
such indebtedness as it falls due, and
also to constitute a sinking fund for the
payment of the principal thereof, with
in twenty years from the time of con
tracting the same. Any iudebtedui-ss
or liability incurred contrary to this
provision shall be void : Provided,
That this section shall not be construed
to apply to the ordinary and necessary
expenses authorized by the geueral
laws of the State.
2. That sectiou 4 of article 8 of the
constitution of the State of Idaho be
amended to read as follows:
No county, city, town, village, munie
ipality or other subdivision of the
State shall ever make donations to auy
raiirond or other w.rks of internal irn
provement, unless propositions so to do
shall have been first submitted to the
qualified electors thereof at an election
by authority of law: Provided, That
such donations of a couutv with the do
nations of a conti y with the donations
of such subdivisions in the aggregate
shall not exceed ten per cent of the as
sessed valuation of such county: Pro
vided, further, That any city or county
may, by a two thirds vote, increase
such indebtedness live per cent iu ad
dition to. such teu per cent; aud no
bonds or other evidence of indebtedness
so issued shall be valid unless the same
shall have indorsed thereon a certifi
cate signed by the Secretary aud Aud
itor of State, showing that the same is
issued pursuant to law.
3. That section 10 of article 18 of the
constitution of the State of Idaho he
amended to read as follows:
The board of county commissioners
shall consist of three members, whose
term of office shall be four years; the
commissiouers for commissioner dis
trict No. 1 and No. 2 iu each countv
shall be eh cted at the regular election
iu 1908 for a term of four years; and
the commissioner for the commissioner
district No. 3 in each county shall he
elected at the same election for a term
of two years; and their successors shall
be elected for a term of four years at
regular elections thereafter.
4. That sectiou G of article 18 of the
constitution of the State of Idaho be
amended to read as follows:
During the last six months our banking
room has been increased to twice its former
size A new vault has been built. New
safety deposit boxes have been added. New
fixtures, new methods, and up-to-the-minute
service have been installed in every depart
To our depositors in Silver City,DeLamar
and Owyhee County, who have helped to
make these things possible, we send this
word of appreciation.
We believe they will join us in extending
to their friends—to the new arrival in our
midst—to the man who has no bank account-
a personal invitation to become a depositor
in the
Capital State Bank
of Idaho, Ltd., at Boise
The Legislature by general and uni
form law s shall provide for the electiou
biennially in each of the several coun
ties of tiie State, of such county, town
ship and precinct officers as may be
provided by law and shall prescribe
their duties. For the purpose of de
termining what officers shall be pro
vided iu the different counties of the
State, tiie Legislature is empowered to
classify the different cunties in the
State in proportion to tiie population
in each if necessary.
5. That section 8 of article 7 of the
constitution of the Stale of Idaho be
amended to read as follows :
Tiie power to tax corporations or
corporate property, both real and per
sonal, shall never be relinquished or
suspended, aud all corporations iu this
Statu or doing business therein shall
be subject to taxation lor Stale, couu
ty, school, municipal aud other pur
poses, on reel or personal property
owned or used by them, aud not by
this constitution exempted from taxa
tion within tiie territorial limits of tile
authority levyiug the tax :
Provided, That tiie Legislature may
by law exempt tiie right of way, sta
tion aujl other necessary grounds, su
perstructures upou such right of way,
station and other necessary grouuds,
aud all other immovable property per
taining thereto, aud used in connect ion
therewith, of any steam or electric
railroad aud brauches thereof, hereaf
ter to be constructed iu this State,
from any and all charge or tax what
soever for a period not exceeding ten
years alter the construction of such
railroad or of such branch raiUoau
shall have beguu :
Provided, further, that no such ex
emption shall exleud beyond the veut
6. That sectiou 9 of article 7 of the
constitution of the State of Idaho be
amended to read as follows :
Tue rate of taxation of real aud per
sonal pioperty for State purposes shall
never exceed teu (10) mills on each
dollar of asseised valuation, uuless a
proposition to increase such rate, spec
tfyittg the rate proposed and the time
during witich the same ehatl be levied,
shall have been submitted to the peo
ple at a general election, and shall
have received a majority of all the
votes cast for aud against it at such
State of Idaho, i_
Couuly of Alia )
I, Will H. Gibson, Secretary of State
of the State of Idaho, do hereby certi
fy that the above aud foregoing priuted
proposed amendments are true aud
c rrect copies of the same as of record
in my office and iu tnv custody, and are
published in accordance with law.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto
set mv hand and affixed
the Great Seal of the.
State, at Boise, Idaho,
this 15th day of Sep
tember, 19t)6
Secretary of State.
Notice of Application for United
States Patent.
Mineral Survey No. 2151.
Mineral Application No. 415.
United States Land Office, Boise, Idaho, (
Sept. 21st, 1911« I
No'ice is hereby given, that iu pursuance of the
Act of Congress approved May 10th, 1872, C. W.
Bunders, executor of lhe estate of Joshi
Bandera, deceased, by and through Ills agent and i
attorney tu fact W. H. Puckett, whose Post office
address is Room 6,1. O. O. F. Building, Boise,
Ada County, Idaho, has made application for a
pa'eut for the Mammoth Group, comprising the
Mammoth aud Anaconda lode claims, c griming
1408 linear feel on the Mammoth lode bearing
gold and silver, the same being 488 feet in a
Northerly direction and 92U feet in a southerly
direction from the discovery shaft there.,u, with
surface ground 468.8 fett ou the Northerly end
thereof, and 4U0 feet on the Southerly end there
of, in width ; situate m Carson Mining Ulstriet,
Owyhee County, Slate of Idaho, and described
by the official plat, aud try tire Held notes on die
in the office of the Register of toise Land District,
Idaho, as follows,
BegI uni n. at Corner No. 1 whence thequarter
Section Coiner on the Township line on the.
North side of Sectiou 1, Township 5 South,
Range 4 West, heurs North 88° 811'Fast 4046 24
feet; thence North 02° 55' West 1408.00 feet to
Corner No. 2; thence South 88' 11' West 483.3
feet to Corner No. 3; thence South 05' 28'East
1410.5 feel to Corner No. 4; thence North BIU 11'
East 4U0 feet to Corner No. 1, the place of begin
ning. Variation at all Corners 19° 20' East. Con
taining 13 049 acres, and fo ming a portion of the
West hall'of Section 1,Township 5Suuth, Range
4 West, Boise Meridian.
The adjoining claims are the Golden Gate lode
the North; Anaconda lode of this
Survey, on the Ea*t ; mudxpU lode, uusurvsyed
on the Sou. h, aud Little Ruse, uu survey id, on
the West.
Also, löüü linear feet on tiie Anaconda lode,
bearing gold and silver, the same being 054.4
leet in a Northerly diiection and 845.6 feet iu a
Southerly direction fi<
the discovery slmlt
thereon, wnli suriace grouud 6U0 feet iu width,
situate in Guison Mining District, Owyhee
County, State of Idaho, and described by the of
llcial plat and by the tield notes on tile in the
ottiee of the Register ol Boise Land Di triet,
Idaho, as lollows, to wit:
beginning at Corner No. 1, whence the Quar
ter Sec iou Corner On the N an h side of Section
i. Township 5 South, Range 4 West, bears North
40° 04' Ea»i *8.19.1 feet: thence North02° 55' West
i5g 0 feet to Coiner No. *2; thence North 88° 45
West 6U0 feet to Corner No 3; thence South 02°
25'East 1500 feet to Corner No. 4; thence South
6b°45' East 600 feet to Corner No. 1, the pluce of
beginning. Variation at all Corners 19° 20'
bast, aud contain ng 20 606 acres, forming a por
tion of the West half of Section 1, Township 5
south, Range 4 West, Boise Merid an. 'lhe
names of the adjoining claims are, Butte lode,
uusurveyed, on the North, aud the Golden Gate,
unsurv«. yed. and the Mammoth lode oi this Sur
vey on the We>t.
Harry J. Syms, Register.
First publication Sept. 28. 19 6.
9th publication Nov. 23, 1906.
Notice tor Publication.
Desert Land, Filial Proof
United States Lund Ottiee, Boise, Idaho, /
September 20, 1CÖ6. j
Notice is hereby given that Charles F. Baey,
assignee of Phoebe Cox of Caldwell, Idaho, has
tiled notice of intention to make proof on his
desert land claim No. 1805, for the SW^i SEVi,
SEJ4 SW>i, Sec. 12, NWfc, NEH NWJ4,
Sec. 13, Tp, 1 S., R. 8 W., B. M., before U. S.
Commissioner W. R. Cupp at Caldwell, Idaho,
Thursday, the 1st day of November, 1906.
He numes the following witnesses to prove the
complete Irrigation and reclamation of said
land: F. E. Smith, C. E. Bernard, J. E. Keith,
of Wilson, Idaho, and B. 11. Benson, of Boise,
HaKRY J, Syms, Register.
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Notice (or Publication.
Department of the Interior, Land Ottiee at
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 4, 1906
Notice is heivby given that the following
named settler 1ms tiled notice of his intention
to make tinal proof iu support of his «*1 im. and
that said proof will be made before U. H. Com
missioner Stiinson at Mountulnhomc, Idaho, ou
October9th, 1906, viz: Daniel McTaggart, I1<1.
4419 for the Lot 10 Sec. 2, Lots 9, 10, 11, Sec. 3,
Tp. 6 S, It. 8 E, B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
coir in uous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz; Henry Buy ton, Ira rich off, James
V, Ernest Eicholz. all of Glenn's Ferry,
Harky J. Sy.wh, Register.
Idah >.
Notice lor Publication.
Desert Land, Final Proof.
United Stutes Land Ollh e. Boise, Idaho, (
September 5,19u6. i
Notice is hereby given th.»t Nannie K. Baker
of Wilson. Owyhee county, Idaho, has tiled Ho
her desert
tice of intention to
laudcLtim No 869, for the E' e SE J 4 Sec. 33, Tp
ike proof
1 S, R. 2 W, B. M.. before Register and Receiver
at Boise, Idaho, on Wednesday, the *24ili day of
October, 1906.
She names the following
itnesscs to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of
land; David Pritchard, John Hankins, William
Gardner, Mary Gardner, all of Wilson, Owyhee
county. Idaho,
II. nui y J. Syms, Register.
Notice of Publication.
Notice is ho*eby given that at 10 A.M. on the
31st day of October, 1906, at Silver City, County of
Owyhee, State of Idaho, before Robert Let
proof will he
I rd,
ibinitted of the e<
ipletion of
ks for the diversion of 2.4 cubic feet per
second of the waters of Rail Creek in accord
ance with the terms and conditions of a certain
permit heretofore issued by the State Engineer
of the State of Idaho.
1. Tiie name of the person holding said permit
is Jouquiue Bernardo.
2. The post-olHce
Jordan Valley, County of Malheur, State
ddress of such person is
3. The number of such permit is 1692,
date set for the complete
November 28, 19i6
4. Said
uid the
of such work is
'«ter t » be used for irrigation
domestic purpoS's.
•ks of diversion will be fully com
pleted on the date set for such completion, and
the amount or water which said works are cap
able of conducting to the place of (Wended use,
ïcordance with the plans
application for such permit, is 2.4 cubic feet
5. said
:com panting the
6. The amount of lands for which said
vaitable is 120acres, particularly described
follows: 8»/t SEH NE»4 SE&, Sectiou 22, Tp.
7 S., R. 5 W. B. M.
». Stephenson Jr., state Engineer.

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