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Charge Dismissed With a Story.
Down at DeLamar, last Saturday, a
complaint was made out before a justice
of the peace, charging a miner named
Wiley with having taken a shot at a
miner named Shovel. Wiley was ar
rested and the prosecuting attorney
telephoned for to go down and conduct
a hearing before the J. P. Mr. Hays
went down, but the hour heing late, the
hearing was postponed until Monday,
and Mr. Wilev locked up. When Mon
day morning came, it was fouud that
the complaining witness and also "the
woman in the case' 1 had skipped the
bailiwick. Mr. Hays, on being inform
ed of this, ordered the J. P. to release
the defendant. Defendant was called
into court and the J, P. addressed him
as follows:
'•I want to tell you a story. 0''oe
upon a time a colored man died. He
went to heaven and knocked at the
gate and St. Peter opened it and asked
him where he came from. The man re
plied : 'From DeLamar.' St. Peter took
him in and, with a lot of the other mor
ning arrivals, began to show him
arouud. First he pointed out a bauch
of Baptists, then Methodists, Catholics,
Episcopalians, Christian Scientists, and
so on, through a long list of religious
beliefs, telling bis followers to drop out
aud mix in with any compauy that
suited them, until he fouud only the
negro left, when St. Peter asked him il
he didn't belong to any of these, and
the coon replied: 'No, boss, Peter.'
Then St. Peter said: 'Go wherever you
blame piease.' That's what I tell you'
to do.- You are discharged."
'lhis, we have been assured, is what
actually took place in that justice court.
Founder of Ten Thousand Hornes
F. H. Buhl, president of the Twin
Falls North Side Laud & Investment
company, is in the city from Sharon,
Pa., in company with a number of di
rectors aud officers aud others, promi
nent among whom are G. A. Baird of
Chicago, vice president ; A. C. Milner
of Salt Lake ; F. A. Voaigt of Twin Falls,
secretary, ai d R. H. MeCuUum of Twin
Falls. D. C. MacWatters, the engineer
in charge of the work on the canal, is
expected in the city to join the party
aud go over the project. Mr. Buhl, the
eastern capitalist who is interested in
tiie Twin Falls project, has the honor
of beiug the douor of the first building
for public education in the state, he
having made provisions for the con
struction of a $20,000 school house at
Buhl. Besides making a gift of this
buiidiug, which is in course of construc
tion, he also furnished the site and ha»
arrangements made for laying walks
about the buiidiug. Mr. Bubi made
Lis first substantial investment in Carey
act lauds iu Idaho four years ago aud
lie has been laigeiv responsible lor the
revival of interest in the west. Through
the active work of Mr. Buhl aud ober
stockholders 10,000 homes havb been
nuilt oo the Twiu Falls Tract.wbere
four years ago there was nothing but
oceans of sage brush.
The tovvu of Buhl is growing rapidly
aud today, fur the first time, boasts of
two traius ou the branch liue from
Miuidoka.—Capital News.
Minnesota Has A Governor.
Governor Johnsou of Mmuesotu is
Col, VVattersou's dark horse for Presi
deut. Bui.Goveruor Johusun will uever
suit Mr. Bryan. See what he did the
other day. A great strike was ordered
in the Minuesota iron region, where
upon this governor issued a proclama
tion, warning all concerned Unit tiie
peace aud order of Miunesolu must not
bedisturoed; he told Lite sti taels that
it, was tlieir right to meet in peaceable
assemblages ; that iu this he would pro
tect them, but they must avoid march
ing iu large bodies uear the mines ; aud
icuouuce every form of physical intim
idation aud force. Such a man as tUat
will uot do for a c lUdidate on the Dum
oeratie ticket. Where would be the ap
peals to have the wrongs of poor work
ing men redressed?
It seems the outside people in Minne
sota are just as bad as the Governor.
They gathered together in the mining
region in tire town of Ely,in mass meet
ing, denounced the strike, condemned
the violence of the labor bodies and
guaranteed protection to every man
who wanted lowork. Then the business
men went to one Luudstrom, a strike
organizer, and escorted him to an ont
going train and sent him away. In
several other towns similar proceedings
were carried out and the impressiou it
all gives is that the sentiment of the
men of Minnesota is, the h..vs must be
sustained and the rights of every mau
to do the best he can for himself within
the law is a cardinal principle up there.
And this must be the rule everywhere
and if the unions would accept this
they would have the sympathy and good
will of every man and woman in Amer
ica.—Goodwin's Weekly.
A Symbol of Peace.
Away down almost to the northern
bouudary of Potagonia. in the Uspallata
Pass in the Great Andes Range, 13,000
fret above the sea, the Governments of
Chili and Argentina have erected a col
ossal statue of the Christ, to stand as a
symbol of everlasting peace bet ween the
two Republics. To most men that spot
is practically out of the world ; most
men know little of either country, the
great majority of men hold neither as
representing a very high order of en
lightenment; but we have a suspicion
that in the roll of the years that statue
will count more for peace than all the
work of the present Peace Congress, at
least more than all its work unless il
frames and passes tue arbitration code
uow under its consideration. In a few
months more daily trains between San
tiago and Buenos Ayres will be passing
that statue. Passengers looking from
th- coach windows will see il and be
reminded of what it signifie- and, going
either way will have kindlier thoughts
of the couutry they are entering. It
will grow more sacred as time goes on.
In a few years they will be Baying to
each other: "Our fathers lifted up that
statue. The two couulries had long
been antagonistic; there was uo end of
bad blood between them, but they
finally got together and settled their
differences, and gf. at relief came to
both aud they agreed tosj mboithe new
good will, and upr. ared this statue as
a sign to us that the ways of peace are
better than those of war, and that there
must be no more bearl-buruiug9 be
tween these two nations.'' And the ef
fect will continue to grow until without
a paper ever beiug signed the two na
tions will be in firm . lliauce.
And those two countries far away in
the southland ; those countries where
schoo,-houses are not very plenty,
where the great r> at of higher civiliza
tion only falls in murmurs, have set
the world an example which should be a
minister of good to the world's end.—
Goodwin's Weekly.
Figures from the Department of Com
meute and Labor show a steady increase
in the tide of immigration that is flow
ing into tiiis couutry. There lias lieeu
au annual immigration of over 1,000,
000 for each year of the past three years,
tiie high record being made in 1906 with
1,200,000 alieus. But the figures for
July just past are 97,132, an increase of
15 per cent over the figures of the same
mouth last year.
10 Big Bargains.
The house I represent has instructed
me to sell 10 sf25 Melton or Kersey suits
for $15 each for the uex L) days. It is
their way of advertising. Now is the
time to get a big bargain Come in aud
order before tha number is sold out.
GEO. B. SvVEENEY, The Tailor,
Silver City, Idauo.
Dr. Drake, the "Eye Man," will be in
Silver City, Saturday, Sept. 14th.
Faints, oils, varnishes, brushes, Jap
a-Lac aud Liquid Veneer at Philipp's.
Legal Notices.
Notice is hereby given that I, George W. Jor
dan, convicted of Grand Larceny, at the October
term 1904, in the District Court of the 3rd (now
the 7th) Judicial District of the State of Idaho,
in aud for the county of Owyhee. and sentenced
or about November 1st, 1904, to the Idaho
State Penitentiary, situated at Boise City, coun
ty of Ada, State of Idaho, for the term of five
all make an application to the State
Board of Pardons at its regular meeting, after
the expiration of the legal publication of this
notice, for a full and absolute pardou.
Boise, Ida , Aug. 28,1907.
Notice of Publication.
Notice is hereby given that at 10 a. m M ou the
23rd day of October. 1907, at Castle Creek, county
of Owyhee, state of Idaho, before John Hale,
Justice of Peace, proof will be submitted of the
completion of works for the diversion of .8 of 1
cubic feet per second of the waters of Catherine
Creek in aeeori.ance witn the terms aud condi
tions of a certain permit heretofore issued by
the State Engineer of the state of Idaho.
1 The name of the person holding said per
mit is Tom Henderson.
2. The postofflce address of such person is
Caslte Creek, county ot Owyhee, state of Idaho.
3. Toe number of such permit is 2368, and the
date set for the completion of such work is
November 3. 1907.
4. Said wat*T to be used for irrigation and
domestic purposes.
5. Said works of diversion will be fully com
pleted on the dute set for such completion, and
the amount of water which said works are cap
able of conducting to the place of intended use,
in accordance with the plans accompanying the
application for such permit, is 8 of 1 cubic feet
per second.
6. The amount of lauds for which said water is
available is 40 acies, particularly described as
follows: NW^ of NE Section 26, Township 4
- south, Range I East.
Jas. Stephenson, Jr., State Engineer.
Notice of Loss of Certificates of
Banner Mining Stock,
Notice is hereby given ol the loss by fire ot
• ificates of stock is
the following described
sued by the Banner Mining & Milting company
of Silver City, Idaho, namely, Cerdficate No.
211 for 2500 shares and Certificate No. 250 for
1000 shares issued to Carrie Doll; aud Certificate
No. 249 for 2500 shares ssued 10 H. K. I »oll.
All of the foregoiug certificates are reported to
have been destroyed by fire. Also Certiflca'e
No. 400 for 2000 shares i-sued to Mr. and Mrp.
Isaac J. Evans, reported lost or missing. Appli
cation for duplicates of all of the above describ
ed certificates having been received, they will
he issued after 50 days, unless'other notice is
The Banner Mining & Milling Co.
Bv F. S. Heer, Secretary.
Silver City, Idaho, July 19, 1907.
Notice of PubliceLtion.
Notice is hereby given that at 10 a. m., on the
2nd da.» of November, 1907, at Jordan Vrlley.
county of Malheur, stare of Oiegon, before F. I.
Palmer proof will be submitted oftlie completion
of works for the diversion of 3.2 cubic feet pet
second of the wuters Oi South Mountain Creek,
Owyhee County, in accurdai.ee with the terms
and conditions of a certain peimit heretofore
issued by the State Engineer of the State of Idaho.
1. The name of the po
is Kenneth Mackenzie.
2. .The postottice address of such peison is
Jordan Valiey, County of .Malheur, State of Ore
3. The number of such permit is 2349, and the
date set ior the completion of s ich work is No
vember 3, 1997.
4. Said water to be used for irrigation and do
mestic purposes.
5. Suid works of diversion will be fully com
pleted on the date set for such completion, and
the amount of water which said works are cap
able of cunducliug to the p.uce of intended use,
iu accordance with the plans accompanying the
application for such permit, is 3.2 « noic leet per
6. The umouut of lunds lor which said water
is available is 160 acres, p itieuiarly described
as follows: When surveyed will be the S 1 /* SW ^4
See. t9. M* NW) 4 , Sec. 30. T. 7 S.. K 4 W, B. M.
it as. Stephenson Jr., State Engineer
holding said permit
Notice for Publication.
Timber Laud, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Office, Boise, Idaho,
August 29, 1907.
No icc is hereby given that in compliance
with tiie piovisious of the act of Congress ol
June 3,1878, entitled -'An act for the sale of tim
ber lands in die States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, ai.d \\ askingtou Territory/' as extend
ed to all the Public Land States by act of August
4,1892, Clarence K. Bernard, of Wilson, county
oi Owyhee, state of Idaho, has this day filed in
this office ins sworn statement No. 1878, for the
purchase oi the Lot 6 of Suction No. 6, in Town
ship No. 3 fc., Range No. 2 W., and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is more val
uable for its timber
stone than for agricul
tural purpose*, and to establis . his cl dm to
Srt.d laud before Register and Receiver at lioise
Wednesday, the 20th day of Novem
ber, 19U7.
He names as witnesses: John Hawkins of
Guff/, Idaho; O. F Bruuz 11 of Reynold«*, Idaho;
H. M. Pratt of Wilson. Idaho; A. I Mathcrson
of Murphy, Idaho.
Any and all persous claiming adversely the
above -de scribed lands are requested to file their
claims in this ofiice
November. 1907.
or before said 20th day of
AodisoN T. Smith Register.
4fiSwell dressers SHOUT
N> f
, M
■:& ••
This Line of well
made Clothing for sale
and orders and meas
ures taken for same at
Silver City Supply
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■m\ l
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Silver City a.nd DeLamar
.A. Complete Stock of*
E^rer-yttiirLg demand
ed Toy ttie Trade of ttie
Camps kept ett "botk of
these Stores.
New Building, Electric Lights, Steam Heated, Large, Fine and
Well Furnished Apartments, Toilet and Bathrooms. European
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An old aud established quiet and
homelike resort with the
best of
Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
Etc., Etc.
Granite Block, Silver City.
Dealers In
rJj We maken specialty of double
[ifl and single driving Harness,
Rohes, Blankets, Spurs and
Ful Whips.
Ml Repairing Done Promptly
Box 255

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