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(Concluded from page 3.)
Thursday, September 12th, 1907.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
at ten o'clock, a. m.
All present.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and duly approved.
Iu the matter of the petition of resi
dents of Grand View and vicinity rela
tive to the laying out and altering of
the county road in the vioimty of Grand
Whereupon, the Board having under
consideration the above petition, aud it
appearing to the satisfaction of the
Board that there is a necessity for the
alteration of said road, and that said
proposed change would be a great pub
lic benefit, aud a great convenience to a
majority of the inhabitants of said dis
trict, that the proposed road is of suffi
cient public importance to be opened
aud worked by the public, and that the
written cousent of all the owners of the
laud to be used for that purpose is at
tached to and tiled with said petition.
It is therefore ordered that said pro
posed new road be declared to be a pub
lic highway, upon said petitioners lay
tug out aud constructing said road iu
accordance with said petition, aud the
acceptance of the same by the Road
Overseer of said district.
Whereupon, it is ordered that the
Clerk of the Board advertise for bids
for repairing the Stone House lane iu
Pleasant Valley, in accordance with
specifications prepared by the County
Surveyor, and hereafter to be filed with
the Clerlt of the Board. Bids to be
opened October 16th, 1907, at two o'clock
p. m. Right reserved to reject any or
all bids offered.
Whereupon, it is ordered that this
Board do now adjourn sine die.
O. D. Brumbaugh,
Attest :
J. S. St Clair, Clerk.
Thursday, Sept. 12th, 1907.
Board met, iu special eessiou, pursu
ant to adjourmneut, at ten o'clock a. m.
All present.
The miuutes of the previous meetiug
weie read aud duly approved.
Whereupou, it is ordered that the
claim of Owyhee County for delinquent
taxes aud costs now due from the fol
lowiug named persons be compromised
by the payment of the amount of the
original taxes thereon, as follows, to-wit:
Willis Dodge, $9
J. W. Johnston, $4.50
C, B. Faraday, $74.16
J. VV. Johnston, $2.70
Willis Dodge, $41.17. Live Stock Saui
taiy Tax, 88o.
G. B. Adams, $1.55
W. W. Barlow, $24 20. Live Slock Sani
tary Tax, 41c.
F. VV. Blackwell, $2.60. Live Stock
Sanitary Tax, 6c.
Bramlett & Snell, $6 20 Paid by J. A.
Mrs. N. M. Catulle, $37 39. Live Stock
Sauitary Tax, 39c
Cleveland M. & M. Co., $35.65
Estate of S. A. Robertsou, Deceased,
$219.17. Live Stock Sauitary Tax,$9.3a
Erueast Eicholz, $17.05. Live Stock
Sauitary Tax, bo.
Citas, lugtnan, $3.10
Emmett Morrow, $4.65
S H Pinkston, $9 30. Live Stock Sani
tary Tax, 22o.
G W Portlock, $11.63. Live Stock Saui
tary Tax, 28c.
Geo. Randall, $12.07. Live Stock Sani
tary Tax, 9o.
O T SlnGey, $17.59. Live Slock Salu
tary Tax, 10c.
Clareuce Wilson. $34 24. Live Stuck
Sauitary Tax, 78c.
Whereupon, it is order- d, that the
Auditor cancel tlie following described
assessments ou account oi duubie aseess
meuls, errors and property erroneously
assessed, aud the property described
thereto not being iu existence, and that
he be authorived to make the proper
credits on account of sucli cancellations
in the Tax Collector's accounts with the
county, to-wit:
Peter Smith, $1 68
-Campbell, $3.50; -
J VV Johnston, $1.75
Chas. Haydeu, $15 79; Sam Wiehl, $7.60
Hicks, $5.25;
Say lee & Platt, $7
Henry Westerby, $14 40; John Croehe
ron, $6; Sayles & Platt, $6
John Crocherou, $10.50; Ed Herrington
Rebate, $22.80; McRae & R'gerson,
rebate, $46.00; McDevitt & Hanuafiu,
A J Kuollin & Co., rebate, $139.80; Stu
art Mingo, $2.25
William Manning, $2.25; W P Poole,
$12 30; Geo. Newell, $5 40
L M Johnson, $3
Henry Havern, $13.21 ; L. M. Johnson,
L M Johusou, $3.10
Whereupon, it is ordered that the Au
ditor credit the Tax Collector iu his
property tax account for tlie year 1898,
with the balance of the face of tbs tax
sale certificate assigned by the Board of
County Commissioners to A. J. Kuolliu
& Co., on the 17th day of Oct., 1901.
Ordered that this Board do now ad
journ until the I3tli tost., at ten o'clock
O. D. Brumbaugh,
a. m.
J. S. St Clair, Clerk.
Friday, Sept. 13th, 1907.
Board met, in special session, pursu
ant to adjournment, at ten o'clock, a. m.
All present.
The minutes of the previous meetiug
were read and duly approved.
Ordered that the Auditor cancel the
assessment of James Garbutt on im
piovemeuts under the Giand View can
al for the year 1905 for the reason that
said improvements were not iu existence
on the second Monday of January, 1906
Whereas, heretofore, the following de
scribed property was sold by the Asses
sor aud Tax Collector uuder and by vir
tue of the provisious of law to the Coun
ty of Owyhee, State of Idaho, aud no
person haviug redeemed the property
so sold during the time ullowed by law
for its redemption,
It is therefore ordered that M. M.
Krieg, as Assessor and Tax Collector oi
said couuty, for aud iu consideration of
said tax sales, on or before the loth day
of October, 1907, make, excute and de
liver to the said County of Owyhee, lax
deeds to said wropertv, by which be wil
grant, bargain, sell, convey aud coufirm
unto the said County of O« yhee,
its successors and assigns forever, the
folio» ing described property, to-wit:
Improvements on laud at South Moun
tain, ussessed to George Briggs.
Two buildings iu Silver City, assessed
to Tong Chung Lung
House in DeLamar assessed to Lee
Dwelling bouse in Silver City, assess
ed to J. W. Stoddard.
Improvements iu DeLamar, Dewey
and Silver City, assessed toL W Walker.
Improvements at Wickabouey, assess
ed to Hobart Wilson.
House iu Silver City, assessed to
Watts & Dunham.
Dwelling bouse, Saloon buildiug, Sam
Carr house, and a stable iu Silver City,
aud a bouse iu DcLumar, assessed to B.
F. Hastings.
House in Silver City, assessed to Mrs.
House and stable in DeLamar assess
ed to Wong Dow.
Iinprovemenis at Cottouwood, assess
ed to Hobart Wilson.
>(1 to
Improvements at flot Spring, assessed
to Abe Robertson.
Improvements on Louse Creek, as
sessed to Hobart Wilson.
The SE}£, SE^ NE}£, Sec. 31, T.
6 S., R. 6 E., and improvements there
on, assessed to Robert Bridges.
House to Silver City, assessed to W.
D. Haywood.
House in DeLamar assessed to Prince
House in DeLamar, assessed to E. C.
House in Silver City, assessed to
Ah Si.
Improvements iu Junipers, assessed
to Thomas Richardson.
Improvements on Dorsey Creek, as
sessed to Winter & O dham.
House in Silver City, assessed to Mike
House in DeLamar, assessed to Chas.
Two houses in DeLamar, assessed to
William Scott.
House iu DeLamar, assessed to Chas.
Whereupon, it is ordered that this
Board do now adjourn sine die.
J S. St Clair, C lerk.
O. D. Brumbaugh,
* 10 Big Bargains.
The house I represent has instructed
me to sell 10 $25 Meltou or Kersey suite
for $15 each for the uexi 10 days. It is
their way of advertising. Now is the
time to get a big bargain Come iu aud
order before the number is sold out.
GEO. R. SWEENEY, The Tailor,
Silver City, Idaho.
Legal Notices.
Notice of Publication.
Notice Is hereby given that at 10 a.
., on the
28rd day of October, 1907, at Castle Creek, county
of Owyhee, slate of Idaho, before John Hale,
Justice of Peace, proof will be submitted of the
eompletiou of works for ihe diversion of 8 of 1
cubic feet per second of the waters of Catherine
Creek in aceoriance with the ierms aud condi
tions of a certain permit heretofore issued by
the 8tate Engineer of the State of Idaho.
1 The name of the person holding said per
mit is Tom Henderson.
2. The postuftice address of Mich person is
Casite Creek, couuty of Owyhee, state of Idaho.
8. The number of such permit is 2368, and the
date set for the completion of such work is
November 8. 1907.
4. Said water to be used for irrigation and
domestic purposes.
5. Said works of diversion will be fully
pleted ou the duie set for such completion, and
the amount of water which said works
able of conducting to the place of intended
in accordance with the plans accompanying the
application for such permit, is 8 of 1 cubic feet
per sccoud.
8. The amouut of Limit- for which said water is
available is 40
I es, particularly described as
follows: NW>4 of NEli, Section 26, Township 4
South, Range I East.
Jas. Stephen eos, jb., State Engineer.
Notice of Loss of Certificates of
Banner Mining Stock,
Notice is hereby given of the loss by fire of
the following described cer.ifleates of stock is
sued by the Banner Mining & Milling company
of Silver City, Idaho, namely, Cerliiicate No.
ill for 2800 shares and Certificate No. 250 Tor
1000 shares issued lo Carrie Doll; aud Certificate
No. 249 for 2500 shares ssuen to H. K. Loll.
All of the foregoing certificates are reported to
have Iteen destroyed by fire. Also Cmiflca e
No. 400 for 200 shares i sued to Mr. and Mrs.
haue J. Evans, repurted lost or missing. Appli
cation for duplicates of all of the above describ
ed certificates having been received, they will
he issued after 50 days, ui.lt ss other notice is
The B.vnneh Mining & Mili/ng Co.
By F. N. Hebe, Secretary.
Silver City, Idaho, July 19,1907.
Notice of Publicavtion.
Notice is hereby given that at 10 a.
on the
2nd da, of November, 1907, at Jordan Valley,
county of Malheur, stale of Oregon, before F. I.
Palmer proof will be submitted of theconipletlou
of works for the diversion of 3.2 cubic feet
second or the waters oi South Mountain Creek,
Owyhee County, in accordance with Ihe terms
and conditions of a certai
I-- ■
pet mit heretofore
issued by the State Engineer of the State ofldaho,
. 1. The name of the pc
is Kennel it Mackenzie.
holding said permit
2. The postoftice address of such pen
Jordan Valley, Couuty of Malheur, State of Ore
3. The number of such permit is 2349, aud the
date set for the completion of such work is No
vember 3, 1907.
4. Said water to be used for irrigation and do
mestic purposes.
5. Suld works of diversion
ihe amouut of water which said works are cap
able of couductiug to the place of intended
iu accordance with the plans accompanying the
application for sucli permit, is 8.« tuDie feet per
6. The umouut of lands lor
ill be fully con»
the date set for such completion, and
vhich said
is available is 100 acres, pmtlcularly described
as follows: When surveyed will be the 8*4 SWfc
Sec. I». N V t NVVJ4. Sec. 30. T. 7 8 . H 4 W . B. M.
Jas. Stephenson Jk., State Engine!
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