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Two dozen ladies white lawn waists,
Short Items of Interest for Nugget's
Ma.ny Readers
mostly large sizes, 38, 40, 42 and 44, at
one-half price at Swaine & Helm's, De
Mrs. Paul Newman and her little boy
, arrived here Monday, to spend the hot
weather, and is the guest of her friend,
Mrs. E. J. Burrough.
Three dozen wrappers, mostly small
sizes, 32 and 34, regular prices from $1.25
to $2.00, closing out price 78c at Swaine
& Helm's, DeLamar.
A telegram to Mr. Hays yesterday, an
nounced the birth of a bouncing fine baby
girl to his daughter, Mrs, L. G. Caswell,
of Boise, in the morning.
C. \V. Fegtly and wife, of Watson, Or.,
are visiting with M. N. Fegtly and wife,
and taking in tlie sights of the mills and
mines of our prosperous camp.
Mrs. H. Marlyn, from Belvue, Idaho,
accompanied by her grandaughter, Miss
Northey, came in on Thursday's stage on
their way to DeLamar, where they expect
to make tlieir future home.
Tlie date is now fixed for August 17th,
for tlie Republican primaries. Tiie new
publisher of this paper will insist that all
persons wishing tlieir announcements to
appear as candidates for any nominations
at tlie ensuing conventions must invar
iably pay for tlie same in advance.
Miss Olive Euler, born in Silver City,
where she spent her childhood days, is
' now a visitor among her earlier associates,
a guest of Mrs. Green Adams. Her
patents, since leaving here, first resided
at DeLamar, whence they removed to
DeLamar, Nevada, then to Nampa, but
now make their home in Boise.
Tiie surveying crew for the C. N. I. & N.
railroad are at work surveying from Sliea
ville, Oregon to Jordan Valley and Silver
City. This road will not only be of great
benefit to the agricultural country through
which it passes, but will be the means of
opening up many old mining camps that
have been idle on account of transporta
tion facilities.—Nampa Leader Herald.
Reports come this week of terrific hot
weather in the states of tlie middle west.
The thermometer registered 110 near
Valley City, N. D. anil in consequence
of tlie hot, dry winds, tlie wheat crop is
said to be practically ruined. Similar
stories have been reported from other
sections of the Dakotas and Minnesota,
and even in the lake-bound and lake
filled state of Wisconsin the mercury has
climbed up to 100 and better recently.
The people in these mountains of Idaho
should be content with tlie character of
their climate, where they are exempt from
such weather troubles.
Mr. Middleton lias come here as ac
countant for tlie DeLamar company.
Tlie weather lias been very warm this
week, but nearly every day the «lust lias
been settled and the atmosphere cooled by
a shower in the afternoon or evening.
Tlie Sunday school closed for the
summer with a picnic last Saturday. It
was held up Pole creek, about a mile
from the road, and there were about thirty
five altogether who attended it, mostly
children. Tlie children were hauled up
anti hack in a large wagon and spent a
very pleasant day playing around tlie hills
and eating the loads of good tilings which
had been prepared for tlie occasion.
Joe Haggerty's family returned to De
Lamar Monday, after about a year's ab
Win. Brookings has been drumming
here the last few «lays.
A party of emigrants from Colorado
! passed through DeLamar last week, on
j their w r ay to Oregon. There were three
or four wagons altogether, and they
camped a short distance below town, in
order that a hoy, who had become sick
! with typhoid fever, might lie under the
doctor's care for a day or so.
Mrs. A. R. Sothern leaves Thursday,
for Goldfield, Nevada, to pay her daugh
ter, Mrs. Harvey Brown, a visit. Mr.
Sothern left DeLamar some time ago for
his claim on Quicksilver Mountain.
All is in readiness for the ball-game
witli Silver City, next Sunday. Tlie De
Lamar team worked hard until they had
finished the ball-grounds, and . now a
little snappy practice every evening is put
ting them in fine trim for the oncoming
fray. Silver will learn that DeLamar is
still on tlie map and the nine cantos of
base-ball will probably he as exciting as
either the Silver or tlie DeLamar fans
have witnessed for some time.
G. W. Warren, assistant toE. R. Place,
general manager of the "Golden Gate
Route," now completing the road between
Caldwell and Homedale, after staying
not long since, looking up the amount of
traffic which might be expected from this
section, returned here again Monday,
bringing his wife with him, but the same
day, the lady received adispatcli announc
ing tlie serious illness of her father, in
Manitoba ami left at once to goto him.
Mr. Warren stated while here that work
would be continued without delay on the
road to Sheaville and that men were now
working on a preliminary survey between
Sheaville, with the company purposing
building a branch road from that point
to DeLamar and Silver City, and lie had
come over to learn what encouragement
the citizens of DeLamar, Dewey and Sil
ver City would offer the company.
Of course all the mines of the district
would find such a road of immense advan
tage, in shipping out ore and getting in
lumber, machinery, fuel and supplies and
tlie business men should give every en
couragement possible to induce the com
pany to build it. The grade from Shea
ville to DeLamar is an easy and practi
cable one, as Captain De La Mar had
proven 1(5 years ago, by a preliminary
survey he had made when figuring on a
road from Caldwell to tlie mines he owned
at that time. The grade would be heavier,
but not impracticable for the remaining
eight miles. Nugget sincerely hopes the
company means business, and that we
may eventually see such a branch line
Tiie big storm that we had a few days
ago did a lot of damage to the roads but
was a blessing to most of the ranchers.
Victor Foreman lost the most of his first
Mrs. Wm. Adcock left here on Sunday
for Kansas City, Mo., where her daughter
is very sick with typhoid fever.
A. J. Hintt is now driving stage between
Oreana anil Murphy.
There is quite a boom here in real estate.
We learn the contractors for the Castle
Creek ditch will have men and teams at
work ere this reaches you.
Not only the road is washed out at
Garnet but the ferry boat is out of com
mission with a broken cable but con
tractor Rowe gets the . mail here oil time
just tlie same.
The Henderson estate lias been amicably
Herb Allen has bought of John Hender
son his bunch'of horses.
The first crop of hay this year is much
better than a year ago.
Clarence F. Clemmons, manager for the
Standard Mining company of South
Mountain, arrived here on Monday, and
left here on Wednesday for the mines, ac
companied by R. M. Lewis. When asked
if he expected to begin work again upon
the properties of the company lie replied
that lie expected to do Some work to put
the mines in shape for inspection. This
is a well known group of mines, located
on the east side of the mountain which at
first developed a great deposit of carbon
ate of lead, but at deeper working is
making a fine showing of copper ore.
Joseph Meingassner, leasing tlie May
mining claim on the west side of War
Eagle of F. M. St Clair, brought down
samples of ore from the claim this week
looking like altered granite, which, when
assayed prove«! to contain $315 in gold.
Tlie assay was a surprise to every person
except Mr. St Clair, who had instructed
tlw leasor to watch out for just such stuff.
St Clair, who formerly owned the Ruth
claim in the same vicinity, knows the
nature of the numerous veins on that part
of the mountain tetter than any other
prospector, feels confident he lias found
a bonanza.
Henry Kelioe, manager at the Standard
company's mining property at South
Mountain, for the Bagdad company of
New York, who have lieen working the
property under bond for its purchase, has
spent some days exporting the Home
stake property, four miles north of Silver
City. This is the property upon which
S. B. Longfellow, of Ohio, has expended
a considerable sum, while holding it
under bond from the owners, Messrs.
Adams and Schlaack, anil upon which
Mr. Schlaack now has a five stamp mill
nearly completed. Mr. Kehoe, a well
known mine expert, has been exporting
the Homestake property, it is understood,
iu tfie interest of the Bagdad company.
He went out Tuesday morning.
The new Potosi mill is rapidly approach
ing completion and it will now be only a
few days until the noise of its stamps will
be heard in the town. The cement floors
have all been laid ; the pans and settlers
are all completed ; the battery of stamps
is almost reaily for work ; the motor is in
position, and all now requiring to be
done is putting up the shafting, pulleys
and belting, to make jt one of tlie most
complete modern mills of its capacity in
this district. As soon as it is in operation
Nugget will endeavor to give a detaileti
description of this modern plant which
means so much for tlie mining industry
of the district.
Erie Smith, a well known mine shift
boss for the Trade Dollar company, has
been employed as foreman for the recently
organized Wennersten M. Co. Ltd., ami
will at once put a crew of miners at work
driving a tilBnel east from Jacob's gulch
to cut the mines under tlie summit of the
ridge. Permission has been obtained
from Robert Noble to run this tunnel
through a portion of his ground. Sub
scriptions for the stock have been taken
at home, sufficient to insure the comple
tion of the tunnel and work will be pushed
on it as soon as track and timbers can be
put on tlie ground, which Messrs. Wen
nersten and Morgan went to Boise, yes
terday, to order. A survey made for this
tunnel makes its length 500 feet.
After remaining in Boise a brief time,
Mr. Morgan will proceed to London,
where arrangements have been made for
the disposal of the remainder of the stock,
The Banner mill continues to run satis
factorily, ami with better results since
they have gotten the ore piled in the drifts
before the mill was started out of tlie way
and a tetter chance to assort out the
waste. They are now putting through
more than 20 tons per day. A clcan-up
will be made at the end of the month,
but it is not thought that it will amount
to liiTtcli or any more than sufficient to
The mine is now how
cover expenses,
ever in better shape and better results are
anticipated from this time on.
Work has been commemœd on the
mouth of the mill level tunnel getting it
in shape for the power drills when they
arrive, and it will be pushed ahead as
fast as possible.
Lee Cox witli four horses, a Fresno
scraper and five men loftSunday morning
for Murphy, where the outfit went to work
for Blunck & Cunningham on the tract of
land they are preparing for a crop next
year. This makes fifteen men and twenty
eight head of stock now employed on tiie
work.—Nampa Leader-Herald.
Notice of Republican Primary
Pursuant to authority vested in the Ex
ecutive Committee of Owyhee Comity,
Idaho Republican Central Committee,
notice is hereby given that a Republican
primary election will be held on Monday,
the seventeenth day of August, 1908,
within and for Owyliee county, State of
Idaho, for the purpose of electing dele
gates to a Republican County Convention
to be held at the Court House at Silver
City, Idaho, Thursday, August 27; at 11
o'clock a. m., to elect four delegates to
the Republican State Convention, to be
held at Boise, September 1,1908, at which
State Convention a Republican platform
of principles will be announced, a new
State Central Committee will be elected,
and candidates will be nominated for Jus
tice of the Supreme Court, one member of
Congress, and State officers to be voted
for at the general election to be held on
Tuesday, November 3, A. D. 1908.
At tiie said County Convention, candi
dates will be nominated for the following
offices, to-wit:
1 State Senator; 1 Member of the Idaho
House of Representatives; 1 Probate
Jmige; 1 Treasurer; 1 Sheriff; 1 Asses
sor and tax Collector; 1 Surveyor; 1
County Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion ; 3 County Commissioners ; 1 County
Attorney; 1 county coroner, and the
several precinct officers, and for the
election of a new Republican county cen
tral committee.
Tlie said primary election hi the several
voting precincts of said county, will com
mence on Monday, August 17th, at the
hour of 3 o'clock p. m., and continue until
the hour of 6 o'clock p. m. in the outly
ing comity precincts, and in the precincts
in which the towns of Silver City, Dewey
and DeLamar are situated, the election will
commence at the hour of 2 o'clock^). m.,
and will continue until the hour of 7
o'clock p. m.
The various precincts of said County
are entitled to delegate representation in
said County Convention, as follows:
Bruneau 3 ; Castle Creek 1 ; Dewey 1 ;
Enterprise 1 ; Flint 1 ; Florida 1 ; Grand
View 1 ; Hot Spring 1 ; Murphy 1 ; Ore
aua 1 ; Pleasant Valley 1 ; Homedale 1 ;
Reynolds 2; Riddle 1; Wickahony l;
Wilson 2; Silver City 5; DeLamar 4;
Three Creeks 1.
C. M. HAYS, Chairman.
Dated Silver City, Idaho, July 22, '08.
A Popular Silver City Girl
Married at Boise
While our people have surmised that
such an event might occur, it was none
the less a surprise when the information
reached Nugget, last Sunday, that Dr. Ira
T. Beeman, of Portland, Ore., and Miss
Elma Hays, yoimgest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. Hays, of this place,
had been happily married, at the parson
age of Rev. Keyser that morning.
Dr. Beeman, an assistant in the office
of the well known shrgeon, Dr. Smith, of
Portland, while the lady was in that city
a few weeks ago with friends, tiecame so
impressed with the lady's personality and
chärins that lie resolved upon her capture.
For this purpose the young gentleman
arrived here last week an«l ix'gan siege.
Tlie mother of the young lady happened
to he visiting in Boise, and the young
lady having been won, there was nothing
the father could do but send the young
couple to Boise to win the mother over.
This being accomplished, the wedding
took plat* as stated, in the presence of
the mother, two married sisters and a few
invited friends.
The happy groom, while in Silver City
met many persons here, all of whom were
very favorably impressed by him. And
as for the bride, having lieen born and
spending lier earlier childhood here, but
residing in Boise during her later school
days, everybody knows ami loved lier.
She was the last one left of a most charm
ing family of girls and was the last one
led to the alter.
This entire community will join with
Nugget in wishing the happy pair the
choicest of life's blessings.
Any Suit in the house for $15.
Sweeney, Silver City.
A fine stock of watches, jewelry and
silverware at Rowett's.
Just received a brand new lot of
tailor made suits at Geo. R. Sweeney's.
Carpet and
Building paper
at Philipp's Hardware Store.
A new lot of birdcages just received at
To give the public an opportunity to
buy the most for their money, Theo. H.
Philipp at his Store is offering to sell from
July 6th,—and every day in this week in
cluding July 11th,—at prices never offered
before in Silver City, everything in the
line of Tin and Granite ware that you
may want to buy, so do not miss this.
Any Suit in the house for $15.
Sweeney, Silver City.
Tlie Owyliee Meat company lias a supply
of ice on hand and will deliver same on
orders from customers.
Order to Show Cause why Order
of Sale of Real Estate Should
not he Granted.
In the probate court of Owyhee County, State of
In the Matter of the Estate of WHIPPLE V.
PHILLIPS, deceased.
Harry C. Wyman, the administrator of the
estate of Whipple V. Phillips, deceased, having
tiled his petition herein, duly verified, praying
order of Sale of the S*4 of Sec. 86, Twp. 4
9.. R. 2 K., B. M., the real estate of said decedent,
for the purposes therein set forth, it is therefore
ordered by the said court, that all persons inter
ested in the estate of said deceased, be and ap
pear before the Probate Court of said Owyhee
County, at the Court-room thereof, in the Court
House in Silver City, iu the said County, on
Saturday, the 1st day of August, 1908, at 10 o'clock
a. m., then and there to show cause why an or
der should not be granted to the said Harry C.
Wyman to sell so much of the real estate of the
said deceased, at Public Sale as shall be neces
sary ; and that a copy of this order be published
at least four weeks in the Owyhee Nugget a
newspaper printed, published and circulated in
said Owyhee County.
F. 8. HEER, Probate Judge.
Dated July 6th, 1908.

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