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4, 1908.
8weeney's made to order clothing îb up
J. Bernardo, of Jordan Valley, is in
Silver on business.
Anything from a diamond necklace to
a baby rattle found at Rowett's.
Some people think it is better to litre
lawyers and go into a law suit than pay
their honest debts.
A fine line of fancy pipes, toys of all
kinds and descriptions, silverware, and
jewelry at Rowett's.
Dr. W. R. Hamilton and J. E. Mas
ters returned Wednesday evening from
a trip to Boise and other points.
The Banner mill has been
this week on ore selected from the up
per works of the Banner mine.
The examination of candidates for
Teacher's Certificates is in
two applicants having appeared.
Imported decorated and plain Crockery
and fancy toilet sets, also fine patterns of
immitation cut glass at Philipp's Hard
ware Store.
A fine assortment of samples of
was gathered from the different mines
and taken to Boise by Mr. Waldron,
this week.
Our popular Central lady, Miss Han
lon, returned last Monday, from s visit
to friends in Boise, and reports haviug
had a very pleasaut time.
Geo. Rasner, one of the prominent
mine owners of South Mountain,
in yesterday and is renewing acquaint
ances in Silver.
We are pleased to state that W. F.
Sommercamp is much improved in
health and has returned from Portland,
Oregon, where he went to oonsuit a
John Miller lias been taking a short
vacation from his arduous labors. He
was down to J. C. Connors' ranch sup
eriutendiug the construction of roosts
for snow hirdsduring the coming winter.
Our Commercial Club meets
Sunday eveniug at 7:00 o'clock at Dr.
Heer's office. As the adoption of the
By-Laws will come before the meeting
next Sunday evening, a large attendance
is desired.
On last Monday the youngest child of
W. B. Hurd wag severely scalded on the
breast, by upsetting a oup of hot water.
The little fellow has suffered consider
ably, but is now muoli better aud gat
ing along nicely.
A newspaper cyclone must have
struck Malheur County, Oregon. The
oldest paper in the county, the "Mal
heur Gazette," suspended publication
and gave up the Ghost. The Democrat
and Argus, of Ontario, have changed
Notice:— All parties having business
with me are hereby notified that I have
appointed F. T. Fouling, of DeLamar,
Idaho, as my authorized agent, for the
transaction of business daring my ab
Dec. 3rd, 1908.
Mr. A. Koberle, of Oakland, Cal., is
in Silver looking over the mining situa
tion. He is very much impressed with
our beautiful climate, and as he is a
man who has visited nearly every part
of the globe, his judgement on such
matters is considered good authority.
County Commissioner Fred Brunzell
is slowly recovering from the effects of
the paralytic stroke he received about
the 10th of last month. He was affected
on the left side, but is uow able to have
some use of his limbs on that side.
Mrs. Brunzell was able to leave him for
the first time, on Wednesday morning,
when she left for a hurried trip to Mur
phy. Mr. Brunzell's many friends hope
to hear of his speedy recovery.
Chas. Forney,
Nampa, Idaho.
It is reported that Wm. Plughoff, of
the Ontario Argus, has sold his
paper plant and business, and bas re
tired from actire participation in the
struggles of this life, and intends to
lire a life of ease and luxury. A few
years ago, when we first knew "Plug,"
he was publishing a red hot democratic
paper in Vale, and was a thoroughly
dyed in the wool follower of Jefferson
and Jackson, but a turn of fortune's
wheel made him the owuer of a repub
lican paper, and so "Plug" has tried to
to appear to the world as a G. O. P.
booster and a disciple of Roosevelt.
The only reason we can think of that
caused "Plug" to quit the republican
newspaper business, is, that the imbib
ing of so much republican dope into
his system has given him the "Yaller
Janders" or perhaps his "liver is
touched." No, no, "Plug," you will
never make a good republican, although
yon were a good republican editor.
Our band is progressing nicely under
the leadership of J. E. Dickens. Sev
eral new instruments hare been secured.
The interest taken by the members in
dicates that Silver City will soon have
a b md second to none in the state. All
that is uecessary for a community to
enjoy the blessiugs of this life is to be
contented with the surroundings and
to make tire beet of the conditions as
fonnd. With our glorious mountain
climate and prosperous mines and
bright prospects for the futuie, even if
silver has gone down to 47% cents, we
will make the best of it aud laugh aud
grow fat, and let the other fellow do the
worrying. The next thing to start in
Silver is an Amateur Dramatic Club;
get up some good plays, by home talent,
and prepare to have a good time during
the winter. Get in and help stir up
something to entertain yourself and
friends, aud enjoy this short life while
you live, for when you die you will be a
long time dead.
"You have a model husband," said a
lady who was congratulating the bride.
The next day the bride bethought her
to look up the word "model" in the
dictionary, and this is what she found:
Model: A small imitation of the real
There are a good many "moiel" men
in every community.
For the delivery to me at Silver City,
Idaho, of two pack mu lea, both saddle
marked, and good sized mules. One
branded A on right shoulder and right
stifle. Said mules were lost on Boulder
Eugene Larrauri.
Our merchants are good hustlers and
up-to-date business men, and very ac
comodating, but we doubt if they can
equal the Jew in the following article:
A gentleman went into the shop of a
Jewish clothing dealer and laid a five
dollar gold pieoe on the counter in pay
ment for what he wished to buy. In a
few moments the man returned and
saw the Jew's little boy in the act of
swallowing the money. The Jew de
manded another five dollars, which hie
customer declined to pay. The gentle
man finully said he would see the Jew
again, but still he thought he should
be allowed credit for the five dollars.
A week later he went into the shop
again. The Jew said : "I gave my boy
castor oil, I gave him pills, I gave him
everything I think of, an all I get vos
t'ree dollars an' eighty-five cents!"—
Easton Journal.
Universal coffee perculators make per
fect coffee, sold by Philipp.
Any Suit in fhe house for $16
Sweeney, Silver City.
C. H. Dennison has returned to the
east in the interest of the Federal min
ing company. While absent on the
trip lie may cross the big pond and in
terview the English investors. We are
not informed as to the exact parties in
London whom he expects to interest
in the company's property, but think
he may interview both Edward and
Alexandria on the subject and succeed
in getting them interested in this flour
ishing camp. Mr. Waldron will depart
for the east to select the uecessary ma
chinery for the mine, about the middle
of the mouth. Mr. Cartwright, the
foreman of the company, is rapidly
pushing the tuunel into the mountain
with three shifts of good miners.
The Silver M. & M. Co. are having
trouble getting lumber to complete
their buildings, as the demand for
freight from Murphy to the mines ex
ceeds the capacity of the freighters, but
if this good weather holds a few days
longer, all will be supplied. The de
layed air com preesor for this company
came in a few days ago aud will be in
stalled as soon as possible.
The investor in mining property
should pay as much attention to the
management of the property as to any
For Christmas Presents
Q-o To -A.sli.er A.. <3-©totielFs
You will find there the Finest Assortment of Goods from the Best Factories
and at the Lowest 3?riO©S.
LIbbey's Cut Glass. A choice selection from
"The World's Best." American and French
Hand Painted China. The Beautiful Pat
terns must be seen to be appreciated.
"Haviland," "Old Ivory
ports in all the newest styles and patterns.
Pictures and Medallions.
No Finer Assortment Anywhere
Art Pillows, Music Rolls, Xmas Papeteries,
Toilet Cases, Post Card Albums, Pens, etc., etc.
All the newest Gift Books, Poems and Novels.
and other In
Smoking Sets
Fountain Pens
Shaving Articles, Pipes
0'g ar s> the BEST to be had
Fancy Cork-screws and Flasks
0*gar Cases and Pocket Books
Toilet Cases, Cuff and Collar Boxes.
Oar Perfumes are the Choicest Odors from the
Best French and American Lines
ITota Enow Otar Line
Lotvney* s and Velvets
Buy early and you will get what you want,
for you can't make a mistake if you buy at
Drug Store
Post Office
otber point in his investigation of the
While a vein of quartz
contain some very rich deposits of
and the prospects for it proving a good
dividend paying mine are very good
and very favorable, it very frequently
failure through mismanage
A man may be a good rancher, '
proves a
a good jeweler, lawyer, doctor
good blacksmith, but when it comes to
or even a
managing the development of a mining
properly he will generally prove an ut
ter failure. One instance of this ia
shown in this camp where an Euglish
company sent one of their men over
here to manage a certain property, and
the first thing he had done was to level
a plot of grouud near their mill and fix
it up in good shape for a "tennis court."
It is needless to say that through his
mauagement the property was finally
closed dowu. With the proper manage
ment by a practical, experienced miner,
who is thoroughly posted on the pecul
iarities of this camp, this property could
be made one of the best paying mining
properties in the state.
In every case where the management
was in the hands of practical mining
men and they were backed up by enough
capital to properly develop the property
it lias been a success. Therefore,
say to investors, look to the manage
ment as well as to the mine.
Bartow, the milk-man will deliver one
quart of good milk every evening for the
small sum of $2.25 per month.
Toys Toys Toys
ÜÆeclianical, Iron and Rubber
'W'agons, Velocipedes
Trains, Balls, Horns
^Jagic Lanterns, Games
Tool Chests, Printing Outfits
_A.nd Boy's Books Q-alore.
Dolls Dolls Dolls
IDishes, Pianos
Barasols, Trunks
Washing Sets, Stoves
Jewelry and Toilet Articles
Books and many other delightful things.
Gfloth Animals, Teddy Bears
Linen Books, Toilet Sets and Rag Dolls.
To Whom It Mav Concern:
Notice is hereby given, that I, the
undersigned, will, at the January, 1909,
session of the Board of Countv Commis
sioners of Owyhee Couuty, Idaho, ap
ply to said board for authority to ap
po i n t 8uc h deputies as may be necessary
to properly discharge the duties of the
office of Sheriff of Owyhee County,
Dated at Silver City, Idaho, Dec. 4tb,
M. M. Krieg,
Sheriff-elect of Owy
hee County, Idaho.
To be well dressed get your clothing at
G. R. Sweeney's.
The latest phonograph records just re
ceived at Rowett's.
One-half gallon of good milk, daily
$4.00 per month from Bartow.
A new supply of Kitchen lampe and
Washboards at Philipp's.
You are hereby notified that the State
and County taxes for the year 1908, to
gether with such other taxes as are pro
vided by law, are now due and payable
at this office.
And unless paid prior to the first Mon
day in January, 1909, they will become
delinquent, and be collected with per
centage and costs added, as provided by
M. M. Kjueg,
Assessor and Ex-Offlelo Tax Collector,

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