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Devoted to tue Mining and Agnoulturai Interests
or Owyhee County
1911 .
Mention of People and Matters
In Which We Are all
John MacNally is in town looking after
his old friends here.
'1rs. Harrison and Mrs. Goble were up
from Reynolds to-day.
Miss Bessie Grete returned Monday
from a short visit to Reynolds.
A. T. Bullock, a jeweller of Nampa,
was in here on business last week.
J. M. Morgan returned Wednesday
from a two months trip to London.
Frank Scott and family are in from
Reynolds, to attend the funeral of Merl |
David Sehas is making a visit to this !
locality and stopping with Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Steele.
Clifford Weston left Friday for Payette
where he will accept a position on the P.
& 1. N. railroad.
Mr. and Mrs. Alden, Mrs. Brumm, and
Joseph Turtle went to Flint Saturday and
returned Monday.
Percy White was in town Monday, pre
sumably to find out if the visitors to Flint
had got safely home.
O. J. Davies, who has been visiting in
Flint for the past couple of weeks,
turned to Nampa, Saturday.
The stonework on Fritz Schleifer's new
laser cellar is progressing nicely. Today
a pipe line is being laid from the brewery
C. M. Caldwell returned Saturday night
from a trip to the railroad. During his
absence his store was managed by Tom
Kenneth McLoed is down from the
mountain again. He must not lie con
tented to stay up there after his long visit
in town.
C. G. Breedlove, who lias been working
in the office of tiie Swan Falls Power Co.
at Nampa for some time, returned last
night to take up his duties as mayor of
Dewey again.
L. C. Gardner and wife and two
younger children went to Reynolds
Monday evening and returned Tuesday
with their daughter, Willa May.
Thursday evening William Healy and
Henry Oleson, accompanied by Miss
Mary and Miss Louise Hicks, went to
Reynolds Greek to attend a dance there.
Tiie Cemetery Benefit Dance is post
poned until Wednesday, August 23rd,
1911. The ladies will please bring their
donations to tiie hall on the morning of
that day.
Geo. R. Sweeney, who has been
extended visit to his old home in Saginaw,
Michigan, returned to the Owyhees last
night. And he actually seemed pleased
to get back.
J. A. W roten was up from Jordan
Valley on business, the first of the week.
Mr. Wroten is City Marshall of the town
below here, but we understand his busi
ness was not connected with that office.
William Hardiman, an old time store
keeper in Silver, was visiting here this
week. He has been out on his ranch
Picket creek for the past two months.
Mr. Hardiman makes bis home in Nam
pa now.
on an
Libby and iss Peterson accompanying j
them to the Valley.
Chas. Maher came up from Jordan
Valley last night after Tom Nelson and
wife, but when he left this morning he
had a full load, Mrs. Frank Hail, Miss
Mrs. I. J. Gardner and daughter, Miss
ltottie Gardner, came up form Reynolds !
Tuesday, for a short visit here. They i
The business men of Canyon county,
being fully convinced that the present
hard times in that county are due to the
fact that the county is dry, have organized
and set about to systematically fight
win the county over to the "wet" column
in the local option election of September
6. A man from Caldwell, who has much
property in that town, says that one can
not give real estate away, much the less;J°.T
to sell it; and that if the county stays
"dry" it will break many of them Of
wets,' while the "drys," on the other j
that is the argument of the
may have a good argument to
meet it. The following excerpt is taken
from the Statesman : 1
r , a ii no . ,
Caldwell, Aug. H.-The wet and dry
campaign in Canyon county in now on in
earnest, and both sides getting their forces
and Voter's league held a meeting at their
I i .
headquarters in the Steunenberg building
and completed their organization by the
appointment of precinct committeemen in I
. , ,
An elaborate newspaper and mailing
program was adopted and will hé carried
out to the letter. Hood speakers will be
provided for the platform work, and
A large office force has i
! into line. Yesterday the Business Men's
the different voting
precincts of the
everything will he done to place the ques
tion before the voters in a fair and com
plete manner.
been secured and the headquarters show
evidence of considerable activity on tiie
paign is vested in J H. Lewis of the Na
tional Association of Manufacturers and
part of the "wet" forces.
The active management of tiie
and the "wets" are expressing confidence
that tiie final outcome will be a victory
Business Men, with headquarters at Chi
M r. Lewis comes with
tion for great ability in this line of work
a reputa
for their side.
have been visiting on the creek for
time. They will remain here about two
Jack Ward returned Thursday night j
from Butte. Montana, where he has been
attending the convention of the Western i
from reports, they had it,
hot and heavy, but Jack seems to have j
escaped injury.
Federation of Miners as a delegate from
this Union.
Saturday evening a party of fishermen
set out for Boulder creek, accompanied
by an awful hunger for fish. Those in
the party were Andy Swan, J. L. Smith,
George Slattery ar,d L. Pedrasini's
They returned Monday night not
loaded with fish.
Gentlemen ! This is just the time to !
Call and i
and up. '
Cleaning, pressing and repairing done at
W. J. Gibson's Tailor Shop opposite the \
, , f 1 i
telephone office. W. J. Gibson, Tailor.
order your suit for Labor Day.
examine my fall line of samples. Made
to your measure suits $18
The friends of the Rev. H. Jukes will i
be pleased to hear that on August 8, 1911, j
at Grangeville, Idaho, a son was born to 1
Mr. Jukes was
rector of the Episcopal Church here sev-1
eral years ago and was a good bachelor,
However, after leaving here he deserted j
the Brotherhood and such is his punish-:
Communion services were held in the
morning ami « ™ to U, even- !
ing by Bishop Funston of Boise. Friday
nigllt he he | (1 «„-vices in DeLamar.
This was the Bishop's annual visit here. !
him and Mrs. Jukes.
ment. Nugget wishes the family good
St. James Episcopal Church last Sunday
He endeavors to visit every church in his
diocese each year, hut he finds it rather a
difficult task.
Merl Helms Crushed Bv Falling
R-ock at Gardner's
Livery Stable
Another soul is gone. His life crushed
from him in the early bloom of his man
.... .. , . ... . _
N'a« the fate of ^'erl E. Heidis t
Bubbling over with cheer, with the very
less;J°.T of living, he went to his last day's
work ' faithful, industrious unto the last,
L. Ha P WaS lx, ' nK '»«loaded at the rear of II
the livery stable. Merl was helping.
Wishing to enter the ham, he, putting
j his hands on the top of the huge rock
over the low doorway, endeavored to
HU ' in S under it through the opening. The
1 we !« ht of his ho,ly and the force of the
''"''lg pulled the rock from its
resting place over onto him, crushing the ,
upper part of his head and bruising one *
arm ' Death was instantaneous.
The rock was about six feet long, two
• . an( l eight inches thick. The
weight was estimated at seven hum!red
pounds. This rock has been swung on
for years, just as Merl did, and there
I was no thought that it was unsafe.
Tuesday it fell. |
Merl Edward Helms was born at Wald- j
ron, Wheeler County, Oregon, on April 1
17, 1893, and died at Silver City, Idaho, ! P
on Tuesday, August 15, lilff, aged 13 i
y ear 8, 3 months, and 27 days. His i a
fa, her died at Meadows, Idaho, and was j
buried at Fossil, Oregon, about two years !
ago, and his mother and little sister, i
Mary, were left to hie
i came to Silver about
The family
one year ago, and
have made this place their home. Hie j
m " t,ler > M rs. Claude Downey, is almost
prostrated with grief at his sudden death, j
Tiie funeral was held this afternoon at j
2 p. m at the lower Masonic Hall, and i
burial at the K. P. Cemetery
t * re community attended and
The en
a very im
bereaved family and relatives have the
sympathy of all.
Young, vivacious, popular as he was,
tiie news of his death fell as a pall upon
his friends.
! him wau his friend.
service was rendered
And everyone who knew
He was a friend to
Men conversed in whispers,
j and there were those who
j the very suddenness of it all that
: nerved them
wept. It was
so un
Philosophers will say, "It was for the
But human nature can not stand
j the demise'of one so young without drop
pin 8 « tear of sorrow and regret,
i Maeterlinck, in "The Bluebird," gives
! ns tiie beautiful thought that, when
think of the dead, they live again. That
it, is a beautiful thought, indeed. It gives
j everlasting life to all humanity. And so,
when we think of him, let ns think of
him, not as dead, but as living—living in
that land
"Where trials never come,
Nor tears of sorrow flow."
Mrs. August Grete and Miss Charlotte
and Lewis Grete left yesterday morning
j for California, where Lewis will enter the
! University of California. They are unde
i cided 88 yet whether they will reside in
San Francisco or Berkley. It is probable
' that wid be in tlle fatter place.
attended the University of Idaho for a
\ he wiU finieh at the
i University of California,
Last Thursday the party of campers
i that has been'on Boulder for the past
j wee |j
1 i
or so, returned to civilization. It
is presumed that the grub supply became
] OWj an( j that the finny inhabitants of
Boulder were thrice decimated-and then
some—and that the mosquitos, flies and
j other winged creatures other than chick
ens ' h 60 "" 0 to ° numerous—in other
i words, that for all these reasons the jovial
i band came home. When interviewed by
i one of our representative citizens, the
chaperon 8tated that everything was
fixed ship-shape, comfy and O. K. The ; the
! |
deign to resort to mosquito netting? A 1
smudge is a thousand times better and
! more ? alnp ' like ' Let ' 8 866 : th ere were
the Misses Rosa Weiner, Violet Quirk, |
i Oella and Mabel Schuyler, and Mr. Willie j
Schuyler, chaperoned by Mrs. W. H.
Schuyler. A jolly bunch, what?
1 ore
What's the (natter with the trail team?
o more do
we see the Miners—and
muckers—tossing 'he hall from one to
No more has the spectator to
keep both eyes peeled for stray spheres
hurtling through
space. Has subtle
inertia stealthily secreted itself in their
limbs, or are they afraid of going stale
r<> "' ° Ver ,rainin * 7
® or "h v Diey « r e not discouraged on
«womit of H.e score in Jordan Valley.
II may revive their drooping spirits gome
to think of the tale of 16 to 1. When
that is done 13 to 1 seems much better.
, p
* l,ere s tl,e ri *b; it was the heat that
" ni - Think of the men who went
iron» the cool, yreen hills of Owyhee
down to the aikalie Helds, scintillating
"" ,l heat, of Malheur. W liât,
lou * d they do? Five long innings they
| ft
j with De Lamar.
1 „
! P " " a w '' ek ' a week and a half,
i tW ° weeks, and then some. Are they
i a haul? Ur do they think that by put
j ting the game off the Silver boys will
ire several good excuses for that
core of 13 lo J.
Think of the long ride
to the \ alley; the generous hospitality
she Vail* viles; and then—the heat.
lured it, and then—13 to 1.
e has been seme talk of a game
The town below us lias
! weary of the delav, stop practicing and
grow siale ! If that is their line of
soiling we think iliey are correct, for all
j praiiccg has stopped.
Members of the hall team, don't let
ihat game, ami especially the game with
Jordan Valley on Labor Day, go by de
You have a dozen or so balle Iv
i ng aitinnd in cold storage.
Use 'em up
so tiie rest of us can use 'em second
Again we urge you to practice
ties and practice some more, and limy lie
on tiie fourth of next September, on
that day dear to a Miner's heart, you
can rub out the score of 13 to 1, efface
ihe slain, and tack over tiie door of the
F'armyrs' manager tiie sign
''Gone to the Mountains
26 to 2
Ai.l In."
Tiie grading work is going ahead as
rapidly as possible for the Rich Gulch
mill. It is the intention of the company
to have it built this fall. Tiie capacity is
one hundred tons daily. The ore is to be
taken from a blind vein struck some
months back. This vein is very large,
though of low grade. The ore will be run
through rock crushers and Chilean mills.
It is understood that the process for sav
ing the values will be cyanide.
In the meantime the tunnel is being
driven to tap the vein, exposed in the up
per workings, at great depth. With a
mill of this capacity a large force of men
will be required to provide ore for it.
When this mill is producing Silver will
have a new lease on life and may yet be
the town she was fifteen years ago'.
has just been broken into in the stopes of
; the upper workings. The repairs to the
| " " P ""'
| Geo. R. Sweeney has just returned
j from the East and is better prepared
than ever to give his patrons just what
The Banner mine is opening up some
very rich ore. They are having ore
hauled down from the "Tip Top" to the
mill and are getting out some fine ore on
the Banner ground. A new body of ore
I will start up again with a good supply of
1 ore on hand.
they want in up to date clothing.
Many People Have Single Thot:
To Go to The Hills
Last Sunday there was a general exodus
of Silverites in every direction into the
To make a long story short,
one that could or would do so left the
dear old town and took to the hills. Two
crowds went up Jordan creek, one to
Hinker, and one to Flint,
there was church, also. The town had
a deserted look and everyone left in-it felt
lonesome. The details follow'
And besides,
Dad Borrongh and Tom Harlan
hunting and returned with considerably
fewer chickens than the law allows.
Mesdames. O'Neil, W. J. Stoddard,
Rogers, Drollinger, Connors, and Miss
Alice Connors went up Jordan creek to
the wood camp of W. J. Stoddard. Judg
ing from the wagon load of grub they
certainly had plenty to eat.
Another crowd of piekniekera went up
the creek to while away the time,
who went were Mrs. Weston, Missses
Mary, Louise and Olive Hicks, and Win.
Healy, Dave McKinney and P. C. Wil
liams. They had a good time, of
Sinker creek was visited by a crowd of
thirteen poeple loaded into two
There was a dog, however, and she broke
the spell. Those who went were Messrp.
Steele, Nelson, Dugan, Dickens and Hall,
Mesdames. Steele, Nelson, Dugan, Dick
ens and Hall, and Miss Gordon Dickens,
They played a game called "Fish Pond;
or Who'll Get the Most Fish." F. D.
Hal) won the first prize with a score of
98, fish, minnows, and all.
Mre. J. PL
annexed the booby prize witli
the record score of one (1). The party
spent the entire day on the creek and
surely had a good time, if not getting
back until ten o'clock is evidence of such
a fact.
Last Sunday the inhabitants of White
which is near the town of Flint,
were startled by a crowd of picnickers
who, coming in a four-lioree team and in
a two-horse team, took them by storm.
In the four-horse team there were Lyle
Eisenhart, Asher Geteheil, Marcus White,
Mrs. Geteheil, Mrs. Èisenhart, Misses
Carrie Hastings, Leona Grete, Charlotte
Grete, little Asher Geteheil, and little
Lyle and Leona Eisenhart. There
Mrs. Kreig, Miss Alice McDonald, and
Bob McDonald, in a two-horae team from
DeLamar. And what a time they did
have! The funny part of it was, that
when coming home, Miss Charlotte Grete,
despite the warnings of tiie chauffeur of
the Silver team, rode homeward with the
DeLamar team.
When they came to
where the road turns off to Silver the
team from this place stopped so that its
occupants could decide as to whether
not they should go by DeLamar. The
driver of the team from the latter place
whipped up, passed them, and turned up
the road toward Silver. That decided
Lyle, and he set out for DeLamar. The
DeLamar aggregation waited a while and
then the sudden realization of a freeze-out
came over them. Turning back toward
DeLamar, they hurried to that place
to catch the Silver
they do it? Ask Miss Charlotte. The
next day she came to Silver on the seven
a. m. stage.
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