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Devoted to tïie IsÆining and _A.grio-u.lt-u.raJL Interests of Owyhee County
■4 Hj,
Orders left with the Owyhee Meat
Company for any kind of Poultry for
Christmas will be promptly filled.
Geo. H. Handy is greatly improved
from his recent illness,
up and around the house.
Clifford Weston came in on last night's
stage to Spend Thanksgiving with the
home folks. Clifford is attending the Uni
versity at Moscow. There were seven
passengers on the stage.
Chas. Hayes, of Silver City is registered
at Givens Hot Springs.
Barney Mattenson, an old Silverite
came in on yesterday's stage.
Mr. Caldwell's little daughter, suffered
from acute indigestion on Sunday and
Monday. Dr. Schuyler remedied the
L. G. King rode up from DeLamar on
Wednesday morning
It is reported that Grant & Goble have
been awarded the contract for transport
ing the machinery for Flint from Murphy
to DeLamar. Jack Hore of DeLamar is to
take it the balance of the
He is able to be
Don't forget to have your laundry
bundles at the Nugget office on Monday.
Charges will be the regular Nampa price
plus ten cepts on each bundle for express
charges. This pays express both
no matter how big the bundle.
'A civil case was tried on Tuesday be
fore Judge Heer in which Nes Johnson
sued A. L. Bradley and Sadie Bradley to
recover on a note. On motion of the plain
tiff's attorney the case was dismissed after
hearing testimony,
the defence and P. C. Williams for the
Marcus White, an old Silverite, and
one of the original owners of the Flint
properties, purchased a $5000 bungalow
in Boise this week.
Wm. Healy was for
J. W. C. Smith is back in Silver after a
six-weeks absence.
He has been doing
assessment work on the Noble group of
eight claims on the west side of Florida
P. F. Branca of Sinker came into town
Tuesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurd and daughter
in on Tuesdays stage and left for De La
to spend Thankskiving with Mrs.
The party was'accompanied
by Mrs. Hard's brother, Harrÿ Bachelor.
' P- D Bnimfiaug}*, the genial optimis
tic Bonaface of Silver, has, for
known reason, turned pessimistic. Asked
by Nugget yesterday whether he
duly thankful at this-season, he said he
had nothing to to thankful for.
a chance for the Ladies' Aid.
P . C. Williams spent a few days in
Boise this week, leaving Silver on Friday.
He was called to try a divorce case in
the District Court. The case was set for
Saturday and was entitled Hoffman
Hoffman. Mr. Williams returned Mon
day night, reporting that his client ob
tained her divorce, with $25 a month
alimony and custody of the child.
A letter from Fred Irwin says: "En
closed herewith please find check in pay
ment of Subscription to Nugget. Kindly
change address on Nugget from Nampa
Ida. to Los Angeles,
all my friends in Silver,
remain here until-the middle of April, by
that time I expect to to physically able to
work again. We have been having de
ghtful weather here, the days are almost
as warm as our Owyhee summer weather
but the nights and mornings are cool."
Oreana is represented in Boise by B. H.
Hyde, who is visiting his family there
or Thanksgiving.
some un
Remember me to
We expect to
The Summer leaves from the trees have
Leaving them brown and bare :
The buds and flowers have disappeared,
And hushed the vapory air.
The fruit has ripened on the trees,
The corn been gattiered in,
And golden pumpkins yielded their
To overflow the bin.
Our homes arp Ailed with God's rich
The time at last is here
When we should thank the Holy Giver,
And prove we hold them dear.
We, take his gifts of joy and wealth
With thanklessnes8 each day;
Our time is spent with daily toil—
We have no time to pray.
Think of the many sorrowing ones,
Burdened o'er with care:
Think of the many aching heartB,
And offer for them a prayer.
O, Let us all send up our praise
To him who givetii all ;
With brimming hearts let's truly keep
Thanksgiving wfthin our wall.
Sunday Stag at DeLamar
Last Sunday evening at six P. M., at
his home in DeLamar, Mr. Robert L.
McDonald was the recipient of a stag
dinner and smoker, arranged as a sur
prise in honor of his 21st birthday.
The guests on being ushered into the
dining-room were told to identify their
place cards by reference to ttieir indi
vidual occupations,
sisted of cut-out magazine advertising
illustrations, as follows: Robt.
Donnell, a concentrating table; L. E.
Bonorai, a centrifugal cyanide pump;
Morris Monroe, ''indestructible rubber
air hose" (Mr. Monroe, as DeLamar's
schoolmaster, uses a section of rubber
hose in lieu of the birchrod) ; E- E. Bow
en, a mail sack ; E. V. Orford, a manag
er seated at his desk ; Dr. T. D. Farrer,
a skull; E. H. Birkett, a transit; C. R.
Hatch, an ore sample grinder; B. Smith,
a push cart; F. Hollenbeck, a dynamo;
O. H. Shoemaker, typewriter; A. Soth
ern, a mine cross-section ; J. E. McDon
nell, a fountain-pen ; R. T. Pim, a cyan
ide plant; W. W. Bradley, assay bal
ances; Don McDannell, a mine car,
After the repast, during the course of
which the health of Owyhee County's
newest voter was drunk, the evening
was pleasantly passed as a smoker, and
listening to music, both from the phono
gràph and by a ahrêé-pitoe orchestra,
consisting of: piano, Miss Alice 1 McD.on
nell ; Cornet, Mr. M. Monroe; Violin,
Mr. R. L. McDonnell.
Those cards con
Nugget is now prepared to execute in
workmanlike manner all kinds of Job
Give us a trial.
You'll like our
Bring in your laundry bundles. We
have arranged with a first-class Nampa
laundry. All work guaranteed. We
make shipments on Tuesdays, so have
your bundles in Mondays.
Jess Hailey and wife were up Sunday
from their Jordan Valley ranch. They
left on Monday, and' Mrs. Jess Hailey,
Jr., left for Boise on the morning stage.
J. F. Forrester came in Snnday from
his Juniper country ranch. Mr. Forrest
er was here on proving-up business and
was accompanied by George Lee. They
left town on Monday.
Theo. H. Phillips of Jordan Valley
came in for Thanksgiving. Mr. Phillips
is well known in Silver, being formerly
in business here.
A party of line experts have been in
town fixing lines and straightening poles.
They are Messrs. J, A., Roy, and Otis
Weltheimer, A. W. Nt^son and R. M.
Butler. The first four registered from
Boise and Mr. Butler from Salt Lake.
Silver City Girl Wins
Mfss Ednetta St. Clair, daughter of
Mrs. St. Clair of this place, won the big
subscription centest inaugurated some
time ago by the Caldwell News.
Miss St. Clair received 272,500 votes
and her nearest competitor was Mary
Warmouth, with 255,200. Nugget con
gratulates the young lady upon her
achievement and succès. She is attend
ing high school in Caldwell and living
with her grandmother, Mrs. Butts.
Terms Of Court
The order fiixing the terms of court
for 1912 in Owyhee, Ada and Boise comi
ties, constituting the Third district, Iras
been issued by Judge Davis. The two
terms will be called in Owyhee county,
May 8 and September 24. Judge Davis
will occupy the bench in Owyhee county
and Jndge MacLane in Boise county,
both serving in Ada county when they
are not busy in Owyhee and Boise.
To the merchants who advertise in
Nugget. \
That we are alive. But then, there
are no dead ones in Silver.
That freight arrives from Murphy so
That Herwig is coming.
That Dave Brumbaugh only worked
hard ONE day last week. Don't want
to bnrv Dave.
That Gardner didn't lose his drivers
lest week when the phone bell rang.
That Jewillikins paid up this week,
enabling the editor to have stewed rab
bit for Thanksgiving dinner.
Tiiat the Potnsi is in full swing once
more witii the following officers: .Mana
ger, Richard Hawes ; shift boss, Chas.
Harvison; foreman. William Belcher.
That Downey didn't get. mad the other
day when Nugget mixed him up with
That we can say with the immortal
Bobby Burns:
Some hae meat aud canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, aud
8ae let the Lord be thankit.
eau eat,
G. E. Birmingham, of DeLamar is at
Hot Springs with his son, who has been
troubled with rheumatism, which has
culminated in partial paralysis.
Guess our Oreana and Grand View
correspondents were too busy cooking
turkey to report this week.
Children Celebrate Season
Thanksgiving tyas fittingly observed by
Mrs. Shea's elftes at the Silver City school
waff observed and the chitdre
A most interesting program
£L"did their
instructor proud." The folmwing was
the program;
Thanksgiving Day Acrostic by the first
and second grades. . "
Thanksgiving song by the school.
Story of the Pilgrims, fourth grade.
The Mayflower Acrostic by second and
third grades.
Song by the school.
"Story of a Seed," by Zillah Davies,
Asher Getchell, Merle Maxon, Baptista
Pedraciui and Ada Townsend.
"Autumn of 1022," fourth grade.
Song, fourth grade.
Song, "Three Little • Maids," Sadie
Stoddard, Atla Brumbaugh, Marguerite
Recitation: "Three Little Cooks,"
Ruth Strode, Villah Davies, Merle Maxon.
Pumpkin Acrostic, by ten boys.
Recitation: "Thanksgiving," by John
Recitation: "Why?" by Ralph Town
Recitation : "Indian girl," by Adelaide
Recitation: Puritan girl," by Charlotte
Recitation: "Modern Maid," by Marie
Recitation: "Thankful for What?" by
Asher Getchell.
Recitation: "Kitty's Thanksgiving,"
by Ruth Strode.
by Thomas Rock.
Song: "Thanksgiving" by the school.
' 'Tommy's Thanksgiving,
Filed In Owyhee
The Oregon-Idaho leases, a company
capitalized at $50,000, with William W. I
Elmer, Robert Iiae and Clark D. Si- j
n.onds, all of Portland, directors, has j
filed articles of incorporation with the
secretary of the State and with the
County Clerk at Silver City,
ject of this company is to explore, de
velop and lease mineral property in
Idaho and to buy and sell mineral lands.
It is operating extensively in Portland
and expects to open a new field in Idaho.
The ob
Mrs. Jennie Farrer Avery was register
ed at the Bristol Hotel in Boise on Sun
Harry Syrns of theSyms-York Printing
Co. of Boise, arrived in Silver Monday
Mr. Syrns is on his periodical
visit to the county officers of the state.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brown of De La
mar drove up to Silver Sunday.
Herbert H. Davies of Oreana, was in
town on Monday. ; Mr. Davies is proving
up on his homestead and also on his wat
er right and arranged with Nugget for the
necessary legal notice.
Posters are out announcing a Thanks
giving dance for tonight. Ballot's or
chestra furnishes the .music.
M T nn . T ap T | TT i;r IT mil n I
^ LllUAL Mlrllull Mb }5 ,
I0|_ « ■
. . m l l|l|ll ll B "l
W'ork on the various properties is pro
gressing fayorably, with nothing new to
report. At Flint, Rich Gulch and the
mine of the Silver City Company, every
advantage is being taken of the grand
weather we are now enjoying. The I
other locations are all more or less act
ive, with optimism rampant.
The Banner
The mill run has been finished and
clean-up is in progress at the Banner.
Fine ore is being taken out of the 200 ,
level. Mr. Steele expects to have anoth
er mill run before Christmas.
Big Sugar Loaf
$714.32 was the amount that the three
claims of the Big Sugar Loaf Mining Co.
bought at sheriff's sale last week. They
were bought in for tiiat amount by At
torney Healy, acting for A. P. Nugent.
This dissolves the company and the
property reverts to the principal owner.
Eeast Creek
J. W. Shores, of Portland, owner of
the claims 'at East Creek, visited his
properties there last week. He has a
force of men developing the mine, which
is claimed to be a very promising loca
tioflfc Mr. ( Shore filed bis proofs of
laboron tke Aurida, Effie, Cecelia, For
tuna and Diadem claims in the Flint
-Mining District.
C. C. Hedum has just returned from
a trip to this big property and has pdt
in supplies for the winter work. Tne
claims, about thirty in number, consti
tute one of the largest bodies of low
grade ore in this section. It is located
about ten or twelve miles from Silver
and adjoins the old Hardiman ranch,
now occupied by the Duvalls on Boulder
Creek. It is in the Steele Mining Dis
trist, and is about three miles from the
F^lint workings.
Boulder has many natural advantages
that should help the proposition im
mensely. There is plenty of water either
for use or for power purposes, and lots
of timber. The mineral belt is about a
mile wide and shows an average value
of about ten or twelve dollars. The
workings are all surface and assays run
from $4.50 to $134.60. The veiDS vary
from 2 feet to 44 feet wide.
C. C. Hedum and J. D. Demming are
the principal owners of the Boulder
Creek locations. The property will re
quire capital to develop it, but the
workings, being mostly surface, present!
no engineering problems, either of com
plexity or expense, in fact the operations
are more like quarry work than mining.
The values are nearly all gold and the
veins are so wide tbat immense bodies
of ore can be taken ont in short time.
Page Outfit Sued
Suit was filed this week in the District,
against the Idagon Irrigation
he alleges the Company owes him $3067. -
Frank Quirk is plaintiff and
The amount is claimed for work
done on the property for the
and plaintiff asks that his lien be
ognized and the property sold to meet
the charge. The holdings of the company
mostly in Owyhee county and some in
Malheur, Oregon,
original Schenek ditch, together with
water filings, reservoir, rights of
and the Smith ranch, the reputed
of which is H. D. Page.
This company has had a somewhat
tempestuous existence, and was until
cently a strong competitor with the (Jem
Irrigation District for the privilege of
putting water on a big section of the land
to be watered by the Gem District. The
final blow to the hopes of the company
in this direction came when thé Land
Board in Boise a month or so ago refused
to wait on the Idagon people any longer
and recognized the Gem Irrigation Dis
trict as the parties best qualified to do
the work. This result came about large
ly through the untiring effort of C. S.
Faurot, former secretary of the Gem, and
who worked early and late to the end
and consist of the
finaI 'y accomplished. H. D. Page was
the head arK ' front oi the lda b'°n Company
and purchased from W. H. Schenek the
original ditch due to the efforts of the
latter, together with certain water rights
and rights of way. Mr. Page interested
considerable capital in the undertaking
and had not the efforts of Mr. Faurot
culminated successfully would have
doubtedly been able to put water on the
An Oreana sheepherder, Giovanni by
name, stood too close to a blast one day
laSt week ' and sot a sma11 P ie0B of 8tone
in the eye. He came to Silver for treat
ment and Dr. Schuyler removed the offen
ding particle.
Court House News
Locations Filed
Location Notices were tiled by Frank
Rinearson, et al., on Bell Placer Claim
on Jarbidge River; Bell No. 1 Placer
claim on Buck Creek ; Bell Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5
Placer claims near Jarbidge River; and
Bell No. 8 on Buck Creek.
E. R. Buckley, et al., filed on Bell No.
5 Placer claim near Jarbidge River.
Abram Johnson, et al., on Bell No. 6
and H. A. Buehler, et al., on Beil No. 7
Placei claims near Jarbidge River.
H. D. Lawson filed on Bulah Quartz
claim Granite Quartz claim, and Top
quartz claim, all on the headwaters of
Battle Creek.
D. H. Johnson filed on "Johnson Nos.
1, 2,3, 4, 5 and 3," Placer claims, all on
Meadow Creek
William R, Howard for Lots 5 & 6,
See 24, T 4N, R 6 W.
U. S. to Charles McKinley for NEj£
8W^, Sec 24, T 4 N, R 6 W.
Proofs of Labor
Aurida, Effie, Cecelia, Bonheur, Fur
tuna and Diadem claims in Flint Mining
District, by John W. Shore.
Sailor Creek placer claim by Daniel
Irondike, Keystone, Lucky Jim and
Dandy claims in South Mountain Mining
District, by A, Erickson et al.
M. M. Getchell et al. on the Perhaps
claim in Carson Mining District,
Charles T. Barringer to William F.
Prescott for real estate.
Charles P Barringer, for real estate,
L. Wardell Boeck et uxor, to Albert
Alexander B. Montgomery et ux. to
B. Boeck for % interest in SK. 1 ^ NWj^',
SWJ4 NEV*. Lot 2, Sec 14, T 3N, It 6 W.
Silver City Lodge No. 25 K. of P. to
Owy hew Aerie No. 1737, F. O. E., for
W*4 of K. P. Cemetery.

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