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Devoted to ttie Mining and -A.grio-u.lfu.ral Interests of Owyhee County
The Weather.— Snow began falling
steadily yesterday and it looked like
tinuing for a while, but cleared this a.
Orders left with the Owyhee Meat
Company for any kind of Poultry for
Christmas will be promptly filled.
Will Hawes
came in Monday from
Boise. Mr. Hawes has been working at
Swan Falls, but the advent of the
management has caused a cessation of
work on the new machinery installation.
A later phone message called him back to
work and he will leave tomorrow
Captained by John Grete most of the
kids in town had a glorious time coasting
over the hills around town on Sunday.
Dr. Heer spent the week in DeLamar
on professional business.
Supt. Avery returned on Thursday from
a trip that included the King Hill district,
Murphy and Boise.
Mr. and Mrs. Getcheil and Asher
entertained at dinner Sunday by Dr. and
Mrs. Schuyler.
V. S. Curtis left Monday for his long
drive home to Vale, in the-neighborhood
of 200 miles.
Mr. Curtis has arranged
his affairs in connection with the Village
Blacksmith, receiving the sheriff's deeds
to the property before leaving.
Mr. Thos. H. Jones, who is well known
in Silver, and who has been at the Cerro
Gordo Mine in Keeler, California, has
removed to Los Angeles, Cal.
Nugget this week received a shipment
of new type and is now prepared to do
your job printing of all kinds with
ness and accuracy. Try it
Mr. and Mrs. McBride of Pleasant Val
ley came in from Oreana
en route home.
on Saturday
Mr. McBride bought a
couple of houses at Dewey and will move
them over to the ranch.
They were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hawes while here
and left Sunday morning.
k ive dollats a month pays for the tost
typewriter on earth—the Oliver.
don't have to send out of Silver City
make the deal, either,
for the Oliver,
Nugget is agent
Call at the office and
Let your Christmas presents to
Thousands of dollars
w orse than wasted on useless thifigs every
Bruneau State Bank directors held
their regular meeting on Saturday. Five
directors were present.
thing useful.
Notice of Publication.
Notice of Proof of Completion of
Work» and Application of
Witter to Beneficial Use
p. m., on the
18111 dft y of January, 1912, at Three Creek, Comi
ty ot Owyhee, State of Idaho, before Solomon
Newman, J. I\, proof will bo submitted
completion or works for the diversion of
cubic foot per second of the -waters of Cherry
Creek, and of the application to beneficial
of said water iu accordance with the terms and
conditions of Permit No. 7580, heretofore issued
by the State Engineer of the State of Idaho.
1. the name and postothee address of the
Notice is hereby given that at 3
of the
son, or corporation, holding said permit, are
Fred J. Walters, Three Creek, Owyhee County,
2. Said works of diversion will be fully
pie ted
the date set for such completion, and
the amount of water which said works
are cap
able of conducting to the place of use, iu accord
ance with the plaus accompanying the applica
tion for such permit, is one cubic foot per
The use to which said water has been
plied Is irrigation and domestic purposes, and
»he amount applied to beuellcial
cubic foot per second,
t. The place where said water is used Is
Ï4 SW)4, Section 20, Jÿf NWî£, Section 29,
Tp. 15 8., R. 11 E., B. M. [Desert Claim, Serial
No. 01415, Hailey Land Office].
5. The date of priority which said user is pre
pared to establish is July 13, 1911.
Stale Engineer.
24—4 1 —First issue Dec. 7, 1911
Last issue Dec. 28,1911
Will Open Lodging House
Mr. Caldwell has sold his store proper
ty east of the post office to Eneteria
Quintafia. The latter intends to use
the place as a lodging and boarding
house, with probably a bowling alley in
the cellar. The new establishment will
be opened up as soon as the furnishings
can be arranged for.
R-ules for the District Court
Judge Davis has issued his instructions
to govern t^e business of the District
court for the coming year, which sits in
Owyhee County May 8 and Sept. 24
During 1912 Judge Davis will control
all court and chambers business for
Owyhee Cohnty.
The teachers examination at Bruneau
last week was held by Mrs. S. P. Noble.
Those applying for certificates were E.
Savage, of Riddle and the Misses Hoy of
Bruneau, Swarm of Little Valley, Skin
ner of Grassmere aad Harley of Bruneau.
The Globe Optical Company of Boise
was represented in Silver this week by
P. A. Simmons.
The Golden Crown Mining Company
has levied an assessment on the stock of
the concern of 13 cents a share, payaole
Dec. 23.
Herbert II. Davies of Oreana is proving
up both on his homestead and water
J. R. Ganow came to Silver yesterday
on his monthly collection stunt,
bills are now rendered by the
pany, the Southern Idaho Water Power
P. C. Williams and Jack Slattery left
Monday on a hunting trip. They intend
to keep the community in deer and Ix-ar
meat for the balance of the winter if the
game wardens don't see them first.
new com
Mr. Weltzheimer, Jr., a son of the
lineman who got his leg'broken on Satur
day, is a most remarkable musician, and
entertained the Grete and Schuyler
families while here.
He has never stud
ied music but can play the most difficult
pieces of classical mhsic with wonderful
The local lodge of Eagles have purchased
a half interest in the Silver City Knights
of Pythias Cemetery.
The deal was
made last week and papers Sled at the
office of the Recorder of Owyhee County.
Oella Schuyler lias been sick with an
ulcerated tooth, resulting in a pretty bad
Mrs. Chas. Grete entertained on Sun
day evening.
We would ask those having laundry
bundles to send out to try to have them
in tofore six o'clock on Monday evenings.
Mrs. Dye has been under the weather
this week,
a bad case of Grippe.
Robert J. Nafie, representing the Falk
Wholesale Co. of Boise, was entertained
by the various merchants this week.
J. M. Neil, the prominent Oreana
rancher, warmed his toes at the Idaho
iiotel stove on Monday.
C. L. Steen, a hat drummer, register
ing from St. Joseph, Mo., arrived Mon
day, and later went on to Jordan Valley.
For some unknown reason readers of
the Sunday Statesman in Silver were
disappointed of their paper on Monday
switched off somewhere, for none arrived
here until Tuesday night.
She has been suffering from
The bundle evidently got
lo get it send 50 cents today for leading boys'
monthly magazine of America. High class
stories, educational, manly, sports, games, elec
trical, mechanical, carpentry, wireless, aviation,
poultry, pets, camping, trapping aud Boy Scouts
oepts. Keeps 52,000 hoys interested now. Sent
to three homes a whole vear for iff. Remit to
THE NATIONAL YOUTH, 89 Kedzie Building ,
Chicago, 111. Tod28 !
Broke His Leg
Strapped to a pole, John A. VVeltz
heimer, a lineman foreman, was helpless
when the pole fell on Saturday evening,
breaking the bones of his right leg. The
accident occurred near DeLamar. There
were five linemen in the party and a
son of the injured man was sent to town
to notify Dr. Schuyler and have him
ready to attend the injured man upon
his arrival.
Mr. Weltzheimer was brought to the
hotel, where the doctor goon reduced
the fracture and placed the injured
member in a fracture box. The limb
was badly swollen and the patient was
suffering intensely when he arrived.
The sharp point of the broken bone had
lacerated the flesh and he was suffering
considerably from shock. The injured
man was taken to Boise by his two sons
on Monday morning, the doctor fixing
up the leg in splints for the journey.
John (Shorty) Hawes was married at
Spokane on the 23d of November.
As we go to press Judge Heer is hearing
the probate proceedings in the Harder
estate. Attorney T. A. Walters of Cald
well represents the executors and Smith
A Scatterday, by Wm. Healy, the oppo
sition. The latter is Chas. W. Harder,
who petitions for a separate distribution
of the assets which, if granted, will allow
him about $1500.
M. N. Fegtly was nominated forcouncil
man at Jordan Valley at a mass meeting
held last week for the purpose of nomi
nating candidates for municipal offices.
The election was held on Tuesday.
llfiSSg T aggj
R-ich Gulch
O. VV. Chamberlain, who has been
working at the Rich Gulch for
time, hit his hand with a hammer one
day last week. He covered up the
wound with Newskin, thus keeping all
the infection in. The consequence
a case of blood poisoning which kept
him at the hotel under Dr. Schuvler's
care for several days.
J. B. Mattenson is now managing the
Sullivan properties on the oilier side of
Florida. Mr. Mattenson was formerly
manager of the Trade Dollar activities.
He is now busy shipping ore to the
Banner Mill, where a good tonnage is to
be treated.
The Banner
Manager Peter Steele went to Boise
tbis week to take over the brick obtained
in the recent mill run.
He returned
Tuesday night. The brick was a mighty
nice one, weighing in ttie neighborhood
of 700 ounces. Returns from the de
posit will to in in about a week. The
concentrates will be held until
a car
load is ready for shipment.
Work is going on at the 200 level and j
some very good ore is being taken out.
The ledge appears to be about six feet
wide all through, and the future will de
tetermine the extent of it.
Work will porbably be started today
on ttie Sullivan ore. Probably about
fifty or sixty tons will be run through
the mill for Mr. Sullivan.
Notice of Assessment
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Board of Idreetors held on the «h day of liée- j
ember, 1911, an assessment of ten cents per
share was levied upon the capital stock of the
corporation, payable on or before the 9th day of
Jammij U 12 , to U K. Eck, treasurer of the
Room 31. Merino Block, Boise. Idaho.
Any stock upon which this assessment re
mains unpaid
will he delinquent aud advertised for sale at
public auction, and. unless payment is made
before, will be sold on the 10th day of February,
1912, to pay the delinquent assessments, togeth
er with the cost of advertising and expense of
the 9th day of January, 1912,
... „
, 2a— «— first publication Dec. 7,1911
! Last publication Dec. 28,1911
F. M. EBY, Secretary
Room 31, Merino Block
Boise, Idaho
Suit Filed In District Court
The Western Loan and Savings Com
panv of Salt Lake City has entered suit
in the District Court against \V . D. and
Clara A. Wagner and Harry E. Barker
for recovery of a loan.
The company in
question entered the Idaho field ener
getically some three years ago, and has
been doing a large building and loan
business in sothern Idaho ever since.
They appointed representatives in most
of the larger Idaho towns and sold a
great nunvber of their certificates, both
on the building and loan plans. De
fendants in the present suit live at King
Hill and gave a prior lien to the com
pany bn their property for the sum of
$2536.97, in which sum the plaintiffs
claim judgment, with intesest from
August of last year. The property in
question is in Owyhee County.
According to the Nampa Record, Asa
Baldwin, the Wennersten magnate, spent
Monday in Boise. Asa will recover.
Another gang of linemen were passen
gers on yesterday's incoming stage, re
placing those who returned after the
cident to their foreman.
That Jim Daly wouldn't sell his bobs
Saturday. Wonder why?
That Lute Gardner stopped hauling
flour and potatoes Sunday long enough
to enjoy the bobbing with the other kids.
That they got in a good one on Lawyer
Williams Saturday night. It appears
that Silver's limb of the law wanted to
get a bob sled. Ha wentinto Mike Rock's
to borrow one. Ole Bachelor offered to
loan him his, an offer gratefully accepted
until P. C. discovered the loan involved
the use of one of the big freighter bobs.
That John Connors is squealing about
that rheumatism again. Better go on a
bread and water diet, John, and attend
Grand View Notes
Ttie Grand View Literary Society will
hold their next regular meeting, Satur
day evening, Dec. 9. Everybody invited.
The following will be the program:
Debate, "Resolved, that the signs of
the times indicate the downfall of the
American Union."
Proctor and Otto Bolen. Negative : Rev.
Long and J. L. Vinson.
Song, Male Quartette.
Reading. O. L. Hurless.
Reading, Miss Bessie Whitson,
Dialogue, Miss Ethel Koou aud Miss
Gecile Spang.
Song, School Girls.
The praver meeting, held in the school
room last Tuesday evening was well
attended. The meeting next week will
be field on Wednesday evening.
The Ladies Aid Societ
home of Mrs Long last
joyed by those present.
Affirmative: Dr.
ry met at the
Tuesday after
A very profitable time was eu
A dance was held at Grand View,
Wednesday evening, Nov. 29 and another
at the Woodmen Hall iu the lower end
of the valley, Thursday evening Nov. 30.
From what we can learn the larger
crowd attended the one iu the Wood
j men Hall, probably due to the fact that
it was held Thanksgiving night.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Cfiarles Frederick, Nov. 23, 1911
Mrs. Drobny and three daughters spent
Thanksgiving holidays with the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Graham at Crane
Falls, Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vinson are erect
ing a new house on their land, three
miles from Graud View. When com
wleted, they will have a comfortable
Mrs. D. A. Stubblefield, who is visiting
in Boise, expects to return to her home!
here after Thanksgiving. j
i A number from Castle Creek attended ■
the Literary Society last Saturday night. |
j Mr. Mark Hannah who lias been '
suffering with rheuma'tism for several!
weeks is slowly improving and able to !
t,e U p a part of the time. |
The Sunday School appointed a nuni-1
ber of committees, last Sunday to make
arrangements for a suitable Christmas
Entertainment for the people of the
Valley. Already the Christmas spirit
is felt and it is hoped that its celebration
will be a helpful influence in the lines
and character of our people.
Mrs. Bolen's sister and littledaughter,
of Michigan, came last Saturday to spend
the winter with Mrs. Bolen.
Miss Clara Martin, of Minnesota, iB
also visiting at the Bolen home.
Subscribe for your county paper, the
Owyhee Nugget. 32 a year.
Empowered To Do Anything
The certificate of incorporation of the
| Southern Idaho Light, Heat and Power
| Company was filed in Owvhee County
| this week.
This is the big concern that it is rum
ored will eventually become a light,
heat and power trust. The concern is
incorporated at Portland, Maine, and
the capital stock is twenty million dol
lars, twelve and a half millions in com
mon and seven and a half preferred
stock. Clarence E. Eaton of Portland,
Maine, is credited witn 13 shares, ten
other people from the same town are
incorporators with one share apiece and
the articles state that there are 125
thousand shares of common and 75
thousand shares of preferred unsubscrib
ed and unissued. The filing in Silver
City was made at the request of Richards
and Haga, the Boise attorneys.
The powers of the new company are
very broad, giving opportunity to do al
most anything except a banking or trust
business, which is expressly forbidden.
The articles cover the manufacture of
electric current for light, heat and pow
er purposes; the acquirement and sale
of water rights ; to build reservoirs and
dams, erect power plants, operate pole
lines, build municipal water and gas
and garbage reduction plants, acquire
real estate, issue and guarantee bonds
and other things too numerous to men
The newly organized company has ac
quired the Swan Falls power properties,
which were recently transferred to the
Kuhn interests. It is evident that the
organization is a sort of holding company
for a big merger.
incoming stage last night,
baugli wore a smile all evening.
There were twelve passengers on the
Dave Brum
L. N. Hess, Boise manager of the Bell
Telephone Co., was one of the twelve
apostles arriving on yesterday's stage.
Dr. Heer came in from DeLamar this
morning to try the Harder case and goes
back this evening.
Mr. Bunnell was registered at the
Idanha Hotel in Boise on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Rood were made
happy at six o'clock this morning when
an eleven pound girlie arrived to grace
their home,
officiated. All doing nicely.
Andrew Hqpga of Grand View will
prove up on his water rights on Decetn
ber 20.
Dr. Farrer of DeLamar
Attorney T. A. Walters of Jackson &
Walters, the Caldwell attorneys, arrived
He comes to make final
last night,
probate of the Harder estate.
Court House News
Locations Filed
South Webfoot claim on War Eagle
Mountain, by V. S. Curtis.
Uno claim on War Eagle Mountain,
by V. 8. Curtis.
Village Blacksmith No. 2 claim on
War Eagle Fountain, by V. S. Curtis.
Webfoot claim on War Eagle Moun
tain, by V. 8. Curtis.
Proofs of Labor
Crystal Glance, Eureka, Ida May,
ellie Grant, Roosevelt, Search Light
lode claims, Carson Alining District,
Robert Noble.
Daly, Globe, New Castle, Snow Flake
lode claims, in Carson Mining District,
J. W. Daly and Jas. T. Daly.
Grand Central Orinoco lode claims in
Carson Mining District, J. W. Daly.
James M. Morgan to Elias Meyer,
j North Star lode claim in Flint District,
■ Village Blacksmith Mining Co., by
| Sheriff, to William Williams, New Year
' an ^* age Slacksmitli lode claims,
William Williams to V. S. Cnrtis,
! New Year and Village Blacksmith lode
| claims.
Richard Bennett et ux. to William
Evans, 8WWNWWL W> 2 8WW, Sec 19,
SEJi BE«, Sec 9, T 5 S, R 1 K.
Robert C. Williams to George A. Son
nemass et al. one-fourth interest in
Kentuek lode claim, in South Mountain
Thousand Springs Land A Trans
portât ion Co., Ltd., to A. M. Harris et
ux. one acre in Bruneau Townsite.
Richard I). Roberts to A. M. Harris
et. ux., one acre in Bruneau Townsite.
Twelve deeds were filed in the Home
dale Improvement Co. and the Home
i dale Townsite Co. matters.

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