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Devoted to the Mining and -A.griouilt\ara,l Interests of* Owyhee County
Orders left with the Owyhee Meat
Company for any kind of Poultry for
Christmas will be promptly filled.
A fine assortment of toilet articles at
Married.—At Spokane, November 28,
John Hawes and Gertrude May Gerling
The marriage took place at the residence
of an aunt of the bride.
The couple will
return to Idaho and make their home at
Dave Me Kinney, who has been taking
the waters and other things at Hot
Springs for a few weeks past, returned
Thursday much benefited by his vacation.
Fred Ulmer has been busy the past
week harvesting his ice crop.
For Sale.-—Second-hand
cheap. Address Nugget Office. *
Books and toys at Getchells.
Recorder St Clair has just received for
filing the insrrument whereby the South
ern Idaho Water Power Co.
conveys to
the Southern Idaho Light, Heat and
Power Co. all the property recently
quired by the former concern from the
Swan Falls people.
Word was received from Dr. Numbers,
of Boise, that Mr. Weltzheimer, the litie
wiio broke his leg here last week, is
doing nicely in Boise,
very good condition, thanks to the
cautions adopted by Dr. Schuyler. The
patient will recover with a good leg in a
reasonable length of time.
Libby cut glass and hand painted china
in great variety at Getchells.
He arrived in
Laundry.—-Bring in your laundry to
the N ugget office. All work guaranteed.
Agency for C. O. D. Steam Laundry of
Nampa. Basket closes Mondays at six
P. M.
ff you want to buy or sell anything,
use the local columns of the Nugget.
Thos. Penrose of Oreana was in town
on Thursday and Friday. While here
Mr. Penrose called on Nugget and re
newed his sudscription for another
Go thou and do likewise.
Alice Connors, who has been visiting
with Mrs. \\ illiams in Jordan Valley for
some time, returned Tuesday as far as
De Lamar, where she intended to visit
Miss Sebern, returning to Silver this
A. F. Bullock, the Nampa jeweler, was
a passenger on Monday's stage for Mur
phy. Mr. Bullock has been making his
monthly visit to DeLamar.
Colin Orford, son of the De Lamar
Company manager, came in Saturday for
a visit to the paternal roof,
been away to school.
Books, books and BOOKS at Getchells.
Dan Sentry has been putting in time at
the Banner Mill during the Sullivan
at that place. He nas been acting as Mr.
Sullivan's representative,
well in overalls, a jumper and the Sentry
M. J. Êhilpot was in town Monday.
Mr. Philpot owns a nice ranch about
twelve miles the other side of De Lamar.
He came in to pay his taxes and
his allegiance to the Nugget.
Souvenir spoons and sterling silver nov
elties in great variety at Getchells.
Colin has
Dan looks
Big Bruneau Project Financed
According to Monday's dispatches, the
big Bruneau project has at last been
financed. This is the most extensive
and important as well as the most ex
pensive irrigation project yet considered
by private capital.
The canal will be 80 miles long and
the reservoir will be the biggest yet.
The project will cost approximately
twenty-five millions and will turn six
hundred thousand acres of sage-brush
into farm lands.
The,tract starts at a point six miles
west of Buhl and reaches the Bruneau
river, 65 miles west. Buhl is the near
est town to the project and will be the
headquarters for the construction work.
Masonic Election And Installation
Silver City Lodge, A. F. and A. M.,
met last night in regular session. when
the following officers were elected for
the ensuing term :
W. M.—J. 8. St Clair.
8. W.—August Grete.
J. W.—Peter Steele.
Secretary— R. H. Leonard.
Treasurer— J. C. Connors.
8. D.—,f. E. Dickens.
J. D.— P. W. Schumaker.
S. S.—Simon Harris.
J. 8,—I. 0. Hanson.
Tyler— R. S. Hawes.
After election the officers were duly
Silverite Killed
Word was received in Silver yesterday |
of the unfortunate ending of Thomas I
Shevlin, who was accidentally killed at
on Tuesday. Mr. Shevlin
was working on the new railroad line
from Richfield to Hailey. It appears
that the men were working in a cut at
the time and in some wav the deceased 1
got in the!way of a blast of dynamite I
His head,was almost blown off by the i
explosion and his body' otherwise quite j
badly mangled.
The unfortunate man was a charter
member of Owyhee Aerie, Fraternal
Order of Eagles, of Silver City. Mr.
Hanson, as secretary of the lodge, re
ceived a telegram yesterday notifying
him of the disaster and made funeral
arrangements, the burial taking place
Mr. Shevlin was well and favor
ably known here. He left Silver about
two years ago. He was a miuer and
worked in the principal mines here and
at De Lamar. He was born in the north
of Englaud on March 15, 1869, and had
no known relatives living.
The body was taken to Shoshone for
burial, where Undertaker A. J. Brennan
took charge of the arrangements.
' 1
Wants Fifteen Thousend Dollars
B. E. Williams of Silver City, has
just filed action against The DeLamar
Company for damages in the sum of
fifteen thousand dollars. Mr. Williams
alleges tnat the company agreed to
furnish him and his fellow employees
with competent medical attendance ;
that he was injured while in their em
ploy and that the result of a broken leg
he at that time sustained was to leave
him a permanent cripple.
, Dr. Farrer of De Lamar, the company's
physician is named as co-defendant in
the suit. Mr. Williams has retained
Smead, Elliott and Healv, to prosecute
the case, which will come up for trial at
the session of the district court in Silver
City next. May.
Merger Still Merging
The Mainland interests took another
big bite this week when the Dewey
Electric Light & Power company of
Nampa was purenased for a quaraer of a
million dollars, William Mainland
making the purchase on behalf of the
Southern Idaho Light, Power & Heat
company, the $10,000,000 corporation of
which he is the president.
The Dewey company supplies the city
of Nampa with power and electric lights.
The new owners of the company take
over the franchise with the physical
property. The Dewey company was
organized as a stock company, and all
the stock was owned by the W. H.
Dewey estate.
Attend».nee Is Compulsory
The joint Teachers Institute for Owy
hee and the other south-western coun
ties of Idaho begins at Boise on January
1. The law makes it compulsory for
teachers to attend these institutes. The
program prepared is unusually interest
ing and will undoubtedly be very help
ful to the teachers in their work.
B. E. Williams left on Monday for
Swan Falls, where he has secured work.
His family remain in Silver.
Xmas tags and seals of all kinds at
Bail Fire at Jorlai Valley
Fire, starting at one o'clock this morn
ing completely destroyed the Jordan
Valley Hotel. Three men were hurt,
two of them badly and one seriously.
Robert Otum was very seriously burned
and Sim Glass and Harry Boyce received
lesser injuries, accordiug to the meager
reports available as we go to press. All
wires were down at an early hour this
morning to the valley, bnt later a wire i '
was got through.
The disaster resulted in the complete
demolition of the fine hotel, nothing
whatever being saved fron the flames.
Dr. Farrer was summoned from De

Lamar to attend to the injured and left
| O* 6 scene at an early hour,
I A defective flue is stated to have been
the cause of the blaze.
Diphtheria.—School Closed
j Inez, the 12-year old daughter of Mr.
Bachelor, was taken down with diphthe
; ria on Friday. Dr. Schuyler was called
1 and at once diagnosed the nature of the
malady. The house and family were at
once quarantined, with the exception of
the oldest daughter, Ruby, a girl of 14.
The doctor put her through a thorough
disinfection and she domiciled herself at
the residence of Jesse Smith, next door,
so as to be able to attend to the wants of
the family from the outside.
On Monday, however, Ruby also came
down with Jthe disease, necessitating the
quarantining of the Smith home, which
was promptly done.
Up to the present writing there is no
sign of any other case in Silver, every
sore throat being promptly examined and
vigorously treated as soon as reported.
It is strongly urged that every case of
sore throat be reported to the doctor the
instant it manifests itself.
On Sunday the school building was
very thoroughly disinfected. Yesterday
morning the school board met and de
cided that the safest course to pursue
would be to close the school for the
ent, and this was accordingly done.
The two patients, while suffering from
a severe form of the disease, are doing as
nicely as could be expected. They are
being treated with Diphtheria Antitoxin,
Dr. Schuyler having received from Boise,
through Mr. Getchell, an ample supply
of absolutely fresh antitoxin, both Parke
Davie' and Mulford's.
The little patients and their parents
have the sympathy of the community
and we trust will quickly recover.
The diagnosis in both cases has been
verified by bacteriological and microscop
ical examinations.
Bank Statement Looks Good
In another column will be found the
official report of the condition of the
Bruneau State Bank, issued compliant
to the call of the state bank examiner.
The figures look good and show a sur
plus fund of twelve thousaud dollars
and undivided profits of over five thous
and. In these days of high taxeB and
more or less financial stringency this is
a nice showing. That the bank is doing
its share to help its depositors along is
shown by the fact that it has loans and
discounts out amounting to approxi
mately $114,000. Compared with the
September call conditions show up
equally well. Deposits of all kinds ag
gregate $117,000 and in the period men
tioned the individual deposits have in
creased by $17,590.96. The undivided
profits show an increase of $1644.69 and
the totalings an increase of $2545.84.
Taken all in all the report is extremely
gratifying to the friends of the bank.
Miss Moreland of De Lamar is being
treated at St Lukes Hospital for throat
George H. Handy is around again after
his recent illness, which has confined him
to the house for nearly ten weeks.
Charley Simmons, formerly of Dewey,
has been made a school trustee at Enter
prise. He takes the place of O. T. Shirley,
who has moved from the district. Mr. I
Simmons now has charge of the Enter- I
prise hotel.
Bring in your laundry bundles. We
have arranged with a first-class Nampa
laundry. All work guaranteed. We 1
make shipments on Tuesdays, so have j
I your bundles in Mondays. j
New Officers For Oddfellows
Silver City Oddfellows have elected
the following board of officers to serve
in 1912:
N.'G.—J. E. Dickens.
V. G.— J. T. Ward.
Recording Secretary— R. H. Leonard.
Financial Secretary—Chas. Grete.
i '
Affairs At King Hill
The joint district at this place had a
• most pleasant and profitable meeting at
Thanksgiving. The district is partly in
Elmore and is under the joint control of
the two counties. A fine program was
provided, presided over by one of the
students. A school society was organ
ized. Subsequently an informal meeting
of the trustees and parents was held,
which was attended by both county
superintendents, and presided over by
Mies Brady. Short talks were made by
all the trustees, superintendents and
others. King Hill has a fine school
house of brick, two stories and contain
ing four fine class rooms.
A meeting was also held at Pasadena
the day previous to the King Hill meet
ing. Here they possess a nice new
schoolhouse and the trustees have up-to
date ideas upon school affairs.
Marcus White Married
Having sold his interests at Flint,
Marcus White has acquired him a house
and a wife and his many friends in
Silver unite in congratulations on a
happiness well deserved. He was mar
ried last week to Miss Lulu Miles of
Boise, the ceremony being performed at
the home of the bride's mother on North
Sixth Street.
The bride is also well known in Silver,
having spent two summers here between
school terms. She is a charming and
cultured lady and had charge of a class
at the Boise High School for several
The happy pair will begin housekeep
ing at the new bungalow recently pur
chased by Mr. White at 915 North
Twentieth Street
Pure Food At Sucker Precinct
Sucker precinct has been cleaned up
and sprayed. There are no more germs
deleterious to health left here. Sage
brush Ranch was fumigated and vacuum
cleaned, and our buttery quarantined.
It knocked the pink tea silly, if that
were possible. Anyway, it stopped the
pinking. Mam was that mad she could
n't cafeteria any more, and spoiled the
buffe cochen salad, scrambled the frozen
egg on the angelica cake, broke Mrs.
Rossette's branding iron, went blanc
mange and called Mr. Wallis a puree
Mormon Bishop, and your old friend
Parker a marischino souffle. I didn't
blame her ; and if she had broken the
branding iron over their copes it would
have suited me better. I tell you, Mr.
Editor, our government is getting too
paternal. After a while we won't have
any privileges that are not subject to
inspection and quarantine. What'll
our family life be then, I ask you?
Think of mercerized diapers on a sage
brush ranch ! Things have come to a
pretty pass when state hirelings can
come into your own home and find
amonia in the butter, hookworms in the
ham, germicides in the kitchen, para
sites in the chambers, microbes in the
cellar and bacteria in the well, and in
sist on fly paper in the buttery. It's
time for the suffragettes to rise up and
parade ; and yon can bet Sucker pre
cinct will back them up to a man. If
Mr. Wallis ever comes back here he'll
find vacuum cleaners that won't leave
any hair on his cylindrical pate, nor
wind in his electric lights.—Caldwell
According to the Leader, Tom Morgan,
a Silver City mining man, who has bean
visiting friends in Nampia, left last week
1 . _ .__
j lor eastern Oregon.
j Cigars and pipes at Getchells.
Birthday For Miss Fairer
Little Miss Edith Farrer, daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Farrer, was last
Thursday afternoon, December 7, given
a birthday party at her home in De
Lamar, in honor of her Bixtb birthday.
Some of the ladies were bidden ae well
as the children, the former brought
their fancy work, and the little ones
were amused with games. Dainty re
freshments were served.
Over the tea-cups and the knitting,
Kipling's "Female of the Species
ceived a generous share in the discus
Those invited were: Agnes Bowen,
Bernice Carlaw, Dellis Frye, Dorothy
and Mariorie Helm, Phyllis and Bertha
Orford, and Thomas Farrer, Jr.; also,
Mrs. J. E. McDonnell, Mrs. E. E. Bowen,
Mrs. E. V. Orford, Mrs. A. Sothern,
Mrs. J. Carlaw, Mrs. T. Frye, Mrs. Jennie
F. Avery, Mrs. W. W. Bradley, Mrs. O.
H. Shoemaker, Mrs. H. M. Monroe,
Miss Orford, Miss Sebern, Miss Mc
Donnell, and Miss Dorothy Orford.
Little Mi8B Edith received a number
of pretty presents.
Taught School In Silver
Graduating from the public schools of
Silver City into the glaring limelight of
nation-wide publicity, Francis J. Heney,
apostle of clean government and San
Franciscos terror to grafters, held a big
audience spellbound at the Pinney
Theatre in Boise last week while he
told them all about it.
Mr. Heney declared himself in favor
of the initiative and referendum and
against the accumulation of vast mil
lions which gave the favored few control
of the resources of the country. He
spoke of his work in Frisco and referred
to questions of conservation and the up
building of the Inland Empire.
He was for a couple of years principal
of the Schools at Silver City and John
F. Nugent imbibed from him some of
the sterling democracy and traits of
character that have made both
fanions- He is well remembered here
by dozens of biB old pupils still in Silver
That you should just see that "Old
Ivory" china at Getchells.
That we asked the Professor for an
essay on "Paradise Lost." And this
is what he wrote: "Adam blamed Eve;
Eve blamed the serpent ; and the serpent
hadn't a leg to stand on."
That dictaphones are to be put in all
the county offices having lady incumbents.
That the business end of these useful
little instruments are to be used in con
nection with an automatic phonograph
That we may tell why later on.
That you should order your candies
and nuts for Christmas at Getchells.
That Mr. Williams wants us to discon
tinue this column. In making the request
P: C. modestly states that the feature is
run for his benefit. Acknowledging that
the asseriton is a fact, we shall continue
the column and have charged him up
with the space used, as advertising, at
our regular rates of ten cents a line.
That Getchell has just what you Want
for Christmas.
That the following wire was received
by Asa Baldwin in Nampa on Wednes
day :
Silver City, Dec. 13, ELEVEN A. M.
"Merry Boos(t)ers at work.
Reverend obeying your orders,
home or he'll have you broke.— Teggun."
Claims Damages
Gilbert Donaldson vs. J. W. Jones
and D. A. Smith is the title of a suit
filed this week with the Clerk of the
District Court in Silver. Mr. Donaldson
claims $1195.60 from the defendants.
He states that he leased to them his
ranch property near Bruneau for
urage purposes, and that they used 75
tons of hay which he alleges was not in
the contract.

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