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Publishers and Proprietors.
Osa Yxab. ir paid is advahcx.
■ix Months. .
Turm Months.
■ inouï Copie» .
Advertising Rut«» made known on Applica
. 11.00
• NO
I Entered at the PustofHoe at Itathdrum.
Idaho, as second olass matter. I
FX3. 20, 1903
Nkx i Sunday is the 171st anni
versary of the birth of George
Washington, universally consider
ed the grandest and one of the
greatest characters in history.
When the present is ancient history
and the greatest person now living
is lost in absolute oblivion, the
name c f Washington will shine un
dimmed in the memory of man.
The time for the introduction of
new bills having expired Monday
4he legislature can now devote its
time to considering and passing or
rejecting the measures now before
it. If the power of money-and the
cupidity of man were less in sym
pathy and the old Lincolnian hon
esty and justice more in evidence
among the world's legislators, we
might look for more good from the
law makers, not only of Idaho but
of the entire union
County division hills are not rel
ished by the legislature at Boise,
hills for the creation of three new
-counties, one for a Roosevelt coun
ty to be taken from Kootenai, one
lor a Clearwater county from Nez
Perce and Shoshone, and one for
Anderson county from Bingham.
The two last were virtually killed
in the house Tuesday. The Clear
water bill was indefinitly postponed
by a vote of 16 for to 30 against the
measure, and the Anderson bill by
■a voté of 20 to 24. The Roosevelt
county bill is said to be still in the
committee to which it was referred.
There is no assurance that it has
any more likelihood of passing
than had the others. However
that may he the legislature will not
have done its whole duty to the
4ax payers until it has crushed the
Roosevelt county hill.
Commissions Proceedings.
(continued from lust week.)
Commissioners dist. no. 2.
Athol,-A. A. Sage, Henry Dyer, J.
McClellan, Henry Neal, Wm. Brack
«•ns. Hauser, -W. E. Libby. Coco
Ulla,-T P Craig, Albert McPbee.
•Granite, -N S Smith, Edward Bentley
A J Clark. Bellgrove,-Fred Johnaon,
J A Larsen. Lake View,-W H Lyon*
W II Brown, Hobt Remey. Post Falls
-S II Smith, Clark Bartlett, B M Ross
J II Kennedy. Rathdrum,-A W Post
John Lyons, Geo W Steele, Jas Cole
man, Chas Lewis, Thos Brupby, S F
Rhodes, RC Borthwlck, Edwin Young
E Satchwell, Henry Larte, John Rich
art, II W Andrus, A II Dugan. State
line,-August Oakland, Geo Tltu*.
.Seneaquoteen- August Fox, Frank
Horn. Newport,-Frank Howard. W
A White, Fred K Melder.
Commissioners dist. no. 3.
Bonners Ferry,-Louis Boyker, J W
Mart, Jus E iton, Luke Fitzpatrick,
L J Humer, F W McLaughlin, Auth
or Moore, G W Dawson, C L Collins.
Boulder,-Jos Quigley. Bi>undary,~C
D Black, Z Montgomery, C S Smith,
•Gen Ross. Blucklall,-James Evans.
■Clarkes Fork,-J G Nagle, Mead Vau
ghn, O Grimes, M P Whitcomb. El
mira,-Fred Ray, D S McKinzIe, W L
Campbell. llope,-W F Sharat, EA
Crandall, L II Jeannott, Ell Ashley.
II P Manning, Robt Murry, Argble O'
Donnell, A D Eiton, Sam Gwens.
Kootenai, -W R Fowle, J A Carnegie.
LaClede,-Andrus Christensen, Henry
Graves, John lllley. Naples,-Spencei
Lewis, J W Stone. Noith*ide,~ A G
Ö Slocum. Priest River,-J C Ftn
stad, Frank A Stewart, Henry Kiser,
Chas Jackson, 51 P Jones, 51 P New
comb. Priest Lake.-Thos Benton.
A'alley,-G E Andrews, Dan Clus-holnt.
Bandpoint,-Oscar Travis, E J Smith.
1 W Lowery, Tournas Martin, P II
Moran, Thos Murpby, Geo Cull, Har
ry Baldwin, A U Sweet. Wr^ncoe,
Jas Campbell, Wm Shear.
report oa pateo
SWIFTACO ttvyw,.
Ogfi. V.S. Pitsntonce, «»»Wntjtos. 0. t
'ill. n poll ol W ». Turner, u Verse«. r
»I road district No. 1, wai approred.
The petition of Jake Wicks, et al, for
I public highway from Left's Bay,
through the land of Junal Miller, to
the Stlnaon Post Office, - was granted.
A petition for re-establishing a cer
tain portion of the Port Falls and
Coeur d'Alene road commencing near
the SW corner of the NW } of Sec 0
Twp 50 N range 4 WBM on Che south
side of the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene
Ry., thence running In an easterly di
rection and parallel with said railway,
fur a distance of about 2} miles to a
point where same will Intersect with
the old Mullan road, was approved.
The petition of Henry Glasspolle el
al for the laying of a public road to
connect the Post Falls and Coeur d'
Alene road with the Jellum road, us
follows: Commencing at a point on
thu Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene road
where the said road crosses the north
und south line between Sections 8 and
9 in Twp 60 N range 4 WBM, thence
running In a southerly direction across
the Spokane nrer and us near as pos
sible to the suld section line to Inter
sect with the Jellum road at or near
the SW corner of said section 0, was
The petition of C E Leiburg, et al,
for an extension of the Bronson road
as follows: Commencing at a point
known as the terminal point of the
Bronson road, running thence along
the section line between Sections 17
and 18 In Twp 53 N range 2 WBM un
til same reaches the road running cast
towards the Pend O'Uellle, there ter
minating, was approved.
The petition of Edward F Lund ct
al for a new school (No 81) embracing
all of Twp 45 N r 1 W and sections 13
14, 23, 24, 25, 26, 35 and 36 in Twp45
N r 2 W, was, on recommendation ol
Supt. Van Duzer, approved.
The report of the treasurer and aud
itor for the last quarter of the year
1902 was approved.
The petition of Thos C Newington,
et al, for the formation of School Dis.
No. 82, was approved on reccommend
atlon of Supt. VanDuzer." The new
school dist'lct includes all of Sections
10 aud 31 In Twp 57 N. range! W.,
and all of Sections 6, 7, 8, 17, 20, 29
ind 32 In Twp 56 N range 1 WBM,
and bordera on Pend O'Rellle lake.
Tbe largest sum ever paid for a pre
scrlptlon, changed hands In San Fian
j and the clinical reportsof the test cas j
| es were published and will be m illed I
I free on application, Address John J. j
Fjlton Comfant, 420 Montgomery '
i St. San Francisco, Çaî. |
The petition of J. J. Shield«, et al.
for the formation of School Dint. 84,
in or neur Twp55 N range 3 WBM,
was approved.
The petition of John Chance, et al,
for School Dist. No. 83, in Twp 55 N
range3 WBM, adjacent to the Wash
ington state line, was approved.
A change was made In ibe boundar
ies of School districts 30 and 76 In Tp
(9 N range 1 W, on petition of Aug.
tluelslep, etal.
Boaid adjourned until Jan. 27th.
Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1903.—In the
matter of letting the contract for the
keeper of the county hospital, the fol
lowing bids were found:
Mrs, Geo. Poler, team and two cows,
furnished, $375 per annum.
E. E. Tavlor, team furnished, $600.
W. W. Baldwin, team and two cowr
furnished, $699.
Mrs. S. L. F jote,
Louis and Rosa Balkow,
Thereupon the matter of letting th«
contract was taken under advisement
by the board.
The following bills were allowed:
Sparks Bros, boat hire for sheriff $ 5
V A Davis, boat purchased,
In the matter of letting the con
tiact for keeper of the county hospit
al, the board, after having fully con
sidered the bids submitted and being
fully advised in tbe premises ordered
that the bid of E. E. Taylor for on,
year for $600 be and tbe same is hereby
accepted, and the said K E. Taylor Is
hereby required to execute to th«
county a good and sufficient bond foi
(he faithful perferurance or bis duties
is such keeper.
The following bills were rejected as
not legal charges against the county.
1 S Horning, digging up remains or a
G E Barker, expenses as coroner 47
Hills were allowed in the sum of
8450.20. The Saloon license bond of
\V C llendershot of Santa fnr the year
beginning February 1st, 1903, was
■ffsco, Aug. 30, 1901. The transfer In
volved in coin and stock $112,500.00
ind wa» paid by a party of business
men for a specific for Bright's Disease
and Diabetes, hitherto Incurable dls
They commenced the serious Inves
tlKUtiun of tbe spécifie Nov, 15, 1900.
They interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on Its merits by put
ling over three dozen cases on the
treatment and watching them. They
also got physicians to name chronic,
incurable cases, and administered It
with the physicians for judges. Up
to Aug. 25, elghtj'-seven per cent of
the test cases were either well or pro.
gressing favorably.
There being hat thirteen per cent of
failures, the parties were satisfied and
closed the transaction. The proceed
ings of the Investigating committee
Washington Letter.
From Our Regular Correspondent.
Washington, Feb. 12, 1903.
The sensation of the past week in
Washington has been the attempt of
the Standard Oil Co., to obstruct the
anti-trust program agreed upon by
the Senate and approved by the Presi
dent. The Elkins bill, apparently,
did not Incite opposition on the part
of the trusts but the Nelson Amend
ment which was not-directly Intro
duced In either house of Congress but
was added to the Departmentof Com
merce bill by the conferees, and which
provides for a Commissioner of Cor
porations and gives him power to
gather and compile trust statistics
became known just before Its adop
tion and Immediately caused appre
hension ou the part of the Standard
Oil Company. Mr. Rockefeller, his
son and other officers of the company
immadiately telegraphed to those sen
ator! whom they knew urging them
them not to permit the adoption of
the Nelson amendment but to substi
tute therefor an amendment which
had been prepared by their attorneys
and which was urged upon the cou
ferrees by a prominent member of tbe
Learning of the efforts of the great
oil trust to defeat his anti-trust pol
icy, President Roosevelt sent for cer
tain newspapermen and related to
them the action which had been tak
en by Mr. Rockefeller and his associ
ates. Tbe prompt publication of tbe
Tacts undoubtedly defeated the efforts
of the Standard Oil magnate, foi
both the House and Senate have adop
ted the department of Commerce bill
with the Nelson amendment includ
ed therein. The real friends of the
President in Congress admit that
there will be a decided eftort on th>
part of the great trusts to prevent his
nomination, and, if nominated, hie
election, and they approve of the bold
-itand be has taken. They say that
it now remain* for the people to dem
mstrate If they will earnestly sup
port a President who has defied the
treat corporate Interests of the conn
:ry and has stood for tbe Interests ol
the people against the encroachment,
md greed of capital. That the dem
•crate appreciate tbe strength of Mr
Roosevelt's position is demonstrate«)
•»y their efforts to turn to ridicule th<
President's efforts to acquaint lh<
people With the actual racts. Sonn
imminent members of tbe President'.
>wn party are highly indignant at tl e
;ourse he has pursued and say tbit
-uch antagonism as was displayed
should be fought in secret.
With the hope of conciliating th«
Statehood republicans and their dem
•cratlc allies the republican leader.
■lave caused to be framed a com pro
ulse Statehood bill which provider
or the admission of Oklahoma as on«
-late and provides that Indian Terri
tory shall he added thereto when th«
Dawes Commission shall havo com
pleted Its labors, allotlog severalty thi
ands of the territory. It further pro
vides for tbe admission of New Mexl
m and Arizona as one state and stlpu
lates that for a period of ten years th.
capital shall remain at Sante Fe, af
.er which lime Its location Is to b«
leterralned by popular vote. If Sena
tor Quay can succeed in whipping bl
leuiocratlc allies Into line this rneas
ire will be Introduced as a substitut«
for the committee bill which, it will
oe remembered, was withdrawn foi
jorfrctlon soon after the contest be
gun. At the present time however,
there seems to be little prospect of se
curing reasonable action from tb«
democrats. They believe that all of
the territory which usplres to State
hood will be democratic In politics
and they are now disposed to hold oui
for four stated Instead of two with
he vuln hope that the time will come
■vhen they will contsol Congress and
can thus add eight senators to their
ranks In (he upper chamber.
The gravest Injustice to the Fili
pinos Is about to be perpetrated by
the democraU In tbe Senate. Accord
ing to their present program they wili
talk to death the Phlliplne currency
bill which is so essential to the pros
perity of the Islands. This measure
is favored by all the republicans !i
both bouses and by a number of the
democrats but a small coterie, head
ed by Senator Teller, believe they see
In It a Dual blow to their goddess,
Silver, and have announced that they
will be compelled to debate the meas
ure which will mean, in view of the
congested condition of affairs in tbe
Senate, the inevitable postponement
of the bill to another session. Tbe
condition of affairs In the Philippines
as a result of the present lack of u
detlnlte standard for silver was graph
ically portrayed by a cablegram to the
Senate recently received from Gov.
Taft who says that the constant 8uc
tuatlon of the silver curreny Is creat
ing the greatest menace to tbe finan
cial prosperity of the Islands. It is
also worthy of note that so excellent
ara the p r ovisions of tbe Lodge cur
rency bill that they have attracted
the admiration and emulation of
China arid Mexico, which c-untries
j have appealed to the U. S. to assist
I la Influnclng all the alive using
j countries of the world to adopt the !
' same systim. Senator Lodge Is deep- !
| !y cut up at the position of the silver,
* «►
pave you /Me
}t [s pipe.
Send me your address today—a pos
tal card will do—and I will mail
this wonderful story. If you have
any friends suffering with Rheuma
lism no matter where located, send
! me their address, and 1 will mall
! them a copy. Mv address is VICTOR
RAIN BOLT, Bloomfield Ind
und fusionist democrats and tells
your correspondent that he believes
they will be perpetrating "an outrage
on tbe Filipinos by filibustering on
this bill".
The House of Representatives has
passed tha Littlefield anti-trust bill,
that being the most important legis
lation the House considered during
the past week and the bill now re
poses In the Senate Judiciary com
mittee front which there is little like
lihood of its being reported. Senator
Hoar, chairman of the committee. Is
of tbe opinion that the bill he intro
luced during the holiday recess Is
much more effective aud would pro
oably report that if tbnre was any
posdbility of further anti-trust legis
atlon being considered by tbe Senate.
There is no possibility that any trust
oil), beyond those already enacted,
will be passed this session. This is
rendered true by reason of the State
iood blockade which the democrats
tow threaten to prolong. Earlier in
be session, say the Senate leaders,
be Senate would have been glad to
tonsider the Littlefield or the Hoar
•111 but at this late date such tonsid
•ratlon is out of the question.
The first of the Important treaties
«•fore the Senate was ratified yester
lav, practically without opposition,
■nly Senators Mason and Teller Inter
luslug objections. The President
■vill now appoint three eminent jur
ats on tne part of tbe U. S. and they
vill meet the three jurists to be ap
>0 In ted by Great Britain, in London,
is soon as is practicable. The reci
procity treaty with Greece came very
«ear passing yesterday but went over
>n an objestion made by Senator
iloar. Today the Senate will go in
o executive session as soon as the
outlne business of the morning Is
'ompleted, for the consideration of
he Colombian trsaty.
8®"For up-to-date Job and
Commercial Printing at reason
able prices call upon or address
the Silver Blade.
The A. H. T. A. No. 50, will give a reward of
A0 to any person or persons for the arrest
ind conviction of any person or persons
dealing, driving away, shooting, poisoning,
ir killing any live stock of any members of
be association. jun27tf
Cured at last
Good News For All Who Suffer
With Rheumatism Free.
To all who suffer with Rheumatism
t will gladlj' send free tbe wonderful
<tory of how my mother was cured af
:er years of Buffering, together with
the most elaborate treatise on Rheu
matism ever published.
No matter what your form of Rheu
matism Is, whether acute, chronic,
muscular, Inflammatory, déformant,
•clatie, neuralgia, gout, lumbago, etc
—no matter how many doctors have
failed in your case—no matter how
many socalled "sure cures
cried—I want you to write to me and
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1 am neither a Ductor nor a Profes
sor—simply a plain man of business—
but I have a CURE for Rheumatism,
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to be clearly understood, and trust
that all who are suffering with this
terrible disease, however apparently
peyond the reach of cure, will write
to me this day and I will send you by
return mail this work of mine. I ap
peal especially to the "chronically ill"
who are wearied and discouraged with
"doctoring" and to those who have
been cast aside as "incurable,
you have thought about Rheumatism
may he wrong. Let me tell
experience. Surely, If you have Rheu
matism, or have a suffering friend, It
will pay you to Investigate my offer,
anyway, and prove for yourself these
claims I make.
you have
you our
Notice Is hereby given that on
Thursday, Feb. 26, 1903, a teachers'
examination will be conducted at tbe
Court House in Rathdrum. Idaho, be
ginning promptly at the hour of nine
o'clock a. m.
Questions In school-law will be
based on the subject matter found, in
chapter XXXI, and in State consti
tution, article XVIII.
Applicants are requested to he pre
sent, if possible, a few minutes before
the hour of beginning.
R. C. Egbkrs, Sup't.
Rathdrum, Idaho.
mun or lady In each county to manage busi
ness for an old established house of solid fi
t.anclal standing. A straight, boni fide sal
ary of $18.00 paid by check each Wednesday
with all expenses direct from headquarters.
Money advanced for expouaea. Manager, 340
Caxton Bldg,, Chicago.
■Dealer In
19-Fine Watch Repairing a specialty
* Rathdrum, Idaho. *
Notice fs hereby given that I took up the
following described animal: Same can now
be found at the Clagstone Ranch near Athol.
Kootenai county, Idaho.
One roan horse having two white feet,
branded V on right Hank. Which! about 1050
ibs. Taken Up Geo. Cook.
Foreman ClagStone ranch.
Dated this 34th day of Jan. 1903 at Athol Ida
Department of the Interior.
Luna Office al Coeur d'Alone Idaho.
Feb 18. 1902. ,
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has Hid notice of his Intention
to make final proof In support of his claim,
nnd that said Jproof will lie made before the
Rogtster and Receiver at Coeur d'Alene, Ida
ho, on April 4. 1908, viz;
James McDonald.
Hd. 1040. for the nw> 4 , sec 32.tp63, n.rlwbm.
He names tbe following witnesses to prove
his continuons residence upon and cultiva
tion ofsuld land viz: Normun McKinnon,
Zacharlah McClelnnd. Frank Grater and Ar
thur H. Graham, all of xthol. Idaho.
rjOtuST D. IL BUDLONG. Register.
Remember the Blade
when in need of letterheads, envel
opes, cards, etc. etc.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Cfilce,
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. January 15, 1903.
Nottee Is lioreby given that In compllanee
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June A 1878. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands In the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory,'' as
extended to all the Fubllu Land States by
act of August!. 1892. MAUDE A. EARLEY of
St. Joe. county of Kootenai, state of I At ho.
_... Bled |n this office her sworn
Np. 1RM. for the purchase of the
bas this da
statement _
neH of see No. 26 Tp 62 N. Range No. 3"w'"B
M, and will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timber
stone than for agricultural pur
Register and Receiver of tbls office
d'Alene. Idaho, on Thursday, the
of April, 1903,
He names as witnesses: Margaret G. Pierce
of 8t. Joe, Idaho: Lodolnhus Smith, John
Cummlng, and Y.Tlllaiu H. Gumming, all
Spokane, wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
Uielr claims In this office on or before said
" ' ' . D. H. BUDLoNG.
n tor agricultural purposes, and to
his claim to said land before the
ut Coeur
2nd day
Cummtng, all of
2nd day of April 1903,
State of Idaho.
County of Kootenai.
By virtu re of an Execution Issued out of
the District Courtof said Kootenai County,on
the 29th day of January 1908 by the Clerk
thereof, in the cose of C. N. Cramer, trading
sn C. N. Cramer and Company, plaintiff vers
us Thomus Laffln, defendant. No. 1134 and to
me. on Sheriff, of said county directed and
dellvored, I will proceed to sell for tub
money at the hour of one o'clock, p. ni„ on
the 21st day of February A. D., 1903, at the
west door or main entrance of the Court
House of suld County, at Rathdrum. In
Kootenai County. State of Idaho, the follow
tngrtescrllied property, to-wlt:
The north half of the southeast quarter
(1-41. the southeast quarter (1-4) of the south
east quarter (1-4) and lot six (0) of section sev
on <T> of township fifty-four (.74) north. In
range five (A), west of Boise Meridian being
In said Kootenai County. Btate of idano. and
being and comprising one hundred fifty three
and 70-100 (153.70) acres of land, more or less. 1
pursuant to suld execution; by me as said I
Sheriff levied on as the property of said i
Thomas Laffln. to satisfy a judgment'
amounting to #4<E.I» with seven per cent ln- !
terest thereon, from April 1st 1902 in furor of
A*Coaka lnst'sa kl^Tho!'i* a affiné rende rvd !
ïîd Stt a^ruTnK c5s B t aldaCll0n,lDdc0s,80f j
G1 venu „der my hand, this *9th dsy of Jan- '
uarv 1903. K. L. WHiTNEY. I
^BfjEOWxN DOU8X, Deputy.
S F==
Homefinders' Real Estate and Insuran
B. F. BOURN, General Manager
Rathdrum, Idaho
Fsrm* Listed sad gold-life and Fire Insurance 8oUcited-aiid-Mtniiif
Stock for Solo»
Stuck Farms. Hay Fsrm«. Tralrle Land and Homestemd Rellngulshmentt-..
A large list of the best In tbe country, for the purchase of which, a large
numlHT of parties arc now corresponding with the company—parties who
arc coming to look over the country, the coming Spring with a view to set*
tlclng permanently. Considering this, the Company Is anxious to list
more luud. so us to supply the demand. We will sell your properly for B
yoo.at good prices and y*t dispose of It at prices which are Bargains com- B ;
pared with eastern real estate values ♦ • ♦ jll
Life Knsura nce:---i uni agent for the Eoultublo Life Assurance Association, |||
which Is the lies» of «ho old lino companies.
Accident Insurance:- I am agent for the Trave urs' Aceidont company, well
known to be reliable.


usent for tlio Ifam'mri. Bremon unO Gorman-American
Fire Iiwunuice:—I
Fire insurance Compuuics.
Minins stock —■ also handle Mining Stock where It. Is no take proposlt ton.
gy Call on me. All business promptly atto: dod to.
B. F. BOURN, Rathdrum, Idaho.

is what we give those who trade with
a full line of Fancy and Staple Groceries, Hardware, Hay
and Feed. Bakery and Confectionery, Stationery
-Tobacco's and Cigars.
x. .ia i «iM..w.g« flngr-*' 1 —•*
Chas. L. Heilman,
Attorney at Law,
F. WENZ, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,

• ••
In all 1U latest branches by
The Blade for
Job Printing.
Alias Summons.
In the district Court of the First Judicial
Dlmrlct of the State of Idaho, in and for
Ivootenui county.
Louis W. Ely. Plaintiff,
Carrie L. Ely, Defendant.
danT.° 8* Ely, the above named defon
You are hereby notltted that there is now
on Hie In the oflice of the clerk of tho District
courtof the First judicial district of said
state In Rathdrum. county of Kootenai, the
complaint of the above named plaintiff,
wherein judgment is sought to be obtained
dlsmdve the bond of matrimony between
5!™plaintiff, upon the ground that you
JJS Wilfully and without cause. In the year
f 1 *®- desert and abandon plaintiff and that
ou still so eoutlnue to desert and abandon
lalntlff without cause; and that the custody
Fla'nUf"f n0r Ch ld ' " ur * ttret hu »»»«led
And you are also notified that unless vou
appear and answer said complaint within
ten days after the service hereof, if served,
within Kootenai county and within twenty
days If served out of said county, but with
in said judicial district, and within forty
«, n î?.„*S r,ed . OUt , of s " ld district, exclusive
of the day of service, the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief demanded In said
Given under my hand ami the seal
■ 1*. C ourt of the First
Judicial District of the 8tate of
Idaho, in and for the oountv of
ruary, A. ft"' ' h ' S " th dtty 0f * Vb '
T. L. QUARLES, Clerk.
Department of the Interior
United States Land Office.
Coear d'Alene, Idaho. February 2, lots
e,^ U „ ff . l £! ent . e ,° ,,, f t "fldavit having been
8 office by CHARLES R. BAILEY
of Rathdrum, Idaho, contestant, against lid
sLr y s?' US* Sv""* J S ly 10 ,m 'or neM
ij urelj Tp 52 .. n - Range 5 w b m by Hen
£ 0 VJ5* 8tee J n whlcl ' R I»
legea that said fceldtuan has never made
any Improveinentaon said land, and has en
abandoned the same for more than six
months since making said entry and next,
prior to the date herein t hat "aft êntrymân
nas left the state of Idaho and at the present
tim« lives In Belt. Montana, and that Sid
alleged absence from said land was not due
loyme:nt In the Army, Navy or
thê war wïth qL'.n® l L nlt P d 8tate * during
tne war with Spain or during any other wir
'"„which the United States may be engngSd
mirfne* 1 * » af offlcer - seaman or
tom-h*ng l »aiij PC |'} r ' r, »P u "d S »nn offer evider^
< Keglster* ,
Ooeur'd AJene/ Idi'h"" Stat * 8 L8 " d ° fflce
The said contestant, having, la a proa
Ihi d î' V i t ' B1 ?2 N°»«n>berlO '«B- »et forth fact
whleh show that after due dlllgeace pe
°L ,h '» n °«'ce can.ot £e made. It Is
hereby ordered and directed that such notice
he glveu by due and
ft in 13
xr/-\-r*,.,n _
, D*P^tment of the Interior.
Laud Office at Coeur d'Alene. Idaho,
Feb. 0, 1902.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler bos Hied notice of her Ri tent?on
*° S'?,* 0 " n »J proof In support of her claim
!* nd proof -.vill be made before Reg
1 lî ter Receiver at Coeur d'Aleue
I March 16, 1903, vlx:
i ...
! Hd - 138L tor the sw!4. sec. 28, tp. 61 n r 3 w b
"• p 0
! prove hSr'^ntlnuous^rVî® wl,nesse>
j cultlv.rion ^wld ?and." a: Up ° U " nd
' 't Rxbefs- .George Clark, both of
I H h (ï«l u d „'î« < m, U ,'i d -J' D h " Callahan. William
I It. Cielund, both of Rathdrum, Idaho.
D. II. BUDLONG, Register.
na proper publication.
Wc promptly obtain U. 8. and Foreign
dead model, sketch or pl.oto U invention for
free report on patentability, for free book
How to secure
Potent« and
Opposite Ü. S. Patent Of
Attorney at Law,
Notice for Publication.
United Slates Land Olfle-e, Coeur d'Aleas.
Idaho, January 26, 1903.
Notice kt hereby given that In compliant*
with the provisions of tbe act vi Congress of
June 3, lHTS, entitled-*An act for the sale of
timber lands in the States-of California. Ore
gon. Nevada and Washington Territory,'* a&
extended In all the Public Laud States
act of August 4. 1803. GEORGE ..
COOK, of Athol, county of Kootenai.state of
Idaho. Uus this day Hied In this offic« Ida
sworn statemeot No list for the purchase of
*h*N4, of SW*. 3Wl-48Wl-4of SEl-4 8W1-4 *
of Section No. 30, Tp. 94 n, rango 3 W b m.
and will offer proof
that tbe land sought la more valuable for its
timber or stoue than for agricultural pur
poses, aud to establish her claim to suld land
before the Register and Receiver of this
l'5 '.'ÎA. t 5 aeu S d'Alene. Idaho on Saturday,
the llth day of April I9K1.
Henames as witnesses: Harvey Philips,
and Charley Merritt both of Athol, Idaho,
and Anlee J. Clark of Graulte. Idaho.
Auyund all persons claiming adversely
the above-described lauds are requested to
Hie their claims In this office on or before
said l«th day of April, 1903.
J30 up3-CU
D. H. BUDLONG. Register.
UwiTEp States Land Omcx,
Coeur d Alette, Idaho..Jan, IB, 1902.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
»Ith the previsions of the act of Congress of
e . nlltled " A, i act for the sale of
tL Ul "? ! "b: the State of California, Ore
gon, Nevada and Washington Territory."
extended to all the Public Land Stareshy
ofAugust4.1892 EL^A M. EARLEY, of St.
thu ÄL" K . c l 0 , ten ä!- stllto uf Idaho, has
meni' ^n na- f" ".'i 8 ° mcc , lier »worn state
m in Y t lt ' purchase of the E 1 /,.
'b, ^rn E >> S 'r 4 ""O NWu SF,'4 of sec. No.
c Î 1 . 0 ' r »nge No. :t w b m.and will
?lSw« , (n S,0 .' v 'h at I he land sought tsniore
airi f mnf.iir,.! Us ,lmber <»' »tone than for
cKi.n i.Vi .ui R ur H , »es. and to establish his
oiaim to bald laud before tho Register und
Receiver of this office at Coeur 'cl A lene Id
on Thursday. the 2nd day of Aprlh'im
He names as witnesses:
lDhos 1 Sm!t*h G t5j err i? st - Joe, Idaho; Lodo
ipnuti smith. Jo m K. Cummin^ and William
H. Cummlng, all of Sjmkane, Wash. " m,um
above dolrutng adversely the
thSr ■li m 1 m li 1 : " d ™ B,e rB< lnested to file
j«tir tmims in thiR office on or befom Kuirl
2nd day of April, taon. ueiore suia
D. H. BuBLOxa, Register
uet -
J16 m20
—Notice foy Publication —
United states Land Oflice.
Cocurd Alene, Idaho, January l.s. 1902.
wte^vÄ? i? Clr"
S SH e {uthe d St»t"s n of t Cuilfornhfore
SÎ s, U V ,!,t 4 ' 1892 ' MARGARET G. PIERCE.
has t'lds °! Iv "?. te,1H i; state of Idaho
iiHs tiiiH day tiled In this office hep sworn
•vnSfl®°' } :67 v. for 1110 purchase of the
No T 8ec -i lo 1 No - 241 n,/i ,,w * of section
N0 ' « i" JP' Y°' & 1J 1, r »»«te 3 w b m. and will
proof to showthat the! and sought is mom
valuable for Its tlmbcror stone thsn for airi
5 ul, . u t ra> purposes, and to establish bis claim
tosh d land before Ibe Register and Receiver
of this Office ut Coeur d'Alene. Idaho, on
Thursday tho 2 nd day of April. 1903.
He names as witnesses: -Maud A. Eailev
? n 3 K 11 , 1 " M. Earley, hoi h of St. Joe. Idaho
Lodnlphus Smith and William H. Cummings
both of Spokane, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are i ouest cd to file
thetr claims In this office on or before said
2nd day of April. 1903. I). H. BUDLONG
Jllim20 Register.
The BLADE for $1.00.
Notice of Application for Authority
to Appoint Deputies.
Notice is hereby given that during the first
regular meeting of the Board ofCommlLlon
fnai f0r Ti°i ,teni ii to . unt Jj- Idaho, for tbe year
1 undersigned, the duly elected
?" al '. fled and acting sheriff for sal/Kootenai
County, will apply to said Board of Conimls
»UinerB for authority empowering him to ap
point a senior deputy shefiff, a lunlm- demo v
she,-ill who s h a 11 a 1 *j tie jaïl o», a n d sucS
other deputy .sherifTS as thebuslness of hU
""WMtÂrofjïnùâr^rïïoS 1 ,>mCe
* m ... E. L. WHITNEY.
Sheriff for Kootenai County, Idaho,
flil). 16, M '

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