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Mail Orders
From This
Do Tour
mthe war is overh
But by No Means Are We On the Royal Road to Riches
Do not think that becau se the ivar is over prices on merchandise will get cheaper, at least for a long time to come. Devastat
ed Europe must be fed arvd clothed; the textile industries of France, Belgium and the Central Em pires are well shot to pieces.
Europe must buy goods at once in this country. 2 here is a tumendius dtmand for goods of every kind and. the scarcity will,
of course, hold the price rep for u long time to come. We want to assure our friends and customers that we shall follow the mar
kets very closely, conservatism will govern cur luying-we shall keep cur sleeks wellundti control and will always sell our
goods as close as they can be sold. Our prices will always be right.
That New Plush Coat
JUST IN—This Means Music For Christmas
In these time» we are all thinking' pretty seriously
about the wearing qualities of our purchases. A second
year in one of our Plush Coats will afford you just as
much comfort as the first.
Merriment, Melody, Mirth—the three Spirits of Christmas
and the greatest of these is Melody! All the stars must
have sung for joy on that first Christmas night and ever
since music has been a keynote of our Christmas festivals.
And the Graforiola brings us all the music of Christmas.
Christmas Carols, to start the day; Trinity Church
Chimes the real Christmas atmosphere; marches, games
and stories for the children, humor for father, opera for
mother, ballads for the old folks and instrumental music
for all; the gay, joli}', stirring glad music which will
make Christmas a real home day and keep a bit of the
Christmas spirit in the home all year.
Make Your Selections Early—Records as Well As
Phonographs Are Very Hard To Get—May He
Show You Your New Phonograph For Christmas
are handsome—individual in appearance and clever in
They are man tailored—absolutely correct in cut and
design. They are brimful of style, with the little touches
which give each individuality.
And the service they give! They wear— and that is
the big test of your coat. Not alone how handsome—
but how serviceable.
On this basis we ask your
our coat values,
earnest consideration of
You'll enjoy looking thru the assort
New Woolen Goods
Table Linens for Thanksgiving
Last week we received a shipment of about 25 pieces
of wool Serges, Poplins, Epingle, etc., which were bought
about eighteen months ago, when prices were much lower
than they are today. They represent all grades from the
cheaper to the better, and every piece comes in black and
midnight blue. Heavy mannish serges in blue and black,
fine twilled Gaberdine, heavy twilled Epingle, etc. These
are 36, 42 and 48 inches wide.
The best values we ever offered at $1.25t $2.50
Buy your linens for Thanksgiving this week. Our
stocks are as complete as before the war—showing the
pure Irish Linen. True in most cases the price is higher
but we are fortunate in having them at any price.
J 2 In. Damask $3.00
Linen Damask, $2.50
and $8.
A lovely pattern, the ever
popular poppies, a genuine
pure Irish linen, 72 inches
22 inch Napkins to match,
Per dozen_ $6.00
72 inch pure Irish linen
damask in tulip design,worth
% 3.50 Wool Taffeta $, 2 .çg
$3. Wool Gabardine $2.50
$ 2.50
Only two pieces of this
new all-wool Gaberdine,
very fine twilled grade and
heavy weight, 46 inches
wide. Dark navy and
African brown. Sells regu
larly at $3.00.
On Sale at
One piece only of this very
beautiful all wool Taffeta,
56 inches wide in dark navy
This is one of the finest
woolens we have and is
really worth #1 more.
Nothing better for a fine
one-piece dress. Sells regu
lar!,, at $3.50.
On sale at
22 inch Napkins to match,
Per dozen_ $ 5.00
$ 2.50
72 In. Damask , $3.95
72 In. Damask , $2.75
One of our finest pure Irish
linens in a conventional and
striped design. In the cities
this would cost you $5 or $6
a yard.
NEW Silk Underwear
Full 72 inch pure linen
Damask, in a dainty ]illy
Per yard
Best Grade Outings 2 çc
Makes Apprnpriate Gifts
Again we offer you our'
very best grade of outing
flannels, light and dark
colors, also white, worth
45c a yard.
On sale all this week at 29c
$ 2.75
You should select these
now while assortments are
at their best.
Dainty new
Gowns and Vests, in crene
de chine wash satin, etc.
Priced at
Priced at_ $ 3.95
22 inch Napkins to match,
22 inch Napkins to match,
Per dozen_ $5.50
Per doz. $6.50
New Ribbons For Cam isoles
Beautiful new all silk rit>l>or>
74 Inches wide in un t-xtr;»
heavy wash satlu, especially for
camisoles, white aud flesh.
Per yard
Pure Linen Damasks
All full 72 inches wide, genuine Pure Irish Linens, in
assorted patterns and plain. Special values at
$2.00, $2.50 and up to $3.95
$1.25 up to $6.00
$ 1.00
Increase Sugar Allowance.
During the mouth of December,
commencing December 1, sugar may
besold for household purposes In
Idaho on the basis of four pounds per
capita, and effective December 1
public eating places will be alloted
sugar for that month on the basis of
four pounds for every 90 meals served.
This announcement was made Satur
day at the office of Food Administra
tor Ricknell.
Norway lost during the war 831
v •ssels, aggregating close to one and
a Quarter million tons, according to
official statistics. In addition, 33
vessels of approximately 69,000 tons
were damaged by German submarines.
Oue thousand une hundred and
1 W.-Oty lives weie lost in itiese
Smut In Wheat.
Smut conditions are worse in north
ern parts of Idaho than in any state
in the northwest, according to George
L Zundel of the government depart
ment of agriculture, who is in Boise
in conference with L. W. Fluharty,
director of the university exttntion
department, with reference to smut
Mr. Zundel says that, the conditions
are baffling, since It is chiefly ihm
s »il Infection. In most placts smut
conditions are prevented through a
treatment of formaldehyde or blue
stone, but where the soil is infected
no remedy has yet been found, al
though many experiments are being 1
tried. The infection Is brought by
ihe wind. Mr. Zundel thinks.
In one ranch in Lewis county he
found 97 percent of the wheat in
fected with smut, and he thinks that
Nez Perce and Grangeville sections
will run from 10 to 15 per cent.
He and Mr. Fluharty have plans
for combating the
infection, hut
these are not yet ready to be given
bût, Mr. Zundel said.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a local disease, greatly in
fluenced by constitutional conditions, and
in order to cure it you must take an
internal remedy Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine is taken internally and acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
system. Hall's Catarrh Medicine was
prescribed by one of the best physicians
in this country for years. It is com
posed of some of the best tonics known,
combined with some of the best blood
purifiers. The perfect combination of
the ingredients In Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine is what produces such wonderful
results in catarrhal conditions. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY ft CO.. Props., Toledo. O.
AH Druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family
Pills for constipation.
When we sent our husky fighting
men across the briny sea
them forth to stick it out until the
world was free; We squirted serums
into them and we loaned them
we sent
guns, then they hiked away to hunt
Old Bill and kill off all his
They didn't* stop to chew the
they didn't even
pause until they
caught Ihe Vandal Beast and clipped
off all his claws.
We told our Boys
we'd back them up and
forget our snortin' tootin' soldier
beyoDd the ocean wet: we told them
we would stay at home and each
would do his bit and while they
needed grub or guns not
would quit; we told them we would
furnish them whatever they should
need and never would our patriotism
dry up and go to seed;we told them we
would gladly buy all the War Stamps
never would
one of us
Une would »eil
while th«-y
rounding Helnles up and herding
them to hell — Oh, we promised all
we would do
our part, we hoped to die and swore
au oath and bravely crossed
our soldier lads that,
heart! Then the Yankees sailed
and landed soon in France and
began to hear that they
making Hirulv dance. It filled
souls with joyous mirth and made
shout with Klee—the way
thi y
brouKht the brutes to earth and set
poor Belyi um free. We clapped
hands and pawed the air and made
a lot of noise; we told the world;
"Just watch 'em ko! By ding them'
Yankee Boys!
You bet we crowed
and crowed a lot because our lads
were true and did tbe job up slick
and clean the way they said they'd
do—hut how about us folks at home?
Aio't there somethin« we've forgotten
—don't you think our record on W
Stamps, to say the least, is rotte 0 ?
It is up to us to buy those Stamps
and buy them mighty quick and Rhow
our boys that just like them us folks
at home will siick!
a r
—Earl Wayland Bowmin
must count as no Christmas of recent
years has counted. The spirit of
Christmas must be kept up.
sensible, wisely selected things can
be Kiven, and one gift should provide
for many. Here it Is—an ideal gin,
for one and the whole family are sure
to be delighted with it
The Youth's
Companion fills the bill completely,
coming all new 52 times
Stories, Articles. Receipts, Special
Pa«es and more in quantity for all
a year.
ages than any monthly
Kives in a year,
all hands. You give cheer, uplift,
inspiration and entertainment—an
actual need of these times. The
Companion is still only $2.00 a year.
Don't miss Grace Richmond's great
serial, Anne Exeter, 10 chapters, be
ginning December 12.
The following special offer is made
to new subscribers:
A distinct benefit to
1 The Youth's Companion—52
issues or my.
2 All the remaining weekly issues
of 1918.
3 The Companion Home Calendar
for 1919.
AI 4 the above for only $2, or you
may include 4 McCall's Magazine—12
fashion numbers. All for only $2 50.
The two magazines may he sent to
separate addresses if desired.
Common wealth Ave. & St. Paul St,
Boston, Mass.
BrtL.New Subscriptions Received at
this Office.
Sleep and Rest.
One of tbe must commun causes uf
insomnia and restlessness Is indiges
one of Chamberlain's
Tablets immediately after supper and
see if you do not rest better and sleep
better. They only cost a quarter.
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks Alma
nac for 1919 will be ready November
beautiful, valuable
finer, better than ever A
weather book
with weather forecasts for every day
of 1919, written by Irl R. Hicks, Jr.
and Rev. J. B, Noyes,
last year.
the same as
35 cents by mail, 30 cents
on news stands. Our mouthlv maga
zine, Word and Works, one year with
one Almanac. $1. The Hick-* Alma
nac and Publishing Co., 3401 Frank
lin Avenue, St. Loui", Mo.
20 28
About Croup.
If your children are subject to
croup, or if you have reason to fear
t hat di.- ease,
their being attacked by
you should procure a bottle of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and study
the directions for use, so that in case
of an attack you will koow exactly
what course to pursue. This is a
favorite and very successful remedy
for croup, aud il is important that
you observe the directions carefully.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cures Colds^ Croup and Whooping Cough.

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