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$1.00 PER YEAR
An Idaho
Sailor's Sense Of
Congressman Burton L. French
was asked fur a statement ou the
importance of the Fifth Victory loan.
He has just returned from a six
weeks trip to the war zone and has
Interviewed many of our soldiers in
the army and the navy.
He said: "On the Leviathan 1 met
a young Idaho boy who is in the navy.
Tb's young man has crossed the
ocean repeatedly and is now engaged
in assisting to bring home our boys
from France.
"The young man said, 'Of course
I want to go home but when I look
arouud in the Leviathan and see 80
soldiers In the shell shock ward,
150 soldiers in the t. b. ward, see the
many boys who have lost an arm or
have been desperately woundefi
who are going around with crutches,
and think that nearly 75,000 of
soldier boys will never return,—I feel
that I have had only a small part,
since I have escaped uninjured, in
winning the war, and I do not pro
pose asking to he released from
service till the last soldier shall be
returned home.' "
"The name of this young man is
Norman O'Donuell, of St.
Idaho. 1 was proud of Norman when
he made those remarks and it is the
best appeal I can think of for the
Fifth Victory Loan.
"Those who are asked to subscribe
to it have done little
in comparison
with the service of our dear boys who
bave given two years out or the best
part of their lives, who have
given a
limb, and health, and even life itself.
Of course,
we must over-subscribe
the Fifth Victory Loan, and wo will
do it."
Idaho State Sews Items.
Bonner county is preparing to do !
much road work.
At Clarksforlc the $100,000 steel
bridge is to be completed hy June 1.
St. Joe is planning a modern semi
high school to cost $20,000.
A $20,000 sixty-ton ice plant is
being erected at Pocatello.
An oil refinery is being constructed
at Twin Falls by Allen Refinery
The North Fork highway district
voted $140,000 bonds for the Lewis &
Clark Highway.
Captain J. P. Matthiensen has re
turned from France and is on his way
to his home at Sand point.
The city of Sandpmnt subscribed
its $100,000 quota fur the Victory
loan without seuding out a solicitor.
The Humbird mills resumed opera
tions to saw 30,000,000 feet of limber*
in the company's camps last
At the close of the second week of
the drive Idaho had subscribed 50
per cent of its $1 1,150,000 quota in
the Victory Liberty loan.
Mike Parris, a Greek of Pocatello,
shot and killed his brother. Bill, for
Insulting Mike's wife and threatening
to kill bis family. The slayer, who
is 27, was lodged in the county jail.
Chas. Hahn of Lewiston won the
championship in the state trapshoot
ing tournament at Boise last week,
with 283 clay birds out of a possible
3 )0.
A booz2 laden Oakland car on its
way from Montana to Washington
was seized at Kootenai and the driver,
E. R. Smith, arrested. The car
contained five cases of whisky.
Superintendent Park of Sandpuint
h i» anuouuced a summer school for
the üeuelltof the pupils of the city
school, who lost time hy
the influenza epidemic.
reason of
Miles Johnson,
Hodin, Twin Falls,
Jones, Blackfoot, have been appointed
by Governor Davis Idaho members of
Lewiston; Shad L.
and John W.
the National Conference on Uniform
An appropriation of $700 was
made by the last législature for
resentation at this conclave.
Farmers of the Bonneville
farm bureau
adopted resolutions protesting against
proposed increases in freight rates on
potatoes, which they declare would
seriously injure the
Idaho Falls section,
tlous are addressed to the public
utilities commission. r _
Game enthusiasts need not be
alarmed over the extensive program
of rodent poisoning through strych
nine treatment of oats, as this will
not affect birds of the quail, pheasant
or prairie chicken
to W. E Crouch,
charge of the rodent control work in
the state.
cuun t.y
at a receut meeliug
industry in the
These résolu
species, according
fedeial agent in
Approximately $400,000 will he
expended in the coming biennium for
improvements at the several state
institutions now under the jurisdic
tion of the department of public
welfare. This figure includes an esti
mate of $140,000 for the construction
of the northern and southern Idaho
tuberculosis hospitals.
An Idaho building is beiog fitted
up at Newport News, Va., where
50,000 boys whose homes are in the
northwest, will arrive from overseas.
Benjamin II. Williams, in charge of
the northwest building, has written
to Hubert O Jones, secretary of state,
requesting that a map of Idaho,
uewspapers from this state and a
large Uuited States flag he sent to
decorate the Idaho headquarters.
Mrs. Sarah Satchwell of Rathdrum
prairie, was laid to rest in Pine Grove
cemetery last Friday afternoon. The
j funeral, which was largely attended
by frieuds and relatives from the
neighborhood, was held from the
Community M. E. church, the Rev.
J. G. Carrick, pastor, officiating. Mr
Carrick spoke praise for the excellent
character of the deceased and the high
esteem in which she was held :'n the
community for nearly thirty years.
The obituary follows:
Sarah Jane Barr was born March
15, 18-io; was married to Lorenzo
Satchwell Oct. 6, 1861, at Bridge
Creek, Eau Claire county, Wisconsin.
To this union were born eight chil
dren of whom six are still living.
From Wisconsin they moved to Blue
Earth county, Minnesota: later to
Wood Lake, Yellow Medicine county.
Minnesota, about the year 1873, and
from there to Kootenai county,Idaho,
in the year 1891, where they resided
uear Rathdrum uutil the time of the
death of the husbaud Oct. 25, 1907.
Since that time she lived alone
until her death April 29, 1919, at the
age of 73 jears, 1 mouth and 4 days.
She was a devoted Christian from her
childhood and a member of the
Methodist Episcopal church at Rath
drum at the time of her death. She
leaves to mouru her loss six sons, one
sister, seventeen grandchildreu and
seven great grandchildren.
Sold Hogs For $20.50
The accidental omission of a line
in printing a report last week
made it appear that Mr. Anton
Busk of Athol received 15 cents a
pound for his hogs at the Union
Stock yards in Spokane,
item should ha/e read that Mr.
Busk received $20.50 per 100 lbr.
for his hogs, which was 15 cents
per hundred more than had been
paid that day for hogs. The five
porkers, which Mr. Busk took to
the stock yards, brought $248.05.
List of Rathdrum Precinct Sub
Following is the list of Rathdrum
precinct subscriptions to the Victory
Liberty loan as officially reported up
to 4 p. tu., Thursday. The drive
closes Saturday evening. The names
are published In the order in which
they appear on the "Honor Roll" in
Reiniger Bros, store window:
Peter Meyer
K. E. Young. 200 Mary Cochran.. 50
Mrs. R E Young.
Kittle Chum bard
Stewart Skinner..
W A. Hart ...
John Papendiek..
JP Schroder. loo Carrie B Sage.. no
Mrs. P Reiniger.. no L O Swenson .. ion
J Bienlond. 50 Chas Stérnberg 60
O II Carrick . 50 C B Sanders_ 50
50 S A Weaver_ 100
.'100 C L Heilman .. 50
P B Chambard.... 50 I W Cahill
II II Mitchell ....
E A Swanson. loo J H Powell. 60
Ignatz Schott..
Win Brace .
$ 200 John Nelson_* 5o
100 Win Overbey. ..
50 Beeman Gaston
100 Pearl Brier _
. 200 Dwight Egbers
100 Jennie Culp_
J R M Culp
1) F Hollister
100 Allrcrt Charlton 50
50 Clarence Woolery 50
800 C Wlckertsheiiner 50
Ida Tyler. 150 GO Finley... . 50
Stewart Young.... 500 EH Bradbury., so
Mrs S Young
Marie Beach
500 John Johnson . 50
50 OW Stone
Miles Egbers
W F Boekel. loo Paul Skinner .. loo
Shirley Krueger .
Lena Cochran.
II G Anstine .
50 11 L Bradley ... KH)
50 Prank Maher ..
60 Mrs W A Poleson 50
50 Ernest Reiniger 50
C A Culler. 50 G P Kugler _ 1000
Violet Packer ... . 50 MH Bacon... . 250
50 Jacob Luiten.. 50
50 Geo V Morris .. 200
luO Jos Poirier.
N 11 Taylor.
H R Saunders.
Henry Meyer.
Otto Meyer.
100 T L Quarles_ 100
Martin Meyer- 100 John Reese .... 100
M B Layton.
J D Cunningham. .
Millie Wentlandt..
L J llartelrode_
C Pistorius.
W II Howell.
50 Ben Roberto... 50
100 JosephineSanford 50
60 Chas Wendler.. 100
50 Prank Wenz ... 250
50 PC Hart. 100
Reported May 7—
SE Beggs.
C P Borell
.$200 Miss Louise Maher $50
. 50 W R Millsap
. 100 Henry G Reiniger 50
Cora A Hay
G A Laird . 50 Mrs H Reiniger...
A E McIntosh .... 50 P. W Sage.
Ellen B McIntosh 50 ES VonHosteon..
II A Krueger .... 50 Paul Tlrnell.
Louis Mouaco_ 50 Win Brace_
50 1 Schott.
U Vetto.
Clarence Howell .
Reported May x—
Effle Bitlkow.$50 Alta McIntosh..$ 100
Mary Jane Bates. 400 L L Mitchell .... 50
Howard Bradbury 50 J M Niekey .
Evans Supply Co loo E R Satchwell... 50
L L Goodrich. 50 J P Schroder_ 150
Henry Jons - 50 JA Welch . 2000
S T O'Donuell... 50
Subscriptions coming in between
this time and Saturday night will he
published next week.
Assessor Smith collected $112.50
the Highway
Transportation company.
Some of the apple trees on Post
Falls irriga ted tracts are being torn
out and the ground put hack to
Prospects for a good crop of sweet
cherries are good, barring damage by
'The skeleton of Geo. W. Rubiuson,
who wandered away from his son's
home and was lost iu June, 1917,
found April 30 iu the piusi woods
just west of the Henry Amell place.
He had apparently put up a shelter
and crawled into it for bis last sleep.
No inquest was considered necessaiy.
The deceased was born in 1851.
taxes from
J. B. Peterson has arranged to
move from Athol to Spirit Lake to
Mrs. R. L. Dixon has received a
letter from her brother, Chas. Dlin,
who is still with the marines in the
army of occupation in Germany. He
says he wants to come home and
expects to in August.
Up to last Saturday about $18,000
of Spirit Lake's $23,500 Victory loan
quota had been subscribed.
The grounds around the hotel and
bauk are being hcauliUed, old build
fogs having been removed.
The Tesemeni Outing club has
opened for the season, with Mr. and
Mrs. It. F. Dyer agaitHn charge.
The Milwaukee railway company
plans to manufacture freight cars i
Spirit Lake when the government
releases control.
The highway commissioners bave
decided to pay the wages adopted hy
the board of county commissioners
for road work, $3.50 per day, and $7
for man and team.
High water closed the
Work was started on the Staugland
dyke at Black Lake, which was badly
In need of repair.
Mcdimont ranchers are said
taking full advantage of the daylight
saving rule.
mill at
to he
Mrs. Jessie Ilackett, age 79, and
resident of Coeur d'Alene for 25 years,
died last Friday.
Charles Feil, who died of
Mav 2, was buried Sunday
of P. auspices. He was horn in 1870
and came to Coeur d'Alene 17
under K.
ago. He erected the Coeur d'Alene
lumber mill, and was mayor 1909-10.
The regatta will be held July 4 and
5. Congressman French was in the
city Monday arid said be would
endeavor to get the hydroplanes for
the occasion.
A gang of 25 loggers at Marble
creek, who were receiving $5 a day of
eight hours, struck for $0 a day last
Saturday. The demands were not
considered by the company.
Word came Monday that Bayview
with a population of 300 and a
precinct of
Victory loan quota of $3100,
subsciibed $7100, all iu cash,
view is the record
Kootenai county.
Deputy Internal Revenue Collector
W. A. Cole is investigating nonresi
dent laborers and railroad workers
who are not thoroughly couversant
with the 12 per cent nonresident
liceuso tax. Every employer of
nonresident alien must withhold 8
per cent of the employe's wages, and
the law is said to he working a hard
ship in the Coeur d'Alene mining
district, where many nonresident
aliens were employed.
Samuel T. Potter of Post Falls,
with the 2nd Engineers, has beeu
decorated with the Distinguished
Service Cross, by his commanding
officer in the name of the president,
according to word received hero.
A silo excursion conducted by the
Kootenai county farm bureau and
county agent starts from the court
house in Coeur d'Alene at 9:30 a. in.,
Friday, May 9. All farmers, aocl
others interested iu silos will he
takeu that day hy auto to visit farms
where the various types of silos are iu
use. Various questions will he dis
cussed as to costs, coustructiou,
ensilage crops to grow, and the results
that accompany the use of the silo.
F. R. Cammack, the state Ueld dairy
man, will he the principal speaker on
this occasion.
Manuel Perdin, of Squaw Bay,
Lewis De Luca of Harrison aud
Leonard aud Gene Newton of Harri
son, four youthful incorrigibles were
last week committed to the State
Industrial school at St. Anthooy, by
Probate Judge M. G. Whitney. The
boys were taken into custody by
Probation Officer Cathcart., after a
series of burglaries and depredations
had been committed by them. All
of the hoys are motherless, and their
fathers, though doing what they
could, appear to be unable to control
them. R. G. Wearne, acting prose
cuting attorney, recommended that
they be committed to the industrial
May Pageant In Rathdrum the
The following program will be
giveu Friday. May the J6th,at 2:30 p.
m., on the High School campus. If
the day is not fitting, the date will be
postponed until the first fair day next
A Visit To Fairyland.
Two Little \ Girl— Josephine Barnes
Bov—Walden Reiniger
King of Fairies
Queen of Fairies
Attendants—Blanche Fleuitulug,Jean
Krueger, Grace Harding,
Fred Post
Ellen O'Donnell
Burton Young.
Fairies— Bessie Harding,
Samuels, Madeline Coon, Mahle
Gruriert, Louise Bradbury,
Florence Luituo.
Elves—Leonard Reiniger, Edwin Syl
vester, Lynn Bradley, Orval
Luiten, Wilfred Young, Valeen
O'Donnell, George Flemming,
Dwight Ford, Vernon Samuels,
Burton Adams, Carl Vonllostcen,
Leslie Cady.
Sand man
Mage Davis
Burton Youug
Donald Kruger
"Birdie With a Yellow Bill"
Jean Krueg« r
Brownies—Orace Chambard, Howard
Grunert, Guy Stoutenburg.Albert
Grunert, Wallace Farnsworth,
Erv> Northway, John Gill,Albert
Howard Knobel, Roy
Gerald Rrock, George
Pussy Willows—Jean Krueger,
Norman Adams.
Tulips— Grace McCbeyne,
Woolery, Etta Smith, Dorothy
Lvi d
Bobbie House and
Buttercups—Wava Chambard, Della
Morgan, Edna Grunert, Dorothea
Water Lillies—Paula Bradbury. Fyrn
Klinger, Mildred Brock, Esther
Sweet Peas—Claire Beggs,
Lyon, Helen Couu and Marlys
l'iano Accompauist
The Fairies'
arranged by Miss Mertie Tucker.
A cordial invitation is extended to
Lillie Hering
were rc
H. S. Senior Class Play, May 21.
"The Fascinating Fanny Brown"
is the Senior Class play to he given at
the Fraternal ball, Wednesday, May
21 .
This year has been quite barren in
Rathdrum along the lines of public
this decided a number of
to furnish the community au
able evening with the production of a
play under the direction of Miss Brier
aud Miss Garriets.
The play beiog chosen and cast
picked out, practice was begun
The Seniors realizing
weeks ago
Percival Gale, who keeps
hotel, "ldlewild",
a summer
—Lester Erusbergcr
Billy Pearson, the ouly man at the
Henry Dudley, a college sophomore—
Gordou Adams
Walter Wisduui
Mrs. Caldwell—Grace Hulsey
Audrey Caldwell—Etta Berges
Dorthy Dudley—Stella Hurrell
Florence Howe—Pearl Doyle
Guests at "ldlewild"
Mrs. Moffett, a neighboring cottager
—Feme Carrick
Martha, a servant— Carmen Layton
Story of the Play.
Percival and Billy are wooing
Dorthy Dudley and Florence Howe.
To make Dortby jealous, Billy writes
love letters to a pretended "Fauuy
Brown.". Dorthy accepts Billy, but
discovers his plot, and plans to
ish him. When her
brother Henry
arrives unexpectedly she dresses him
as a girl and introduces him as'Fanoy
Brown". Billy and Percival
worried. A ncrvuus guest.
Moffett, thinks Henry is a trayeling
hypnotist who has annoyed her. Billy
and Audrey discover who Henry really
is, and tie him up, insisting he is the
hypnotist. After a funny scene under
pretended hypnotic influence, Henry
is released, and the girls forgive their
The class assures the public that
they will have a very enjoyable even -
j n g, as there are numerous comic
incidents thruout the whole play.—C

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