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now 15 ^
RiiX« Croix Paper* Attached
$.> 0,000 boat fur service on the Snake
1 he Armstead Mining Co. at
■ Talactfe Is employing 125 men at the
Idaho State News Items,
Earnings of the state treasurer's
office fur March were $6142.
The O.-W. R. and N. Is to build a
mine and mill.
Approximately '2,000 men are
employed îfi the lumber industry of
the Clarkia section.
Twenty-one Swiss families are to
settle in Teton basin, where they will
make fancy cheese.
About 65,000,000 feet of Indian
t'mber are to be auctioned at the
.Lapwal agency May 9.
Cœur d'Alene lead miners have
been given another 50 cent wage in
crease making a bonus of $1 75 per
day above base scale.
Dr. C. H, Seagraves, deputy state
veterinarian, tested cattle for tuber
culosls in the Athol section Monday.
The game department records of
Otto M. Jones, former state fish and
game warden, have been audited and
found correct. lie was succeeded by
R. E. Thomas April 1 .
Up to April 1 the secretary of state
had Issued 32,789 sets of license
plates fur passenger autos and motor
trucks !» Idaho. This is 7222 more
than were Issued in the first four
months of 1922.
Of an estimated total of 30,742
mule deer in Idaho. 1727 were killt d
by huiliers and 3065 were killed by
predatory animals, according to the
"Game Census for 1922," issued by
the Udited Slates forestry office at
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Old Mendel Goes
to Rachel
(®, 1 9ZZ, Wettern Newtpaper Union.)
There was really no reason why Old
Mendel should continue at seventy
live to push his cart laden with cheap
underwear along the streets of the
East side. But the' habits of a life
time are difficult to eradicate, and
Mendel had been doing it for thirty
five years.
He bad come over from Poland In
the prime of life, determined to make
a fortune and then send for his wife,
Rachel. They had been married ten
years, and, though they had no chil
dren, they had always been happy
together, since they first became sweet
hearts as a boy and girl.
Mendel had not prospered at first.
It had taken him two years In a
sweatshop to save up enough money
to acquire a pushcart, and then the
saving up for the steamship fare was
a slow process. At last, however, he
was able'to send the money.
A letter came back inclosing it.
Rachel had died of typhus about the
(j me j^fendel was buying the draft on
the Warsaw bank.
She had died, fancying that he was
standing beside her bed, and that same
night Mendel had had such a strange
dream of her.
He had dreamed he waa home, but
in a strange house and holding Rach
el's hand, and she had told him that
she could not come over immediately,
but that she would come soon and
all would be well.
Old Mendel was dazed by the news.
For a week he did something that no
self-respecting Jew would think of do
ing ; he got drunk. Then he was found
In Hester street with his pushcart
Time passed,
had pitied him, began to look askance
at him. "Why doesn't Mendel get
married again?" they asked. They
knew he had a tidy sum put by.
Mendel did not marry again, and
after a while he was accepted as a
confirmed old widower. And he was
growing' old, so that the girls no long
er looked at him. His hair whitened,
he let his beard grow long.
Old Mendel bad twelve thousand
dollars in the bank. There was no
leason why he should have continued
to push his cart. But every day he
was seen In the streets, calling his
wares mechanically. Nobody bought
The neighbors who
of Mendel, for all his goods were out
of style. They only said, "There goes
Old Mendel 1"
Old Mendel loved the streets, the
swarming children, for whom he had
a pat on the head, and sometimes a
penny. He loved the sights and smells
of the East side. It was his life, It
was the life to which he had meant
to bring Rachel. He often fancied
that she was with him. Sometimes
people would hear him muttering, but
they .did nut know he was talking to
They only said, "Old Mendel's
getting queer." - , -
The day was sö bright arid warm
Old Mendel sat down on a doorstep.
Ids pushcart standing in the road. The
policeman, who knew Old Mendel,
looked the other way when he-saw.
that Old Mendel was sleeping. Grad
ually the hum of conversation, the roc.r
iff thé traffic'passed info a dull mono
tone, and Old Mendel dreamed.
It was so vivid a dreaan that lie might
have been living,
standing before him with outstretched
arras and such a sweet smile on her
face. And It was not Rachel as she
would have been, not even as she had
been when they kissed each other
good-by before he sailed, but Rachel
as she was when he first courted her.
And the first thought that came to
Old Mendel was, "I am too old. Why
hasn't she.changed In all these years?"
But Rachel kissed him and said, "It's
been « long waiting for you, my dear,
but I've managed to come at last."
Mendel forgot that It was a dream.
"God bless you, Rachel !" lie said. "I'm
going to take such a nice apartment
for you—four rooms and a bath. And,
I've got twelve thousand saved up, so
we can buy our furniture outright/
But I dreamed you were dead, and I've
been so Unhappy."
"There's no such thing as death, my
dear," she answered smilingly. "Here
I've been walking up and down Hester
street beside you for years, trying to
talk to you, and sometimes you an
swered me, but you were never quits
sure it was I."
He saw Rachel
Mendel remembered that • he had
fallen asleep. "Promise me that-this
isn't a dream !'
he pleaded. "Have
you really come back to mo forever?"
"Forever and ever," answered Rach
el softly, as she drew his bead down
to her hrenst.
The policeman, returning on his pa- j
Old \,mn's C taîlW M a n ?oU ag sîe n ep." T Je '
thought. He crossed the road .and
touched him lightly on the shoulder.
"Hey. Mendel, wake npl" he
"Time, to go home for supper. _ Y
, 1
musn't leave your cart standing in
the street."
But Mendel didn't wake up or an
swer him.
He Remembered.
The Japanese word for "good morn
ing" sounds like "o-hi-o."
A Japanese mentioned this fact to
an American the other day.
"Ah !" exclaimed the American,
'that's easy to remember. It's the
name of one of our states."
Next morning the American met his
Japanese friend.
"Ah, Mr. Matzuyama," he said, "Illi
nois 1 " . ... . ...
Notice of Election and Regis
tration of Voters,
Notice is Hereby Given that on
Tuesday, April 24, 1928, at the Vil
lage Hall on Tnlrd Street In the
Town of Kathdrum, in Kootenai
County, Idaho, an election will be
held for five (5) members of the Board
of Trustees of the Village of Rath
drum, a municipal corporation in
Kootenai County; the trustees to be
elected for a term of four (4) years,
and upon qualification for office they
shall determine by lot which three of
the trustees elected at said election
shall serve for the term of the ensuing
four (4) years and which two shall
serve for the term of the ensuing two
( 2 ) years.
The polls for said election will be
open at 9:00 o'clock in the morning
and continue until 7:00 o'clock in the
evening of the same date.
J. R. M. Culp, Village Clerk, is the
duly designated registrar for said elec
tioo, and the place of registration for
voters is at the office of theRathdrum
Tribune on First Street in the Village
of Kathdrum, Idaho.
It will be necessary for all voters to
register in order to vote at said
Beg'nning with the date of this
notice any voter may register during
office hours, and on Thursday, Friday 1
and Saturday preceding such election j
any voter may register during the
hours from 9:00 A.M tn 5:00 P.M.
and from 7:00 P.M. to 9 P.M.
The last day for registration
Saturday, the 21st day of April, 1923,
at the hour of 9:00 P. M.
By order of the Board of Trustees
of the Vilage of Ratbdrum, a munici
pal corporation.
Dated and signed in compliance
therewith this 3rd day of April, 1923.
Chairman of Board of
Village Clerk.
45 47
Comparatively Easy Matter for Handy
Man With Few Tools and Few
Pieces of Lumber.
The illustration shows how an easy
riding wagon seat may be built by the
handy man. Four or five boards a
foot wide, cut a little longer than the
wagon box is wide, are placed one
above the other, with sills alternating
Mfago* Box
Home-Made Wagon Seat.
Jhetween the centers and ends of the
hoards as pictured. The sides and
hack of the seat are constructed on
the top board.
A Good Thing - Don't Miss It
Send vour name and address plainly
vrrllten together with 5 cents (and
this slip)to Chamberlain Medicine Co,
Des Moines, Iowa, and receive in
jreturn a trial package containing
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
roughs, colds, croup, bronchial, "flu"
and whooping cough«, and tickling
throat; Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets for stomach troubles,
indigestion, gassy pains that crowd
he heart, biliousness and constipa
tlon; Charuberlain '* Salve - needefI Jn
every familo for burns,scalds, wounds,
pGes, and skin affecfaoos;these family
said.'medicioes for only Scents Don't
J F.M.
mises it.—Adv,
p f WENZ, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon,
£)r. O . G-. Farnsworth
Licensed Veternarian
Phone 1ÖW
Kathdrum, Idaho .
Office In Wenz Bldg, over the Drug store
At Spirit Lake Every Friday.
leeeof all kinds see cm:
Phone 16W.
O. 0. parosuiortl?,
Dray Line
Distributor for CONTINENTAL OIL Co.
Office in annex to McCheyne Hotel.
Indigestion and Constipation.
"Prior to using Chamberlain's
Tablets, I suffered dreadfully from
Indigestion. Nothing I ate agreed
with me and I lost flesh and ran down
in health. Chamberlain's Tablets
strengthened my digestion and cured
me of constipation," writes Mrs.
George Stroup,Solvay.N.Y.—Apr adv
$5 0 o. Smaller quantities at
pj e priceSi _adv.
TRIBUNE, $1.50 per year.
Butter wrappers printed at The
Tribune office, 500 for $3.00; 1000 for
Coming to
Will be at
Thursday and Friday, April 26-27
Offlce Hours, 9 a. in. to 3 p. m.
No Charge For Examination
Tne doctor in charge is a graduate
in medicine and surgery and is
licensed by the slate of Washington.
He visits professionally the more 1 m
portant towns and cities and offers to
all who call on this trip consultation
and examination free, except the
expense of treatment when desired.
According to his method of treat
ment he does not operate for chronic
appendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of
stomach, tonsils or adenoids.
He has to his credit many wonder
ful results in diseases of the stomach,
liver, bowels,blood,skin, nerves,heart,
kidney, bladder, catarrh, weak lungs,
rheumatism, sciatica, leg ulcers and
rectal ailments.
If you have been ailing for any
length of time ami do not get any
belter, do not fail to call, as improper
measures rather than disease are very
often the cause of your longstanding
', Remember above date, that exami
nation on this trip will be free and
that his treatment is different.
Address: 336 Boston Block, Minne
apolis, Minnesota.
U/bei} You (Jo to Spolie
New Building. New Furniture, Steam heat
Electric Light,
|®"ROOMS 75c aud up
Opposite N. P. Depot.
Hot and Cola Baths
has the only Complete Set of
Abstract Books in Kootenai.
County. Get your abstracts
from a Company that is
reliable. Next to City Hall
Cœur d'Alene,
No. 30B Paradise Local Passenger
No. 43 Burlington Train
No. 4 Twin City Express
3:37 p tu
8:13 a in
8:23 a tn
No. 1 North Coast Limited
No. 305 Spokane Local Passenger
No. 41 Burlington "
No. 3 Pacific Express
5 :22 p m
3:28 D m
5:03 p m
6:03 a m
Rathdrum. Idaho
Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget
Sound Railway.
No. 118, 5:69 p.m.
Northbound: No117 -
8:41 a. m.
F. G. HAKT, Agent.
of the ownership, management, circulation,
etc., required by Act of Congress of August
24, 1912.
of The Kathdrum Tribune, published
weekly at Kathdrum, Idaho, for April 1,1923.
State of Idaho
County of Kootenai
Before me, a Notary Public In and for the
State and county aforesaid, personally ap
peared Chas. W. Culp, who.having been duly
sworn according to law, deposes and says
that he is the publisher of The Kathdrum
Tribune and that the following Is.to the best
f ss.
of the ownership, management, etc., of the
aforesaid publication for the date shown in
the above caption, required by the Act of
August 84,1912. embodied In section 443, Pos
tal Laws and Kegulations. to wit:
Name of—
Post-Office address
Publishers. Culp Bros., (Chas. W. Culp and
Joseph R. M. Culp) ....Kathdrum, Idaho
Editor, Joseph R M. Culp, Kathdrum, Idaho
Managing Editor, Joseph K. M. Culp,
Kathdrum. Idaho
Business Managers. Chas. W. Culp and Jos.
K. M. Culp, .,.... Kathdrum, Idaho
Chas. W. Culp and Joseph R. M. Culp.
Kathdrum, Idaho
Known bondholders, mortgagees, and
other security holders, holding 1 percent or
more of total amount of bonds, mortgage?,
or other securities: None.
Charles W. Culp, part-owner
Sworn to and subscribed before mo this 6lh
day of April, 1923.
Miles F. Eghers. , .
Notary Public. State of. Idaho
Residing at Kathdrum, Idaho.
(My commission expires Feb. 7. 1924)
Advertise In This Paper
Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
State Auditor
C. G. Moore
H. O. Baldridge
F. A. Jeter
A. 11.'Conner
7 E. .G Gallet
Sept, of Public Instruct..Elizabeth Kussum
D. F. Banks
Stewart Campbqjl
State Treasurer
State Mine Inspector
Supreme Court
Kobt. N Dumi,
W. E. Lee,
Alf Budge.
Wm. A. Lee. Chas. 1*. McCarthy.
Congressmen—Burton L. French. Addison
T. Smith.
U. S. Senators—William E. Borah, Frank K,
Judge of District Court W. F. McNaughton
E V. Bnughton
Members of Hmi'e of Representatives—
M, A. Kiger, E. T. Taylor.
State Senator
County Clerk, Auditor and Recorder—
Chas. O. Sowder
Roger G. Wearne
S. H. Smith;
H. F. Clelahd
M O. Whitney
R. C. Egbers
T. L. Quarles
R. C. Hack
County Attorney
County Assessor
County Treasurer
Probate Judge,
County Supt. of Schools
County Surveyor
R. B. Mooney
County Commissioners.—1st District. Hans
2nd District. J. W. McCrea;
Johnson ;
3rd District. Frank A. Morris
Chamberlains Cough Remedy
Cores Colds, Croup and Whooping: Cough.
* s,

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