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Tt» only way to get* rid
of pimple* and other erup
tions b to cleanse the blood,
improve the digestion, stim
ulate the kidneys, liver and
skin. The medicine to take b
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Which has cured thousands.
Overthrew of the Ministry After
Bloody Riot.
Guayaquil - General Alfrro has oc
cupied Quito. A Junta of notable per
sons met In the government palace
here si 4 p m. and formed a new gov
Vice President Moreno assumed to#
executive power, establishing the cap
Ital here and appointing^* new pstn
Wiry, Rioting followed. The people
during the afternoon attacked the
prisons, liberating the political pris
oners, and afterward captured the po
lice barracks, where the riolsMob
tained possession of a number m-*'
Be* and some cannon. RIBe shots J*'
ter were heard to all parts o i t|d(
city, and the rtotera became so bold
that they attacked a cordon of mili
tary Many person* were killed or
wounded on both aides during the
The newly appointed ministry, how
ever, only lasted one hour The peo
ple rejected the election of Moreao
and proclaimed as president Genera!
Alf.f» the former president, and
leader of the revolution, and in hta
absence l»f Emilio Arrlllo assumed
the civil and mintary authority .»
great panic prevelled here during the
evening, and In the midst of the die
order General Plain minister of Ec
uador to the Called State*, who ar
rived here January 1* and assumed
chief command of the army In Us
operations against the rebels, escap
ed from the city "and embarked on
basird the Chilean steamer Los. which
leaves here tomorrow for Panama
Later la the evening quiet was re
-Lid" Rut so In Victoria
Victoria B C. Jan 31--Probation
ary orders are out for th« suppression
of all gambling as ***tm a* the newly
elected mayor A J Mortey. was
sworn la All gambling is closed
The Japanese cigarette has msdeL
Ms appearance la London l> c->n*s»:* '
of broad strips «if rhocolste colored ,
*• '-serte to which 1» attached a card
• . ardtuhesn Inch b»ng j
How Many
Birthdays ?
You mutt hive had »ixy •(
least! What? Only forty?
Then if muii be your gray
hair. Aycr'» Hair Vigor siopa
ihete frequeni birthday*. It
gives all the early, deep, rich
color 10 gray hair, and checks
filling hair. And it keeps the
scalp clean and healthy.
mew «»k **•*"■# »suk
« SMHMtfMti-** ******* Wl *S*
____*•*'■ flax vsro m 4 w*« *»*
T-Hafipf rwsfed.lNMi
yers "
BE£aan 2 iSBB
The Kind You Have Always Hought has borne the aigna*
ture of Chat. It, Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal supervision fbr over 90 rears. Allow no one
to deceive you In this. Oounterfrlta* Imitations and
44 .Inet-aA-gtMMt" are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children—Experience against Experiment.
Castoria Is a harmless sabetitate for Cantor OH* Pare
goric, Drops and Hoothln# SyrtipsL It ta Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotto
aiihstanro. Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroy* Worms
and allays Pcverinhnemt. It cures Dlarrlttna and Wind
Colic. It relievos Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency, It assimilate* the Food* regulates the
Htomach and Howels, giving healthy and natural sloop.
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Beui the Signature of
Use For Over 30 Years.
Much Land la Withdrawn*
The secretary of the Interior has
withdrawn for all forma of dtapoaal
of public land* aa follow*:
Proposed addition to Priest rlrer
forest reserve, Idaho, 460,000 acre#;
addition to Cascade range forest re
serve, Oregon, 16,360 acre*; addition
to Bull Run forest reserve, Oregon,
13,760 acres; proposed Umg Pine for
est reserve, Montana, 110,730 acre*.
There also have been withdrawn
46,0*0 acre* In New Mexico for thfl
San Carlo* Irrigation project.
At Wholesale Prices
W« Sis use of lb Urges' jt**Ur* »
sail ptprr is Ws*biugtu«. tuyiea m
car Ms, therefore se s*i the very as
CO prbos
IsHesd of eesdisa eat s*t»»e* of a
but U|«m se tell the s<aods direct to
a si the very ioeeel de^re' eoesl
twy the ftstght to yost depot os eB
Mint of tf -wce oeer.
k to other ootds, ■* jhre you tbl l
Sootd COO t» to eed the goods to th*
betid as yosr trot sad poet, ft.ee *4
drfo. and •< oitl «od yon satsples of
pep, tv for eery rooto la the house »t«h
*•**» Mt*t'hed
k*raetBhei. theee sewgtee e»4 nesses
tt-tw not you w.thing- A poosi win
httag Owen
Brydle Paint &
WaJI Paper Co.
gef ^tjass At*.. Ihonato C.
fig «..»■> s»4 bslavw* tBottihly will
hsy share* la ilw Hesswoken# Is
•Maw oowtwAi T»* nwe|*ay
head***'*) A*** basis*#* }#««*
■MSI* . *4 u4a IssAs usty lavs*)
nasal* «.*-!» »i*h Ihu «m*Muy «Ui
bring *| eo4,4 retort** u» (h* *i**t
kulder Mali roe* ereUrauot*. ®»
a44t*t* I** lertke* tsLraraunt* u.
Be— on-tUne Investment Co.
I.*, uu a*u4
baa* slew.
Cxer to Review fientence.
Us Petersburg —The sentence of
Aiesis Alealerltcb Huuveno. editor of j
the Russ, to a year s imprisonment IB
,a fortress for invitation of the people j
pig}, treason by publishing protla j
raa , b(tla snd statements designated to S
rt „, redtlton and armed rr
Tu j| tending to cause the Lank
j r „. JrT tt f , (, r stale. Is the general
topic of conversation la the capital 1
A» Mr Bouvcrln Is a member of the
nobility hi* case must be reviewed by
the emperor The court has decided
wHb a view to mitigation to recom
mend a commutation of the —HUNK#
to three month*, Omrirtion and " ,
sentence however t* a heavy blow to
an editor ot M tb»uvert» a standing '
Bheot* Btsc* Like Chief. f
gt Petersburg - Mt Meyer, the
American ambassador. h»a returttwll
from a short hunting expedition on
......... Jl t _ _ ,
flit sn*« ikna 4ai * bm in a nap's iM«Bf 9«m j
brnr ~
preserve* near Moscow He brougel
back three Lear* a* trophies
Per roust* at*d opts il*M* w no Mte
awdidn* than Tiro • «'ur* for Ooasustp
tom. Fries »cents.
Looks With Favor Upon Chspsts.
The chief of staff has favored the
proposition of army chaplain* to build
•hapels at some of the posts where
there are at present no places of wor
ship snd has recommended that the
war department Indorse the project.
IfitW *111 ilmi Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Hyrup tii# best remedy to us*
lew their children daring teething period
In 1'srl* the average price of pure
milk 1* 23 8 cento a gallon.
A bent three hundred species of raos*
qnltore have been described, and it te
estimated that two hundred more ex
ist. Giles recognises only thirty-six
species In the whole of North America,
bat Vtortda a Iona claims twenty-two
Poisoning from gaa Inhalation is no
added to the recognised dangers of bal
looning. The hydrogen—itself non
poisonous—Is often contaminated with
arsenic, selenium and antimony, and
fourteen cease of III effects have been
reported to the French Academy ef
Medicine. In one of the two forme of
poisoning death results la two or three
mowing walla, sometime# known as
bras thing wells, are now being Inves
tigated by the United States Geological
Survey. The beet known example* of
this type of well are found throughout
Nebraska The fore# of the air cur
rent In one of the Louisiana wells ta
sufficient to keep a man's hat suspend
ed above !L Such phenomena are main
ly doe to changes In atmosphere press
Some anxiety la being caused In Ger
many by the decline of the birth rata,
la 1904 the birth rate was 30 5 In each
1,000 Inhabitants, against 30.0 in lfltB.
S3 1 la 1003. 33 4 in UWl, and 33 7 la
IBtjt). The decrease, therefore, la con
tlnuoua Lung disease, not only la
towns but In the gountry a# well, la
decreasing It la claimed that Oils
result ta owing to the systematic and
scientific war which the authorities are
conducting against this scourge
The prosperity of Japan depend*
very largely upon the sea. A thousand
varieties of fish- Including the shark -
ers eaten by the Inhabitant*, the an
nual yield of the fisheries being throe
million tons, or three time* the con
sumption in the United Htates The
vain# ef tills product Is $30.«K>.«».
The coasts also supply sn edible alga
known as iaver. sod other *<-« weeds
J from which food gelatin*!* extracted.
' together with lat*» quantities of salt
From Japan. mor*-.*»*T\ ,h,J 3 *s a targe
quantity of the world* coral and
Luther Burbank, of California, who
has probably produced more new varia
j ties ef fruits, flowers sod plants than
any other living man, said recently
j to a friend that be was accustomed.
j whesi selecting for color among Dewly
S created Bowers, to submit the choice to
* lady of bis acqusleumce noted for
b*r exquisite taste Mr Burtwnk's
own Judgment, however. In the matter
1 color and form Is highly trained, and
y, exercised with surprising quickness
and surenea* of decision Among hi*
*; r *t productions 1* s daisy. In which
ne atrivea MpteUIlf to obtain a
gcacefu! carriage ttf the stem snd
, flower.
p mU! .Utimrltic* In Milan. Italy, ua*
<0 au p >a ,obl.e wagofi in which to col
lect part of the mall The car run* be
ferent district* of the city The auto
mobile 1* of large site, on tiie atjle of
omnibus, and I* fitted out SO that
th* man <-*n be sorted by one clerk
while the csr la running The car
iftrt jwirt of tn* man »*»«* ^ rui •
!t«n opntrai *»S
»'ta^ ln
stop# at each ietter bo* to collecl the
mall, and between the boxes the clerk
saris sod stamp* lbs letters snd passe*
them IB psekagea to s second m*« who
puts them In a series of rompsrtmento
c orresponding to each carrier'# routs.
This ear oovsre a rout# fourtee* miles
long and collects the mall from sil box
re In sn hour sad a half
Tbs laflueac# of occupations upoa
th* ay might la strikingly illustrated hy
autistic* collected *mong the schools
of Germany sod France In Germany
It hst been abown that SO per cen! of
those engaged - In the ao-cslled liberal
profawions suffer more or leas from
myopia, or shortness of sight, whereas
among laborers the perron tag# drop*
fl, and among peassnto to only »
half of 1 per cent The remsrkabl#
growth of myopia wtih Increase of at
tention demanded by school work is
Indicated by the fact that th* eye# of
only 6 per cent of the scholar* In (ha
primary school* of France are affected,
but those of more than K per rout In
th* secondary school*. In the College
Rollto 15 per real of the scholar* bar.
myopia In the lower grade, 32 per cent
In the third grade, and 65 per Pent la
th* courses In philosophy.
■ III I~*~S Cross Ksperiewee.
A llttlw East Side boy wa# having
his first reuntry sutlng. say* th# New
York Tribune H# lay on the ffrere In'
preck orchard, making a chain of
gaisles and buttercup*. Across tbs
bins shy a line of swallows dipped.
Look np. look up, Johnny! See tbs
pretty birds *y!nfi through the air,"
said hi* hostess
Jimmy looked up quickly. "Poor lib
tie fellers'" he exclaimed, pityingly.
•They ain't got no eagre, have thoyr
Followed lastrsrtl***.
Why didn't you pat this watermel
on in th# ire box. a# I told your
ssksd ths mistress of the maid. Then,
says the Otoveiand Plain Dealer, Mag
gie, tbs maid, grow Indignant
-1 did. mum."
"But » Isn't cold."
"No, mum. How con id It bet I
had to tako the Ire out to get It In,"
If the woman who throws a shawl
over her head to ran Into r neighbor's
had time to pass a looking glare, her
reason for goto*, w«j<td be scared out
of her bred and t^^ould remain at
la no clew to the Identity of the men.
Concerning Common Senas.
The men -ho know, when >t to
talk, poaaeaaea judgment of a high
Kill Baleen Men; He* Till.
Omaha, Neb, Jan. M.—Bunday
morning two men entered the saloon
of Nela Lausten and one of them
drew a pistol and shot Lsusten
through the head, kllltag him Instant
ly. Then they rifled the money draw
er and made good their escape. There
order. People everywhere are display'
log good judgment by eating PI 11a
bnry's Vitos for breakfast. It's a
mighty good thing^to be outside of;
try It
Cattle rat# ng is carried on In Mo
k#to eauTln larw n^'b^^n^roto.
kays exist In large numbers, and ere toe
only means o transportation roag
out tbs country.
ENurf BIM t$0 ClffM
H—tots* Is
M upitiMriiifikti Tufe
K hmvt ft ruuuiihiiff houn.l ©r imperfect
, fte« wlfcctA it fe ffimrelr tinmen, Ik—f
UMi rmiull, fttid UbidMkB ibe ictflfttmuftUast cft» m
tftlUMI tfttt ftfod Liu t life fft-UrtfiNt Ut lu numtftl
rwidiuoLi. ifeftfittf will fe dcMiUoyed loitw
pto* fiiti ©m vi iru trv fftoaed 5>jr Cr--- m
wluefe la But Ida c \mx ft© iuilfttixyd
-------------- .
Wswuigtv. GM BuuSrod tMiars ter any
C HENEY 4 CO*, Toledo, O.
Witt* ails* s. uiwMeg, t« Bot.R- 3., for a
il*JS 2
ftftw or uirlii r*-''— A iwruia ran for
Histrionic Tip.
The Fsihcr —80 your ambition Is 10 j
become so actor, eh 7
The Son—Yes. dad.
The Father—All right, young mas \
It # up to you to begin by cultivating j
the art of walking and fasting.
Vast Caa Os* Allan's FssMsut RRBB.
______X osrtala cm* tor
ooraa. tagrowiagasiU sod twelves Altdrwg
gMwefilL ttc. Des'tseespiaay seksUtaia
Prostrated by the Heat.
Mingo Junction, Ohio. Jan. *2.—
Stephen Hymen, aged 63. was pros
trated by the heat here Sunday. Hi*
condition Is serious.
Quaker City Fir*.
Philadelphia, Jan 22—A five story
brick building, a portion of the plant.
of the Pencoyd Iron work*, was de
at toyed by fire Sunday night. Lost*
I yon aim
What JoyThey B»ing
T o Every Home
as with joyous hearts and smiling faces they romp and play—when in health
—and how conducive to health the games in which they indulge, the outdoor
life they enjoy, the cleanly, regular habits they should be taught to form and
the wholesome diet of which they should partake. How tenderly their health
should be preserved, not by constant medication, but by careful avoidance of
every medicine of an injurious or objectionable nature and if at any time a
remedial agent is required, to assist nature, only those of known excellence
should be used; remedies w hich are pure and wholesome and truly beneficial
in effect, like the pleasant laxative remedy, Svrup of Figs, manufactured by
the California Fig Syrup Co. Syrup of Figs has come into general favor in
many millions of well informed families, w hose estimate of its quality and
excellence is based upon personal know ledge and use.
Syrup of Figs has also met w ith the approval of physicians general. % be
cause they know it is wholesome, simple and gentle in its action. We nform
all reputable phs-sicians as to the medicinal principles of Syrup of Figs, cr lined,
by an original method, from certain plants known to them to act most benefici
ally and presented in an agreeable syrup in which the w holesome Californian
blue figs are used to promote the pleasant taste; therefore it is not a secret rem
edy and hence we are free to refer to all well informed physicians, who do not
approve of patent medicines and never favor indiscriminate self-medication.
Please to remember and teach your children also tliat the eenuine Syrup
of Figs always has the full name of the Company—California Fig Syrup .Co.
— plainly printed ofl the front of every package and that it is for sale in
bottles of one size only. If any dealer offers any other than the regular Fifty
cent size, or having printed thereon the name of any other company, do not
accept it. If you fail to get the genuine you will not get its beneficial effects.
Every family should always have a bottle on hand, as it is equally beneficial
for the parents and the children, w henever a laxative remedy is required.
"I have triad sfl Until of
dobing snd lavs nsrer found anything
*> any pries *o eempsre wdi yeur Fish
Brtnd for pm w awn foam all lands ef
Miriest Utr 4 WsrM'x Fair. 1 H 4 .
A a TOWER CO. TMlsnsfOsN*
Iras. U.S. A. ifJ***3
co.uMnro * • - *
Tensas, Cared* ASlftfl#
4 *OB
No other bodily suffering is equal to tbxt'produced by flic pain of RJm»
autism. When the poisons and acids, which cause this disease, become is
trenched in the blood there is hardly any part of the body that is not «f
iected. The muscles become sore and drawn, the nerves twitch and sting.
the joints inflame .n d m uff, the bonm ndm,
by indigestion, stomach troubles, torpid Liver, weak 1
inactive state of the system. The refuse matter instead of
through nature's avenues is left to sour and form uric acid,
poisons which are absorbed into the blood,
ail alike. In some case* it takes a .-
wandering form; It may be in the *ro**k of. Knew
arms or legs one day and in the
hands, back or other
on "t
,ree trom P**" T& uric acid and
irritating substances find lodge
otent in the muscles and joints and
aa these deposits increase the mus
cles become stiff and the joint*
locked and immovable. It matters
not in what form the disease may be
the cause is always the same —4 soar,
Asian, XXL
meglela* cured me sound eadv
ixa n. XBthaik
vital stream has lost its purity and
freshness and instead of nourish
ing: nnd feeding Use different parts
with health-giving properties, it fills them with the acids and salt* «I *Ub
painful and far-reaching disease.
intensify the pains of Rheumatism, and the sufferer to ret relief from 1
rub* the afleeted parts with liniments, oils, lotions, etc., or u
asters and other home remedies. These are desirable because they rive
porary ease and comfort but have no effect on the real trouble which ta in
blood and beyond the reach of such treatment. S. S. S. is the best rem
edy for Rheumatism, It goes into the
blood and attacks the disease at its hfg id .
and by neutralizing and driving out the
acids and building np the thin, sons
blood it cures the disease permanently.
While cleansing the blood S. S. S. tones
gill ng* a v UCGCTini C up the stomach, digestion and every
rUntLT VthtlAOLt. other put <rf the ^*ten. moffitt tM
excited nerve*, reduces the inflammation, dissolves the deposits in the joints,
relieve# all pain and completely cures this distressing disease. S. S. S. is a
certain cure for Rheumatism in any form ; Muscular, In flamm a to ry. Articu.
Ur or Sciatic. Special book on the disease and any medical advice, withon*
*""**• ^ *u-to wnto. nrffMivr —e co* atiamta . cm.
temporary ease and comfort but ba
the blood and beyond the reach of at
Lois Feurt of Saattle to Se Given
. .
Education in Pario by th*
Famous Artist.
Seattle. Wash —Madame Calve, the
celebrated prims donna, who sang
here In concert, has discovered a
young girl contralto. Lots Feurti for
whom she predicts great things. The
girl, who Is but 17 years of age. wa*
given an audience by Mme. Calve In
the Uncoln hotel, and sang with such
1 st at Ik* Floest tied flak
rtirai consists lot sreparins nvtflsk
sack Box. XSk rout stwet tor IV
ksd omit kt Iks «. H. Coflto Fisk
Thorn Is only on# ordklnsd relndok
ory Is th* world for *06,906 baste
exquisite charm that the great prints
donna, with tears ta her eyes, clasped
lhe br *" 1 '
hove the voice, you have the tern perm
ment. you have the physique, yon will
p* jrowt "
The other members of Mine Calve*
company were also amaxed at the
girl's marvelous voice, and predict a
future for her. After singing Gounod'*
"Oh. That We Two Were Maying."
Mme Calve told Mia* Feurt that she
would formally adopt her snd give her
a thorough training ta Parts._
out Iflts ratslego* *« Tsje
Seed*, rroitf* enrol-*.
et oora e peetsl etll 4.»

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