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The Cceur d'Alene Press.
Plot Is to Assassinate President
Havana, Ang. 20.--Half a dozen
lighly prominent leaders of the lib
iral barty have been taken into cus
ody on the charge of conspiracy
gainst the government and ploting
p assinate President Palma.
The events of Sunday have shown
kat the government is folly aroused
b the necessity of putting down not
ply the open outlawery in western
kiba, but also of capturing and con
ning the alleged leaders of this
Movement, who were strongly sus
jeoted of ploting the assassination of
ihe president and overthorwing the
iresent government by force. To
hat end the six members of the lib
iral party were arrested. The men
trrested here are General Caros Grac
>ia Velez and his brother Fauste, ex
Duban consul at Bremen; ex-Senator
donateguedo, Coone Manue Piedra,
jhief of police in the house of repre
lentatives, and General Enriqude
joynaz del Castillon, a former con
b-essmn from Puerto Principe pro
! Adolph Molstead is confined to his
[>me with several broken ribs and i
I badly bruised head, the result of a
Sspute with A. R. Miller over the
of a logging road on his land,
koth men are residents of the Blue
Greek neighborhood and at one time
here close friends. It seems that
liiller had a contract with Molstead
haul logs over a road through
klolstead's land and claims Molstead
[lad brokhen the contract and refused
allow him to cross the land by
konstructing a wire fence across the
Joe Tate, who has been in the em
ploy of the Coeur d'Alene & St. Joe
Transportation company as carpenter,
had a narrow escape from death this j
morning. In company with several
others he was working on the paddle
wheel of the steamer Idaho, when one
of the men gave the signal for the
power. Tate was sitting on one of 1
the wheels and was unable to get out
after it began to move. Before the .
Boise, Idaho, Aug. 20.— Charles
Spaulding, former treasurer of the
University of Illinois, and former
president of the Globe Savings bank,
Chicago, who recently completed a
term of seven years' imprisonment in
the penitentiary at Joliet for embez
zlement of funds entrusted to him,
began suit in the federal court here
yesterday against James H. Brady,
chairman of the republican state cen
1 committee, and others to recover
luable interests in the Idaho Canal
mpany and the Pocatello Power <fc
"igation company. Spaulding al
egee that while confined in the Illi
ois penitentiary he was defrauded of
is interest in these properties,
"ulding charges that through con
vance with the trustees handling
s property the Idaho men gained
ntrol of his interest in the two
perties, worth 8250,000, for 820,
0. Spaulding alleges that the
~perty involved is now payng divi
nds on more than 81,000,000.
ndpoint Will Have New Man
Sandpoint, Idaho, Ang. 20.—A
undry for Sandpoint is assured,
essrs. Perry, Mnggenstrom A
ringer, all of Spokane, were here
tnrday and cloaed a deal for the
erty. They bought several lots
Farm in addition, which were once
■ s> the ball park. The tract is
traily located, close to the Spo
~~ International. The promoters
w ordered machinery and will
a building at ones, so that the
can be Installed on its arrival.
! vince. These men are charged with
1 conspiracy.
Telegrams were sent to Santiago
directing the arrest of Juan Gulbert
Gomez of Havana, known as the col
ored orator and one of the most influ
ential of the liberal leaders. Gomez
has been campaigning lately through
out Santiago provinoe against the
government. The polioe of Santiago
were also ordered to arrest Demerioo
Gastello. Gomez and Castello are
charged with inciting to outlawry
and revolution.
The five men arrested here deny all
knowledge of why they have been ar
rested. They declare they are simply
the victims of prosecution. The po
lioe lieutenant who allowed General
Castro to escape has been arrested.
The revolutionists in Pinar del Rio
province number at last 200 and
probably more. Some ammunition
and three prisoners already have been
road several times, and he was com
pelled to cut the wire before he could
pass through. On Friday of last week
Molstead wired the road and fell
ed several trees across it, making it
impossible for Miller to pass. The
men disputed each other's rights and
Miller used an iron bar with serious
effect on Molstead's anatomy, break
ing three ribs, badly bruising his
body, and cutting several severe
gashes in his head. Miller claims
that he was attcked by Molstead, who
wielded a club and that he used the
bar in self defence.
machinery could be stopped the
wheel made one oomplete revolution,
which carried him under the water.
Being on the inride where there is
but little room be was badly crushed
between the wheel and the wall of the
paddle box. When extricated and
taken to the Coeur d'Alene hospital
it was found that severl ribs had been
broken and that be had suffered in
ternal injuries, but his condition is
not considered serious.
Mr. Perry is a practical machinist
and is working in Spokane. His
partners, Messrs. Muggenstrom and
Springer are practical foundry men.
Mr. Muggenstrom is, or has been,
foreman for the National Iron Works
at Spikane.
Vegetable Growers Expect Good
Spokane Bridge, Wash., Aug. 19.—
The MoGoldrick Lumber company has
established a camp above here on the
river and has a large force driving
logs down stream. Several thousand
of the logs were lodged against the
piers of the Coeur d'Alene A Spokane
railway trestle for three or four
days, bat the . drivers finally broke
the jam and have them moving again.
The manager of the Spokane Fruit
A Vegetable Growera' association has
been calling on resident members of
the association to try to induce them
to make up a carload of green toma
toes for the Montana market. The
growers are inclined to think they
may gat exceptionally good prioes for
the ripe products this season on sc
coun of blight in the other principal
tomatmo growing sections of the In
land Empire.
The oounty commissioners on Fri
day sent men to repair the wagon
bridge over the Spokane river at this
place, which was condemned andcloned
to traffic by an Inspector several
weeks ago. Temporary repairs were
made and tbs bridge opened. This
will allow rural route No. 1 to be re
Not only are the denizens of the menagerie at Central park. New York,
taught to do "stunts," but they have medical attention, have their teeth at
tended to and undergo surgical operations pretty much as do hnman beings.
In the accompanying Illustration a female elephant Is being taught tricks by
the daughter of Keeper Snyder. In the other picture Mr. Snyder himself la
shown in the act of plugging up an aching tooth for a favorite hippopotamus.
Property Worth $250,000,000 and
2000 Lives Destroyed
Valparaiso, Chile, Aug. 20.—At
7:15 last Thursdy evening Valparaiso
experienced an earthquake of great
severity and during the night 82
shocks were felt.
Most of the buildings of the city
are either burned or damaged. The
loss will be enormous, probably
reaching 8250,000,000. Two thous
and persons killed is considered to be
a fair estimate of the casualties.
Vina del Mar, three miles from
Valparaiso and having a population
of over 10,000; Quirihu, 225 miles
to the southward, with a population
of 255,000; Santa Limache, 15 miles
to the northwest, with a population
of 6500; Quillota, 25 miles to the
northwest, with a population of 10,
000, and villages all around were de
Most of the damage was due to fire,
which started immediately after the
first shock. The whole population
is sleeping in the hills, the parks and
Food is very scarce. Milk costs
two Chilean dollars a liter, and it is
almost impossible to obtain meat,
even at high prices.
The railroads are all destroyed.
Rain, which began to fail immedi
ately after the first shock, stopped an
hour afterward. The nights are very
cold and windy and the people sleep
ing in the open air are suffering
The captain of a steamship which
arrived from San Francisco, says the
situation here is worse than that fol
lowing the disaster at San Francisco.
London, Ang. 20. — In a cable
from Valparaiso without a date the
correspondent of the Daily Mail says:
Sixty per cent of this city has been
completly destroyed. The death roll
is very heavy. There were 82 shocks
daring Thursday night and there have
been 300 more sinoe then. The trem
ors still continue. One hundred
thousand people are homeless and
destitute. Water hae given oct- Sur
rounding towns have been destroyed
and the railroads have been cot.
Santiago, Chile, Ang. 1*.— Tha
latest news brought in here by refu
gees from Valparaiso contradicts
some of the first exagerated state
ments from there, but shows, how
ever, that the catastrophe was unusu
ally severe. Senator Or or, one of
the refugees, relates that the first
shock in Valparaiso was very prolong
ed and threw the entire city into in
describable panic. People crowded
the streets and the squares crying and
lamenting. The first shock also
threw down a number of buildings.
The second shock was mo.e severe
and resulted in the crumbling of
most of the buildings in the Almen
dral quarter.
Immediately after the second shock
the entire city was plunged into ter
rifying darkness. This, however,
did not last long, for the scene of
destruction was soon lit up by the
flames that broke out in this quarter.
The light from the flames, Senator
Groz continues, came as a welcome
relief to the darkness. The people
were in a state of terror, many be
lieving that the end of the world had
Among the buildings destroyed
were the Victoria theatre, the Bell
Vista railroad station and the Club
de Settember. Most of the severe
damage was done on the lower
grounds reclaimed from the sea.
The church of the Espiritu Santo
and the church of La Marced, as well
as a large part of the buildings on
Victoria street, were destroyed.
Masses of material blocked the
The hills surrounding Valparaiso
suffered but slightly.
More than 60,000 persons have
taken refuge there.
That porion of the city where are
the customs house and the city hall
waa not seriously damaged. A large
majority of the houses are not fit for
habitation. The storehouses of tha
customs house are almost totally des
The water pipes of tbs city were
brnta and tha water poared tbroagb
4 )
A Well Played Game Is Lost by
Coeur d'Alene
The locals were taken In by the S.
A. A. C. yesterday afternoon for the
third time, with a score of 10 to 5.
The game was an exoiting one for the
first six innings, the locals making
four scores in the first inning, to the
delight of the tans, and not until the
fourth Inning did the visitors tie this
score, when the boys went wild, al
lowing the Spokaneites to win four
without much opposition.
Daring the fifth end sixth innings
neither side scored, but in the seventh
the visitors brought two more tallies,
making the score six to four in their
favor. The locals came to bat with
good intentions and for a while it ap
peared as If they would tie the score
again, bat they only m&nagsged to
make one score, leaving the visitors
in the lead by one, and in the eighth
inning they netted three more, and in
the ninth one more, making their to
tal ten, and the total for the locals
The grandstand was crowded to
overflowing, the bleachers were in
the same condition, and many found
seats along the fence. There was
probably the largest crowd in attend
Evidences are gathering in force
to show that the people of Idaho
intend to make a square issue with
the Mormon church to roe which are
to control in that state—American
citizens or the polygamous apostles.
The contest does not arise too
noon. While this self-respecting cit
izenship of Idaho lias been gathering
force to make this fight, the hierarchy
have been invading the stale with
crime, with grafting, and with politi
cal corruption. Polygamists have
been protected in their offenses; they
have taken new wives since the mani
festo; they have continued to live
and beget children in the polyagmous
relation. The church has caused ap
propriations of money to be made
from the publie treasury to sustain
its commercial enterprise. Wherever
the hierarchy have had the power
they have degraded the public offices
and the politics to such a state of
corruption that, for some of |bsr lo
calities at least, Idaho stands ar
raigned before the nation.
The last assertion is a strong one,
and yet one single instanoe will
prove that it is a moderate expres
sion: William Budge, who testified
in Washington that he was the chief
Mormon of Idaho, and was living
with three wives, procured the elec
tion of his own sou as judge of the
district in which William Budge re
sides. Another son was district at
torney. Under the protection of the
court and its offices, William Budge
continued to defy the law. Tell that
else in the United
The Spokane Plumbers' union fill
ed the town yesterday and enjoyed a
jolly time at their annual picnic.
They made a triumphant entry with
a special train and brass band early
in the morning and contiuned to en
joy themselves until late in the even
ing. They must have been 500
Three dancing barges of the Caras
callon Bros, fleet were chartered and
anchored ont on the lake and the tug
Telephone pressed into commission to
oarry the picnicers to and from the
dock. Their band paraded the streets
on ar.ivai, bat remained with the
barges later in the day. The parka
were filled and the streets were crowd
ed, and in all the town appeared to
be celebrating a second July 4.
Roger* Building Completed.
The Rogers building is practically
completed and is S credit to the town,
and adds much to the appearance of
Bherman street. Tbs building mater
ial used in this building is of the
ci onsets s t ems variety, m e nu fac tored
by Guy Bugera, whose Intention it
was to damenotiato the ehswposes sod
good quantise at this material, and
ance of the season. A large number
of these were Spokane parties who
took great delight in rooting and
making small beta on the batter,
much money changed hands.
The work of Tracy, pitcher for tha
8. A. A. C. was good, inasmuch as
the locals failed to find the hits, bat
Plummer did the better work of the
two. Tracy allowed three men beans
on balls, and has but two strikeouts
to his credit, while Plummer has sev
en stirkeouta and did not allow any
bases on balls. During the eighth
inning when the visitors were doing
some heavy hitting, Captain Middle
ton took Plummer out of the box and
did tbs twirling himself, much to the
disgust of the fans, for tbs Palouser
was working steady, his curves and
balls were breaking even, and while
his work waa not exceptional, he waa
playing good ball. In the ninth inn
ing, Middleton allowed on 1 man base
on ball, and struck ow out. The
locals have a total of ten errors for
the game, which is something unusu
al for them, especially for the inflsld
who have done good playing this sea
States and see how quickly publio
indignation would overthrow the
criminal and corrupt jndietary! la
there anywhere else in this nation
where publio conscience is so dead
and public sentimentality so degraded
that American citizens will not con
sider that Idaho must wash her skirts
of this iniquity pr stand in her shame
before the worldT
The method which is now proposed
is to make effective the constitution
of the state of Idaho which prohibits
any polygamist, or adhereut of a
church which teaches or practices po
lygamy, from voting or holding office.
The Deseret News says that will dis
franchise all Mormons; and the min
or Mormon prints in Idaho acaept
the iuterpertation made by the chief
organ of the church. Bo be it then.
The Idaho constitution has been ac
cepted by this nation. It is expres
sive of the highest sentimentalities of
the country. If the enforcement of
its provisions will reduce ell Mor
mons in the state to their old vaaae
lage, the Mornon church alone is re
Idaho people cannot do better than
to wage this battle now. The proud
citizenship of that spendld state
should assert Itself and right the
wrong before the hlerachy shall have
gained such additional power, by
corrupt bargaining, as to make the
war more coetly and more painful to
the loyal people of the state. See
what a bitter conflict wages hers, and
realize that you, citizens of Idaho,
may redeem your state in one cam
paign.- Halt Lake Tribune.
it can be safely said that he has done
The building has a full basement,
is one story high, and has one store
room which will be occupied by the
Norquist department store, C. W. Nor
quist, prop., and will be oue of the
I best furnished and have one of the
neatest stocks in the city. C. W.
Norquist comes from Kallispel,
Mont., well recommended, and is a
man of business ability, making his
business relations in this city wel
1 come and pleasant. The store opens
on about the 25th of this month.
Harden Lake Is Popular.
[s Since the opening of the electric
extension to Hayden lake, that place
has proved itself to be the mecca of
the pleasure seekers and lovers of na
ture. Each day witnesses the arrival
of new camping parties and fisher
men, for the real fishing of the s ea so n
has just commenced. Yesterday af
ternoon over 600 people ware in evi
dence at tha resort. Tha cam warn
filled to overflowing at all t im es.
The crowds will be larger until the
season draws to a class, which will
not be soon.

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