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The Cceur d'Alene Press.
New Process Makes Opening for
Big Industry Here
Hie following article is reproduced
from the ' 'Technical Engineer, ' ' and
is an interesting contribution on the
subject of the distillation of aloohol
from sawdust: Prof. Alexander Clas
sen, of the technical college at Aix
la-Chapelle, Germany, has worked
out a thoroughly practicable and com
mercially successful method of mak
ing alcohol from sawdust. It differs
from the process formery exlpoited,
in that to convert the cellulose into
glucose, gaseous sulphurous acid is
utilised, instead of sulphuric acid,
which it is difficult and costly to re
move. i
The first ^illustration shows the
stills and apparatus used in the manu
facture of the sulphurous acid, and
also, in the rear, of the right, the
"digester," in which the sawdust is
treated. The digester is a revolving
iron drum, lined with lead, which is
necessary to resist the aotion of the
acid. The charge of sawdust is put
into this drum, and is mixed with
one-third its weight of the acid solu
tion. The drum is then revolved,
its jacket being meanwhile filled
with steam which rises the charge to
temperature of 295 deg. P. The
1 heat causes the sulphurous acid gas
! to act on the cellulose of the sawdust
glucose being formed. Three hours
are required to complete the process,
during which time the pressure of the
expanding gases rises to over 100
pounds per sqaure inch. The excess
steam and sulphurous gas then pass
together into absorbing tanks, and
are thus saved to be used again later.
The digester now no longer contains
sawdust, but simply wood fiber and
glucose or sugar together with a few
other minor products formed by the
1 action of the heat and acid as well as
the pressure. The sugar, with the
sawdust fiber, goes into exhaustion
tanks; and the sugar, of which about
Rebel Army in Cuba Is Rapidly
Havana, Cuba, Aug. 25.—Unoffi
Havana, Cuba, Aug. 25.—Unoffi
cial advices received from the west
ern part of the province of Pinar del
Rio are to the eflect that the insur
gent forces, now-concentrating west
of San Juan de Martinez, are far
more formidable than had been sup
posed, and also are better supplied
for a long and aggressive campaign.
Pino Guererra's following in Pinar
del Rio now is certainly from 1500
to 2000 men.
A Draft for $700.
Notwithtsanding the heavy loasea of
the insurance companies through the
San Fmcisco fire, my agency is able
to adjust all losses in an incredibly
abort time. This is proven by the
fhct that in 10 days after the destruc
tion of Homer King's residence at Hay
den Lake by fire, I presented him
with a draft for the fall amount in
sured, being $700.
Michael Shaffner died last evening
at 3:50 o'clock after a short illness.
The deceased was 69 years of age and
had served 10 years in the United
States army, passing through the civ
il war, and was a member of the
Fourth Infantry at Fort Sherman for
many years. He came to this city
in 1891 and has many friends among
those who served in the army with
him and among the residents.
Of his relatives, but two remain to
mourn his lass, one a brother in Mis
souri and s sister who resides in Illi
nois. The funeral services will be
held under the auspices of the G. A.
R. of which ha is a member, belong
ing to A. T, McSeynolds, Post Num
85 per cent is fermentable, is washed
out. The water passes through these
exhaustion tanks continuously, wash
ing out the glucose completely, in
this experimental plant ten vats be
ing in use for this purpose, with a
capacity of 36 gallons each. They
are connected by valves and pipes in
such a way that the contents of any
one tub can be emptied into any
other; and when the oontents of one
vat have been treated with ten wash
ings, that vat is emptied and refilled.
A long ton of sawdust prodr ces a
solution containing about 500 pounds
of sugar, of which about 75 or 80 per
cent is fermentable, when treated
with yeast, the remaining portion be
ing non-fermentable.
Hie next process takes place in the
"neutralizing tank," where the so
lution from the exhaustion vats is neu
tralized with calcium carbonate. If
this were not done, the sulphurous
acid which might be carried over, or
any organic acid which is formed,
would destroy the yeast >n the next
step in the manufacture of alcohol.
This next step is fermented. The
solution is kept at a constant temper
ature and yeast is added, fermenta
tion taking place very quickly. The
process from this step on is similar to
that whioh takes place in distilleries,
the solution passing from the fer
menting vats to the stills.
A remarkable feature of this pro
cess is the fact that the sawdust after
leaving the exhaustion vats, can be
used for fuel; for, although its vol
ume constantly diminishes after each
step in the process, still its value as
fuel remains unchanged, no compon
ent having a fuel value having been
The process is constantly being im
proved, and about 25 gallons of abso
lute alcohol is now obtained from a
| long ton of sawdust, or about double
| that quantity of crude alcohol.
Has Established an Agency.
E. S. Smith, manager for the
Equitable Savings and Loan Associa
tion, of Portland, is a visitor in the
city, and has established an agency
at the First National bank Which is
under the supervision of G. S. Sar
gent. The advertisement of the com
pany appears in this issue.
Bk P. Excursion Rates.
Notify your friends in the east
how cheaply they may visit you.
Round trip from St. Fhul. Minneapo
lis, Duluth and Superior to Portland
aad ail Sound points, §60; to Spo
kane, -155. From Chicago to Port
land and all Sound points, $75; Spo
kane, $70. These tickets are good
to return via sontera route if desired.
Dates of sale, Jane 1 to Sept. 15,
1906, final limit, Oct. 31, 1906.
ber 19, department of Idaho, but no
date has been set and nothing will be
done until word is received from his
brother. The remains are in charge
of G. Arthur Goble, of the Idaho
Unndertaking company.
Miss Susan Davis will spend Sun
day. with her parents.
Clyde Walker will spend Sunday
on the Coeor d'Alene river.
A continuation of the Danner bank
ruptcy cnee, of Post Falls, was held
before Referee Potts in his office in
this city yesterday.
Charles Sooysmlth, expert in the pneumatic caisson method for foundations
of large buildings and the freezing process of subaqueous tunneling, is a But
falonian by birth and fifty years old. He Is a civil engineer by heredity, his
father having been an eminent member of that profession The Pennsylvania
Railroad company is spending $100,000 under the East river. New York, in
experimenting with Mr. Sooysmlth's freezing process.
Ratifies Business of
The Commercial club held a called
meeting last evening for the purpose
of considering the recommendations
of the executive committee in regard
to turning over $200 to J. P. Quillau
as a trustee to apply ou the purchase
price of the ten acres of land to be
donated to the Lutheru college. The
matter was put to in the form of a
motion and the recommendation of
the committee.
The club also ratified the action of
the executive committeee and ap
pointed Mayiv Collins, Geo. F.
Steele, Ira H. Shall is and T. A.
Daughters to assist F. D. Wiuuand
P. J. Quillan in the soliciting of
funds for the $25,000 donation to the
Lutheran college.
Attorney Flynn was instructed to
reconstruct the bylaws and make
them conform with the articles of in
corporation, and Geo. Steele propos
ed the name of G. P. Gunderson for
membership to the club.
There was considerable discussion
as to the legality of secretary
Philip Harding becoming a member
of tbe board of directors. T. A.
Daughters noised the question as to
whether be bad ever Ilea made a
member of the blub, and stated that
The M. W. A. Uniform Team will
give a picnic tomorrow aud Monday
and have chartered tbe steamer Boueta
of the White Star line, which will
carry them up the lake, leaving the
electric dock at nine o'clock in tbe
morning and returning Monday.
This is the second excursion by tbe
M. W. A. this season, tbe first being
so popular that they are repeating it.
Tbe usual games and sports will tie
indulged in and there will be plenty
of provisions.
The Church and Saloon •
Next Sunday, at tbe Christian
church, corner Ninth and Indiaxa
streets, tbe minister will p re ach at
eleven o'clock, taking as his theme
Rom. 8:28, "Alt things working to
gether for good. " At eight o'clock
in the evening "The Church and tbe
Saloon" will be the subject discussed.
Next Wednesday evening the union
prayer meeting will be held at this
Tbe Press wants a mas or woman
to solicit subscriptions either on aal
if he had not he could not legally be
come a director. There was much
discussion over this question, in
which a number of the members of
the club stated they were in favor of
retaining Pbilp Harding in the capac
ity of secretary and also as a member
of the board of directors and spoke of
his efficient work since be has been
connected with the club. Tbe dis
cussion disclosed the fact that he had
been employed as secretary of the
club but that be bad not been a mem
ber. The club left tbe matter to the
new board of directors on motion of
J. C. White.
Visiting in the City.
Mrs. H. L. Doble and daughters re
turned from a two months' visit with
friends and relatives in tbe Sound
country, where Mrs. Doble was seek
ing better health. Her condition is
considerably improved and they re
P ort 8 good time.
- . -
Arthur Cappalin, who was confined
to tbe Coeru d'Alene hospital for
some time with a severe case of blood
poisoning, kfft yesterday for his
home in Minneapolis.
Dr. Grant and wile of Wallace, are
visitors in the city, and will spend a
few days with Dr. aud Mrs. Craik.
E. J. Daughters and family, who
have been spending a few days visit
ing T. A. Daughters and family, left
for their home in Salt Lake City,
Utah, yesterday.
C. H. Potts, referee in bankruptcy
received tbe bankruptcy papers of
Chas. L. Brickell, of Rathdrum, yes
Mrs. I. S. Harvey will leave tomor
row morning for a two months' visit
to Janesville, Idaho. During her ab
>ee Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rodrick
will occupy her residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rasa of Union
City, Penn., are visitor* in the city
and looking for a location for a
home. They have spent s e ve ra l day*
her* and are fbvorably imprmned.
Their location hat* will be the as*ams
of bringing other e as t ern people to
this city.
Holding County Convention In
This City
The Kootenai county socialist* are
out in full force and holding their
county convention in the McFarland
hall today. There was a total attend
ance of about 65 delegatee from the
different precincts.
The'convention was called to order
at eleven o'clock this morning and
elected John G. Koch of Rathdrum,
as temporary chairman, and J. H. C.
Scurlock, of Saudpoint, as temporary
secertary. The temporary organiza
tion was made permanent and the fol
lowing persons on the committee on
credentials were appointed:
A. O. Smith, Lane; F. C. Runyon,
Rathdrum; and W. L. Summers of
Harrison. On the oommittee on reso
lutions three was appointed Scurlock,
Hubbard, E. S. Van Hosteen, 8. A.
Stowe, and W. O. Fuller. Following
these appointments the meettiug ad
journed at one o'oclook to conveue at
three, when the reports of committees
will be heard and a ticket nominated.
Constantine's Vision.
"In Hoc Vinces—In Hoc Bingo
Spes Men," or Constantine Revised,
will be the subject at the Presyterian
church Sunday morning. A contest
for new aud old scholars will be
launched at the Sabbath school that i
meets at 10. m. There will be no
evening servicea at the church as the
congregation will Join in the revival
meetings at the Fort Chapel.
At 3 p. m. ou Sunday there will 0 e
a gospel service at the chapel in the ,
Fort to which all will l>e welcome.
In connection with this meeting the.
preliminary stei>s will be taken for
tlie reopening of tbo Sunday school,
Rev. aud Mrs. Spicer willl have
charge of the evening service at 8
o'clock when an excellent program
of song aud sermon will Ik* rendered,
The meetings will continue at the
Fort during the week and the public
Baltic Provinces the Scene of
St. Petersburg, Aug. 25.—The
Baltic provinces are seethuig with
anarchy. From all the chief centers
in that section come reports of out
rages and claahes between tbe police
and torrtorist*. Several bomb out
rages were committed yesterday aud
tbe day before.
Factory handn in tbe Bakmut dis
trait held a meeting yestenlay, at
which incendiary speeches were made.
The authorities summoued the Cos
sacks and a detachment of the latter
appeared on the scene. The crowd
refused to disperse, with tbe result
that the soldiers opened fire, killing
and wounding many.
Low Rates East.
The Northern Pacific offers the fol
lowing rates to eastern points: To
Chicago and return, $61, date* of
sale July 2 and 3, August 7, 8 and
9, Sept. 8 and 10. St. l>aul, Minne
apolis, Duluth, Kansas City. St. Jos
eph. Leavenworth. Omaha, Council
The democratic county convention
will reassemble at Rathdrum Monday
for the purpose of nominating legis
lative and county tickets. A number
of persons are mentioned for the var
ious offices, but none are sctive can

Leave Boise Without Explana
Boles, Idaho, Aug. 25.—Attorneys
for She defense in the Stennenberg
murder caw hare again scattered,
leaving this afternoon and tonight
for different points. K. F. Richard
aoa to* goo* took to Daw and
will be made welcome.
Labor Sunday pro wise* not only to
be somewhat unique at the Preebyter*
lan church hut also quite interesting.
It comes on September 2 this year,
and will be given the right of way
both morning and evening servioea.
All unions and labor organisations
will be weolomed either as individu
als or in a body and such as report
the prospective attendance will be
given reserve in the sittings of the
churoh. In addition to the special
programs of music for the day sub
jects bearing directly upon labor and
the social organism will be discussed.
is for
Home Team Will Line up With
Dodd Clothing Company
The local base bail team will play
tbe Dodd Clothiers tomorrow at
Athletic park, the game being called
at three o'clock. This is the team
that showed the boys of this city bow
to play ball ou July 1, and carried
away the money. The locals are ask
ing the question, "Can they do it
again?" The only way to answer it
them to play better than they
did when they were defeated by the
S. A. A. G. The game with the War
wicks proved that tbe boys were out
of form in the previous games, and
there is a chance for a good game to
, morrow.
The Steamer Queen, owned by A.
Kennedy A Son, is receiving a treat
meat of jialut aud general repairing.
The boat baa been out of commission
for several days but will resume its
regular work Monday. Among other
things u new thrust bearing is Isdug
installed and the engines are being
thoroughly overhauled.
Bluffs. Sioux City and Ft, Williams,
$52.50. Dates of sale same as above;
stopovers will be allowed west of the
Miseouri river. Tickets good for 90
July 19, final return limit Septem
ber 20.
Toronto, Out., Sept. 8 and 10, go
ing limit September 22, return limit
November 30, New Orleans, La.,
Oct. 7 and 8, going limit Oct. 16,
return Nov. 16.
Kates for above points have not yet
been named through but will be
up by addition of tbe special rates
used by eastern roads and our excur
sion rate of one fare plus $10 for
round trip. Complete information
will be given later.
Return trip through California
be a rrauged.
Dr. Boyington aud wife left for
Chatcollet this morning, where they
will spend Sunday.
Clarence Darrow is on his way to
Spokane and Portland. The latter
said he was coming lack to attend
the irrigation congress. Noth inches
leaked out indicatnig why they as
sembled here at thie time. No move
has been made in the case so far as
cwj ^ The prosecution is
entirely in the dark as to
of the v is it.
the 1
Scrub yourself daily, you're
clean inside. Clean inside --
clean stomach, bowels, blood, llvar,
clean, healthy tissue in every organ.
Moral—Take Hollister's Rooky
Mountain Tea. 36 rente, Tea or Tob
lete. The Coeor d'Alene Drug cow

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