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Coir* it lun. Idaho
One year. In advance ______ ..
Hit DObU>*, In advance
By earner, mekly ...........
JOS. T. HOOTT. - Kdlror and Fdblitoer
TO AJ>\ X K TI - EK.-.- A-1 ropy I'rt rbauw, <IT
new asrertfetas meet t« in th* oBVt I .5 11
oWoek fci|iw:*ii» liiwrwa<m ihof day A<1
iwnwi who *l«h their adeeruHnetit dlaeon
ttewnd mm twtlly the toim-.. #nk* ittoit 11
a dock a. dl
The Press is fearless in exposing
wrong methods in politics and among
public officials. In giving the peo
pie information regarding the unfit
ness of Bartlett Sinclair tor the ap
pointment to a position as deputy
county attorney we mentioned his al
leged crooked Philippine record,
Sinclair and hi. political associates
that it would be a shrewd political
move to have ns arrested on the
charge of criminal libel. The matter
was fully discussed and two or three
days before the arrest County Attar
ney Wbitla informed persns in this
city that the arrest was to be made.
Sheriff Doost came to Ceour d'Alene
with th» .. _ , .
with the warrant and took particular
1 " nun>ber ot
people before serving the same. In
Rathdram the matter was kept a pr£
found secret. Al Filson, of the North
Idaho News waa to have been arrested
the following day, but the matter was
reconsidered when it became known
AI* 11 .. t„ ...... . . . , ,
Alan* in particular. Instead of ben
exiting the republican ticket. It
caused many republicans to announce
that machine methods In the manipu
totlon of the county offices were bad j
enough, but when the ring resorted
to such tohenteaaa arresting those op
----j a. , u " 7 .
gred to Ito me thod. It waa too much.
tonight democratic ticket, which is
of ole » n mac lighting for
Ite beat interests of the people.
On account of the uncertain post
'ttoo of the republican machine ticket
cm eoonty division, high taxes,' ring
rmle and the disreputable attacks of
ataclair and bis henchmen, we pro
diet that the democratic ticket will
have from 200 to 400 majority in
that our arrest had resulted in a big
revolt in the county, and at Coeur d'
Oomr d'Alene alone. This predic
tion to based on the fact that the
l ead ing republicans among business
i and oitisens are supporting the
democratic ticket ou principle and
tor honest government.
Tacoma Jurist Says Woman Is
Nearer Acme.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 15.—"If n
man and woman marry expecting to
(t»d themselves perfectly happy they
are going to be disappointed every
time; but with my experience with
mankind I have found that the worn
an to much nearer }>erfectlon than
man," said Judge Buell from the
bench today. "She will put up with
more, make more sacrifices and show
more character than a man any time,
"I have very broad views on the
divorce question. 1 don't believe in
granting divorree to couples who
Kmmsa »v. .. - » i, i- . wltx# jl.i -
have children unless U to .haoluteiy
impossible for them to gst along and
times* every effort has been exhausted
*° keep them together; but I do be
leive in gnuitiug a couple who have
no children who have found their
marriage relations a failure, a dl
voree that they oan go out and find a
Ufa partner that will be more congen
ial. That may be pretty broad, but I
believe the intention of marriage waa
to make man and woman happy and
that a mistaken jump into matrimony
to often the means of making two per
mm uuhmppy. vl
San Franeiseo Is Suffering
from Lawlessness
Ban Franc iaco, Oct. 16.—Com
mencing almost as eoou as darkness
fell, the police were kept busy to
Bight investigating reports of hold
ups and robberies.
K. Yoshimo, a Japanese, reported
that he was held up by three men,
one ot whom had a gaa pipe for s
weapon, at Oak and Baker streets,
about 9 o'clock. While one of the
footpad* held Yoahimo the other two
went through hia po ckets and robbed
him of 938. A litUe later R E.
Stsbbins reported to the Park police
station that be had been held up by
two armed highwaymen at Fifth aven
ue and A street, who took 1160 from
bto pockets. About 10 o'clock R.
E. Schulze reported that while walk-'
lag through Alta plaza be was stop
ped by a man who ordered him to
throw up hia hands. Schulze saya be
bad a shot at the footpad, who turn
ed and fled.
W- D. Culver, of the Mutual Life
faaarenee company, of Boise, Idaho,
ta a visitor in the city.
About & Few
N Sept. 15 Lie .;
tenant Gen
era! Henry C.
Corbin went on
the retired list of
the army. He served
less than six months
at the head of
Uncle Sam's mil
itary force and did
not assume the de
tail of chief of staff
to which be was
entitled by his rank but"to«e*d t^k
command of the northern division
of the army with headquarters at St.
Louis. It is understood he will now
hls home In Washington. Gen
* ral CorWn ha * best known as ad
,ut * nt ** DeraI of th " army, hut be ha,
j^^tlng wvlee In the field in tb,
service of the United State* as a sec
ond lieutenant In the Eighty-third Ohio
volunteer lufantry In 1882. He saw
fou r years of active service at this
tinl * sod was honorably discharged
w,ttl the brevet of brigadier genera'
A , f< T we *' k * ** ter ** waa commit
*1"^ In the regular
army and assigned to the Seventeenth
infantry. Shortly afterward he was!
appointed to a captaincy and assigned
to the Thirty-eighth lufantry and for
twelve years thereafter be was con
tlntwualy In command of his company
a * stations In the west, engaged In In
d ' an c * m pelgnlpg and frontier dnty
¥** lnl I* >rtn «R services were ren
dered during the Spanish war, when h:> j
waa adjutant general. He retained
ttal P°« he became a major
general and until he waa advanced to
be lieutenant general last April, but
after the organization of the genera!
* n 18*8 he waa In command of
tb * <ip P«rtraent of the east with bend
nufir,< " r * 1 at New York at »d was also in
the previous
to tRR!nif hi* most recent command.
thM of nnrthm , dtTt . lon of thc
BrmT la,t '"l***®* official act
was a report In favor of restoration of i
the canteen system.
Roger C. Sullivan of Chicago, who
has become conspicuous through his
controversy with William J. Bryan, is
connected with several prominent Chl
w *° corporation*. including the Ogden
Gaa ^mpniiy and Cosmopolitan Elec
trlc com t ,an y- It Is on account of his
corporation connections that Sir. Bryan
objects to his prominence to the Dem
ocratic organization. Mr. Sullivan was
born to Beivldere.
111 ., to 18U1 and
made hia entry into
politics as rusto
diau of the Cook
County hospital. In
1880 be was ap
pointed deputy col
lex-tor of Internal
revenue and to 1890
was chosen clerk of
the Chicago probate
Mr. Sullivnu la at
the Ik.-mo
cratlc national com
mitteetuan from H
llnoia. Mr. Bryan
t>ro * ? pt
h»* maintained that his election to tills
post was not legal and while to Europe
sent a request that Mr. Sullivan tender
his resignation of the office to the In
terest of the party. This Mr. Bull! van
declined to do, anil be secured action
* roul **•* I*emooratlc state convention
whlt * TV. " an UM ' or **'
°* Attitude, The Mine con
T „ ntloo iaamml Mr Bryiln ., ^ Js
diuo- for the presidential nomination to
ujus. - in his recent Chicago speech iir.
Bryan said be did not went an indorse
ment given under such circumstance
and be made some quite pointed re
tt ' nrk * about the coatee pursued by
Committeeman Sullivan.
Another Sullivan to the public eye Is
J® 111 *"* E. Sullivan of New York, the
athlete and manager of athletics who
*° k,n *
?!*T! £ T*** ' B
usetion with tbs Olympic games at
Athens last spring. Mr. Sulllvau. who
waa a prominent figure In connection
with the world's fair at St Louis,
where he had charge of the physical
culture de|>arttnent Is secretary of
the American Athletic union and waa
American commissioner to the Olym
pic games. Hi* work In this rapacity
was so much appreciated that Ktay
George singled him out for special
honor soil conferred upon him -the
golden cross of the Royal Order of the
Saviour. , The be
stowal of this deco
ration Is the exclu
sive privilege of
the king. The Royal
Order of the Sav
iour Is the toon
honorable order In
Greece. Its member
ship Including sot
e reign ». ambassa
dors, cabinet mlrlk
ten* and command
lag generals.
Mr. Sulllvau was
born to New York
forty-six years ago
mu z. ai LLtvAjt and ttww.yt. his hair
Is uow gray be still looks e very Inch
the athlete. Hia athletic career be
gan when, aa a sc h oo lb oy of eigbtasn.
be entered a walking match, and
waa ruheeqoentiy succaaaful to
teats to running, toibg J nmgda i
kicking HUi baatowm to timt at a
publisher of book* on athletics and
•porta He wee assistant director of
•ports at tbs Paris exposition of 1900
and was In chaise of the athletics of
the Pan-American exposition at Buf
falo. Under his direction the physical
culture department of the Lonislana
Purchase exposition was one of the
most successful features of that en
Senator Thomas C. Platt, who now
that the fall campaign has bsgnn is
again a figure In politics, celebrated
his seventy-third birthday the past
summer. He was at Manhattan Beach,
a favorite resort with him, and some
newspaper men were offering their
"Life," said the senator, "is a fleet
ing thing The longest life passes like
a dream. Nothing is
so amazing, so be
wildering. as time's
swift flight"
He smiled.
"Imagine," he said.
"how impressed with
time's flight old Hen
ry Skerrttt of Owe
go was. Henry ran
a-ray from his fam
ily a year after his
marriage. That
deserter read In the personal column:
" 'If Henry Skerrttt, who twenty
three years ago deserted his poor wife
and babe, will return borne said babe
_____________ ______
about 1RH0, and a few months ago,
taking up a local paper In Chicago, the
wfil be glad to knock the stuffing
of him.' "
William H. Crane, who recently open
ed his season In New York In Alfred
Sutro's "The Price of Money," was
once asked bow It was that he never
attempted serious Shakespearean roles,
"But I did once," replied the come
dian. "Years ago In the west I played
'Hamlet.' "
"Did you. IndeedT' said an admirer
_ and friend. "Didn't
wnuAmLCEAM.^ that he was
assigned a part that came near being
too heavy for him. He waa under
study for the leading man of the com
and It became his duty at a crit
you have a great
success? Didn't the
audience call you
before the curtain?"
"Call me," replied
Crane. "Why, man
they dared me!"
It was to Crane's.
early days on the
leal time to lift up the fainting heroine
and convey her to the wings.
At the time mentioned Mr. Crane
waa alight and anything but strong, an
that the task assigned was extremely
difficult, when It Is considered that the
leading woman weighed nearly 2 "
After sundry attempts to accomplish
the "buslne«#'' assigned him, with llttl-e
hope of Its accomplishment the strain
eras broken by the hearty laughter of
the audience, for a strong, shrill voice
from the gallery had shouted:
"For heaven's sake. man. take whni
you can and come back for the rest!"
The Countess Tolstoi, whose serious
Illness is reported, has always Insisted
on protecting her busnand's health, hb
property and his financial lntcre'cs
and It is due to her that Count ToWo*
is alive today and able to give his g -
Ins to the service of the world. Count
sea Tolstoi has been an ideal tuot pe
ts her thirteen children, eight of whom
are still riving. She taught her chil
dren music and English herself an;*
has for years had complete charge of
the publishing and sale of her hus
band's books. Had It not been for her
the count would have carried his doc
trines to the extreme
Hmlt, and the family
would now be pennl
No one la more
**»• nv ww ** uiur?
reedy to give the
countess tribute than
her husband, and.
while their ideas dtf
far radically, they
are yet extremely
happy together
When her husband
wss ax communicated
from the Greek
church of Russia she
wrote: "God will be
lenient to thorn who even outside the
church have lived a lire of humility
renunciation of the good things of this
world, love and devotion. His pardon
to surer for them than for those whose
miters and decorations sparkle with
precious stones, but who strike and
expel from the church those ore
whom they are set as pastors."
Frost on the Pumpkin'
With "
WINTER signals her near approach—WINTER
bringing her long train ofBLACK NIGHTS. The
prescription we recommend for DARKNESS in the
HOME.... _ -
B—Incandescent Electric Lights
MIX the S-16-24 an< ^ C. P. Varieties
Take every night befor* going to bed aid give the whole family
_ similar doses
THE CONSUMERS COMPANY, Ltd., is free to fill ail
such Electrical Prescriptions.
9^Ask for a sample of our juice.
Bring Quick Results
Turn Colorado River.
Imperial Junction, Col., Oct. 16.
—Seldom baa a more desperate buttle
with nature been waged than that
for the turning of the Colorado river.
When Rockwood gate went out last
Thursday a great disappointment waa
occasioned, but the outlook is much
Yesterday the treetle below the gate
was repaired, 100 cars of rock being
dumped as an experiment *| Shis j
morning the rock was found in the j
same position, indicating that the soil 1
was firm enough to support. An -1
other trestle is being built beside the
first, the rock being dumped between 1
them, making a broad fill, it is now j
thought probable that the engineers
will be able to fill the channel in 10 j
days, insuring turning of the river
by the end of the month.
Hay and Grain.
Phone your orders to the Brown i
Table Supply company, for the best
groceries, flour, vegetables and fruit, j
The BROWN'S. Phone 162. I
$3900.00—ite acres ol fine farm laud, SB
acres iu meadow, and 100 acres ot level land.
Fine spring water-, log house ai d frame
l*arn; located three miles from Coeur
*H60Z»-Two acres of No. 1 farm land with *
a 3-room house, i»ultry house and woo.* !
shed. 100 frnlt trees. This is a snap.
new •
cits !
S-ionm house, hath room and pantry
water: good oultraiMiogs. (
*1000.00- Will imrchaae a large lot, 35x187!* :
feet, with a good 3-room house and out- '
buildings. j |
Will buy three house*, two 3-room
house, and one 7-rootn plastered house al
most new; two lots 30x130 feet, one a corner;
good outlHUldtags; flue location; close lu.
*375 00- Will htrv a baneh of three lots. *11
fenced. This Is a bargain.
Robt.W. Collins
Real Estate Insurance Loans
Suite 8, Wiggrtt block
-R. W. WARREN, Manager
Thursday Night, Oct. 18
Wilson Barrett's
Powerful and Ex
pressive Drama
SI.SO. 91, 79c, 50c, 25c
Exchange National B&nk
Of Coeur D'Alene, Idabo
Capital Paid Up ■ $100,000.00
Report of Condition at close of
Business, Sepi 4, 1906:
. v
Loans and Discounts....... $361,436.23
U. S. Bonds at cost.................... 26,250.00
Banking house and fixtures............. 37,353.19
Cash on hand and due from banks........
Due from U. S. Treasurer .... 1,250.00
Capital Stock paid in..................$100,000.00
Surplus and profits less expenses and divi*
dends paid....................... 12,985.23
Circulation............................ 25,000.00
Deposits.................... 501,382.22
\ * $639,367.45
Our Business Has More Than
Doubled in One Year
■ 19
Hotel Idaho
European Plan
Coeur d'Alene
Most modern and best
equipped hotel in the
State of Idaho.
New and Second
Hand Goods
Suter & Son
Good- Bought and Sold. Stoves
.inti household effects
a specialty
Lakeside Si. next Coeur d'Alene Lanndrv
Coeur d'Alene Livery
Livery. Feed, Transfer
Phone No. 88 __J
Night and
C»b ana Messen
ger Service
Coeur d'Alene Cab Co.
Interstate Phone 15 Bell Phone 133
And you enjoy the burning
A. E. Ashcraft's
Billiard and Pool
The Best of
Sherman street, near electric depot
Real Estate Loans
mode by the
EqaftaMe Savings* Loan Association
Your monthly rent will buy you a
home on our installment plan. Call
at the First National Bank and have
our method explained to you.
Lt*l Lasa Ages! Csear d' Alene, Maks
A buyer for 20 or 40
acres of good farm land,
5-room house, good barn,
6 acres in fruit. Will
sell either 20 or 40 acres
with improvements. 2^
miles from P. O., y? mile
from end of city pipe line.
Terms to suit purchaser.
C. A. DeSaussure
| Office al hivc Coeur d'Alene Drug Store
The Spokane Bar
GOLDSMITH BROS., Proprietors
A free lunch all day loi
and the best oyster
cocktails ever
Oysters fresh twice each da>
Your Name on Our
is proof sufficient you are insured in
solvent company
and pays 100 cents on a dollar if Vo
have a loss is the kind of insurance w
write. If your name isn't on us
books, have us put it there. Tram
ter some ot that insurance of yours t
os. It's good advice and you won'
regret it.
Dittemore Bldg Sherman 8

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