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To the Public
The Pre*» will deen H a apeelal favor It pat
ron* who (all to receive their paper regularly
will report the «aire to the office, a* It I* our
only means ol knowing how the carrier* are do
ing their work.
We will pay a reward of $tt for evidence that
will convict anyone o( stealing papers after
they are delivered to residences.
Cabs and Messengers, Phone 153.
Col. O. H. Bndlong was a Spokane
vi tutor today.
For olumbing, see Desell.
C. H. Bart, of Rathdrnm and E.
J. Pramiil, of Oaksdale, are Coear
d'Alene visitors.
Entire store fixtures of the P ilaoe
Cloak <fc Sait bo 'se for sale cheap.
Deputy Sheriff D. Adams was a
Coear d'Alene visitor, serving fore
closure mortgage papers.
Kodaks, Sims and paper, at the
City Drug store.
Charles Getka Is in the city form
Rose lake today. He visited his
Charles Dowd, of Post Falls, is in
the city today.
Ed. Kirks, who was held on dis
oidrly oonduot, forfeited a $10 bond,
thereby enriching the city treasury.
C. A. Bailor, county assessor, was
in the oity last evening, attending a
session of the Royal Arab Masons,
held at Fraternal ball.
Rev. J. Jeaperson, president of the
Coeur d'Alene aollege has gone to
Tacoma, Washington, to attend Luth
eran conference in session tbeie. He
will be absent sometime
For rent—Seven room house for
one year, apply 1012 north Sixth
Frank Hiller, who is with the B.
R. Lweis Lumber company, left to
day on a business trip to St Maries
and St. Joe.
Robt. W. Collins' list of property
will Interest investors.
Rev. J. A. Williams, a Swedish
Methodist minister of Spokane, will
hold servioes Friday evening at the
Baptist church.
Best of muslo at the rink.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Barnea, of
Spokane, who have been visiting at
the home ot A. H. Porter for the past
few days, left for home this evening.
Their son, Avery, aaoompanied them.
W. W. Abbott, air brake inspector
on the Coeur d'Alene & Spokane
Electric line, left today with his
family to resume his old position
with the Oregon Water Power com
pany at Portland
The rink is a popular place to en
joy an eveuiug. The floor and
skates are in prime condition, the
management is conducting the hall
in a manner that is commendable..
Attorney John H. Wourmee, of
Wallace, was at the Hotel Idaho,
last evening.
Fred Wannaoott left this morning
for Rathdrum. He may oontinun
his trip into Okaogan and Stevens
counties, Washington, where he has
mining interests, in the latter case,
he will be absent several days.
Tomorrow and for the balance of
the week at the Idaho Mercantile
company's store, Dwight Edward's
coffee will be demonstrated. Be sure
and sample this coffee as it will be
in your home always after you give
it a trial
J. M. Eldei left this morniug for
Washington, D. C., to attend a post
masters' convention. He will be gone
several weeks and hopes to return
with definite information concerning
free delivery.
H. Crampton, who owns a large
ranch at Hatton, and who has been
down there the past two week9, look
ing after bis interests, returned
home last night. He will begin the
erectiou of a large house on his lota
at the corner of Seventh and Wallace
Rev. Oscar Liden, of the Swedish
Lutheran ohurch, will leave tomor
row for Nelson and other Canadian
points. He goes in the intereat of
tbe school and will be gone several
County Commissioner Isaac M
Busby left this morning for Rathdrum
to attend the county commissioners
meeting, which will continue the bal
ance of tbe week. Today the busi
ness will be ohiefly of a routine na
L. A. Weeks returned on Sunday
last from an extended trip to
Grimsby, Ont. He harvested his
orop of peaobes and grapes, which
was large- He and his brother, J.
G. Weeks, of Grimsby, visited some
of tbe principal cities of Ontario.
He is giad to return to Idaho, and
will make this his home. He in
tends to build a floe farm reidence
on his mountain bench land ad
joining Dalton Gardens. W hen
spring comes be will develop his
brick stay mine. ____
Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Nixon lsft on
morning sleotrio train for 8pokane.
Two plate glaae show cases for sale
*t tbe Palaoe, also all other fixtures.
Johu Costello, living east of town,
left for Rathdrnm today.
See Robt. W. Collins ad. in this
J. C, White and F. D. Winn were
business visitors at Spokaue today.
Meet ne at the roller rink and en
joy an erening.
William Welle, and Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Griffith of Emtda, are visitors
in the oity.
New Sipla tone poet card, tbe
lateat thing, tor aale at the City Drag
Q. S. Sargent left for 8pokane
today, where he was called on busi
James Russel, of Harrison, W. S.
Root, of Wallaoe, and F. A. Gas
kill, of St. Maries are at tbe Hotel
Wanted—Good seamstress to assist
dressmaker. State experience and
salary. P. O. box 649 city.
Attorneya J. L. MoCiear, R. E.
McFarland, E. N. LaVein and Mes
ser George Steele and George Hard
ing were Rathdrnm visitors today.
Ora Kahl, of Wenatchee, Wash
ington, has purchased tract 166, Dal
ton gardens, two sores, for 1550.
He will improve tbe tract for a future
Captain C. A. Waters left todav on
the steamer Heroulea, for Medimont
to load 61 head of beef cattle, which
be will bring down the leke tomor
row. They will be shipped to Spo
Prof. H. T. French, of the univer
sity of Idaho, at Moscow, will give
an address Friday evening at the
Presbyterian church, on the subject
of "Pure Foods". The public is
invited to be present.
The Woman's Relief Corps is plan
ning an extensive dinner Saturday at
11 o'clock, to be served at Sander's
hall In connection with the unveil
ing of the G. A. R. mounment, ora
tlon and eeremonies on that date.
Tbe ladies are sparing no pains to
make it a great sucoesa.
Ever Watchful
A Little Care Will Save Many Coeur d'Alene
Reader* Future Trouble
Watch the kidney secretions.
See that they have the amber hue
of health;
The discharges not excessive or in
Contain no "bric-dust like" sedi
Doan's Kidney Pills will do this
for you.
They watch the kidneys and cure
them when they're sick.
Harry Scadden, plumber, residing
at 157 Third avenue, Pocatello, Ida.,
says; "For more than three years I
suffered from irregular action' of the
kidney recretions, pains across the
loins and other troublesome symp
toms of kidney complaint. I used
many different remedies said to be
good for tkis trouble but received no
permanent benefit from any of them.
I read an advertisement about Doan's
Kidney Pills and deciding to try them
I procured a box at a drug store.
This remedy did me more good than
any other medicine I ever used It
was only a short time after taking
them thal 1 noticed that I was being
benefited, and finally al! the difficul
ties caused by disordered kidneys dis
appeared." For sale by all dealers.
Price 50e. Foster-Milburn Co , Buf
falo, N. V., sole agents for the United
States. Kemeinber the name—Doans
—and take no other.
What Makes it the Popular Route to the East?
Northern Pacific Railway
ever has in mind the comfort of its patrons. Its through
transcontinental trains are composed of new and mod
ern equipment which is kept in perfect condition. The
latest improvements are found in day coaches, in stand
ard Pullman and tourist Pullmau sleeping oars, and in
dining and observation cars None but tbe most com
petent, civil and obliging employes are in charge.
The Company tries to make the journey of its patrons
pleasant and its efforts are apprec iated.
Rates will be quoted on application and all information regarding train*
will be furnished. Apply to agent and hare him arrange your
berth reservation*.
S G. KITCHEN. Local Agent
Coeur d'Alene.
i't Gen'l 1'asseuger Agent
Portland. Ore.
Tbe county oommisisonero paused •
reeolntoo Tuesday recommending that
the County Attorney C- H. Potts,
drop the suit for tbe recovery of ex
pense money in tbe oaae of ex-county
commissioners Dittlmons and Sisson.
Therefore the oase, which should
have been dropped years ago, was
brought to an abrupt oouoluaion yes
Martha Davis Dead.
Miss Martha Davis, formarly a
public aohool teacher In our oity,
died yesterday at Spokane, where she
bad been employed in the pubilo
school, afer a lingering illness. She
was thought to be improving but a
reaoLion took tier away within a very
short time before her two sisters In
Ooenr d'Alene and her mother could
reaoh her bedside, dying at 1:30 p.
m. Miss Davis was well and favor
ably known in Coaur d'Alene, her
sister, Susan L., having taught bare
for several years. No funeral ar
rangements bare been made and
other particulars are difBauJt to get.
It is reported she was afflicted with
typhoid lever.
Classified Advertisements
PLACARDS.- Kurimhud rooms, for Male, no
minors allow**!, hotel laws and other card* sold
at the Press office.
«lne at a low price.
MONEY TO l*OAN On real estate. First
JKKSKY HKIFKRS—Two two-year-old blood
ed Jersey heifers, fresh In .laniiarv, for sale.
Call at IBS* Seventh street.
WANTKD.--A three or four room house, un
lurid shad. Ask for Fay at Press office.
FOR RKNT.—Kuru is tied house. Phone 144x.
FURNISHED ROOMS.—131 Coeur d'Alene 8t.
TO TRADE N|»okaiie property for Coe
d'Alene pro|»erty. Address \v. A. Elliott, gen
era! delivery, city.
DINING ROOM girl wanted at Silver Grill.
POSITION by girl to do general housework.
Apply ftlft Mom ana.
UVE roomed hungslow for rent, furnhihed.
Mrs. ltay Hill, H*J3 Five and one-half street. In
terstate 7WU.
Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles
Telephone Poles
Telegraph Poles
Supply of
Mill Wood
always on hand
io5 Second St.
Coeur d'Alene Bank & Trust
The most conservative investment close
to Coeur d'Alene at
$100 per Acre
I AND lS selling for $250, $275
L/ and $300 per acre four
miles from the city. -
We can
soil al
show yot
$100 per
ONLY two miles from
City Limits
City water
Conservative Investment
The Best of Soil
We are from Missouri
THOriAS & CO.,
Otterson Block
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Banking Security
is what the depositor is looking for. Absolute safety
with four per cent interest is better to many than higher
rates and risks. We offer tbe interest and tbe security
for your business. Call and let us talk it over with yon.
Coeur d'Alene Bank & Trust Co.
To Be Opened Thursday, Oct. 31
Five months sinoe we opened Best Lend, which is now mostly all sold.
All parties wishing choice of situation can obtain a number for chuiee by deposit
ing five dollars at our office, Lots that we opened at Best land at >49 to $99
have since sold for as high as $157 each, and we predict that at BsstlSfld An*
nex they will do still better. For t«fl Day* after opening we will aell at our
opening price, $49 to $99, a few higher, but at the end of those ten days we
will positively advance every lot. Do not think we advertise this for a scare
head, that is most assuredly not our principle. We do mean what we say, as
people know by our past dealings. We do not advertise, "Buy Now Before AU
are Gone," etc., "You Will Regret it if you Delay," etc., "They Will All be
Sold iu a Few Days," etc, "Get Busy Quick," etc.; we simply say that a word
to tbe wise is sufficient. We are here to stay, to buila and to appreciate this
property. We have got tbe man and the money. We are not an outside institu
tion'selling here simply to profit on your investment. We dO have your inter
est at heart, it Is our home, our place, our business. and our purchasers
are our folks and we do help them. This announcement is enough said.
Very Truly Yours,
By Its President, F. O. PARTINGTON.
Wtoctl** OMmw 1, INI
Tl*lM lMf«
tor Hpabaut*
Tram* laav*
*:*> *. m.
» .0* a. n.
1*10 *. at.
ne «. m.
IiU p. m
.JO p. m.
M l* p. m.
» SO p. m
7:#» p. m.
fsM a. b.
• :** *. Ok.
* IM a. a.
10:40 a. a.
»•» p. ».
t:U p. m.
0 JO p. m.
11:00 p. m.
tlajrd,* Uk, IIIGsIm
TimlM Imi.
tor HagCM, Uk.
Trait* Iwr.
H*;4 h Uk.
7:10 *. m.
10:10 a. a.
t:40 p. m.
two p. m.
turn a. b.
SO p. B.
SCO p. a.
I Daily «kc*pt Sunday
• Boat train (top* only at Cast Valla.
TtMOMapaay w na It* rtxtu to
vary from «bm mbadula.
«*M* O. rata*.
General Vaa**a*i *«mM.
Terminal Bldg.. Spokoae. Wadi
rOU are preparing bow
for winter by putting
in your heaters
olosely to the condition of
your chimneys. Particu
larly tboae whioh have been
idle during tbe summer, and
above ell see that you are
properly protected with a
good Fire Insurance Policy,
I Guarantee to save you
ao per cent, on Fire
lit 1-2 Sherman St
Phone, Interstate 90-B
Kxramaaad pur
No trouble to move, if
we move yon
They Do Not Cost STS
Late.- Model of
Stager asd W. W. Sewlag Machines
Call at store and examine
300 4th Street Coear d'Alene

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