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10 Per Cent of Our Sales for 7 Days will be given to the Churches of this
........ .....— — City. 10 Per Cent - — =
Desiring to show our appreciation of the liberal patronage given us for the past year by the
citizens of Coeur d'Alene and vicinity we have determined to give to the different church organiza
tions of the city the benefit of ONE DAY'S SALES in all departments, except the Grocery and
Feed, by allowing TEN PER CENT on all cash sales made on the day allotted to their organization.
To this end we specify the days as follows: __
Is the Day Allotted to the Presbyterian Church
PPMPIMRPP T 1 1-| I C. Throughout the entire sale there will be no advance in the regular prices or marking up
IVEiTlLliTtDdv I lllo. to make the 10 per cent, as all goods are now marked in plain figures and will remain so
Worth 12 l-2c
From 10 to II a.m.
Otterson Block 209-211 Sherman Street
Contest That Supplants Class
Rush at Iowa State College.
Amm Student* Engag* In Cloan,
Manly Sport Which la Not Lacking
In Exoltement and la Approved of
by the Faculty.
With their rlaaa yell upon their Up*
and their nerve never giving way for
a moment, though they were pulling In
water up to their walata, the forty
Iowa State college freehiuen of the
Brat squad In the tug of war contest
at Amea, la., were dragged Into the
water, receiving a thorough ducking at
the hands of their older and more
ateady brothers, the sophomores, says
an Ames dispatch to the New York
Herald. The pull started at Just twen
ty-Ava mtuutea past S. and twelva
minutes were required for the sopho
more* to pull thalr young brothers Into
the water. Again everything was
ready, aud the starting pistol was
Brad, only to aee the freehiuen second
squad follow In the tracks of the first
in twenty-one minutes Rut the fresh
men were game to the finish. One de
feat or even two dkt not make them
waver. They were ready for the third
In very short order.
The tug of war was arranged for
the freshmen and aophomoras that
they might settle their differences aud
have a manly sport deciding the supe
riority of one class or tbs other with
out any class rush or brutal baaing.
Hating was one of the regular Items
on the programme of affairs at the
Iowa 8tale college a few years ago.
hut the past two or throe year* have
marked a strenuous effort on the part
Of the authorities to stamp out the
Last year a plan was tried In which
the sophomore* gathered around their
class numeral and defeudsd it from
the freshmen, who attempted to paint
out the sophomore sign aud put up
theirs In Its place. The scramble last
ed two hours, and the freshman won.
thereby getting leave to have their
numeral where all the 12,000 people
who gathered at the harvest home ex
cursion might see It. The plan was
considered quite satisfactory from
most points of view, but the need of a
plan which would answer the aam#
purpose and allow leas brutal treat
ment of the parties to the rontaat eras
seen A number of persons have been
endeavoring to work up anch a plan
the p rese n t term, and the result of
their combined opinions and efforts
wee s tug of war across Hrlloy's pond,
a fair aiaad body of water a quarter of
a mile weet of the eoilege.
The Piaa waa finally agreed upon
Severn! days beforehand, and the novel
contest was advertised until the whole
neighborhood turned out to witness the
pulling. From 3,000 to 5.000 people
gathered on the banks of the pond and
waited anxiously for the sport to be
gin. They gathered an hour In ad
vance of the advertised time, and the
game was delayed a tilde In prepara
tion, hut the crowd waa entertained
by the yells, most of them coming
from the enthusiastic freshmen. The
standard first year yell of "Up wo
go by step! Who are we? Prep, prep,
prep!" was followed by a number of
yell* made up for the occasion. A
yell that made much mirth waa:
"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven:
freehiuen, freshmen, go to heaven.
One, two, three, four, don't you tell;
sophomores, sophomores, go to
There were so many contestants that
it was Impossible to let them all pull
at once, so It was planned to divide
them. Two hundred nvullahle sopho
more* were counted for the fray and
au equal number of freshmen chosen
to work against these. Each body of
200 was divided Into squads of forty
each, aud five squads pulled from each
body, the three best out of five being
winners. Sophomore stock was high
to start. Thetr men looked the more
husky, and people reasoned they were
used to the treatment. But they reck
oned without knowing. The freshmen
were meu that were ready for the
worst. Though they were defeated,
they won. Defeat was not to lie recog
nised. Twice pulled Into the cold wa
ter, they drew the remaining squads
together and made three final stands
of such ateady and persistent nature
that they won the day and had the
Joy. They may rejoice, as the p r ese n t
sophomore claes did wheu they were
freshmen and won from the present
"I hardly need to call attention to
the affair that t* to take place In the
afternoon," sukl Ur. Cessna In chattel
recently. And he was correct, they all
knew. After the crowd had gathered
at the ground Jack Watson took both
classes to ouc side and gave them a
brief talk. "Sophomore* aud fresh
men." he t gau. "you are gathered
here to eug« e In a oleuu. manly sport
to decide wi tch class Is the stronger.
This contest taklug place this after
noon Is to be In lieu of all class fights
or hosing incidents, aud 1 am in
Strutted to Inform you that after this
matter has been decided any of you
Who are caught hazing or engaging hi
a class scrap will be expelled front
School. You come to acLool for n mother
purpose and, white we are glad to
famish you with a clean, mauly sport,
w* want It understood that the win
ner* ami the loners must go away
from here with the Intention of keep
tug the peace of well behaved stu
dents." Jack's talk was brief, tint to
the point, and the crowd* repaired to
their respective sides with the familiar
rail, -What * the matter with Jack?"
Whan the (Let gun waa Brad by
Referee Watson the rope tightened at
once, and a large knot In the middle of
the poud told that neither side was
gaining for several minutes. Finally
the rope gradually began to go to the
sophomores, and at the end of twelve
minutes the freshmen, who were game
to the finish, had tieen drawn Into the
water and given their ducking. The
sophomores were Jubilant aud repeated
the act on the second squad of freshles
in twenty-one minutes. The third time
up the people were beginning to re
mark that If the sophomores won
again It would finish the coutest. But
not so. The gun was fired, and the
rojie drew taut, hut It remained In Its
position otherwise. One minute, two
minutes and finally five minutes had
gone, and neither side had an advan
tage. Suddenly the sophomores gave
wny a trifle, only a few Inches, but suf
ficient to let the freshmen know they
had really started the pull their way.
A deafening yell went up from their
side of the pond, aud even the thou
sands of supposedly disinterested per
sons on the grouud yelled for the
freshmen like the members of the
The effect was magical. Another
yell, and at the end of seven minutes
half the sophomore squad was dragged
Into the water for their turn at the
ducking. Much time was used In prep
aration, aud It was after fl o'clock be
fore the fourth squad was ready for
their bout. Eleven minutes and the
game stood even; the freshmen had
won again. Both times they had won
In less than the number of mtuutea re
qulrvd by the sophomores In their best
Freshmen stock went up rapidly.
Everybody yelled for the 1811 uwn.
The rope was at last ready, and the
pull began. Steadily the rope went. The
sophomores stood their grouud well,
but they were not equal to the task.
The freshmen were too strong. A few
mtuutea of hard pulling told the tale,
aud the fresh meu once more began
reeling the rope thetr way. Ten min
utes and the day waa won for the
"contemptible preps." Then they went
wild with thetr Joy. Beaten the first
two times only to brace up and win
the last three of the day, they pro
ceeded to have one of the largest cele
brations In the history of the school.
The sophomores took their defeat
gracefully, and the plan waa declared
a success. The faculty are as happy
as the freshmen at the college. Any
thing that will take away the dreaded
haming germ and Implant In the annals
of the Institution clean sport In its
stead Is heartily welcomed by them.
and the tug of war across the pond np
pears to lie the solution. Men worked
hard. Many pulled themselves "all
ht-" But there were no broken bones
and dislocated Joints, no mashed heads
and pounded hands and arms to keep
the college physician busy until mid
night It was good and strenuous
sport aud time Is ah that can be Deed
ad to recover from the effects.
Much credit to due Processor* Bow
man, Coover and the two Jacks, Prall
and Watson, for this plan and the way
it was carried out. The three former
as a committee of arrangements form
ed the plan and rules and conduct
ed the contest, while Jack Watson
made the fairest referee that ever
stood Judge of any contest. Ames will
no doubt have an event of annual oc
currence that will be as popular and
sportsmanlike as any of the annual
contests In larger schools and older
ones. The water tug of war requires
strength and work. It to Interesting
and can be made more so by the elim
ination of some time used for prepara
tion. A happy solution to a knotty
problem has been reached If the stu
dents can be Induced to live up to the
conditions. This seems to lie the least
of the troubles of the school at the
present time, for the contestants, re
alising that the authorltleo were de
sirous of letting them have all the fun
they could, but wished to eliminate the
danger and brutal features, have fallen
In line and are keeping the letter of
the agreement to the minutest detail.
Innovation With Snug Boat For Two
on tho Venezia.
The new Fabre liner Venezia, berth
ed In the Atlautic dock, Brooklyn, has
an Innovation in the feature of a real
lovers' retreat. Bays the New York
World. It to below a stairway leading
from the boat deck down to the prome
nade deck. The seat, which to snug
from the weather, to wide enough with
a little squeezing for two persons of
ordinary size.
"Ah, out. messieurs,'' said Captain
Jaubert of the Venezia at a reception
the other day. "It to so that you have
guessed it but It to not right that I
should tell that. It to for the lovers to
complain that they cannot then by
two and two enjoy It"
Among other features are a glass
bulkhead screws the ship, twenty feet
from the bow, so that first class pas
sengers may look Into the eye of the
weather; a luggage room accessible at
any time and a dining room on th*
boat deck. The Venesia piles between
Marseilles and Naples and the latter
port and Brooklyn.
Fox's Liking For Golf Boll.
Foxes In the neighborhood of Wtn
sted. Conn., are taking an Interest In
th* gentle game of golf, attys a Wla
sted special dispatch to the Near York
World. The other day when W. H.
Phelps. Timothy Allen and Richard
(looker were ploying on th* Norfolk
downs Hooker drove the (toll a long
distance and to hto amaaeraent saw a
fox emerge from x wood lot, pick up
the ball and acamper away into the
brush. Some one suggested that the
fox thought the golf ball was an egg.
"No," said Hooker; "1 am sure he
thought It was a moth ball, and he to
taking it to hto winter quarters to pre
son* Mb far."
it. L. BLACK N. 11. WKBktffl
At torn e ys-at- Law
Interstate Phone 145d
Real Estate, Insurance and
Surety Bonds
Notary Public Agents for Gardendak
Room 6 Exchange Acre Tracts
National Bank
Licensed Land Suryeyor
and Engineer
Dollar Block
Coeur d'Alene. Idaho
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Office: First Nat. Bank Block
Contractor & Builder
& Building Supt
611 Garden §
A ttorney-at- Law
Prosecuting Attorney of Kootenai Co
Rooms 14 and 15 Sander Block
Coeurd'Alene, Idaho
Keal Estate. Insurance. Bonds, No
tary Public, Conveyance and l-*nd
Office PaiHrs Made, Col lections *
Room 5. Coeur d'Alene Bank & Trttf
Justice of Peace
Wiggett Block
Coeur d'Aka*
Manicuring, Scalp, Facial Mm*!*
ana Shampooing'
3 Sander Kiosk
Years of experience sad diploma.
North of Cemeter*

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