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The silver messenger. (Challis, Idaho) 1890-1912, July 31, 1894, Image 2

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The preliminary examination
of Newt Morgan for the killing
of X W, McDonald took place in
Gibbonsville on Friday and Sat
urday, and he was held to wait
the action of the grand jury. He
was brought to this city on Sun
day and consigned to the county
jail.— Salmon City Recorder.
Dan Rober came down from
Dixie, Monday and went to Boise
I ft K - taking with him about
30 ourteds of retorted gold, the
result of a clean-up at the Gold
King. Mr. Reber recently pur
chased a Frue vanner and other
machinery at Rocky Bar and is
now having it placed in position
at his mill. Mr. Erickson, of
the Bar, is superintending the
work.— Mt. Home Republican.
Hon. James M. Shoup came
down to Salmon City from his
home on thePansimari last Tues
day and returned Wednesday.
He came down over the new
State Wagon Road, and when
asked about its condition said it
was a good road. That the high
water had damaged it in a few
places, but all told, the damaged
portions would not exceed a mile
in length. These the contractors
are intending to fix, and where
ver the water got above the
grade the line of the road had
been changed so it would all be
above high water. He also in
formed us the road would be
completed in three or four days
so it could bo traveled by wagon
to Pahsimari.— Salmon City Re
Last Saturday forenoon, as the
incoming stage was striking
into the foothills this side of
Snake river, two masked men
suddenly appeared in the road
and ordered a "halt,
driver John Luxton, who was on
the box, promptly handed out
the mail sack and his watch, and
receiving an order to drive
ho lost no timo in complying
with the request. The only pas
senger aboard was Mrs. Mc
Fayden and son, who were net
molested. The robbers dragged
the mail sacks a short distance
'roqiXha-souU, ripped them
open with knives. Luckily there
was no registered mail, and al
though they tore open a large
number of letters it is thought
they secured nothing of value.
It was evidently their intention
to catch the DeLamar Commer
cial Co's, shipment of specie
which is shipped in from Boise
to cash the pay-day checks
the 10th, Luxton drove on until
he met the outgoing stage, with
J. W. Mills,
gave Luxton his "treasure-box"
and kept on. When near the
Reynolds creek summit he dis
covered some men skulking in
rocks, near the road, and he
"whirled" his team and struck
back to the Reynolds i>ostoffiee,
where ho left his registered
mail. Leaving Reynolds again
he made the trip to Nampa with
out incident. It was clearly the
intention of the robbers to take
as driver. Mills
in both stages, but Mills' ' flank
movement spoiled their scheme.
Sheriff Bullard, with deputies A.
B. Crocheron, Evan Williams,
Pat Criffleld and Jasper Spencer,
left Silver City that afternoon
for the scene of tho robbery.
They soon discovered the trail
of the robbers—three in number
■bferwho were afoot, and followed
||T * yutil dark. Starting out again
^^^^next morning they traced
to a point on Snake river,
the old Henderson ferry,
|Fe they captured the outfit
bout trouble.
A :
The robbers
ire each provided with a big
i'olver and lots of catridges.
le prisoners were taken to
Liter's ferry Sunday afternoon,
kvere brought into Silver
Image last Monday, by the
sarte driver they had held
two days before,
their names as Smith, Watkins
and Jim Sheldon.— Silver City
They gave
The Wallace Press is a newven
ture in journalism at Wallace. It
is a neat and newsy sheet,
proprietors are Adam Albach
and Pat, Connors. We wish the
boys plenty of success.
Senator Shoup has succeeded
in having the mail route between
Salmon City and Challis retained
after an order had been issued by
the Department for its abanon
ment. It will be increased to
twice a week.
The body of an unknown man,
aged about 36, was found float
ing in Snake river at this point
this afternoon. An inquest was
held, but it was impossible to
identify the deceased. There
was no evidence of violence and
a verdict of accidental drowning
was rendered. From all appear
ances the body had been in water
about 10 days.— Boise Statesman.
Queen Victoria might die, the
Czar of Russia might be assassi
nated, Governor Waite might
ride up to his bridle reins, etc.,
Governor McConnell might raise
the head-gate of irrigation
scheme again and Col. Sharp
might by proclamation declare
the State wagon road open for
travel for seventeen days this
summer and there would be no
mails to bring us news.— Black
foot News.
What a sham and mockery was
the observance of the Fourth of
July in the Cœur d'Alenes, in
view of the events which were
uppermost in nearly every one's
mind. While that grand declara
tion of human rights was being
read and the eloquent young
orator was recounting the heroic
deeds of patriotism and valor
which gave us a free country,
even then American citizens were
being driven fi'om their homes
and deprived of that inalienable
right to ' 'life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness." Let us
have no more celebrations, let us
not dwell upon our boasted liber
ties until the spirit of 76 is re
vised and every American citizen
in the Cœur d 'A lenes is protect
ed in his rights guaranteed by
the constitution. — Wallace Miner.
Again has the onsweep of time,
the mighty tidal waves of infin
ity, whirled us abreast with the
fact that those patriots who
yearn for office expect us to
bury animosities, smell noses
and kiss and all-hands-around
for the good of the party. How
ever hard you may have got it in
the neck, politically or other
wise; however much you . may
have been injured financially
traduced, you' are expected by
those gentry to forget the past
and get in and whoop'er up for
the sake of harmony and make
the chances more favorable for
their nomination and election.
We must harmonize tho factions.
Wo must have peace, or the im
mortal principles of Jefferson &
Co. will not show up three colors
to tho pan.
Tho Idaho Democrat has been
healing sores, clasping hands
across the bloody chasm, for
giving and forgetting in every
campaign for years and years.
In fact that sort of thing has
been its chief occupation and
ligion, while the other fellows
forget two years ago and stand !
m for the good of the party. 1
1 he Democrat will make it so
hot for you that all of the elec- j
tnc fans between Boise and hell
couldnt cool your __thr<j|bh^tify
brows.— Boise. Democrat.
got away with the sugar,
this year of our Lord 'ninety
four, Tho Idaho Democrat is not
doing any kissing, not toting
around an olive branch of peace.
Instead, while remembering its
friends and waving aloft the
Democratic banner as it ever has
and ever will, it now shies its
castor into the ring in the pink
of condition for a tight to the
finish. It will neither ask
give quarters, and about the first
work it does will be scouring the
sidewalk with A. A, Fraser and
all others who, while secretly
doing all they can to injure its
business have the insufferable
gall to approach and ask it to
Phil Shenon has leased his
| flour mill to E. E. Spencer of
I Corinne, Utah, for a period of
five years. The machinery for a
full roller process will be put in
at once in time for the fall crop.
—Salmon City Recorder.
Negotiations are reported to
have'been concluded that will
insure the reworking of old plac
ers in Warren's camp that were
heavy producers in the past.
Private advices from there indi
cate that Ex-Governor Willey
has at last made a sale of a large
tract extending up Meadow
creek from near the mouth of
Steamboat to the Hamlet of
Warrens. In all, about 130 acres
of placers are included in this
deal. Ex-Governor Willey is the
owner of a large share of the
ground and the rest was bonded
by him last summer.
The deeds have since been in
èscrow in a bank in Boise where
they were placed in August last,
when it was anticipated the deal
would be consummated so as to
permit of operations beginning
near the close of the last season.
No particulars have yet been
given as to the terms of the sale,
but the price is supposed to have
been about the same as that
agreed upon last season—$2(3,000.
Of individual holdings in the
tract, the largest are probably
those of George Riebold, em
bracing forty-seven acres . and
including, among other claims,
the old Bill George, that paid
richest pan of gravel in the dis
trict was obtained—about $32
worth of gold. Daily clean-ups
of $545 were made on this claim
on a short run after the regular
season was ended, the gravel
being thawed out by fires.
When Mr. Willey first went to
Wari'ens in 1804, he bought an
interest in the old Empire claim,
in the bed of the creek, and from
which he and his partner took
out $80,000 in a few years. They
then sold it for $2,000, thinking
the claim worked out, but the
purchasers recovered $100,000 in
gold from the same ground in
seven years. Interesting stories
are told of other claims involved
in the new purchase.— Lewiston
From this the
The rains of this spring have
unearthed upon the ranch of
Neilson Hatch, ten miles above
here, a curiosity which was
brought to this place yesterday
and is now on exhibition. It is
a mammoth petrified skull close
ly resembling in shape that of a
cow or buffalo and differing only
in size. The horn shell is miss
mg, but the peth or inside,
though broken at the points,
measures two feet in length and
are eighteen inches in circum
ference where they join the
The frontal or facial
bone measures fifteen inches in
breadth across the forehead at
base of horns. The lower part
of this enormous head from
down is broken off, but a suffi
cient amount remains to give
the general shape and suggests
something of the stupendous
size of the head and distance be
tween the eyes. Its antiquity is
proven by the perfect state of
petrification as it weighs
much as though it had been
carved from solid rock. If the
proportion of horn proper to the
stub or peth is the same distance
from tip to tip of horns it must
have been seven or eight feet,
for the measurement from point
to point of the broken stubs is
over four feet. The skeleton of
this animal could undoubtedly be
procured, as no attempt has been
made to excavate at this spot
where this skull was found, the
soil having been washed away
from -it by \\ atei flowing down a 1
small gulch. The wisest inhab-j
itnuts of American Falls are un- 1
a ^ le to name the animal which
once carried this immense head.
All are agreed, however, that no !
cow or buffalo ever grew to such
proportions. Now let some
wiseacre step forward and iden-1 *
the remains, — Malad Enter

Silver's Champion.
The Daily—By Mail.
One year.
Six months.
Three months..
One month.
.$ 6.00
The Weekly—By Mail.
One year, in advance
$ 1.00
The News is the only great
daily in the United States that is
identified with the Populist Free
Coinage movement, and should
be in the hands of every voter
North, South, East or West.
Send in your subscriptions at
once. Address,

Salt Lake, Utah.
Geo. W. Carter, Prop.
This house is situated opposite
the S. W. corner of the Temple
block, in a quiet and pleasant
location, and is convenient to all
the best business portions of the
city. It is nicely shaded in
summer and well protected in
Eating Department.
Its tables are always furnished
with the best the markets afford.
Lodging Department.
The rooms are airy and spac
ious, and its beds provided with
the finest class of springs and
mattresses, and its linen choice
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Call there and you will be
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mn,fefi,a ri-c'vnri. .,ym»
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^ ... J? 'lUCT™ 1 *'
u"' llb#ml
* T!.'E RV rV<T '
® r »c 5 > v. c
Salt Lake,
Do not be^do
™ S",sferg
i w £ r °«V le ;
1 «m'îiÏÏmIî?
vmue'for $o. !

It is the

Thete is
from Si 5.00 to Si 8.00.
■hi mt
They »
i* nrooi. MV Ii.iv
you cull get 111 ti-uctioufl, ncctl.c
irrite for Our Arw 1 'rice List,
«ir mmrantc;
• town where
IT. r„ CCsa;* IR,
j. Cal, Atlanta, ca.
, Can Fran:
FC »a gal-.

Dickey, Idaho.
#H KH»####
J, P. DICKEY, Prop.
This is the great central stage
station of our country, and
is kept in a way that all
travelers admire.
Ketchum &
Salmon River
Stage Line.**
This Line runs first-class in
all its appointments, cari'ving
express and passengers. It is
the shortest, quickest and cheap
est route from the railroad into
the Salmon river mining region
—Crystal, Clayton, Bayhorse,
Challis, Bonanza, Custer, Sheep
Mountain, Stanley, Seafoam,
Yellow Jacket.
H. C. LEWIS, Prop.,
Biackfoot and Challis
This is one of the cheapest and
most convenient Lines running
into Custer county. Stage
leaves Challis for Lost River
and Biackfoot every morning
(except Sunday), at 6 o'clock,
carrying passengers and U. S.
mail and express.
This is the cheapest route to
the railroad and all points East
and North. Fare to Biackfoot
reduced to $10. Express 2 cts.
per pound.
Anchor Line Steamships.
Sign JFriter and Paper Hanger.
Challis, Idaho.
The Sullivan Hot Springs
pleasantly situated only two
miles and a half above the town
of Clayton, near tho South bank
of Salmon river.
Their waters
are of a -nice temporment for
bathing, and possess strong
medicinal qualities, sulphur
dominating. This is fast becom
in 8 a place of resort for invalids
and pleasure seekers. Mr. Sul
l ivan l ias made a great many im
provements for the comfort of
his guests, but the leadin
traction must ever be its healing
A carriage for the conveyance
of guests will be constantly in
atten dance, and all persons wish
ing to go and return can do
during the day, round trip only
50 cents/ Two fin < plunge baths#
are now complete and other!
conveniences vriU bo aaUou.
C. Bunting.
C. W. Lyman.
«• y. wj

C. Buntings Co
Transact a General Banking Business,!
Interest allowed on time deposit
Issue Drafts direct on all t
principal cities of Europe.
SST*.Active Responsible J
counts Solicited.
Chase National Bank.
First National Bank.../_
Commercial National Bank.
First National Bank.
McCornick & Co., Bankers..
First National Bank.
New yM
— Chlol

.Salt l.M
First National Bank
Pocatello, IdsM
The T>a< 3 i
Shoshone, Idaho.
Has been refurnished and i l
now first-class in every respect!
Rooms spacious, clean and airvl
1 able First-Class.
_ A stable for the accommoda |
tion of 30 head of horses has jus!
been completed. Parties for the
Falls can secure the best
teams at the hotel.
Mrs. W. M. Dill, Prop.
. .
The Hopkins Lumber & Milling Compaq
They are now
Running their largo
And manufacturing
Choice brands of high grade
L lour !
Thoy are selling Mas fair r|
as rn d iS farther away. • »
\ 1
■ V. u..

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