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-• * *P*> * u g In Algeria,
tot »I»
^ french census returns for Al
reveal the fact that In less than
years the native population
the colony. Arab and Kabyle, has al
most doubled Itself, having risen from
2307,000 In 1866 to 4,071,000 at the
un fi t 1 »
i,»u»cji»n Hay for Africa.
Canada's entire surplus crop of hay
tn d oats is being marketed this year
the British government for the use
0 f the army in South Africa. An extra
fleet ot steamers is transporting this
to the seat of war.
prof. Emory B. Johnson, one of the
^embers of the Isthmian Canal
minion, contributes to the Review of
Belie* 9 tor January a compact and
„(H^ligested account of the commis
portant features of the report recently
laid before congress.
work, summarizing the more im
, Education In Cuba.
Some idea of the important educational
brought about and the wonder
fui procréas made since the Island came
under American rule, can be obtained
from their exhibit at the Pan-American
Exposition recently, for which they were
awarded nine medals. There is also a
wonderful record back of Hostetter's
Stomach Hitters, and one that has never
been equaled. It Is a specific remedy for
dyspepsia. Indigestion, sick headache and
malaria, fever and ague. Don't fall to
try it.
A Long Marrow City.
Duluth is a peculiar city. Its popu
lation is about 70,000, yet the length of
the incorporated town along the lake
front Is twenty-eight miles. Its width
ranges from one to two miles.
Brooklyn, N. Y., JUn. 4th.—A very timely
and practical suggestion comes from a pbysl
clan of Ibis city: He says, "Take Garfield Tea,
tbe Herb Medicine. It Is especially needed at
tbls season when the system is apt to be out of
order from eating rich food. This wonderful
remedy cleanBes the system and regulates the
liter. kidneys, stomach and bowels It Is
simply, pure and effective, and is good for
young and old."
Fresh Air In a Tunnel.
Ths carbonic acid in the cars of
the Metropolitan railway of Paris
never exceeds 1 per cent in the tunnel.
The frequent trains going in opposite
directions act as powerful ventilators.
I am sure Plso's Cure for Consumption saved
my life three years ago.—Mrs. Tbos. Robbins.
Maple Street, Norwloh, N. Y., Feb. 17.1900.
Th« World'» Great Cities.
There are in the world 270 cities,
haying more than 100,000 Inhabitants
each; thirty-five having more than
600,000, and twelve with a population
of more than 1 »»0 000.
Mrs. Wiualow'a Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, aoftens the gums, reduces In
flammation.allay a pain.cures wind colic. 26c & bottle
Our Recently-It all t War Vessels.
The vessels built or authorized by
congress since the Spanish war more
than equal in tonnage the regular
naval vessels we then had. The effec
tiveness of guns has also been doubled.
Wife of President Jakeman of
Elders of the Mormon Church,
Salt Lake City, Utah, Recom
mends Lydia E. Pinkham'g
Vegetable Compound For Wo*
Periodic Pains.
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :—Before I
"T'iTi 0 *I-yilla E. Pinkbam's Veg>
eta hie Compound I dreaded the
Approach of the time for my menstrual
period, as it would mean a couple of

Mrs. hulda jakeman.
flays in bed with intense pain and suf
lering. I was under the physicians
"j™ for OTer a year without any relief,
r, "S? 5*7 attention was called to Lydia
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound by
I, our Mormon women who
naa been cured through its use.
began its systematic use and im
f7° Ted Squally in health, and after
tue use of s i x bottles my health was
tnpletely restored, and for over two
V* Sr v have had neither ache or pain,
ou have a truly wonderful remedy for
omen. Very sincerely yours, Mrs.
, Jakeman - It Lake City, Utah."
•—« 000 forftlt If about testimonial la not ganulna.
Just as surely as Mrs. Jake
? a P waf » cured just so surely will
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
^nipound cure every woman
suffering from any form of fe
male in s .
Mrs. Pinkham advises sick wo
men free. Address, Lynn, Mass.
JUST think of it
branoM l a < rm * er his OWQ landlord, no Incam
m— rrrr n >>:ink ar omint. increasing year by
year,land value increas
ing, stock increasing,
.»lend id
cëllent schools and
churches, low taxation,
high prices for cattle
grain, low railway
rates, and every possi
)nditi, „,~ ■ . . ble comfort. Thisls the
rovlncnnf J£ h * «urmer In Western Csnads—
3 ia Manitoba nnd districts of Asslni
of AmerÔ.„ tchewan and Albert*. Thousands
r»te"on l- ns "f e "«» settled there. Reduced
tiers, for homeseekers und set
Vear •n™'T, rt s V icu Urn being opened up this
nud, £5® " ew «orty-page Atlas of Western Ca
BuDerlnôî n î roe to a11 applicants. F. Pediev,
Vv Immlgfitlon.Ottawa.Caaada
B01 New*v% n r 1 * 1, ClfcUa dian Government Agent,
NBW York Life Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
climate, ex
ft (ill
Alexander, q e.,
o™.£ S , S ü yer ' Chemist, Metallurgist
"I ln ®»r .load lots. Mailing ast'k. frM
MoPhee Building, Denver. Ool<t
him. 1 quick relief and cura, worW
-seek of te.Umonlnla and 1# BITS'treatma.
uaaan'a aoii. iaa a. in—»«, ea.
Mo.nxj facturer
Talks of Traufe
South America
• •
J f the bll8iness d
ta J f the bll8iness d °ne by all manu
acturers in the United States with
tbeir customers in South
increased in the last eight
a matter of about
, when American-made
g Oils will have displaced all others in
cle„ i? M lnent '" Bald a maker ot vehi
Ne „ w York - a «er he had read a
cabled order from a South American
customer for enough carriages to keep
bis factory running night and day for
six weeks to
America has
years - as
ours has It is
more decade
newspapers have said much for
* score of months
crease of American exports to Europe;
they have told wonderful true stories
or how we are competing with England
n English markets, with France in
French markets, with Germany
man markets, but hardly
been said until
or so about the in
in Ger
a word has
„ . , vei 'y recently about our
advance in the markets of South
ica and our victorious competition
there with England, France and Ger
It is a fact that ploughs are being
snipped by the trainload from Moline,
ill-, to South America, and that a
steamship company whose vessels ply
between London and Buenos Ayres has
contracted for every inch of its space
which will be available for the trans
portation of American heavy machin
ery for a year to
"A certain importing firm in South
America has a standing order with a
United States firm for a certain num
ber of thousands of shovels
to be
++t r +++++++++++++++ ' w ' M ' +++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
! + Hogs Ripened +++ ***
l u Ms Whisky I MycnMni . *
Old Pennsylvanian |
Knew the Benefit of +
There are but few people who can
be induced to believe that there ever
vas such a drink as "hog-ripened
whisky," but among the older genera
tion it would be no trouble at all to
secure affidavits that such a beverage
was well known in this immediate
vicinity, writes a correspondent of
the Philadelphia Record from Doyles
town, Pa. There was, in the days gone
by, in a village only four miles from
here, a man who kept a tavern that
soon became famous through its- pro
prietor's unique inventions and ingeni
ous contrivances to attract attention
to his hostelry. Then, as now, to suc
ceed meant the necessity of being well
advertised. In his effort to do some
thing new, "Uncle Billy," as he was
called, conceived an invention that was
potent in making his tavern the most
talked about one for miles around. The
result, as known to the patrons of the
inn, was some good whisky, of some
age, that had been continuously agi
tated while within the oaken casts
within which the drinks were kept for
What the curious ones discovered
about the invention was this: When
they went to see the ripening of the
whisky they found a hog pen with a
plank floor so balanced as to swing like
a big barn scale. There was an open
side farthest from the feeding trough,
and the sides were fenced.
* Truthful Guide Telle 2
* of an *
5 Just f'a.'Oed
^ His Life \ ,
* —^ idtrondacKs 0 «
IdxJenture in the
The Adirondack guide who wants to
retain his patrons year after year must
know how to tell good stories around
the camp fire, as well as how to guide
the greenhorn through the pathless
woods, says the New York Tribune. A
grizzled veteran of the forest who had
charge of a mixed party of New York
city men and women last August had
well nigh exhausted his store of
"strictly true" anecdotes, and one
night was forced to draw upon his
imagination to supply the constant de
"I remember well," said he, "years
when I was a young fellow and
before 1 had learned enough about the
woods to set up as a guide, that I got
lost in the forest. Darkness came on
while I was still trying to rediscover
the trail, and as the cold was severe, I
decided to camp for the night before
I became exhausted. To my horror.
I discovered upon searching my pock
ets that I had not a single match left
with which to light a fire. It had been
raining all aay, and the fallen wood
soaked, so that it was impossible
for me to rub two pieces of dry wood
together, as the' Indians do, till they
take fire, even if I knew how, which I
"For the second time I searched all
pockets and even carefully exam
Seek Frost Proof Orange.
For several years the United States
been working to secure, by breed
of oranges resistant to frost.
ing. a race
proposed by this means to re
of Florida.
It was
store the orange groves
which formerly produced several mil
dollars' worth of oranges yearly,
nearly all destroyed by cold
but were
Twelve of the new
a few years ago.
hybrid oranges, secured as
a result of crossing the hardy Japanese
with the Florida sweet orange,
have proved to he the hardiest ever
green oranges
Southern nurserymen have pronounced
them to be of great value as hedge
known in the world.
shipped every month, yet the demand
Is so great that a special order for 12.
000 more, to be shipped at the earliest
moment possible, was received by cable
a few days ago. These orders former
ly, and not so many years ago, went to
England, France and Germany.
"I have been informed by our agents
in. South America, whp handle many
and various lines of goods, that this
trade has been transferred from Eng
land, France and Germany to the Unit
ed States because of the superior excel
lence of American good», the quickness
with which they can be delivered and
their comparative cheapness.
"The sale of American products in
South America depends upon price,
just as it does in England, France, Ger
many and every otber country where
the use of American goods is increas
ing, and the feeling against the United
States which is known to exist in cer
tain Latln-American countries disap
pears when it becomes a matter of dol
lars. When an article is desired it is
bought where it can be had for the
least money, no matter where it was
"Moreover, the fact that it is of
American manufacture gives it a repu
tation for excellence which similar ar
ticles made in other countries do not
The late Bishop Whipple's diocese
contained 20,000 Indians, and it was
his self-imposed task to keep in fre
quent communication with all of them.
The way the thing operated was sim
ple enough. The hogs were out in the
yard nosing around, when they heard
the splash of the feed as it was put in
the trough. Naturally, as the weight
came first on the side farthest from ths
trough, that side of the floor tilted
down under the swine's weight. When
they all got over to the trough that
side, in turn, went down. And so the
plank floor was rocked back and forth
every time a hog went in or out.
Connected with this swinging plat
form was another one which received
equivalent motion, of course, through
the medium of a long lever. On this
second platform were set the casks of
whisky which were to undergo the rip
ening process. Of course, 'every time
the lower floor rocked, so did the up
per likewise, and the whisky waS
shaken around with every motion.
Naturally, Uncle Billy's hogs were
fatter than anybody else's, because
they were fed so much oftener. Part
of the ripening depended on feeding
the hogs, so as to make them rush in
through the open door and thus shake
the platforms.
It sometimes happens that a baoheloi
envies a married man almost as much
as a married man envies a bachelor.
The population of the Australian
commonwealth, according to the latest
returns, is 3.775.366.
ined the lining of my coat and waist
coat in the hope that some stray match
might have lodged there; but in vain.
I did find, however, a small sheet of
dry paper. As I drew it forth I felt
that my life was saved; for, though I
had no match, I had thought of a way
to set fire to the paper.
"Hastily constructing a pile of the
dryest wood and twigs that I could
find, I knelt before it, with the paper
in my hand, carefully screened from
the wind with my body.. Seizing then
a stout and knotty oak stick, like a po
liceman's club, I struck myself a vio
lent blow over the head with It. Im
mediately a multitude of bright sparks
danced before my eyes. Instantly I
passed the paper cautiously back and
forth among the sparks. To my joy
several settled upon It I fanned them
gently with my breath. The paper be
came ignited. Plunging it among the
twigs, I soon had the joyful satisfac
tion of seeing a tiny crackling flame
kindle there.
"I was saved! The rest was easy. Ai
splendid bonfire soon lit up the gloom
of the surrounding forest. As I bound
up a long scalp wound on the back of
my aching head, I thanked my lucky
stars for the clever expedient which
had occurred to me only in the nick of
plants, entirely apart from their fruit
bearing value. There is great promise,
however, that we will ultimately secure
a fruit that is hardy and of good qual
ity. Some of the hybrid raisin grapes,
produced with a view of securing re
sistance to a disease known as "cou
lure," or dropping of the fruit, have
borne for the first time. These vines
have proved hardy so far and have
produced fruit of remarkably fine qual
ity. Some of the vines appear to be
resistant to a serious and destructive
roof, disease which has appeared in
California, and they may resist the
worst of all Pacific coast grape dis
eases—the so-cahvd "California vine
Bacteria In Sehonl Inks.
The authorities at Minden, Germany,
have made a bacteriological examina
tion of school inks. They have found
that most of them
which, if animals are Inoculated with
them, often prove fatal.
Professor John B. Clark, of Columbia
University, contributes a notable ar
ticle to the January Atlantic in the
"Booking Backward" vein, rehearsing
and analyzing the probabilities of the
coming century from the standpoint of
a citizen of the year 2000.
contain bacteria
Beware of Ointment« for Catarrh That
Contatn Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the sense of
•smell and completely derange the whole system
when entering it through the mucous surfaces.
Such articles should never be used except_
prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the
damage they will do is tenfold to the good you
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo. O., contains no mercury, and is taken
internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine.
It is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio,
by F. J. Cheney Si Co. Testimonials free. Sold
by Druggists, price 75c per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
The postofliee at Buevelto, N. M., was
robbed of $400 by four masked men on
Friday last.
Stops the Cough and
Works Off the Cold
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Price 25c.
Miss Alice Roosevelt, eldest daughter
of President Roosevelt, will christen
the German kaiser's new yacht.
The Distinctive Value
of Syrup of Figs is due to its pleasant form and perfect freedom from every
objectionable quality or substance and to the fact that it acts gently and truly
as a laxative, without in any way disturbing the natural functions. The
requisite knowledge of what a laxative should be and of the best means for its
production enable the California Fig Syrup Co. to supply the general demand
for a laxative, simple and wholesome in its nature and truly beneficial in its
effects; a laxative which acts pleasantly and leaves the internal
naturally healthy condition and which does not weaken them.
To assist nature, when nature needs assistance, it is all important that the
medicinal agents used should be of the best quality and of known value and Syrup
of Figs possesses this great advantage over all other remedies, that it does not
weaken the organs on which it acts and therefore it promotes a healthful con
dition of the bowels and-assists one in forming regular habits. Among its many
excellent qualities may be mentioned its perfect safety, in all cases requiring a
laxative, even for the babe, or its mother, the maiden, or the wife, the invalid,
or the robust man.
Syrup of Figs is well known to be a combination of the laxative principles
of plants, which act most beneficially, with pleasant aromatic liquids and the
juice of figs, agreeable and refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system,
when its gentle cleansing is desired. The quality of Syrup of Figs is due not
only to the excellence of the combination, but also to the original method of
manufacture which ensures perfect purity and uniformity of product and it is
therefore all important, in. buying, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note
the full name of the Company—California Fig Syrup Co.—printed on the front
of every package.
organs in a

(mform|Ï<î 5 yrup(<l
San Francisco. Cal.
Louisville. Ky.
New York, N. Y.
, ■
• :
. ^
Admiral Schley is to be the guest of
tlie Maryland society of Chicago at an
entertainment in his honor during this
Time proves all things. It has seen
Wizard Oil cure pain for over forty
years. Many people know this.
John W. Reese, formerly a New York
salesman, has returned home from
Klondike a rich man, after being
mourned for dead.
more goods, perpackage.thanany other.
Sold by druggists, 10c. per package.
Smallpox is breaking out in a num
ber of Kansas towns.

< •
. >
• *
« »
A Disabled Man
Is certainly not in It, and
Sprains and Bruises
disable, but this is where

St. Jacobs Oil
- >
comes in for a prompt, sup»
It Conquers Pain
Price, 25c. and 50c.
Wonderful Collection of Birds.
Mrs. Henry Wells Terry, a resident
of Babylon, L. I., has one of the most
complete and valuable collections ot
birds In America, which she inherited
from her father, J. C. Knoess, an orni
thologist, known all over the world
for bis knowledge on this subject.
New York's Extinct Volcano.
A Harvard professor has discovered
what he considers the remains of
extinct volcano at Schuylenrille, N. Y.
a small country place already famous
In American historv.
Consistent Melancholy Her Ideal.
A Quakeress of revolutionary times,
Ann Whitall, kept a little diary or
book of "meditations," as she quaintly
phrased it. She was a very earnest
and devout woman, full of good works,
but like many of later date, she re
garded consistent melancholy as her
Ideal of conduct She writes In her
diary: "I often thinks if 1 could be so
fixt as never to laugh nor to smll I
shud be won step better; It fils me
with sorrow when I gee people so ful
of laf and of orate."
Aside from Senator Hanna's "Wil
liam McKinley as I Knew Him," tbe
January "National" is a strong and at
tractive Dumber. A new and moat
kindly portrait of Senator Hanna
adorns tbe cover and smiles benevo
lently at the reader from tbe first page
of "Affairs at Washington."

Sauer's Rape
gives Rich, ^
. What Is itl
rW Cat*;««*
1,000,000 Customers
Proudest rocord of a-y «red.tman on earth,
are reach'n* out for more. We
and hence
and yet
desire, by July 1st. *> 0,000 m
this unprecedented offer.
$10 WORTH FOR 10c
We trill mail upon receipt of 10c in atainpe
our great e*talo<n*e, worth * 100.00 to any
Wide awake fanner or «ardener. to- J
pother with many farm seed samples,
positively worth iio.oo to pet a
w start with, upon receipt of but
l^lOc In atampa. S5 pkgs. ft
iMs. earliest vegetable
»end thte
alone, 6c.
».IV With
Send at
10c to Salzer.
We Treat and Cure
I*A* CATARRH. Bronchitis, Neural***. Heart Di.
* ^ L -*" 1 . Dyspepsie.. Skin Disease, Blood Disease.
Rheumatism, Mslsris, Nervous Disea.se».
Kidney Diseases, Female Complaints, In*
somrvia. Dysentery. Paralysis. Rickets, Scrofula,
Consumption in First Stages, Liver Diseases,
Diseases of the Bowels.
Home Treatment Cure j. Write for
Lift Conjugation
If you suffer from any of the weaknesses or
diseases caused by ignorance, excess
We bave proved our skill in curing all
CHRONIC diseases by publishing thousands of
voluntary testimonials of home people, giving
names, pictures and addresses.
Beeanse it would betray confidence. Hence we
have to prove our skill in this class of troubles
in another way. This is our plan:
r< li
or person.
to prove our
in another way. This is our plan:
Office Hours: 9 a m. to 4 p. m.; evenings 7 to 8; Sundays and Holidays 10 to U.
LYON BLOCK. 66 West 2nd So. SU
DBS. SHORES & SHORES. Exoert Specialists.
Beet Cough Byron» Taste» Good. U»C
In time. Sold by dr
of the season (In ten colors) six beau
tiful heads (on six sheets, 10x12 Inch
es), reproductions of paintings by
Moran, issued by General Passenger
Department, Chicago, Milwaukee & St
Paul Railway, will be sent on receipt
of twenty-five cents. Address F. A.
Miller, General Passenger Agent, Chi
Practically every business building
In Catoosa, I. T„ has been destroyed
by fire.
' •
PRICE. 25c.
A substitute for and superior to mustard or
any other plaster, and will not blister the
nvat delicate skin. Tbe pain-allaying and
curative qualities of thisartide are wonder
ful. It wiU stop tbe toothache at once, and
relieve headache and sciatica. We recom
mend it as the best and safest external
counter-irritant known, also as an external
remedy for pains in the chest and stomach
and all rheumatic, neuralgic and gouty oom
Ï ilalnts. A trial will prove what we claim
or it. and it will be found to be invaluable
in the household. Many people say "it is the
best of all of your preparations." Price is
cents, at all druggists or other dealers, or by
sending this amount to us In postage stamps
we will send you a tube by malL No article
should be accepted by the public unless the
same carries
î a bel, a* otherwise it is not
17 State Street, New York City.
Conjugation Tree.
Pay When Cured
We cure you first and then ask a REASON
ABLE FJEE when you are cured. Y
pend upon our word: any bank in Utah will
endorse it: thousands of patients have endorsed
the distinct understanding that we will not de
mand a FEE until we cure you. We cure LOST
MANHOOD. Seminal Weakness. Spermator
rhoea. Gonorrhoea. Syphilis and all weaknesses
of men. We absolutely cure Vartooceleor it
don't cost you a penny. Consultation and
advice FREE, by letter or in person. CALL
can de
BICKFORD, Washington. I>. C-. they
■ ■ will r«c«ira uuick replie». B. 5th N.H.V 0 I*
Staff axh Corps. Prosecktin« Claims slate 1878
W. N. U.. Salt Laka-No. 2. 1B02.

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