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Cbe /ffiessenaer.
Entered at the ChAllis post-office as sooond
class mail matter.
APRIL 8, 1902.
Perhaps after Teddy takes a
few more boxing and wrestling
lessons he'll be ready to tackle
Mark in a rough and tumble
scrap. _
An extraordinary defense is
that put forward by Major Wal
ler, of the Marine Corps, who is
being tried by court-martial for
having Filipinos shot without
trial—that their execution with
out trial was necessary, lawful,
and justifiable.
What a howl there would 1 have
been bad that proposition to coin
an unlimited quantity of Ameri
can Filipino silver dollars come
from a democrat.
Gen. Leonard Wood continues
to ignore that executive order
against officials trying to influ
ence Congressional legislation.
It took some hammering to
make them see the correctness of
the democratic demand that all
war taxes be wiped out, but no
vote was cast against the repeal
bill in either branch of Congress.
Oh, of course, the friends of
Miles and Schley love the admin
istration for its treatment of
those brave officers.
There is logic in the argument
of Gov. Beckham, of Kentucky,
that it is the buyer of dock-tailed
horses who should be attacked
and not the seller.
When it comes to general pop
ularity, Gen. Fitz Lee has been
showing that he is in it.
Fred. Funston is said to have
been much chagrined by his visit
to Washington. He expected to
be lionized, and found himself
almost ignored.
If the next President is to be a
domocrat, it will be necessary to
nominate a man that is on speak
ing terms with the party.
Gen. Miles seems to have kill
ed the army reorganization bill
that was prepared by Corbin and
Wonder if Hanna's feeding the
Washington correspondents
an effort to lessen criticism of
the Ship Subsidy job,
Speaker Henderson's home in
terests permit it to be taken up
by the House ?
Recent language therein indi
cates that the English House of
Commons is correctly named.
The English lord who has been
ostracized by English society for
striking his wife, who has secur
ed a divorce from him, might
find consolation among the toad
ies on this side of the Atlantic.
Isn't Emporor William rather
overdoing the thing in his
tempts to jolly the American
people by attentions to the
Roosevelts ?
There is nothing doing in the
Isthmian Canal line in the Sen
ate, thanks to the power of Mark
Hanna, but there may be some
thing doing at the polls a little
So the gold standard republi
can administration thinks the
free coinage of American Filipino
silver dollars will be a good thing
for the Philippines, and that it
will make sentiment for the
manent retention of the islands,
[The Mazamas were organized
on the summit of Mount Hood in
1894, and are com posed of moun
tain climbers. Membership is
limited to those who have climb
ed to the summit of a perpetual
snow-capped mountain acceptable
to the club. Its objects are, the
exploration of mountains, the
collection and dissemination of
scientific knowledge concerning
the same.]
Wo acknowledge the following
invitation from the Portland,
Oregon, Mazama Club :
"Mazama Friend :—
"Conforming with the wishes
of the majority, the ninth annual
outing of the Mazamas will be
made to Mount Adams, Washing
ton. Leaving Portland for White
Salmon on the morning of July
15th, 1902, the following day to
Trout Lake where permanent
quarters will be established dur
ing the stay, which will be from
the 15th to the 26th of July, in
clusive. Trout Lake, aside from
being remarkably beautiful and
enchanting is one of the most
ideal and attractive camp-grounds
in the Cascade range. A spot
full of dreamy splendor where
the atmosphere is redolent with
the perfume of wild flowers. The
clearest water, the gamest trout,
the most colossal sculpturing in
Nature, may be seen from its
"Mount Adams is one of the
giants of our Cordilleran region,
rising 12,400 feet above the Paci
fic ocean. A diadem of snow, di
verging and transforming into
crevasse and glacial cascade.
The customary camp-fire lecture
and mountain-lore will be rigidly
observed as a part of the outing
program. We expect to have
with us many scientists from
abroad and elsewhere.
"Trusting you will make com
plete arrangements and be in
readiness to join our 'Mam-ook
he'-he, Hy-as Kloshe, Hy-iu
"Respectfully yours,
"Outing Committee.
"Portland, Or., Mar. 26, 1902."
[We regret very much that we
will be unable to be a gnest of
the Mazama Club on the above
date. We may go to Thunder
mountain, and should we accept
the kind invitation of the Recor
der, and go to the new gold fields
by the Salmon route and climb
the Leesburg mountain, we will
be fully qualified for membership
in the Mazama Club.]
We desire to express our sin
cere thanks to the people of Cus
ter and vicinity, for the kindness
shown in the burial of our hus
band and father.
Mrs. Jas. Cearley,
Mrs. L. C. McGowan,
James Cearley.
Bonanza, Ida., Mar. 29, 1902.
The fight between the Ameri
can tobacco trust and the Imper
ial tobacco trust, of Great Brit
ian, which has been going on for
some time across the Atlantic, is
also to be carried on over here,
and the Universal tobacco trust
is said to have joined forces with
the British concern,
fight. It will be beneficial to the
public if they fight each other
into bankruptcy.
Let 'em
Mr. Roosevelt has decided that
his order against government
employees seeking to influence
Congressional legislation did not
apply to printers in the Govern
ment printing office. It has not
seemed to apply to anybody seek
ing to influence things Teddy's
way. _
Joe Manley's price has not yet
been reached. He declined to be
come an assistant Postmaster
General. Joe thinks he is full
Cabinet sixe, but ho can't con
vince Mr. Roosevelt.
It is now officially
that War department officials are
seriously alarmed at the aw'ful
increase of disease among the
American soldiers in the Philip
Van Anda Mining and Milling
company, limited, of Boise. Cap
ital stock, $40,000, divided into
400,000 shares of the par value of
10 cents. The incorporators are
John L. Wallace, Walter J. Wal
lace, Jennie Wallace, Horace E.
Neal, J. E. Tourtelotte, H. L.
Warren and Elizabeth Warren.
The above is from a late Boise
Statesman. This is the Warren
& Wallace group of gold mines
three miles south of Bonanza,
and up Rankin gulch one mile
west of Yankee Fork,
was a 2-stamp prospecting mill
put up last fall. The ledges are
gold quartz exclusively, from one
to four feet in width, and carries
values from $10 to $35 and
wards per ton. Warren now has
a contract of running a tunnel on
one of the ledges.
It is another little help for our
county, as the incorporators of
Boise are people of means.
The owners of the "Letha"
mine on Dickins hill (Lew Claw
son and Frank Georgetta), have
during the past winter opened
a large vein of good ore in a new
tunnel several hundred feet be
low the old works. The ore is a
sulphide, some of it carrying
high values in gold, silver and
copper. __
There are a class of men who
are seldom, if ever, appreciated
at their true value. In this en
lightened age they are commonly
called "Dad." It is "dad" that
humps himself year in and year
out, on the farm, in the office
workshop, in order that his toy
or girl may go away to school,
and upon their return, that the
boy may have a tine horse and
top buggy and the girl a costly
piano. It is "dad" that hustles
and cultivates great
knots on his hands and becomes
stoop-shoulderedjn order that
his offspring may revel in luxury
and make fools of themselves.
His sous and daughters have
learned at his expense to despise
his old-fashioned
secretly laugh at the style of his
Sunday coat and bell-crowned
hat. On Sunday when his daugh
ter has company and he would
like to sit in the parlor and listen
to the music, he is given in var
ious ways to understand that his
presence is not desirable, and
the poor old man goes out into
the kitchen and stays the remain
der of the afternoon. God help
the son or daughter who
back on "dad.
In the catalogue
of low-down cussedness that of
ingratitude to one's parents is
the most contemptible.
Here is a list of questions for
the wide awake boys :
You can see any day a white
horse, but did you ever
white colt ?
How many different kinds of
trees grow in your neighborhood,
and what are they good for ?
Why does a horse eat grass
backward and a cow forward ?
Why does a hop vine grow one
way and a bean vine the other ?
Where should a chimney
the larger, at the top or at the
bottom, and why ?
Can you tell why a horse when
tethered to a rope always un
ravels it, while a cow always
twists it into kinky knots ?
How old must an apple tree be
before it begins to bear ?
Can you tell why leaves turn
upside down just before a rain ?
What wood will bear the great
est weight before breaking ?
see a
Sorrow is the silken cord that
makes the circuit of sympathy.
A California man has offered
to sell his wife and four children
for $50. As for himself, he
could probably be had for a glass
of beer.
It isn't every client who is
able to keep his own counsel.
SURVEY NO. 1080.
Halley, Idaho. March 2fttb. 1902. \
J. Treloar, whose postoffice address is ChalHs,
Custer county, Idaho, has made application for
a United States patent for the
lode mining claim, situate In Bay horse Mining
District, Custer county, State of Idaho, con
sisting of 1098 linear feet of the lode and *000
feet of surfaoe ground 600 feet wide, being Sur
vey No. 1688, and described In the Held notes
and plat of the official survey on Öle in this
office, with magnetic variation at 19 degrees 80
minutes East, as follows :
Beginning at the discovery point of this claim
and running thence South 48 degrees 10 minut
es East 740.3 feet to southeast center end ;
thence South 9 degrees 41 minutes West 350
feet to Corner No. 1, from which corner U. S.
M. M. No. 2 bears South 53 degrees 23 minutes
16 seconds East 4778.1 feet, measured; thence
North 4« degrees 31 minutes West 604.7 feet to
Corner No. 2; thence North 5 degrees 36 min
utes West 428.4 feet to Corner No. 3; thence
North 74 degrees 20 minutes West 262.7 feet to
Corner No. 4; thence North 9 degrees 41 min
utes East 86.4 feet to Corner No. 5; thence
South 71 degrees 00 minutes East 900 feet
Corner No. 6; thence South 9 degrees 41 min
utes West 700 feet to Corner No. 1. the place of
beginning survey of exterior boundaries of
said claim, oontalnlng<an area of 8.044 acres.
No conflicts.
The said mining claim being of record in the
office of the County Recorder of said mining
district, ut Challis, in Custer county, State of
Idaho, in Book 3 of Quartz Claims, at page 96,
and the amended notice of location in"Book E"
of Quartz Claims on pages 14 and 15 of the
records of said county.
The nearest known locations being the Keno
Lode, Lot 47 on the north ; the Silver Brick
lode, Survey No. 980 on the East; The Forest
Rose lode, Survey No. 1194 on the West; and
the Cave lode, unsurveyed, on the Northwest.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of the said "Democrat"
claim or surface ground, are required to file
their adverse claims thereto with the Register
ot the United States Land Office at Hailey,
State of Idaho, within the sixty days' publica
tion thereof, or they will be barred by virtue
of the provisions of the Statute in such
made and provided.
lode mining
N. J. SHARP, Register.
I direct that the foregoing Notice of Applica
tion for Patent be published for the period of
sixty days in Thu Silver Messenger, a
newspaper published at Challis, Custer count}.
State of Idaho, being the newspaper published
nearest said claim.
N. J. SHARP, Register.
First publication April 1st, 1902.
Texas Angel, Attorney for Applicant.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To the Administratrix, Heirs and Assigns and
all persons interested in the estate of Michael
Spahn, deceased ; and to Robert Shilling, his
heirs or assigns :
To the Admin'stratrix, heirs and assigns of
and all persons interested in the estate of
Michael Spahn, deceased :
notitied that we have expended the sum of Five
Hundred Dollars (*500.00) in labor and improve •
ments upon the "VANITY" lode mining claim
for the years 1897—1888—1890—1900 and 1901, in
order to hold said claim under Section 2324 of
the Revised Statutes of the United States.
Your interest is one-flftli in said claim, and
your proportion of such expenditure amounts
to *100.00, besides one-half the cost of this
notice, which amounts to *7.50, making a total
of *107.50.
To Robert Shilling, his heirs or assigns: You
are hereby notified that we have expended the
shm of Four Hundred Dollars (*400.00) in labor
and Improvements upon the "VANITY" lode
milling claim for the years 1898—1899—1900 and
1901, in order to hold said claim under Section
2824 of the Revised Statues of the United Stat
es. Your Interest is one-fifth in said claim,and
your proportion of such expenditure amounts
to *80.00, besides one-half the cost of this
tice. whioh amounts to *7.50, making a
amount of *87.50.
Said lode mining claim Is situated in Sea
foam Mining Distriot, Custer county, Idaho.
And if within ninety days after the full pub
lication of this notice you fail or refuse to con
tribute and pay to us your proportion of such
expenditure as co-owners, as above stated,
your interest in said claim will become the
property of the subscribers under said Section
Ycu are hereby
Dated, Challis, Idaho, March 26th, 1902.
First publication April 1st, 1902.
To The Administrator, Heirs and Assigns and
All Parties Interested in the Estate of John
W. Garrutt :
You are hereby notified that I have expend
ed the sum of Three Hundred Dollars in labor
and improvements upon the following lode
mining claims for the year 1901 : "California"
*100.00; "W. J. Bryan," *100.00; "Trade Dollar"
*100.00, making a total of *300.00 in order to hold
said claims under Section 2324 of the Revised
Statutes of the United States. All of said
olaims are situated iu Yankee Fork Mining
District, Custer county, Idaho. Your portion
being *150.00—one dollar for recording
And if within ninety days after the full pub
lication of this notice you fall or refuse to con
tribute your portion of suoh expenditure
owner, whtob amounts to $150.00, and »1.00 for
recording, also costs for publication of this
notice whioh amounts to *20.00, your interest in
said olaims will become the property of
subscriber under Section 2824 of the Revised
Statutes of the United States.
Payment oan be made to John Dudley.Cusler.
Idaho, or, The Silver MKssKNOER.Chall.s.Ida.
Dated this 6th day of Feb. 1962.
First publluallon Feb. 11th, 1902,
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Beniamin F. Rapp, your heirs, assigns
legal representatives :
You arc hereby notified that I have expended
the sum of *6IK) in labor and improvements
upon the "Lucky Strike No. I," "Luck/ Strike
No. 2," and "Greenhorn" lode mining elalms,
sttuutetn Stanley Mining Diitriot,
oounty, State of Idaho, in order to hold said
premlsos under tho provisions of Section 2324
Revised Statutes of the United Slates, for the
years ending December 31st, 1898 and 1901.
And if within ninety days after the full pub
lication of this notice you fail or refuse to
tribute and pay to me your proportion of such
expenditure, and oostof this notice,
owner, your interest in suld olaims will become
tho property of the subscriber under said Sec
tion 2824.
r< I
Dntcd, Stanley, Idaho/Jun. 2nd, 1902.
First pub. Jtth. 7th, 1902.
W. H. Felkner
R. N. Hull.
James Gayle.
| y
^Wholesale and Retail Dealers in*g»

■ ■ aifu
We Carry the Largest Stock of
In Custer County.
e a m
Idaho . 1
Meat-:-Market !
Wm. Buster, Prop.
Model market of Challis. Deal
er in choice Beef, Pork, Veal and
Mutton. Also dealer Fresh Oys
ters. Vegetables, Fruits, etc
— 3 ?
CPabst Milwaukee Beer,
Fine Assortment of Candies,
Paints, Oils, Varnish and Brushes,
Fine Line of Holiday Goods,
School Supplies,
jDrugs, Patent Medicine,
' Toilet Soap, Perfumes,
Toilet Water, Cigars, Tobacco,
V ines and Liquors,
Fishing Tackle, Fruits
S Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
- —v vwv\\\\% AND
Prompt Attention
to All Mail
. i-v-Tvy

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