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,t Market.
opened » Meat Market
f „„ North Main street,
the Barbershop
idealer in
" Game, Fish. Vegetab
il, Candies.
: Prop.
iMTON, :
is House I
[W Challis House is strict
first-Class hotel, and the
sand accommodations can
je surpassed in the county.
[going: out on the stages
god this a convenient hotel
at, as the drivers board
Meals always promptly
Located one door j
lof the telephone office.
ind Lodging at reasonable
i The tables are always
Sied with the best the
iet affords. Good acorn
for traveling men
the public.
Sample Rooms for
merciai fl)en.
C. Merritt,
l Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
«ry, Feed
Sale Stables.
Horses Bought and Bold.
Hay and Oruln for Bale.
Wpivers, and Prices Moderate.
a Bigs.
Kerr & Son, Prop's.
ustofthe Messenger office.
Harber and Fisherman is
v ÙQ Main street, Challis,
yO>i can drop in and get
in the tonsorial line you
7 Pay for. Thunder Mt.
■*. w For Orunktnntis, Opium,
Morphin* and
w w? 1 v ^Arth*r Drufl Using,
*f th*Tob»cco Habit
m »nd Neurasthenia.
v OwlRtlt, III.
^ Militer .itli'îiJit'ngcr.
Established May 21,1881.
VOL. 24.
$ 3.00 Per Year.
NO. 48.
NOTICE of sher
NOTICE of sher
Counly of Custer : ' W aad ,or tbe
Unitcil States Mortgage
& Trubt Company,
Knob Copper'compaoy, Limited,
a Corporation,
Lost River
Commercial Company. Limited
a Corporation,
Under and by virtue of an Order of Sale ln ,i
t ecree of foreclosure. Issued out of the District
Court of the Sixth Indicia, District If the Su '
of Idaho, in and for the Count, of Custer
the 8th day of June. KKfi. in the above entitled
action, wherein United States Mortgage & Trust
Company, the above named complainant oh
talneda udgment of foreclosure aud order of
sale agamst White Knob Copper Com tin y
Llmited, a Corporation, and Lost River Com.'
merclal Company, Limited, a Corporation the
above named Defendants, on the 3rd da, of
June Li,.,, for the sum of One Million sixty
*** I h0 " Md 3,1 Hundred Sixty-Six 07-100
Uluosotifi.UJ- 1Ü0) Dollars, and the
of Seven Thousand Five
counsel fees, besides Interest.
further sum
Hundred Dollars,
- costs, ete., which
said decree was on the 6ih day of June,
recorded in Judgment Book of said Court at
pages <93-1-5.
I am commanded to sell all
those certain
parcels of land, mines, water powers and privil
eges, with all mills, buildings, smelters, dams
and other structures thereon r
therewitb, aud all machinery and
or connected
or about the same or connected therewith,
situated in Custer county, Idaho, conaiiiuting
the plant of the corporation, and bounded
described as follows, to-wit :
The following named patented mining claims,
to-wit !
"Midwinter." "Copper Bullion,'
Catherine," "Artie,
ana "Pacifle," the "Atlantic" and "Paciflc"
patented ml Usités; also the 'Pasha," "sul
■sultan." "Leslie W.," "Remonetiza
" Wellington,"
"Buena Vista," "Rio
•Khedive," "Continental," "Occidea
tal," and "Hannibal" mining claims now in the
process of patent ; also the "Triangle," "Rom
ulus." "Remus," "Stephen," "Geu. Lawton."
"Oriental," "Wainwright,"
Hamilcarr," "Mars,"
Washington," and "Cushing" un
patented mining claims; also the "Midwinter."
"Western," "Eastern," "Pasha." "Sultan,"
"Sultana," "Oriental" and "Wellington" un
patented mill site claims; all of the said min
ing aud milisite claims lying and being in Alder
CreekMimngDistrict, Caster county, Idaho;
also eleven (II) miles more or less of electric
railway running from a point on the "Pacific"
■Decatur," "Antelope
patented mining claim to the smelter of the
White Knob Copper Company, situated in Sec
tion Thirty-Three (33). Township Seven (7)
North, Range Twenty-Four (24) East of Boise
Meridian ; also the pipe lines consisting of 7 and
4 inch pipe, heading in White Knob Creek at
the foot of White Knob Mountain, and running
thence In an Easterly direction a distance of
about five miles to the smelter of the White
Knob Copper Company, together with the tanks
situated uloug said line, and all the appurten
ances tberelo; also the Southwest quarter of
the Southeast quarter and the South half of
the Southwest quarter, Section twenty-eight,
aDd the Northwest quarter aud the West half
of the Northeast quarter and the Southeast
quarter of the Norlheas) quarter and the North
half of the Southeast quarter of Section 33, all
in Township 7 North. Range twenty-four East
of the Boise Meridian. Custer county, Idaho,
together with the water rights as shown by
record in and to the waters of White Knob
Creek, being the entire plant of the White
Knob Copper Company, situated on the within
described tract of land In Sections 28 and 33.
Said plant consisting of smelter, pump house,
sampler, machine shops, car barns, ore and
coke bins, ussay office, general offices and
stables ; also the electric motors, cars, general
railway equipment used in and about and ap
purtenant to the electric railway; also the
ore bins, compressor, compressor building,
blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, mess and
bunk houses, office buildings, dwelling houses
and all equipment ol every kind and descrip
tion used in and about the mining claims oftbe
Knob Copper Company, hereinbefore
named. IS'-Sef: JH
Together with the tenements, hereditaments
and appurtenances belonging or in anywise ap
pertaining. t. any part of the premises and
property hereinbefore mentioned, and all the
estates, titles, right and interest of the White
Knob Copper Company, in and to said premises
and every part thereof.
all machines, machinery and other
And also;— ._ _
fixtures, and plant of a permanent character,
owned by the White Knob Copper Corn
required and used for carrying on the
the operation of the works of the
erected or situated or to be erected
lauds uud structures
,. oowN country lanes."
- s just
the title of a« PM* it ü
pany and
business or
situated upon the
hereinbefore mentioned.
And all and singular the rights
and franchises of the Company
«—• -
I, privileges
in connection
interest and other
"plblic'notice is hereby GIVEN.
That on Friday, «•*« 7 ' ,, dl 2 ° tB lrollt of
ihr Door of thr . I'oroor*
■lion, ia ,Ur * ln obc dlcne« to saia
(ouiity. Id a** 0 ' ^ 1 of Foreclosure and
Order of Sale and Dtcrc or so
Sale, sell the rbove *"*££££ J satisfy
SSÄ" « S
Dated this 10 th dn) o^ ^ EL DER, Sheriff.
June 13th. 1005.
First publication
Well, here we are in the fam
ous Thunder Mountain country
ithat is Ben and I) and find that
the stories that are floating
around the Salmon River country
about the scarcity of laborers to
be an
at least between seventy-five and
one hundred idle men in Roose
velt at the present time ready to
go to work the first chance they
have to do
This I believe will be the ban
ner year of Thunder Mountain
but it is too early in the season
to make any predictions. The
roads and trails are impassable
owing to deep snows in the moun
tains and high water, and nearly
all of the mining companies and
stores are short of supplies.
The " S unnyside
which employs more men than
any other one company had to
suspend operation about 2 weeks
ago owing to a defect in the
workings of their tramway, but
they expect to have this
died and resume operations by
June 1st. The success of this
company means much to Thun
der Mountain. They have spent
thousands of dallars in the erec
tion of a forty-stamp mill, tram
way, boarding and bunk houses
and on the road which was built
from Boise last year. Judging
from reports the "Sunnyside"
has immense bodies of free-mill
ore and is undoubtedly one of the
largest mines in the State. The
mine is at present under the
management of Supt. Abbott.
The H. Y. and Climax Co.,
have only three men in their em
ploy at present, but will put on a
larger force as soon as the snow
disappears. The mine is now
under the management of Peter
Wagner, who was foreman of the
"Sunnyside" mine last year.
The "Standard" has a fine
showing of high grade ore, and
at the present time have a force
of fourteen men at work under
the management of Supt. Schnid
er. This is a new company
which started up late in the win
exaggeration, as there are
The Dewey Company have
been working a force of thirty
all winter in their mine and
mill. This property is under the
management of Supt. Hang and
William Pryor —the latter is
well known to all old Custerites
and at one time was foreman of
the "Skylark" mine at Bay horse.
The 20th Century Company
have about thirty men at work
but they expect to double their
force as soon as they can get the
machinery in for their ten stamp
mill which they will erect during
the coming summer.
The De Camp property
Divide Creek have a small force
at work and they have let a
tract for the hewing of square
timbers for a ten stamp mill
which is to be erected this year.
There are a great many people
in this section who have claimed
Custer county as their home at
time or another, viz:
Hicks, Myron Shonover,
Lvnch, Mrs. Morris and daugh
ter, Nick Dorsa, Frank Tully.
Chas. Frost, Tom Horton, Joe
Davis, Jas. West,Geo. Shepherd.
A1 Green, Dr. Jones, Jas. Ken
and Mike Foley. ,
of ™" S k dïïrtcïïE before' the
1st July, as there will be lit
rinimr before that time. Prie
es on all commodities are high
and one to live a life of idleness
IrUSt^Wate.^lour is
Cin *13to $15 Per 100; sugar
i."! n to 25c per pound; rice
bacon 25 to 40c; dried fruits
everything -*
iKoosevelt, Ida., May-, 190 ■
Local News.
day last week while hauling a i
load of grain from here to Sing
A grade on the A ellow
The [
in question
placed to tlie credit of School
District No. 1, as intended.
Mrs. K. D. Williams was down
from Robinson Bar a portion of
last week.
We have just issued a quantity
of 28x42 three color 4th of July
posters for the celebration at
Even if those are not the re
mains of John Paul Jones, he
will never rise up to make a kick
about it.
Doubtless Japan will soon come
forward with an "Asiatic" Mon
roe doctrine of a new and im
proved pattern.
Louie, the Chinaman, offers to
sell his vacant lot, wood and
chickens in Challis, for $50, as
he desires to go to China.
Custer Lodge No. 21, I. O. O.
F. elected the following officers
for next term :
N. G.—Lee Kerr.
V. G.-Wm. Elder.
How about a flag pole and a
big flag for Challis ? It is only
a few days to the Fourth, and it
will not look much like a 4th of
July without a large flag.
Rain ! Rain ! Every day !
This is the best grass year ever
known in this arid region of Ida
ho. Little irrigation has been
done here this season so far.
There is a new kind of game
in some portions of Idaho called
"lemons." The game is to catch
the prettiest girl in the bunch
and squeezer. That makes the
other girls look sour.
New Jersey has furnished the
crowning sensation. A man
there has resigned a public posi
tion on the ground that it is too
easy, and ought to be abolished.
Mr. Carnegie should give him a
hero's medal at once.
Custer Encampment No. 10, I.
O. O. F. last Wednesday eve
ning elected the following offi
cers for the ensuing term :
C. P.—Lee Kerr.
H. P.— M. M. Sweet.
S. W.— J. C. Fox.
J. W.-Wm. Elder.
Think of a canal being built
with pauper labor and pauper
made materials by a high-pro
tection-home market-administra
tion. Has Mr. Roosevelt return
ed to the free trade ideas he
championed at Harvard ?
Mr. Johnson lost a horse one
Jacket road gave away, and his
team and wagons went over the
embankment into Morgan creek,
w hy a petition was got up to an
nex District No. 6, as that dis
triet had gone defunct by virtue
of not holding school for a year
or more. It appears, however,
that that money was thrown into j
districts of the county.
school board of this district
j should commence mandamus ;
procee( ji n g S | n the District Court j
totell , money
a distance of ten feet or more,
and he had a narrow call to save
his own life.
It was understood that when
Challis Creek School District No.
6 was annexed to this district,
No. 1, that the money on hand,
about $600, to the credit of the
defunct district would go into
the fund of School District No.l,
and this was the main reason
the general school fund to be j
divided up among all the school |
Sam Young was a Challis vis
itor last week.
Axel Olson departed Thursday
for his home at Shelley, Idaho.
W. R. Deem, representing the
Sherman Piano House, of Butte,
was in this city last week.
Why is a newspaper like a
woman? Because every man
should have one of his own and
not run after his neighbors.
Earl Dodge had the main bone
in his right arm fractured on
Monday, the 5th. He was scuffl
ing with Claude McKendrick and
fell onto a rock.
W. J. Lamme, Thos. J. Kerr,
Duncan Williams, Henry Brad
bury and Guy Bradbury depart
ed last week on a prospecting
trip to the Warm Spring Creek
Chas. Waller, who has been
over to Twin Falls since last fall
arrived in Challis last week. He
says Twin Falls is already a
flourishing city of nearly 2,000
Miss Hazel Morrow and her
brother, McKean, who have been
attending school at the State
University, Moscow, arrived^ in
Challis Thursday morning en
route for their home on Pah
Lawrence Phelan has discov
ered a very rich lead on the
South Fork near Smith's ranch
and there is a good deal of ex
citement over it at present.
Some of the rock assayed
$1000, and they have an immen
se lead.
The White Knob Copper Co.
mines, smelter, etc., will be sold
at sheriff's sale on July 7th, to
satisfy a judgment and decree of
foreclosure and sale obtained in
the District Court of this district
on June 8th, 1905, by the United
States Mortgage & Trust Co.
The judgment is for $1,068,666.67
besides counsel fees, $7,500, in
terest and costs.
The following Custer county
boys who have been attending
outside schools returned home
last week : Arthur Gayle and
Amos Leaton, from the State
Academy, Pocatello; John Malm,
Ludvig Westerholm, Will Casto
and Joe McGown, from the Agri
cultural College, Logan, Utah,
and Leslie Dodge from the Boise
High School.
MARRIED—At the Presby
terrian parsonage in Salmon
City, May 27, 1905, Mr. Jackson
Grubb, of May, to Miss Francis
Miller, of Patterson, Ida. Rev.
i p ran ^ g Bonner officiating,
rp} ie youthful couple are well
an( j favorably kno u n in Pahsam
aroi valley where they have lived
all their lives. May joy attend
Down at Hot Springs, Ark.,
two veterans of the Civil war,
one a northern man, the other a
southernor, were arguing as to
the valor displayed by their re
spective sides. "Well," said the
northern man finally, "we whip
ped you anyway." "Yes," ans
wered the southernor, "but ac
cording to the pension reports we
wounded every man of you that
got out alive.
Some little excitement attend
ed the annual school election in
Challis on the 5th inst. Three |
[ Lamme by 53 votes. The total
81. The new board
met and organized by electing j
Frank Nickerson, chairman, and
j trustees were elected, viz: Frank
vote cast was
; are pledged to employ a man for
j principal. The board on the 6th
j Nicerson by 71 votes; Jas. Mc
| Lerran by 57 votes and Wm. J.
W. Lamme, clerk.
Hotel Leaton
The Hotel leaton, North Side of Main
Street, Challis. Idaho. i*
In every Deportment. The table* are al
ways supplied with the best In the mark
et. Board and Lodging at reasonable
Rates. Bell rings at ä:3ü P. M. except on
Sunday evenings at 5 o'clock.
jiff. H.*LEAT Öyi
r : Proprietor.
not seem anxious for his potato
es, he got mad and swore than
| this was the poorest market he
knew of. Some one told him
he'd better ship his ten bushels
of potatoes to Montgomery,Ward
& Co., and he said to the mer
chant: "You talk like a-fool.
Montgomery, Ward & Co. do.i'n
buy potatoes, and even if they
j did it wouldn't pay me
this little jag of potatoes to C.ii
Carl Malm was over from Pat
terson creek last week.
Sheriff Elder went to Mackay
last Friday on official business.
W. W. Challis was down from
Stanley Basin last Saturday on
a business trip.
Several Rebekahs from here
are planning to attend the Dis
trict Rebekah meeting to be held
at Salmon on the 19th inst.
Childrens' Day exercises were
held in the opera house in this
city last Sunday evening, and an
interesting program was given.
The 8th grade scholars who
passed the examination in Chal
lis last term of school—five in
number—will hold
ment exercises in this place on
July 3rd.
Chas. Wilkinson returned Sat
urday with his freight team from
Idaho Falls where he loaded with
flour for F. Nickerson & Co.
is cheaper to get in freight this
way than by the railroad.
Dave Gooch was fined $10 and
costs before Judge Horton's court
last Thursday. He was arrested
for stealing some chickens from
Louie, the Chinaman, at the
Chinatown fire of June 1st. He
paid the fine and costs.
The Supreme Court has re
affirmed its former decision, sus
taining the two-mile limit law.
As before Chief Justice Stock
slager dissents. The opinion
was handed down last week in
another case of Paul F. Walker,
et al vs. O. F. Bacon, appellant,
of Elmore county. The sheep
owners will carry the matter to
the U. S. Supreme Court.
When asked to write a short»
composition on some interesting
experience, Johnny, after much
labor, handed his teacher the
following: "Twins is a baby,
only its double. It usually ar
rives about 4:37 in the morning,
when a fellow is getting in his
best licks sleepin'. Twins is ac
companied by excitement and a
doctor. When twins do enny
thing wrong their mother can't
tell which one to lick, so she
gives it to both of 'em so as to
make sure. We've got two twins
to our house and I'd swap 'em
enny day for a billy goat !
President Roosevelt has sign
ed the proclamation creating the
Sawtooth forest reserve in this
portion of Idaho embracing more
than 1,900,000 acres of land. Ac
cording statements the land is
well timbered, practically all un
surveyed and has no settlements
except a few mining camps. The
land is rough and has few roads
and trails and has no agricultur
al value, but is important for its
forests, stock ranges and miner
al resources. The reserve was
was created to protect the timber
but more particularly to protect
the watershed of the Boise and
Salmon rivers for irrigation and
agricultural purposes.
A farmer, living on Camas
prairie, came to Grangeville one
day this week, and the first thing
he did was to go to the express
office and load up a big box
marked "Montgomery, Ward &
Co.," and then drove to a certain
store to sell some potatoes he
had. When the merchant diet
to ship
cago.—Grangeville News.

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