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D. W. Staanafelt

•■U y
lAwaied earn of tbr? Mk^hkngkm office,
work fully tfuaraateed.
Managers :
Located on Main Street,
Opjiosite R. N. Hull & Co's., ia
Store, and East of P. O.
Boards Lodging
By day, week or month.
21 Meals, for $7 00.
Only white help!
First Class.
employed in all depart
The Tables
Are always supplied with the
very best the markets affords,
THE ROOMS are neat and clean
ami the beds comfortable.
is m
1 ed

Fresh Candies
Tobacco A Cigars. J
Toilet Articles
—--- _ jj
/ Æ
ThnPnftHeahHPrirp 5
* n ^.T 0( lUY. an - r L* H
wi both be right. > w
Pcrscrlptlons Carefully
Drug Store
v S
Next time you need some item.,
that drug stores carry and it S 7V)
is not consentent to corne for^ V#-»
it order it by mail.
Our mail order service
stantiy growing,
reason of it is that people are
finding out how satisfactory
it is to order by mail,
want you to find it out. You
will take no chances.for
lflt Im'l wktl yon want
send It bark and get yonr
In every case money
cheerfully refunded if you
not entirely satisfied.
^ i
fl 1
^■4 j
is coo
aud the
will be
G. W. Meitzler,
$3.00 Per Year.
Established May 21,1881.
YOL. 28.
NO. 31.
The above is a true picture of Custer County's Jail, taken from
This impos-j
: ing structure made of rough lumber, was built thirty years ago,
! and has been in service ever since. We print this picture to show
: the people of the county what kind of a county jail Custer county j
! has. Words cannot describe it, while a picture may. We do not !
believe one-fourth the people ever had the pleasure of seeing Cus-1
ter county's jail. Most counties point with pride to their county
buildings. Wonder if Custer county can point with pride to its
I county jail and court house ?
The above jail is relic of ancient days. For thirty years, A. D., I
it has stood in an old alkili swamp, where it stands today, in the
ia erood photograph made by B. S. Brown of Challis.
west end of town. You can note by the picture how the boards at
the bottom have rotted off, and see the high board fence leaning !
and about to fall down. Also note again the two little 6x8 inch
windows to let in light and ventilation. It is damp and musty,and
a person's life is in danger from fever if they are unfortunate
to be penned in this hog pen. It is a standing advertisement for !
criminals, for they know that a ten year old boy with a toothpick
can break eut. The last two prisoners coafined ia this old
got out without any trouble. This jail is unsafe and unhealthy, j
and alive with bed-bugs. Talk about the horror of the Russian
prisons, they are places compared with the Custer county jail. j
Over in Ada county the other day the grand jury reported their
$60,000 court house and jail damp and unhealthy, and the Court j
ordered it repaired or torn down at once. What would the Court j
j do should the judge examine the sanitary conditions of this jail.
i Yet the above is a true picture of Custer county's prison- This
'jail was condemned by a grand jury twenty years ago. Custer
! county is now financially able to have some decent county ouild
s—some protection to the county records from fire—and the
. people demand that the Commissioners take some action this mat- ;
iter. Last month for economy sake, wa suppose, our Board order
, , , , , ,
The work has been performed and it
will cost the county $170.00. This may be economy, but is it ?
The old shack would not bring $25 today, unless some rancher
wanted it for a hog pen, then it would be unsafe for they could
county ;

ln g.
A new floor was laid and new
1 ed the county jail repaired.
• put under the building, etc.
root their way to liberty.
Next week we will publish a picture of Custer county's court
house. We will make postal cards as relics from the
buildings, and sell two of them for 5 cents

! Challis is now under quarantine for diptheria. and no person is ',
'allowed to enter or depart from Challis without permission of the j
J Board of Health. The mails each are fumigated at postoffice be !
I° re sen ^ n E out. On Saturday. 30th, Frank Drake and William
Barselow were taken down with it, and Tuesday evening Frank
Drake died. Drs. Wright and Murphy of Salmon, were called and!
arrived Monday night, Feb. 1st to assist Dr. Lynn.
1 day Dr. Wright went home. Dr. Murphy left for home Saturday
jon a urgent call, but will return if needed. The citizens
$250 for Dr. Murphy to remain 10 days and assist Dr. Lynn, as
On Wednes
j there was more work than one physician could attend to. Nearly
. every child in toan hate been taecinated t\ith anti-toxine, and
'the doctors think they have about checked the spread of the dis
ease. Those reported down with diphtheria, although a very mild
form, except Will Barselow, and he is improving, are : Two of
the line^on children: Mrs. John Bralbury and two child-,
ren, and Leonard Holzle- The schools are closed, and no public
gatherings of any kind are allowed.
. .... ,1 ;
death of traisIv drakl
Frank Drake is dead. He died on Tuesday night, Feb. 2nd, 1909,
at 8 o'clock, when the Curfew bell was ringing, from diphtheria.
Wherever it
bereaved ones were many and from the heart. !
Bright, happy and cheerful, Frank carried sunshine with him
j Wherever he went. He had always a smile and a pleasant word
i for his friends. His death comes as a dark shadow to friends and
to his relatives who loved him so dearly. !
j The funeral was held on Wednesday 'afternoon, the 3rd, and on
account of the contagious disease from which he died, only his
1 parents were allowed to attend. Frank was born at Malad
j years 6 months and days ago, and is the eldest son of Mr. and
1 Mrs. David B. Drake of Challis, Idaho. i
j Death is a hard master. He would take from us of our bright-1
est and best, but he cannot ever mar memory. It will serve as a
I balm to the wounded hearts. Frank leaves behind a father and ;
j mother, two sisters, and one younger brother, besides many rela- J
tives and a host of young friends to mourn his loss. '
Thé word flew over town as on the wings of wind,
touched it left sorrow, and the expressions of sympathy for the
The Messenger and the entire
community extend to the breav
ed ones heartfelt sympathy in i
.their affliction
tcoded with sücû care.
Rod*-1 y taken froto a?*.
How oar acalnz hear*-« despair :
Bound its iit'ie grase ie H&fer.
Till the set tin# *an is low.
Peella# all oar hope* h-**e perished
eben shed so.
When we see a precion
With the ftower
We shall sleep, bat not forever.
There will oe a jflo rions dawo;
We shall coeet to part.
(jn the resarrecuonmorn :

Leonard C. Morse Dead.
Leonard C. Morse, well known
in this portion of Custer county,
.and ia Lemhi county, among the
early settlers, died at his home
in Sparta, Wisconsin, Tuesday
Jan. 12th, 1900.
He was born in Hanover, N.
[H., Dec. 8th, 1832. In the early
60s. he came West and settled in
Lemhi valley and engaged in
mining and cattle raising. He
was a partner in the cattle busi- !
ness first in Lemhi valley, and
later in Pahsamarol valley with
City. Mr. Morrow purchased
Mr. Morse's interest in the fall
Mr. J. B. Morrow, now of Boise
of 1883.
in 1861 to Elvira Crosby, who
died two years later, they having
no children. Nov. 25, 18b4,
was married to Miss Mary Car
michael, who survives him.
A New Lod *® instituted. |
~T T , J
Anew lodge of the Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellow» was
instituted at May, Idaho, last
Thursday night, Feb. 4th, by
Grant! Master Mathewson, of
Salmon. The new lodge starts
whh fifteen charter members,
most b' former members of Cus
ter Lodge No. 21, of this city,
This new lodge will increase in
membership \ery rapidly. They
have a û ne UeW hall, and a full
-set of regalia, etc. On the fol
, • ,, _
lowing night after the lodge was
instituted, a grand ball was held,
About twenty Odd Fellows
from Challis contemplated at
tending, but it was out of the
question to go as the town was
placed under quarantine. Sal
; mon was represented by the fol
C. G.
Mr Morse was twice married
! lowing three-linkers :
' Mathewson, W. J. Brown. Chas.
i T-, I- — _ ti » tt o
D. Lee, Geo. H. Monk, H. 6.
Waters, Jas. L. Kirtley and Guy
• Edwards.
i Serial No. 0316:: )
Department of the Interior, i |
r. s. Land office ai taller, idmho
February 2nd, 1909. I
Notice is hereby given that John L.
Kirkpatrick, of Patterson, Lemhi
Serial No. 03162;, No. 2233. for the
XW>i SEH- N't SWV», Stt'v XWV of
Seetioo IT, I'owusbip 14 North. Ran?«
23 East of Boise Meridian, has filed
"^ a "^ P °rUf estabîis^cUim"^tê ''the
j aQ ^ ai»ore deserîbed. before krank P.
McCracken, Probate Jad*e and Clerk
OQ j- lh 0 * March, iskw.
Claimant name* as witnesses: I
Stephen P. Horn, of May, Idaho.
Samuel G. Bradbury, of PaUersoo,Id
Chris Coeanoneher, of Patterson.Ida.
a. i.'McMAHON, Register.
; First publication Feb. 9, 1909.
r s. L^rÆ n a't°Hluêy n ÎÂ ' I
! " February 2 nd, is*», \
P .^V^LicT o^pYtV^L^m"
eo un t y , Ki aho. who. on Octo be r stth,
^uî N^^iAo^Es^neC.
! N W\ NEk of Section 21 . Township u
^^^'"efnotiL" of illation" to
make Final Five Year Proof, to estab
Jnd^e and Clerk of the Probate Court,
i ; t ',^l, m ^ 9 ! dah0 ' °" ^ d ' y °* Î
ci»im»nt names »s witnesses : 1
; Samuel O. Bmdbury.of Patterson.id.
J ChrisCöcMoox^e^PkUeiwonMd». i
' First publication Feb. 9 , uhw.
vS^riai No. 03159<
Next Sunday is St. Valentine's

Coster county postal cards at
this office.
Wra. Ti rill departed last week
for Boise on a visit. i
D. W. Shanafelt returned to
Challis last Friday evening.
For fine framed pictures for
the parlor or dining room call on
Mrs. Buster.
Dr. Kirtley and wife of Caster
and John Malm of Challis, are
visiting at Salmon.
J. Q. Adams and J.Job attend
ed the institution of the new Odd
Fellow lodge at May on the 4th.
Every home and business place
in town the odors of formaldehyd
or sulphur or carbolic acid are j
greet the nostrils.
Will T real or returned home
last Wednesday evening from j
Pocatello, where he has been at- ;f
tending school at the Academy. 1
The drug store has just re
ceived a fresh supply of the cel- |
ebrated McDonald candies. Me
Attorney lamme is the latest j
victim to come down with dipb
hejtheria. So far his case is very.
mild. This proves that tobacco ;
users are not immune.
-^nd was Ground Hoc
| ^ av j n t fj e ground
hog saw his shadow, which means
^ hig hogsh5p will ^ back j
regain six weeks.
_ j
Mrs. Alex Burnett, wife of .
Assessor Burnett s son, died at
i Blacafoot last Saturday morn
ing of typhoid fe\er. Assessoi
Burnett left here for B,ackfoot
last Friday evening.
Nearly 1(X> children and many
grown persons were vaccinated
anti toxine in Challis last
not proof against diphtheria, but
that a peron vaccinated will if
stricken with it have it in a very
j Chas. Coastland who wanted
\ Q Montana, and who was taken
Donald candies are not excelled.
The doctors claim this is
mild form.
there by Sheriff Farland of
Sweet Grass county, Montana.;
^ discharged soon after his ,
. arrival there as the complaining
witness did not appear against
him. He was wasted on the
the charge of seduction.

Elmer Allen, a 15 y ear-old boy
from Chilly, was examined be .
„ . . „ . , . , I
fore the Probate Court last Wed-,
nesdav. and Thursday Sheriff I
Robert» departed with the lad
to place him in the Reform
ses testified that the boy would
not attend school and was a bad
child. The boy said he had ao
Darea t s or relatives or any one
to care for him, and that he de
I sired to go to the Reform School
and learn a trade.
School at St. Anthony. Witnes
Some fellow down at Boise
fias introduced a bill to amend
the present gambling law.
wants it so amended that a per
son cannot play solo, or
card game for drinks or cigars,
' I Idaho's anti-gambling law is a
\ farce- It was passed six years
^o, and still gambling goes on
all over the State-most places
in dub room3 " some P lao?s in
u the open. Gamblers are fined in
to 80316 places ' but they pay their
fines and go on gambling again,
People who have a desire to
gamble will gamble, law or no
°* Î law ' 80 why not ,icens * U and
1 the Estate and county receive
same revenue from it ? It is far
better to have gambling done in
i the open than behind
'doors or club rooms
The Barber and Fisherman is
located on Main street, Challis,
where yon can drop in and get
anything in the tonsorial line yon
want to pay for.
tourists a specialty.
Parker Mt.
Mayor Rodgers made a busi
ness trip to Mackay last week.
Mr. Rodgers is president of the
State Bank of Mackay.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch Howell and
son returned Wednesday eve
ning from Oxford, Idaho, where
they bad been on a visit.
George Coryell, Reginald Cor
yell, A. O. Prose and Karl Neit
Z--1 came down from Caster last
week on mining business
Four new diphtheria cases re
ported yesterday morning, viz :
Mr. D. B. Drake, Rosenna and
Clarence Ziibey and Will Brown.
Al. Barselow and wife and
Miss Bassett were over from
Patterson last week. Mrs. Bar
se * ow remained to help nurse in
the diptheria*case at Prof. Mael
zer's home. The boy is mach
John S. Altham, a well-known
miner, returned to Challis the
fore part of last week from Yel
j j ow Jaeket. where he has been
;f or t jj e pas t 8 months,
1 ou ^ entire distance, 60 miles.
He came
° n snowshoes, and reports an
| exceedingly hard trip,
Married—At Blackfoot, Idaho,
; ^' ss Delia Teresena Kehoe, of
'Blackfoot, Idaho. The Mes
^ MJEK e * teads *** congratula
t * ons and ^ >est wls ^ es -
j little. George Coryell say the
. best session the Idaho legislature
ever had was the session when
he was a member of the senate,
when the supreme court declar
ed every law passed at that ses
DIED.— At Malad? Idaho, on
Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1909, at 5 p. m.
Mrs. Julia E. Peek, aged 86
'Peck, of Lballis, Idaho.
leaves 10 living children, about
30 grand children and five great
Wednesday evening, Feb. 3rd.
1909, Mr. Frederick J. Cowen, of
Salmon, Idaho, former County
Attorney of Lemhi county, to
The Idaho legislature is near
ly through half its session, and
! thus far has accomplished very
sion unconstitutional.
years, and mother of Leonard
grand children.
Peck, as she was known in life,
was born in Connecticut and
married Henry E. Peck in New
York state in October, 1845.
With her husband she moved in
, x . . c
~ *
ka, and 6 years later to Farm
ington, Utah, thence to Malad in
1-852. There Mr- Peck secured

a squatter's right to 160 acres of
land, built a logeabin, and from
. this beginning the town of Ma
I & a _
lad grew. l„ l8ia the couple
I built a large residence which was
«d „ , hotel. Some yearn ago
her husband died,
and the news of her death will
bring genuine sorrow to thous
| of hearts.
p^ck was a dear.ioveiy old lady.
Card of Thanks.
To the friends who came to us
and those willing to come to us
'a our hour of trouble, and con
tributed all that human kindness
could suggest, to help and com
fort, we return most healtfelt
thanks.and although such devot
ed friendship cannot remove the
sad memories that linger around
our vacant chair, it brings into
view the brightest side of human
ity. and throws the pure light of
an anselfish friendship into a
darkened home. May the day
06 far disUnt wbea lhose fr ^ nds
who gathered around us and ail
friends will need similar atten
tion, hut when the lime
1 may they receive the fuli
measure of generous aid and ten
! der sympathy they brought to
our home when death was an m*
j mate there.

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