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W HY be a slave tc your car? Why
bother with the dirt and drudgery
of keeping it clean when you
haven't the conveniences for doing it?
We can keep your car as clean as you
want it at a price you can easily afford.
Sensible Service Thai Pleases
You can escape at! the dirty, tedious
Jobs of keeping your car clean and in good
running onler by arranging with us to
look after it.
We will be glad to give you a figure
either by the month or the job if you will
we us right away.
Arthur McGown & Son,
Wholesale end Retail Dealer in
Fresh and cured meats
Bakery Goods. Fish and oysters in Season
Highest market price paid for hides and sheep pelts
J. D. GARLAND, Chaliis, Idaho
o r m
your own opinion of the
quality of printing we turn
out by looking over the
Samples we will be glad to
Show you. There is noth
ing in this line that we
can't do to your
entire satis
faction. High
class printing
creates a good
sion for
and your
Vf Tiefort
you Send
your WorK
Out of
Did It Ever
Occur to You
Thatfric* is not tha first thing to
S* eeaddeted la a Job of printing !
TSmI% typ« together la a hsp
MBM way does aot roauire any
te iw t ii fe i «I the priâtbg art.
That isn't tha kind «I work you
went. But artistic typography in
w a rinnsr y and adrertising rsflects
credit to any concern. Ourknowl
el printing gained by long
aifarlwrs on «ties us to produce
Attractive Printing for
Bray Purpose
Dmmt order any t hin g in this
Mme until you caU on tu.
W J"
♦ *!♦ **** ►♦*«.*« -J
! 4
I t
Mmêe I
• — it in {■:
If ij'D ',1 O s ',
IMü il ahSk !:
Ij " if
,> .................................................*.................... „„ .J
* v v • > ❖ *> * * *i> •:< -> ■}• •> .> <• .$.
Fortunate are the *Aitm
who grow up in home* where
good mu aie is counted among
the uecwuitiesof life and rinds
its expression through an in*
strument so sympathetic and
responsive as the
v » - rs .a.j
Glen Bros.-Roberts Pianos
Salt Lake and Ogden, Utnh
forego coveted possessions or even ne
cessities. TS# work imipV go on. be
cause there Is no cue th.nj that con
tributes so much to the spirit and ef
ficiency of the troops. The Y. M. C.
A. Is working Ei~ht and day to ho'p
the government win this war. And
j every penny, that Is given to aid tho
work 13 a direct asélstanco to the
j health, happiness and strength of your
j boy and mine.
I Gnapshotä of Kaloldoecopio Work.
■ In all the big cltlod in France where
j our men pass through la large nun
I hers, the Y. M. C. A. Is operating
hostels, where they can got beds and
meals at a minimum coat. In London
tho American Y. M. C. A. nas erected
a large building for our soldiers and a
clubhouse for American officers.
Thcro aro Y. M. C. A. dugouts right
behind tho front lino tranches, whore
the soldiers can got hot drinks, crack
ers and' other comforts at all hours.
Over 2,030 men who had been reject
ed on account of physical disability
have been abio to got into tha British
army by reason of tho physical work
of tho British Y. M. C. A.
A fleet of motor cars loavas the big
Y. M. C. A. headquarters in London et
midnight every night to pick up sol
diers who are wandering about the
stroots without any wholesome lodglug
In which to spend the night. These
cars aro operated by Englishwomen
of position and refinement, who report
■that they never meet any discourtesy
.at tho hands of tho soldiers. The Im
portance of this service can be esti
mated by the fact that at least 50,000
soldiers aro on leave in London every
week. Over half of these sleep ln Y.
M. C. A. beds every night
Entertainment »» Vast Scale.
The Y. M. C. A. has erected a big
auditorium, seating 3,COO, in each of
the big draft campa, and huge Chautau
qua tents, seating 2,500 In the other
encampments. The association ia run
ning a 2. week entertainment circuit
among the camps end la paying ' 16
companies of entertainers, who are
traveling to 30 camps performing be
fore tho men.
In each of the draft eampe the Y.
M. C. A. has tan secretaries engaged
In adaoational werk. The association
to aselng to it that ovary ma* who
cannot speak English Is taught to do
so. In many of tne camps the asso
ciation has a singing director, who Is
teaching the men to sing the populär
end martial airs that do so much to
keep up their spirits.
Of 64 Y. M. C. A. men at Camp
Dix only three are .being paid full sal
aries. In all the camps the majority
of the Y. M. C. A. men bave left lucra
tive positions to do this work simply
because Its appeal Is Irresistible to
any red blooded man. Harry Lauder,
the famous' Scotch singer and come
dian, now on .his farewell concert tour
in the United States, is giving all his
spare time to the service of the asso
ciation and Is Êlngîng to the soldiers
at all tho camps ho can reach.
In one of tho draft camps the Y. M.
C. A. is supervising athletics on 120
playing fields, providing full nthleüç
equipment. Tho winners of the intey
rcglmental games will play the cham
pions of tho other camps.
One of tho greatest services render
ed by the association Is the making
W V ' ( >4

'VvV'-''-'' '
w' '
:■ " ; ' 0 ,,

■ -


, ,
■ * ■ • '
• .
A Red Triant !e CuQout In the
out of money orders by which the men
can sond thrir pay homo to their fam
ilies. In some of tho big camps tha
Y. M. C. A. Is providing banking facil
ltlea for the men as well.
Do Your Bit With ■ Tenner.
This month (November) the Y. If,
C. A. most raise II6.0M.0M to carry
on its work araoqg ear ssldlirs and
tbair alita* until next Judy, of this
»34,000,000 about IHttkMt will bo
spent on tho work wtth o*r own troops
or about »10 for avary man in Unela
Barn's uniform. If everybody who has
received letters from soldiers and soil
ora were to contribute $10 the »«°V
would be easy. Are your boy's health
and happiness and clean soul worth
»10 to you? "
Your town mayor, your pastor, your
school superintendent will know who
is the treasurer of tba campaign com
mittee in your county or town. Other
wise send a check or money order to
Cleveland H. Dodge, treasurer, 124
East Twenty-eighth street, Now York
Only sacrificial giving by millions of
Elvers will make possible the contln
uanco of this vast work for Amcrioan
soldiers and for thoao of our oUlea,
if •,|"i . / ; j
Local Dealers' A /
ïs Often Heip-JL
Your local merchants knowtV-ir roods
and are always lilac and wn 1
you profit by thdir k îowledge v,i.-u, a
go to them for merchandise.
When you arc undecided be .vec" two
articles—when you don t kn w . aica
is best for your needs—,
dealer's advice nicy make year prob
lem an easy one. .
But when you buy by "sight unseen
ü methods you have no one to ark tor
advice. Then your experience is the
only teacher, but,
u nf or tun a eiy, a
p oor ad vi: • i'oral:
Patronize the local
dealers am :t their
advice on important
7 /#//
Lost; strayed or stolen:— One
red heifer. Both ears partly
frozen off add a baut one,-third of
tail frozen off.' Branded O J on
the rieht hip- Anyone having
this animal in their possession
please notify the undersigned
who will pay pasture bill for
tiuoe in their field.—.1. C. Bassett
Chaliis, Idaho
Notice of Election
Notice is hereby given that tho
annual meeting of the stockhol
ders of the Round Valley Irriga
Philosopher .Gave Much Crocicriee to
'• .Mental Workings of Priait
jDOring Sleep.
'•i ' • •
. Voltaire,' semipagan philosopher
as he wasy gave more importance to
dreams than was to be thought prob
able in one so well endowed, observes
the Indianapolis' News. "Dream:,"
he said, "appear to me to have been
the sensible origin of primitive
prophedy or prediction. Dreams
which havQ come to pass are always
predictions., which no ono can doubt,
no, account being taken of dreams
which are never fulfilled. How is it
that while, the eyes see not, the ear 3
hear not, we, notwithstanding, un
derstand in our dreams ? In one cf
my dreanis I supped with M. Tou
ron, who appeared to compose verses
and music, which he sang to us. I
addressed these four lines to him in
my dream :
" 'Thy gentle accents, Touron, dear,
Sound most delightful to my ear !
AVitli how much ease the verses roll,
Which flow, while singing, from thy
soul !' "
"In another dream I recited the
first canto of the TTenraide' quite
different from what it is. Yesterday
I dreamed that versos were recited at
supper and that someone pretended
they were too witty. I replied that
verses were entertainments given to
the soul and that ornaments are nec
essary in entertainments. I have
therefore said, things in my sleep
which . should have some difficulty
to say when 1 awake; I have had
thoughts and reflections, in spite of
myself and without the least volun
tary operation on my own part, and
nevertheless combined my ideas with
sagacity and even with genius. We
■hould never bo good philosophers
tacept when dreaming !"
"Look ! the man is under thé ma
chine !"
"Yes, he is under it because he is
looking it over." „
Jones Cannot I arbitrate this
matter ?
Disputant If you think you can
J'.ck us both you might try.
lion Company, Ltd., will be held
at the office of the Company at
Chaliis, Idaho, on Wednesday,
December 2Uth-, 1917, at o'clock
p. m., of said ^ay to elec» Dircc
tors for the ansuing year and to
transact sucb other business as
may come before said meeting.
, Dated at Chaliis, Idaho, Do
cernber 4th., 1917.
Milton A. Brown,
D5-26 Secretary
Christmas night, (not Xmas eve)
! a t the Dodge hall at the show
j aB d dance colored slides of as
How about
billheads, r :. n is, enve
lopes, cu .ùj, f. c. i/o;Vt whit
until the y , e and
then ask ;o i • ü.zn cv ;
inahurr ... y.. C:
i _
f'®f, c * A.* c ilu:i enfer JV-O-tt«
iv ! . i0 . wc ' ( ' r:e tit rfi you?
tinting f.j Ls.ji.id (cr ea.-..»
Just a card or 'phone cali wiii ciemonsiratQ a
Sflïi UIOI), POlflO,
Vim Light Sorvico Trucks
G..M. C. Heavy Duty "
A Ca AÎL fit eVe ? bo ^ y ' 8 Pockethoek— Term- irclud
Always a big hue o; userl aus (ot #/'.«• |tr fc
■ *
"John M Madsen, at Mackay
! ,M> , 0:1 is I'lT !,y
1 tali«- s raze
c ■ n \ :t .» i ü i!ui
1 1 - ,t ilariog tin- h
tiled ill IUV' OtTi■
I or before .lann: ■■
formation in !
fees to be <■ nr
be -J l'd in li-o iin
forni bed upon
:r h oai
1 "'hii,
<1 Ofvijj
' Ah u
of tbit,
lo ! jr °c .fa
1 'Razing
' : ' t u11 apili.
I, <jrs es
a tiunsl Fo r .
'»ast t,
Ly ' oj
''"H It.
II, 8 8r*?;n ?
•"k form» u
•'Oobs will t,
v ernoh
Di'j j
Notice «>f Proof ,( Application of tv»,
ter to Beneficir.l t.« e
Roth L b.vA.y givs, filmt at io,
». oat.efi. hi/ .r,., ety
nt Ctiuiilr, tiau .ty J
h * h0 ' 1 : '• i: ' th. ««.J
IVb ,c, roof w'.it he a«, 0 f t ^
api>,.eai.M.it.oer h:,d u of ; 4 . 5 «.
' fe ' : ;J ' ' c ' = " ati.-rs C f
'' ,l1 ' r * : r iireofdance niti
f.ou inSHn.lcon.bf.,n*».fp WB its,
1371'.' htretofor». funq.l l,y t] lf
iinginei r u( tile Slate of blubo.
1- 'J'lie uuixe and i>af.e(Tir 8
of the p reqr. or »rrroration hnidi B|
said rcT. it ara George ilaaooat
May, Idaho.
2. 1 h<> o-ie to which said wuter hu
been applied is iriigaiiou auf dorre*
tic use.
0 . The amount applied to teaeficiil
use is 4.5 cubic feet per second.
•1 The place Where -aid water is usd
i- tV: t K/i ifJl',' of r.c. ,>o, Tirp. ;s
north of H. *J, E. N. M. 41 acres,
r. The SiU::» o' - Jfi'î css - 1 or ditenor
otb' i s o-i.-s . y »Mab . : « a tr j,
cu&iinoted to s ich place r.f use i
phy Ditch, l'ol simurui sailer,
li. '1 he ri fc -ht .o tube wa:er f ruB
such works is bused upon 1'. :m t Ji&
7 The source of f.upplv from nbick
such wsVris.'ivertet' is Palisamfrol
river, a lritut*';y of * *T>ion rivrr,
s The date of m t -ty whisk th#
said osons p-T]>arjfi t0 «ctnblUh h
Dao. 11, 19i(l. ,r ' SMI IT
DU« I* . r
- act inujAciue-ee
ci fu > pudding :r if 'ho fi*
Sa the ; ■ oof of go:id >i i in) ; • e
satWa li —. of ■' <i . ■ r n.; ' via r>
soils re- ,. \ j .i-.'-stS -3
. lit yiU reel

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