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nmi tl4
; rite it lSl8.
pjtiii.9 pay your subscription
|\l. Harper continues to im
|joc 'McGowan is in Mackay on
Itjrus Sargeanfc wa» in Mackay
g t week on business
iLewia Frost was down from
Kyton this week on business.
M. Kobbe "as over from
, y. •.. oi Wednesday on busi
li. Mulligan, of upper Lost
rer, was here last week riding
: cattle.
|Dr. Kirtley made a prefeasion
Itrip up the river Wednesday
trtbnr McGowan retained to
ackay i*st week after a short
kit here.
iMorie Man Dodge, has been
rin^ bis patrons some excel
at shews daring the holidays
lr. and Mrs- W. Ward Adam
I entertained a number of their
(ends at a turkey dinner Naw
r's day
Did it ever occur to yon that
I have on* ef the niftiest little
at markets in the state right
Ire in Challis?
re ores anA minerais per
by The Mineral Pnrshas
'Company. Address Milton
|6rotr n , Challis. Idaho- tf
Tom Chivers and M F. Black.
|th of whom were operated on
oe time a?o are getting along
ely and w*ll soon return home
rtv- editor of the Messenger
|fth<ays ready and willing to do
sshare and more for the ad
of community lntereet
"iw.iugor aid wife pass
:• :gh town tha lat er pan
il-', w -k on th ir way to their
Ime ia L'aVisamaioi from a trip
|Uack y.
hf. » a snsolino lantern
cd 1 VLC:'- h'' tor v. ...rk »
'fee un-. or for lighting
■ which we will or
•* • r-::i . t this o.Mce and
i b.:again*
informed that a new
;f>ii? has been appointed in
|'* precinct. By what author!
are unable to learn as the
a of fourty Commissioners
ware of tlie appointment
: :.g is a business a n d ad
.jj ,| 5, b,, t i
On.iyf tlio UVi riVaods of
ertisiag for t'.e rancher is to
»cs t>:
1 is to
use busi
Try it out.
ranch as
will pay
os ;,i'ir ranch anil
|t a brand on your
|'I as your cattle, it
1 Dig.
hedays iad years slip away
J w»'erina running stream
at ' > great clock never loses a
fiuenc Kelentlessly, surely,
foments pass, and our eager
Ms are net able to detaiu
Indeed, time Hies so swift
ly*» we find a large numbs'
P*K u 8 on subscriptions and
»am we mailed out bills tbs
F of the year. We ask that
F kindly come and settle their
»U a * we ll aa large accounts in
f er that we may be able to set
! the nts that time
pRkt to us
'Thursday, December 17, at
['sa. Idaho, occurred the mar
Re of Daniel Stephens, son of
*nd Mrs. John Stepboas ol
M i -y. to Mattie M. Allen of
Rev. Ö. W. Rico perform
■ he ceremony. The happy
H* earrived in this» city the
r r Fart of vvok and ar n
r « home to their friends at!
«room a ranch near hero,
ii is we!l known to our
P°''" :;ild > s one of onr stead!
| u, 'b raost, prosperous young
lan d his many friends wel
f® ko addition he has made
® Ur community circles and
|m Wltd U1 in heartily wishing
L a on B a nd happy journey
Q tho of life.
was up from Mac*
down frem
Buy at home.
Give as yoar
l^r. Farrell
kny Monday.
Lou Tracht was
Clayton this week.
Bob Sbanaon was ever from!
Bansamarol this week on busi*
ness. 1
John Perdini was in town ob
business iast week from hi, home
up the river.
^ ' ;
*. ulto a few have beea in tow*
I durin K tiie past week on business
with the Draft Board.
'I he work of mailing out the
questionnaires which has occu
pied the attention of the draft
boa>*d for some time past will be
completed on next Wednesday,
January tbo ninth.
f r°f Tom Campbell pasted
through town the lore part of
the week on his way to his
8 hoo 1 in Pahsamaroi after hav
ing spent the holidays with the
nome folks near Clay x»n,
For 8ale : A cariaad of régis
tared balls. Ages 1 to coming 4
years old. Prices $ 140 00 to
$450.00. These bulls wills be at
the Colemam ranch ia about two
These bulls are Hereferds
aad Shert Horns-—Coleman &
McGowan, Chali«, Idaho.
L8TRAY : There came to my
place on or abont the 20th day of
November, one red, two year old
steer, branded H on right shoul
der, eark mark, upper slope on
left ear, hole in right ear. If
not claimed in the legal length of
time the critter will be advertis
ed and sold by the constable of
Sunel precinct-—John Johnson,
May, Idaho
$100 Reward, $10$
Th» readers of this paper wfU bs
pleased to learn that there Is at laast
one dreaded disease that science has
be L a able to cure In all Its stases and
that Is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment. Hall's
Ca'nrrh Medicine is taken internally and
acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur*
lac-.« of the System thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, giving the
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing Its
work. The proprietors have so much
fai-h in »be curative powers of Hall's
Catarrh Medicine that they offer One
Hundr d rollers for any case that It falls
to care. Send 1 or hst ef testimonials.
Address F J. CHFNET & CO., Toledo.
Ohio. Sold by a'l Druggist. TSc.
Up to the present time Bound
Valley has been enjoying the
jbalmy days of SDringtime- Tress!
Un ! shrubbery are budding out
liowers are bloomin * and P low '
inik has continued almost with
ouî iaterru P tion save wben rain
has tta4 ° il »"possible. T ° date
it «appears to us like a useless ex
penditure of money to go to Cal
ifornia, Florida or some
favored winter dime
Other I
to spend ,
th«? months when Custer couuty
is usually wrapped in a mautle
of snow.
A man's body was found float
ing in Lost river uear the dam
last weak. He had been hit on :
the head with some blunt iustru- ;
ment, the blew cushing
skull- To cover up his crime the!
murderer threw the body in the.
river. The unfortunate victim !
of someone's greed or paseioajmond
was a stranger. A man anspee
tod of the murdur was arrestad
in Pocfitalio last Saturday and
Sheriff Huntington Ifift Sunday
to bring the prisoaor back U
face trial- |
On Saturday, Decanter tS, at
Blackfoot, occurred tha marriaga •
.... d r\ _« , hil ,j !
of Misa Ruth Dorgaa, ,
ty, daughter Of Mr. and " r *' !
Kodger BraMeur, to Prof. How- !
ard Aten, of Mackay, the Rer.
Strange of the Methodist church
performing the ceremony- The
P® rIol ' mlB * Ine ct ' lw,uuu J *
you,iff c ® upl , e ^ "jj*
home at Mackay where the groon
is « teacher in the schools- The
. .. . . _ afM'tlon
bride waa bore m »his section
and grew to womanhood nere
and has a host of friends who
join The Messenger ia extending
to the lucky groom aiacereat
congratulations and to belh the
be»6 wishes for a long, prosper- j
•us aid happy wedded life.
Subscribe! •
Happy N.w Year! What a
blessed phrase! Speak it from
the heart, and then strive to
make everyone's New Year a
happy year and yours will be
happy, indeed
i _
t u t,
t ? 15trict Court of
Sixth Judicial District of
; State of Idaho.
Under and by virtue of auth
ority in me vested by tbestatutes
of Idaho, I hereby fix the terms
of court for the Sixth Judicial
District of the State of Idaho,
for the year 1918, to commence
and be held in tfie counties of
said District, as follows, to-wit:
Bingham county; February
11th; June lQth; November 25tb.
Butte courty: March 25th;
November 11th.
Custer county: March 4th; Oc
tober 21st.
Lemhi county: Janurry 29tb;
May 28th; September 30th.
Said terms of court to convene
at ten o'clock ». m / o* the days
above designated.
It addition to the foregoing
terms, the District Judge will
sit at Chambers at Mackay, Ida
ho, during the week nommencing
January 21st, 1918, for the pur
pose of hearing such exparte
matters as may ho brought to
his attention, aad for the par
pose of taking testimony in any
water suits that may be stipula
ted to be heard at that time wber
it will be for the accommodation
of parties and witnesses;
It is further ordered: That
this order be filed and entered of
record by the clerks of said
court in each county of said Dis
trict, and that the same be pub
lished two consecutive weeks in
a newspaper published in the re
spective counties.
It is further ordered, that the
second day of each of the fore
going terms shall be the dates
fixed for the hearing of applioa
spective counties above nhmed.
Dated at Chambers at Black
foot, Idaho, this 28th dav of De
cember, 1917. F. J. COWEN,
District Judge
tious for naturalization in the re
Serial No. 014-.09
Department of the Interior, t*. S.
Land Office at Hailey, Idaho, Dec. 7,
Notice is hereby given that Martha
T. King, of Chsliis, Idaho, who, on
December 13, 1913, made Desert-land
Entry, Serial No. 0H409, for N W S
E : 4 , NE't 4 S\Y l *', Sectiou 31, Town
ship 14 North, Bange 19 East, Boise
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make final Proof, to establish claim
to the land above deser.bed, before E
J. Michael, Clerk of District Court at
Challis, Idaho, on the 7th day of Feb-,
Claimant names as witnesses:
John E. Bradbury, Bert D. Fox,
Charles F. Zilkey, and A'.ex Klug, all
of challis, Idaho",
Jü F3
ç onn {y 0 f Custer, state of Idaho,
in the master of the Estate cf Rich
N. Hull, deceased,
Order to Show Cause why Order of
Sale of Mining Claims should not be
Earl J Miehaal. the executor of the
estate of Rickatodd N Hull, de ceas ed,
having filed hla pet i tien herein, pray
iog for an order of sale of certain min
ing claims and interest in mining
{claims of said decedent; for the pur
p*»* therein set forth,
It le therefore ordered by the said
, hat pe^oag interested la
Iteeststa of said deceased apper be
fore the said Probate Coart on Satnr
day, the 19th day of Jaanary, 1918, at
«« °' cl9ck in the tor,BOOB ot Mld d **
at the Conrt Boom of said Prebate
Court, at Chain* in the County of Uua
ur - s " tÄ ° f I f* ho '. t ^ ,how " u ^
* u order ahoald not b* granted to the
aatd executor to sell the mining elaim*
and interest* ia uiaieg claims of aald
^ d(f#orib#d in uid ^ tiUoB .
An(J that a of thu order u
published at least once a week for not
tnau three successive week* in the
Challis Messenger, a newspaper print
£ AMDKIVVJ . hiooins.
judge of Probate
Dktcd chamber s, teir. Pi« to
in this paper will bring
good returns on the
money invested
Fine Watch and Clock Repairing
Jewelry of all kinds repaired
Moderate Prices
P.O. Box 103
Challis, Idaho
Serial No. 03Ö74
Depertmeat of the Interior, C. 8
Land Office at Hailey, Idaho, Oct. 29,
Notice ia hereby flven that Milla
Howe, of May, Idaho, who, on July s,
1910. made Desert-land Entry, Serial
No. 08674. for Kyi SEl-4, NWl-4 SEl 4 ,
Soe, 13, T. 14 N-, B. 21 E., Lot 4, SEl 4
8W;< SW;; SE? t
Section Id, Township 14 North. Bange
Lent, Boise Meridian, has filed no-'
tiee of intention to make final proof, to
establish elaim to the iand above de
scribed, before Valentine MaeSzer. U.
8. Co m missioner, at Hooper Preeiaet,
Idaho, on the Sth day of Doe. 1917.
Claimant names aa witnesses:
Mirk L. Howe, C. E. Byerloy, J. A.
Harri ngtoa, D. J. Heaner, all of May,
Idaho. BEN B. GRAY,
031DS Register
Serial No. 016029-090483
Départaient of the Interior, C. 8.
Load Office at Hailey, Idaho, Oct. 99,
Notice is hereby given that Cornel
ins Joseph Sullivan. Jr., of Clayton, I
dako, whe, on Sept. 1$, 1914, made
Homestead Entry, Serial No. 016029,
for SWJ, SWK, See. J5, T. 10 N. B 18
B. B. M , and who on August 30, 191S
Add'l Rd. Entry, Serial No. oîo
483 for Lou 1, 2, Sec. 3. T. 9 N. B. 16,
E. B. M. and tha SEl-4 SEl-4, Section
14, Township 10 North, Range 19 East,
Boise Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to make final three-year Proof,
to establish elaim to the land abeve
described, before Joseph H. Hertoa, U.
8. Commissioner, at Chaliia, Idaho, on
the 5tb day of Dee. 1917.
Claimant names aa witnesses:
Heary F. Terry, of Clayton, Idaho,
and W. K. Huntington, Earl J. Mich
ael, D. M. Barnett, all of Challis, Ida
ho. BEN R. GRAY,
031D5 Register
Permanently Located at Merrill
Brothers' Bam
Office Phone 203 Mackay, Ida.
Dr. J. W. Lynn Dr. John H. Lynn
Montpelier and Paria
Specialty—Ear, Eye, Noe*. Throat
and Surgery
Phone 12
W. Ward Adamson
Practices ia all Ocurta
Office aad residence
with all phooea.
id Age
Milton A. Brown
Attorn» y- At-Law.
Pnutkm in mil i
Now U the time to have your teeth scaled and
polished and examined before trouble begins
CHALLIS.- IDAHO, Millick Building
ww»wwwwM»wwwM»w» n» ti »w»m wi»»m
M. F. BLACK. Proprietor
Soft drinks, cigars, candies,
Pool and card games
Courteous T reatment
Your pataonage during the year we
have been located in Mackay has
been very gratifying, and we wish
to take this opportunity of assuring
you of our appreciation and extend
ing our thanks.
We have found it necessary to move our store to
■tore convenient and larger quarters, in order to
better care tor our increasing trade, and we cor
dially invite you to visit us in onr new store in the
building recently vacated dv the Mackay Miser
on Main street, where we have a much iarger and
more complete stock including
Watches of every American make, Diamonds
Sterling Silverware, Optical Goods—in
fact everything in the jewelry line
E. FRANK. Watch MHS.
Mackay. Idaho
Send 70 _r watch and jewelry repairing to
Henm. The Jeweler
Fine watch repairing, jewelry manufactured
diamond and stone setting, fine engrav
ing a specialty, up-to-date wed
ing rings, diamond jewelry sent on approval
all work returned by parcel post
BraeUeai ia all Oearts
Bath State aad Federal
9 AM. TO 4:90 P. M.
US* (DaWitt Bldg.) . IDAHO.
Francis H. Pools, M-D.
Physician and Surges*
Specialist in Gesite-Urinary Hi*,
oases aad Diseases *f
Offiah-A 4 * mass

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