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M / Dillingham Editor and Pub.
Published every Wednesday.
Entered at the postofficc at Chailis,
Idaho, as second class mail mutter
In the District Court of the Sixth
Judicial Dlslrict of the State of Idaho,
In and for Ouster County
Margaret Strong, Plaintiff*, vs.
J. W. Stfobg, Defendant
Tbe State of Idaho sends greetings
to J. W. Strong, defendant;
You are hereby notified that a com
plaint has been filed against yon in
tbe District Court of the Sixth Judici
al District of the State of Idaho, in
and for Custer County, by the above
named plaintiff, aud yon are hereby
directed to appear and answer the said
complaint within twenty days of the
service of this summons if served with
in said Judicial District, and within
forty days if served elsewhere; and
yon are farther notified that unless
you so appear and answer said com
plaint within the lime herein specified
the plaintiff will take judgment a
g ilnst yon ns prayed in said complaint
Said action la brought to dissolve the
^bonOi of matrimony between plaintiff
and defendant and for plaintiff to have
eustody of James B. Strong, the minor
child tbe issne of the marriage between
plaintiff and defendant.
Witness my hand and seal of said
Court this 9th day of October, 1911.
Heal E. J. MICHAIL, Clerk
W. W. Adamson, Attorney for plaintiff
residing at Challisi Idaho o9 nlS
Compulsory School Law
Section 130. In all diatriota of this
State, nil parents, gaurdian, and other
peraona having care of children ahall
instruct them, or causa tbew to ba tn
atructcd, In reading,(writing, epelling
English Grammar, geography and
arlthmetio. Ip auch districts, avery
parent, gaurdiau, or other peraon hav
ing charge of any child between tbe
ageaof eight.( 8 ) and sixteen ( 10 ) years
shall «and auch a child to a publio, prl
va ted or parochal school for the entire
school year during which tbe publio
schools are in cession in each district;
Provided, however: That thie'chapter
shall not apply to children over fifteen
(IS) years of ago, where such child
shall have completed the etgth ( 8 )
grade, or may be eligible to enter any
hlghaohool in suoh district, or whare
Ita help la needed for Ite own use or
its parents support, or where for good
cause shown it Would be for the best
interest of suoh child to be relieved
- fro pi the provisions of tbjs, chapter
Provided, ïùrthurAbàî ifi reputable
physician within the district ahall cer
tlfy in writlug that the child's bodily
or mental condltlan does not permit
ita attendance at school, auch child
shall be exempt during ancli period of
disability from the requirements of
this chapter. It shall be tbs duty of
the superintendent of the school dis
trict, if there besuch superintendent,
and if not, then the county superlnten
dent of schools, to hear and determine
all applications of children dealring,
for any of the causes mentioned hare,
to bs exempted from the provisions of
this ebapter, and if upon auen applica
tion, auch superintendent, hearing the
sdme, shall be of the opinion that such
child for sny reason la entitled to be
exempted ss sforesald, thensuoh super
iatsndent shall issue a written permit
to sneh child, stating therein hit reas
on for suoh exemption. An appeal
may bs taken from the décision of
such superintendent so passing upon
such application, to the probate eoart
of the county In which such dlatriot
lice, upon such child muking aucb ap
plication and filing the same with the
clerk or Judge of aaid court, within ten
days after its refusal by such superin
tendent, for which no fee to exceed
the sum of One Dollar (It.ooj shall be
charged, and the decision of tbe pro
bote court shall bs final. An applies
tion for release from tbe provisions of
this chaptor shall not bo renewed of t
ener than once in three montbe.
Batata of Cornelius Doty, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given by tbe un
dersigned executors of the last will
and testament of Cornelius Doty, de
ceased, to the creditors of and all per
sons having claims against the said
deceased, to exhibit them with the
necesrary vouchers, withia four
inontlir after the first publication of
this notice, to the said executors at
Stanley, County of Custer, State of
Idaho, this being the place fixed for
the traneactlon of the business of said
Dated Oct Srd, 1918.
Madison yfomacks, Henry Duffy,
o9 99 Executors of said estate
Batate of K, D. Williams, Deceased
Kotico ia hereby given by the un
derslfood Trustee of the Estate of
iE, D. Williams, deceased, to the
•radium of lid all parsons having
again«! tbe laid deceased, to
•«Mbit them with tho necessary vou
(Mra within four months after the
•lat publication of thia notice, to the
M H Trustas at hie office in Cballis,
ghallU Ff ^elnot , County of Cutter,
State of Idaho, this being the place
fixed for the transaction of the busi
ness of skid estate.
Dated October 23rd, 1018.
, E. W, HOVEY,
-»•Trustee, of the Estate of K. D. Wil
liams, deceased. o23 nîo
The following warrants again
st Custer County, Idaho, will be
paid if presented within sixty
days from the date of this notice.
Nos. 45 to 71 inclusive. Issued
April 12th, 1918.
Nos., 1 to 40 inclusive. Is
sued April 12th, 1918.
Nos. 41 to 83 inclusive. Issued
Jvly 11, 1918
Interest edases in ten days from
the date of this notice.
Dated at Cballis, Idaho. Oct.,
Alice B. Chamberlain.
County Treasurer.
Serial No. 014151
Department of the Intrrier, U. S.
Lend Office at Bailey, Idaho, October
5, 1918
Notice !s hereby glyen that John 0.
Oiler, of Cballia, Idaho, wh», on Octo
ber 84, 1913, made Desert Land Entry,
No, 014161, for Lot 1 ; SEX NEX. Sec
tion 20 , Township 14 Norih, Range 19
Bast, BoUe Meridian, lias filed notice
of intention to make Final Proof, te es
tabliali claim to the land above de
scrlbeJ, before Joseph II. liortoo, Uni
ted States Commissioner, at Cballis, I
daho, on the 2lst day of November,
Cluimnnt names as witnesses:
George Cerjrefi, Jonathan Job, Rob
ert A. Finlay, Ralph Baxter, all of
CV.allls, Idaho. BEN R. GRAY,
olB nSo Register
la the Probate Court of Custer County
State of Idaho. In tbe matter of the
estate of Chrlc Peterson, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the un
dersigned administrator of the Estate
of Chris Peterson, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons having
claims against ths said dace seed, to
sxbibit them with the necessary vou
chers, within four months after the
first publication of this notice, to said
administrator at tbe law oflee of YV.
VV. Adamson, ia Uhallis, Idaho. The
tame being the place for| tbe transac
tion of business of said estate, *
Dated oectober l4th,T9lk.
U ILL1 AM GRINNELL Administrator
YV. YV. AUauison, Attorney for said ad
ministrator and estate olfi n30
Estate of Charles Raine, Deceased
Notice is hereby given by the un
dersigned, I. U. Hager, Administrator
of the estate of Charles Raiae, deceas
ed, to the creditors of and all persons
having claims against the aaid de
ceased, to exhibit them with tbe nec
essary vouchers, within tea months
after the first publication of this no
tice, at the office of Oeerge L. Am
brose, attorney for the said I. U. Hager
Administrator, at Muckay, County of
Custer, State of Idaho, thia being,the
place fixed for the transaction of the
business of said estate.
Dated Oct. lit, 1918.
o3 33 I. U. HAGER
Fstato of E. A. Dongherty, Deceased
Notice Is heraby given by the under
signed, Earl J. Michael, Administra
tor of the estate of E. A. Dougherty,
deceased, to the creditors of and all
peraona having claims against tbe said
deseaaed, to exhibit them with the
accessary vouchers, wlthlx lout
months after the first publication of
ibis notice, to the said Earl J. Mich'
ael, Cballis, County of Custer, Sfate of
Idaho, this being the place fixed for
the transaction of the business of said
Dated September 26th., 1919.
Estate of Albert S. Harper, Deceased
Notice Is hereby given by (he under
signed Administrator of the Estate of
Albert S. Harper, deceased, to the
creditors of and'all persona having
eluims against the said deceased, to
exhibit thorn with the neeeaaary vou
chers, within four months after the
first psbiication of thia notice, to E.
YV. Uovey, A dm I a Is 1rs tor, at the First
State Hunk of Chatlis, County at Cus
ter, State of Idaho, this being the
place fixed for the transaction of tbe
business of said estate.
Dated Oct Sind., 1918.
023 n30 E. YV. HOVEY, Administrator
Notice Is hereby given that begin
Her»' applications tor permits to grass
cattle, burses and sheep within ths
Lemlii National Forçat, daring the
seuson of 1919, must ba filed at my off*
ce at Mackey, Idaho, on or before Oc
tober 15, 1918. Blank forms, to be
need in making application« and full
information will be furniahad upon
request. This notice doea not apply
to present permittees.— C. V. EVANS,
Forest Supervisor, 0-31 Oi
Office of the board .of county commis- j
siouers, Clmllis, ldalm. October 14,-MS. j
Pursuant to law, the Boanl of CountN ;
t this day in regular
sc- ion.
J'resent: 1
T. Oster, com''
commissioner, :>
YV hereupon t:
had: >
la the matte
lug were exam
E. J. Mir liai
Alice B. Clm:
YV. K. lluidr
Jonathan J ■
A. J. Iliggi.
to .lune 17, I :
Jennie E. K
M. A. Grown
J, H. Horte
Clmllis procim
Eddie Hnmii
Battle Ground
J. II. Baxli
Murkily preeii
M. D. Kit*
Marliay preeim
Thomas JvT
No. 4.
Tims. Jo.se,
Charles A.
Charles B. J
In tlio matt
A. Tolnian ns
District No. IT
same, it was i
approved for t
Shows an exet
Board niljuu
15th, 1918.
i hallis, Idal
Pursuant to
vcried this da
were had:
In the matt'
pital contract
to advertise fi
yea rs, or for
as follows.
Sealed bids
board of coun
ter county, 1 dm
ary, 1919, men - in
necessary nev.
ter county for i In
Said printin I
notices and puldi
kind required by
for which Ou
gaily liable, all ;
Kirtloy, rtmiiman; YV.
■■ioiioj-; C. \'. Hansen,
I E. J. Michael, clerk,
following business was
of reports, tlio follow
ed and approved:
clerk, auditor and re
beriain, treasurer. j
»toil, slierifV.
I -nilmto .judge,
jirobate judge, April
er, county supt.
oseeuting attorney,
list ice of tlio peae
, justice of the peac
istiee of the peae
justice of tlio ["
jail supervisor,
thews, w
s report,
non, watermaster 's re
nt the report of Fred
ter master of Water
if ter an examination of
red that same bo dis
renson t liât said reporl
i\ o amount due aud is
i"l until 9 a. in. Oetobei
October 15, 1918.
1 journment, lioard con
with all members pres
■ following proceeding!
f tlie printing and hos
' e clerk is instructed
I ids for a term of tv r
years 1919 and 1920.
,1-jU BIDS
It lie received by the
I'umniissiouew of Cus
*,at the regular Janu
; of said board for tin
per printing for Gus
" years 1919 and 1920
to consist of all legs
tions of whatsoi-vei
iw to bo published,
ounty would be le
imitions made by or
1 of county commission
i .v's financial statement
100 copies in pamphlet
.■■ids or notices of ain
ia. lading t hr> piintin;
uf all eleftion tic!; et'
" 'IDs required for nl
d elections held duriu:
9 and 1920. * 1 *'
rtfiled ;tnd ad tresse
county commissi oners
isuls for County Print
and filed with the clerk on or be
fore January J 3th, 1919.
Board reserv es } lie right to reject anj
and all bids.
By order of the board.
--—-----, .Chainrman
Attest: —=— — --, Clerk.
Sealed bids -.-.-ill tie received by thi
Immissionen* of Cus
at the regular Janu
: of said board, fo.
tenante of the indi
rwise dependent poo
Idaho, for the year.
der of tlie boa
era and the aud
if not less tlm
form; all state
county officer
aud furnishin
and election ■
.general or s| i
the years of B<
Bids must i
to tho board C
marked' - 'Prop
board of coun'
ter county, Ida
arv, 1919, me
the care and i
gent sick and
of Custer cone
1919 and 1920.
The person
ed will be rer,
tract to provi
be used as a li
fond and olot i
necessaries; to
medicines, me
ames, ineludir
sui ne all tlie
county in tlio
»fitted to his
the indigent sr
eat poor of Cm
decent inform
may die in the
a county char;
Also to furn
and surgical a
to persons con
All bids mu
"Proposals fe
aud filed with
January 13th,
Board resen
and ail bids.
By order of
Attest: —
In tho matte,
constable for
ordered that L
hereby appoint
stable of said
H. B. Garietz
his official oat
In tho matt
held in Custer
dereil that u<
same will be ai
are held by t :
and actiug cot
At this tin:
into with Jos
of ;tuy person
hose bid may be accept
••d to enter into ;i con
■ ■ :i suitable building t(
■qiitiil; to furnish prope:
ini, lodging aud othe:
tarnish all necessary
; "'l mid surgical appll
nurses, in fact to as
i •-ponsibility of Gaste
■ vu of the persons coin
cargo as care taker ol
!, and otherwise depend
. . county, including tin
i:t of ail persons win
ounty hospital, or whili
ii nil medicines, modica
.c '.dance and appliance:
l in the county jail,
t- 1'C seuled and marked
t'are of County Boor,'
tho clerk on or befori
s the right to reject any
he lioard.
---——. Chairman.
------- f Clerk.
of tlie appointment of a
■ fackuy precinct, it was
. B. Garietz be and he is
■d to the office of con
oocinct. Bond of said
nas approved and with
. filed.
of inquests hcreaftei
county, it is hereby .or
claims for expense of
• ed uifless such inquest
duly elected, qualified
v, in compliance with
. contract was entered
L. Kbborts for the burial
while an inmate ot
vson 'lying
the county ln> dial.
Whereas, Hi a. Fred A. Wilnie, stnte
engineer, did ware than ten days prior
to the commencement of this October
ses-ion, file with tbe recorder of fhe
county of Cus « statement showing
the amount of ihe cost anil expense, the
purpose thereof and the necessity for
installing lioaii tes, controlling work?
and measuring devices as required by
the said state cu ineer, the appropriât
ors and users of the publie waters hav
ing refused and neglected to install tlie
saire, and tho s. id state engineer having
requested the aid county recorder to
present the s:o for payment to thL
board, as required by law. And it fur
ther appearing that a notice of tlie
amount due was .sent by mail to each
owner in or user of water from either
of said ditches a? required bv Chapter
53 of the laws of 1917.
It is hereby ordered that a warrant
be drawn on the current expense fund
of the county for the sum of $1159.29,
payable to the order of Fred A. Wilkie,
state engineer, and thut the amount of
each owners' .-.hare of said cost and
expenses together with 10 per cent pen
alty shall be certified down and added
J flie taxes of each owner.
Tlia amount
{Side Ditch
certified to be as fui- j P.
Kast Side Diten Flr9t
.1. A. Dickey ---- 53.50 j
g. ('. t minmghnm----------
A. ]!. Lambson---------------- 57 15 Chan
A. Cravens------------------- as 60
Win. Harris
K. II. Ham
Harold Be
YY'ni Jen
John Stewart----------
John Gardner . -----
Irish Ditch
George Bennett ------
A. YV. Lambson------
YV, R. Bulat -----------
YVm. Jensen ----------
____ 28 60
____ 4.Ï0S
„ 31.04
Everhart Dit
Emma As!,ton Jas.Haurahan est. ID .40
John Gardner' —--------------20.28
C. It. Ealirncv------------------
Streeter Ditch
Charles L"Fevre ---------------120.18
lohn Shull ---------------------
Joe Rabido ____________________ 44 ' 85
Ear lit of claims presented aud pass
•d upon, ns the same appears in "Reo
- ! of Claims, Bonk 3," pages 89 to 92,
i, ,.j vo; j-,„ current o:q onse and road
'vir.-ord of Claims, Book 3, ' '
» , s 93 to 94, inclusive.
further business appearing, the
. I,. KIRTLEY, Chairman.
.T1AEL, Clerk.
UM of current expense bills present
! to the commissioners at the regular
netting, October 14, 1918, and passed
and either allowed^ disallowed or
laid over:
I. E. Campbell, jur cert just ct $ -2o
î. L. Fnleonbery, bnty mtn liou 25.00
d. D. Kilgore, ass wit cert jus et 91.75
E. Jones, repairing auto---- 60.65
I. J J. Hartman, ass wit cert pr ct 17.75
:li:is. But,or, wit cort dist ct--- 20.00
ioc Davidson, meals for jurymen 8.45
>. M. Burnett, auto fare pros at 10.00
; .a Baker, wit cert jus ct-----lL2g
• lackay Cash Garage, auto hire
94. H
B. Garietz
fri kac Gash Garage, auto hire,
IL B. Garietz --------------
Yrrow I'r-ss, office supplies----
•J. I). Kilgore ass juror cert —
i t y Cafe, meals --------------
I-ackay Miner, printing------
0. YVohtcnfeld constable fees.
f. A. Peterson, serv for const —
R. ('. Co., sup for co charges
. YV. Step-heus, wit cert------
fi-tel Mackny, board and lodg
ing for eo. charge . . -------
laekay Cash Garage, auto hire
for constable---------------
e c D. Bernard, ®ourt reporter's
supplies ____________________
'en lei-M uss Co., law books----
• ills Auto Co., overhauling auto.
'has. LeFevre, wit cert jus ct —
V. D. Campbell, wit cert jus ct__
. V. Hansen, wit cert, jus ct----
' ••■.. Cora llilger, wit cert prob ct
ox Lodging. House board and
lodging for eo charge ______
Y i -.broke .Cm, _suj iÿiii's^ t'ü» I 't i W
«tgl'u i; aistilloweil____________
'embroko Co. supplies for co
agent, disallowed __________
Valiucita Burnett, serv as sten
ographer. pros atty -------- 25.00
'. H. Olsoiq house rent for hold
ing piim elec, ilisal 5.DO, exe
Y. Y'. Miller, elerk dist. 13, use
of school house _________
:obt. Campbell, elec sup.______
f. A. Betetson, auto hire______
L B. Drake,' auto hire pros atty
I. D. Fox, admin., use of bldg
primary elecliou ___________
.first State Bank, assigned
judge* clerks anil const certs 596.00
1rs. II. \y .^yeiler, wit cert
probate eourtj________________
'rank YVoodson, auto hire______
). B. Drako_ auto service coun
cil of defense________________
. B. Hunter, elec supplies____
,ose Nowacki, wit cert petition
to remove eo sfiat___________
•lary \W. Jose, wit cert petition
to remove eo seat___________
W. Hovey, trustee, pencil
sliarjiener, assessor's office___
- T. T). Kilgore, serv just pence__
. If. Baxter, serv just, peace__
' . II. Baxter, serv as coroner____
id Haii.merlv, serv just peace__
os. Clark, serv as constanle___
iliner Fry, wit cert just ct____
Liii'knv Cash Garage, auto hire
II. B. Garietz _______________
T. G. L. Kirtloy wit cert pr çt
ux Lodging House, judge's chm
iiil.T, i Lome Find. Aid Socy.,
aid for home_______________
R. Jones auto hire_________
fillage of Cballis, water rent qr.
L A. Morris, 3 mos. rent for
bldg for eo pur.___________ 45.00
j. E. Jones, erp co agent______ 80.34
.'laus Burstedt, auto services
for reg. cards____.___________ 11.25
V. I». Dewton, auto to Chailis
with com 2 dist.____________ 20.00
'embroke Co., sup co agent_____ 1.50
'nil. Type. Co., Bail, typewriter 122.50
j. E. Dillingham, pub. notice
primary election ___________ 58.50
firs. Clyde Fishel, wit. cert peti
tion to remove co seat_______ 18.00
. A. Harrington, making arr re
to reg. cards--------1_______ 5.00
■îynis-A ork Co., sup for co offices 134.95
ivtliur Fox, rep. jail and setting
up booths------------------- 11.00
''•minas Jose, serv as water mas
ter YVarm Springs creek____177.50
. i?. JJeadrickson, labor aud ma
terial acct. election_________ 6.25
if. B. Garietz, serv as const__142.62
1. B. fiarletz col rd & poor tax 10.00
Bred-A. fi'olmau, serv as water
master, disal, exc and illegal.1,003.08
Custer eo. coun of def, Chailis,
expenses ------------------- 200.00
M. A. Dillingham, qr eout prnt 88.75
At. A. Dillingham, printing____ 39.25
Milton A. Brown, sal and of rent 287.59
Milton A. Biown, ex to Nampa. 65.34
'liton A. Brown, ex att vouch.. 40.13
liton A. Browu, ex att vouch.__38.10
Mltou A. Brown, ex att vouch___
'Tilton A. Brown ex att vouch.__
t-y Dodge, auto pros atty____
\L B. Wheeler, auto pros atty__
v. B. Wheeler, auto pros atty__
l. B. Wheeler, auto pros atty__
Clark A Brodhead, services for
range eases------------------800.00
.i. M. YVilson, furnishing and put
ting in shelves_____________ 4,25
T>. M. Burnett, sal and exp ,.__ 665.44
B. D. Fox, salary ____________ 300.00
J. Ebfcerts, salary__________ 25.00
First State Bank, ass witness
cert district court__________161.50
Mrs. T. J. Colter, board and rm
for prisoner________________ 32.85
of | Jos. II. Horton, serv as just___
| D. H. Horton, salary, surveyor,
2nd and 3rd qr._____________ 50.00
White Ivnob Garage Co., supplies
for county agent ----- 1,> * i '°
A. Heed, clerical work, and.- ^
tor s office-----------I"*" •
Flr9t state Bank, assigned serv.
as watermaster, Tolnian, dw
n || 0 wed, exc and illegal — - *00-®
Chan B. Lemon, serv water mast <05.6
Frank Nickerson, Jr., auto serv 7.0
> 1.00
Frunk — --------- - -, , ,
M. A. Dillingham, printing for
co and draft board--------
M. A. Dillingham, exp acct 4tn
Liberty loau ---------------
James Calvin, auto services ac
4th Liberty loan r- - ,,uu
Geo. Coryell, exp acct 4th Liu
James Mavity, serv sh'er office.. 180.00
Geo. McGowan Co,, supplies for
co off and no depndnt. ------
E. J. Michael, sal for quarter .. 412.50
Sibby smith, dep mother all. - 00.00
Nevada J. Oreig, dep mother all. 60.00
Emily A. White, dep mother all. 60.00
A. L. Moats, county stenographer
salarv for quarter.......... 00.00
Gus Caliena, cor wit cert ——
Louis A. Smith, cor wit cert. — £-•>
Gus Lask.v, cor wit cert. ———
Patrick Lennan, cor wit cert. — i-jo
A. C. Massey, cor wit cert.-----
J. R. Pence, cor wit cert.------ *•£>
L. McCann, cor juror cert.....
Harry Reason, cor juror cert. —
U. J. Hemmer, cor juror cert. — 2.^.)
Ellis Ivie, cor juror cert.------- --So
Louis Gardner, cor juror cert. — _2.-o
Jennie E. Kellehcr, sal und exp 273.35
C. V. Hansen, sal and exp.-----145.00
YVm. T. Oster, sal aud exp-----140.00
Frank H. Oster, auto co com 40.00
Hudlow & Baxter, sup for co — 16.10
YVm. Buster, sup and rent co.
car and material----------- 22.10
V. If. Giin, board co charges — 11.55
M. & C. I. S ta 8° Cu -> sta S°
faro ami express----------- 48.48
F. Nickerson & Co., supplies---- 14.60
Touathan Job, sal for quarter.- 225.00
Prank Deardon, clerical work
in ass office and exp to Bo- _ _ I
catello _____________________143.15 ;
Mrs. Jas. Mavity, cleaning court
house and janitor--------- 21.00 ;
tlolgar A. Peterson, auto hiro
coun of def, 10.00 dis exc. — 30.00 >
Rodger Brasseur, auto hire for
coun of def, disait. --------- 11.20
E. K. Dodge, auto hiro for i
coun of def. -------------- 11-20 |
M. C. Lambeth, auto pros atty.i 50.00
M. C. Lambeth, installing lights
and service _______________- 83.02
M. C. Lambeth, auto hire coun
eif of def, disallowed-------- 23.20
Tom llorton, auto hire council
of def., disallowed__________ 11.20
Arthur Fox, serv constable---- 11.60
4.90 D.
Eleanor F. Kirk, care uo poor. 482.00
Syms-York Co., aup co offices _ 194.00
Mrs. W. K. Huntington, meals j
for prisoners--------------- 201.00 j
Sr |fu W t ' , aut ° «onV C n - ,, sn !
4th Liberty Joan. $20 msall.. 33.80 i
leo. McGowan Co., ass wit cert ■
district court_______________11 f '~i ,
\V Tr ---- lira-n
'V. JifciiéiWftillffftOü, sal ana exp-13()6.<0,
j. Kirtloy, sal and exp_____ 135.00 j
J. L. Kirtley, M.D., serv for co. 41.50
M. F. Black, auto hire, com____ 17.40
East Fork Tel Co., maintenance 5.00
M. & C. I. Stage Co., sup and rep.
co. car acct co agent_______ 119.20
Challis-Bahs. Tel. Ass., county
calls and maintenance______ 91.91
3. B. Jensen, auto fare_________ 23.20
Alice B. Chamberlain, sal for qr. 250.00
M. F. Black, trip to Clayton on
Liberty loan drive__________ 11.20
Chas. A. Matthews, serv water
master ---------------------173.40
W. G. Jenkins & Co., assigned
wit cert dist court__________ 13.00
Bred A. Wilkie, beadgutes on
Lost river ditches __________1159.29
List of road bills presented to the
•ounty commissioners at the regular
neeting, October 14th, 1918, passed up
>n anil either allowed or disallowed or
passed on:
1. L. Mclrwiu, labor on road____9
Maekay Miner, half doz card
signs ______________________
Ylex Burnett, sup for road work
disallowed acct dup bill_____
fra C. Lambert, 2nd dist road
labor with team____________
Empire Copper Co., lumber & sup. 69.08
Bari Jvie, labor on road_______ 84.00
A1 Reynolds, labor on road ... 84.00
Ora Ivie, labor on road_______ 42.00
lim Bliss, labor on road________120.75
A. L. Reynolds, labor on road__14.00
L. R. C. Co., road supplies_____ 9.25
L. R. C. Co., road supplies_____ 38.05
Fred Kemp, labor on road____ 10.50
Mrs. Geo. Hosford, board and
lodging, eo sup. ------------ 29.00
Wm. ChiverB, labor road with
and without team__________129.50
Clayton Meat Market, gasoline
for auto __________________ 15.75
Arthur McGowan, gas and sup.__8.30
Geo. Bennetts, labor on road__52.50
Gem St. Lbr. Co., road sup_____ 07.55
Frank Harvey, labor on road
with team _________________ 98.00
Henry Horton, labor with team. 31.50
S. M. Miller, labor with team.. 224.00
M Reynolds, labor with team.. 31 50
Wm. Niekson, haul brdg plank. 18.84
Thos. T. Donahue, labor on road
disallowed _________________' 14 qq
Maekay Cash Oarage, supplies
for road work _____________
T. R. Jones, rep tire A exp .III
Toe Davidson, board bill for co
workers ___________________
Lougi Giampcdraglia, hauling"
plank and bldg culvert______
Thos. Ivie, labor road, team .. 232!o0
Thos. Ivie, labor road, team___ 84 00
Ohas. Warren, right of way
account of highway........ 100.00
Lon Lewis, bridge plank______143.44
T. R. Jones, serv road sup____150fi)0
r. K. Jones, serv road sup-----150.00
A' ruuni »g tractor .. 126.00
p"" ' 9. 1 . 1 .9°' S ag roa ' 1 tractor.. 139.90
Goat. OH Co., gas road tractor 195.53
u n 0rg ?',' rep road macl >- 27.75
labor road, team__59.50
1 rank Harvey, labor road, team 59 50
Harry Wesson, labor road,____ 700
Isaac Hardman, hauling post9 28.05
J\ urn ®tt> »up road work__121 05
Chase A. Clark, board and lode
mg, road supervisor________
Boyle, hauling lumber
t ' iT JI ram Pton, hauling freight
L U. Hager, labor on road ..
LU. nager, labor on road____
Alex Boyle, bridge plank 4is'«c
White Knob Oarage Co, Vup"
for county road work___ ]0 70
n brid * e P> a "k -HI 47 75
Geo. McGowan Co., supplies for 8
county road work________ 2S zn
p? rl J-Kopp, labor on road ...I" 15400
£ opp ' ,abor on ro »d______316^75
A. F. Kavanaugh, labor on road . 75 50
Dion O'Brien, labor on road 6L25
John Zeimetz, labor on road __ ug,
A. Brown, labor on road______
Lon Lewis, bridge plank___
Ed Phillips, supplies and re* '
pair road machinery _______
Gen. H. Miller, labor on road II
Wells McGowan, labor and board
road supervisor ____________ g 7
B. S. Brown, labor on road____198 15
M. C. Lambeth, repairing road'
supplies and material_______ gg
D. L. Killian, posts, highway.I 820 89
Utah Con. Co., labor on road re
moving drift --------------- g qq
Hudlow & Baxter, supplies and
rent co roail work__________jgg
A. F. Kavannugh, road work ai'pq
L. E. Honey, labor road, team__ 7'^
M. IT. Lundberg, sup and rep__ sj'k,
Leo Ivie, labor on road_______ 14'nn
M. & C. I. Stage Co., supplies
for road work-------------- 198 81
Vernon Jennings, balance due on
road bill, 0-28____ _________ gg
Allowed ...............—96,308.85
Serial No, 020050
Department of ths Interior, (j.
Land Office at Halley, Idaho, October
16 , 1918 .
Notice is hereby given that lohn Q.
Adams, of Chailis, Idaho, father of
John Q. Adams, now deceased, ef Ubal
11a, Idaho, who, on November 3, 1017 ,
made Desert Land Entry, No. otooie
for SEX NVX, NXBWX, six BW*!
■Section 33, Township 14 North, Bang«
19 East, Boise Meridian, has filed no
tice of intention to make Final Proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before Joseph H. Herton, U
S. Land Commissioner, at Chailis, Cue
ter County, Idaho, on the 11th day ot
December. 1918.
Claimant names ab witness«»;
Harry Waters, Thomas Horton,
Frank Nickerson, Everett Batter, all
of Cballis, Idaho. BEN R. GRAY,
nô dll Register
Serial No. 010605
Department at the Interior, U. B.
Land Office at Halley Idaho, October
18, 1915.
Notice is hereby given that Wird
Joues, of Chailis, Idaho, who, on Janu
;ary 17th, >912, made Forest Homestead
j Entry, No. 018605, for a tree*, of 137.77
j acre8 within the Cballis National For
! embraced la Homestead Entry S.r
i M v r _ Ä .
■ Ho. 264, Liât 4-603, in section 20,
, iitf 1 "' v*y gd Aownablp 17 north, range
ip east, Boise Meridian, more perticu
larly described bjr meles ind boandi
f „ ' . M
j se follows: Beginning at corner No,
1 from whence United States Loeaties
Monument No, 10 bears sotth 27° 20 '
west 40.4T si) ai ns distant; thence south
88 ° 19' east 28.96 chains ta corner No.
3; tnence north 9° 92' east 19.10 chslsi
to corner No.l; thence north 31° 01'
east 44.26 chaîne ta corner Ne. 4;
thence north 4° 44' east 21.23 chains t§
corner No. 5; thence couth 85° 16' w»»t
8.15 chains to corner Na. 6 ; thenes
south 39° 27' west 81.chains to cor
ner No. 7; thence couth 87° 43' weil
63.12 chnius to corner No. 8 ; thenes
south 0 ° 43 ' west 6 42 chains teewnti
No. 1 the place of beginning, has ll«4
notice of intention to make Five Ye«f
Final Proof, to establish claim to ths
land above dessrihed, before Joseph H
Horton, United States Commission«,
at Chailis, Idaho, on the 10 th dsy of
December, 1918.
Claimant names aa witnesses;
Charles Dewitt, John W. Stcphsn»]
Earl Milek, Erik Barstidt, all of Chsl*
lis. Idaho. BEN R. GRAY,
uo dt Register
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