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for thi period
k res YMA y s pledeB:
America Shalt
II in thi» Wèr
Therefore. I trill tror*. 1 win
eure. I trill lacrijlce. 1 toiU m
Jure. ! trill fight— ehurf oily
anti to my utmoel-ae if th»
it hole lutte of the itruffle
Jtpended oh me atom. • -
92.50 PER YEAR
NO 22
It is high time for all people to call a halt in the quaran
tine conflict between Mackay and Challis. bet reason
rule and peace prevail.
If mistakes have keen made on either side it is a far
greater mistake to recriminate and keep it up to the killing 1
point. I
The people of thi» section established a quarantine in
»elf defense. Thereupon some Mackay sportsmen, in the
sheltering flarkne»s of the night, with full knowledge of
the quarantine ran boldly into it and got "bumped ', or
at least got quite a little dent in their dignity. They then
claimed they "didn't know it was loaded" and have, ever
since, been calling upon the courts, authorities and upon
the public to take up their little personal grievance—even
-though it cause grim war and carnage.
They have pestered the public and the press until even
the editor of th« Mackay Miner has gone into spasms of
bucolic wrath and has "got to fightin wind mills and
'seeim' thing» at night.' "
If the»e sportsmen are really good sports they will now
keep still, at least until this public crisis is past. If they
don't, th»y should, and no doubt will, be severely "sat
upon" in their own "'hum'town'. The majority of the !!
people are not crazy—no, not even in Mackay.
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Stye lattlv of % Jlu.
Note: This heroic ballad may be sung to the tune of
an Irish "Come All Yez."
On the fourteenth of November
In the year nineteen-eighteen;
It was then there was enacted
That most memorable scene—
When a hundred men from Challis town
All gallant, brave and true,
Along the highway hurried down
To the Battle of The "Flu".
Marching along one hundred strong,
A brave and gallant crew,
Vfith blood in their eye—to do or die,
At the Battle of The "Flu".
The forces of the enemy
Were counted by the score,
Advancing at a distance of
Some sixty miles or more:
Coming nearer, ever nearer
Through all that dreadful day.
But the closest that they ever got:
Was sixty miles away!
And rumor after rumor
Of their coming grew and grew'
Until some other rumor proved
That rumor was not true.
We heard that thev were, coming,
By auto and by Ford,
With all the guns and bootleg
That they could crowd aboard,—
That they were mad as blazes
And had vowed that they would shoot
• As the quickest way to settle
The question in dispute.
And many a hero trembled
And shivered in his shoe*
As he vividly remembered
The dreadful Mackay booze.
They swore that it was "pizen"
And would kill at ninety yards
And so the captain shouted
To double up the guards.
"There is an auto coming."
An excited lookout roared,
But when at last the thing approached
It proved to be a Ford!
The captain then commanded:
"Right about and shoulder arm»"
And he gave a solemn warning
To beware of false alarms.
Oh, there were generals by the slue,
And the colonels they were many;
Of captains there were quite a few
But the privates were "not any".
And there were deeds of daring
Performed upon that day—
Yes, even though the enemy
Was sixty miles away.
Once when the day was darkest
Up spoke a tall, mule-skinner
Saving: "Fellers I'm not afraid to die,
But I hate to miss my dinner."
But though nobody died they say,
Or at least no one w ; as ouried.
The devil himself might be to pay
If Mackay had not tarried.
They styd that they were coming,
And that hell would be to pay.
But there were spies who kept them wise
And so they stayed away.
But, we are peace-loving people
And the world is now at peace;
Was Mackay right to force this fight?
Yes. in a—pig's valise.
Ed. Note: It would seem that Clarence E. Eddy, the
Poet-Prospector, who is the author of the above,
must have been present at the ''Battle of the Flu". It
requires a great poet to give real prominence to great
events and affairs. Even hell would never have been
so prominent had it not been for the poet Dante.
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County Board of Health,
County, Idaho. Nov., 16. 1 916.
General Order No. 1. o
j To the Public Generally: ~~
Whereas, an epidemic is sweep
ing through the natioD, known
as the •'Spanish Influera", and
; said disease is both infectious :
and contagious and is hereby
. declared to be infectious and con- !
tagious, and
Whereas, said ' Spanish Influ- :
enza''has made its appearance
in certain portions of Custer
County, Idaho, and is exacting
heavy toll of life within the Na
tion and in said portions of Cus
ter County and -is becoming a
larming in its malignancy and
the public health demands that
prompt and efficient measures be
taken to stamp out said disease
and protect portions of Custer
County not yet infected:
1st. Now therefore, it is or
dered and directed and the under
signed Board of Health of Cus
ter County, Idaho- does hereby
order and direct tbat all territory
lying withiu the following boun
daries, to wit: All the Salmon
Siver watershed in Custer Coun
ty from the mouth of Yankee
Fork on the Salmon river and ex
tending down said Salmon River
to the boundary of Lemhi Coun
ty, Idaho; shall and the same is
hereby declared to be a quaran
tine District for the purpose of
preventing the introduction of
• the dangerous, contagious or in
fectious disease, to-wit, Spanish
*! Influenza, within the said quar
antine district. Said quarantine
; District and this Order creating
j the same shall remain in full
force aud virtue until the furth
er order of this Board of Health
of said Custer County, Idaho.
2nd. All persens are prohibi
ted from entering said district
without a permit from the Chair
man of the Couuty Board of
3rd. The Chairmau of said
Couuty Board cf Health is here
by authorized aud empowered to
appoint as many Quarantine
Guards and'to create as many
Quarantine Districts as may be
necessary to enforce these rules
and regulations
4th. The Chairman of th«
County Board of H^'-Lh of Cus
ter County. Idaho, shall cause to
be printed suitable permits and
quarantine cards in harmony
, with law and these regulations
! and place a sufficient number of
said permits and quarantine cards
[at each quarantine station with
! the Quarantine Guards stationed
there to meet all such uecessary
! demand.. It is hereby and here
. in further ordered and directed
that the Chairman of said Coun
ty Board of Health shall provide
I all Quarantine Guards at each
Quarantine Station with "Yel
low Flags" of suitable size to be
used by said Quarantine Guards
iu placing or causing same to be
placed on the vehicle in which
said person or persons are trav
5th. All persons comiug into
said district aud desiring to re
main therein shall be quàrantin
ed for a period of four days, at
the home of such person or per
sons, in case they have a home
in said District, aud if not, then
in some suitable place prepared
j and designated by the Chairman
of said County Board of Health.
6th. All persons having busi
ness to transact in said district
may enter said district and at
tend to such business, and depart
again trom said district; bat all
homes or other places to which
such parsons are allowed to stop
and enter must be quarantined,
for a period of four days; such
person or persons so entering
[under the provisions of this sec
tion shall stop at the* first quar
antine station on the 'road in,
that such person, or pepaoni en
ter said quarantine district, and
procure a written permit there
for; said permit shall direct such
travel the
person or persons to
most direct public highway to
and from his, her. or their homes
or p1a;e where they seek to go.
without stopping; and that sueh
home, or place where such psr
son or persons shall go or stop,
shall be quarantined by the plac
ing of a proper quarantine card
up in a conspicuous place on said
residence or place where aneb
person or persons shall go or
stop as aforesaid; said quaran
tine card shall be supplied such
person or persons by said Quar
antine Guard, such quarantine to
be and remain in fall force and
effect for a period of four days
from and after such person or
persons shall so enter as* afore
said: and in the event any seek
person or persons or others in
said home shall become afflicted
with said disease, then and ia
such case, said quarantine of
said home or place shall be and
remain in full force and virtue
until ordered discontinued by
said Chairman of said Const/
Board of Health. It is farther
hereby and herein provided that
all persons entering said Quar
antine District as aforesaid, shall
place in a conspicuous plaça on
the vehicle in which they travel
a "Yellow Flag" and keep aai&
flag thereon for a period of four
days provided they remain in said
Quarantine District for sueh per
iod of time; said flag to be sup
plied by the Quarantine Guard.
7th. Al 1 persons desiring con
tinuous passage through said
District shall be granted such
privilege but such person or per
sons shall first procare fro*
such Quarantine Guard a permit
and flag therefor, and all homes
and other places in which thay
may be permitted to stop and
enter shall be quarantined for a
period of four days, as provide^
in rule Sixth hereof. 4
8th, The Chairman of th#
County Boaid of Health is here
by empowered and directed te
cause to be printed larger quar-j
antine cards to be posted up in
conspicuous place at each quar.
autine station so created as afore
said, which quarantine card shall
correctly describe the bouadar .
ies of the Quarantine Distrie»
hereby created.
9th. Every person or persons,
company or corporation violat
ing any of the provisions of this
order will be prosecuted as ie
such case made and provided.
An emergency existing there
for, and this order having been
submitted to and approved by
the State Board of Health ea
the 16th, day of Novemb»,r 1918.
the same shall be and is in fall
force and effect from the date
' Penalty for violation. of this
order is $50.00 fine or imprison
i m.<mt in the County JKiljPo:
days. oil by -bûth-i
Custer County Board of Health,
By C. L. Kirtlsy, Obairmas.
By W- T, Oster
By C. V. Hansen.
The above and foregoing rules
and regulations, within *
Custer County, State of _
are hereby approved Jhl»_
day of Navember, A; ■;
State Board of
By R. 8. Ma

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