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Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Fresh ana erred meats
Bakery Goods. Fish and oysters In Season
rresh Fruit?
Highest market price paid for hides and sheep pelts
J D. GARLAND, Chalüs, Idaho
»♦♦♦♦ 1
► ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦
Those wishing to have meats
cured shonld place their order
with the City Meat Market not!
ranch not :
later than the first of November.
Want to Lease: A
less than 160 acres. More pre
ferred- Address J. D. House,
Salmon, Idaho. 2 t adv |
We want sales representatives!
in every town in Idaho, We pre
fermen who have sold stock, in
surance, real estate, books, or
who have had no sales experience
but would like to develop into
salesmen- We train every ap[ h
oant accepted and provide a sys
tem that will enable anyone who
works to make from $ 75.00 to
$150.00 per week. Can also use
women of exceptional ability. Po 1
sition permanent. In applying
state age past business experi
enoe, number of years jou have
lived in community, and refer
esces- Address in confidence,
KANE MFG. CO., 1626 27 L. c.
bsaith Bldg-, Seattle, Wash. 8t ;
Wante 1: 150 head of cattle to
winter. Terms upon application,
Write or call on Dave Tewalt,
Challis. Idaho. 1
Miss Edna Jones is the new
Operater at at the telephone ex

Miss Rita Wilson has accepted
a position at the City Meat Mar
Gus Sargeant was down from
his home up the river the latter
part of last week.
Mr- Dell Bartlett died in Butte
the latter part of last week of
Influnza. Mrs Bartlett had re
cently undergone an opérai ion
and was so.phyaically v eikenad
She was one of God's noolewo
jmen and her many friends here
|are deeply grieved ai | er death.
Just as we go tj press we Iearu
Jf tbs death of three mores] our
jrousg heroat. Priva - a Ton
»osai was kilted in action in
''ranee on .Oct.'3rd. Corporal
)su Eb,- died Oct. 23 somewh^' e
Frane of lobar pneuroo 1».
lay Oh r t died of shell shock in
hospital in France on Oct. 16.
private Walter King is jofficialty
■«ported missing since Oct. 2nd
)ut a letter received from him
fitten from a hospital in France
Oct. I4th t states that he had
fl«n wounded and gassed |
I Mrs M. A, Dillingham return
^Thursday from Salmon and
five entered quarantine at the
plllnghain home for four days,
Tiey were released from qnar*
rite at Salmon ever a week
|° after eaeh t n i had suffered
[Attack tof he Flu.
quarantine col! ireuce was
fd in this city last Saturday
fning and wos attended by the
jnty Commissioners Harry
|lden of Idaho Falls and R. S
fdttaii representing the state
wrdof Health. Read the Tegs*
f 009 on page 1.
oberl Campbell, Wm, Mg
and Will Sullivan were
m from Clayton the fore part
phe week.
Office of the Board of Coun 12
ty Commissioners of Custer
County, Idaho, Challis, Ida
ho, Nov, 15, 1918.
The Board of County Com
®' ss *' mers of the County of[
S uster : «täte °} Idaho, met
1,1 special session, pursuant,
to an order of the Board du- :
»y made and entered of rec-[
™ 'JP* the purpose of can
' tn . e ' oles . ot the Gen
Election and make up
a jst facts thcreo., and to
con 1 su ^r any and all matters
? nd things that may proper
1 - v corae bcfore sa,d meeting,
Present: C. L. Kirtley,
Chairman, W. T. Oster, L. J.
Michael, Clerk. Whereupon
the following proceedings
"'ere had and taken:
At this time the Board of
County Commissioners act
in * as a board of canvassers
proceeded to publicly count
the General Election returns
and e anvas ® the vo ^ of said
election: and on this same
day having completed said
canvass, the abstracts of el
ection. duly certified, were
filed with the auditor of «aid
Upon motion board ad
journed until 10 a. m. Nov.,
16th, 1918.
Office of the board of Coun
tv commissioners. Challis,
Qister county, Idaho, Nov.
j " Pursuant to adjournment
. 0 f veste rdav the Board con
j vened wit h the following
sen, coni miss oner. Where
upon the following claims
were exam i ne d and approv
j ed and warrants ordered
j drawn in payment therefor,
Current Expense
1 J A Harrington, wit cert
Dist court .........- ■ lLOO
2 M C Lambeth, auto hire
for M A Brown _____10.00
3 Mary S Smitham, vital
statistic* Mackay & vy
4 E Jacobsvn, jur cert j c 4-25
5 Elliott-Fisher Co. type
10 A M Wilson, carpenter
j work is cosrt house.. 14.00
1 n m cL ambeth auto hire LOO
j 12 M A Dillingham, posting
3 r,Q
writer ribbons........ 1.80,
6 A McGowan & Son auto
repairs ..........— 64,00
7 Frank Woodson, driving
county c»r
quarantine notices----16.20
B C L Kirtley, expense in
8 Tom Horton, auto hire. 15.00
.wot ftinhath aut# hire 71 20
9 M C Lambeth, aut# nire
vestigating contsgioua
diseases and establishing
14 Harry Holden, aervioes
as atty far Custer Co'y
Board of Health.-J.000.00
15 John P Boyle, services
as quarantine guard.. 36.00
16 W w Adamson, services
as atty for Custer Co'y
Board *f Health.....250-00
1" Custer County Coincil
of Defease, Challis dia
exp carrying on De
fense work _________ 200.00
Road claims
1 Mrs B M Gray, meal and
lodging for road men.. 9.50
H L Hardy, labor oa road.
D J MnVickar •'
R A Finley '*
M W Brown
Oaie 0 Fisher "
Al West, labor and board
for men ..............
Paul Cardiol, labor ob rosd 45.50
No further business appearing
on motion board adjourned.
No. 157
The First State Bank at Challis, In the
State of Idaho, at the close of business
November 1, 191*1.
t Cash on hand............f 12,972.40
2 Due from banks _________ 20,967.99
4 Other Cash Items________ 1,929.97
5 Loans and Discounta____ 175.779 26
7 stocks, Bonds Marrants. 33 830 43
to liankirg Hou-e Furniture
and Fixtures________ 4,000.00
War Saviors Stamps____ 4.9S
12 0,her rehOUrces< reVeoue 8t P 70 00
" Liberl * Bond * .....
Total................8249,657 09
1 Individual deposits subject
to check...............9144.021.98
4 Demand Certificates of De
posit.................... 87.
5 Time cerli&caleaof deposit 40,890.53
6 Cashier's Checks_________ 35,244 09
10 Capital Stock paid in____ 20,000.00
11 Surplus......... 5,000.00
12 Undivided Profits, less ex
penses, interest and taxes
psid____________________ 4213.50
: --------------------
9 Dividends unpsid...
^ ........ « 220 . 443.59
State of Idaho, County of Custer, sv.
I, E. W. Hovey, Cashier of the
bore-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief.
E. W. HOVEY, Ceshier
Correct—Attest: E. J. MICHAEL
Subscribed sud sworn to before i
this IStb day of Nov., 1918.
1 certify that I am NOT an Officer or
Director of this Back.
W \V. ADAMSON Notary Public
School will start a week from
Mond ay.
U. S. Public Health Service Issues
Official Health Bulletin
on Influenza.
Epidemic Probably Not 8panlah In
Origin— Germ Still Unknown—Peo
pie Should Guard Agalnat "Droplet
Infection"—Surgeon General Blua
Make* Authoritative Statement.
Washington, D. G—(Special.)—Al
though King Alfonso of Spain was
one of the victims of the Influenza epl
! demie In 1S93 and again this sommer,
Spanish authorities repudiate any
j claim to Influenza aa a "Spanish" dis
ease. If the people of this country do
not take care the epidemic will be
come so widespread throughout the
! rmted that soon we * haU
*. d.seasa called
"American" Influ
In response to a request for definite
information concerning Spanish Infln
j enza, Surgeon General Rupert Blue of
the U. S. Eubllc Health Service baa
authori zed the following official inter
What Is Spanish Influenza? la It
something new? Dean It corns from
"The disease now occurring In this
country and called 'Spanish Influen
za' resembles a very contagious kind
of *cold.' accompanied by fever, pains
la the head, eyes, ears, back or other
parts of tho body and a feeling of
vere sickness. In most of the casea the
symptoms disappear after three or four
days, the patient then rapidly recover,
ing. Some of the patienta, however,
develop pneumonia, or Inflammation
of the ear, or meningitis; and many of
these complicated casea die. Whether
thla so-called 'Spanish* Influenza Is
Identical with the epidemica of Influen
za of earlier yearn Is not y et known,
'that In this disease the number of
white corpuscles shows little or no In
crease above the normal. It Is possl
ble that the laboratory Investigations •
now being made through the National
Besearch Council and the United
States Hygienic Laboratory will fur
nlsh a more certain way in which lndl
vidual cases of this disease can bs
with the very small droplets of mucus.
What Is the course of the disease!
Do people die of It!
"Ordinarily, the fever lasts from
three to four days and the patient re
covers. But while the proportion of
deaths In the present epidemic baa
generally been low, in some placet the
outbreak has been severe and deaths
have been numerous. When death oc
curs It Is usually the result of a com
What causes the disease and how la
It spread?
"Bacteriologists who have studied in
fluenza epidemics In the past bare
found In many of the cases a very
8mall rod-shaped germ called, after Its
discoverer, Pfeiffer's bacillus. In other
cases of apparently the 'same kind of
disease there were found pneumococci,
the germs of lobar pneumonia. 8UU
others have been caused by strepto
cocci, and by others germs with long
"No matter what particular kind of
germ causes the epidemic; It Is now
believed that Influenza Is always
spread from person to person, the
germs being carried with the air along J
with the
expelled by coughing or sneezing,
forceful talking, and the like by obe
who already b&s the germs of the dis
ease. They'may also be carried about
In the air In the form of dost coming
from dried mucus, from coughing and
sneezing, or from careless people who
spit on the floor and on the sidewalk.
As In most other catching diseases, a
person who has only a mild attack of
the disease himself may give a very
severe attack to others."
What should bo dons by thooo who
catch the disease?
"It Is very Important that every per
son who becomes sick with Influenza
should go home at once and go to bed.
This will help keep away dangerous
complications and will, at the same
time, keep the patient from scattering
the disease fmr and wide. It Is highly
desirable that no one be allowed to
sleep In the same room with the pa
tient In fact, no one but the nurse
should be allowed In the room.
"If there is cough and sputum or
running of the eyes and nose, care
should be taken that all such dis
charges are collected on bits of gauze
o? rag or paper napkins and burned.
If the patient complains of fever and
headache, be should be given water to
drink, a cold compress to the forehead
and a light sponge. Only such medi
cine should be given as Is prescribed
by the doctor. It Is foolish to ask the
druggist to prescribe and' may be dan
gerous to take the so-called 'safe, sure
M. F. BLACK, Proprietor
Soft drinks, cigars, candies,
PooFand card games
Courteous T reatment
Where your $ has more ser.se
Binding Twine
Barbed Wire
Hudlow & Baxter
Where your $ has more sense
Now Is the time to have your teeth scaled and
polished and examined before trouble begins
CHALLIS IDAHO, Milllck Building
007 fiarüfëSs r fëmëdîës advertised by
patent medicine manufacturers.
"If the patient Is ao situated that he
can be attended only by some one who
most also look after others In the fam
Hr, It la advisable lhat such attendant
wear a wrapper, apron or gown over
the ordinary house clothes while In the
hx>® * nd *HP this off when leav
log to look after the others.
"Nurses sod attendants will do well
to guard against breathing In danger
ous disease germs by wearing a simple
fold of gauzo or mask while near the
Will a person whs has had Influenza
before catch the disease again?
"It Is well known that aa attack of
measles or scarlet fever or smallpox
usually protects a person against an
other attack of the same disease. Tblv
appears not to be true of 'Spanish in
fluenza.' According to newspaper re
ports tbe King of Spain suffered an
attack of Influenza during the epi
demie thirty years ago, sod was again
stricken during tbe recent outbreak in
How can one guard against Info
"In guarding against disease of all
kinds, It Is Important that the body be
kept strong and able to fight off dis
eese germs. This can be done by hav
Ing s proper proportion of work, plaj
and rest, by keeping the body weil
clothed, and by eating sufficient whole
some and properly selected food. In
connection with diet. It is well to re
member that milk Is one of the best
all-around foods obtainable tor adults
as well as children. So far as a dis
ease like influenza Is concerned, health
authorities everywhere recognize tbe
very dose relation between Its spread
and overcrowded borne*. While it is
not always possible, especially In
time* like the pres ent, to. avoid, and»
overcrowding, people should consfdei
tbe health danger and make ever;
effort to reduce the home overcrowd
Ing to a minimum. The value of fresh
sir through open windows cannot be
over emphasized.
"When crowding Is unavoidable, as
In street cars, care should be taken to
keep the face so turned ms not to In
bale directly the air breathed ont by
another person.
"It Is especially Important to bo
ware of the person who coughs or
sneezes without covering his' mouth
and nose. It also follows that one
should keep out of crowds sad staff«
places as much as possible, keei
homes, offices and workshops wei
aired, spend some time out of door>
each day, walk to work If at all prac
tlcable—In short, make every possibh
effort to breathe as much pure air a»
"In all bealtb matters follow the ad
vice of your doctor and obey the regu
latlons of your local and state bealtb
"Cover up each caugh and sneeze,
If you don't you'll spread disease
Fortunate are the fhilfaa
who grow np in homes where
food music is counted among
the necessities of life and finds
its expression through sa in
strument so sympathetic and
responsive as the
s . U
A JVM. 19S)
A »
Glenn Bros.-Roberts Pinne
Salt Lake and Ogden, Utah
W Ward Adamson
Practices in all Court*
Office and residence connected
with all phones.
Office—Adamson Building.
9 A. hi. TO 4:30 P. M.
'HALLIS, (DeWitt Bldg.) • IDAHO.
Practice* in nil Court«
Both State and Federal
Milton A. Brown__
Practices in all Courts.
'HALLIS, : : I
Dr. j. W. Lynn Dr. John H In»
Montpelier and Pinna
Specialty—Ear. Eye, Nose; Tfcwa*
and Surgery
Phone 12
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