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cm SWAY!
The "Flu" has at Last
Reached Challis!
Since Friday of this week,
u cases of Spanish Influen
ça have developed in this lo
Those reported to date as
afflicted with the dread dis
ease are: John McKinney, of
Salmon, Mrs. Lottie Mc
60wn, Frank L. Hudlow,
franklin Nickerson, Ralph
Batter, Aunty Melhone,
Fred Matlejr, E. W. Hovey,
B. K. Dodge, and several
members of the Ftmkhouser
femily.. Several cases are re
portek in Pahsamaroi.
The picture shows, dances,
pool halls, schools and all
other public gatherings have
keen prohibited and it is
hoped that the disease will
be confined to those who are
afflicted with it at present.
It is thought that John
McKinney brought the dis
ease in. Mr. McKinney eva
ded the quarantine guard at |
the Watt bridge and after
being here two days was ta
ken ill with the disease.
The authorities in charge,
during the absence of Dr.
Kirtley, who was summoned
to appear in court at Mac
kay. did not know what ac
tion to take in the matter,
as Mr. McKinney stated
that he had been five days
on the road from Salmon to
this city.
However, the "flu" is
Great Oaks from Little Acoms Grow
Saving i* a matter of habit, f
And the habit grows, just like *
the savings. ■m
To acquire the habit whan »
young with small sums it to
practice the habit when older
with larger sums.
^ So encourage the little fel
lows to start a savings account
with us at once, and watch
the habit grow.
Great Oaks from Little Acoms Grow
S. L REECE. PtaaL E- W. HOVEY. Cashier
E. J. MICHAEL V.Preet. H. E. HAWORTH, Amt Cash
In an interview with
District Judge F. J. Cow
en, at Mackay this week
the editor of this paper
Was convinced that the
interpretation placed on
the warning given by
the Judge to the people
of this locality was an
The warning referred
to is the one wherein the
Judge stated something
to the effect that "we
were not receding from
our position and that
unless we changed our
methods we would find
ourselves in a worse po
sition than Spanish In
fluenza eould possibly
put us."
The Judge informed us
that the meaning he
sought to convey was
the possible loss of life
resulting from the bitter
feeling which appeared
to exist in both Challis
and Mackay.
In justice to the Judge,
we feel it our duty to
place before our readers
the meaning he meant to
convey to our citizens,
and subseqent events de
cidedly prove that the
Judge's theory on the
subject was not without
here! We urge everyone to
particularly careful and
aid the health officials in ev
ery way in stamping out the
There, there, little Thrift Stamp
Don't you cry;
You'll be a War Bond
Bye and Bye,
Four P&hsamarol Man Only Are Desirous of
of Having Entire Valley In Lemhi County.—
Salmon Business Interélts Are Openly Op.
posed to Movement.--Aboth*r County Seat
Egg Goes Rotten, in the Hatching.
Last week information was received here to the effect
that a movement was on foot in Pahsamaroi valley mid
Lemhi county to annex all that lection of Custer county
lying within the valley to Lemhi county.
Our business interests here
tion should be takeq on the
sisting of Messrs. Knrtky, _ _________________ p ____ p
Hudlow and Job motored to f * point near the Guy Ed
wards ranch and held a conference in the open air regard
ing the reported movement, with a delegation of Salmon's
representative citizens.
These gentlemen not only denied having anything to do
with the proposed annexation but stated emphatically
that they were opposed to any such movement. They ad
mitted, however, that several Pahsamaroi men seemed to
be desirous of such a change in the map of Central Idaho.
We have been reliably informed that the prime instiga
tors of the movement are Roy B. Herndon and George W.
Meitzler, two business men of May, and I. R. Wilson and
F. M. Kobbs, two stockmen of the valley.
The Salmon City delegation stated that they apprecia
ted and were desirous of maintaining the friendship which
now exists between their city and Challis and simply look
ed upon the matter as one over 5 which no alarm should be
felt, stating that the influences at work on the proposi
tion were neither weighty nor forceful enough to attain
the result desired and that the satire business interests of
Salmon City were absolutely opposed to the movement.
We are also informed that the movement was being fa
thered by Mackay in order that this section of the county
wonld be so weakened by the loss of the Custer county
section of Pahsamaroi, that two years hence, when the
Mackay interests proposed (if their project were success
ful) to move the County seat from Challis to Mackay,
they would be much nearer a successful termination of the
long and bitter struggle which they have waged to take
away from Challis something which is of vital importance
to the welfare of the town.
The situation has devolved itself into the fact that the
agitators in the matter have failed to take into considera
tion the stand which Lemhi county interests would take,
and without that support the entire proposition assumes
the aspect of mere child's play or another county seat egg
gone rotten in the hatching.
*»«.»* «t.
liter and a committee con
J V Hovey, Waters, Drake,
Âs the year 1918 draws to a dose, and our boys "ov
er there" will soon return with the knowledge that
their work has been well done, the time seems eepeci
ally propitious for all to indulge a full measure of the
Yuletide spirit, and the Challis Messenger is pleased
to extend to all its patrons its best wishes for a Mer
ry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year
and in doing so urges you to do your Christmas shop
ping at once in order that none will be forgotten.
Notice is hereby given that I
intend to npply to the Board of
Connty Commissioners, at the
régulàr meeting in January, IS
IS, for n deputy sheriff, to assist
in the duties of the office of
sheriff. Frank W. Cummins
Notice is hereby given that I
intend to apply to the Board of
County Commissioners, nt the
regular meeting in January, 10.
IS, for one Deputy and euch der
ical assistance as it deemed nec
essary to perform the duties of
the «See of Clerk of the Dis
trict Court and Auditor and Re
corder of Canter Connty, Idaho.
JC, J. Michael,
Notion in herebo given that
intend to apply to the Board of
County Commissioners, at the
regular meeting in January, IS
IS, for one Deputy and such cler
ical assistance as \m deemed sec
essary to perform the duties e I
A s ses s or of Custer County. Ids
he. D. M. Burnett
rood control made settetaaer from
■Sortie* tagt dm iota I» Cood pries*
cave the nation's fan sttenfta m»
Starvation hr Oermaaÿ rhaltsapsd
■Q tho world: food iiniirwlli« la
H|p MtliBil I
Actions Against
als Dismissed
"'"w ■— ■srrr r '
Huntington Ou star and
Adamson Contempt
Cases Heard and Ta
ken Under Advise
The actions brought a
gainst Dr. C. L. Kirtley,
ss*! 1 ;
county attorney, were heard
in chambers at Mackay this
The action against Dr.
Kirtley was brought to put
hife out of office. Judge Ter
rell, after hearing the evi
dence in the case dismissed
the action. Judge Cowen
dismissed the contempt pro
ceedings against the doctor
and M. A. Brown.
The ouster proceedings a
gainst Sheriff Huntington
occupied several days, Judge
Terrell taking the matter un
der advisement. Mr. Hunt
ington pled guilty to con
tempt before Judge Çowen,
who took the matter under
The proceedings against
W. W. Adamson, charging
him with contempt were
Drought np fee considera
tion and the défendant hav
ing entered a plea of guilty,
the Judge took the matter
under advisement.
All the cases mentioned a
bovc resulted from the quar
antine against Spanish Influ
enza which was established
in this section some two
months ago. The quaran
tine was in no way interfer
ed with.
George Coryell, Jno. Job,
Wm. Oster, * M. À. Dilling
ham, Mabel Keyser, Blanche
and Elias Thomas were sum
moned as witnesses from
this city.
Whereas, The Supreme Grand
Muster of the Universe bus tuk
en from our presence Sitter Elvi
ra Fourcadeand it is but due that
a tribute of her good deeds and
charitable acts should be openly
praised, therefore be it
Resolved, by Silver Leaf Re
bekah Lodge No. 97, I. O. O- F.
that in the death of oar late and
worthy Sitter, Elvira Fourcade,
thiu lodge loses a good Sitter
and the community a friend and
companion—one for whom eve
ry person eould find a kind word
and whose life is commended to
ail. In aoeinl Uf*. ahe was genial
and bar many friends always
founds warm welcome at bar
heme. Living, .her friends del
ighted to honor her; deed, they
moot sincerly morn fèr her; In
the death of Bister Alvfra Four
cade Silver Leaf Rebekah Lodge
No. 27. loses one of its numbers
and therefore, be it
Resolved, that the deepest
symphy of the Lodge he extea
ded to her family in their lots,
tad be it further
Resolved, that through respect
for our Siater, tha charter of Stl
ver Leaf Rebekah Lodge No. 27.
be draped ia mourning for a per
ipd of $hirty days, that a copy of
these reoolutloas ho spread on
American Red Cross Aide Willi
Supplies and Comforts in the
Equipment of Valiant
I T la particularly interesting to Amer,
leans to know the tremendous
work which the Americas Red
Cron has dona toward relieving dis
tress la Belgium. Among the Aeay
things dons for Klhg Albert's gallant
little army by tha Bed Croea tha fol
lowing ora a few :
It established a dining nets and
reading and writing room nt tho fe r e
houses In Le Havre.
It gave a plata and a bowl to S.000
monition workers in — — ■ ■ to ana at
It fitted up recreation rooma for
workers at mnntUoo plants.
.It Installed a co-operative resta armai
for the military personnel of tha Mari-,
time Agency at La Havre.
It Installed shower baths and a bar
ber shop, for the army garrisons In
Le Havre.
In army training centers tha Bad
Cross gava household comfort* phsne
graph* came* ate. I
It established a dormitory for 200;
men at the Home for Permlaslonalrea
at Calai*
It established a canteen and library
at Calai*
It established another canteen for
the personnel of sanitary train*
It gave material and games for a
canteen for the personnel of the naval
base at .
It gave the same for a canteen for
the personnel of Belgian seaplane
It equipped n mess for the personnel
of the unit at Calais.
It gave tent* canteen* reading
rooms and shower baths for the per
sonnel of the Bonrbongh bakery.
It organized dining rooms for
searchlight companies and artillery
batteries haring fixed cantonment*,
and Installed shower hatha ta them.
1^ distributed 60.000 enameled plate*
and caps for soldiers la the treadle*!
It gave prizes for organised athletic
tournament* . . ,
It sent presents to each man dec*-!
rated for bravery. These presents are j
usually razor* pipe* fountain pend'
and auch. Up to now this work has
only applied to tha Infantry.
The Rad Cross provided tha appa
ratus and films for cinema show*
Eight thousand soldiers so* them
every day.
It supplied hooka for an aaldlan*
It Installed a recreation and wrtttag
foam ht tha large can tee»» at La Pla n * ,;
it presented to every infantry msfir
cavalry regimental surgeon * med ica l !
traveling cas* holding s sat ed msd l "
cal instruments for field hsrrle*
This work required an appropria
tion of approximately 1,250,000 fraac*
Straight from the front Is this com
ment of a Belgian cotoneL It we* !
made recently while be'was sitting t*f
his dugout talking of tha work Of.
a canteen for which tho America*:
fled Cross had Just provided quartan
on very short notice.
"One Ute demonstration Ilk* this ttF
better than a year of talk."
-;-_ ■ i
American Red Cross has erected *
barracks at Dijon. Franc* to serve a»
* Jay nursery for the children of th*
Frehch women who work' In the United'
States Army camouflage factory
the records of this Lodge, a eopy
seat to the family of our lete sis
ter add also a copy to fee Qhal
Hs Messenger for publicatjoji.
Challis Idaho, Deo. lM*0.
Mrs. Liszie Chivers, |
Mrs. Mabel Dewitt,
Mrs Ruby Moats r sfee
* Com»!**

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