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-, ti.
In Case of Emergency
When yoq^want
you rush to a local store and get it.
But do you realize that the exist
ence of our stores depends upon
continued business.
If every person in this community were
to use the stores only for emergencies
there would soon be no more places
to satisfy those urgent needs.
You should do your part towards keep
ing local business alive and in a con
stant state of betterment by doing all
your trading at
home. It will be pro
fitable to you as well
as to the entire com
Compulsory School Law
Section ISO. In all (Patriots ol Mils j
■late, all parents, guardian, and other j
persons having care of children shall j
instruct them, or cause thow to be in
Structed, In reading,{writing, spelling j
English Grammar, geography and
arithmetic. In such districts, every j
parent, gaurdian, or other person lrav- :
log charge of any child between the >
ages of eight (8) and sixteen (10) years
altall send such a child to a public, pri
vated or parodiai schooMor the entire
school year during whiW the public
schools are In cession in such district;
Provided, however: That this'chapter
•hall not apply to children over fifteen
(IS) years of age, where such child
shall have completed the elgth (8)
grade, or may be eligible to enter any i
highscliool in such district, or where j
.ta help is needed for its own use or ,
or where ;
Its parents support, or where for good
Muse shown tt would be for the best
luterest of such child tobe relieved
from the provisions of this chapter
Provided, furthur, that if a reputable
physician within the district shall cer
tlfy in wrltlLg that the child's bodily '
•r mental condition docs not permit |
It* attendance at school, such child
shall be exempt during sueli period of
disability from the requirements
tills chapter. It shall be the duty
the superintendent of the school d
»riet, if there besuch superintendent
and if not,then the uouuty superinten
dent of schools, to hear and determi
all appllcationc of children desirin
for any of the causes mentioned horei
to be exempted from the provisions
this chapter, and if upon such applion
tion, such superintendent, hearing ti
■dinQfcphnll he of the opinion*thut su
•bild for any reason is entitled to
exempted as aforesaid, then such supjJ
Intcudent shall issue a written perniit
to such child, stating therein his reais
•n for such exemption. An nppeiil
■nay be taken from the decision of
auch superintendent so passing upon
auch application, to tlie probate court
•f the county in which such district
lies, upou such cltiid making such ap
plication and filing the same with the
•lerk or judge of said court, within ten
dayi after its refusal by such superin
tendent, for which no fee to exceed
the »um of One Dollar (St.001 shall be
ohargtd, and the de 's'on of the pro
bate court shall lie final. An appliea
. , , ,,
»ion for releise from t fie provisions of
thls chapter shall not lie renewed oft
•nor than once in three months.
.Serial No, 022458
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office ut Hailey, Idaho, Decem
ber 10, 1918.
Notice 1» hereby given that Mtr:o
Tacomolla, of Clayton, Idaho,
who, on November 24th., 1917, i
Made Desert Land Entry, No. 022458,
for lot 4 Sec. 23, T 10 N It 18 E, and lot
4, Section 4, Township 9 Nor h, Range
18 East, Boise Meridian, has filed no-.
»ice of intention to make Final Proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before Joseph II. Horton, U^
8. Land Commissioner, at Challis, Cus
tsr County, Idaho, on the 7 Hi day of
fabraary. 1919.
Claimant najnes os witnesses;
George Coryell, of Challis, Idaho;
Marion Peel of Clayton, Idu; Emmitt
Hosford and Richard Bennitt
•fChallls, Idaho. BEN R. GRAY,
Jl f5 Register
I Fab'o Pedrini, Deceased
otice K hereby given by the un 1er
signed,Alice It. Chnmberluin,Adminis
trator of the estate of Fabio Pcdi iui,
deceased, to the creditors of anil all
persons having claims against the said
deseasod, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within lour
mon ths after the first publication of
this notice, to the said Adsainlstrutor
„t challls, County of Custer, Slate of
Idalio this being the place fixed for
the transaction of the business of said
lotted Decamber 17th., 1918.
(127 :.'2 Alice li. Chamberlain
on Tuesday, January 2lst. 1911',
Stockholders' Meeting
The regular annual meeting of
the stockholders of the First
State Bank, Challis, Idaho, will
be held in their banking rooms
12. W.
may legally
at 2 p. m., for the purpose of
electing a board of directors for
the ensuing year, and the trans
action of eny other business that
come before the
S L. Reece, President
Hovey, Secretary.
Serial No. 09108
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Halley, Idaho, Novem
ber i 1, 1918.
Notice is hereby given that (Mrs )
Margaret 11. Sunders, heir of, for, and
on behalf of heirs of |Mrt.j Letitia V.
Spaulding, deèeaied, of Challis, Custer
County, Idaho, who, on January 1
1911, made IT rest Homestead Entry
No omes, for a tract of 87.02 acres
within the Challis Nut'unal Forest,
embraced in Homestead Entry Survey
No 2117, 1,1st i-379, in sections 5 und (I,
1 .'
township 14 north, range 18 east, Hoi
Meridian, more particularly de
I parti
scribed by metes and bounds as fol
low- ; lieg inning at cerner No. 1 which
is identical with the south quarter cor
nor of Section 32; township 15 north,
range 18 mist, Boiso M ridian; thence
S 1" o2' \V 13,98 cliaint to center No.
2: thence S 12° 28' W 2T.78 chains to
corner No. 3; thence 77 bj° 43' W 32.44
chain-, to corner No 4; thence N lit 0 15'
W S.V.' chains to corner No 5; thence N
! 65° ou' E 3.46 chains to corner No ti;
theme 77 Cl 31' K 25 32 chains to cor
ner No 7; thence N 3 1° 28' E 12.42
chain-, to cerner No. h; thence N 89 52'
L ln.s-i chains to cm tier No 1, the
place of beginning, bus filed notice of
iutenti. n to make Five (Year Final
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above th cribedf, before Joseph 11. 11 or
ton, United .States Commissioner, ut
Ciiallis Idaho, on tho fourteenih
of January, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesim:
l'utrlek Sexton, William Eddy, Chae
Fagan, Charles Speed, oil of Challis,
Idaho. BEN R. GRAY
u27 j3 Regtiter
Notice is hereby given that I
intend to apply to the Board of
County Commissioners, at the in
regular meeting in January. 19- and
19? for a deputy sheriff, to assist ; dar
in the duties of the office of
sheriff. Frank W. Cummins
Notico is hereby given that I
intend to apply to the Board of
County Commissioners, at the
regular meeting in January, 19
10, for one Deputy and such der
ical assistance as m deemed nec
essary to perform the duties of
the office of Clerk of the Dis
trict Court^ind Auditor and . Re
corder of Custer County, Idaho.
Fi. J. Michael.
Notice is horebo given that I
intend to apply to the Board of
County Commissioners, at the
regular meeting in January, 19
19, for one Deputy and such cler
ical assistance as is deemed nec
essary to perform the duties of
Assessor of Custer County, Ida
ho. D. M. Burnett
« W MS
In The Dist riet Court of The
Sixth Judicial District of the
State or Idaho.
Under and by virtue of the au
thority in mo vested by the sta
tutes of Idaho, I hereby fix the
terms of court for tho Sixth Ju
dicial District of the State of I
daho, for t"u year 1919, to com
mence and be held iu the coun
ties of said District, as follows,
to wit;
Bingham County: February
3rd; May 19th; November 3rd.
Butte County: January 20th;
September 8th.
Custer County; April 7th;
September 23rd.
LernhJ County: March 25th;
October 8th.
Said terms of court to convene
at ten o'clock a. m,, on the days
above designated.
It is further ordered: That
this, .order be tiled aud entered of
record by the clerks of said
court in each county of said dis
trict, and that the same be pub
lished two consecutive weeks in
a newspaper published in their
respective counties.
Done at Chambers at Black
foot. Idaho, this 30th day of De
cember, 1918.
District Judge.
In the District Court of th«
Sixth Judicial District, of the
State of Idaho, in and for the'
County of Cu.-ier.
In the matter of the October,
'(1918, term of the District Court
in aud for said County.
The Judge of this Court, hav
ing heretofore, during the month
of October, 1918, made an order
postponing the regular October,
1918, term called to sit on -the 21
day ot October, until the 9th day
of December, 1918, and having
thereafter made a further ad
journment of said term until the
16th day of December, both of
such adjournments having been
made on account of the preva
lence of an epidemic of influenza
in the County of Custer, Idaho;
Aud it now appearing to the
Judge of the said Court that such
epidemic has not entirely abated,
and that certain quarantine reg
ulations exist in the said county,
j making it difficult for parties lit
! igant to attend at the county
dupJgeat of said county;
And. further, that it is difficult
for the officers or said Court to
obtain accommodations at Chal
lis, county seat of said courty,
while attending the said Court;
It is, therefore, ordered that a
further postponinent of said
term of Court be made until the
next regular term of Court there
in to be held for the jear
and all causes now on the culen
dar of said Court, which might,
or could be, heard during such
term are continved until the next
regular term of «aid Court.
Dono at Chambers at Mackay,
Idaho, this 10th day of Decem
ber, 1918. F. J. COWEN,
District Judge.
Statement of the Ownership, Man
agement, Circulation, etc., required by
the Act of August 24, 1912, of the
Challis Messenger, published weakly
at Challls, Idaho, for Oct.,1st, 1918.
Name of Address
Editor, Managing Editor, Business
Manager, Publisher, Owner, M. A.
Dillingham, Challis, Idaho.
Known bondholders, mortgagee»,
and other security holders, holding 1
per ccnt or more of total amount of
bouds, mortgages, or other secnritlaa:
E. J, Michael, Trustee for M. A, Dill
ngham, Pirat National Bank, M. M
ejweet Estate, all of Challis, Idaho.
M. A. Dillingham, Owner
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 9th day of January', 1918.
E. \V. Uovey. Notary Public
Notico is hereby given that all appli
cations for permit» to graze horses,
cattle aud sheep within the CHALLIS
NATIONAL FOREST during the seas
on of 1919, must be filed in my office
at Challis, Idaho, on or before Febru
ary 15, 1919. Full information in re
gard to the grazing fees to be charged
and blank forms tobe used in making
applications will be furnished upon
request. DAVID LAING,
' j 8-29 Supervisor
The following warrants again
st Custer County, Idaho, will be
paid if presented within sixty
days from the < ate of this notice.
Nos ,131 to 239 inclusive. Issued
July 11th, 1918.
Nos 211 to 365 inclusive. Issued
Oct., 17, 1918
Nos., 190 to 267 inclusive. Is
sued Oct., 17 th, 1918.
Nos 267 to 275, inclusive, is
sued Dec-. 14, 1918
No 508, to 514 inclusive issued
Jan., 9, I9l8.
Interest ceases in ten days from
the date of this notice.
Dated at Challis, Idaho. Jan
Mary W. Jose.
County Treasurer.
To IL L. Benner, bis heir, executors
and administrators:
You are hereby notified that we the
undersigned, have expended $ 4000.00
ip labor and improvements upon the
' Dountain Girl - ', ''Mountain Girl No.
1" ''Valley Mine', and "MaudeS" iode
mining claims, as appears by certifi
cates and affidavits of labor filed for
the years 1907, 1908, 1800, 1910, 1011 ,
1912, 1913, 1914, 1915 and 1906, in the
office of the county recorder of Custer
County, Idaho, in order to hold said
miuiDg claims under the provisions of
Section 2324, Revised Statutes of the
United States and amendments there
to, being the amount required to hold
the same for the years I 907 , 1908, 1909.
1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1910
#190.00 in labor and improvements on
each of said claims being expended
each of said years, making said total
sum of $4,000. And if within ninety
days from the service of this notice or
within ninety days after this publica
tion, you full or refuse to contribute
your proportion cf such expenditure
as co-owuer, your interest in said
claim will become the property ol the
subscribers under said section 23*4 and
ameudmedts thereto.
Dated Oct. 14th, 1918,4
John II. Thompson,
Vi'in. Lutz j!5al6
Serial No. 010531
Department of the Interior, U. S.
lffi" 11 yiUce ttt üalle yi Idaho, Dee. 17,
Notice is hereby given that Arthur
r, Wells, of Patterson, Idaho, who, on
November 6, 1911, made Homestead
Entry, Serial No. 010531, for SU SEii
Saction 1 22, NH' HE*, Seetion 27,
Townsh'p 14 North, Range 23 East.
Boise Meridian, has filed notice of in
tantion to make final five year Proof,
to establish claim to the laud above
described, before Vuleutine Maelzer,
. . ■ ,' 1 \ ra esloner , ut Hooper Pre
cinct, Idaho, on the 17th day of Feb
ruary.-19 ip. 3
Claimant names as witnesses:
1 T | le "' lor e Barsalow, Charles Hol
lnnd, BertC. Bien, Ueorge W'igglne,
all of Patterson, Idaho. B
J15 fl *2 BEN U. URAY, Ueginter
W**"« V
■ il
•J ■ ' . '
.....■ v- W4. Œ
-, I ***<
X* - '•
loSlIöj WaSa a, ml
U4E day begins and coda Ij ueir.£ water. Nothing on the farm is more
constantly in use. The time von V- - : , the 3 - 1 taka ar.d the work
you do in p jrnpir.g -nd lduiii-.£ wr.'cr is use.. and wasteful. Run
ning water is as easy to have installed es it G easy to run after it is installed.
T *
Water ystems
These syMems ai
electricity—a Mû- moi
the running of ihe p
attention. Water s*r
Systems, are installed.
How »-.tout your
kitchen? Faucets in the
running water.
rune 1
• 'U I 1 eontfoQtd by
. * ■ 8114 and etops
■ . 1 _ DO care, no
T - Water
.... tu
Runrûr., I .
Surmaii & Brown
Local dealers,
Mackay, Idaho
ya r -..;-TT(U ; g v : VT
vj wutfr ta th,
■' ' :t « to hive
Your De
'Cheap Quality Go
could buy just as cheaply from him
you can by mail. Prices are based on
quality and you pay only for what ycu
get. Pretty pictures and well worded
phrases may sell you the goods, but your
money can buy only so much quality.
Your dealer could probably sell you
the same grade of goods you buy from
a catalog—but if you saw it first you
might not consider it worth the price.
Hence, he must keep a better quality
and his prices are
graded accordingly.
Avoid disappoint
ment by trading lo
cally. It's cheaper
in the long run, too.
it ' ■■ '
use more corn
, 4 $
use morepsh &
use Just enough
■ ® me st/rups
vT>ri*B» uhfWKs
üi© cause

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