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Tim pa put
ffat entitled ln the »ei itce <
rus •"> vu h y h s nt " ({>] j^'
for tft» period
Ob' T UK W A ir
ßS r.V I ï i-i 1 N 8 ! KI) Ihsi.

America Shall
M m thie Wér
Therefore. I trill wort, J wiU
tare. I trill eacrißce , J will en
dure l itili .flyht--cheerfully
and to my utmoet-as %f the
"hole ieeue of the tlrugçlé
depended on rr*e alone. • »
a he
82.50 PER YEAR
NO 32
The following appears in!
4he latest war department
list of citHtious of men for
merit in military service in
rfie ccrtnmail'ier in i
in th' 1 name o! the pres; !
awarded the';li- lin^
: ervic* cross t » S«.
r gt.
L. Zilkc v, of .May,
hi; -
or the .acts of extr
flinary heroism descril . .
ter his Baiiie:
Sèrjt. Guy L. Zilkey, A.
22bl >i'J, Co. L. 3GL*il inian
try, for extraordinary lu-ro
ism in action near Stcenbru
gge, Belgium, October 31,
1Ö1S. Reorganizing badh
shattered forces, Sergt Z.l
key took command of the 1. -
cation, and by proper dis tri
but! >ii of those under his
command ably protected h
flanks. Assisted by t\v
comrades, he attacked ax.«
'drove out a machinegun
nest that was holding his au
■varice, repenting the situa
tion to his commander by
'establishing an efficient lia
Home address, Mrs.
JokuCarr, mother, May, I
Guy Z il key was a resident
of Challis for many years
and contes o'' an old due of
fighters. liis grandfather,
Julius Biume o, this city, is a
veteran of the Civil war,
He also has two brothers
in tin* service.
tVd I'rfnt Iiuttor Wrapper
7 H
fP ^- 1
Clients of this institution
are always welcome to the ad
vice and judgment of our experienced
officers regarding any personal busi
ness matters.
The proper kind of a banking
connection can be used to pro
tect your judgment as well as
your money. Even a small
savings account depos
ited witli this bank
is quite sufficient to
establish proper
banking connections.
Safety — Honesty—Courtesy—Service
S. L. REECE. Prest.
E- J. MICHAEL, V.Prest.
|TI1E first statt
E. W. HOVEY, Cashier
E. K. TUNISON, Asst. Cash
Joe McGown, the first of
the ChalUs soldiers to return
r • , r f turn:m
ast ™' ";. amv r 1 ll0
detJlv su mi Com ':
u " 1H pai -
eats, wh
i'om him
ha'I not
cap. He was a tru
urn . ai at
ek 'Irjver
tne l4;(th artilfetyJ.p
wi licit got into action tWe]?°
days before tlie cessation of!
service umtorni.
his ad van
story ot
Hires since leaving Challis
m Uncle Sam's service is full
of thrills and harrowing e iJ
periences. The advent of!
American troops was hailed
with joy everywhere and es
peeially in France- Tliepeo
1 ■ • .y , ,,
p:c living m Northern f ranee
oelieveu the news of the
IS il CO was some German trick
aud they did not ce ebrate
ehe great event until some
time alter. German prison
ers, Joe says, loudly cheered
l meneau troops and seem
ed well [»leased at their cap
His many lri«.nds here are
exceedingly glad to have him
return Home sate.
« "it M-., Idaho, January 13, 1919.
Pursuant to law Commissioners-elect
Richai Bennetts, Robert Campbell and
C. V. Ilar.fcn were this day sworn in as
commissienere of Custer count, by E.
J. Michael, County Record
C. . Lui, sou «as ciiosci
hairman of j
Mrs. Amos Leaton, chäir
anoi the Custer couity
"'>d Cross Christmas Roil
T"!*' Cal1 ' informs that the dtjve
; in the countv was n ar*at
county was a great
j success, giving the following
result: •
j Toti1membcrth . .
p .......... *
tft ro11 cal1 recei P ts $899
leaton wishes to
*" ^
I Magazine Members'.'.'!' 14
j thank in the name of the So
1 ou ^ citizens who a
'® aiQ J ' J,ned aml specially
■ ^ . thank her cor PS c.f
. 6 assistants "hose efforts
, " atena Hy making
! the drive so successful.
the board.
Official bonds of commissioners exam
ined and approved.
: The following officers elect were sworn
.rmjtÄÄÄ Ä-offieio
' • iu llt ;,r ) am f recorder; Frank W. Cum
1r ... r - .-- -----
an l' pv nml' t 1 ' v' , J ° SC ' t , reasl ; r « r
J. : I. K1 ° l l x c .°! le . c î or lulJ public
Burnett, as-j
administrator- Daniel
essor; Jonathan Job
above approved.
Margaret Bu
ty superinten
Jennie E. Kelleher
and C. V. Hansen voting for and Robert
Campbell against the administering the
oath of office. Official bond of Alargaret
Burnham approved. '
«Jfficial bonds of the following justices
of the peace and constables approved
and oftio-ial oaths filed:
J. H. Horton and Mattie Waters, jus
tices, and E. K. Dodge, constable, Chal
lis; Eddie llammerly, justice, Battle
Ground; J. H. Baxter and Ml D. Kil
-'ere. justices, and Holger Petetson, con
stable, Maekay: J. S. Harper, justice,
Darlington; Myrtle Jones, justice,
Pahsimeroi; Albert F. Blume, justice,
The following reports examined and
approved :
E. J. Michael, clerk: Jonathan Job.
'probate judge; W. K. Huntington, sher
iff; M. A. Brown, prosecuting attorney;
,f_ E. Kelleher, superintendent; J. ÎI.
Horton, justice of the peace; J-. M. Kob
be. justice of the peace; J. H. Baxter
justice of the peace: M. D. Kilgore, jus
tice of the peace; Thomas Ivie, road
rvisor; R. L. Sutcliffe, water ma
Milton A. Brown, prosecuting attorney;
Joseph L. Ebberts, coroner; j. H. Diers,
surveyor. Official bonds of each of the
e 'F
(urnham sworn in as eoun-1
dent over the i-rotest of
elleher, Richard Bennetts,
ter; C. F. Zilkey, water master; H. M
Welch, water master. j
Order made consolidating School Dis
tricts Nos. 7 and 10, the directors of
District No. 7 to serve as directors of
the consolidated district until the next
annual election.
Resignation of C. L. Kirtlev as health
officer and county physician to take
effect December 21, 1918, accepted.
Current expense warrant No. 301 or
dered cancelled.
core of indigent sick and dependent
to Mrs. E. F. Kirk at
poor awarded
«30.00 each per month for aboard and I
January 14, 1919.
All members of board present.
Report of Fred A. Tolmati, water mas
ter of District No. 19, disapproved and
the claims of himself and assistant dis
allowed for the reason the report «as
not in proper form and the claims were
Contract for the burial of defunct
paupers was entered into with J. L. Eb
berts for $70.00 for each burial from the
county hospital and 35 cents per mile
additional, for each corpse not in the
county hospital and distant therefrom.
Deputy clerk's salary fixed at $125
per month and deputy sheriff at $60.00
per month.
Necessary clerical assistance in all
offices fixed at $3.50 per day.
per capita tax, road, fixed at $-1.00
and hospital at $2.00.
County assessor made the collector of
per capita tax.
A. L. Moats appointed official county
stenographer at $30.00-per month.
$100.00 fixed as the amount of the
prosecuting attorney's contingent fund.
Settlement made with the tax collec
tor for taxes collected oh real estate and
personal property rolls, reports of same
accepted and approved.
C. L. Kirtlev appointed county phy
sician for a term of two years, to re
ceive as compensation for services ren
dered, foes not to exceed those charged
by other licensed physicians of Custer
county for similar services.
C. L. Kirtlev appointed health offi
cer for a term of two years at a salary
of $25.00 per month as secretary of the
board of health and shall be entitled to
such fees for medical services rendered
as health officer as are commonly charg
ed by licensed physicians of Custer
countv for similar services.
The following named persons were
selected to serve as trial jurors for 1919:
All of the 184.,000 mem
bers of the various state,
county, muneipal and com-
-, rir
munity councils of defense
___i , , ,
na\ e been requested by Gros
venor B. Clarkson, director
of the Council of National
XJ ' '■">« nuu, uncuui
• , , .
councils, to eo-operate in
their respective- communities
in the observance of Febr.u
ary 9, 1919, as Roosevelt
Memorial Day. They are
asked to assist in arranging
Defe Af' through the48 state
programs in their communi
j ties and in getting the day
I generally observed. All A
mericans should hold them
| selves in his debt and should
turn aside on that day to
honor his passing.
Wm. Grinnell, Casper Mock.
Niels Fransdou, J. B. Hunter, Evan
Ivie, Wm. Bradshaw, Chris Nielson, A1
Thompson, Claude M. Barter.
• K- W. Philps, Ralph Baxter, C. H.
Beggs, Fred Funkhou-er, Geo. Kevser,
John Altham. Bert Williams, George
Thompson, Wm. Chivers, Wm. Milliek,
Rodger Brasseur, N. N. Berry, J. C.
Woodson, Everett Baxter,
Mark Watson, Thomas
Stephens, George Keyes, Thomas Jose,
Jr.. Erick Burstedt. Frank Lelauda, Ju
: Ovler, Wade
I Amos Leatoi
! Stephens, Ge
j Jr.. Erick Bi
lius Blume, H. D. Saunders, Alber Hon
ley, Alek Klug. J. L. Rilev, Axel Olsen,
Franfi Oster, John R. Smitn, William
E. Sullivan, C. L. Tracht, Clyde Torrey,
Andre-W tiini, Geo. Hosford. ,
jCUSTER • -i
Wiliiam Wrifaurus, Otto R. Silken.
J. G. Rieliarffsöm-'E. S. Crawford, C.
H. Olsen, Gr R. Miller, H-. N. Angelo,
B. M. Gray.^r*•>•'*
J. A. Harnugtb'n' Mark Î. Howe, E.
A. Smith, Valentine Maelzer.
James L. Beverlau^ J. L. Tomlinson,
Alden S. Ivie, W. A. Vanderwood, Hen
ry Williams, Chas. B. Lemon, Alex Bur
nett. Cash Maw,-A. W. Lambson, Uhar
ey Warren, W. P. Basebm, Jack Heidt.
B. F. Shaner, E. A. Stratford, Jo^-H.
Haddock, HgiÿJ'lfpnter, ' Henry C.
Schade,' JamesdBartlçtt, Chas. B. Finley,
Joe Rabido, S. M. MiWer'. John Wilson,
F. A. Stacy, O. W.plyjjsinger, Jphn
fumer, E. H. Motts, if. S. Vaught, Dick
j J. IL Thompson,'
Niece. - *
' L . Rose, L.
Ivie, O. V. Anderson, Milt Russell.
John W. Nesbitt. Frank Bowman,.
r ti, wT L
A. V. Miller, Roseoe Hamilton.
J. R. Hendrickson. L. M. Geary, Rob
ert Herman. Ed Kirtlev, A. W. Canaday,
Arch Howell, Frank Grotewald.
Ap>plication for vancellation of head
gate tax of John Shull allowed,^said
! tax having been paid to the state en
pineer, and delinquent penalties can
; celled, the tax having been received be
fore .delinquency.
January 15, 1919.
All members of the board present.
Compensation for supervisors and la
borers ou roads fixed as follows.
Road supervisor, single handed, $4.00
per day, and $7.00 per day with team.
Laborers, single handed $'3.50 per day
and $7.00 per day with team.
This order to remain in force only un
til the April, 1919, meeting of the board.
S. M. Van Camp appointed road sup
ervisor of Road District No. 1, aud bond
Charles Kopp appointed road super
visor of Road District No. 2, bond to
be filed and approved at April meeting
of the board.
Printing contract for the publication
of all legal notices, and publications re
quired by law to be published, awarded
to the Challis Messenger for one year
at the following rates:
Table matter, first insertion, per
inch _______________________.--$1.50
Each subsequent insertion, per
inch _________________________,«5
Inch.to consist of ten lines..-*
Straight matter, for first inser
tion, pier inch______------$1.00
Each subsequent insertion, per
inch__________________________' .-Pll
Inch to consist of 60 words.
.. .
1919 taxes chi property belonging to
Custer Lodgo No. 10, ordered refunded,
assessment-of same having been arron
January 16, 1919.
Mother's pension of $10.00 per month
granted to Hazel M. Jones, upon the or
der of the probate court.
Claim of Holden & Holden fçr $1,000
for legal services for board of health,
disallowed as being excessive and ille
gal: Richard Bennetts and C. V. Hansen
voting against and Robert Campbell
voting for the allowance of said claim.
Claim of W. W. Adamson for $250.00
for legal services for board of health
allowed, Richard Bennetts and Robert
i Frank Lelaud, labor on road____
\V:n. Grinnell, labor on road
Campbell voting for and C. V. Hansen
against the allowance of said claim,
i Funds in the treasurer's office checked
j up and found to be intact,
j Claims against the road fund were
j acted upon as follows
Henry Smith, labor on road____$ 15.00
J. II. Diers, surveying road____ 10.00
I Richard Bennetts,' bldg, fence
county road ________________ 12.00
; Neil F. Boyle Hdw. Co., wire
and staple* - for highway_____ 445.95
Geo. A. Lowe & Co., wire and
staples for highway_________236.00
J. A. Harrington, hauling gravel
Hooper lane ________________ 243.75
Joseph Clark, labor on road ____
. d. m. Williams, road and bridge
| loubV Smith
I Louis F. Smith, road and bridge
work _______________________
H. L. Hardy, labor on road____
arren, labor on road__
I vans, labor on road, $21.00
i Hallowed ae delinquent tax
; "Sr"''' " J
Continental Oil Co., oil and gts
« 6.00
63. U0
______ 33.
oline ______________
C. A. Weber, labor on rond, $112,
$32.00 disallowed ac overcharge.
Thomas Ivie, labor on road $154,
$11.00 disallowed ac overcharge.
Thomas Ivie, labor on road____15
Miles k Curtis, labor and ma
terial ______________________ 26.00
J. E. Duffy, operating tractor___ 207.00
Lee ivie, operating grader____166.25
Wallace Angelo, labor on road___ 232.75
S. M. Miller, labor on road____ 59.50
Frank Harvey, labor on mad -- 91.00
Farl Ivie, labor on road_______ 84.00
Ora Ivie, labor on road________ 29.75
Leo Ivie, labor on road________ 35.00
S. M. Miller, labor on road____213.50
Matt Clark, labor on road_____ 49.00
M. S. Vaught, labor on road___ 17.50
C. 77. Vaught, labor on road____ 29.75
Pari Ivie, labor on road_______
Ora Ivie, labor on road ..._____
W. G. Jenkins k Co., freight on
fencing -
Gem State Lumber Co., cedar
G. A. Joslin, hauling posts_____
_________ 69
C. H. Bruno, labor on road____112.00
Geo. McGowan Co., supplies____ .85
Chilly Mer Co., labor and supplies 22.55
S. ■ E. Parker, repairing culvert 6.00
G. M. Read, hauling gravel in
Hooper lane _______________ 75.37
Robert C. Whitsett, labor in
Hoopier lane_________ 30.00
E, E. Joyce Go<»-«pikes \A'_Yl Aer
S. M. Miller, labor on road____ 35.00
Hudlow 4; Baxter, road supplies 21.95
Frank Baxter, labor on road .Jti 3.50
B. S. Brown, labor on rojjd --.f- 114.90
Mf'C- Lambeth, repairs, road tools
aud'eounty car______________ 21.60
Thomas Jose, Jr. labor on road__ 3.50
Dan O'Briea. hibor on ro^d____ 31.50
B. W. Clark, labor on roh-d-___ 24.50
John Zeimetz, labor on road____ 243.00
Henry florton, labor on road -- 21.00
M. C. I, Stage Co., express oi} 7
road tools_______1__________ .48
Ryman & Keay, building fêûee on
highway____________________ 275.00
Terry k Terry, building fence
on highway ________________170.40
Roseoe Hamilton, timbers for
" culvert ____________ 30.00
Charles Kopp, labor on' road___ 329.00
Car! J. Kppp.dabQr on road___ i 148.75
Mrs. W." H. Leaton, board for
supervisor ________ __ i______ 5.20
Total amount allowed ,_____$4,879.30
Total amount disallowed____ 64.00
Current expense claims presented and
acted upon as f Dows:
F. T. Kin., hall rent for Council
of Defense_____ ___________$ 10.00
C-has. Speed, labor on county
grounds _____________-1_______ 5.25
Hotel Maekay, room rent for
L. F. Ivie — «L ______________
H. B. Garleiz, collecting poor
D. G. Christensen, application
for tax refund, $7.IS, laid over
for further investigation.
Sheriff Butte Co., servi - . »up
poena _______________i------
Joe Davidson, board for county
charges _____________________
Masonic Lodge, hall tent for
court _______________;------
C. P. Frischbier, medical'«services
T. R. Jones, 'auto hire, C. V.
Hansen ---------------
Roy B. Herndon, auto hire, A.
County treasurer, jurors' certi
ficates ----------------------
County treasuer, witness' «certifi
cates -------— _
County treasurer, election.eertF
fientes ______________________ 608.90
H. B. Garletz, eon. fees nnd ex
penses ______________________' 89.09
L. E. Honey, 8 cords of wood.-- -728)0
Mabel JKeyser, wit eert dist court 20.00
Joe Clark*»'constable' fees —19:20
Arthur'McGowan, autg _
Syms-York Co., records
blanks -i-.-r-C----T—
AL D. Kilgore, justice- fe
Ch-, Home Finding Society
to' Home ____71 —
U. S. F. & G. Co., premium,
bonds _______________ SJ
Geo. L. Ambrose, assisting
1 . 00 *
1.05 :
_____ 15.00
______ 29.<Q
Custer Co. Council of Defense,
apifopylhiion ______________- 200.00
tChas. F. Zilkey, services water
f master ____________________... 342.50
, j G Webb, preparing-polling
place, Clayton___..__________
Verle Bartle'tt, taking testimony
Arthur McGowan, auto supplies.
j Arrow- Press, supplies for court
; rep. ________________________
Bender-Moss Co., law book, co.
6 .
attorney -------------------
J. R. Hendrickson, labor aud sup
plies, election White Knob---
H. M. Welch, services water
master _____________________ 339.50
Geo. McGowan Co., supplies for
eo. aud county charges______'268.S5
$37.10 disallowed ac overcharge.
Elias Thomas, wit cert dis court 22.00
Blanche Thomas, wit cert dist
court_______________________ 20.00
Dorothy Stevenson, aid to indi
gent ....------------------- 20.00
w. G. Jenkins & Co., aid to co.
chargp --------------------- 25,00
D. M. Burnett, salary and exp___419.00
Maekay Miner, printing aud sup
plies ----------- 166.10
J. L. Ebberts, burial of co. charge 60.00
Maekay Miner, stationery_____ 16.40
Maekay Miner, inspection report» 4.00
City Cafe, b->ard eu. prisoners__12.40
Eddie llammerly, justice fee3___ 11.25
Fred A. Tolman, services for wa
ter master and his assistants,
$'.'02.77, disallowed ae exces
sive and not in proper form.
R. L. Sutcliffe, services water
master --------------------- 32.58
E. J. Michael, salary ___________ 412."50
Chilly Mer. Co., election supplies 1.55
Mrs. Clyde 1 ishel, registration
fee-»------------------------ 16.00
Fio Clyde, registration fees____ 21.25
Mrs. À. V. Miller, registration
, t fees----------- 6.50
Alls. J. \V. Nesbit, registration
, fees-----------....--------- 11.50
Ro-e Nowaeki, registration fees. 206.50
J. A. Harrington, registration fees 16.50
Mrs. It. M. Gray, registration fee» 22.00
rv W. Jose, registration fees 10.25
Webb, registration fees___ 32.00
orothy Dore, legi-tration fees. 100.5#
Mrs. J. If. Hunter, registration
fees________________________ 32.75
Mr«. Koy Tracht, registration fee» 4.50
Jonathan Job, sal and exp.____ 233.56
L. E. Dillingham, wit cer dist
court ______________________ 2.00
Emily A. White, mothers pension 45.00
Nevada J. Greig, mothers pension 45.00
Sibby Smith, mothers ] ension__60.00
Mrs. W. K. Huntington, board of
prisoners ___________________ 25.00
•J. L. Ebberts, salary_________ 25.00
F. Dearden, clerical assistance__88.00
Clark & Brodhead, legal services 300.00
M. A. Dillingham, printing eont. 88.75
B. D. Fox. salary, deputy clerk__ 300.00
M. A. Brown, salary and office
rent ____________*.__________ 287.50
M. A. Dillingham, office supplies 55.50
First State Bank, wit cert dist.
, court ______________________ 37.00
Challis Drug Co., medicines
for county poor_____________ 59.80
Frank Nickerson, Jr., driving auto
and expenses, $57.70, $9.00 dis
allowed ac overcharge.
American Surety Co., premium
on bonds____i______________ 95.00
James Mavitv, sal. deputy sheriff 198.00
Hudlow & Baxter, supplies____ 26.30
John Zeimetz, moving sihool fur
niture _ .. -------------- o.op
John R. Smith, auto hire_____ 12.00
M.'C. Lambeth, repairs in county
offices ______________________ 24.50
M, C. .Lambeth, auto fare, M.
- r'A: -Brown___________________ 12.00
M-; C. Lambeth, atuo fare, A. Fox 5.00
Arthur Fox, services as constable 85.60
F.- LL Oster, *auto hire, W. T.
Oster ______________________ 8.00
Vf-, T. Oster r salary and expenses 148.00*
Wm. Waters,.janitor treasurer's
office__-it'-—______________ 10.00
W. K. Huntington, salary and ex
ip ens es ________-______________ 6*4.-rtr
J. E.Kellehw, saigry^iud exp.__ 303.35
A. R."Ghambetl:ùn;~sal and exp. 251.00
F. Kemp, nurses for county——.-"'
po or. ______— 57.00
.1?^. Horton.« justice ft?es____i_. 9.00
F. A. Reed, clerical work_____!. 225.60
S. L. George, list of final cèrfc, $8,
.40 disallowed account overcharge.'
M. A. Dillingham, co.,supplies 2.50
F. Nickerson & Co., supplies-.,--- 122.40
M. & C. I. Stage Co.', express 3.01
M. & <?. I. Stage Co., auto supplié!» 48.30
3Î. k C. I. Stage Co., auto'pup-.
plies and storage charges Lj-__ t î®fc80
Star Barn, livery hire, sheriff ._ 15.00
C. L. Kirtlev. salary and exp.— 135.00
E. F. Kiik. care county poor--- 489.00
E. W. Hovey, agent, premium
on bonds___________________ 13.30
E. W. Hovey, agent, premium
on bouds __________________ 279.30
E. W. Hovey, agent, rent for
county offices ______________ 45.00
A. L. Moats, salary co. stenog.__90.00
Challis Tel. Co., tel. services____136.79
Chas. Speed, quarantine guard__26.00
Richard Bennetts, board for
quarantined men _'__________- 8.00
Frencis E. Kerr, hanging lantern
at quarantine sign _i_________ 22.50
Adrian Wright, services at de
teution station_____________
Clyde X. Torrey, qn.tr. guard__
Chas. Kupp, quarantine guard__
M. A. Dillingham, quarantine ~
1 ermits and notices----------
R. L. Jones, quarantine guard__252.00
\Y. G. Collins, quarantine guard,
$252.00. 63.00 disallowed aecöunt
M. A. Dillingham, posting quar
antine notices ----—------
Harry Holden, service's as 'atty.
for board Of healthC$ 1000.00,'■
disallowed ac excessive and il- ,
legal. .... R fflB
W. Adamgun w -erVi«;Vas atty.
?!______ 250.00
el ft-hi
Ituard____ 36.00
cer______ 267.00
|rd_______ 282.00
ard, $21.00,
Rihic work
______ 17.85
______ 30.15
Raid exp__133.00
cal sup--- 4.30
Pi,)., express and
______ 6.57
Challis Livery Stable, hauling
wood to jail________________ 3.00
City Meat Market, supplies for
detention camp ------------- 4.69
D. H. Horton, salary__________ 25.00
White Knob Garage, supplies___ 9.70
Lew Frost, quarantine guard, $82,
$164.00 ac overcharge.
Lew Frost, auto hire_________ 42.50
Julius Blume, auto hire_______ 7.00
E. W. Hovey, prem. on bond__23.73
Albert Blume, quar. guard, $440 4
$34 ac overcharge.
Wm. Buster, supplies --------- 30.09
Mrs. Leaton. meals----------- 3.781
Custer Lodge No. 10, refund of
taxes --------------------- 13.1(1
Amount allowed----------$12,174.67
Amount disallowed —------ 2,269,95t

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