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Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Fresn and 6 led meats
00 dS >r F ilh F n rui?s ySterS ,n Seas °"
Highest marl- et price .»aij
s and sheep pelts
■hal is, Idaho
There, there, littl« Thrift Stamp I
Dou'r you cry; |
You'll be a War Bond I
Bye and Bye,
Of . T rn, „ ..
Refund Tiixes The Village
Council, at its meeting Monday
night unanimously voted to re- ;
fund the Village Tax o n the pro- [
perty owned by H F. Brocktuan
Mr. Brockman bas g veil the use
of his building to the Red Cross,
fras of charge since the organi
sation of the aociety here- The
action of the Council in the mat
ter receives the approval of all
and we are of the opinion that
the county should follow au it.
Established Agency— The F.
Nickerson company has taken
over the agency for the New Au
tomatic Sewing Machine compa
ny here and the firm has quite a
number of these excellent ma
chines on hand now- It will pay
you to call at their store and look
them over before haying.
Soldier Boy Home—Ettore Pi
va, a brother in-law of Pete Pi
va, who was stationed at Camp
Lewis with Company B, 38th F.
A- in the vapaoity of first-class
private, returned home last Wed
nesday, having been mustered
out of the service.
To Pocatello—Mrs. E. W. Hov
•y left last Monday morning for
Pocatello where she will visit rel
Stives for a week orten days and
Incidentally attend a large party
given by 8- L. Reece, president
of our local bank,
Surveying— J. H Diers, county
surveyor, did quite a lot of sur
vsyiug for different individuals
during his stay here last week.
Ho returned to his home at Mac
ksy Monday.
Andrew Tam Killed—It is but
ecently reported that Andrew
Tun, of near Clayton, was killed
n action in France. All tender
heir sympathy to his relatives,
ow to be held in iOhallia sinee
sember 19th, was given la**
id *y night, I
Motor Vehicle Owners—You are
ereby notified that the autoino
ile license for 19l9 is now due
nd muât be paid at once-—D. M
"matt, Assessor.
Practical Christianity — Unity
tudy Class meets at the home
f Mrs. Riley, Wednesday even
K of each week at 8:00 p. m.>
arp. All are invited.
Vemal lvie Home—Vernal Ivle
turned home last Saturday ev
having but recently been
tstered out of the service
Shows Again—The first pioture
Thr„, g h Mai! The ma ll K ,
vice between this p .j at and «ai
raon , which was discontinued sev |
erul Q1 °nth* ago on account of
^ flu epidemic, was resumed a
gain the first ef the month- Those
having business to transact by
mail at either Pabsatnaroi or the
Lemhi county capital are agree
ably surprised for when the aer
vice was discontinued a letter
had to travel a very long dia
tance between the two points,
Parties at Job's—A number of
the friends of Grandma Funk
houser completely surprised her
l&st Thursday evening by walk
ing into the Job home unannoun
ced, and the same thing was a
gain done on Satirday afternoon
An excellent time is reported at
both occasions.
Dr. Richards Writes— Bordeaux
France. ' Holding down the
Custer county reputation. That
is—at the front in everything."
He wishes to b# remembered to
ell bis Custer eounty friends.
Red Cross Quilt—lira. Augusta
Burstedt won the last Red Cross
quilt. The quilt was made by
Mrs. Huntington and donated to
the society.
Bennetts Sick— Commissioner
Richard Bennetts has been on
the sick list for the past week
but is able te be out und around
again now.
W. H. Brashear wai up from
Mackay Saturday.
We have added 14 new sub
scribers to our list the past week
J. A. Stubbs of Idaho Falls,
was here last week on business
Sheriff Cummins made a busi
ness trip to Pabsamaroi last
Rodger Brasseur went to Pah
samaroi Monday on n mission of
J. W. Nesbitt was here on a
short business trip the fore pert
of the week.
Mrs- L. Giampedrsglia was
here Monday from her körne at
Bayhorse bridge.
John Rose waa here from hie
Pabsamaroi home Tueedny on a
mission of business.
Jane Hammond end children
and Fred Horne were here from
Pabsamaroi Monday
Philip Gossi was down from
East Fork Monday on a' short
mission of business
Mrs. Thomos Jose, Sr, Is able
to be up and around again after
a several weeks' illneaa
Setting egga for tale: Pare
bred White, Brown nnd But
horns; Orpingtons; Anconas,
|R i. Rads and others. A. la
y 0Rta & gens, Chnlllo, Idaho. If
Miss Blanche Thomas left last
Sunday for Chilly.
E. K- Dodge and wife made a
trip to Mackay Monday.
Bnteh Germer was in town last
Saturday from his homo up the
John Tam was a business call- !
er here Monday from hie borne
up the river.
County Superintendent, Mrs
R M- Burnham, went to Mac
kay Monday.
Sheriff Cummins is in Mackay
this week on business connected
with his office.
A- V. Miller and wife, of Pah
samaroi, were transacting busi
ness here Wednesday
Dave Laing, M. A- Dillingham
and Lou Mower were upper coun
try visitors *ast Sunday.
Frank Pinkham, the Cattle
buyer, has been here the past
w*»«k or bo on business
Jerry Sullivan and wife were
here a short time Tuesday from
their home up the river.
G,,or^w Elils was over from
Pabaamaroi the fore part of the
week on a mission of business
Joe McGown went to Mackay
last Friday, to meat his w fe who
waa on her way home from Des
Private Nichols and wife pass
ed through town the first of ths
week on their way to Stanley bn
E' W. Hovey, H. H- Hartman
and E- K. Dodge composed a fish
ing party to East Fork last Sun
Elbert Colter returned Men
day from Camp Lewie, having
been mustered out of the ser
Frei Funkhonser and William
Leaton sold tbeir steers to Fred
Pinkham, the cattle buyer, this
The Misses Wright and Shull
anneunoe that they will soon op
en a restaurant in the Miliick
D. M. Burnett returned the
fore part of the week from Boise
where he attended a meeting of
the assessors of the state
The world's greatest show. "4
Years in Germany", Feb- 21st,
Dodge Hall Extra music by
Boy Scout's Band- Including
surrencsr of German fleet
Wallace lvie, whe had been
visiting friends here after being
discharged from the service, left
last Saturday for Lost river
Bang! No the Germans were
not bombarding us—it was Billy
Buster cslebrating the death of
seme stubborn bowlders on his
residence property on the hill
Born, to Mr. and Mrs- Tint
Harland, en Sunday, February
2nd, a fine baby girl. Great joy
prevails in that family over the
little lady's arrival and the two
little brothers are exceedingly
proud of tbeir little baby sister
A four-borse freight outfit
had an accident on the ice at the
mouth of one of the small creeus
above Clayton, Wednesday of
this week One of the horses
wss killed and the outfit was a
total wreck. We were unable to
learn farther particulars
'The friends ef Lieutenant 0,
W. Foley will be interested in
learning that he was married on
January 9tb, 1919 to Mis* Esther
Grace Wiseman at Clear Lake»
Iowa- Mr. Foley was develop
ing a ranch property in the Saw
tooth valley at the outbreak of
the war, and, together with
Preston Shaw, akiid to Ketehum
a distance of BO mites, to enlist
■e will return to the ranch with
his bride as asrly in the spring
as possible and will he glad to
meet his friends.
Wa Print Batter Wrappers
•www mesesss immitemwavni
M. F. BLACK, Proprietor
Soft drinks, cigars, candies,
Poofand card games
Courteous T reatment
««mmmiMwnBHaaBMOaaBiHMmHXMsmamMac 4
aeeeseoeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee®
-it in
this Paper
A Full Crop or One-Half
to Two-Thirds of One
It costs no mors to raise a full crop titan it doss to rai»e & }& or % crop.
It takes as much seed, as mauy hours work, as much wear and tear cn horse
flesh and machinery to
raise a small, poorly
graded crop as a large,
nigh grade one.
The eise and qual
ity of your crop de
pend largely upon the
drill you use.
There are scores of
drills that scatter the
seed at various depths
—much of it stays on
the surface to be eaten
by birds or .withered
by the sun. Perhaps 50# to 75% of this seed grows. It germinate unevenly— ' -
v -
M where It
Perhaps 50% to 75% of this seed mows,
it comes up unevenly—it ripens unevenly and does cot grade V;;!]
But there is one Drill that I: «huereui.
V/hy not use the one Drill that places every- re
should be?
Monitor Double Disc Drills
deposit the seed at the bottom r f \ -.lean, wide
furrow in two rows and cover :t uniform!" with
moist earth, giving it abundant room U tool.
You get a good stand with or.e-h£th Its* seed.
Every good seed grows—germinates uniformly
—all comes up at one time—ripens .evenly and
grades the highest.
The Agricultural Colleges in various parts of
the country have made exhaustive tests and find
that the Monitor Drill produces crops which are
not only larger but grade higher than those pro
duced by any other.
The Monitor Double Disc Drill is the only
Drill that drops the seed in front of the axle with
the downward turn or the disc, carrying every
grain to the bottom of the furrow—this device is covered by patents.
The Monitor Drill will operate successfully in any kind of soil.
Every feature of the Monitor Drill is a strong one. Steel draw bars and
hangers—steel lever*—steel ratchets. It is made of the very best materials and
will give excellent service after many other drill* ere in the scrap heap. Don't
boy a drill untU you have learned all about the Monitor.
Hudlow & Baxter
- Where your $ has more sense
Now Is the time to have your teeth scaled and
polished and examined before trouble begins
CHALLIS IDAHO» Miliick Building
Fortunate are the children
who grow up in homer where
good music is counted among
the necessitiesof life and finds
its expression through an in
strument so sympathetic sad
responsive as the
IlfW . «MB au»
Glenn Bros.-Roberts Pian«
Salt Lake and Ogden, Utah
W Ward Adamson
Practices in all Courts
* *
Office and residence conned*!
with all phones.
Office—Adamson Building.
9 A. M. TO 4:30 P. M.
CHALLIS, (DeWitt Bldg.) ■ IDAB*.
Practices, in all Courte
Doth State and Federal
Milton A. Brown _
Practices in all Courts,
Challis, : : I
Dr. J. W. Lynn Dr. John H. Lyte
Specialty—Ear, Eye, Nose, Um)
and Surgery
Phone 12
Custer Co'ty Abstract
Company, Ltd.
Bonded Abstractors
Letterheads Carda
Invitation* Fold«#
Statements Cl
or anythin! else
in! liae, come in aailM#l

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