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In the District Court of the Sixth Ju
dicial District of Idaho iu and :©r th«
County of Oaster.
ISlmef IX Keene, Plaintiff, VS.
Johu Etcheciilmr, a tingle man; Hob
art A. Moyes and Chira H. Moyen, hus
band and wife % t)l W. Standrod A Cora
pauy, Bankers, a oirporatiiu; Peter
ifidegaiq hud liuelali Bideguin, hus
band a»J wife; A. A. Ziegler and Lula
^iegl'.-r,.husband and \\ iiv Dmke-Hul
larr'» Company, a corporation; Pingree
Wattle Loan Com; any, » corporation;
Stephen II Lynch, Receiver of Mar*
•hauls liant;, it corpoiation; Joi n Ktc
hecahur, l'eter ltiilegain and Buelah
B. Bldogttiu members of a co-partner
ship known ns John Ktcliecahar &
Company; Swattgcr Brothers, a co
partnership eonapoand of 1 Tank P.
Swnuger. Floyd A. KvfrattgV'r and Orla
H. Hwiiuger, Defendants.
The Slate of Idaho Sends Ortetlngs
to John Et^heOuhar, a single man; Ro
bert A. Moyes ant Clara II. Moyes,
hnsbauriVmd Wife; D. W. Standrod*
Coip/„y l Hauliers, a corpoiation; Pe
ter '"Bldegiiin and Huelah Bldegnln,
hCsbun I und wih ; A. A. Zlegltr and
Lula Ziegler, husband und w.fe; Drake
italli r t Company, a corporation; Plu
(free Cattle Loan Company, k oorpora
tioc; Stephen li I.yncli, Re teiver of
Merchants Hank, a corporation; John
E cliecahnr, Fc.er Bideguin and ltur
iah 11. ltidegain members of a co-parti
nursliip known as John Ktcliecahar
Company, Swan gar Brothers, u
partnership, .composed of Frack 1
fowouger, Floyd A Bwauger und Or I,
H. Swau^r, the above uaiued defe
Yo*j are hereby notified Hint a co
pi*'. ut has been filed against you i
tb j district court of fie sixth judiein]
tilitrict of the Strie of Idaho in
for the County o? CVs'.cr. by tlie ab >v
Dumed pluinlUr, i n 1 you are herd)
directed to appearand nos ver the said
omplaiat within 2) days of the ser
> vice of this Ruminons if served withil;
»aid judicial district, und within
days if served elsew here; and you are
further notified that unless you so tip
|»ear and nnNwct said complaint with
in f lic time herein speuillcd, the plain
tifl (till take jndgmentugninst you as
pray ed, in said complaint.
This action is brought, for llie pur
pose of fore-closing ilmt e rtain mort
gage for $7000.08 dated tie (Uh day of
November, 1018 executed byJolinEte
hecahar, a single person, and Köln rt A
Moyes and Clara 11. Moyes, husband
and wife, as grantors and Elmer D.
Reese as grantee, said mortgag ■ being
Upon certain real e.-tutu descr.bed 8S
follojvs, to-wlt:
Lots 1, 'J, 3, and 4 of Section 3, Town
ship 13 North, Range 121 l ast, lioise
Meridian, U. S. survey.
Also the southwest quarter of tlie
Southwest quarter, and t ie Fast half
of the southwest quarter of Section 30;
the northeast qfiarterof the northwest
quarter of Section 20; the southwest
quarter of the northeast quarter; all
of the southeast quarter and the south
east quart er of tlie Bout invest quarter of
Section 31. Ti e south half of the south
east quarter a id tlie south half of the
southwest, quarter of Section 35, uil lg
Township 13 North, Range 23 East, Hoi
Be Meridian, U. S. Survey. Alsjn part
of tlie Northwest quarter of Section 31
Township 13 North, Range 24 East,
. Holm Meridian, li. H. survey; begin
ning at a point 37* lot south from tlie
northeast corner of said quarter sec
tion and lumiili - thence westerly to a
point iu tl © wi st tiro of said quarter
Section 235 f -,t -< lit'* < f I lie northwest
corner of Lot 1 ofsai Section 31, theme
■oath along llie west Lue of said -ec
tion o tlie South'- eAn rnr of hot 2,
of avili Se. -lioii, t i.-in e i along t'.io
•until line of n ti l q mi ter section to
tile sou'.heart c iruer of the n n t li vt est
quarter of bill .'-'iv.ti m 3l, thence
north along the cast line of s lid quar
ter section to t!;e p'uce of heginulug.
Uo.'iL.luiug iu al .tars, muiv or
Together with n 1 water an 1 water
rights belonging to or n o 1 iu conm-i
tion with soil lauds und ail ditches,
a ul rights io d iet or It-ed in convey
ing said wilier.
There is ulso techy conveyed 430
Inches per seji n I of time from tile wa
ters of Dig Creek. A ho 3 .0 inches per
Mcomi of time from the wuiers of Hull
berg Creek, us ev il ce h d-e. ee» q
Cou-tas telougiig to tue liruntors
Ti gelber with t'o-tenements, hi red
it» m tes and appun. tru.ee., thereto
or in v'oy vise .ppeitatuiiig.
Hdiil mortgage being recorded in
Volume 5 of Moi l .agi » ut Pag » 4.dl
«Il 1 400 of ill. r o. s it Cuotef Coun
ty, Mice if 1 a io.
said [>i. luliil'pi ,ys for foreclosure
of sind I o- a o 'll lor judgment for
th * prim- p»l sum of iTOuo.oo togribt-r
with interest thereon as specified iu
•aid m ii-tgsgo uiul or uil costs of this
•ull, and that hv said action, tlie pri
er o. of « . d umlauts' right» be de
tenu iied and I liai the said defendants
•nd eaco of them h* f. reeisSed of any
right, title or interest in or to tbo pro
perty aud that said i roper; y Oe order
ad Bold and that Urn proceeds "derived
therefrom be applied to the payment
of any judgment that the plaiulifT may
Plaintiff also pr«ys fir ntltuUl
attorneys fees us provided f< > .win
note and mortgage.
Witness my hand and tlie seal of said
district court, this tlie 13th day of Oe
tiber, 1P30. E, J. MICHAEL, Clerk
Thomas * Anderem, Attorneys for
Pluintfft, Iliad;foot, Idaho o27dl
Hrr'ft! No 025000
Department of the Interior, United
Stttt.s Land Office at liui cy, Idaho,
October 9 h, 1020,
Notice is h r ;by given tiiat Law
rence J. Phelan, of Myers Coye, Iduh >|
who, on May 28, 1919 made Homestead
entry, No. 025070, for Lots (i and 7,
Section 28, Toirndip 17 North, Rangé
13 East, lioise Meiid'au, 1ms filed no
tice of intention to make Commutation
Proof, to establish claim to til« laud a
bo'js described, bcfoie Josepli li. Hor
ton, U. 8. Commissioner, ut Chullis, I
daho, ou the 30th day of November,
Cla'mnnt name , us wli.n: Ises:
David Lying, of Cliallis, Idaho,
Charles Shaw of Cliallis, Idaho, Mcshe
Jones, of Cliallis, Idaho, Walter Wilde
of Myeis Cove, Iduho. ol3 nl7
Serial N'o. I 25391
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Land ( ITlee at Hailey, Idaho, Novem
bers, 1920.
Notice jb hereby g'v«:i that Emma
Petersen, of Luadore, Idaho, who, i d
J uly 17th, 1919, made Homestead En
try, No ( 23394. for S W ;.j 8E q, Sec. 14
WH NEX, HEX NE '4, .Sec, 23, Ti.wr -
ship 15 North, i.'ahpe 28 East, lioise
Meridian, has lil d notiee of intention
to make commutation proof, to estab
lish elnim to the land above described,
before W. F. Stone, l). S. Commission
er, at Leu Ore, Iiaho, oil the 18th day
of December, 1920.
Claimant names as witaeases:
Nellie Andr-v>», on Stewart,
Georg« W. Yearian, John A. liai!, all
of Leadore, Idaho. nl7dl5
Serial No. 023373-023274
notice foe publication
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land OUI -e at Hailey, Idaho, Nov. it,
Notice is hereby „ n that George
Barrows, of Lea l<v • Idaho, who, on
Aligns'. 20, 1917, ni .oe Home;tend En
try No. 03.1273, for Nffl* NW'f Sec. 27
and who, on May 22, 1920, mode Add'l
Gr. lid. Serial No. 023274, for SWhi S
E'i Sec. 21, E'j N\Vi 4 , Ej, sw-i.1, SF
l 4 So -, .' ; NJu N E ' 4 , Sec, 33, 'Tow n
sli p i.i N. r 11, Range 20 East, lioise
Mcr.di n, ii is tiicd n 11 ice (if intention
to make h. ai three year proof, to es
tablish claim lo the land aliovo de
scri e 1, bah r W. F. Stone, U. S. Com
nnssiore . at Leudore, Irlubo, 011 tlie
17th day of December, 1920.
Ciaiment names ns witnesses:
K, \\. h leider, T. 1). l'nidi) s, Tom
Keau.i-, J. A, Hull, ell of Leadore, 1
dallo. Ul7 d]5
.. . , «
>g "Proof
of the pudding is in the eating.
So the proof of ßood printing i» in tho
»atisfaction of the uaer ana the re
X 1 . , ,e . cur *d- Wo are speciaiistt in
tho kind 61 printing that bringt buai
ne **. »no are equipped to handl«
ia line tha
anything in thia line that yon need.
Si-rial Nn. 070738
, y No. 2010
c, Hailey, Idaho.
M ineral
U. 8. Lan 1
Mardi I, 1929.
Nolle is !l r. hv g'v. ll that in pUrsu
ance of aa act of C mgr, ns approved
May lo, ls"2, Miiiim—A. lirown, wliose
Post Oflicn nd Ir -s is Cliallis, Custer
County. Idaho, h is marlo npp.ication
fora pate tit for 1.7110 linear, feet oil the
Mulcah.y I.ode bi-urltig gold and silver.
Tile Same being (152.3 feet soulhwester
ly and {»33.7 feet northeasterly on said
Mul ashy f.o !c from tlie discovery
shaft 111 el* on with surface grouutl 800
feet In widt.ii on mid iode situate, ly
ing and being in the Yankee Fork
Mining District, < ust-r County, State
of Idaho, approximately in unsurvey
ed township 13 N., IL li E, and tlie
nearest elnim as shown by the plat of
survey is the Ridge, Survey No. 216«,
and des crû o i by the official plat and
by the field notices 01 Lie in the off
ice of the Register of the Hailey Land
District at Ha ley, Idaho vi
Beginning i t cor. 7,0. 1, identical
with location ir: nrr, n pine post 5 inn.
sq., set 2 ft, in tlie ground with mound
of St, 11., Si r ted ClT. 1-2910, whence U
S. Mineral Monument No. 3, Yankee
Fork Mining llisuici, b.-.ir» N. 81° Si'
E., 8711,3 ft., Corn, r No. 1, Riilge Lode
Claim, Survey 2108. hears S. 87° 52' E.
0 40 ft. thence o t 19° ![' \V. 233.118
nterseet lode line. Discovery bears
n8 D 15' V, (133.7 ft. 509 80 to corner
> 2, a pille post, -1 ins. sq , si t 2 ft.
o the ground, ■ i.h motind of stone,
icribed 2-29it), id, niical with location
stake, win nee 11 lodgepolo pine, 13 in»,
diaui., scribed II T2-2'9lO liears S. 31°
30' E. 28 ft. a lodgepoie pine, 15 ins.
'diain.; rciibed D T 2-2910 lieurs 8. 0u°
,W., 21.2 ft. Thème S. 58° 15' \V. 12
188.00 to et r Vo. 3. A p no post 4 ins.
sq. set 2 ft. in tile ground, with mound
of stone, scribed 3.2910, wnence the lo
cation stake bears West 38 ft. A lodge
pole pine, 10 in . dimn., scribed B T 3
2910 bears N. 4° lu' E., 28 fti A lodge
pol • pi ie 15 :11s. dis m , »er, bed H T 3
2910 bears S. 58° 30' \V. 85.5 ft. 'Thence
•S. 10' 21' E. 27.'.8,7 !i.t 'i-. i ct loin line.
Dis -V. r bears N. 58° l.V E. 652.3 ft.
593 80 to Co No. 4. A pine post 4 ins
sq., set 2 ft in the ground, with moend
of stone, scribed 4-2910, identical with
iooation stake. A lodgepoie pine, p_*
ins. (llani , sc.i . -d H t' 4-,!Ho bears S
42° IV., 22 ft A lodgepc le pine 15 in»
diam., scribed B T 4-2910 bears S. 73
30' E. 3.1.4 t. tl e i eu N. 54' 42' E. 1321.
00 to cor No, 1 tlie place (if beg-inuing.
AREA Muleahy Lode 15.120 acres.
Date of posting tips notice on claim,
July 1, 1920. MILTON A. BROWN,
A. F. ICav.ina îgii, A, J. F rank! in,
John S. Franklin.
That any and all persons claiming
adversely the ground embraced in
said mining claims, o any part there
of, so designated, surveyed, platted
and applied for, him hereby notified
that unless their adverse chains are
duly filed according to law and the
regulations ther'-under, within the 60
days period of publication of tlie no
tice of said application, witli tlio Reg
ister of the United States Land Office
at Hailey, Idaho, they will lie forever
barred by virtue o the provisions of
the sa il SMitu'.es of the United States
in such case made and provided.
REN 1Î. GRAY, Register.
Date of First pub .»opl. 22, 1910
L itt pub Nov 17

Mineral Survey No. 2573 A and B.
Department of the Interior, United
btfttcs Land Office, Ilailey, Idaîvo.
Notice is hereby given Hint in pursu
an o of an act of Congress approved
May 10th, 1872, The Greyhound Min
ing and Milling Companv, Limited, a
corporation, wliose post 'office address
m Luise, ida.-to, has made application for
« patent for 1500 linear -Vet on the
jLogan, Pol Bernard, J loiev -Terror, Moth
er, Rufus, birdie and 'General' Grant
Lodes re-lici-t-ively, comprising tho Gen
.cral Grant Group, bearing gold :lm |
vor, tie M.-npi '.eiag 702 fo.-' muthenst.
er!y und 799 te<- nor!iuve-eerly oil said
Log:,!! 1.0.Ie; 79(i fee* nortiiwesierlv and
ti-)i feel sontb-msteriv on the Col' Ber
nurd l.l.to; 1400 feet northwesterly and
100 fo-t » hi then 1 rty on the Holey Ter
ror lode; 884 feet northwesterly and
-'28 fe-! sur he.m.erly- on the .Mother
lode; 744.8 fe t ne .tliwn»;erly and 716
(■,'.( SOU*' I-li- - -, id Kufus lode;
892 fee. ne: Ihv e: teriv and 413 foot
•outkenati r,v ( n - aid ihr, he lodo; and
114 1 foet - -it' - sa . rly und 360 feet
sou:ho.. ;., . iy- m »»id (ien -ral Grant
Imlc * -o''Mi ' n- respective (ii-'eovery
-ball» thi".,".'n ; ,th surface ground 800
fee! .'i v.i ,1 nn ea-.-h of said
lodes, mil
Rufus und
rliiiate iu
.'■T, 1 ' Ciuin
i du : rilicd by
! y t' e Field notes
of the Register of
District, Idaho, ns 10I
73 A
for f
Col Be; :ia rd Mi
Hi-alh- 1 i-i Mh.'im
tv, 81; 1 -e a; I !•;
the Oiiici;;! i'l.-.t :
on 81c in • he i<
Iow a, \ i
B -g'un'n-- at Corner No. 1.
Whence t . I. !.. M. No. 1 Sen foam
Wining : riet, Cantor County, Idaho,
lieni-e N 49 degre-. s 3(1 minutes, i.
1503.00 feet.
The nee N 34 dcgr-'ci 40 minutes E
COO feet to Cor. No. 2.
Thence S 88 degrees 05 minutes E.,
1500.00 feet to t orner No. 3.
'i hence S 31 degre-s -ili minutes W.,
COO 00 fee' to C ir. No. 4.
'Ihenci' N 88 degree 1 05 minutes W.,
1500.00 foot to Cur. No. 1., tho place of
beginning; un.i'i'uitug claims arc Idaho
Lode Survey No. 1986 and Col Ber
nard this survey.
Beginning at corner No. 1, which is
j identical with comer No. 4 Logan Lode
j this survey.
j Whence I*. S. I,. M. No. 1, heretofore
I described, bears N 58 degrees 47 min
âtes V. .. 2963 60 f ...
I Thrii. e N ,11 degre *s -Il minutes E.,
■ 809.00 feet to curio, r No. 2.
Tlicm c S 80 degrees .37 minutes E.,
I 1451.00 1' e* to eonier No. 3.
Tiieii' e S 34 degrees 18 minutes \V.,
800.00 Tei I lo corner No. 4.
Tiieii. u N 80 degre 1 » .37 minutes W.,
! 1->51.00 feet to corner No. 1, tlui pliice Of
! beginning,.
I Adjoining claim shown by tlie plat of
[survey are Hin "hell Lode, unsurveyed,
and liolev Terror, this survev.
2573 A
j Beginning at corner No. 1.
j Whence U. 8. L. M. No. 1 heretofore
! described, iicnrs N 47 degrees 54 min
utes \V., 3JÔ3.I0 feet distant.
! Tlience N .37 degrees 17 minutes E.,
j 805,.80 feet to corner no. 2.
i Thence S CO degrees .'ii minutes E.,
11240,.10 feet to corner No. 3.
j Thence 8 34 1! grees 10 minutes W.,
I 163.00 feet to corner No. 4.
j TiieiKv S 80 degrees Hi minutes li.,
j 245.30 feet to corner No. 5.
j Thence 8 37 degrees 17 minutes W.,
I 438.40 ' feet to corner No. 6.
I Tlience N 00 degrees .37 minutes W.,
! 1500.00 Cei t to corner No,. 1, the place
' of beginning.
j 11.'ginning at Corner No. 1, whence
1". S. L. M. No. 1 heretofore dojerihed,
I liears N 51 degrees 09 minutes VV.,
4034.50 feet.
Thence N 37 1
506.10 feet to ('
Tl'enee 8 56 1
1290.38 feet to c
Tlience 8 37 d
;rccs 17 minutes F,.
1er No. 2.
•72 minutes E.,
No. 3.
!7 miau'. C3 W
minutes W,
i, the platt
1 800.00 feet to corner No.
I Tlience N 52 degrees -
j 1298.00 feet io corner N
; of beginning.
! Adjoining t jaicu B'uol.'c'.l iode, Mar
i g'.uctte lone, 4th July lode, ail un
j surveyed, and Holey Terror lode, and
I Rufus Lode, this survey',.
Beginning at Corner No. 1.
Whence li . S. L. M. No. 1, heretofore
described bears N 57 degrees 47 min
utes W., 5302.22 feet.
Tlience 50 degrees 53 minutes E.,
600.00 feet to corner No. 2.
Tlience 8 40 degrees 10 minutes E.,
1460,.40 feet to corner No. 3.
Tlience 8 50 degrees 53 minutes AY.,
000.00 feet to cormr No. 4.
j 1*',
i llie
I "f
I tin
- t.
40 di :
1460.SO feet to
of beginning.
Adjoining elnimr. si
10 minutes W.,
:>. 1, the place
n bv the - plat
of survey are Bin ■ l e i bide, Dphir lode,
lohn Henry Lode, Margaret e lode, all
unsurveyed, and Mother lode and Bird
ie Lode, this survey.
Beginning at Corner No. 1.
Whence F. S. !.. M. No. 1, heretofore
described bears '• 5 degrees -12 minu
tes W., 6682,.85 feet
'l'hi nee N 54 'grecs 01 minutes E.,
600.00 feet to corner No,. 2.
Thence S 35 degrees 50 minutes E.,
1305.00 feet to corner No. 3.
Tlience S 5 4 degrees 01 minutes W.,
800.00 feet, to corner No. 4.
Tlience N 35 degrees 50 minutes W.,
1305.00 fret to corner no. 1, tho place
of beginning.
Adjoining claims shown by the plat
of survey are ! hippy Jack lode, J.olm
Henry Lode, Op'iir i -de, Gc; ernl Grant
lode, all unsurveyed, and Rufus Lode
and General Grant lode, both of this
NO. 2573 A
Beginning nt corner No. 1.
Whence U. S. I.-. M. No. 1 heretofore
described, bears N 80 degrees 29 minu
tes W., 7G9G.59 feet.
Thence N. 52 degrees 46 minutes E.,
800.00 feet to corner No,. 2.
Thence S 24 degrees 20 minutes E.,
1500.00 feet to corner No. 3.
Thence S 52 degrees 43 minutes W.
600.00 feet to corn v no. 4.
Thence X 24 degrees 20 minutes W.,
1500.00 feet to corner No. 1, the place
of ueginuing.
Adjoining claims shown by the plat
of survey are Happy Jack lode, uusur
voyed, and Birdie J.ode tills survey,
containing 134.454 acres.
2573 B
Beginning at corner No. 1.
Whence Y. S. L. hi. No,. 1, hereto
fore described, i cars N *5 decrees 57
minutes Vf., 7597.21 feet.
Thence N 63 degrees 16 minutes E..
430.00 foot
to conit
Then00 S
17 dcgi
490,.00 foot
to corn"
Thonco Ö
dr *
480.Mil tuet in 1
Thetu-é X 17
490.00 feet to
of bogiiini'ii»-, i
KFFF.S Mihi/
ts -i ! minutes W..
No. I. tue plr.ee
NU 25
; at corn r No. 1.
i'. S. L. M. No. 1, hereto
described, heavs N 4-2 dc -vc ;
ites W., 7401.29 feet.
es E„
Tlience N 63 degre-'s 46 n.
450.00 fett to corner No. 2.
Tlience S 17 degr-- 4i minute.! E.,
490.00 feet to corner No. 3.
Tlience 8t 63 1 !■- :m- - |6 minutes V» T .,
450.00 feet to corner No. -I.
Tlience N 17 d-.'-r - s minutes W.,
490.00 feet to cor er No. !. the place
of bcgiiiniug, crn'air, iu g 5 it en <■
NO. 2573 I!
Beginning at corner No. !.
Whence V. S. L. M. No*. 1, iiereto
fore describ'-d, b - . ' 42 deg; ecs 41
miaut » -W... 7 ! i'..2 feet.
Thence X 17 degn -. S4 miaules E.,
490.00 fee: to center N'o. 2.
Thence fit 83 ib-.u-.-cs 18 ;r.;;ui; u.-. V>'.,
190.00 feet to core r No. 3.
Thence X 21 degrees 14 minutes W.,
486.20 feet *0 corner No. 4.
Thence X 63 degrees !6 mi-iutcs K.,
220.00 feet to cerner Nu. 1, tiio place
of beginning, con.anting 2.278 acres.
Said claim iu unsurveyed ground in
tiio fier foam Mining District, Custer
County, Idaho.
The adjoining claims shown by the
plat of sur; ey arc the ! iaho Lode S'. r
vey No. l'.Xij west nf the Logon Lode.
Bluebell Lode east of tie Col. Bernard
Lode, north of tlie lialev Terror and
Mother lodes and west of the Rufus
Lode. Fourth of July Lodo south of the
Mother Lodo.
Morgan tto Lode cast of the Mother
Lodo and south of tiio Rufus Lode.
Ophir Lode north of the Rufus Lode
j E
and west of the Birdie Lode.
John Henry Lode southeast of the Ru
fus Lode and southwest of the Bird
ie Lode.
Happy Jack Lode southeast of tho j
Birdie Lode aim
oral Grant I.od
except ihe Ida!.
Date of 1
:it of the G
of tho above,
arc unsurveyed,.
his notice on claim, ;
.1, desi
I for,
3ei.teml.cr 21, 1920.
Any and all persons claiming advers
*iy t!'e mini::-; grounds, veins, I- Iges,
ire:; ises or any port of the annul so
rated, surveyed and up
liereby notified thut un
r a. claims are duly filed
t i law, witli the Register i
1 : .1 8; cl es Land Office at
!*e Slate of Id I'.m, within tllC
j.criod of putilicatiou of tlie
notice of said n-rplicntion, they will be
liarred by virtue of said provisions of
soil statutes,..
First Fublieation Oct,. 20, 1020,.
Las! Publication Dee. 15, 1920,.
Round Va I y . r a io 1
Limit 'd, Pniuipal ilaco 1
Chsl s, Idaho,
Notice s ehy g'.V
meeting of til Di c or., i
27th liny of October, PJ20,
ment of 20 cents per s'.ia' e
nip iny,
Bu.- 11 ■?
1 tiiat at a
e' I ou the
an asses»
was levied
up o liecap.tul ;locli of the corpura
tioi, pay e nn or before December
1*', 1020. to N. C. Ilovey, Treasurer, at
llie l ir: t 't: t.' Bank id C..;tl is Idaho,
Any sio d 1 ]) .n iv. Ic 1 this asscss
merit reiriain i unpaid on the 10th day
"f Dee 111 r, 19 w I, be I'elinqilvUt
laud ad.er el éirstlc i-t i'ub c .1 ic
tin , n d unless payment b? made be
fors, wil I) s 11 on the 1 r>' li clay of
January, 1921, t mi hlo -.k A. M. of
said day, at the of,I :e of said corpora
t. ion, to pay lue delinquent assessment
together \v th coats of advertising and
exp s s cf 1 -.
Dated tliis JTili day of October, 1920
MILION A. BROUN, : eeretHry
Lo-.-atl. u of f.flitre. C' nil;», Idaho n324
1 roving V. 1 -
f- r Letters
of Time and Place for
and Hearing Ap; 11--.1 tion
in Use Probate Co 111 of Custer coun
ty, Siam- of Iduuo.
In the -natter o; llie est ;'.e of Vfm.
Eddy, deccared.
Notice is hereby given tiiat on Sat
urday,. the 20;h day of Nov, in'icr, 1920
at 10 o cl >ck A. M. of . aidd îy, and the
Court Ho -j! n . il'onrt, ut,Chubs,
O1-! no m. , dai.o. lias ueen ap
pointe ! ti G o time till place for pro
vingt ie will of William Eddy, deceas
ed, aud for bu-arir g the application of
W. Yv. Adam.-, m f »r the iSuuanc-j to
him of letters testamentary.
Dated Nov tuber 1st, 1920.
n3 17 Jonu t nan Job, Ex Officia Clerk
N live of Pio-'n of Apr imtion of \V;
t( r to I'eneOoial F»o.
Notice Is hereby given that at 10 a
m, on tlie 1: th day of Decemlier. 19.'0,
at May, County of Lemhi, State of 1
daho, before Cyril C. Thi rapson, U. S.
Coumiiisio u-r, ; roof will b - »ubmitted
of the app! cation to beneficial use of
1 i 2 eul)ie feet p *r second of the wati rs
of Big Creek in accordance with t'19
terms and conditions of Permit No.
4423, heretot-- o issued by the State
Engineer of the State of Idaho
t -n f . 3 arld-css
at ion holding
■g- 1'taiiil 3!u
d mrg, Idaho.
Huid water h;io
m and don-.es
The nr.ifie
d p •
of i.l
e person 01
° r r°
perm t are
a. r
1 J. Thi. . p
. Qol
The use t<
a jpll s
gat it
tie i
■1 ll • tin 0
n î
\U9 '
e ! 1.3 n i)
Bfc y
The place
Jo' (»ncticial
s -coud.
said water is
13 X., R. 23
and HE - -*
24 E , be!
nt is M; 1 »', co.
E , B. M„ and Lu
See. 30, T, 13 N.. 1
lo D. G. Teggar : : NE' , KU' N
L and HiV.L N'W. 1 * Sec. 20, S'4 NE
NW.U SER, Sc. 19, T. 13 .... It. 24 E
brio.1 in to Malinua J. I'L- mpsott.
5! This uamu of tho cau 1. or di oh
r other '.vork^ l»y v.-hi 0 mid water is
on i-.ietcd to sue 1 place . I usa is the
I'hoiuphon D tnu Co.
8. Ti e right to
noli wo 1 its i- -
ra er fr
The sou ■ r o '
al tier:
-<Li\f d a i
reates r.uny a new business.
L uarges many an old burineas.
. verves many a large butinesa.
L.- vives many a Juli businew.
Re i cues many a lost business,
iravoa many a f ining Ltuîincs».
Scclicî success in any busiue->.
vVc Ai e at Yonr Seryice
Call on Us or CaU Us Up
aud Y. c mu Call oa Yea
Survey No,. 2939.
U. 8. Land Olliee, Hailey, Idao, Oct,,
j 13th, 1920.
n f nn act
Notice is*hereby given teat in pursu»
unco of an
f Congress approved May 10,
of congress approved
; *j. lv jp_ 1872, Lars Peterson, whoso post
i - 1
j, ..
Ifiee address is SeatP
:97.5 iiu
..ode, be
>r precious metals, I
'00.4 feet uottEieasti
feet norlhv c* tr,
( r-.vc Lode, situated
Mining District, Ce de
ho, ami described
a Patent for
to Cave
h er and oth
e same being
ly and 124
• 011 said
in Bay Horse
i-r County, Ida
1, y tlie olicial
and by the field notes oa
file in the o'.ucc of the register ot
Hailey Land District, Idaho, vi/.:
Cave'Lodo Minins Cl im, Survey No.
Beginning nt C'or. No. 1, Identical
with a corner of the location. A fir
, 6 . i iattt., with one side squared
4 ft. long, set lb ft. in th ground, ia
i mound of tom d 1 21oa
; , a .. i fir tree, 30 ins,,
ià n. : t 1 ase, scri ed B. r. 1 2439,
boars N. 4 1 degr ■ 4 ' minutes 5* i4.3
■ t g, j-,. ' -i •>., scribed
j,-|- ]_ Ç1139 lu urs t». 78 degrees B> min
s l'"'M 2 ft Ti c ... st 14 corner
Hoc?34, T. 13 's., 1 K. n. M. hears
7 63 degrees 34 minutes W. 1311. 11 ft.
t eaee N. 19 de 00 minutes E. 600
. t to cor. No. 2.. Them ' S. 74 de
re -, -2-1 111 .aul-. » F. I ii 7.5 ft. to car. No.
3. Thence 8 io degr >e 00 mint|1 s W.
10 feel ; - 1 >r. No,. 4. Thence N. 74
... 20 minute W, ! 197,5 ft. to cor.
.... 1. Total arei 20.592 acres.
A.d mining ii:d ; is n 1 sbo. n by tue plat
; s-:rvtv are b no, ..w. ' o,. H, Lot
17. - T . 6; Lincoln
Lode survey i-o. 1147,.
A: y .m nil i> - a ■ 'lin-; Oli
ver e y t ie ground cm. rucefi in said
hereof, as
i nod up
that nu
ll uly filed
mining claim or anv p r
design i'.e 1. survey« '
plie! f- r. are li er e I > r<
less their adv- '»e ci i -
according to law an i tin -
thereunder, within tli- sixty 'Ofi) day
period of publication u notioo of said
application, with ti e R*- .«ter of the
United States Land Of;.c. 1 , at Hailey,
Idaho, they will be forever barred by
virtue of tile prcvlsic ns 0 the said
statut o' the United ùtates in ÿ'Jab
case made and provided.
BEN K. GUAY. Register
Date of flis: pub. Nc-r. 9, 19ÎD
Date - f ia.»t jiuh. Jan. -, lt-21
In the District Court of th ■ Sixth Ju
dicial District, in and for Ouster Coun
ty, State cf Idaho
Secur ty Suite Bank, u corporation,
Plaintiff, vs.
Eouis Ipharraguerre, John M. Wornck
Hai ry P. Hunter, John Etcheeah-ar, R.
A. Moyi s l'ierre E. Latapie, Frank
Espitcl ier anil A, A. Zeiglei- and Da
vid It. Pingree, substituted as Admin
i-trator o'tlie Estate of l i-rre Lata
pie, deceased, defendant.
Un e-r aud by virtue of an order of
ul • anil decree of fort-u os ;e, issued
out of and up-dee the seal i !.t'ie Eixth
Judicial District Court of the|Staie of
Idaho, in and for Custer, County Idaho
upon a judgment tendered in said
••ourt öd the ith day of '"vi-mbsr, 19
20, In tho above emit Oil Iioilou, whero
in tue above named piaintiff obtained
u jadgaii ut and ni .-i ,against the u
liova named lieiendan:s Lo-ais Ipliarra
g lierre, Jehu M. Wo. nek, Harry P.
Muiller.John Eteheeallar. ii. A. Moves
Pierre E. Ltttupie, 1 1.11k KspltelUe*
and A. A. Belgier, aud David It. 1'in
gri-c, sat t tuti?d ns Administrator of
the istate of Pierre Latapie. deceased,
which n'd ue.-i-ee aus on the Bill day
of November, 192 J, recorded in the
juilgtUM-t book of si.i I court at .page
352, I nm commanded to tell all that
ctr do o . piece or pared 1 f land sit
ua-, ed in Custer County, state of Idaho
•Hind bound d a- d ! r ;-ala; I, dçscrib
! 1 il as foi o vs, to-wit:
; Ni.r;liea-t q laeie (NE 1 *) of th*e
Vouthwed q miter SiVîj); north half
I (>. '4) oi tile s 'iiihc.i t qtuner tSEJa)
*' ■ *1 ill© sin ti: w- - . quarte- SWjf) of
of the soul hut.st quarter (SE.'g) of sec
tion five |5 j, tovvnsiiip r.ix north
- Boise Mer
J acres, more
ot; A strip
1 I i ; t'j feet wide
'iu Salmon Riv
i;-i|ige twenty-11.0 [25j t
i i-iiau, containing Idti | ii
I or a,», w- it the exce, t
i of laud one hun
j " i.ich was deed
j. r Railroad Con puny. u corporation,
! t.-r a right of way tor r: Broad track;
I Toue.iher with 160 indie. of water d H i
I tin:; from Mure ii ia, lsu 1; together
iW.tii the tenements; hereditaments
uid appurtenances thereto beiotiging
; "r in any ivi,3 - p;< r liuiug. and for
that purpose liave lev;rd upon tlie
Notice is hereby given that I, the
undersigned, bin-rill a i ores.id, will
sill the ahnvn describe 1 real property
t I ll- high st bill 1er .... as , at pub
le n uct i n at He front door of the
County Cm r; I ona ■ . f t u .u- County,
of Cus
day of
M. of
nt Clin is in ;,|
e < *or- n ty (
} St
te 1 f Id li - n
I Iiv« 3rd 1
* * »11
r, 1920, at Hi i
•' o-l; \.
t da
y to satisfy plai
11 : 'f*S j Ull'
with Quietest the > <> « ;
! lid C^sts
Hated November loth, lu .1 ,,t 0
Sheriff, Custer County, Idaho.
if Advertising
ia this paper will bring
good returns cn the
money invested

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