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R. r at No. olSMo
Stut.s Land Office ut Halley, Idaho,
October 9.1l, 1920,
Notice is h r:by given that Law-]
reuce J. Phelan, of Mycis'ove, Idaho
.. . ,
Department of tje Interior, t.nited |
who, on May 28, 1919 made Homestead , ,
entry, No. 025070, for Lets 0 and 7,
.Section 58, Town.il p 17 North, Range
13 East, Boire Meild an, lias filed rio- ,
' i
tico of intention to make Commutation i ,
Proof, to establish claim to the land a 1
bo jades, rind, he foie Joseph II. Her-j
ton, U. 8. Commissioner, at Ciiallis, 1
dal.o, ou the 20tii day of Ni-vembtr,
Claimant name, as wi.nesses:
David Laing, of Cliallis, Idaho,
harlcs Shaw of Cliallis, Idaho, Meshe
ones, of Cliallis, Idaho, Walter Wade
f M y es Wove, l.h.h i. ol3 u 17
Serial No. 019398
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Ollice at Hailey, Idaho, October 14,
Notice is lierby given that William
J. Frazy, of Goldberg, Idaho, who, on
February 23, 1917, made Desert land 1
entry No. 019398, for Lot 4, SK'/i j
8Wfy Soc. 19; Lot 1, N E Y, NWV t , |
Section 30, Townsliip 13 North, Range
24 East, Boise Meridian, lias filed notice j
of intention to make final proof, to es- j
tublish claim to land above desenhed I
liefore Cyril C. Thompson, U,. 8. Com
missioner, nt May, Idaho on the 1st
day of December, 1920,.
Claimant mimes as witnesses;
J. W. Thompson of Patterson, Idaho
I). G. Tnggert, of Patterson, Idaho,
Ed Harmon, of Patterson, Idaho,
H. Howard, of Goldberg, Idaho.
Serial No. 025391
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Land GlHee nt Hailey, Idaho, Noiein
ber 3, 1920.
Notice is hereby given ti nt Emma
Peterson, of Leadore, Idaho, who, on
July 17tb, 1919, mn lo [Ion entend En
try, No 625334, for Sff 1 ; SIC V,, Sec. 14
W'a NEU, SEI* N EM, Sec, 23, Town
ship 15 North, Rahge 26 East, Boise
Meridian, has til d notice of intention
to moke commutation pr >of, to eslnb
lish claim to tlio land above described,
before W. F. Slone, U. S. Commission
er, at Leido e, Idaho, m the 18th day
of December, 1'.'20.
Clnimnut names as witneoses:
Nellie Andr ws, on Stewart,
Oeorge W. Year^-in, John A. Hall, ull
of Lcttdor.-, Idaho. ni 7 d If)
Serial No. 053273-023274
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Offlre at Ilailey, Idaho, Nov. 3,
1020 .
Notice s hereby „ a that G.orge
Barrows, of Lt a it.' ■ Idaho, who, on
Augus'i 50, is If. m ...e Homestead En
try No. 053573, fo • N \V M NW J* Sec. 5'7
and. wiio, on May 52, 1950, made Add'l
Gr. lid. Serial No. 053574, for 8W 1 * S*
15'4 Sec. 51, Eh, NWM, E!., SWk. SI-
U NE >4 Sec. '2 ; N>* NEH, S.c, 31, T
aliip 15 N. iMi, Katige 20 East, Boise
Mer di .t , h n ill : n itioe of intention
to make u ill three year proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above de
seri e bef. r W, 1'. Stone, U. S. Corn
missione , nt Le tl ne, Idaho, on tho
17th day of December, 1920.
Claimant names ns witnesses;
R, \V. Fielder, T. D. l'hilli|S, Tom
ICeutiug, J. A, Hail, all of Leadore, 1
dallo. nlT dl5
Estate of William Eddy,'deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed Executor of the Estate of Will !
inm Eddy, deceased, to the creditors of !
and all persons imving claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit them with
the necessary vouchers, within ten
. '
months at ter the first publient..... ot
this notice, to the sni.1 Executor, at tho
First State Bank ut Cliallis, in the
County of Custer, State of Idaho, this
being the place fixed for the transaction
of the business of said estate
Dated Nov. 20th, 1920,.
Executor of the estate of William Eddy
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Serial No. 05023n 1
Notice of application for
_ I
... , - „ ». a.it.t 1
Mineral survey No. 3910 |
U. S. ^ La 11 d Office, Halley, Idaho,
March 1, 1050. I
Notice Is hereby given that in ptirsu
I ance Of an act of C >ng!V.ss approved
I. . _ " . ^ I
, May 10, 1873, Millon A. UruiVfi, whb.se
| I>ost of „eo Ait ,r»,sS ta Cliallis, Custer ,
I County, Idaho, lias made application !
j fora patent for 1.700 linear feet oil the
[Mulcahy Lode bearing gold und silver. | '
The same being 652.3-feOt soul liWester
, , and 7 feet DOrlhea8ferl y on said «"
Mn , c ., iy Lod „ from tho discovery ;
^ f on wi|h bürf , ce gronüü U0D |
, . , ... . , . . . , ,
i feet in width Oa t-ad ion© situate, 1 y
i , -, » . , . * v , , -,
I tig n flu being id » tie \nnkeo Kjik
jj|uiug Dis.rict, Custer County, State ,
ft , i dttho . unlll .„ x i iriat .„, v | ...
of Idaho, approximately in nusurvey-.
. , , v
ed township 13 N., U. 11 Is., and the j
nearest claim as shown by the plat of j
survey is the llidge, Survey No. 210s, j
ami described by tile official plat, ami
by tlie field notices on tile in the off
ice of the llegisfer of the Hailey Latld
District at Hailey, Idaho viz;
MUL 'All v' LODE
Beginning at or. No. 1, identical
with location corner, a pine post 5 inn.
sip, set 5 ft. in the gioutid with mound j U.
of stone, scribed cor. 1*2.*10, whence U j
S. Mineral .AJon umcllt, No. 3, Yttnkeo
■ g Dis!
Fork Mining District, bears N. 81° 3U
E., 8711.3 ft., Corner No. 4, lli.lge Lode
Claim, Survey 5168. bears S. 67° 55' 12.
6 .0 40 ft. thence N. lb° >A' W. 233.90
| intersort lode line, Disiovery bears
s. 38° 15' W., 833.7 ft. 506 80 to corner
j No 2, a jVne pou», 4 ins. sej , .stt 2 ft
j in the gr0lll)( | n iUl UipHn(1 ' ot btold ,
I ... , ...
scriOed 2-29.0, nieiincal with location
stake, whence a lndgepolc pine, 15 ins.
diain., scribed B T 2-2910 bears S. ai 0
30' IS. 26 ft. a iodgepole pine, 15 ins.
diam.; fOribed ß T 2-2910 licars S. (Ill"
\V T ., 21.2 ft. Thence S. 58° 15' W. 12
86 00 to ci r No. 3 A pine post 4 ins.
sip set 2 ft. in the ground, with mound
of stone, scribed 3.2910, w neuve the lu
nation stake bears west 36 ft. A lodge
pole pine, 10 Î us. dinin., scribed B T 3
2910 bears N. 4° lo' E., 26 ft. A lodge
pole pine 15 ins. diam , suribed B T 3
2910 bears S. 58° 30' W. 35.5 ft. Thence
S. 10 J 21' E. 272.83 Intersect lo ie line.
Dissever/ bears N. 58° 15' E, 652.3 ft.
593 60 to Co •. No. 4. A pine post 4 ins
stp, set 2 ft in the ground, with mound
of stone, scribed -1-2910, identical with
location stake. A Iodgepole pine, 15
ins. diam , scribed B T 4-2910 bears h
42° W., 22 ft A Iodgepole pine 15 in»
diam., scribed B T 4-2910 bears S. 73
30' E. 35.4 .t. the nee N. 54° 42' E. 1321.
00 to cor No. 1 tlie place of beginning,
AREA Mtileahÿ Lode 15.156 acres.
Date of posting iliis notice on claim,
July 1, 1950 Mi ETON A. BROWN,
A. F. KavitnaugU, A, J. Franklin,
John S. Franklin,
That any und all persons claiming'
adversely the ground embraced in
said miniug claims, o any part there
of, so designated, surveyed, platted
and applied for, are hereby notified
that unless their adverse elains are
duly filed according to law and the
regulations thereunder, within the 60
days pe • ul of publication of tlie no
tice of suid application, with the Reg
inter ef the United States Land Office
at Hailey, Idaho, they will be forever
barred hr virtue of the provisions of
tile said s alu'es of the United States
in such case made end provided.
BEN R. CRAY, Register.
L itt pub Nov 17
l,f Kil ' 3t n» 1 ». Sept. 55, 1910
Mineral Survey No. 2573 A and B.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office, Hailey, Idaho.
Notice is hereby given that in pursu
nme of nu net of Congress approved
May 10th, 1S72, The Greyhound Min
ing and Milling Company, Limited, a
corporation, whose post office address
is Boise, Idaho, lias made application for
a patent for 15(10 linear feet nil the
Logan, Col Bernard, Holey Terror, Moth
er, Rufus, Birdie and General Grant
"Lodes respectively, comprising the Gen
eral Grant Group, bearing gold mid sil
ver, the same being 702 feet southeast
erly and 79.S feet northwesterly on said
Logan Lode; 796 feet northwesterly and
655 feet southeasterly on the Cof Ber
nard lode; 1409 feet northwesterly and
! 100 feet southeasterly oil the Holey Tor
! rtir lode; 868 feet northwesterly and
southeasterly on the Mother
L 0,l ' !: 74 ' 1 : 8 fopt northwesterly and JJfi
«•'«theastorly on said Rufus lode;
' s î } - northwesterly and 413 feet
8l>u}!l , !18torv ou sai( , Birdie lode; and
1140 feet northwesterly and 360 feet
southeasterly on said ' General Grant
lode from the respective discovery
shafts thereon with surface ground 600
in width on each of said
and for the Birdie. Rufus and j
Col Bernard Millsites, all situate
Seafoam Mining District, Custer Coun
ty, State of Idaho, and described by
the Official Pint and by the Field notes
on file in the Office of tlie Register of
Hailey Land District, Idaho, as fol
lows, Viz:
Beginning at Corner No. 1.
I Whence U ,.S. L. M. No. 1 Seafoam
Mining District, Custer County, Idaho,
. bears N 49 degrees 30 minutes, \>
11503.00 feet.
Thence N 34 degrees 46 minutes E
GOO feet to Cor. No. 2.
Thence S 68 degrees 05 minutes E.,
1500.00 feet to Corner No. 3.
Thence S 34 degrees 46 minutes W.,
600.00 feet to Cor. No. 4.
Thence N 68 degrees 05 minutes W.,
j 1500.00 feet to Cor. No. j., the place of
I beginning; adjoining claims are Idaho
; Lode Survey No. 1966 and Col Ber
! nard this survey.
Beginning at corner No. 1, which is
identical with corner No. 4 Logan Lode
this survey.
Whence U. S. !.. AT. No. 1, heretofore;
described, bran N 58 degrees 47 a,in
utes V/., gf>63.60 feet.
Thence N 31 degrees 46 minutes E.,
605.00 feet to corner No. 2. I
^ ^ ~ minutes L.,
14.» 1.00 f 'ft to corner No.
Thoime » 54 dedreds 4.1 minâtes Vf
et'0.00 feet 1o corner No. 4.
Thence N <50 degrees .57 ; inn 'es W.,
to l '°' acr A0 - b t.:o .once of
' Adir.inii'q c'a-ni shown !•••• tho idat of
i-.itrvev are Bluebell Lode, unsurveyed,
«" ■ Holey Terror, this survey,
, . 3578 \. .
' ' V 1,11 »k at corner No. 1.
Wlmnce \' S L M No 1 horctoford
-, , ,4 .Z , * - ,
(U'sevibptl, bears N 4 1 degrees i>4 mm
«tes V/., 31.T8.10 feet distant,
... .'.fhenco N 37 degrees 17 minutes I
, , , , .
00.I..8U feet, to corner no. „
Thence 8 CO degrees 3. minutes E
1249,.10 feet to corner No. 3.
Thence S 34 degrees 46 minutes W.,
U. S. L. M. No. 1 heretofore describe
bears N 51 degrees 0!) minutes W.,
.00 feet to corner No. 4.
Thence S 09 degrees 16 minutes E.,
243.30 feet to corner No. 5.
Tin nee S 37 degrees 17 minutes W.,
428.10 feet to corner No. fi
Thence N CO degrees 37 minutes W.,
1599.00 feet to corner No,. 1, the pine
of beginning.
'lining nt Corner No. 1, wheneej
E-'V.dK feet to corner
If 5 87 l!c « r '' c ;'.
00.00 feet to corner 7.
fore deacri'iK'il, hears N 42
4334.50 feet.
Thence N 37 degrees 17 imiuu
506.ill feet to Gamer No. 2.
Thome S 56 degree:; 52 mir.ulcs E.,
i. 3.
Thence N 52 degrees 43 minutes
1296.00 feet, to corner No. 1, the place
of beginning.
Adjoining claims Bluebell lnle,
garotio lode, 4th July lode, nil
surveyed, and Holey Terror lode, and
Eufua Lode, this survey,.
Beginning at Corner No. 1.
Whence L. S. L. M. No. 1, heretofore
described bears N 57 degrees 47 min
Utes W., 5362.22 feet.
Thence 50 degrees 53 minutes E.
200.09 feet to. corner No. 2.
Thence S 40 degress 10 minutes E.,
1460.. 50 feet to corner No. 3.
Thence S 50 degrees 53 minutes V.,
600.00 feet to corner No. 4.
Thence N 40 degrees 10 minutes 5V.,
1419.80 feet to corner No. 1, .lie place
of beginning.
Adjoining claims shown by tho plat
of survey are Blue hell lode, Op Mr lod
John Henry Lode, Margarotte lode, nil
unsurveyed, and Mother lode and. Bird
ie Lode, this survey.
Beginning at Corner No. 1.
Whence U. S. L. M. No. 1, heretofor
described beam N 58 degrees 42 minu
tes W., 0082,.85 feet
V ' nee N 54 degrees 01 minutes E.,
6C0.00 feet to corner No,. 2.
TI nee S 35 degrees 50 minutes E._,
1305.00 feet to corner No. 3.
Thence S 54 degrees 01 minutes AV
300.00 feet, to corner No. 4.
Thence N 35 degrees 50 minutes W.,
150-5.99 feet to corner no. 1, tho place
of beginning.
Adjoining claims shown by tho plat
of survey art; Happy Jack -lode, John
Henry Lode, Ophir lode., (tor. '.va! Brunt
lode, nil unsurveyed, and Id.n'n Lode
and General Grant lode, both of this
NO. 2573 A
Beginning at corner No. 1.
Whence U. S. L. M. No. 1 heretofore
described, bears N 60 degrees 29 minu
tes AV., 7396.59- feet.
Thence N. 52 degrees 40 minutes E.,
'600.00 feet to corner No,. 2.
Thence S 24 degrees 20 minutes E.,
1500.00 feet lo corner' No. 3.
Thence S 52 degrees 46 minutes A7.,
600.00 feet to corner no. 4.
Thence N 24 degrees 20 minutes AV.,
1500.00 feet to corner No. 1, the place
of oeginning.
Adjoining claims shown by the pint
of survey are Happy Jack lode, ivmur
vcyed, and Birdie Lode this survey,
containing 134.454 acres.
2573 B
Beginning at corner No. 1.
Whence U. S. L. M. No,. I, hereto
fore described, bears N -«5 degrees 57
minutes AV., 7597.21 feet.
•Thence N 03 degrees 16 minutes E.,
430.00 feet to corner No. 2.
Thence S 17 degrees 44 minutes I!.,
490.. 00 feet to corner No. 3.
Thence S (dH degree:; 17 minutes AV.,
430.. )0 feet to corner No..
Ti i'iii e N 17 degrees ■' ! minutes AV.,
490.00 feet to eoruer -No. 1, tlie place
of beginning, containing 5 .■ r
Begftming at corner No. 1.
Whence U. S. I.. Î.I. No. 1, hercro
fore described, bears N 42 degrees 11
minutes AV., *401.28 feet.
Thence N 03 degrees 16 minutes E.,
450.00 feet to corner No. 2.
Thence S 17 degrees 44 minutes E.,
490.00 feet to corner No. 3.
Thence S 63 degrees 16 miaul. s AV.,
450.00 feet., to corner No. 4.
Thence N 17 degrees 44 minutes TV.,
490.09 feet to corner No. 1, the place
of betriuning, continuing 5 a: . -..
NO. 2573 B
Beginning ut corner No. 1.
Whence U. S. L. M. No,. 1. hereti
cs 41
44 minutes E.,
16 minutes W.,
. 3.
14 inuiuîes W.,
minutes \V„, 1491.28 tee
Thence N 17 degrees
490.00 fool to corner No.
Thpnee S 63 degree:.
330.00 feet tr corn r No
Thence N 21 do -rces
4S6.20 feet to eoruer No.
Thence N 63 degrees 16 minutes i\,
220.00 feet .to corner No. 1, fie place
of beginning, eouiarU.-g 2,21! mues.
Bird claim is un-' urveyed ■ zenud iu
tlie Seafoam Miniug District, Custer
County, Idaho.
The adjoining .lair:a shov.-m lv tho
plat of survey are the l.'.aho
icy No. 1901 west of the Legsn I,ado.
Bluebell Lode east of tlio.C.d. Bernard
Lode, north of tho Holey Terror and
Mother lodes and west of the Rufus
Lodi. Fourth of July Lode south 01 tho
Mother Lode.
May arettn Lode oast of fib0 Mother
Lode and south of the Rufus Lode. '
Ophir Lode north of the Rutus Lode
and west of the Birdie Lode.
John Henry Lode southeast of the Ru
fus Lode and southwest of the Bird
ie Lode.
Happy Jack Lode southeast of the
Birdie Lode and southwest of the Gen
eral (irlint Lode. All of the, above,
e.i' opt the Idaho, are unsurveyed,.
D.{ e of posting this notice on claim,
September 21, 1920.
Anv and i ll persons claiming advers
ely the mining grounds, veins, ledges,
pi e . i-'es or any part of the same so
j-lr.i • cd, ùé:d .'tinted, Surveyed and cp
p ; ..i for, rei hereby notified that un- j
L-. I tiieh- adverse claims arc duly filed
according to law, with the Register
of the United Siate3 Land Office at
Loi:; \.in the State of Idaho, within the 1
six! d.'.y prided of publication of the ,
notice of suid application, they will be;
bniwd by virtue of said provisions of ;
said statutes,.
First Publication Oct,. 20, 1Ö2Ö,. j
Last Publication Dec. 15. 1920,. i
Notice is hereby giv.
ting ol tae Directors, h
127th day of October, 1920, an assess*
j ment of 20 c ats par share was levied
j upon the capital stock of the corpora
tion, pry >>:.• on or before December
10, 1970. 2o N. O. Hovey. Treasurer, at
tho Fir., t -d te Hank of Challis Idaho.
Any .to : np )n wliieli this assess
ment reiunit-.s unpaid on the 10th day
of Decern 1 r, 1929, w^l tie de!in((u. nt
and advertised for sale at Public a.ac
tio -, - o! unless payllieit be made be
fore, will b sol ) oa tho 15'ii dttj
January, 12 1, et 10 o'clo-k A. M. ;.i" j
said day, at the office of said coroora
. ■
tion, to pay the aeltiKiuent assessment
togetner w : 1 costs oi" advertising and i
exp • o s . f ale.
Dn.tcd this 27tii du v of October, 1929
A". I L ION .A. RR fVVN, Secretary
Lo TiUch uf.Office, CVaP.is, I.latio n3£4
oi at
' out 0
Judicial District of the
•0, in and for the County
in the suit of the Filigree
Co., Plaintiff, against John
he ".h
1 :
11 d Fete
'.■gain, D
J u
lit 00 0 0'
, l"'o 17th day
5 0^::'
. , A. D.
, 1 i' ave
li i \'I
t ht*
igîit, t
ml iutfi
est of
t; e
so ai
■u Etc'
1 a r and
and ta H
e following deserib
situated iu
Cuyéer Couiriy,
et 3
3T. 12
R." 23 E.
B. M.
i of
S !»]
•, s W u
NE ti
;• N. R.
7. B. M.
1 e
3WVi S.
c. 2
.) Alb/i
S; •
• 3 N. n
. 21
E. B. M. Sy 2
V ; . S
c. 2
5, T. 13
N. R.
■ i. si.
Lot 4 h
3, T,. 12
N. R.
E. B.
ce. 34 T.
13 N.
2!» n

M. Lo
3 1
and 2
Sec. 3
2 N.
23 E. B

e t ici*
îorebv «*
that en
111 e
i dav 0
A. D.
!' 2
», at
t lock P.
of said .
ay, at
ed prcpevly
higiicst bid,
; »1.1. ,, t.l :
: --.A.
1 üivé.i un,
the front door of tlie Court House in
Challis, Cast -r County Idaho, I will
sei! all the right, title and interest of
the raid John Eicherahar and Peter
Bi L-g.tln in ; ml to the above deserib
at publie auction, to the
v for cash of the United
. isfy said execution and
.- my hand, tiiiu 23rd day
, A.' D. 1920.
execution te- my I
the District Court
of Custer County, Idaho.
.i -• i 1
-.tli 0 ^
n \
nee N. 74
i ft. to cor.
By the pint
i a,. 11, Lot
I due a in
Survey No,. 2939.
U. S. Land Oltice, Hailey, Idao, Oct,,
13th, 1920.
Notice is hereby given t -at in pursu
of an act of Congress approved May 10
ance of an act of congr. «pi roved
May 10 1872, Lars Peters«:;, tone post
ollice address is Seattle, ujm'.ungioi.,
!;ns made application for a : n.u.i: 1er
1497.5 linear feet on t ;c 3
Lode, bearing gold, sill ' an ! o
er precious metals, the ' «ein .5
200.4 feet southeasterly avl 12-t
7.1 feet northwesterly <m sail
Cave Lode, situated in Bay Uorso
Mining Dislrict, Custer County, . .a
ho, and described by the official
Plat and by the field notes on
file in tho office of the register of
Ilailey Land District, Idaho, viz:
Cave Lode Mining Claim, Survey No.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1, Identical
with a corner oD the local on. A hr
post 6 ins. Diam., With one side squared
14 ft. long, set 1 Vi ft- >« B: ; ground, iu
a mound of stone, Scribed 1— 2fL9, ou
•ast side,. A triple fir . ree, ->J «'-V
Idiam. at base, scribed B. v. 1 —
.ears N. 41 degrees 44 minutes Av 14.3
p't. A fir tree, 19 ins. diam., scribed
p'-p 1_ «02,9 bears S. 76 degré: 1 ; 15 min
utes* E.* 20,.2 ft. j Tiie we-.: Vt corner
of Sec. 34, T. l3 N., R. 18 E. U-. M. bears
lx. 63 degrees 34 minutes AT. 1211.n0 ft.
* hence N. 19 degrees 90 minutes £. 900
Ifcet to cor. No. 2,. Then e fa. 74 de
recs 20. minutes E. 1497.5 ; . to cor. .,0.
Thence 8 19 degrees Ofi ; 'an .1 W.
700 feet to cor. No.. 4. "
decrees 20 minutes W. 149.
' 0 . 1. Total area 20.592
Ad ioining claims as showt;
y purvey aro Keiio, survey
Democrat, but"-/"- No. i.
.ode survey no. 1147,.
Ary bn 1 all persons c tiling r.o
Iver 0 y the ground embrace ' in said
(mining claim, or any part thereof, as
[designtied, surveyed, platte 1 and np
piled f r. are hereby notifi d that un
less their adverse claims a: 3 duly filed
according to law and the ; ; ;;uln!.o- a
thereunder, within the sir: -- '60) day
period of publication of 11 ecf said
application, with the Re;: ■ icr of ti e
United States Land Office, at Hailey,
Idaho, they will be forever barred by
virtue of the provisions of the raid
[statutes of the United Sta rs in fcucii
ease made and provided.
BEN U. GRAY, R : gist: r
Date of first pub. Nov. 9, 1 >
Date of last puh Jan. 4, ;
tlie District Court of t; - Sixth Ju-
dicial District, in and for ( . i r Coun-
ty, State cf Ida' )
-•urlly State Bank, a co; ;v';oo,
Louis Ipharraguerre, Joht Vi'emck
Jllarry P. Hunter, John Et sT.-r. B.
A. Moy<s, Pierre E. i.at ■ . Ur.-nk
iisplU-l ior and A, A. Zeig ;>;vl Da
vid R Pin ;ree, substitute. .A " !
i ; ra lor of the Estate Of I re L- ; -
pie, deceased, defertdonts.
Un er and by virtue of > cyder ; f
tale and decree of foreclos te, ; seed
out of and under the seal Hi,» blxtii
Jctlicial District Court of tfi . f
Idaho, ill and for Custer, C - 7 d o
u on a jiliigment tende ; : id
court on the : til day of R. .hr. 19.
7 ! , Untile above entitled a »' :i " '
iu tue above named plaint
■ . . ,
a j augment and decree ag :nst the a
,...........____,____ » . , ,
hove named defendants Lo;; 1 ; ! r hurra
guerre, John M. Wo .liek Harry p.
..miter,Jobu IJItchecahar, . A ?.:iiycs
Fieri0 E. Latapie, Frank 0 itclUer
and A. A. Zeigler, and Da j.l U. Pin
gree, substituted as Adm 1 1: tratorof
the .stale of Pierre ba tapie, deceased,
which jsaitl coerce was on
oi Nuvembrr, 1920, rccoi
O.h day
I *** j^oviemoer, wju, rccoi 1 in the
hook of said eou . t. page
352. i am commanded to . all that
ci.-rtniu,lot, piece or parcel «; and sit
uated in Custer County, Stale of Idaho
and bounded and pr.rticula:- dtierib
td as follows, to-wit:
Northeast quaeter (NI " of iha
southwe >t quarter (SVVJ4); • t.fi p (
(N;1) the southeast qu r (::2 ' )
and thd southwest quarter W 1 /)
tion five [5J, township nix >p..
range twenty-fiye [251 Eai 1 7se Mi r
iduin, containing 169 [lGO] .or - , meto
or less, with the excel tion ot; A strip
of land one hunt'red [ 100] feel wide
which was deeded to the S Union Riv
er Railroad Company, a corporation,
for a ligbe of vvey for railro-d track;
Togethe - « itlx ICO inches of water da
tog ether
: vionging
and for
t f ou" the
tin a from Abrili 10, 182
with tin tenements, he
and appurteuunces thereto
or iu any ivisarpp r uiuin
that purpose huva levied
Notice is hereby given U
undersigned, Sheriff us afo
sell the above described ret;
t> the higlnst bid; o- tore
lie aneti, n tit the fin t d
County Court l.'ons" • f tu
Idaho, rt Challis, iu tl e Co
1er, State < f ldcli >. tn Hie
Becem'; r, 1320, at ldo'elo
it d >y to satisfy [dainiif
til iuierent t'ieoeo i and
Dated Nov. inter lotli. 1
Sheriff, Custer Cot.
I .O'x k ia
rs oi Cusl.-r ("
L'a x.'s ' hoop to i
1 ni! "D or Iti-ioi'
. Miry

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