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Entered in the Poätoßlce at Cotton
wood, Idaho, an Srcona-class matter.
27, ms.
_ W~A Correspondent wanted in eqrh
Town and Village in the County.
gJtF"Communication* on all matters
of interest rheerfidly published. <lire
us your name; not for publication, but
as a guarantee of good faith.
For the first time the Report
conies liefere its readers and for
the first time the people of Camas
Prairie are aide to tell the world
at large, their hopes and sorrows,
advantages and disadvantages,
past and future, through a paper
published in Cottonwood. We
to-day greet you, one and all, m t
as a stranger would, but trust
you will receive us as a friend,
and that the Report may ever
prove its staunch friendship to
the people of the county in assis
ting their progress and further
ing their interests.
Although the Report expects
to handle all matter of public in
terest that may come before it;
at the same time it will ever keep
in view that, "as we read, so do
we think," and we shall zealously
keep our columns free of all per
sonalities or matter that does not
tend to benefit and improve. In
other words, we intend to so pub
lish the Report, that any father
and mother can safely have it at
their fireside and know that it
contains nothing to injure or mis
lead. Politically we stand neu
tral to all parties, and shall en
deavor to make the Report, a
true reporter of all matters of
public interest.
We are anxious to honestly re
port the resources of the country
and will always esteem it a favor
to receive any reports of crops,
mines, stock, or the like, that
any farmer, business man, or
woman may present.
The Report expects to receive
the liberal patronage of the peo
ple of Idaho and is satisfied that
each subscriber will receive, di
rectly or indirectly, many times
the value of the subscription
To the people of Cottonwood
and vacinity the Report extends
its siecerest thanks. But a short
time since we arrived among you
and we were met with a frieddly
hand and a pleasant welcome.
When the first word was spo
ken about the locating of a paper
in your midst, we received noth
ing but encouragement and when
the time came, the people sprang
to our assistance nobly; where we
asked for one subscriber, we îe
ceived three. To day the Report
appears with a subscription list
beyond our most sanguine ex
At first we had thought of issu
ing part of our paper with Port
land print, but owing to the sup
port we received, we have decided
to print all at home. To the
people, again we would extend
our thanks, and trust that the
Report will always lie so edited
as to continue as we start, wel
comed by all,
Denver Tribune : Messers Tan
natt & Hogan, Cottonwood's live
real estate rustlers, inform the
Tribune man they have ordered
and expect the arrival soon of
their plant for the publication of
their new pa per,the Coottonwj
Report. The enter;
out under the
äSE*V '
Jan. 26 1893.
Martin Wagner, the Cashier of
the Bank of Grangeville has re
turned from his visit to Portland.
This position was filled during
his'absence by W. X. Knox who
has now assumed the duties
of deputy county recorder.
• ' Mrs. Wax, ?drs. Brown, and
Miss Newman contemplate visit
ing Lewiston this week.
Rev. F, L. Buzzell is now hold
ing a series of meetings at the
M. E. Church.
The C. R. C. Academy now
has a full attendance. Most of
the scholars are large. The pros
pects are there will be the largest
graduating class this year that
the institution has ever had.
The public school is also in
good running order, under the
management of Prof. Mercier.
Rumors are afloat that a large
school building will be erected
here next summer.
The Amateur Dramatic Co.
played "Among the breakers,''
last Monday to a crowded house.
The town of Grangeville is
glad to be represented in the Re
port. We wish the paper suc
cess and congratulate our sister
town on her new enterprise.
Mr. Tannatt the editor of the
Report visited us last week. Mr.
Tannatt made a favorable im
pression on the people of
Grangeville and will secure their
patronage. We think he is the
"right man in the right place."
The justice court has been
in session several days,
trying a Chinese criminal case.
Jim Poe was bound over on two
hundred dollar bonds.
At a meeting of the town last
week, Benj. Allen was elected
night watch.
Mr. Brown the Cashier of the
Bank of*Cftmas Prairie is on a
visit to Lewiston.
Miss Addie McGaffec and
Frank McGrane will start for
California next week. Mr. Mc
Grane will visit the Bound as he
goes and return by Balt Lake.
Prof. Magee has been invited
to deliver an oration at the Wil
lamette University, at the clos
ing exercises next .June.
A Curiosity.
One of the greatest curiosities
of the day was brought to light
in Vancowver, B. C. recently in
the shape of a bible bearing the
date 152(1, printed in Latin and
German text. The book contains
800 closely printed pages, is
bound in the thick wood and
sheepskin parchment , in use in
the days when the book was is
sued. Typographically the work
is remarkably clear and distinct
the pages being divided by a ver
tical line through the middle,
forming two separate columns,
each about two inches wide.
Another remarkable feature
about the book is that in many
places throughout the words are
printed in red, presenting an un
ique appearance. The volume is
about 4x6 inches, and is in a re
markably good state of preser
vation, The discovery of this
book gives denial to the general
ly conceeded opinion that the
first bible was printed in 1533.
—Omaha Bee.
Post Office Report.
A review of the business dur
ing the last year shows total pos
tal receipts of $577.89; number
of pieces of mail registered 6Ji
received, 444; passing
I 371! making
J. K- Vincent i
and able to be out again.
Who say Mount Idaho is slow?
It. is impossible to find a vacant
h iu?e in the city.
Prof. Ferris' private school is
in full progress with 28 scholars
Our grist mill will continue
t i grind one week more, when it
will shut down for the winter.
Reports from Clearwater pro
nounce stock in that vicinity in
good condition. The weather
there is fine and the gardeners
are making ready for spring.
Thomas Horner of Mount Ida
ho is the lucky man who gets
the poorhouse and farm for the
next term, his bid living $13.00
per month for each person under
care, which was the lowest of the
five bids put in.
Messrs. Penny and Swan of
Clearwater paid our burg a visit
on Thursday.
The report is here that one
McLeod of Clearwater was ar
rested and lodged in jail at Lew
iston, charged with selling whis
key to Indians on the reservation.
Prof. Hinkel organized a class
in vocal music a few nights ago
with 10 members.
Our saw mill will start up in
a few days with a good supply
of fine timber.
J. K. Vincent was appointed
justice of the peace by the coun
ty commissioners at their last
A. Tefft of Keuterville paid us
a visit last week and reported
the "geese" as "hanging high" in
his neighborhood.
A Violet.
Lost Currency.
In all that has been said about
the depleted condition of the U.
B. treasury, little or no account
is taken of the fact with each
passing year the treasury is a
large gainer by the complete dis
truction by casualty of its out
standing obligations. How much
this amounts to the best statis
ticians of its treasury department
have no means of definitely ascer
taining. No two figures are alike.
Bince 1862, when government be
gan to issue paper money, $5,819,
106 was issued up to July 1 1892
Within the same period $4,852,
451,629 was redeemed, leaving
outstanding on July 1 1892, a li
ability against the government
of $967,177,479.
In an exhaustive inquiry on
the subject, made by United
States Treasurer Hyatt, it is es
timated that the aggregate loss
on all issues up to January,1888,
would not be less than $87,800,
000. The estimate did not in
clude fractional currency—50
cent, 25 cent, 10 cent and 5 cent
shinplasters—in such extensive
circulation for the few years fol
lowing the war. United States
Treasurer Nebker's report this
year states that more than $15,
000,000 of this fractional curn
cy is outstanding, though
practically gone on
tion and but
$4,000 v
City Drug
JORGEXS & MARTIN, Propriété*
Pure Drugs and Patent Medicines, and a
Full line of Druggist's Sundries such
as Combs, Brushes, Perfumery,
Toilet Articles, Silverware,
Jewelry, Glassware,
Lamps, Lamp Goods, etc., etc.
Pure Wines & Liquors for Medical Pur
poses. Prescriptions Carefully Com
pounded at all hours. We also
carry a complete line of
Furnishing Goods, for
both Ladies and
Call and exaihine- our prices.
Prompt attention given to Mail Orders
Life InsuraiiceCompany in tlie W.irlcl.
Assets, $130,000,000,
Surplus, $15,000,000.
NiaxoII & SÄkbbers,
Carpenters' and
each we
iston. dailv e
ka. m.
unt Idaho,
daily exe
oVloc kajai .
En r IC,-Tue»
ys of each week,
Sunday :
kinson 2:30
Idaho 7 p. m. Second
tonwood 11 a. in., Denver .
Grangeville 7 p. m. Third 1
Fairview 11 a. in., Sunnyside
Mount Idaho 7 p. m.. Foun
dav: Cottonwood 11 a. m.,
ATiioLic - First and Third,
(lava : Keuterville 8 a. in.
U'a. in. Second and l«j
Sundays: Cottonwood 8 a, m.*
society meett- every I rida V eve:
at 7 o'clock 6* the Hartberg h
^WÄTT, iWfen
1 \
Jacob Garber
C, W. Case
pi» * 'JV
J. II. Wann
ProdatfJl'üc.e <x)
Surr, ojS chools
Audito ^ Rêcoudeh a)
ClkrkPihtrict Court f
Asses'-»! * Tax(,
Coli/tor, I .
Tuk/jCrkr, John Bower
g.mV.YOit, Geo, M. Robertson
Shemfp, Chas, Gregory
(YiitoxKH, J. W. Turner, Mi D,
( 1st Dist., J. Reibold
Commissioners \ 2nd " H; -Meyer
(3rd " J> S. Fôckler
Electic Physician
and SukgeoîL
Cottonwood, Idaho.
M. MC DEllMlD,
F*ra.otioa,l Dentist.
Fillings One Dollar and Upwards. .
No charge for extracting
where plates are
Office in Post Office building.
Grangeville. Idaho.
Jas. Edwards, Proprietor.
Connected with the house.
Grangeville, Idaho.
F. M. Bridgfarmen
House, Sign and Carriage
-P ainter
Paper hanging Decorating and
Inside Finishing, specialties.
Cottonwood, Idaho.
Grand Ball
Tuesday, February 14, 1893,
Committee on Arrangements;
C. B. Wood. F. J. Hogan, James
Me, Cafferty, 8. Goldstone. *
It. King, Jas. Welch, Thomas
Brownly, Fet Rhoades.
Floor Managerb.
iWalsh. F. J, Hogan, B. A,*
lsggs, CVB. Wood. •
tel tiding »tipper, $2.00
_Pfof.*A.D. Green's
'ring Band.

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