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PubHshed Every Friday.
à, M. WOLBERT......Editor and Proprietor.
On« Tear, In Advance......... fLSO
Six Months, in Advance.................75
Three Months, In Advance.................60
A. Complet* Review of the Evente for
the Past Week In Thle and Foreign
Lande —Summarised From the Latest
In the province of Kazan, Russia,
the centre of the famine district, the
Red Cross Society alone is teeding
132,000 people. The relief delegate in
the province of Ufa reports that peas
ants ran after him and begged for
food on their knees in the snow.
The Phoenix Bridge Company, whose
works are located at Phoenixvllle, Pa.,
has received a contract to build 12
steel bridges for the Russian govern
ment and work will be commenced on
the structional material in a few days,
The bridges are for the Eastern Chi
nese railway, the southeastern exten
sion of the great Trans-Siberian road,
Japanese Judges sent by their gov
f5""f n 1 t to ma J^ e a study of interna
ttonal law in England and Germany,
have arrived in San Francisco. They
^ r6 c A'. Tannasy ' G- Abbi, M. Komiya,
ir an t T ' * N -£ 8 ^ a ï° J1 of Tokio,
and K. Kasaka, of Yokohama. 1
Greenwich, Conn.
The North Atlantic squadron
Sloa^^hc 6 ^ 0111 ' a and , M / S „ Jessie
the divorced w * fe ot Henry T.
Sloan, were married last week at
- has
Wnsville 0 stafen 7?° ^ T ° mp ' 88
Th J Lf'« St Isl8nd ' ,
r M Sh l P Kanawha of New
Y . k '*T Captaln Evans ' whlch left New ' he
port News April 2d with coal for the j to
Bermuda islands broke her rudder and
AorB fi?h T," fr ° m Be , rmuda on
April 6th. The crew escaped.
Lientenant O., E. Lasher, U. S. N„
who was thrown from his trap while ic
out driving with his 6-year-old child
of hïÏrL ' ° n APrU 21St ' d ' ed C
mi . ___
mi . ___
The Hotel Thornton, the Sturgis
block, and the Allen & McLaughlin
Omit bp a™!"' S'
A N. Miller, »loe-preeWent ot a bunk
2 ? C " M0 "' "
Orders' bave „ Fort
a t T'!î a ." a v," I
hold the troops in his command in
readiness t.o move at a moment's no
tice, to Wardner, Idaho.
Plantation owners near Manavatio
Mexico, received 106 new hands from
the Japanese steerage passenger list of
the North American Mail steamship
Olympia, which arrived last week i
Fred Williams, of Wales Wash was f
drowned Satourday April' 29th ''
one Ss%fg r o e o 8 dr h froV e So7to *500 I
fer each c,Lf Tl; . "- $30 °. t0 * 500 I <l
out > e n C the Cl bin. m ° re than ° ne ' 83 Set l
The Chilkat Indians in Alaska are
----- umus m Alaska are |
on the warpath.
Services over'the remains of Sam T
J«*, u» Lt
place Sunday in New York City.
Secretary Hay has cabled instrnc i
tiens to Minister Merry, at Bluefields,
informing him that the United States 1
could not permit the double assessment
of American merchants at Bluefields
on goods imported into that port.
Distinct shocks of eartnquake were
_____,__ __ „„
felt in all parts of San Francisco last
week. _
Three persons were killed and more
than a dozen seriously injured and 50
less seriously injured, as the result of
a wreck Sunday on the Rochester &
Lake Ontario railway, better known
as the "Bay" road, a half mile north
of Rosenbauer's Corners, N. Y.
It is announced in Berlin that Pres
ident McKinley received the German
ambassador, Dr. Von Holleben, and ex
pressed his disapproval of the remarks
attributed to Captain Coghlan at the
recent dinner and requested the am
bassador to assure Emperor William
and the German government of his
friendly sentiment.
The war department expects Chicago
to supply 6,000 recruits before Janu
ary i at '. 1900, for service in Cuba and
the Philippines. About 50 men a day
fi™ e „ Xa " lned at tbe recruiting sta
Ths lMt^ « adiS0n 8treet
* v Bnl ' ed States ship Ranger has
Just had her dock trial at Mare Is
en7Jio d i WiU S00n be ready t0 g0 lnt0
commission, a new ship to all intents
Manila as soon as she is ready. On
account of her light draught she will
be a —-----
Dewey'I a fleet le addltion to Admiral
agïns n t k W c al F n h Wh ° br ° Ught 8ult
eg burned while Balling was under
*10 000 r 7J Or tr l atmen , t ' waa allowed
ÜK2 ur a t magesby8 3urylntheclr -
J—Wilson, « m ■«,„
[do that devastated KirkviHe, Mo™last
ial tax under the act of June 13, 1898,
Governor Geer, of Oregon, commuted
to life imprisonment the death sen
tence of J. M. Olberman, who was
have been hanged at Roseburg for the
murder of Jasper Castel.
Louis Spitzel, who has been supply
ing the Filipinos with arms, said atn
Hong Kong: "Why should I not fur
nish arms to the Filipinos? There
money in it. I am a British subject
and it is legitimate business."
Reginald Tower, British charge
d'affaires during the absence of Sir
Julian Pauncefote, has assumed charge
of the embassy in Washington.
Rev. L. Elena, vicar general of the
diocese of Hamilton, Ontario, is dead,
Robert Goelet, whose death at Na
ples on his yacht Nahma, is announced;
was worth $45,000,000.
Fire destroyed the four-story Wei
dun building on Fourth avenue, Pitts
burg, Pa., last week.
Fifteen thousand sight-seers have
visited the scene of the terrific tornar
week. A movement is on foot to raise
a fund for the sufferers.
Emperor William has given an indi
cation of his friendship for the United
states by sending a personal cable dis
patch to President McKinley thanking
him for his action in authorizing the
landing of a German cable on Ameri
can soil. The president has replied to
the emperor's message, thanking him
for the friendly statements therein
made and reiterating the friendship of
the United States for Germany
Circulars have been issued by the
promoters of a combination of all the
concerns in this country engaged in
1 -
the manufacture of silk ribbons and
broa( l silk goods. Many have signified
their willingness to enter the deal.
The insurgents at Baler state that
they have the missing men of the gun
boat Yorktown and are holding them
88 prisoners - Aguinaldo's troops at
San Fernando are said to be in mutiny
General Otis is quoted as saying that
he thinks the rebels sent a peace nartv
to Manila only to gain time P ? 7
Terry McGovern, of Brooklyn was
given the decision on points over Joe
Bernstein of New York in a 25 round
bout before the New Broadway Athlet
ic Club last week 7 C
Tidal waves and severe gales have
C "n reat damage t0 ' he ,ow '«lands
the Caroline croun during noot
few months!" 16 gr ° UP dUrinB the PaSt
I The president has issued a proclam
SH" ratification ot
tie u"te"stttM a°oa Meïlco
Lss ,lZ
family named Laramore and others
i __ ». . - -------- -»
f rench ambassador tba t Spain would
"cept through him the $20,000,000, to
charging them with complicity in a
lynching near there some time ago.
Tom Robinson was hanged at Hills
b °ro, Texas, for assault. He claimed
to be innocent.
Secretary Hay is notified by the
Th f f 0 ™ ^ concluded ^ in
<l uest int0 the death of Tucker Town
Lavelle, the pugilist,
Send ' alias
ln & Verdict that Lavelle ' 8
death was caused by a bloodclot on the
Tnh'n'r« 6 result . °*, a blow Delivered by
r^.z , a ue i, <iuri,E * ir '"
A hnwiint hi a
i . healing blizzard raged during
Sixinches ot snow^eîf HUl8 ' S ' ^
fel1 '
lone reports a dearth of silver coin.
Many newcomers have located at To
edo . thls sprin £
Tilamook saloonkeepers have agreed
t0 sel1 no more Hquor to minors,
There is talk of building a telephone
Iine from Cond °n to lone.
-_____ —, ____ ____
Monday, municipal ownership of
Several Marion county hopgrowers
report the reappearance of the hop lice.
Lincoln county bees wintered well!
and the year's honey crop will be large!
Morrow county sheep owners say
the lamb increase this year is 75 per
The winter losses of horses in Jor
dan valley, Malheur county, reached
50 per cent.
At the Coquille city election last
ter works carried by a vote of 91 to 14.
The telephone line from Oakland to
Cole ' s valley is a certainty. A bonus
is being raised by people living alone
tbe line. B
Owing to the recent suit decided
against tbem ' the Bellamy colony, of
Lincoln county, has broken up and the
<issociation is no more.
Fishermen say that there is still
some illegal fishing in the Clackamas
narrowly escaped capture.
Eugene Beaya, of Sparta, Ore., who
bas supplied the mines with beef for
'°^ite mb as n b7n°Xing 'for weeks*
with. Ully dealt
An accident occurred at Monument
ITT 17 n icbmay --itiaTÄh
, ra' t * h adle T 8bt
Large Amount of Property Destroyed—
Several Towns Damaged -Rumors of
Loss of Life—Three of a Family Killed
In a Storm Cave.
Wichita, Kan., May 6.—Meager reports
reach here of a terrific wind storm that
caused great destruction at several points
in southern Oklahoma. The most s.rious
damage is reported at Chickasaw, Ton
gawa and Anadarko. The storm sfructk
Chickasaw at 3:30 o'clock in the after
noon and destroyed that half of the town
north of the Rock Island railroad shops.
Sixteen buildings were blown down and
the roof was torn from the railroad round
house. Sixteen injured persons had been
taken from the wrecked house up to 6
o clock, but only one death had been re
ported. J. H. Murray, a railroad man,
was dead when taken from the wreck of a
Rumors of greater loss of life are about,
but cannot be confirmed. Only one tele
graph wire runs out of Chickasaw, and
there is little chance of getting a list of
the injured ton'ght
the storm came from the southwest,
preceded by a heavy hail and followed by
a flood of rain. The path of the storm
was right down Chickasaw avenue, the
main street of the town, and nearly
every building on the street was either
wrecked or unroofed and the contents ex
posed to the rain.
A dispatch received in Wichita from
Tongawa says that in Canton township,
18 miles west, great damage was done by
" tornado.
The family of J. H. Ware took refuge in
storm cave, which became so heavy from
the constant rain that it fell in, killin'*
three members of the family. The houses
of J. C. Tounel and S. Saunders were
blown to pieces and Mrs. Tounel was badly
Of the damage at Anadarko nothing can
be definitely learned. The Rock Island
extension up the Canadian valley to Ana
darko is reported washed out' in three
places and traific is blocked.
George N. Osborne has succeeded T.
Weir as manager of the Lewistown
and Great Falls telephone line.
Nathan Axe, one of the early settlers
Beaverhead county, is dead.
Governor Smith has reappointed J.
Comfort and John Wilhart directors
the orphans' home.
Louis Freudenstein, an oldtimer in
Butte, and formerly a well known fig
ure in mining circles, is dead.
William Clark, of Wibaux, reports
having sold his ranch and 40 head of
cattle, at the mouth of Shadwell creek,
for $3,000.
There is now no smallpox in Missou
la. The last quarantine has been
raised and all of the late patients have
fully recovered.
H. J. Haskell has purchased from S.
D. Bovee his entire brand of Cross C
horses, numbering in the neighborhood
or 500 head.
Senator S. S. Hobson has left for Eu
rope, the purpose of the journey ac
cording to Mr. Hobson, being to con
suit with English stockholders con
cerning the working of the sapphire
fields near Utica.
Receiver Eugene T. Wilson, of the
First National bank, at Helena, has
just disposed of a quantity of shares of
stock held as collateral in the Helena
& Livingston Smelting & Reduction
Company at $5 a share. The receiver
protected the stock at the time it was
sold and took it in at what was then
the market price, 75 cents a share, al
though some of it had been a short
time before then sold as low as 50 cents
a share.
The new ditch company of Townsend
has finished running its levels and set
ting its grade stakes. The ditch will
aad owned by a corporation
P ™ bab * y known a« the Broadwater
Canal Company. The Missouri river
will be tapped somewhere in Charles
Grimm s field, and a sufficient quanti
ty of water carried to irrigate the en
Crested" 886 ° W " ed by the PerSOns ln
P a ° rge CIlnton Swallow, emin
" the d ® ld of science and scientific
literature, the founder of the first col
!® g f. °J agriculture and science in the
United States, the first state geologist
nutld 6 ih tate ° f MiSS0Url ' wh0 «est dis
puted the general^ accepted theory
that there was no coal in Kansas or
Missouri, and who, long before there
was a prospect of a lead mine in Mis
souri, insisted upon the existence of
I b l ar !.. n "-.' he great . Joplia lead de
° s
panythat bum the fl rst smeltingTut
mice in Montana, and who personally
superintended the building of the first
silver mill in the state, is dead, at his
home in Chicago, aged 82 years. Dr
fr °T WS r at ° ne time the ed itor of
the Helena Independent. For many
years he made Montana his home A
H°eiena Part ° f he llyed *
The statue of Miss Frances E Wil
lard may not be placed in statuary hall
all h A,7 US V7 representatives after
Ulinnu gh the 8tate "sembly of
Illinois has appropriated $9,000 for
del P H rP08 f' the Ininois con sres8lonal
delegation is at loggerheads over the
proposition and may prevent it. The
opposition to placing a statue of a wo
S" Sif 18 h ? ded by Represen
tative Hopkins, of Illinois, on the
ground that Illinois had tour distln
häm fl 80 " s ~ B,ys8es S. Grant, Abra
j ha " l DC ? n ' Stephen A. Douglas and
nuhn A ' L ? gan_ ' whose llfework and
The average person wears nearly 14
pounds of clothing. y 4
Everett real estate business Is lively.
Stevens county has 900 miles of pub
lic roads.
A golf club has been organized at
Walla Walla.
The telephone line between Monroe
and Snohomish is now completed.
The cherry crop in the Palouse coun
try has been for the most part frost
An artesian well sunk on Eureka
Flats struck a strong flow of water at
120 feet.
The new Salem hatchery, on the Lit
tle Spokane, will be in operation by
August 1st.
The share of Stevens county's debt
assumed by Ferry county amounts to
about $17,000.
A monument to the dead of Company
I may be erected on the court house
lawn in Walla Walla.
Patrick McCluskey, a mortar-mixer,
fell into the bay at Seattle recently,
and was drowned.
Michigan capitalists have bought
2,000 acres of timber land in Skagit
county for $36,000.
Dr. N. G. Blalock, of Walla Walla,
Wash., has over 100 hives of bees on
his ranch, below the city.
Peter Hahersetzer was killed last
week by a falling tree limb while work
ing at Custer's shingle mill, near
About 45 men are now employed on
two vessels building at Hoquiam,
Wash., and laborers for the mills and
camps are said to be scarce.
Senator Addison G. Foster is work
ing hard to bring a delegation of East
ern senators and congressmen to the
coast to visit Washington and Alaska.
Gov. Rogers has approved the plans
for the new wing for the Western
Washington Hocpital for the insane,
and two dormitories for the state uni
Pure Food Commissioner McDonald
has decided, at the urgent request of
practically all the large wholesale
houses of the state, to delay the en
forcement of the pure food law until
July 1st.
Smallpox has broken out at Alder
ton, on the Northern Pacific, 12 miles
west of Tacoma, and stringent mea
sures have been taken by County Phy
sician Heliker and his deputies to pre
vent its spreading.
Stevens' hall, the girl's dormatory of
the agricultural college at Pullman
took fire recently, and for a time a
panic threatened among the sixty
young lady students of the college.
The fire was put out by patent extin
guishers with a loss of $250.
The body of Stephen H. Falconer, a
Douglas Island contractor, was found
in the bay near Juneau April 22nd
Falconer was formerly of Walla Walla!
Wash., and was a prominent Odd Feb
low. He had been missing since De
cember 3rd.
A. V. Fawcett, former mayor of Ta
coma, has declined the appointment
tendered him by Governor Rogers as a
member of the state fair commission,
on the ground that his business inter!
ests will not admit of his giving the
necessary attention to state fair mat
The old Theatre Comique, the orig
n th JT ° f „ ViCe ln Tacoma ' wa * filled
to the doors Sunday night by a crowd
assembled for a purpose which must
have made the old walls feel that they
were in a strange country. The ser
SLir sa,vation Army
Reports from all over the Yakima
are 'badfv^ ^ Strawberry plants
a re badly frozen out, and in many
P - they are entire,y killed. The
^ Parker wr bad f0r the p6ach trees
n Parker bottom. i t is 8ta ted that
Ä^ entireval ' ey wasp —
somfiitne a !t 8trike at Bucoda ' mad ®
some little time ago, has developed in
to a matter of great importance to that
com munity in particul P ari a n n C ;V7 u a !
ton county in general. It was at first
but U th bt ( the °° al f0Und was antharclte
ut this is not strictly true. But what
is almost as good, the coal is of' a
perior bituminous quality.
Sentiment for Annexation.
Washington, May 7,-Hon. H. O. Curtis
VI* h nSU l ar <x>mmi * äioa has returned
to Washington after his visit with tl J
to p- members of tbe commission to Puer
to Rico. Mr. Curtis stopped in Cubi and
reported he found a larje majori^ of thî
responsible people of that island advo
eating annexation. Among those with
whom he talked was ex-l-^ident mIsso
» ho is avowedly favorable to the policy
° s - klng the V Lmd " p ,rt of th '' Uhiti d
states. General Masso told him that the
planters and business men geneiadv V
'f"™"« •«
eÎoVt n 71 he heir
government, and also some of t .,L who
rations fr» J""*
Pacific Coast Cracker Trout
Ä.ifcip.t/Ä.r 0
ized capital of $4 000 non • au l'l 10r '
Highlang Light, Mass., May
eale th ° f '7 f<W "'^ther^nd brisk 1
S .7 e J h00ners ,ay atranded on CaS
y —
Fit. and Jeffrie* to In „„
Minuter to Penln
Pointed 'fr»' fert W~"b? Pr " i<lf :" t "P
Entire Company Bought -Name Will Re
main the Same—It Include* Smelter*,
Dual Bed«, Kallroad* and (in* Com
paille«- The Public Can Buy Stock.
New York, May 6.—The entire inter
est of Andrew Carnegie in the Carnegie
Steel Company has been purchased by the
co partners in the business, with H. C.
Fricke at their head. The exact ngure
which represents the purchase price could
not be learned. It is known, however,
that the price was over $150,000,000 and
was entirely satisfactory to Mr. Car
negie. It is understood that one of ttie
stipulations of the sale was that the new
company shall retain the name of the pres
ent concern.
The new company includes not only all
tne Carnegie steel plants but also the
H. C. Fricke Coke Company, with its 40,
000 acres of coal land in the Conne'lsvil e
district; the Oliver Mining Company, wi.h
its large ore interests in the Lake Su
perior district: the Pittsburg, Bessemer
ami Lake Erie railroad; the Union rail
road, which connects at Homestead witli
all the trunk lines east and west, and
all the interests in several hundreds of
gas lines. It is intended to increase the
output of all the various departments of
the joint company so that the present
famine in the steel market may be re
lieved and the continued export demand
Will Let In the Public.
The former co partners of Mr. C .rneg e,
32 in all, purpose to retain the interests
which they held individually, as mem
bers of the original Carnegie Steel Com
pany, and to otter for sale to the public
baies which they have acquired from Mr.
Carnegie. This intention, in the event of
the purchase from Mr. Curiug e, had been
intimated for some time and long before
the sale was effected, an enormous de
mand for theee shares had come from al
most every part of the country.
It is said that the members of the new
company expect a material increase of
their property—some saying that the
property will double in value within the
next five years. They say that evidences
have recently multiplied that there will be
an enormous demand f r s e. 1 in the con
struction of all kinds of buildings and
that of necessity the value of their hold
ings will increase greatly.
The preliminary hearing of Gus
Smith, at Wallace, has been dismissed,
charged with vitriol throwing.
The work of enlarging the capacity
of the Independent canal is progress
ing rapidly.
Chris Thiessen, of Lewiston, has
commenced shearing a band of 1,000
sheep in his corrals back of Normal
James Judge and family of Sand
Point, have moved to Harrison, Idaho,
where they will engage in the hotel
The stage of water on the upper Pot
latch is now favorable for log driving
and active work is now under way
the river to start the big drive.
Sheriff Bradbury has sold four
horses which belonged to C. E. Roberts
and were attached for debt by the Sand
Point Lumber Company.
The First National bank of Ken
drick is making arrangements to call
in its circulation, preparatory to chang
o I i S * itS 1 name int0 that of tbe Kendrick
State bank.
The county commissioners spent
two days in looking over the roads be
tween Bonner's Ferry and Port Hill
The road overseer, Mr. Dawson, has a
gang at work.
At the meeting of the council at Mos
cow it was decided to call for bids to
be opened May 15th, for furnishing
lumber, city printing, and running the
water works.
lewUt° rtS Ir ° m the 8ecti0n north of
Lewiston, near Uniontown, are to the
effect that practically all the fruit has
ard?hrer ththeexception ° fapp '
thf 6 porf h 7°T ke ' superin tendent of
In are ? ndian 8ch00 '- reports
an attendance of about 180 ai tu»
school this year, and a very sLcLfu
school year all around. successfu l
Jud?ln U t P o7T h e ed7 t 7c h "o af rfo7 e L 7 th h
i«e n 7f ,n s fa Ba r ' ne defendant >n the
Moire Th» îargh00rn V8 - Julia A.
court is reversed*°* the l0Wer
pC^riff ^ av ' ngs ^ Trust (^niTmy
P, M. Rogers, also from Latah countv
will be "Grain
Much interest in the
. ----- «uicicsi
seqTq tTà*^" 0 " ° f th ® ministl Y the
ties yesterd^Vn 11 *7 6 chamber of de P u '
'«»ged animaL nl "T ° f a P r0 '
" , . fongn affairs, Admir, a...
. . -- —- mtn
created a livelv d ?* ral Canevero,
response to the attack 1 u7 by ) Pr ° dUCing a
San Mun bay. Up ° n lls P°licy at
ed N to7o r up ed i n m a n bln Vienna ' 8 allow '
formal consent *f bal i I a ° on )f witbout the
dren. his wlfe and chil
clenTLd'ToïerVwoiks^ 't® 00
at $600,000. More th»n f rt ' valued
them went to CRtrmany? ot
Just SO evü L
comes out in
ulà, pimp
and young
time it can
« sing Hood's
In older people,
of irregular ft
self in bil\
heavy head, a
a general bad f
It is the blood, u*
friends, which l s , he !L
that with Hood'*
ness will reign in
Blood Poiton-q t
fur years owine t» ij ,
followed small po*. ^
my body, itchingiai^'U
and hospitals in vain i
sa pari Hit. Iiliel,„<j |
entirely cured, f com
tops and shout abouk
Liams, C'arbondaie, Pa,
Scrofula Sore»-" v,
months hud scroful* iTi
arm. Local appiieatiinu
medicine did little or™
Barsupari lia cured him
is now four, withsmootl,
8. S. boten, Ftrniingui^
Hoed '« pm* c ur( nv«r nn, tla
only cathartic t<> inkT»ii
Comment on Commo*-'
chison Globe
Boys are always
to get hurt.
Some people even mife
trying to be tough.
Some people never reeSj
tmlves except at a funenl
You can't punish an a
than to take him at hi*
Of every rich manlU
body that his women F
Women think every ta#
the devil who baa not
some woman's love.
When a man's children
ride for half fare on thecal
tc feel that he is getting
Eating an onion everjt
the latest remedy for tr*
complexion and Injuriai
A perfect housekeeper
always ready for conr
always manages to
When a man ls sick I»
than at any other time
again, and get paid for
When a woman heanC
ed company is coming li
gets the most fantastic' '
walk on her.
When you call on a
keeps one finger in the
was reading, don't remit
five minutes.
A dead man cannot be
any real importance
is held awaiting the
town relatives.
When a woman ls lnvi
she praises everything
and asks the hostes* to
uever calls for them.
A sissy man is one who
ly at home and at his
wife begins to pass aro
to her guests at a party.
" hen a man by his lr
succeeds in getting a
friends point out that he
relatives who have a pud
An Excellent Co
The pleasant method
effects of the well kn
Syrup of Figs, manufc
California Fig Strop
the value of obtaining th*
tive principles of plao* 8 .
medicinally laxative soi
them in the form most re
taste and acceptable totbj
is the one perfect streng
tive, cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headache
gently yet promptly and
to overcome habitual co"
manently. Its perfect
every objectionable qu*
stance, and its acting on
liver and bowels, witho«'
or irritating them, make
In the process of mann
are used, as they are p
taste, but the medicinal 4
remedy are obtained fr°*
other aromatic plants. "I
known to the CalifobSI*
Co. only. In order to g*'
effects and to avoid in»
remember the full naroeol
printed on the front of *
LotnsvnmB. irr.
For Mle by all Druggist*.—

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