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Published Every Friday.
Subscription sfcl,50 per Year
Entered in the I'ostoffiee at Cottonwood
Idaho , as Second-class matter.
Lucile, Idaho,
*■ ^ _ May 26, 1899.
Editor Report, Cottonwood.
Very little has transpired since
last letter and everything is about
the same as usual, all claims and
prospects showing up in good shape
and prospecting good.
Work on the Black Jack mine
has been suspended for a few days
till more powder arrive» when it
will be carried on with its usual
vim, it is still looking in good shape
and an excellent hody of ore still
in view. A prominent mining man
and whose name we are not at lib
„erty to mention is now figuring up
*pn securing this mine as well as
several other companies in addition
to those mentioned in former letters,
so the probablities are that some
one will soon take hold of this mine
and by so doing secure a big bonan
za. '1 be Black Jack is all wool and
several yards wide at that.
Some work has been done upon
the McKinley and Emma of Sheep
Gulch, and everything done shows
a larger body of ore of an improved
quality and which widens with
depth, the company which bonded
it will be hereon orabout June 1st.
The Triangle Fraction on Fiddle
Creek is showing up very well, and
prospecting from surface.
Recording on the Glouchester on
Chair Creek is finished and an ex
cellent prospect can be had from
the surface in. Dr. McCallie and
T. M. Post are working on the Im
perial claim near Crawford creek
and it is showing up O. K. and
prospecting good. Flint & Barger
took out $60. in three hours work
upon their placer claim at mouth
of Sheep gulch. The largest nug
get in this lot weighed over $10.00.
About 90 per cent of the amount of
gold taken out of this claim the past
winter is rough quartz gold. We
are given to understand that a Mos
cow company proposes to wing dam
Salmon river at Spring bar near
Crawford creek, after the summer
rise is over. There is no question but
what this enterprise will be crowned
with great financial success. Tak
ing it all in all the Simpson min
ing district is improving greatly
and coming to the front with rapid
Btrides, the only complaint we hear
of is from our merchant, Mr. Cur
tiss, who says that it takes him
hustling continually to get in goods
to supply the ever increasing de
mand, but so far he has done very
well indeed.
Yours Respecfully,
Please aeeept this copy of
' 99 .
our annual for this year, with the
compliments of the Passenger De
partment of the Northern Pacific
We think that the cover is unus
ually appropriate, and artistic as
well. In these days of emigration
and new home-seeking, the text
should be of special interest to those
inclined to seek new homes and for
tunes. The Northwest is a large and
varied country and welcomes all to
test its resources and possibilities.
The'tourist and traveler may also
perhaps, lind in these pages some
facts and knowledge relative to
scenic beauty and health in this
grand region, heretofore unknown
to him.
The publication is of value in the
home and to school teachers and
Bcholars, and we gladly send it
mailed in special envelopes to any
address upon receipt of SIX CENTS
in stamps or otherwise.
Should you inform the public
that it can he thus obtained, I will
he pleased to receive Two Marked
Copies of your Journal containing
such announoment.
Very respectfully,
Chas. S. Fee,
My own theory is that a magazine
must be better this year than it was
last year to be as good as it was last
year. Everything in all lines is get
ting to he better and better. Every
year shows an improvement. The
people expect more, demand more,
and will have a right to demand
more, as long "as ftie world nuovee. !
A publisher cannot stand still. He 1
either goes backward or for war f. I
must do a bigger- business this year
to do as big a business ns I did last
year. Everything in business, as !
everything in life, is relative. If 1 «
just,where I stood last year, the
fellow behind me will, at thpend oh
the twelvemonth, have olosed up a
good deal of the gap between us, and
the fellow ahead of mo will have
widened the gap between us. 1
must move on and on and eternally
on. or, with the pace we set in these
days, it is only a question of a very
little time when I shall find myself
.put of the race. What is true of rhy
business is true of all business, it
seems to me, We must reach out
and out and out for wilder fields.
The advertisement is the natural
and most effective way of reaching
out. The reorganizing period is up
on us. It throbs with vitality and
life and interest. It is solving new
problems, opening up new theories,
establishing new linos. It means
that the big house will get bigger,
and that the small ones will disap- !
pear. Centralization,concentration,
is the thought and soul of the busi
ness world today. Regrets, lamen
tations, protestations, are unavail
ing. The new order of things is here,
and it has come to stay. It means
ruin to those who oppose rt; it means
riches and power to thoso who es
pouse it. It means oheaper goods
for the people, the greatest good to
the greatest number.— Munsey,
Carter's Monthly For May.
Cabthh's Monthly Magazine pub
lished in Chicago, and edited by Opie
Reed, is making rapid strides in the puls |
lie favor. It is tlie only 10 cent maga* !
zinc in Chicago devoted exclusively to !
American literature, and is certainly '
supplying the need for a western maga
zine. Each month the magazine pre
sents an interesting table of contents,
consisting of short stories, sketches of
travel, and articles of general interest,
all profusely illustrated; hut in addition
to this each number contains an article
of a philosophical, economic, or scientif
ic nature. The leading article in the
May number is ' Weltmerism—the New
Era in Healing." This is a capable re
view of the Weltmer Method of Mag
netic Healing, the new science that is
creating so much interest in the United
States and Europe. The article takes
up the question from a scientific stand
point, and shows the fundamental prin
ciples upon which the science is based.
The writer visited the Weltmer Institute
at Nevada, Mo., for the purpose of re
search, and was astounded at the mar
velous cures effected. Since Professor
Weltmer discoved the new science three
years ago and commenced its practice at
Nevada, over 70,000 patients have been
treated, and the halt, the lame, and the
blind have been cured. The article also
describes how the sick may be cured at
a distance by a system of treatment pre
scribed by Professor Weltmer, upon the
patients sending to him a statement uf
their eases. The cures effected by this
method are as remarkable as when per
sonally treated, The new science has
opened up another avenue of business
for young men and women, and hun
dseds are taking the course of instruc
tion. The Weltmer Method of Magnetic
Healing is winning the admiration of the
most noted physicians, for nearly all
the cures effected had been given lip by
doctors as hopeless. The remarkable
success attending his discoveries has
stamped Prof. S. A. AVeltmer as one of
tlie great men of the age.
tlie great men of the age.
Proverbs for Advertisers.
The firm is dead that does not
Let your goods be known among
all men.
An effective advertisement is a
fair estate.
A good advertisement keeps off
A little advertisement may save
a deal cf idleness.
A world of wealth lies in that one
Measure your space before you
write your advertisement.
Know how sublime a thing it is
to advertise and be famous.
Advertising is a constant want,
and shonlcl be a constant study.
Let thy advertisement be short,
comprehending much in few words.
An advertisement should be in
tense expression of condensed ideas
—one- pithy line more pregnant
than a windv column.
Would Not Sutter So Again For
Fifty Times Its Price.
I awoke last night with severe
pains in my »tomach. I never felt
so badly in all my life. When I
came down to work this morning I
,felt so weak I could hardly work.
I w r ent to Miller & McCurdy's drug
store and they recommended Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhcea remedy. It worked like mag
ic and one dose fixed me all right.
It certainly is the finest thing 1 ev
er used for stomach trouble. I shall
not be without it in my home here
after, for I should not care to en
dure the sufferings of last night
again for fifty times its price.—G.
H. Wilson, Liveryman, Burgetts
town, Washington Co., Penn. This
remedy is for sale by all druggists.
I of
Ronjrli on Bad
An EUensburg minister tells this
story, which is not bad, in view of
the result of the recent election
He was balding revival services in
-North Yakima, last week, and as
he was closing the services each
evening he asked those who were
Christians to"''come forward, Gut
of a family of man, wife, and daugh
ter, at one meeting, the latter two
went to the front, while the head of
the household remained In his seat.
On the way home the daughter,
who is about eight years old, un
burdened her mind as follows:
Well, mamma, I'm ashamed of
papa; here you and 1 are trying to
he Christians and lead Christian
lives, but papa won't do the Rame
thing. He's nothing but a popu
list."—EUensburg(\Va?h,) Capital.
FIFE AND Achievements of Admiral
Dewey," the world's greatest naval hero.
Uy NT unit Halstead, the lifelong friend
and admirer of the miti ill's idol. Diggest
and host hook : over 500 pages halftone
illustrations. Only *1.5(1. Enormous
demand. Dig commissions. Outfits free.
Ohanee of a lifetime. Write quirk. The
Dominion Company, 3rd Floor Caxton
Bldg,, Chicago.
Ireland Has Had Many Names.
Few countries have suffered so
many changes of names as Ireland.
In the time of Ptolemy the island
was known as Scotia, Diodorous
Siculns calls the island Iris, or Iris;
in the De Mondo, credited by some
scholars to Aristotle, it is" called
Irenne; in the Araganautioa of
Orpnans it appears as Isinua;Stabo
called it Irene; Caesar, Tacitus and
I-, i , ,, .... - , l
I liny mentioned it as Hibernia; I
Mela called it Juverna. The native
names in Celtic are Ir. Erie or Erin '
Plutarch mentions it under the name
of Ogygai. The name Ireland is no
doubt derived from the native Ivor
>Eri, but when it came into general
use is a question concerning which
scholars are much at variance.
Cottonwood is a piosperous town
just at present judging from what
the Report has to say about it. — X.
Admiral George Dewey,
Coming home, they say,
Bring out the anvils,
Let's have a holiday,
Shoot up colored rockets,
Turn the search-light high,
See the name of Dewey,
A-blazing in the sky.'
Didn't need a bath-tub,
On his Manila trip,
Didn't boast of fighting,
Never had the grip,
Sank tlie Spanish navy.
In a manner that was new,
Honored grand ''Old Glory,"
Did it ship-shape, too.
Didn't mention "canned beef,"
Got no reprimand,
Went about his business, •
"Child-like and bland.
Never wrote for magazines,
Had no tale to tell,
Led the fleet while fighting,
The whole world said, "'Tis well.
Ate salt pork in Hong Kong,
Never asked for pie,
Didn't wire "Hot weather," hero,
Didn't moan or sigh,
Didn't ask to eome home,
Stuck right to Ids ship,
Didn't get a bit scared,
Took no foriegn lip.
Admiral George Dewey.
Coming home, they say,
Bring out the anvils,
Let g have a holiday,
Shoot us covered rockets.
Turn the searchlight high,
See the name of Dewey,
A-blnzing in the sky.'
— Lue Vernon.
St. Johns, N. B. was fire swept on
the 25, u 11., and 1,000 poor people
made homeless.
^otice for publication.
Land Office at Lewiston. Idaho,)
Mav 29, 1899.f
. Notice !.. h< ml, y liven that the follow- !
m-'-nui," ! settler i i- fifed notice ol his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made Indore James DcHaven, U. S.
Court Commissioner at G range ville Ida
ho, on Julv 15, 1899, viz •
for the Lot 1 Sec 12 Tp 32 N. R. 2 W.
II. M., lots 3, 4, 5 and 7 Tp 32 N. R. ]
4\ . 1>. M. He names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and eu'tivation of said land viz
William R. Gibbs, William R. i>G,,'n
and Charles R. Babcock of Morrow, fda
lio, and William F. Shaw, of Westlake,
19—p. J. B. West Register.
his succes
ToW. (). Ross, secretary :
sors or assigns :
You are hereby notified that we, your
co-owner's, have expended in labor and
improvements- upon the Miner und
, ua -tnint-r aim .
c rank quartz mining claims, situated in I
I jerce mining district, Shoshone countv i
I th ? sum of !|3tK) for annual assess
ment work tor tlie years 1897 and 1898
I fail !
under sect on 2324 of the revised
I of the United States revil,edBtatutea ^
Robert X TWv
,' ir ;• Dlnn ;
■ JoHk V
I First publication April i F
Votice For Publication
Und Office at Lewiston Idaho, )
May 23. 1899.1
May 23, 1«-.,,
Notice is hereby given that the folhm -
ing-namod settler has filed not ice et lus
intention to make final proof in euppoil
of Ids claim, and that said proof will he
made I if lore Register and Receiver I. .
S. Lund Office at Eewiston, Idaho, on
July IS, 1809, viz:
for the S'.. NE > 4 Nk.SE>., See if Tp 32
N. R. 2 W. B,M, lie names the fol
lowing witnesses to prove lus continu
ous residence upon turd cultivation of
said land, vis: George S, Rahoock and
Benjamin Young of Forest, Idaho, and
Ferdinand Lang and Albert Lemons of
Concord, Washington,
1!)—r. J. B. West,
Land Otfi
■e For Publication
iwiston Idaho J
Mav 1(>, 1899.1
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before Register and Receiver at
Lewiston, Idaho, on June 24, 1899, viz:
for the Lots 1 and 2 Eh, MV qr See 31
N R 4 K B M. He names the fol
wilnesses to prove his continuous
residence upon and cultivation of suid
land, viz: Ilarvy Van Artsdalen.Garvv
Van Aartsdalon, Andrew Christensen,
Martin Christensen, all of Fraser Idaho.
J. II, West 1
Votice of publication.
Land Otfir
at Lewiston, Idaho,)
May 17, 1899.)'
is hereby given that the follow
ing-munetl settler bits filed notice- of his
intention to make final proof in support
of bis claim, and that said proof will be
made before Register and Receiver at
Lewiston, Idaho, on June 24, 1899, viz:
for the W.hj FE'-J, SEL SW'.i Sec 13
l mr me \\ rlVj, Bl'.-A r\\ pec l...
I NEqr NWqr See 24 Tp 32 N, ti. 3 \v. R.
M. Ho mimes tlie following witnesses
' *" ..............* ! '...............
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said laud, vlss;
Ole E. Lien, Andrew Lien, Peter Han
sen, and Harrv Lee all of Forest, Idaho.
18—24 —p, ' J. B. West, Register.
Votice For Publication.
Land Oftici
at Lewiston Idaho,)
May 5, 1899 f
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will he
made before James DeHuven, U. S. Com
missioner, at Orangeville, Idaho, on
June 17, 1899, viz :
for the NW >4 SEL, SW> 4 NK',, S'..
NWqr Sec. 8, Tp. 31 N. R. 1 W. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz:
Rufus F. Eller, Frank Donsbaeh, Jo
seph H. Hoffman and Sidney Potter, all
of Keuterville, Idaho.
J. B. West. Register.
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho.)
April 25, 1899. ,
A sufficient contest uffiidavit having been
filed in this office bv Clarence Du Fid
contestant, against William Hiding, en
try No. 9441, made October 20 1898 for
A'NWVi Sec. 21 Tp. 32 X R î K RM.
by \\ llhum Hiding contestée, in which
it is alleged that said William Hiding
has wholly abandoned the said tract of
land for more than six months since ma
king sifld entry and next prior to the
date herein, that said tract is not settled
upon and cultivated by said party as re
quired by law, saiil parties are hereby
notified to appear, respond and offer ev
idence touching said allegation at 10
o'clock a. m. on June 8, 1899, before
James De Haven, U, S, commissioner in
Griuigeville, Idaho.
Tlie said contestant having in a proper
afladavit, filed.................18 ..
set forth facts which show that after <iiie
diligence, personal service of this notice
can not he made, it is hereby ordered
and directed that such notice be given
by due and proper publication.
t Æ"" H * Garby, Reciever.
J. M.W olbert, Attorney for contes
United States Land Office,
Lewiston, Idaho, )
. May 3, 1899. f
A sufficient contest affidavit bavin«
been filed In tins office by John \Y P
Y\ lute, contestant, against Julian E.'
Randall entry No. 5195, made June 2
1897, for SEqr Section 30, Township 33
N., R. 2 K. B. M., by Julian E. Randall
contestée, in which it is alleged that:
said Julian F. Randall has wholly aban
doned said tract of land for more than
inontbs prior to the date of filing
this affidavit, that he has never built anv
nous *, nor built any fencing, nor any
movements whatever, und has never
established any residence upon the land
since he filed upon the same, that he
does not reside in the vicinity of the
land and Ins place of losideiuv is un
known to this affiant, said parties are
hereby „„tilled to appear respond an<1
offer p v,deuce touching said allegation
at lU o clock a. m. on June20, 1 4)9, be
fore the Register and ltecoi at the
l' jilted States Land Office in Lewiston,
Idaho. 1 he said conti stunt having in
a proper affidavit, filed May 3. 1 S 99 se t
forth facts which show that after due
diligence, personal service of this notice
can not be made, it is hereby ordered
and directed that such notice be given
by due and proper publication.
Charles H. Garby. Receiver.
\'otiee For Publication
Land Office at I ewistnn >
made ÄTÄ {4"
N" t R 2W 2 B'MHe V 4 ** \i T H f
il - H( names the fol
^ to prove his continu
ou» residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz : Andrew Lien, Hans Sne
ve, Peter Hanson, and Harrv Lee all of
F °l£Ä°- J - "W. Register.
Bed springs, and mattress^J
\\ r ASHINa
A Full Line Of Grow
It will pay you to hitch up and brij
family along.
My Stock is more Complete than
Yours for 1
Keuterville Idaho.
« Minn.
Kippen Icli
Tibbcit's and Paul, Proprietor
Manufacturers of SHINGLES of
G 11ADE, and will deliver to any poij
Camas Prairie or tlie reservation.
Correspondence Soli
mil iiiiiic sw
A N e w Stock
Patent Medicines, Soaps, Perfumery,
gists Sundries.
Also I ine Stationery, Nuts, Fruits, Cigars, and Notion!.]
Has taken possession of his mill and
Manufacturing and Dealing in
i will sell cheaper than anyone in Idaho county. Come andptj
t=uie. on Building material. My mill is now under my personal
u vision. Mill and 't ard, 2 miles southwest of Keuterville.
ri T" û' éfï ï 'V' a^VA' a VYY'A
|JE>. ». SWKKf
if 1m
I Manufacturer Of, and Dealer li
I lumber.
Havb A Drv Kiln In Usj

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