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As un advertising radium
The Report is invaluable. It
eo\vrs a populous territory.
\Ve »re prepared tp print *11 I
kinds at Cafds, Envelopes, I
letter Heads, fosters, Ax, I
Number 11.
Frank Simon returned M on »'ay from
1^'wiston vyhere lie had been atten«|ing
Are Arriving from the Er if or all
qf the Spokane Trains,
4QQ have come lately
Thousands of People are Coming in
Weekly large Numbers go
Through to the Coast,
Seventy-five fiomeseekers, com
prising thirteen families, arrived
in Lewiston yesterday over the
Northern Pacific, One contingent
came from West Virginia in a spe
cial car, The homeseekers were
directed here by Thomas Kirby, of
-Feck, who will accompany them to
the reservation country tomorrow,
Mr. Kirby was eentout as an im
migration agent to represent the
Clearwater country and during his
brief absence he succeeded in work
ing through four sections of the
Northern Pacific and Burlington
west-hound immigration trains.
He states that during the present
week over 300 homeseekers will
come into the Clearwater and Pot
latch countries, due to the rep.
retentations of the agents now in
the field. Many of the homesetk
ers are seeking incidental invest
ments to the purchase of lands
and have sums of money ranging
from $1,500 to $15,000. Among
yesterday's arrivals was H. A,
Bates, of Ashville, Missouri. He
will make a personal investigation
of the interior country and if con
ditions are found to be satisfac
tory. his report will result in fif
teen or twenty families moving
here —Saturday's Tribune.
Of the 1350 excursionists who
reached this city Friday from the
east about 400 homeseekers stop
ped off in Spokane, the largest
number so far this year. Of ' this
number about 125 deposited tick
ets, which is an indication of their
intention to go on to the coast.
Among the excursionists wns G.
A. Steinberg of Lewistown, Mont.,
who has come to the city to look
for a grist mill location.
Another site hunter was A. E.
Foss of Honwood, Wig., who wants
to start a small factory. H. A.
Maetin of Detroit, Mich., stopped
here to choose a location for a
brewery. E. G. Cook was a fourth
factory man, hailing from New
York city, and intends establish- i
ing a stained glass plant in the j
west. He was induced to prospect ,
in Spokane.
Other homeseekers with money
looking for investments or a home t
were D. R. Jones of Evansville,
Wis., who wants to invest $15,000
in sheep or cattle; J. L. Flynn of
Clear Lake, S. D., who seeks four
sections for a colony from his state; j
H. A. Bates of Ashville, Mo., who :
is seeking a location for 30 Miss
ouri farmers and their families;
James L. Flynn of Togstad, 8. 1).. i
also looking for a sheeD or cattle j
ranch; N. Kteichen of Boyd, Wig., j
who wants timber land John P
Jones and Dan Gibbon of Rewey, !
Wis., looking for tracts of land.— !
Crisis in Russia
The political situation in Russia
is every day growing m o serious.
The working class to an ■ .'.orraone
extent has joined the striants in
their revolutionary mov nil the
Russian police are maki ■ thous
ands of arrests, while th- military
is daily having encounter < with the
refractory populace. In these
scrimmages there are always some
yasualities but the exact number
'is kept secret. Plots against the
czar's life are constantly being dis
covered and it is said he is very
much worried over his prospect of
remaining among the living The
latest plot discovered is that in
which the son of a famous general
was to have made away with his
ruler. Much trouble and blood
shed is expected before the political
atmosphere resumes its normal
Coal in Cassia County.
Good coal has been found ..
Cassia county, and the vein • is be
ing opened. It is owned In' United
States Marshal Ramsey and others,
and is located near Oakley. The
vein is from 4 to fi feet in' width.
The coal seems to be first-class,
burning readily and giving forth
good heat.
in !
Murk Howe, was over from Grange
Y»Ue yesterday,
Jim Rqolça returned from his Salmon
river trip Wednesday,
Pr. Blake and son Ed, were in the
oity Sunday from KeqtervUle,
Arthur Wood ring is building a new
front for the Idaho Drug Store,
One qf the children of Willis Angel ja
reported ill with fever and (agrippe.
Chas, Crichton today began driving
the stage between this pojnt and Grange
Judge Robbins went oyer to ((range,
villç Sunday on business, returning
The Vofimer Clearwater company
have contracted 5H5 acres of flax on the
Wni, Jones, the prominent hog buyer
of Orangeville, was in the city on busi
ness Sunday,
I. O, Rattnhough, the implement
man, was over from Orangeville on
business Tuesday,
Hobt, M, Parsons, the Indian minis
ter, and Mr, Simons were doing huai»
ness here Monday,
liiley Dixon, proprietor of the Willow
Creek house near Morrow, was in the
city on business yesterday.
Dr, Blake, the well.known physician
of Keuterville, went over to Nezqioryp
Monday, returning Tuesday,
Claud Robbins has ron ted the ranch
belonging to "Buck" Bates and moved
his family to the place Tuesday,
\\ m, Rooke and Joe Jones were over
from Snake river after supplies for their
cattle camp yesterday, They returned
this morning.
Andrew Carnegie has given $5.000.000
to an endowment fund for the superan,
limited and retired laborers of the Car.
negio Steel Co.
Henry Waechter, a stock man of
Uniontown, Wash., and family are vis
iting with Mr. Waechter's brother, Mr,
Geo, Stuber, of this city.
Jake Frei and John Havden returned
Saturday from a week's outing on Sal
mon river and Doumeoq plains. The
boys report a pleasant time.
Joseph Bieker, of Ferdinand, is now
the proprietor of the sawmill formerly
belonging to Ben Borger, lie having pur
chased Mr, Burger's interest.
J. E. Nelson, the genial representa
tive of the Lewiston Mercantile Co.,
was looking after the interests of his
(inn among our merchants yesterday.
What's the matter with Cottonwood's
mail service? It's ail right! Every
day without fail our mail conies in. No
other town on the prairie can say the
Win. Kincaid, of Ferdinand, was
transacting business heit« Wednesday,
and like all men who have the advance
ment of home at heart, added Ids name
to our list.
Henry Bosse, of Keuterville, was in
the city A\ ednesday. Mr. Bosse is one
of that noble class of men who believe
in promptly paying their subscription
to the home paper.
Fred Rustemeyer lust Monday built a
chimney for our enterprising brewery
mao. Toe Schober. The chimney was
for a new bath house which Mr. Scho
ber has lately erected.
J. S. Woodring and "Buck" Bates
have completed the school house in
district No. 14, known its the Bruner
district. It is a fine building and would
he a credit to a much more populous
The slide on the Clearwater exten
sion continues to delay the mails for all
prairie towns except Cottonwood. If
you want to get your mail from every
where every «lay have it come to Cot
Arthur Woodring went up on fhe
mountain to get the Keuterville bear
last Monday, but we are informed that j
the bear heard of Arthur's coming and j
left the country. Arthur saw where
bruin had been, just the same.
! Wes. Fairburn, of Forest, was in the
I city on business Monday. Wes. just
j received a tlisj atcli from his brother
j Dave, who left Orangeville al«out two
I weeks ago for Everett, Wash., stating
that while working in a stamp mill at
that place Dave accidentally hud his
right arm and leg broken.
With tlie solemnity und impressive
ceremony usually attendant on such
occasions the order of the Buffalo was
oigunixed here last Monday evening,
This order bus spread over tbt
States faster than anv other known ami
its membership is increasing at a rate
truly wonderful.
United 1
Frank Simon returned M on »'ay from
1^'wiston vyhere lie had been atten«|ing
i to the ahipment of head of cattle
belonging to Baker Rail, The eqttlu
were fattened here by Mr. Ball and
Were driven to Lewiston for shipment
last week,
R. Bradford announces that his saw
mill will begin the run fop the season
on next Monday morning, April 1st.
Mr. Bradford's mill is the closest to
prairie points by two mjles, lining lo,
euted qn the state roijd »bout 40 miles
from Cottonwood,
Andrew Moore, the representative of
fhis county and author of the Salmon
j-iyer road bill, was given g royal wcL
come upon returning to his hopie at
W hite Bird, Over 40 1 people from al)
parts of the Salmon were present qud
Clay Robbins returned from the Elk
Clay Robbins returned from the Elk
City and Dixie country Tuesday. He i
reports everything lively in that sec. j
tjon of the country. A new boiler is
now on the wav for a stamp mill on the
Dixie Queen besides numerous other
improvements, Clay also brings the.
npws of the destruction by fire of the
mill at Elk City.
J. B, Sloan reports a discovery of oil
on the ranch of James Witt between j
here and GrengeviUe, Mr, Witt lias I
knqwu for several years that there wgs I
oil on his farm hut paid no attention to j
it until the ojl excitement liege,n near !
Re wig ton, The Qil conies to the surface i
of the water qf several springs on Mr, j
Witt's ranch and when it is taken off
more will appour again in a short time.
Mr. Sloan will test the discovery thor
Brof. A. A, Lyden, of Grangeyille,
was in the city Tuesday, We under*
stand l'rof. lyden lias made application
for the principalship of our publie
schools and wo wish him success jn his
endeavor. He is eminently qualified to
fill the position, as most of our people
know, lie having taken Mrs, Craig's j
place for a brief period last fall. The
professor has intentions of opening an !
evening business college here next fall, f
and if he does it will fill a, long felt want
in this community.
B, F, Shambrook, representing the
soap department «if the Cudahy Packing
Co., was circulating among our mer
chants yesterday. Mr, Shambrook
came lip by way of Riparia and says
that the O, R, A N, company has all its
grading machinery at that place prep,
uratory to begin construction work on
its line to Lewiston after the railroad ;
tn„„ „pi™, „„ April TW,
puny is also ready to l>egin grading j
down the Grund Ronde and ultimately !
oonne.-t with its Snake branch at Lewis- ;
Death of F. E. Sherwin.
F. E. Sherwin died at his home
Orangeville lust Saturday morning at
o'clock after a very short illness, gup
posed to lie 1 agrippe. Mr. Sherwin wag
the manager of Volimer & Scott's store
at Grungeville and was known und es.
teemed by nearly every inhabitant of
the prairie. The funeral took place
Sunday under the auspices of the W. of
V . and was the iiest attended of anv in
the history of Camas Prairie. The (le
ased leaves r wife and two children
to whom we extend our heartfelt sym
Asotin, March HI.—A very pretty
wedding occurred Sunday, March 17. at ■
high noon, at the home of the bride's 1
sister, Mrs. John Simpson, at Grand i
Junction, four utiles west of here, Miss j
Myrtle Pitt, daughter of tlie Rev. Will- '
ium Pitt, and Oeorge McPherson,
Cottonwood, Idaho, lieing united bv
Rev. C. E. Gibson of Moscow. The
bride was attired in a pretty gown of
steel gray, with pink silk trimmings.—
The following news item, dipped from
the Galesvilie, [Michigan] Herald-Ad
vertiser, will la- of interest to the many
friends of Air. Moughmer in this section :
On Monday, March 4th, at 4 p. m., at
( ui,— „IH a , ...
the home of H. 8. Richardson, ol Gales- )
ville, occurred a very pretty, quiet, dou
ble wedding, in which Mr. Will Mough
mer, ol Cottonwood. Idaho, and Mis 3
Lenora Richardson, of Sparta, and Mr.
Welcome W. Hubbell, of Sparta, and
Miss Annie Moughmer, of Galesvilie,
were duly united in marriage by Rev.
Harris, of Galesvilie. Immediately
after the ceremony a bountiful wedding
dinner was served, after which Mr. and
Mrs. Hubliell took the train for »Sparta,
where a new home on Black River street
awaited them. Mr, and Mrs. Motigh
, mer ttn ' («king a wedding trip for a
1 wee * { * then they return to Sparta for a
1 few - weeks stay with Mr. and Mrs, .1. N.
Richardson, parents of Mrs, Moughmer,
liefore leaving for Cottonwood, Idaho,
their future home.
Great General Merchandise Store;
P ' ilnd ShoeS for Men ' Won5en and VMàren. For quality, style and price they have no equal,
:jOur Departments:
Dry Good«,
Hat», Cap»,
H ardw are •
Late Styles in Clothing!
Especially is this stock of Clothing attractive
Every Garment is made in the latest fashion,
stylish and thoroughly up to date. Cheap too.
D k '~ To trade lumber for a
ford's^aw mnT' fcn<1Uire at Br S d '
T .. ., .. . . _ , ,
25 cents,
A Qood Co ugh Medicine for Children
Preaching at the methodist
church once every Sunday alterna
tely morning and evening at 11 n.
m„ and 7:30 p. m., respectfully.
J. E. Daniels, Pastor.
Stops the Cough
and works off the Cold.
"I have no hesitency in recom
mending Chamberlain's Cough
our children when troubled with
bad coughs, also whooping cough,
and it has always given perfect
satisfaction, It was recommended
to me by a druggist as the best
cough medicine for children as it
contained no opium or other harm
ful drug." Sold by all druggists.
All kinds of hogs, and at anv
time, by Asa Jones, at Cottonwood,
Idaho. 4
«t-_ . _ ,, I " _
T m°î d
All druggists refuinUhe mpn.ey iTu'fani
to cure. K. \V. Grove's signature is on
,,ox -
U. S. Land Office, I
Lewiston, Idaho, Feb. 14, 1901, (
A sufficient contest affidavit having
been file«! in this office by Antony Fors
mann, contestant, against Charles Hili
herd, entrv No. <1872, made Mav 4, 1800,
for XK', 4 NWbf See 31, T. 32 N\, R. •> K.
B. M., by Charles Hibbard, contestée
n. u., ny ( naries Hibbard, contestée, in
which it is alleged that said Charles
Hibbard has failed to establish his resi
dence upon the above descri bed tract
and lias made no improvements on the
same and ims wholly abandoned- the
same. Said parties are hereby notified
to appear, respond and offer'evidence
touching said allegation at 1(1 o'clock
a. in. oil April 5th, 1 (»01, before James
DeHaven, I'nited States Court Com
missioner, at Orangeville, Idaho, and
that final hearing will lie held at 10
o'clock a. in. on April 24th 1001, before
tlie Register and Receiver at tin- United
States Land Office in Lewiston, Idaho'.
Tin- said contestant having, in a prop
er affiilavit, filed Fei». 14, 1001, set forth
facts w hieb show that alter due diligen
ce i«ersomil service of this notice can not
lie made, it is hereby ordered and direct
ed timt such notice he given by due and
proper publication.
Ciiabi.ks. H. Gahhy, Ueciever.
murl-mar20 °
Don't Ion Think
Jt will PAY YOU to TRADE with us. WE
do not ask a BIG PROFIT, and we will
Kuocessorg to W, Ig. Thonipgon^
Tlie Morrow Merchants
teed yearly; extra commissions and ex
penses, rapid advancement, old estab
lished house. Grand chance for earnest
man or woman to secure pleasant, per
manent position, liberal income and
future. New, brilliant lines. Write at
23 Court fit. New Haven, Conn.
First-class Dentistry ; Crown and Bridge
Work a Specialty.
Office—Main street, next door to post
office, Cottonwoo<l, Idaho.
Denver Flour Mills
J. S. PARK ER, Prop.
' Plansifter
This Flour lias a Reputation Second to
None, and will please you with a
white, light bread or pastry.
Try It
Denver Idaho.
curaunnooa«***, ûèAAi * A 6 * iTiT
Ladles' Shoes from $1.00 to $4.00
Men's Shoes from $L«50 to $c.00
Boy's Shoes from $1.25 to $2.25
Children's shoes, 75 cts to $1.75
Infants' Bhoes, from 25c to $4.25
This line of Shoes is of the
latest make and stylish design.
bur Stock of H[ats include all
the latest Styles and Makes and
nt prices ranging from 50 oents
to $5.00. Come in and see them,
Justice of the Peace,
Main St. opp. Rk. of Camas Prairie.
Orangeville, Idaho,
lin< l Grangeviile,
Mt, Idaho
.fAS. W.
lew ra r
P. WOK*«
Practice in the State and Federal Court.«?, ««,
Mr. Reid will attend all terms of t hs*
District Court at Mt. Idaho.
the Interior Pepnrf
Practiees 1 mfort
went in Bond cases.
Kkhobt Office
Cotton wo«»!.
tails answered promptly, in town
and surrounding country, R .
Office at Idaho Drug Store.
Residence : In rear of drug store.
Cottonwood - - Idaho
Imperial Fire Insurance Com
pany, London, England.
S. R. Libliy has secured the
agency of this old and reliable coni
i pany and is prepared to insure
i your property.
Libby th* Jbwku . 1

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