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Buy the Range
that Pays for Itself!
Uw"5tay S&ttsfoctory'R&ng*.
Built air tight with rivets—not fastened
together with stove bolts and plastered up
with stove putty.
If ranges aren't
suppo s e d to be
air-tight, why are
the seams and
joints of the com
mon steel range plastered up with stove
put t y ? Ask this of the man who tries to
sell you a grey iron and steel range.
Everyone who has ever used this kind of
range knows how these puttied seams open
up, how the range requires more and more
fuel ev'ery month it is burned, and the worst
of it is, the more fuel it uses, the harder it is
to get good results. What a contrast to the
Monarch—built permanently air-tight by
hand riveting its heaVy steel plates to the
Malleable Iron frames.
It does its work just as promptly, with
just as little fuel after many years as when
new. As stove dealers of long experience we
know that the Monarch saves the fuel that is
wasted by other ranges. Give us a chance to
convince YOU that
The Monarch Range Actually Pays for Itself!
7 _
New Furniture Store.
Our new Furniture Store, located in the Creelman
building, is now open and we invite the people of Cotton
wood and vicinity to call and inspect the largest and best
assortment of furniture ever shown on Camas Prairie.
Of furniture have been received by us, the same ranging in quality from the finest
Golden and Weathered Oak, in Mission or Shaped pattern, down through the Maple,
Elm and intermediate grades, to the cheaper grades usually handled by the small dealers.
We also have a big line of Beds, Springs, Mattresses, Couches, Linoleum, Window
Shades, in fact, everything to furnish your house from top to bottom. Our goods were
purchased RIGHT, in carload quantities and our prices are as low as the quality of goods
will permit Call in and see us and get acquainted.
Bailor Sc McDonald.
Overland Eivery Stables
W. >£. BUNNELL, Proprietor.
Stock Boarded by Day, Week or Month at most
Reasonable Rates.
Prompt and Careful Attention Given to all Rigs and Teams
Left in our Charge.
gtt" Fanners, especially, are requested to stable and feed
their teams at this bam when in town.
The Inland
Co., Limited.
Abstracts of Real Estate and
Mining Property Furnished
on Short Notice.
Sec. &
Pete, the Plumb=
er & Tinner.
Sanitary Plumbing - a Specialty.
All Kinds of Pipe and
Fittings in Stock.
Located Next Door to Cottonwood Meat Market.
Estray Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
has taken up the following described estray ani
mal this 15th day of January. 1909, under the
estray laws passed and approved on the 16th day
of March. 1907. to-wit:
One 2-year old Hereford bull, light red color,
white face and while legs, no brands visible,
marked with small swallow fork in right ear.
Said animal will he sold at the Win. Bruner
farm 4 miles north of Cottonwood. Idaho, at 1
o'clock P. M. on Monday. March 1st, 1909, unless
the owner redeems same by proving property
and paying all charges.
Dated February 1st, 1909.
W. H. Eller
Constable Cottonwood Precinct.
If you have cream to sell
I bring it to us and get the
highest market price. Don't
make butter when you can
sell your cream for more.
Station at Wright's Planing Mill.
, A Full Line Of
Phonographs & Records in Stock.
S. R. BUTLER, Jeweler.
Dr. King
Next Date at Drug
Store, February 27,
By our new system of treat
ment of muscles with glasses we
cure Nervousness, Epilepsy, Cho
rea, Ricketts, St. Vitus Dance,
Painful Mensturation, Insomnia,
Bed Wetting in Children. We
Straighten Cross-eyes.
THE KING CO., Spokane.
Ray Nims was
visitor this week.
a 'Lewiston
Mrs. Minta Zinn is in Grange
vilb taking medical treatment.
Mrs. S. Jones, who has been
quite sick lately, is convalescing.
Mr. Jos. Haener, of Cotton
wood, is visiting his son, Emile
The M. W. A. lodge will give
a big dance in the Ferdinand hgll
Friday eve. ?:
Mrs. De Partee, of Grangc
ville, is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Clyde Manring. '
Shipments of grain and hay
continue slow on account of the
scarcity of cars.
Mrs. R. S. Lloyd returned last
Sunday from a visit to Spokane
and Palouse City.
The Farmers Educational Union
held a meeting Saturday which
was well attended.
J. H. Nuxoll and family, of
Greencreek, visited the J. A.
Bushue family Monday.
Quite a lot of hay is being de
livered at the warehouses here
from the country south of West
M. 0.,Rank, the general sales
man of thelSpokane Dry Goods
Co., was doing business here
last Monday.
C. A. Hanson is putting up a
building on west Main stréet to
be occupied as a dwelling and
millinery store.
Our enterprising merchants, j
Nau and Staab, received a car
load of farm implements and
vehicles last week.
C. M. Fagan, of Winona, has
bought the blacksmith shop of
Mr. Terwillegar and moved his
family over last week.
A petition for a rural mail
route has been sent to Washing
ton. The same takes in the Dry
den and Greencreek countries.
To say that the people here are
rejoicing over the change in mail
service which took place is put
ting it mildly. Heretofore Ferdi
nand had the slowest mail service
of any town on the prairie, but
now we are up to date in this
respect. The old mail route from
Westlake still continues to run
and has been extended, to Forest,
with Ferdinand as distributing
A grand wedding took place in
the local Catholic church last
Monday morning at 8:30, the
contracting parties being Mis3
Marie Helm and Henry Herzog.
The bride is the eldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Helm
and is known as a very estimable
young lady who has a wide circle
of friends. She was very be
comingly gowned in a blue silk
dress with overlace trimming
and the usual wreath and bridal
veil, while the groom wore the
conventional black suit. The
groom is a prosperous young
rancher and owns a fine ranch
near town and is known as a very
industrious and enterprising
young man. After the ceremony
all repaired to the home of the
bride's father where a large
number of friends and relatives
congregated to participate in the
wedding festivities,
All enjoyed i
big day and departed wishing
the happy couple many years of
happy wedded life.
__1_ !
Two New Drug Stores Coming.
From present indications Cot
tonwood will soon have two more
drug stores. S. R. Libbey, who
was engaged in the grocery bus
iness untH recently, has rented
the Schober building and informs
US he will install a complete line
of drugs there early next month.
Mr Libbey has had considerable
experience in the drug business
m former years and will no doubt j
make a success of his new venture.
The third drug store for this
place will be started by a gentle
■»». from Cu.de»« who was here ;
looking over the field this week, j
Just how soon he will start up we j
are unable to learn but under
Rooke's Dray Line
Wm. Rooke, Prop.
Draying and Hauling of all kinds done on short notice,
Day or Night. Household Goods Moved Promptly
and Carefully.
Phone Main 65, or see Deardorff or Alexander.
Princess Hour
Goes our guarantee of qual
Made from the pick of
plump, healthy Bluestem and
Turkey Red wheat and milled
under conditions of absolute
cleanliness, it makes the
sweetest and most nutritious
loaf of bread that ever came
out of the oven.
Every Empty Bag Makes a Eine Hand Towel
Ask Your Grocer For
stand that he will locate on the
north side of Main street and will
be ready for business some time
this spring. To the casual ob
server it would appear that three
drug stores here will be overdo
ing the business somewhat but
they may perhaps all succeed in
doing enough to justify remain
Wife Quickly Follows Husband.
Grandma Wasem died Monday
at her home near Denver, follow
ing the death of her husband by
scarcely more than a week. She
was ill with pneumonia when her
husband passed away and the
shock of his death was more than
she could stand. She sunk rap
idly in spite of all that medical
aid could do and soon joined her
life companion on that other
shore. The funeral was held
Wednesday at Denver and was
quite largely attended.
The sorrowing family has the
tender sympathy of the entire
community in their double be
A bouncing 10-pound boy ar
rived at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Eller yesterday morn
ing and declared his intention of
remaining there permanently.
All concerned are doing nicely.
D. A. McKinley and wife came
i U P first of the week from Greer
and are visiting with their sons in
v i c i n i ty- Mr. McKinley says
that there is st jn snow at Greer
from the storm before the cold
! weather but that, the cold was not
as intense there as at other points
and the orchards were not damaged
at all.
County Auditor J. I. Overman
was in the city Tuesday from
Grangeville and called in to ad
vance his subscription another year.
While in the city Mr. Overman
disposed of one of his farms north
of town to J. E. Gentry, the con
sidération being $35 aii acre for the
180 acres, or $6300. He still re
tains 160 acres here and says he
j conta i ns about 135 acres of fine
f arm ing land, the balance being
pasture land. The fences and
buildings on the place are ill rather
; j- Mr. Gew
j ^ r y wina k e of it one of the best
j farms in this part of the county in
a few years.
Portraits, •
And Finishing Work lor
Amateurs, call on the
Cottage Studio,
Miss Ethel Sherry,. Prop.
Estray Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
lias taken up the following estray animals this
20 th day of December, 1908, under the estray laws
passed mid approved on the 16th dav of March.
1908. lo-wit:
One sorrel mnre colt coming 2 years old, no
One gray mare colt alwut 2 years old. no
Said animal will 1* sold at Kcuterville, Idaho,
at U) o'clock A. M. on Monday, February 8th,
1909, unless owner redeems same by proving
property and paying all charges.
Dated December 20th, 1908.
' Mknr.v Boeckman,
Constable Keutervi^le Precinct.
Department of the Interior, U. S'. I.and office
at Lewiston, Idaho, January 12, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that
of Greencreek, Idaho, who, on January 5, 1903
made Homestead Entry No. 9583. Serial No. 01117'
for NW). Section 14 Township 32 North, Range 1,
East, Boise Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make Final Five Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described;' before J. M.
Wolbert, U. S. Commissioner, at Cottonwood,
Idaho, on the 20th day of February, l'J09.
Claimant names as witnesses; •• Herman Uhl
irtg, of Keuterville, Idaho, Vere Petrrtecard, Clem
ens Waldmattti, John Nuxoll, all of Greencreek
1—13 T. H. Bartlett, Register.
Department of the Interior, U.ÿS. Land Office
at lycwiston, Idaho, January 28, lyU9.
Notice is hertrby «riven that
of Greencreek, Idaho, wtio ovù July 18. 1902,
made Homestead Entry No. 9298^ Serial No. 01146,
for Dots 5, and 6, Section 31, Township 32 North,
Range 2 Hast, Boise Meridian, hjts filed notice of
intention to maks Final Five Year Proof, to es
tablish claim to the land above described, before
J. M. Wolbert, U. S. Commissioner, at Cotton
wood, Idaho, on the 6th day of March, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses» Henry H. Wass
muth, Jr., Nicholas Adehni, George Swartz, Her
i Gehriug, all of Greencrcekj Idaho.
K-M.ETT, Register.
T. H. Baut!
Department of the Interior, $. S. Land Office
at Lewiston, Inaho, February Ù19U9.
Notice is hereby given that *
of Greencreek. Iduho. who* on December 22.1902,
made Homestead Entry No. 9SÉB, Serial No. 01151,
for Lots 25 and 29, Sec. i*. Lots.*7, 8,9, and 10, Sec
tion 25. Township 32. North. Ränge 1 East, Boi^e
Meridian, has filed notice 1 jof intention to make
Final Five Year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before J^*M. Wolbert, U. S.
Commissioner, at Cottonwpodt Idaho, on the 20th
day of March, 1909. • ■ i
Claimant names as witnessed John F. Nuxoll.
Anton Nuxoll, John Arnzeu, »Nicholas Schaefer,
all of Greencreek, Idaho. "
2—5 T. H. Uahtlett. Register.
Miss Paula Hohaus was in town
yesterday from Grangeville.

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