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Victor Peterson is again able to
attend to his "duties àt the Farm
ers warehouse after a week's ill
ness which is said to have been
the influenza.
J. P. Çoyne, local pool hall
owner was fined $10 and costs in
probate court of Judge Campbell
Tuesday after he was convicted of
selling tobacco to minors.
W. S. Chiene, an expert ac
countant, has arrived in the city
and will be employed by J. A.
Hoskins & Co., contractors for
the Grangeville-Whitebird road.
Mr. Chiene will shortly open
offices here.
Billie Brockman, who has been
in the city for the past several
days attending to business mat
ters, returned to his home near
Creston, Wash, on Monday
morning's train. Mr. Brockman
has a cattle ranch jnst across the
Columbia river from Creston and
stated he and family were well
pleased with their new location.
Paving of Main street in
Orangeville was discussed at a
meeting Wednesday at which
time a civil engineer was here to
discuss the matter. Whether
usr vom repair needs
IT would be hard to find a farmer who at some time
■* or anothef hadnot lost valuable,time waiting for
necessary repair parts. Take this territory and total
up the time,lost in this way and it will astonish you.
And all because repairs are not ordered as early as
they should he.
There is no better time" than right now, just before
the busiest season on the farm, to go over your ma
chines carefully, make up a list of repairs you are
likely to need and send it to us before or during Re
pair and Inspection Week, March 3-8. With this list
in our hands we can order our stock so as to be pre
pared to meet every call promptly.
Repair Part Service

Is a necessary part of our business. We realize what
it tneans to you in time and money to get what you
need at once. Help us to help you by making up
your list now and sending it in to us.
Cottonwood Hardware & Implement Company
1 Hats! Hats! 1
Men and Boys
O UR new spring line of
hats and caps have ar
rived and are ready for your
inspeSction. The quality,
moderate prices will please
the most discerning tastes
New Goods
Arriving Daily
We Feature ==
J. V. Baker & Son 1
Wk«. Oaalitr and Prie»» Mut
definite steps will be taken in the
matter of paving the street was
not made clear. It is not prob
able that the present'city council,
which leaves office in May will
act on the matter.
Fred Rothlisberg arrived Mon
day evening from» Lewiston and
other outside points where he has
been for a couple of months past,
to be present and assist at the
sale which his brother Ode has
advertised. Following the sale;
the Rothlisberg brothers will de- !
part for points in Canada and
Montana to seek a location with !
stock raising as their object.
Wallace Scott, president of the
First National bank, on Monday
treated the pupils of the Grange
ville public schools to a show at
the Lyric theatre. "America's
Answer," a patriotic picture was
shown. In the afternoon pupils
of the grades were guests of Mr.
Scott and in the evening the high
school pupils witnessed the show,
Mr. Scott paying all the admis
If it is good alfalfa hay who
want at the right price call on the
Cottonwood Milling & Elevator
Co, ' 9-tf
In the Probatqp Court of Idaho
County, State of Idaho.
In the matter of the estate of Kate
Fitzgerald, deceased.
Pursuant to an qrder of said court,
made on February 20, 1919, notice is
hereby given that Wednesday, March
12, 1919, at 10 o'clock a.' m. of said
day, at the court room of said court,
id the City of Orangeville, Idaho, has
been appointed as the time and place
for proving the Will of said Kate
Fitzgerald deceased, and for the hear
ing the application of W. W. Flint and
J. V. Nash for the issuauce to them of
letters Testamentary when and where
any persou interested may appear and
contest the same.
Dated Feb. 20, 1919.
8-3 Wilbur L. Campbell,
Ex-Officio Clerk and Probate Judge.
In the Probate Court, County of
Idaho, State of Idal o.
In the matter of the estate of Hel
piuth P. Lage, Deeeasèd.
Notice is hereby given - , that Let
ters of Administration on the estate
of Helm nth P. I .age, deceased were
granted to the undersigned on the 25th
day of January, 1919, by the Pro
bate Court of Idaho County.
All persons having claims against
said estate are required tp exhibit them
to me for allowance at the office of H,
Taylor, at (irangeville, Idaho, the
same being hereby designated as the
place of business of said estate; with
in ten months after the date of the
first publication of this notice, or they
shall be forever barred.
Dated this 29th day of January
1919. *
Annie C. Lage, Administratrix
of the estate of llelmuth P. I .ago.
First publication Feb. 7, 1919.
H. Taylor, Attorney for Adminis
tratrix. Residence and post office ad
dress, Crangeville, Idaho. 0-4
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Office
at Lewiston. Idaho, February 17, 1919.
Notice is hereby Riven that
of Roles, Idaho, who on December 10. 1915. made
Additional H. K., No. 06084. for the SEi SKi,
Sec. 2, NKi NF.i, Sec. 11; and Ni NWi, Section
12, Township 29 North. Range 1 West Boise Me
ridian has filed notice of intention to make three
year proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before the Register and Receiver of
the U. S, Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho, on tne
26th day of March, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Herbert S. Boles, of Boles, Idaho; Grover C.
Ryan, of Canfield, Idaho; William Hehl, of Can
field. Idaho; John R. Lacey, of Canfield. Idaho.
8-5 Henry Heitfeld, Register.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. United States Land
Office at Lewiston, Idaho, February r., I919-'
Notice is hereby given that
of Keutervillle, Idaho, who. on ^March 16. 1914
NoV. 10. 1914, made H. E. 05299. and Add. H. E..
No. 05827, for NWi SEi. Ni SWi. SEi SWi. and
NWii Section 15. Township 31 North, Range 2.
West. Boise Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make three year 1'roof. to establish claim
to the land above described, before the Register
and Receiver of the IT. S. Land Office at Lewis
ton. Idaho, on the lWh day of March. 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Henry H. Hattrup, of Cottonwood; Idaho.
Edward Schroeder, of Keuterville, Idaho. Frunk
Hatke of Keuterville, Idaho; Fred Shaw of
Westlake.. Idaho.
7-5 Henry Heitfeld. Register.
teams of hoi ses, one span of geld
ings and one span of mares.
Mares weight £600 pounds and
geldings 2900. Will trade for
either wood or posts. Will give a
years time on good note. Also a
good six ton truck. See T. Clark,
the junk man. 8-2
FOR SALE—Eight foot wind
I mill with a 30 foot tower. One
j sulky plow in good shape. One
good milk cow. Inquire of J. J.
j Schnider. 8-tf
For Sale— De Laval cream sep
arator No. 15. Also good fresh
milk cow. Inquire at this
! office. 7tf
Don't Scratch
Use Zensal
This Zensal treatment is made
to reach your particular case.
Dry Zensal soothes and heals
the dry sealv skin. Moist Zeu
sal gives speedy relief to weep
ing skin and the watery erup
tions. 75c a jar.«
Clyde Von Bargen
Taxidermy work in all its branch
es. Birds, animals, game heads,
etc., mounted true to life. Skins
tanned and made into mgs. Send
me your-ardere. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Prices reasonable. lio|h
Cottonwood, Idaho
All Classes Bey at Tills
' Everything needed to build with whether
cottage or mansion. We have a complete
stock of building material as also make to
order and carry in stock
Barnyard Furniture
Watering Troughs, Pig Troughs, Chicken Crates,
Bundle Racks, Farm Gates, Silos, Portable Fences
and Round Stock Tanks.
No matter what your needs*we can serve
you promptly and economically
Give us a trial and be convinced of our facility
and èndeavor to merit your patronage '
Hussman Lumber Company
"The Yard That Saves and Satisfies"
The undersigned will sell the following property at public auction -.one mile
north and four miles east of Vollmer on the Hobart place and 6 miles west of
Nezperce on
Tuesday, March 4
Twenty-Nine Horses
Bay filly coming 3 years, weight..................1500
Bay filly comings years, weight................1400
■ Bay gelding coming 3 years, weight...............1400
Bay mare 5 years, weight............ ■........1200
Black gelding five years old, weight...............1300
Bay mare five years old, weight.................. 12Ö0
Buckskin gelding thirteen years old, weight......1300
Gray mare, five years old, weight.................1200
Gray gelding, four years old, weight..............1200
Gray gelding eleven years old, weight............1250
Sorrel gelding thirteen years old, weight .........1250
Brown mare eight years old, weight
Black gelding, three years old, weight
Itoan mar.- six years old, weight
1 black gelding, five years old, weitrh
Two black yearlings, gelding and a filly. Yearling bav
filly, brown mare colt and a black colt.
- =■■----.,........., weight.
Koan mare, seven years old, weight ..
Gelding, bay, nine years old, weight
Mare, brown, nine years old, weight
Two roan gelding coming 3 years, weight each
borrel saddle horse seven years oil, weight .
Saddle horse, brown, six years old, weigITt
Gelding, bay, 2 years old, weight ......
Head of
Hereford cow and calf, Durham cow and calf.
Two Hereford bulls, Red Cow and calf.
Jersey and Holstein cow.
Farm Machinery, Etc.
31-4 Webber Wagon.
3 1-4 Mitchell Wagon.
3 1-2 Shutler Wagon.
3 1-4 Bain wagon.
3 1-4 Shutler wagon. Crown wagon.
Mitchell hack. Heavy buggy.
Studebaker bobsled. Columbia bobsled.
Mandt bobsled. 8 foot McCormick binder.
6 foot Deering binder. 9 foot Monitor drill.
8 foot disc. 14 inch E. Mason gang._
Registered Hogs
Big type Poland China hogs, registered and subject
to register. Will furnish papers with all.
Six sows with pigs at side.
Two year old boar.
Five sows to farrow soon,
Ten 9 months old boars.
1 our gilts nine months old (o farrow in April- 15
1 months old gilts to farrow in May.
14 inch Clinton gang. Five shovel cultivator.
McCormick mower and rake
pI C !y e "f 1 r af , ft TV e s P reat,er ' Weston Chief forge.
Pan of hack sled runners. Steel harrow g
Wood harrow. Jackson Pork.
No. 2 Superior fanning mill.
Cr,VH° m * y gasol i ne ™gine. Young Grant chop mill
Grindstone. Pruning hook. 18 horse collais
6 sets harness. 2 heating stoves. Range.
2 dozen hens. Household goods.
3 bedsteads and springs.
And othar articles.
4 mattressess.
Folding bed.
TERMS; All sums of $10 or under, cash Sums over
$10 time until November 1 , 1919 on. bankabkf note
dT ?r i ?$ te £ P er <*>»t interest. Everything to be
settled for before leaying the -------- *
discount for cash
premises. 4 per cent
W ——-—
D. L. Rosengrants, Owner .
Auctioneer Clerk

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