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June Clearance Sale
Sale Closes
Next Sat.
June 28
Have you paid this
great sale a visit yet
If not do not put it off ■
longer to do so. The end of
it is rapidly hovering in
sight and the chances to
secure some of the splendid
bargains it has to offer are
growing slimmer every hour
f airly complete assort
ments are still on hand
to pick from despite the
heavy selling which has pre
vailed along all lines.
Therefore an excellent variety of
choice is assured you on the
things you desire most Our
advice is that you should hurry
Where Quality Tells and Prices Sells
Personal Mention and Local
Happenings ol the Week
Thursday was the hottest day
so far recorded in Cottonwood,
the thermometer registering 94.
The city rock crusher is again
being put in operation. The
rock to be crushed will be used
at the convent.
Mrs. Seth Jones is spending a
few days in Cottonwod from her
home in the Whitebird country
visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Rooke.
W. J. Clausen finished paint
the big barn for Geo. Gehring,
9 miles from Cottonwood. This
is one of the largest barns on
the point.
M. G. Gillespie of the Joseph
section was a Cottonwood busi
ness visitor this week from his
ranch. Mr. Gillespie stated
that the weather on the river
has been dry and hot but that
the crops were standing up fine
under these conditions.
' Miss Mary Miller accompani
ed by her daughter, Margaret,
who for the past nine months
has been engaged as domestic
science teacher in the Cotton
wood schools departed Wednes
day morning for Rose Lake, Ida
ho were they will spend the
summer with W. Triplett.
A number of railroad officials
passed through Cottonwood
Wednesday evening in a special
car attached to the regular train
on a trip of inspection. Those
in the party were. Manager
of the Western Division of the
N. P., Mr. Blanchard and Supt.
R. E. Hanarhan, superintendent
of the Camas Prairie.
Miss Vivian Baker left Satur
day morning for Lewiston were
she visited with friends for a
day on Sunday was joined by
her mother, and departed the
same day for Pullman, Wash,
were Miss Vivian will take
music at the summer school of
the Pullman State College. They
will be gone practically all
"Tip Top" the flower of
flours. 23-tf
Senator Nate Pettibone and
family were in the city Thurs
day and (While here took in a
number of the Chautauqua and
pronounced it as first class.
Zola Gieztanner was a passen
ger for Ilo Thursday were she
attended the funeral of a rela
tive, Zell Elliott, a 19-year old
boy who was killed in an auto
mobile accident there Monday.
LOST—Suitcase between the
slaughter house and Cotton
wood. Suitcase contained chil
dren's and woman's clothes.
Finder pleasé leave at this of
fice and receive reward. 24-2
Joe Kinzer, of Uniontown,
Wash., an oversea soldier who
recently was discharged from
the service arrived in Cotton
wood the first of the week to
spend a few days at the home of
sister, Mrs. Henry Bosse.
Two bands of sheep consist
ing of some 5000 head passed
through Cottonwood Wednesday
enroute to their summer range
near Buffalo Hump. It is a
mystery why sheep men insist
on driving their bands through
the town when it is just as near
and much less work to drive
them around the city. Several
persons complained of their gar
dens being ruined after the
wooly tribe had passed through
the city.
No message have been spent
or received over, the Western
Union since Tuesday, Geo. Poler
the Operator having been called
out by the strike recently de
clared by the operator's union.
Their chief contention is recog
nition of the union and the rein
statement of employes let out on
account of being members of the
union. The only messages
handled over the wire from here
being those of the railroad.
A pleasant surprise party was
given at the Charles Bittner
home seven miles northeast of
Cottonwood last Friday evening.
The affair was in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Bittner's 4-year-old
son whose fourth anniversay
was celebrated on this date.
Everyone present reported a
crood time. As one of the par
ticipants expressed it "It sure
was a surprise and good things
to eat galore."
"Tip Top" as good as the best,
and better than the rest. 23-tf
STRAYED—Small black hog,
about two months old. Finder
please notify Dr. Sommers. 1*
Mrs. Tom Randall and little
son returned Tuesday evening
from Lewiston were they have
been for the past thi'ee weeks.
Mrs. H. II. Nuxoll and little
son departed Wednesday morn
ing for Lewiston were they will
visit for a few days with friends
and relatives.
Mrs. Addie Fisk, a sister of
Mrs. L. F. Manwaring arrived
last week from her home at Pra
iriecity. Oregon to spend a few
days at the home of her sister.
Alois Wagner and Harold
Simon who were students at the
University of Idaho the past
winter arrived home last week
to spend their summer vacation
with relatives here.
Mrs. J. H. Ring and children
former residents of Cottonwood
some four years ago arrived in
the city Monday evening from
Hickory, N. C. to again make
their home in Cottonwood.
L. M. Harris and son Basil of
Grangeville passed through Cot
tonwood Wednesday enroute to
their home with a Script-Booth
and Cheverolet car for which
cars L. M. has asccepted the
agency. Norville Johnston ac
companied them to Lewiston
and helped bring them up the
The approaching marriage of
Miss Amalia Seubert and Mr.
Paul H. Schurmann was an
nounced for the second time at
the local Catholic church Sun
day. The wedding will take
place in the Catholic church
here Tuesday, June 2th with the
Rev. Father Willibrord officiat
ing after which a private wed
ding dinner will be served at
the J. F. Jenny home.
George McPherson and family
returned Saturday from the
Pomeroy country were they
spent several days last week
visiting. Mr. McPherson stat
ed the crops on Camas Prairie
were far ahead of anything he
saw in that section. The re
turn trip from Pomeroy to Cot
tonwood was made in 6 hours
which is considered very good
"idano Gold" costs less than
other flc'Ur not half as good. 23-t
Jce Eresch, ci/sr manufactur
er pf Grangeville was a Cotton
wood business visitor Wednes
STRAYED—Three head cf
milk cows, red and white spot
ted from my ranch. Finder
please notify Emil Shoot. 25-4
Postmaster L. A. Wisener of
Grangeville and Auctioneer I. E.
Zuver were visitors in Cotton
wood the first of the week on !
Geo. Hoene and John Jentges, '
who were students at a college
in Mt. Angel, Oregon the past
winter an'ived home last week
to spend their vacation here.
Deputy Game Warden Don C.
Fisher of Grangeville was a busi
ness visitor in Cottonwood the
first of the week on business
connected with his official
The first sprinkling of the
season was done by Marshal
Funke Wednesday morning. The
weather has been somewhat hot
the past few days and sprink
ling was almost a necessity.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stephen
son returned Monday evening
from Spokane were they àpent
the past week visiting. While
in the city Mr. Stephenson at
tended a meeting of millers.
Mr. and Mrs. Vemer Dye re
turned Sunday from their
honeymoon trip of a week to
Spoane and other points. Mr.
Dye brought home with him a
Case car for the Cottonwood
Fred White, of Helena, Mont,
who is connected with the reve
nue department of the U. S. gov
nment in the income tax depart
ment was a Cottonwood visitor
Wednesday. Mr. White is visit
ing with relatives at Grange
H. C. Matthiesen departed
Monday morning for Twin Falls
were he will attend the grand
lodge meeting of the Knights of
Pythias. Mr. Matthiesen is an
officer of the lodge, holding the
position of grand trustee. He is
expected home Sunday or Mon
day evening.
Safekeeping of
Liberty Bonds
►O GIVE better service to Liberty Bond
1 holders we have just installed a sys
tem of caring for these bonds whereby
they are kept in our safe under time
lock. We issue you a receipt for the
bonds and clip the coupons for you on
the date w hen they become due, credit
ing your account with the interest
Cottonwood, Idaho
Look Mr. Farmer
Is your growing crop insured
against hail? A hail policy in
the Hartford may save your
entire year's labor.
Evrey policy is backed by an honorable record
of more than a hndred years and cash assets of
over thirty-six mio n dollars. Be safe rather
than Sorry.
M. M. BELKNAP, Vice-Pres.
Mabel Norman led her sup
porting players a merry pace
near Grafton, W. Va., where
several scenes were taken for
the latest Goldwyn Picture,
"Back to the Woods," which
comes to the Orpheum Theatre,
Thursday, June 26. Herbert
Rawlinson,. her leading man, is
six pounds lighter, he says, due
to the Goldwyn star's determi
nation to keep the company "on
the go" after the director had
called it a day for scene-taking
and in the morning before work
was started.
"A three-mile hike after
breakfast was just one of the
many stunts Miss Normand
mapped out for us," Mr. Rawlin
son told an interviewer between
scenes at the Fort Lee studies.
"And, of course, there had to be
dancing every night at the
hotel. We couldn't utter a com
plaint, for she was the only
woman in the party, and it
would have seemed cowardly to
balk at anything she ordered for
what she called amusement and
"Miss Normand made herself
a great favorite among the
children at Grafton. They re
cognized her the first day we
arrived and all during our stay
they gathered around her. But
for her constant association
with tbe kiddies the rest of us
wouldn't have had a moment to
oufselves. Her strenuous pro
gram cost me about six pounds,
but I can't say I didn't enjoy it."
Mr. Rawlinson, prominently
identified as leading man with
big screen productions, is mak
ing his first appearance in
"Back to the Woods."
C. W. and E. J. Ellenson and
R. S. Richards were in Cotton
wood Thursday posting bills for
the coming 4th of July celebra
tion ft their home town of Kam
iah. The Clearwater city is con
templating to have one of the
best celebrations in this neck of
the woods. They will have
aeroplane exhibitions and many
other drawing cards. Residents
of this section have already sig
nified their intention of attend
ing the celebration at Kamiah.
Persons desiring to do some
hauling of material to be used
for the building to be erected for
Ven. Sisters O. S. B., St. Ger*
trude's convent, may mail seal*
ed bids to them, stating how
much they could deliver daily
and for how long a period. Ma
terial is to be hauled as needed
or as received at station here,
excepting sand, of which ap
proximately 2500 yards are to
be hauled from Felix Martzen's
sand pit about four miles from
Other material to be hauled
about as follows: About 300
yards of crushed rock, for con
crete floors, from crusher near
Parker Store, about 8 carloads
of liipe, in bulk, from cars
weighed over scale near mill, or
possibly equal amont of cement,
if proper stones can not be locat
ed near convent. Quote your
lowest price per 100 pounds on
material located near convent.
Quote your lowest price per 100
pounds on any material to be
weighed, and yard prices on any
material to be measured in wag
ons. For information see John
St. Gertrude's Convent.
* _ *
O. pheum Theatre |
Follow the Crowds
Saturday IIIIIC Ol
The Thoroughbred
Frank Keenan
Christie Comedy
Monday Afternoon
June 23
The Prelender
f j
X Wm. Desmond i:
! "
* "She Loved a Sailor" +
Keystone Comedy
Tuesday, June 24 J
How Could You
I Bessie Love
June 26
to the
Mable Normand
"Watch Your Neighbor"
When in Grangeville call at
for your
Ice Cold Drinks
Cigars, Etc.
+++++++++++++++++++ +++++++
I Y our Opportunity |
*° i:
Study Music il
See ! \
«T. B. Running ;;
Bverv Monday at Hotel Oot ton wood J [

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