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We Greet You
with the compliments of
the season
We thank you for the patronage you have
given us in 1922 and assure you we shall
appreciate its continuation in 1923.
Service Garage
P. II. Dve
Win. Huettner
V. A. Dye
srmmmkt* ™ * * : swnhmim
Are You Planning
to Remodel?
If You Are—a greater saving may be realized and
more satisfactory results obtained by having the work
done now, rather than waiting until spring season, with
its usual building rush and scarcity of workmen—work
men who really are competent.
In addition to the beautiful difference in appearance
and the continuous source of delight derived from well
kept and reparied buildings, you will be surprised at the
saving of time, money and efforts.
A man will gladly be sent to measure your job—
quoting you upon the material required.
Madison Lumber & Mill Company
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at Lewiston,
Idaho, November 28, 1922.
j Notice is hereby given that
Clarence W. Williams, of Cotton
wood, Idaho, who. on May 13,
1919, made Additional Stock
raising llomestend Entry, No.
06792, for SW% NE >4, WV->
SE 14 , NEU swu. & su swu,
Sec. 11 : & WU NEU. Section
14, Township 30 N. Range 1
West, Boi«e Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make
three year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above describ
ed, before Hampton Taylor, U. S.
Commissioner, at Orangeville,
Idaho, on the 6th day of Janu
ary, 1923.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William Moughmer, Thomas
Gentry, Rudolph Schroeder, All
of Cottonwood, Idaho. Lawrence
Uptmore, of Keuterville. Idaho.
49-5 Register.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at Lewiston,
Idaho, November 28, 1922.
Notice is hereby given that
Thomas Gentry, of Cottonwood,
Idaho, who, on June 25, 1921,
made Additional Stock-raising
Homestead Entry, No. 07624,
for SEU SWU, Section 2; &
EU NWU, Section 11, Town
ship 30 North, Range 1 West,
Boise Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make three year
Proof, to establish claim to the
W tcic Dfd You Get That Suit and Overcoat?
I got them from Richard & Son our home tailors.
How much did you pay for them ?
Oh! just a little more than ready made prices. They surely fit well.
I'm going right over and get measure.! for a suit and overcoat.
, Theii cleaning aud pressing is A-l and reasonable in price, everyone says we are
glad we have a tailor shop in our town. Listen John we must patronize them so they
can stay with us.
RICHARDS & SON, The Cottonwood Tailors
land above described, before
Hampton Taylor, U. S. Commis
sioner, at Orangeville, Idaho, on
the 6th day of January, 1923.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Clarence W. Williams, Ru
dolph Schroeder, Frank H. Gen
try, All of Cottonwood, Idaho.
Lewis Forsmann, of Keuterville,
I Idaho.
j Register.
! Department of the Interior,
I U. S. Land Office at Lewiston,
I Idaho, December 11, 1922.
Notice is hereby given that Ru
fus J. Davis of Boles, Ida., who,
on Jan. 4, 1918, made Addition
al Homestead Entrv, No. 07192
for SEU SWi/,, Sec. 3, & NEU
NW U. & NW T U NEU. Section
10, Township 28 North, Range 2
, West, Boise Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make
Three year Proof, to establish
I claim to the land altove describ
ed, before The United States
Land Office, at Lewiston, Idaho
on the 18th day of January,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Eddie D. Davis, of Boles, Ida
ho. Saxby Boles, of Boles, Idaho.
Leander F. Kelly, of Spring
Camp, Idaho. Archibald B.
Davidson, of Spring Camp, Ida
j 51-5 Register.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at Lewiston,
Idaho, December 11, 1922.
Notice is hereby given that
Eddie D. Davis, of Boles, Idaho,
who, on June 30, 1919, made
Additional Stock-raising Home
stead Entrvr No. 06918, for Lots
1, 2, 3, Sec. 4, Twp. 28 N. R. 2
Section 33, Township 29 North,
Range 2 West, Boise Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to
make Three Year Proof, to
establish claim to the land altove
described, before The United j
States Land Office, at Lewiston, j
Idaho, on the 18th day of
January, 1923.
Claimant names as witnesses: |
Rufus J. Davis, of Spring
Camp, Idaho. Saxby Boles of
Boies, Idaho. Leander F. Kelly,
of Spring Camp, Idaho. Archi-1
bald B. Davidson, of Spring
Camp, Idaho.
51-5 Register.
In the District Court of the
Tenth Judicial District of the
State of Idaho, in and for the
County of Idaho.
John Martzen, Plaintiff,
The Unknown Heirs and the Un- '
known Devisees of Harry O.
Fargo, deceased: and the un- 1
known owners of the real pro- ;
perty situated in Idaho Coun
ty, State of Idaho, described
as follows; to-wit: The SU
SEU of Sec. 10, and the W'Ü
NEU °f Sec. 15, in Twp. 32
N. It. 3 E. B. M., Defendants.
The State of Idaho Sends Greet
ings :
To the above named defendants.
FIED, That a complaint has
been filed against you in the
District Court of the Tenth Judi
cial District of the State of Ida
ho in and for the County of Ida
ho, by the above named plaintiff,
and you are hereby directed to
appear and answer the said com
plaint within twenty days of the
service of this summons if serv
ed within said Judicial District,
and within forty days if served
elsewhere; and you are further
notified that unless you so ap
pear and answer said complaint
within the time herein specified,
the plaintiff will take judgment
against you as prayed in said
This action is brought by the
plaintiff against the above
named defendants, to quiet the
title by decree of the court, of
the plaintiff in and to the land
situated in Idaho County, State
of Idaho, and described as fol
lows, to-wit: SU SEU of Sec.
10 and the WU NEU of Sec. 15,
all in Twp. 32 N. R. 3 E. B. M.
Witness my hand and the seal
of said District Court, this 25
day of November, 1922.
Henry Teicher, Clerk.
By Harold Harris, Deputy.
Fogg & Campbell, Attorneys for
Plaintiff. Residence and Post
office Address Orangeville.
Idaho. 49-6

can't be
Issued Every Friday and entered at
Postoffice in Cottonwood, Idaho as
second-class mail matter.
Subscription one year —............—$2.00
Six months ...............—_____—____ 1.25
(Strictly in advance)
Copy for change of ad must be hand
ed in by Wednesday to insure change
y l
Francis White of Baltimore, until
recently first secretary of the Ameri
can embassy at Buenos Aires, hat beer
mail« chief of the division of Latir
American affairs of the State depart
ment, succeeding Sumner Welles, whe
resigned. Mr. White is only thirty
years old and has been in the dip
lomatlc service since 1915, his first
diplomatic post being at Peking.
Haiti has tin navigable rivers.
Australia baa no active vulcauoea.
Colombia produces the finest emer
Holland bas a cow to every Inhab
Brar.ll Is as large as the whole of
Uruguay will celebrate Its centenary
In 11125.
Formosa has a world monopoly of
cu mphor.
Ceylon produces the world's finest
Wales has the largest slate quarries
In the world.
Persia has no distilleries, breweries
or saloons.
The FIJI Islands have almost no na
tive hiiIiiihIs.
Palestine Is about the size of the
»tute of Vermont.
Sweden is a land of enllghteument ;
education Is compulsory.
India has 30 cities, each w ith a popu
lation of more than IOO.UjO.
Japan Is so mountainous that only
about une-slxth of Its land Is culti
N«w and Frightful Weapon of War It
Operated Without the Aid of
Any Explosive.
Can you Imagine a gun which make«
neither noise uor smoke, uses no ex
plosive, Is worked entlt'dy by a petrol
engine, and cuti shoot 1K) rounds a
minute at runges up to 2,t*Oo yards?
Such a weapon is being tested by the
British military authorities. It works
on the principle of centrifugal force—
the same force that flings mud onto
your buck when you are cycling on n
wet day, or causes gl.uit fly wheels
In factories to hurst suddenly into
hundreds of fragments. Anything
that Is placed upon a revolving wheel
Is curried to Its edge und then hurled
The new gun consists of a metal
basin In which are placed u quantity
of round steel bullets. As the buslu Is
whirled at enormous speed hy a petrol
motor the bullets ure allowed to es
cape from an opening In the disk.
Shutters are provided which prevent
the bullets from being tin own out ex
cept at one polut.
One feature of the gun I« that It can
lie regulated to meet the requirements
of the occasion. Spin the muguzlue
rapidly und Its missiles will crash
through uu ouken plunk u mile uway.
But let It revolve at u low speed and
it will pour out u stream of bullets
which stun, hut do not kill, at oven
such a short range os 20 yards.
Dr. Jacques Bertillon Has Been Given
Credit Which Properly 8houtd
Belong to Englishman.
Coupled with the announceitmit of
the death of Dr. Jacques Bertillon In
Burls was the erroneous statement
that he wo« the Inventor of the "Ber
tillon system for finger-printing,*' In
collaboration with his elder brother.
The facts are that the syatem was In
vented by his younger brother, anil
that It had nothing whatever to do
with finger-prlntlug. which was Intro
duced ns u rival system of hleutlAca
tlon by the late Sir Francis (laiton,
the cousin of Charles Darwin, who
ulso Invented composite photography
and the now familiar term "eugenics."
Alphonse Bertillon, boni In 1855
and died In 1914, for many year« the
hend of the criminal Investigation bu
reau of the city of Baris police de
partmeut, vva« the Inventor of the so
culled "Bertillon system" of unthro
l*ometry for the Identification of crim
inals. It had nothing to do with
finger-prints, but consisted of an elali
orate series of measurements of parts
of the body with instruments of pre
The tnnklng of these measurements
required delicate and costly Instru
ments Hnd the work of skilled men.
and It was. moreover, found that
changes In even adult bodies made the
system far from Infallible. For these
reasons the system, though still em
ployed In France, has In America,
Great Britain und elsewhere largely
been supplanted by Gabon's system of
finger-printing or thumb-printing
Known Now That John Wesl«y Was
of the Same Descent as the Duks
of Wellington.
A movement to restore the tomb of
Johu Wesley, which Is In an advuuced
stage of decay, und the renovation of
Ids chupel 011 the thoroughfure known
us City road, London, Is ul ready un
der way In Euglund, and an effort Is
being made to Interest American Meth
The tomb, the chapel und Wesley's
house occupy u site given to him in
1775 hy the city of London, not fur
from the old cannon foundry on Fins
bury square, the first borne of Meih
odisiu In London. Wesley's death oc
curred In 1791 lu the huuse granted
hlui by the city.
Notwithstanding the populur belief
tliut Wesley was of humble origin It
bus lieen established thut he was re
luted to one Guy of Welswe, who was
created an earl hy King Atlielstune In
the Tenth century, Wesley Is descend
ed, accordlug to these findings, from
the same ancestor us the duke of Wel
In 1735 John Wesley ctnne to Amer
ica and settled In Georgia, and started
the "Second Rise of Methodism," the
movement having been founded at Ox
ford from which Wesley was u gradu
ate. ten y eurs be fore.
Waitress' Name on Card.
The old "la tliut our vvultrcss?"
problem has been solved hy the man
agement of & teu, sandwich and Ice
cream room In one of the mhltovvn
hotels popular with thcntrlcul folk.
The patron Is never nt n loss to know
how to address his servitor, or servi
tress, for under the glims of each
table Is slipped a neatly lettered card
giving the name of the vvultrcss as
signed to It. Thus:
"Your waitress' name Is Mary," or
"Your waitress' name Is Lillian."
"Ye*. It is a great Improvement,"
inuseil one patron the other evening as
he lingered over a beverage blasphe
mously listed us mint Julep. "But re
member In the old days In this same
place they didn't have to huve u cam
on the mirror saying : "The bartender*«
name Is Dave."—New Y'ork Sun.
Bands on His Cigars.
Mr. Bluke hesitated ut the entrance
of the clgur store for a few minutes
looked up and down the street care
fully and then cautiously went Inside
aud shook hands with the proprietor.
"Wdl. Jim, old man, what'll It be
today? game ohl brand?"
"That's Just It," whispered Blake
"That's why I came to see you today.
You see, tills Is my birthday and the
wife Is on the way here to buy me a
box of cigars. Would It lie too much
trouble for you to put some of those
pretty cigar hands on my favorite
brand?"—New Y'ork Mall.
A Contradiction.
President Ethel Enders Ellison of
the Housewives' league, said In an
address in Denver:
"Oh, these egg profiteers ! Drat
'em !
"They tell me the Chicago Egg ex
change sells more eggs every hour
than all the hens of America could
lay lu a year. And every time an egg
Is sold Its price, of course, goes up a
little, while Its reul value goes down.
"Eggs, In short, keep dear, but how
liable you are at breakfast, to meet
with one that turns out to he u little
cheeper !"
Saving Our Gaa.
It Is reckoned by the bureau of
mines that 5 u,<njo, 000 gullons of gaso
line were recovered at refineries lu
1921 from uncondeused still vapors.
Such an economy has a strong appeal
for motorists. Inasmuch as It has a
bearing upon the price of the Indis
pensable liquid fuel. But It is fur
ther estimated that If a like system
were adopted by all refineries more
than twice as much In addltlou might
be saved, say 120,(M>,UU0 gallons alto
gether, which would thus he added
yearly to the country's total output
Office, Nuxoll Block
Both Phones
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Cottonwood St. Bk. ! !
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Simon Bldg.
Doth Phonos

T, P. Brown
Craigiuont, Idaho
Graduate License
Deputy State Veterinarian
Residence North end of town
Both Phones
Cottonwood Council, 1389 j I
Meets the first and third
Wednesday of each month. ; ;
Visiting knights welcomed
John F. Knopp, G. K.
Harney Seubert, F. S.
McKinley Lodge No. 38
Meets every Tuesday evening.
Hayward Shields, C. C.
John Homar, K. R. and S.
Cottonwood Dost No. 40
Bert Schroeder, Com.
Frank Albere, Adjutant i
£ Meets 1st Monday of
; ; month at I. 0. 0. 1
Real Estate, Loans, Fire
and Life Insurance
Insure in the Northwestern !
\ ) Mutual and save 26 to 45 pel 1
1 cent on your insurance.
Estimates furnished on an
•lass of Work.
Repairing promptly done.
Rooke Hotel
Hum neat clean rooms at 60c
and 75c per night or $3.00 ; ;
to $3.50 per week. When
you are in Cottonwood give
us a trial.
"D;td" Rooke. Prop.
■ >■> ...;■ ■»•>»»»»<-» > ♦»»»♦» t
Let me give you my price on
papering your home, painting
your house or outbuildings.
Estimates gladly given with
no obligations on your part.
William Kelsey

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