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Whereas, various citizens of Idaho
county have petitioned the board of
county commissioner« of Idaho county
to, Z c t*^* t n'L~£ < Lux hTah
wàyand^he portion* hereof In said
renn Highway district
Now, therefore. It 1» hereby ordered
by the ^rd of county ^n^Mion
eni of Idaho county, "tâte or xuano,
that demand be and the same is here"
by made upon the commissioner» of
aid Fenn Highway district, Idaho
■*s at * rtl d wLhway
Ä «Id Fe^ nïhway dfstrict
and It is further ordered that If said
commissioners of said Fenn Highway
district neglect and refuse for a per
lod of ten days after receipt of no
tice of this demand, to repair said
highway that the prosecuting attorney
of Idaho county, be and he 1» Instruct -1
ed to bring suit in the district court
Of Idaho cVnty, in and for the Tenth
Judicial district of the State of Idaho.
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con stru ct e d at a cost of a large sum
of money and is a public necessity,
to compel said highway district to re
pair saW highway or to authorise Uie
County of Idaho to repair s&ia nign
way and charge the cost thereof to
said Fenn Highway district, and to
levy taxes in said district to reim
burse taid Idaho
penditure. and that the rights and on
ligations of said highway dibtrict and
the County of Idaho may be deter
The board hero approved the official
bond of K. S. Hancock, as coroner of
Idaho county, he thereby quallüed as
SfoSftS iSÄS"
The time having arrived heretofore
fixed for opening and considering bids
the construction ° f *he sidewalk
along the north aide of the courthouse
block, it was found that the follow
lug bids were submitted and-filed. J.
F. Keed bid 39% cents per square
foot for laying the walk and 75 cents
per yard for excavation. W. H. Camp
bell bid 11229.00 for the completed
contract. F. w. Karsten bid 42 cents
per square foot for the completed,
contract. Harry Mitchell bid IU 25.00
for the completed contract. O. T. Lin
go bid proposal 11041.44 for completed
contract. Second proposal, $1.00 per
yard for excavation and $34. u 0
mined In relation to said highway,
under the provisions of Chanter 77.
Page 86, of the 1923 Session Laws of
per cubic yard for laying sidewalk.
After careful consideration the board
decided that the bid of F. W. Karsten
was the best and most conservative. !
therefore it is hereby ordered that the |
contract for the construction of said -
sidewalk bo and is hereby let to F.
W. Karsten, agreement to be entered
into bv Mr. Karaten and the board of
county commissioners In conformity
with the bid and specifications sub
mltted by said F.. W. Karsten and
tb&t ft bond bo furnished In the sum
of' $500.00, which meets the approval
of the board.
Board here recessed to meet at 1
p. m., Saturday, July 14. 1923.
N B. PETTIBONE, Chairman
Attest: Henry Teicher. Clerk.
District Court.
Real Estate.
W. L. Isbell, Plaintiff.
Joseph Oldham, Defendant •
Under and by virtue erf a Writ
of Execution issued out of the
District Court of the Tenth !
Judicial District, of the State of
Idaho, in and for the County of i
NezPerce and 'to me directed and
delivered, for a Judgment ren
dered in the District Court of
v NezPerce County, State of Idaho,
on the 3rd day of April A. D.
1923, in favor of W. L. Isbell,
find against Joseph Oldham, for
the Sum of Seven Hundred
Sixty-four and 85-100 Dollars!
($764.35) lawful money of the,
United States, together with 1
costs and interest, I have levied
upon all the right, title, claim
and interest of said defendant
Joseph Oldham, of, in and to the
following described real estate,
situated in Idaho County, Idaho,
Lot 4 South of - the reserva
tion, and the SVj> NWV4. E 1 /*
SWV4, all in Section 6; and the
SEVi NEV4, of Section 6; NE Vi
NWVi, of Section 8 ; all in Town
ship 31, N. of Range 2, E. B. M.
and containing 276.26 acres ;
more or less in Idaho County
Idaho. Public Notice is Hereby
Given, that on Saturday the 11th
day of August, A. D. 1923, at 10
o'clock A. M. of said day, in
front of the Court House door in
the City of Grangeville, Idaho
County, Idaho, I will, in obedi
ence to said Writ of Execution,
sell all the right, title, claim and
interest of said defendant
Joseph Oldham, of, in and to the
above described property, or so
much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy plaintiff's claims,
besides costs, interest and ac
cruing costs, to the highest and
bèst bidder for lawful money of
the United States.
W. H. Eller, Sheriff of Idaho
Bv John A. Powell. Denuty.
Dated July 19th A. D. 1923.
Department of the Interior. IT.
S. Land Office at Lewiston, Ida
ho, July 9th, 1928.
Notice ie hereby given that
Earl VanPool, of Spring Camp,
Idaho, who, on Juno 30,'1919,
made Additional Stock-raising
Homestead Entry, No. 06810, for
SWV4, Sec. 23; SE% SE&, Sec.
25, & NWV4 NE Vi, & NV-2
N"WV4, Section 26, Township 29
North, Range 3 West, Boise
Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to make Three-year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before the
Register of the U. S. Land
office, at Lewiston, Idaho,
, 01 Anmmf i qoq
the 21st day of August, 1923.
; Claimant names as witnesses :
William A. Spivy, Archie B.
Davidson, Heeman L. VanPool,
David F. VanPool, all of Boles,
2 q c
| In the Probate Court of Idaho
County, State of Idaho,
j n matter df the estate of
Gerhard Gehring, Deceased.
_ -, ^ , . ., , .
Bernard Gehnng, the admin
istrator of the estate of Gerhard
Gehring, having filed herein his
petition herein praying for an
** . - , r n * ~ y
order of sale of all of the real
estate of said Gerhard Gehring,
deceased, above named, for thie
purpose therein set forth:
It Is Therefore Ordered by
the judge of said court, that all
j persons interested in said estate
apy^. before the Said Probate
Court on the 11th day of August,
1923, at ten O clock A. M., of said
day, at the COUl't room of said
cour t a t Grangeville, in said
. n x __ « .,
county of Idaho, then and there
to show cause why an order
should not be granted to the said
administrator, to sell so much
, nnrts of the real estate
sucn pans oi ine i eai estate
j of said Gerhard Gehnng, de
ceased, as shall be necessary,
aTld that a copy of this order be
„ s h P d at least four «uieees
! P.uDiisnea at least lour succès
Sive weeks in the Cottonwood
j Chronicle, a newspaper printed
and published in said county:
m. i „„täte described in
i , ne * e , al estate aescnoeû in
said petition is described as fol
lows : Lot 4 ; S 1 /-» NWV4 and
NWV4 SW^4 of Sec. 1, in Twp.
on N R 1 W R M excentine
f" 1 " ' ivl '' excepting
therefrom 1 acre owned by
School District No. 73, and con
taming according to the United
states Government survey, 160
i qq iaa n/.«An -i u
^nd 23-100 acies (loss 1 acre) all
m Idaho county, Idaho.
Done in open court this July
jq 1923
2 9-4 Probate Judge.
A man chooses his wife, not because
there are no other women, but In spite
of them.
The worst of trying t0 settle down
j g that there's always so much to t>«
flrst se ttied up.
Enthusiasm Is what keeps a man
at work when everyone else has gone
to a football match.
Marry not any woman out of gratl
tude t lest in time she begins to won
der where the reward conies In.
t0 reinaln R bachelor until he is quite
8Ure that he has ,n * t hls last love -
In the game of life, the handsome
woman scores by "honors" and the
plain woman by "tricks."
A wise man will make every effort
A girl will often forgive a young
man more quickly for kissing her
against her wish than for not being
keen enough to try.—Chicago Amer
Fresh Fruits are Plentiful !
Use the short CERTO-Process for
with Berries,
other fruits in
making jam and jelly
Cherries, Peaches and
season. You will find they arc the best
jams and jellies you ever tasted.
Certo is sold by grocers everywhere
or sent postpaid for 35 cents.
5 makes
Wrapped with every bottle
is a recipe booklet which
tells the
Douglas-Peâin Corporation
24 Grtniio Bkig., Rochester, N. Y.
No reason now her tongue to tell
That ead old story "It did not jell*
Her jam's now padsd-jdb, too
She usee CCHTO—e« skooH yse 1
Skin and Patlanoa Required to Turn
Out Birds That Can I« Sold
to Advantaqo.
There are quite a number of people
who make a living by teaching par
rots to talk. It Is a task that require«
patience and skill.
Each bird is put In a cage by him
self and covered with a bag, which
prevents the parrot from seeing out
and at the same time admits sufficient
light. Then the "schoolmaster" stands
In front of the cages, and says what
he wants the birds to learn. The words
are repeated once a minute.
Sometimes this repetition goes on
for several hours before the pupil
begins to do anything else but scream,
but at last he begins to murmur the
Xs soon as one bird can say the
words without a mistake the master's
work Is done, for the pupil will soon
teach the words to all the other occu
pants of the room. They are left In
the covered cages for a day. and at the
end of that time every parrot will
know the words thoroughly.
Then the creatures have to be taught
when to say the words. Let us sup
pose that the lesson was "Come and
kiss me." The bags are lifted off the
cages by a. number of pretty girls.
They are the first people the parrots
see, and consequently each bird con
nects the words with a pretty girl, and
ever afterward uses the sentence in
this connection.
Residents Set Traps for Unpleasant
Intruders, and Lure Them to
Their Death.
"Women In Queensland." say.* Mis«
Puxley, a young English woman, au
thor of "Wanderings in the Queens
land Bush," "often set traps . for
snakes which have entered houses. In
the shape of a frog left hopping about
or a saucer full of poisoned milk.
Both of these are sure draws, the
snakes being killed while resting after
the meal." She then tell? the story of
a friend of hers, who was standing In
the doorway of her house when a
snake, having seen a saucer of milk
Just bel ind her, pushed past her to
reach this dainty. She quickly closed
the door when It was half-way
through, and so broke Its back. This
was one of the deadly black snakes
of Queensland. Another bit of In
formation about snakes, which Miss
Puxley gives. Is the fact that because
of the angle at which a certain
snake's teeth are set It Is impossible
for him to stop swallowing anything
once he has really begun. So It hap
pens that two snakes, which may have
started out on a killing In a spirit
of camaraderie, may each begin
swallowing at one end of their prey,
but when they have reached the mid
dle there Is nothing to do except to
continue, and the snake with the
largest mouth Is forced to Include hid
less fortunate companion of the
chase In his meal.
Insect Radio Carrier.
The modern ra*Jo fan is advised to
consider the gall midge, a minute fly,
and other forms of Insect life, by K.
Porter Felt, New York state entomolo
gist, who calls attention to the an
tennae or "feelers," of some Insects
and radio receiving sets. The loop
antennae, such as are used tn Indoor
receiving sets, find almost exact coun
terpart in the construction of the an
tennae of the little Insects, and Doctor
Felt suggests that they were designed
to catch faint vibrations of the air.
These receiving sets from Nature'«
own laboratory are carried wholly by
the male Insects, Doctor Felt states,
and their probable purpose is to en
able them to hear the plaintive lov«
call of the female from great dis
tances. While the male gall midge
carries the most complete model of a
receiving set that Is known In the
Insect world, the female makes no
noise that Is audible to human ears.
Carry Shoes on Their Heads.
In Oporto. Portugal, all the portera
are women. It Is nothing for a sturdy
Portuguese woman to lift a 100-pound
trunk on her head and carry It for a
quarter of a mile without stopping.
It Is no uncommon sight In Oporto to
see a woman walking along the street
with a round basket on her head. In
the basket, sleeping peacefully, Is her
baby, soothed by the rhythmical step
of Its mother.
Many Oporto women become so ex
pert In this art of head-Juggllng that
they can carry a folded umbrella
their heads without the slightest ef
fort. This Is very difficult to do. but
to the women of Oporto It Is
convenient than carrying the umbrella
In the hand.
It Is amazing to see a woman walk
ing along at a comfortable swinging
gait In her bare feet—with her best
shoes balanced carefully on the top of
her head, without any apparent effort
or Idea at the oddity of the perform
an ce.
Perfection Imperativ«.
Hamlet Fatt, starring In "Julius Cae
sar," had been out 40 weeks, and of
course every member of the cast was
letter perfect. In fact, they could
have reclled their parts backward.
Getting Into New York state, however,
he called an extra rehearsal. Th«
troupers wondered why, whereupon h«
explained that he wanted to make a
good showing In the next town played.
Being pressed for further details, ha
added; "Our next stand Is Rome, sad
you know that Korn« was Julius
Caesar's home town."
Wc Have Them
Why send away to buy tires when you can
buy tires at prices like this
Standard oversize Cord Tires that are guar
anteed by standard manufacturers.
Look these prices over and then come and
get your tires.
30x3 Fabric Tire
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$ 7.40
33x4 1-2 Oversize Cord Tire
34x4 1-2 Oversize Cord Tire
36x4 1-2 Oversize Cord Tire
33x5 Oversize Cord Tire
35x5 Oversize Cord Tire
. 2.85
30x3 Tube .
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. 2.55
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35x5 Tube
Huddleston & Speck, Prop.

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