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TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1890.
Official Paper of County.
Silver Bullion Goes Up.
New York, June 2.--The advance of
silver bullion today cent per ounce
is attributed to three causes—buying
by Paris for Russian account, a de
creased Leadville production, and
speculative buying of futures by local
interests based professedly ou the at
titude of political factors regarding
free silver. The purchases of futures
on speculative account throueli one
broker alone were 300,000.—Associated
Press Dispatch.
The money lord of Europe read
the writing on the wall correctly.
"The attitude of poli ical factors"
simply means that with silver restor
ed to equal minting privilege with
gold as it was previous to 1873 and
made a full legal tender, that its coin
an 1 bullion \a ue, like that of golc1,
.will be equal, and are preparing to
lay in a supply before the evil day to
''-them, and the better day to the Aui
erican people comes. Whenever the
attitude of political parties in the
United States demonstrates that sil
ver will be restored to the'place given
it by law and the constitution there
spi "will be no silver for sale to the peo
pie of Europe and to the silver using
countries of Asia at less than its face
value as coin. It will also mean that
the millions tramping in rags in
Bearoh. of employment on a gold basis
•will find abundant employment with
living wages and will soon become
strangerE to hunger, privation, want
and poverty. Instead of seeking
bread at the hand of charity and be
ing clad in the discarded and cast off
apparel of others, they who toil will
share in the good things their labor
There is an abundant demand iu
every department of industry for
every idle person in America, but
•with a restricted money supply and
the low prices of the products of ,the
farm and the work shops and man
ufactories in consequence labor is idle
and they who should be profitable
consumers are eating the bread of
charity and are clad in shoddy or the
oast off clothes of others.
This is the condition!
which co.jfroi.t
employer and those seekiug employ
ment. Every dollar of money in the
United States is drawing interest
three times over from the borrowers
the amount of loans of the banks be'
ing three times the sum of money in
existence. The person in possession
of it may not in every instance be a
JhoMwwtr, unt ii it bad not been bor
rowed by some one and put in use
would have remained in the bank
•vaults. And when men repeat the
cry that there is money enough they
are not aware of the fact that the
banks are actually drawing interest
upon three times the sum of money
in existence. To remedy
this .the government must
return to the former method
of creating and issuing the money for
the people instead of for the banks,
as at present. Money issued to the
banks can only be obtained for use
by borrowing from them. Money
coined from silver for the people goes
immediately into use in the channels
of production and industry in the em
ployment of labor and there is no tax
for its usance. Of course an increase
of its supply will advance the price
of those things which laborers must
have and consume, but at the same
time it will give labor better wages
with steady employment.
The Bond Debate.
Senator Butler's bill to prohibit the
president from issuing more bonds
without the consent of congress has
stirred up another great financial de
bate in the senate. The measure is
of course antagonized by such sena
tors as Hill and Sherman, who term
it an act of repudiation, and charac
ize it by other harsh names, and is
favored by Teller, Mills, Stewart and
other free silver senators. The state
ment that this bill virtually repeals
the resumption act of 1875 is perhaps
in a measure correct. That act gave
to the president, or the secretary of
the treasury, power to issue bonds
if neccessary, with which to main
tain a reserve for the redemption of
greenbacks. This power lay dormant
for twenty years and had been al
most forgotten, when it was drawn
into sight again by the present ad
ministration, and bonds issued. This
action is of doubtful legality, and it
is at this that Senator Butler's .bill Is
The bill ought to become a law.
The present administration has fast
ened a debt of $205,000,000 ou the na
tion by virtue of the pretended au
thority given iu the act of 1870. It is
being used to aid iu fastening the
single gold standard on the country
and for the absolute and final degre
dation of silver as a money metal. No
Buch power should be placed in the
hands of any president, or any secre
tary. It is too liable to abuse, and it
has been abused by Cleveland and
Carlisle. The prediction is freely
made that if the bill passes the senate
it cannot pass the house. That may
or may not be true, but in any eyent
the bill should be pressed to a vote in
both houses of congres in order that
both senators and representatives
may be put upon record.—Rocky
Mountain News.
Kebecca'8 Triumph, June 19,
Working the Pan-'o
As the complexion of the Chicago
convention becomes better known
the goldbug democrats of the east are
bolder iu developing their plan of ac
tion. They are not demoralized. Thf
have more or less faith in the panic
scare, and if that fails a second con
vention is talked of, which, in the
language of the Boston Herald, would
place the party iu position to profit
by the reaction of 1900, ''due to the
business disasters anil sufferings that
have been endured in the interval,
which will carry to a gold standard
party ami a gold standard candidate
all of the popular support that is
needed to win an overwhelming vie
tory at the polls. It is this to which
tire gold standard democrats should
turn their attention, even though in
following this course they are obliged
to bolt the regular convention of
their party."
The "calamity howler" has changed
his location. He no longer competes
with the zephyrs of Coljrado and
Wyoming or the cycloncs of Kansas,
Nebraska and Missouri. His new
abode is near the storm-kissed beach
of the Atlantic—within hailing dis
tance of the London market, from
which, iu the present emergency, he
draws inspiration. He needs a pauic
to head off the cohorts of the West
and South, and London can furnish
the article, with the assistance of
Wall street, at a moment's not ice.
The Washington special of the Bos"
ton Herald, drawing his clues from
last week's visit at the White House
by Chairman Harrity of the Demo
cratic national committee, throws
further light upon the panic pro
gramme, which will be vigilantly
worked upon timid delegates at St.
Louis and Chicago. In a recent dis
patch he says:
Friends of the administration feel
that the stamp of regularity upon
sound money candidate at Chicago
would do much to avert the panic
which they fear in case either of the
regular conventions should declare
for silver. While the gold exports
which are now taking place, and
which amounted to $1,250,000 te-day.
are of a more or less normal char
acter at this time of year, it is feared
that they would increase to alarmin
proportion (if the national democratic
party, through its constituted organs,
should declare in favor of the silver
standard. Such a declaration by
set of boilers would have much less
weight as it would be understood
that both the great parties were
sound. It is felt, from this point
view, that sound money democrats
are doing as much for the next Re
publican president and the country
as for their own party in endeavor
ing to secure a sound money plat
form, as it is feared that the adop
tion of an unsound one, especially if
there should i»e any weakness in the
republican platform, would bring
uicooagvo raiuiug the !Now
stock exchange ordering the sale of
securities held on foreign account,a id
that the gold reserve would rapidly
dwindle. The reserve today had fal
len to $108,249,278, and, at the present
rate of loss, it will be hovering about
$100,000,000 when the republican con
vention meets at St. Louis. The ne
cessity of carrying the country
through the elections without a worse
pauic than that of 1893 will be urged
by sound money men both at St.
Louis and Chicago, as a decisive rea
son for the adoption of a gold stand
ard platform."
The alliance between the admini
stration and the Republican party
has been too patent for the last four
years to be used at this date as the
•'grand transformation scene" in the
political drama of 1890. Carlisle, in
his management of the treasury, has
been a faithful exponent of the Sher
man method of forcing the gold
standard on this country by steady
and stealthy steps, taken in the name
of sound money and in open disre
gard to the will of the people as ex
pressed in congress and in the plat
forms of a majority of the states. The
soundness of this plan, commenced in
1873 and continued in the compromise
acts of 1878 and 1890, is about to be
tested in a national campaign. The
people have called for previous
question and covert threats of a
Wall street panic will not turn them
from their purpose. Better a panic
for three months, with the damage
confined to the Atlantic coast, than
death by inches to the industries of
nine-tenths of the country, which is
the legitimate effect of dear money as
measured by a loss of value in all
other forms of wealth.—Rocky Moun
tain News.
Is what gives Hood's Sarsaparilla its great
popularity, its constantly increasing
sales, and enables it to accomplish its
wonderful and unequalled cures. The
combination, proportion and process
used in preparing Hood's Sarsaparilla
are unknown to other medicineB, and
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
Peculiar to Itself
It cures a wide range of diseases because
of its power as a blood purifier. It acts
directly and positively upon the blood,
and the blood reaches every nook and
corner of the human system. Thus all
the nerves, muscles, bones and tissues
come under the beneficent influence of
The One True Blood Purifier. $1 per bottle,
r»:n cure Liver Ills easy to
rlOOCl S Pills take,easytooperate, aso.
South Carolina Democrats Indorse
Their Senator for President.
COLUMBIA, S, C., May 21.—The dem
ocratic state convention here indorsed
Senator Ben Tillman for president,
and the following financial planks in
the platform were presented by Sena
tor Tillman and idopted:
We demand a more economical ad
ministration of our national affairs,
and that taxes shall be levied so as to
bear equally on ail seotions and all
classes. Labor should be lightly
burdened and by a graduated income
tax wealth be made to pay for its pro
We repudiate the construction
placed on the financial plank of the
last Democratic national convention
by President Cleveland and Secre
tary Carlisle as contrary to plain
meaning of English words, and as be
ing an act in bad faith, deserving the
severest censure.
The issue of bonds in the time Of
peace with which to buy gold to re
deem coin obligations, payable iu
silver or gold, at the option of the go
vernment, and the use of proceeds to
defray the ordinary expenses of the
government, are both unlawful and
usurp actions of authority, deserving,
A sound and just system of finance
is the most potent factor in a nation's
prosperity, and we demand the re
storation of the money of the consti
tution by giving silver the same rights
and privileges uow given to gold.
We demand the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1
regardless of the action of any and all
other nations, and that such coinage
shall De a legal tender for all debts,
public and private.
Congress alone has the power to
coin and issue money, and president
Jackson declared that this power
could not be delegated to a corpora
tion therefore, we demand the nat
ional banking system be abolished,
The absorption of wealth by a few,
the consolidation of our leading rail
road svstems and the formation of
trusts and pools require a stricter
control by the federal government of
those arteries of commerce.
.We demand the enlargement of the
powers of the interstate commerce
The Chicago delegation was instruc
ted to vote as a unit on all ques
Cuban resolutions, calling on presi
nt Cleveland to carry out the ac
tion of congress, were adopted unan
At 2 a. m. the convention adjourned
till Sept. 1.
Clarence S. Darrow said: "So long
as men grow wondrously rich and
keep their employes where they are
I am on the side of the employe.
From the time when man Writ had
muiiltOVd i.n r.rtmpln.iu wubll tUUt!}'
the complaint has been that he who
did the work did not receive his
share. The employers own the ma
chinery,^the shop, the capita], the fa
brics, but you put in your life anc
labor. Hare those who give life and
labor nothing to say? When civiliza
tion ceases to be a humbug they will
have more to say.
"These men tell us the industries of
Chicago are dependent on their run
ning their own business. If this
threat is true, for my part I should
say: 'What of it?" I would rather see
the grass in our streets and our state
ly piles fallen stone by stone than
that those stones should be cemented
with human blood and those streets
washed smooth by human tears,
wrung from misery and drawn from
Banking Unprofitable.
Omaha, June 2.—The directors of
the Olobe Savings Batik today passed
a resolution requesting the state
banking board to take possession of
the bank pending arrangements for
liquidation. Officers of the bank
state they find it no longer profitable
to continue savings bank business.
Associated Press Dispatch.
Well, that is no surprise to reading
and thinking people. The fact is,
people are using up tlieir deposits for
necessary family expenses, and are
not likely to accumulate any surplus
to deposit while the gold basis is con
Excursion Rates for Various
National Republican convoutiou,
St. Louis, Mo., June 16th. One faro
for round trip.
National Educational Association,
Buffalo, N. Y., July 7th-llth. $2.00
more than one way rate.
National Democratic convention,
Chicago, July 7th. One fare for round
trip. Tickets on sale July 4th to 8th,
good to return until July 12th.
National convention Y. P. S. C. E.,
W ashington, D. C., July 7th to 13th.
One fare for round trip.
Annual meeting Baptist Y. P. U.,
Milwaukee, Wis. July 16th to 19th.
One fare for round trip.
Convention of Y. P. C. U., Omaha,
Neb. Aug. 16th to 24th. One fare for
round trip.
National convention Republican
League, Milwaukee, Wis. Aug. 25 th to
27th. One fare round trip.
National encampment G. A. 11., St.
Paul, Minn., Sept. 1st to 4th. Round
trip $4.15 to St. Paul or Minneapolis.
Return limit can be extended lo Sept.
30th. For further particulars enquire
at ticket office. M. J. WHITE,"
Excursion Bates-
June 8th to 11th, acco int Iowa
Firemens Association at Marshall
August IOth to 12tli, account demo
cratic state convention at Ottumwa.
One fare for round trip to Junction
points. 2t M. J. WHITK, agent
It is all Wrong and Han is the Only
Creature That Does It
The complete emptiness of the si otn
ach during sleep, adds greatly to the
amount of emaciation, sleeplessness
and general weakness so often met
with. There is perpetual change of
tissues iu the body, sleeping or wak
ing, and the supply of nourishment
ought to be somewhat continuous
and food taken just before retiring,
adds more tissue than it destroyed
and increased weight and vigor is the
result. Dr. W. T. Cathell says '"All
animals except man eat before sleep
and there is no reason in nature why
man should form the exception to the
If people who are thin, nervous and
sleepless would take a light luueh of
bread and milk or oatmeal and cream
and at the same time take a safe,
harmless stomach remedy like Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets iu order to
aid the stomach iu digesting it, the
result will be a surprising increase in
weight, strength and general vigor.
The only drawback lias been that
thin, nervous, dyspeptic people can
not digest and assimilate who!eson.e
food at night or any other time. For
such it is absolutely necessary to use
StuarL's Dyspepsia Tablets, because
they will digest the food no matter
how weak the stomach may be, nour
ishing the body and restoring the
•t uuHcli at the Same time.
Dr. Stevenson says: "1 depend al
most entirely upon Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablets in treatiug indigestion,
because it is not a quack nostrum,
and 1 know just what they contain,
a combination of vegetable essences,
pure pepsin and fruit salts, and tbey
cure Dyspepsia and stomach troubles,
because they cau't help but cure."
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are sold
by druggists every whore at 50 cents
per package. They are in lozenge
form, pleasant to take and contain
nothiug but pure pepsin, vegetable
essences, fruit salts and bismuth,
scientifically compounded. They are
made by the Stuart Co. of Marshall,
Mich., arid your druggist will tell you
tliey give universal satisfaction.
Kirkhart Ryan's Railroad Circus the
Pride ol Des Moines.
The grand concert given last eve
ning by the Kirkhart-llvan circus
band of twenty musicians proved to
be all that was claimed for it in ad
vance. This band is said to be, with
out a doubt, the finest circus band in
the United States. Messrs. Kirkhart&
Ryan's great railroad show opens
their season iu Des Moines next
Monday. Having consolidated their
respective shows, formerly under sep
erate management-, the consolidation
in conjunction with new tents, cars
and various other properties in every
line coupled with an aggregation of
nrpnic Relebrrtt.es of national r«nutn
tion promises to make* the Kirkhart
Ryan railroad show an important
factor among the amusement enter
prises during the coming season.
The marvelous feat of Burt, the
man on the ladder, as seen during re
hearsals here the past week, seem in
credible until actually witnessed. This
wonderful acrobat seems to defy the
laws of gravitation with impunity as
well as enjoy the reputation of being
the highest salaried artist that ever
appeared under a canvas, which i6
quite conceivable after seeing bis act.
The absolute exclusion of all fakes,
gambling, and such devices to catch
the unwary insisted upon year after
year by the managers of this show
has established for it a reputation
through Iowa and Nebraska that will
undoubtedly bring a golden shower
to its coffers this season in connec
tion with its many meritorous feat
ures.—Des Moines Leader.
Will exhibit at Cresco, Wednesday,
June 24.
According to a celebrated anatomist
there are upwards of 5,000,000 little
glands in the human stomach. These
glands pour out the digestive juices
which dissolve or digest the food.
Indigestion is the want of juice,
weakness of glands, need of help to
restore the health of these organ?.
The best and most natural help is
thut giveu by Shaker D'gestive
Cordial. Natural, because it sup
plies the materials needed by the
glands to prepare the digestive
juices. JJecauso it strengthens and
invigorates the giauds aud the
stomach, until they are able to do
their work-alone. Shaker Digestive
Cordial cures indigestion certainly
and permanently. It does so by nat
ural means, and therein lies the
secret of its wonderful and unvaried
At druggists, price 10 cents to $1.00
pei bottle.
One Bottle Entirely Cured Her.
I received the bottle of White Wine
of Tar Syrup you sent. My wife at
that lime had a very bad cold on her
lungs and one bottle entirely cured
her. I call say it is the best, and iu
fact the very best medicine for throat
and lung diseases 1 ever came across
and I can recommend it to all.
Delton, Wis. ELDER S. J. ADAMS.
An Oregon Minister.
I received the bottle of White Wine
of Tar Syrup. One of my children
was very sick with croup, and as
your medicine was pleasant to take
I gave it. aud it gave almost immed
iate relief. I would not be without
it, and 1 also recommend it as a me
dicine that should be at all times iu
every family.
West Union, Oregon. RKV. H. STAUP.
Sold by Dr. J. J. Clemmer.
Homeseekers Excursion.
June 9th and 23J for $2.00, more
than one way rate for round trip.
Tickets good for 21 days. Inquire at
ticket office for particulars.
2t M. J. WHITK, agent.
Mrs. Mcleod Sues for Services Rendered
Out West.
Mrs. Jolinnna McLeod, nt present liv
ing in EastPatchogue, Long Island, has
brought suit against her husband, Al
exander French McLeod, for separation
nnd alimony. She swears that while
living with her husband in Montana he
•was a sufferer from rheumatism, and
unable to do the hard work of panning
in the placer streams for gold dust.
They had located in what seemed to be
a rich district, and the wife promptly
attired herself in male costume and
•went to work as a miner. Iler invalid
husband was unable t-o do more than
"wash" the products of her digging and
According tolier complaint, this brave
woman received from her husband only
ten dollars as her share of her labor, but
got plenty of abuse and ill treatment.
The rough men among whom she
worked in Montana never suspected her
sex. When the MeLeods left the mines
a year ago last February the "camp"
thought that they were a pair of pros
perous brothers. Mr. and Mrs. MsLeod,
it is said, left Montana with $80,000.
She camc to New York at his request
and he went to Hot Springs. A month
or two later she heard that he had be
come smitten with another woman,
named Mrs. Nellie Grace Stems. Mrs.
McLeod found the couple in St. Louis.
Mutual friends induced Mrs. McLeod
to forgive her husband. After the re
conciliation the MeLeods settled in East
Patehogue. Mrs. McLeod alleges that
her husband has ill-treated her ever
since their return to the east.
Raise a Great Din til Washington to Ex
press Their Contempt.
A new police regulation requiring
bells on bicycles became effective the
other day in Washington. Before eight
o'clock at night SO bicyclists were ar
rested for disobeying the regulation.
Hundreds of wheelmen and wheelwom
en expressed their contempt for the
regulation by using cow bells or sleigh
bells, and thousands arranged their
small bells so that they rang constant
ly. Washington, on account of its
many. mile3 of broad avenues paved
with asphalt, has more bicyclists in
proportion to its population than ajiy
city in the world. On the night in
question all the wheels seemed to be in
tise, and the noise of the bells was al
most a nuisance on the streets devoted
to residences.
Tho Divine Sarah In a Pot,
One night, when the audience in a
small town was especially bad, Sarah
Bernhardt, bored by the small size of
the audience and its stupidity, resolved
to make the most of it. The play was
"Camille." But instead of speaking the
lines as Dumas wrote them, Sarah made
up the play ns she went along, interpo
lating such opinions as, from minute to
minute, she had of the audience. She
called them unutterable things, nnd in
a highly dramatic way. The innocents
applauded these sentiments vigorously,
upon which she called them something
JLAAIM epakf gMftau.blftabyftrhlrft. tfi ,1
and watoh tho!
color fade, the'
as disap
It is magical.
Cole's Carbolsoap,
Is a medicinal Toilet Soap, absolutely
pure and free from the delaterious in
gredients used in many of the so-call
ed skin soaps. It purifies the skin
allays the irritation of sunburn, rash
and prickly heat, softens the bands
and prevents roughness and chapping
cures black heads, pimples and skin
blemishes, and preserves, freshens
and beautifies the complexion. It
produces a soft, creamy emulsion
even in hard water, and is a positive
luxury for the bath, the toilet and tho
nursery. Get only the genuine, the
genuine, the label on which is black
and the letters green. Price 25 cents
Sold by J. J. Lowry.
^^TO THE EDITOR I have an absolute
remedy for Consumption. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases have been already
permanently cured. So proof-positive am I
of its power that I consider it my duty to
send two bottles free
to those of your readers
who have Consumption,Throat, Bronchial or
Lung Trouble, if they will write me their
express and postoffice address. Sincerely,
T. A. SLOCTJM, M. C., 183 Pearl St., Mew York.
89* The Editorial and Business Management of
this Paper Guarantee this generous Proposition*
Market Street, Cresco, la.
Hot or Cold Lunches
Board by the Day or Week,
Fancy Groceries, Candy, Fruits and
Farm for Sale-
Two miles southeast of Lime Sprin
240 acres all under cultivation. Good
seven room house, new barn 40 by 48.
granary, corn cribs, hog-house, well
and wind mill, with stock and
Will sell on easy terms and take
town residence property as part
83 Hui.
W, A. Smith,
Lime Springe, la.
Let The Whole World:•
Know The Good
Dr.Mes' Heart Cure Does
EART DISEASE, has Its victim at a
disadvantage. Always tauprht that
heart disease is incurable, when the
ymptoms becomo well defined, the patient
bocomcs alarmed and a nervous panic takes
p'.aco. But when a sure remoily is found
nd a cure effected, after years of suffering,
ic.ro is great rejoicing and desire to "let
the whole world know." Mrs. Laura Wine
uircr, of Selkirk, Kansas, writes "1 desire
to let the whole world know what Dr. Miles'
])r. Miles'
Heart Cure
Dr. Miles' Heart Curo is sold on guarantee
that first bottle benefits, or money refunded.
W. STROTHER, Proprietor,
only Flrsfc-clags House In Creeoo.
Attorney and Ciunselor-at-Law.
Lyrle Hall Block*
Office with W. K. Barker, la Union Saving! Bank
Physician and Surgeon,
Offlo* over Connolir's druf? store. JlesV
denoe with Mi a. Jno. McCook.
yol.85 no.4S.
Oresoo, Iowa.
All operations rendered painless by the us
of Aerated Hypnotic or P«re Narcotized Air,
the best aud safest auesliieilu knewn to tki
ssUaUOe world- IW
W. H. Tillson
AttomeY and Counselor-at-Law
Cresco, Iowa-
Office over Johnson Brothers 'Store.
John J. Ahern M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Kellow'b store on Eim
Residence with John McHugli.
Willard L. Converse
Attorney and Counselor
At Law
Booms 3 and 4 Berg Block.
Farms for Sale.
100 acres mile enst of Uonair. and
100 acres 4 iiiileg north-west of Cresco,
on Bon air road. Land iu high state
of cultivation ilrst-class buildings,
wells and windmills. Enquire of J. A
mpi'1,111 9 y.yj-MJoj' wm v-
Heart Curo has done for
mo. For ton years I had
pain In my heart, short
ness of breath, palpita
tion, pain in my leftside,
oppressed feeling in my
chest, weak and hungry
spells, bad dreams, could not lie on either
side, was numb and suffered terribly. I took
Dr. Miles' Heart Curo and before I finished
tho second bottle I felt its good effects,
1 feel
now that I am fully recovered, and that Dr.
Miles' Heart Curo saved my life."
Coal, Wood, Posts,
Lime, Cement.
At Laidlaw's Stand, Cresco, Iowa.
For a Ton Every Timet
Quality, Honest Weight and Aoonrate
Measurement Guaranteed.
Cresco, Iowa. 53m3
A. CONVKRSF, President.
S. B. CAlu-KNTKii, Vice-Frep.
O. G. YVAHIIKSS, Casheir
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent.
Receives Deposits, and Hakes Psl*
Buy* aid Sena Bxcbince, awemiBrat IM
and ether stcurlUoa and dogaMiai bntr1i|
Draft* on Europe for SdU,
Improved and, Unimproved Real
Estate Bought and Sold
w» Qommissism.
Loan and Trust Co.,
B. T. DAVU, President and Tr*u.
0n« and Proprietor af tki Only Gnu
la Howard Oanatr.
Abstracts of Title to Lands and Towa
Lots furnished on short notice.
Speoial advantages for making Farm
Loans and Belling Geal Estate.
Hu again assumed toll oontiwl ot
Our Tew sill coatmae to lie Cask
[BBaying and Selling. Ws taks pleanrs
la referring to the patrons ot this market
and assure them that we shall keep a fall
•took ot
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Poultry in its Season,
Cash paid for Fat Cattle, Sheep,
Calres suitable for Market.
Centennial Block. CRESCO. 10.
iBHtwortl & Enriglt
Are making a specialty ot
ICFkare fine work ia required—such aa
traok and carriage horses.
Anew ttare shrlnker will enable «a
to give special attention to getting
pratron tire. General blacksmlthlag
Mu hara prompt attention. 8tti
Jolan MoOook.
Will praotloe In all the oourts of tba itate%
make loans, and atteud to buying and lelling
teal estate and seourfttaa.
Office orer Cresoo Unton Savings Bank.
Will practice in all State and Federal Courts
A. BAllKETT. M. D., G. M.
Speoial attention to Surgery. Office over
Olemmer's Drujj Store.
Tickets at Reduced Bate*.
t. Hjtr.
4i Si|
HOLBROOK, Vice Pres.
U. B.
LINO, Barntuy.
Office open night aad
a. H. KBXXoae,
All work Is Ida Uoe wffl luv
The Park Hotel
Now thoroughly renovated nnd rofurnlslie
throughout, and irltli now proprietors is full
equipped to provide for tho wants and comfor
of the traveling public.
With its clean rooms, sweet aud wholcsom
beds, and Its well supplied talile. Its proprloto
liaiies to merir and receive
sliaro of publ
McGrinness, Prop.'
Justice of the
Cresco, Iowa.
Office in the Berg HJook wlt.li J. O.
Webster. Prompt attention given to
matters entrusted to hint.
W t*

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