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High Artr
We are now all ready to meet
our friends and customers in our el
egant and modernly appointed new
drug- store. Come in and see us if
you don't want to buy just now.
At the Lowest Prices ever heard of in Howard county.
Why buy a Ready-made Suit when you can get one
made to order that fits for the same money that
you would pay for a "hand-me-down.
A Good, All Wool Suit made to your
order for $15.
A Good, All Wool, heavy-weight Pants
made to order forf$4
Is not confined to music and painting. In
the Tailoring trade there is endless oppor
tunity to display skill and good taste. If
you want a suit for summer that is as near
perfection as possible, call on
This is the time to buy your
Oils for Machinery.
Remember Quality is a vital
matter, Price next. We
can meet you on both Pro
Lorn as & Kessel
The Druggists.
M. E. choir concert Sept. 30.
Democratic convention Oct. 6.
Editor Evans was down from Lime
Springs Wednesday.
A good second-hand, opon buggy
for sale, apply at this office. tf
Save money and buy your groceries
of A. H. Caward.
School caps, all styles, lowest prices
in the city. Mrs. J. M. LONG.
Starch still sells at five cents a
paper at CAWAKD, the Grocer.
Mrs. Heusselman of Osage has been
visiting with the family of her son in
Luther Jones left the first of the
week for Des Moines in scarch of em
Mrs. Fred Gallup has been visiting
her daughter Mrs. Dr. Horton at Fort
For fresh groceries or a good meal
go to M. Barrett's Restaurant, Market
St., Cresco. sept lyl
John Johnson is in St. Paul pur
chasing the stock of fur goods for
Johnson Bros.
Rev. T. E. Taylor will preach in the
Hayes school house next Sunday at
3 o'clock p. m.
Try a can of Hopkins' Hominy
(Hulled Corn). It is delicious. Full
quart, 10 cents.
W. B. Ousley, D. D. S., in Cresco
1st to 15th. All work guaranteed to
give satisfaction. 15tf
A good house for a dress maker or
small family, in east part of town.
Enquire of Mrs. Haberly.
Oak Dale readers will notice the
change in the date of their caucus
from Oct. 1st to 3rd at 8 p. m.
Machine oil and. axle grease very
cheap and good.'
Amundson & Lofthus.
L. J. Palda, Jr. an attorney at Elgin
la., and a young silver man, was a
Cresco business visitor on Tuesday.
'Longley Hats' in the new fall styles,
are now in.
The Geraty & Terry Co.
We sell the coffees that will be sold
exclusively at the next World's Fair.
Try a pound. Amundson & Lofthus.
If you want good value for your
money, buy "The Longley Hat."
The Geraty & Terry Co.
Try our 20c bulk coffee. Its a
The Grocers.
'•Longley Hats" are always reliable.
Every hat warranted.
'lhe Geraty & Terry Co.
We are making very low prices on
all lines of canncd goods to close them
out. CAWAKD, the Grocer.
Buy a '-Longley Hat" and if not
satisfactory will return you your mon
ey. The Geraty & Terry Co.
Millinery opening Saturday, Sept.
2Gth All are invited.
Our 20c bulk coffee is a bargain.
The Grocers.
Geo. Dobson left Tuesday afternoon
for llockford, 111., whore ho has a
position as night clerk in a hotel
Mr. Sandusky of Vernon Springs is
said to bo a candidate for tho ofllce of
county Supervisor to succeed Mr.
The Good Tomplers will givo a cane
sociable Friday evening, Sept. 25, at
the Templars hall. All are cordially
Mr. and Mrs. Gill and family are
enjoying a visit from their nephew
and cousin, Arthur Gill, from Pots
dam, ST. Y.
What you want when you are ailing
is a medicine that wjU cure you. Try
Hood's Sarsaparilla and be convinced
of its merit.
HOL'SH TO KENT.—A good comforta
ble brioK house, east part of town,
possession about October. Enquire of
N. B. Wheeler.
There will be a tempcrance meet
ing at Bonair next Sunday evening
with recitations, songs, addrosses,
etc. All invited.
Shacklock, now locatcd on tho south
side of market street, with J.L.Henley
will make your watch or clock cora
to time. Try him.
Patterson Bros, intend to open up
the grocery stock the first of the week
of which they will make due an no unci
ment through the PEE DEE.
FOR SALE—One second hand coal
stove in good order—Tho Invincible—
and one wood stove nearly ce'.v, for salt
cheap. Apply to E. R. THOMPSON-.
Remember wo sell Chase & San.
burn's World's Fair coffees and teas.
Try them if you want the best.
Mrs. C. Miller and Mrs. E. B. Wild
man and daughters attended the Har
vest Home Festival at Ridgeway last
Miss Lauraino Mead departs to day
for a few weeks visit with friends at
Lakota, North Dakota. Master Harry
Welsh will accompany her as far as
Grand Forks.
State auditor McCarthy has an
nounced the semi-annual apportion
ment of the state school fund of which
Howard receives $2474.10 for a
school population of 4905.
The Methodist choir never fail to
give good concerts, they are working
hard to make this the best one they
have ever given. Come out and de
cide which you think is the best.
This is the season for machine oils
and axle grease. Don't forget that
we have the best goods and make the
lowest prices.
CAWAKD. the Grocer.
FLASK'S RECORD 2:18}, will make a
fall season in the stud at Cresco. En
quire at tho Rink feed barn.
Bents & Upton have about 100
bushels of choice apples which they
will make into cider, which goes some
ways in supplying a few families with
a choice quantity of cider vinegar.
Rev. Frank Peterson, of Minneapo
lis, District Secretary for Foreign
missions, will preach at the Baptist
Church next Sunday, Sept. 27, morn
ing and evening. A cordial invitation
is extended. Come and hear.
The Montague auction last Tuesday
was largely attended by the farmers
thereabouts and from a long distance
away. The prices did not rule very
high but at about an average with the
present market value of like property.
A Sunday school convention will be
held at Kendallville, Tuesday p. m.
and evening and Wednesday a. m.,
Sept 29.30., and one at Saratoga, Fri
day, October 2d with a picnic dinner.
Good programes have been arranged.
Mis3 Councelman, trimmer for J. B.
Caward & Co.'s Millinery department
has been in Chicago since the 6th,
securing the latest ideas in the mil
linery art will return with Mrs. Do.
Noyelle's in time for the opening the
The ladies of the M. E. Church are
preparing for a Bazar about tho mid
dle of November, at whi3h will be
sold bedding, children's clothing,
ladies' underwear, gents' night-shirts
and all varieties of fancy work at
reasonable prices.
William Halsted's wife died the first
of the week and was interred in St.
Joseph's cemetery Wednesday. She
leaves a baby about 6 months old,
beside her husband and numerous
friends to monrn her untimely end
She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Smith who resides northeast of
Mr. Robert Thomson has exchanged
the west eighty of his farm including
the buildings, with Martin P. Lydon,
for his farm of 240 acres near Lourdes,
paying Mr. Lydon $100 as the differ
ence in the value of tho farms. Tho
Thomson eighty was put in at $100
per acre. It is a good trade for both
of them.
A full assortment of new cloths suit
able for fall and winter suits and for
overcoatings just received at tho mer
chant tailor establishment over A. II.
Caward's store. Prices made to suit
tho times. Garments warranted to lit.
Goods and all material just as it is rec
ommended. David Amundsen,
tf Proprietor.
Nelson Tyler who has been a resi
dent of the place since the early lo
cation of the town died at his home
the 22ud instant. While he had not
been in robust healtn for quito a time,
his illness terminating in death had
been of but few days, lie was a well
meaning man, honest and upright in
all his intercourse with his fellow
The following have credit on sub
scription account with the PEE DEE:
W. J. Daughenbaugh, Jennings, La.
John Mu'.ick, Elrna Henry Brown,
Davis Corners: J. T. Montague, M. P.
LyJon, Lourdes J. J. Thomas, Lime
Why don't you use our clear quil
corn and laundry starch, at live cents,
it is all right
Caward, the Grocer.
Try a sack of that Great Jersey
Cream llour and you will have thi
best. Amundson & Lofthus.
The Ladies of the W. 11. C., wii
liavo a dime sociable at the home
Mr. and Mrs Shuinway, Tuesday even
ing, Sept. 29th. Supper served at 8:30
Miss Mamie Thaler, daughter
lYot. Tlmlcr, of Calm ir, and a gifteu
violinist, will play a s. lo at the M.
choir conceit next Weduosday eve.i
Thos. Flood, John G. Hauck,
S T. Irvine, ltobt. Thomson, II. C.
Hjerleid, Cresco.
Martin Johnson is finishing up the
cond floor in the Lowrv building
with hard pine and is making of it the
finest set of rooms in the town. Ho is
ilso rebuilding tl)e Ralph Thomp
son house in the east part of town
making it modern in all its outline
md details. Tho work on the Thorap
on building is in Charge of Martin
Bjt-kan as foreman.
Mr. Smith Curtis and family of
Kendallville have been enjoying an all
•iummor visit from a brother's wife
from New York city and the brother.
Linus Curtis came some three weeks
since and ere his return bought three
heavy work horsos fpr use in his bus
ness iu the city in teaming and haul
ing heavy goods of all kinds, he hav
ng 24 outfits for handling such
ness in tho city.
Sole Agents.
The annual election of ofll.:ers of
ho Crc:c W. C. T. U., resulted iu
ho choice of Irene G. Adams, Pres.
(Jura S. Hill, Secretary Ora CJ. Wan
ess, Trans. Supt. Loyal Teinporanco
Legion, Ada G. Barker Vice Pres.,
•Holla Barker, Mrs. S. II. Mitchell and
Mrs. E. B. Champlin. Delegates to
District Convention, Mrs. Stella Wy
"ant and Mrs. Florjnce Henry. Dele
rates to the State Convention, Mrs.
irena G. Adams and Mrs. Stella Bar
Index to Inside Pages
The effect of the single gold standard
upon farm or unorganized labor by
S. L. Cary.
The fall in wages.—Penny Press.
Cablegram to Bryan from the Interna
tional Agricultural congress now in
Bismark favors the free coinage of
silver in a letter to Gov. Culbertson
of Texas.
Bismark's letter in English and Ger
"Honest money" a catechism for "our
friends, the enemy," to read and
Mr. Adams answered, views of a
southern farmer on the financial
How money and morals bend to each
other in the New York conscience.
Free coinage would make a demand
for many additional days labor.
Cartoon—Columbia in fetters.
Remember the concert given by the
M. E. choir, Wednesday evening,
Sept. 30th. The church is going to
put in new hymnals. Every one
knows how nice it is to have a book to
sing out of. Besides helping to pay
for the books you will have the pleas
ure of listening to one of the finest
concerts ever given in the church. Let
every one turn out and help the good
cause along. The male quartet is the
same one that sang at the Charles
City convention.
"Talk is cheap," but wo mean bus
iness this coming season. We do not
intend to say, that we have more
hats, than all the rest of tho stores
put together, but a call will eonvince
you that all our departments are com
plete. We shall not ask you to buy
of us, buc when you arc looking
around for bargains this fall we cor
dially invite you to give us a call, as
we are more than anxious to show
you our new goods and quote prices.
Our clothing department is more
complete than ever. Yours truly
The Ladies of the Congregational
church will not hold their fair until
two weeks before Christmas, begin
ning it Friday, Dec. 11th, at which
time they will gladly furnish Christ
mas goods or useful home articles and
will sincerely appreciate patronage
from all friends. Orders will be glad
ly filled. The ladies feel that they are
in position to fill orders for most any
kind ot fancy works. cumforters,
quilts, aprons, pillow-cases, plain or
hemmed stitched towells, hemmed or
hemmed-stitched childrens articles,
holders etc. In fact anything one
would want done for Christmas. Any
one wishing orders tilled will please
leave them with Mrs. Daniel Piatt,
Mrs. H. C. Burgess, or Mrs. T. J.
Democratic Caucuses.
A caucus of the democrats of Albion
township will be held at the Do L'-inge
school house on Wednesday, Septem
ber 30th at 7 o'clock p. m. for the
purpose of electing 3 delegates to at
tend the county convention, also to
nominate candidates for the follow
ing township offices: 1 trustee, town
ship assessor, township clerk, two
Justices of the peace, two constables
and to transact any further business
that may properly como bolore the
By order of Township Committee.
A caucus of the democrats of New
Oregon twp. -vill be held at the New
Oregon school house on Saturday, Oct.
3rd at 7 o'clock p. m. for the purpose
of electing 7 delegates and nominating
candidates for township officers.
By order of Township Committee.
A caucus of the democrats of How
ard Center township will be held at
the Howard Center school house on
Saturday October 3rd at 7 p. m. for
the purpose of electing 3 delegates to
attend the county convention and also
to place in nomination candidates for
the following township ottices: One
township trustee, assessor, township
clerk, two Justices of the Peace, two
constables and for the transaction of
such other business as may properly
come before tho caucus.
By order of tho Committee'.
9 9
Notice is hereby given to the Demo
cratic electors of Oak Dale township,
county of Howard and State of Iowa,
that there will bo a caucus held at the
Howe school house ou Saturday, Oct.
3rd, 1806, at 3 p. in., for tho purpose
of nominating a township ticket and
electing two delegates to the county
convention, g., W. S. HORN,
A caucus for the election of 5 dele
gates to the county convention Tues
day to be held October Gth 189(5
will be held at Lourdes Saturday eve
ning O^t. 3. 18'.)G lit 7:3 and to nomi
nate candidates for township offices us
follows: trustee, assessor, justices,
town clerk and constables.
By order of Committee.
Cl I
V.ST Kit
The democrats of Chester town
ship will meet in mous in Roper'
store, in Chester, at 8 p. m. on Sat.
October 3rd, 18915, to elect 3 delegates
to the county convention lo be held at
Cresco, on Tuesday, Ojt. lith, lSOij
anil transact to such other busiucs
as may legally eoiue before it.
By order of the committee.
Tuesday, Sept.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Program of the S. S. Convention
To be held September
at Kendallville, Iowa, for Dist.
comprising Orleans and Fre­
mont townships. Ample provision
for entertainment for all visitors from
abroad. PROGRAM.
1:00—Opening exercises, conducted
by Rev. H. Williams.
1:20—Conveution Work in the Co.,
G. Ii. Baker.
Work in the Home for
the Sunday School. Ward Curtis,
Laura Fifield.
what way can we improve
the Sunday School Services? C. J.
and When do you Study
the Sunday School lesson? John A.
Lewis, Mrs. Moore.
the Sunday School been
of any benefit in your Community? If
so, how? Lucy Lewis, Cleora Lemon,
Mrs. Mary Barns.
Teacher's Work iu the
Sunday School. Lizzie Kessei, Tina
Gager, Frank Richards.
and Prayer Service,
conducted by R. S. Finney.
Rev. Holmes.
Wednesday, Sept.
by G. R. Baker.
Johnson Bros.
exercises, conducted
and Papers in the Home,
Should we have them to help in the
study of the Sunday School Lessous?
Rev. H. Williams.
Superintendent's Work
in the Sunday School. Mrs. Ashley,
C. C. Brown, F. O. Farnsworth.
should we use the
Bible in the Sunday School? Helen
Ashley, W. Gager.
can we have Teacher's
Meetings iu the Country? Are they
Important? General discussion.
is the Chief End of
Sunday School Work? R. S. Finney,
Fred Ryan, C. C. Brown.
11:00—A Paper, Mrs. Clark.
11:10—House to House Visitation,
C. J. Harlan.
Bring your Bibles and Finest of the
Wheat, No. 1.
Democratic County Convention
A delegate County Convention of
the Democrats of Howard county
will be held in the Court House,
Cresco, ou Tuesday, October (5. 189G,
at 2 o'elocu p. m.. for the purpose of
nominating candidates for the follow
ing offices:
Clerk of the District Court,
County Auditor
County Recorder,
County Attorney,
And one member of Board of Super
visors, and the transaction of such
other business as may properly come
before the convention.
The basis of representation will be
one delegate from each township,and
one additional delegate for each 25
votes or fraction of 12 cast for W. I.
Batib for governor in November 1895.
Upon such basis the several town
ships are entitled to the following
Afton 0 I Jamestown 3
Albiou 3 New Oregon....7
Chester 3 I Oak Dale 2
Forest City 3
Howard 8
Howard Center... 3
Paris 5
Saratoga 3
Vernon Spr'gs 12
Total 01
Township chairman are requested
to call caucauses in accordance with
the foregoing.
Chairman County Committee.
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard.
mmmmmmmmm 1
$1.00 PER YEAR
Mr. S. Radford was a Chester visitor
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McCray of
Riceville visited Mr. and Mrs. Has
kins and other friends here last week
Mr. and Mrs. Lea Reynolds spent
the Sabbath in Chester.
Miss Shirley Smith departed for'
Riceville last Saturday where she
will spend the winter.
Mrs. Roper and Mrs. Powers visited
in Le. Roy Saturday.
The Legion of Honor held a social
in the Hall one evening of last week.
The League was well attended last
Sunday night, a short entertainment
was given after the regular services.
The weding invitations are out for
the marriage of Miss Nona McDowell
and Mr. George Spencer of this place
Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Hubbard and
little grand-daughter of Waterloo are
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Hubbard, the gentlemen are
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Upton have been
visiting Mr. Upton's sister, Mrs. El
mer Glass of Chester, "and Mrs. Ed
ward River of Oak Dale-
The farmers are again busy thresh
ing, those who left, their flax unstack
ed will suffer considerable loss from
the long rainy spell.
Mr. Boland has returned from his
southern trip.
Mr. C. K. Berg and family of Sara
toga, started from here for Daven.
port this week, where they are going
to reside.
Mr. Alex Garrett is having a celler
dug and is preparing to build a new
Miss Edna Courtney is the new
clerk in Carter & Courtney's store, a
very pleasant addition to their force
of workers.
The merchants are all filling up
their stores with new goods. Mr.
Glass received a large shipment of
goods Tuesday.
Dr. Freemire is enjoying a visit from
his mother, it is the first time she
has been among us for two years, as
she has been spending some time at
the Pacific Coast.
Our school is making a good begins
ning with the promise of splendid re
Mr. George Rutherford has gone to
Calmar where he has a position iu a
cabinet shop.
Mr. M. Hanson has gone to his
home in South Dakota.
BLACKUUKX-ALHERS—At the rcsidcnco
of the brido's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Albers, near Ridgeway, Iowa, on
Wednesday, Sept. '.'3. by Rev. IL T.
Williams, Mr. Frank Blackburu and
Miss Emma Albers.
Program of Concert
To be given in M. E. church, Wed
nesday evening, Sept.
Every Sack Guaranteed.
Try One and Be Convinced!
Amundson & Lofthus. The Grocers
1. Organ solo.
Song by clioir.
Violin solo—Miss Mamie Thaler.
Male quartet.
Solo—Miss Millie Culbert.
6. Orchestra.
Recitation—Miss Helen Chapin.
S. Duet—Prof, aud Mrs. Perry.
Minstrelsy club.
11. Flute solo—Mr. Berg.
Duet—Misses Millie Culbert and
Mary Thompson.
Male quartet.
Duet—Winnie and BossieBarker.
Recitation—Miss Mamie Sisco.
Minstrelsy club.
Populist District Convention.
There will bo hold a Mass convout
ion of tho Populists of the -1th Con
gressional district of Iowa, at Charles
City, Iowa, Tuesday, Septembor 29,
1890, at 2 o'clock p. m., for tho pur
pose of nominating a representative in
Congress and such other business as
may como before said convention.
All Populists should be sure to at
tend. M. H. DA LEV,
Chairman District Committee.
w* -u

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