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Official Paper of County.
JF About the Liquor Traffic.
It is entirely unnecessary to talk to
.. people of mature years, about the
evils of intemperance. Eevery reason-'
ing, reflecting person is conscious of
existing evils it is a remedy that Is
wanted. For nearly thirty years the
state has sought to regulate the tratic
and control the evil through prohibi
tory enactments which give sale of
liquors to a favored class, without
exacting from it any license or fee for
the monopoly granted. This inonop
oly is upon the theory that liquors
will.be sold only for the legitimate
use of-uie'dicine, or for meohauicai
use. But tbere is not a druggist but
is imposed upon by applicants nearly
everyday. We have personally known
of instances where men not in the
habit of using intoxicating? liquors,
under a mistaken idea of friendship,
have gone to the druggist and ob
tained half a pint of whisky, ostensi
bly for legitimate use, but which
went forth with to the person to whom
the druggist had refused it, and who
wanted it for a beverage. This de
inand for it by that class inspires the
boot-leggers, and makes the blind
pigs numerous and thrifty, thus in
flicting upon the public the evils of
an unlicensed tratic, with all the cost
incident thereto, without a dollar of
compensation to the state, the peo
pie, except an occasional fine from
gome unlucky violator of the law who
happens to be caught. But the mon
eys obtained from this class is more
than consumed in paying costs in
curred and for the support in jail,
of those caught who pay no fines.
Observation teaches that this is no
remedy for the evil of the unlawful
trafic, because when one Individual
is suppressed, some other is ready to
at once bfgin. Our city has four
drug storefe with thousands of dollars
invested and it is idle to asbume that
with the rigors and penalties of the
law' before them, that they would in
vite its visit. It would seem that
these unquestioned and undisputed
facts, ought to satisfy any reasonable
mind that the present system of regu
lation, utterly fails to regulate, and
that some other method ought to be
adopted. If every person applying
to a druggist was required to furnish
a prescription given by some repu
table practicing and duly licensed
physician, no prescription of the kind
to be refilled, would do away with
large portion of the imposition the
present method subjects the phar
macists to, but it would not limit the
quantity used, as it would simply
transfer to the boot-leggers and the
blind pigs the trade of that class
which has made false statements to
the druggist to procure what they
pfelA thought comes from the whence
ly and reminds us that four years ago
the republican papers were full of
items like the following: "Another
factory gone democratic," "The bank
of Blank went democratic yesterday
by a big majority and Major S. was
appointed receiver," "Cleveland was
endorsed by the bank of ren
dering up its charter and going into
liquidation," and they seemed to
gloat over the announcement. All
those things were the result of "dem
ocratic success," so they said, but
now, when banks are bursting with
unpredecented rapidity, even the As
sociated Press reports cannot make
'the people believe but the gold stand
ard idea and prices make times as
they are. We wish it were different
and will welcome it from whatever
source prosperity returns—Benton
County Times.
Bradstreets & Dun in their reports
of the financial conditions and the
outlook for better times, remind one
of the false lights displayed upon a
rocky coast to lead the unlucky mari
ner to shipwreck, that the wreckers
npon the coast may gather the plun
der as it is washed ashore. Their re
ports are like Cleveland's prophesies,
entirely unreliable so far as they
promise better times under present
conditions. Their reports of ever re
curring busmesss failures give the
emphatic contradiction to their
promise of better times unless It be
for the wreckers who have placed
false beaconlights and the gold stand
ard before the country."
Under Congressman Henderson's
instructions to the congressional com
mittee of the 3rd district in regard to
post office appointments, it is pos
sible for M. M. Ham to be his own
successor. With Bonson, Richards
and such men who voted for McKin
ley and the support given him by the
Herald, its editor is most certainly
eligible under Henderson's rule.
Ai-iSv™«-iS,-3uihuMC)Aifeij ifJ J$^k^&wa!fcS£>- "SrfjIfcfiS"1- A
•i.i.imi) ,11
Republican Logio-
Those democratic editors who are
howling because the good times have
not .arrived should devote several
hours a day to a contemplation of
the principal oauses of the hard times
we have had and are still having.—
New York Press.
The esteemed Press overlooks a
few points. It overlooked the fact
that these democratic editors have
been contemplating the causes of the
present hard times, and have sug
gested the remedy. But the republi
can organs, of which the Presstis one,
insists on continuing those condit
ions. The only plan the republican
party offers to better conditions is to
pile on the tariff, and in the issue in
which they claim that the mills and
factories are closed because of the
present tariff they point to» factories
opening as a proof of the prosperity
they promised if McKinley was elect
ed. A republican organ is the only
one that can understand how a con
dition that closes all the mills and
factories will allow those mills and
factories to resume.
Some republican organs claim that
factories were closed because banks
were alarmed at a threatened change
in the government's financial policy
and refused banking accommodations
to manufacturers. And then these
self-same organs turn right arouud
and advocate a policy that makes it
possible for the bankers to get a bet
ter hold on the curreuoy of the coun
try, thus enabling them to open or
close factories with greater ease than
before. Republican logic is fearfully
and wonderfully made. If a measure
opens a mill it is republicau, but if
under the same measure: a mill is
closed it immediately ceases to be re
republican by some hocus pocus
known only to the high tariff mind
becomes a democratic measure. Only
a gathering of republicans will cheer
the name of- Grrover Cleveland and
then adopt resolutions denouncine
his policy, following it up with a plat
form declaring for a majority of the
features of the policy it denounced a
few moments before. The only policy
upon which republicans have been
censistent is that of denouncing those
who oppose.them, regardless of facts
and figures, and taxing the whole
people for the benefit of infant in
dustries that are bid enough and
strong enough to take Uncle Sam by
the throat and choke big subsidies
out of him. Before advising demo
cratic editors to contemplate any
thing the esteemed New York Press
should hunt around and find some
thing logical in the editorial columns
of its republican contemporaries.—
Omaha World-Herald.
The Morgan Bid-
Is Grover Cleveland about to sig
nalize his departure from the. white
house by another gift of millions to
the Morgan syndicate? This is a per
tinent question in view of the infor
mation that comes from Washington
to the effect that a deal is being ar
ranged whereby the Pacific roads
will pass into the hands of J. Pier
pont Morgan.
That the government has now an
absolute right to the possession of
che roads does not seem to be denied.
Having defaulted in the payment of
both principal aud interest of their
debt, the title has vested in the' Unit
en States, subject of course, to the
first mortgage bonds, all the stock
and collateral indebtedness being
wiped out. This does not at all im
ply a power to sell these roads. As
the title passes to the United States
by operation of law, it will require a
law to divest the United States of
that title, the president nowhere be
ing given authority to part with the
This being the tase, it follows that
the only thing the Morgan syndicate
can do is to pay up the entire debt of
these roads to the government. This
the treasury can receive and that
would end the connection of the gov
ernment with the Pacific roads. But
neither the president nor the secreta
sy of the treasury has the shadow of
aright to compromise this debt for
50 ceuts or 75 cents, or any other
amount on the dollar. They can re
ceive the whole amount due, they
can allow the courts in a regular
foreclosure proceeding to sell them
at public sale, but to seize the roads
and effect a private compromise of
the indebtedness, aud a sale, would
be entirely outside of the law.
Evidently the Pacific railroad com
bine is scheming to settle the govern
ment claim as cheaply as possible.
The trend of events since the defeat
of the funding bill leads to the con
clusion that rather than permit the
government to gain possession of
these roads the syndicate will pay up
dollar for dollar, thus putting $113,
000,000 or thereabouts in the treasury.
When this is done the Pacific railroad
question will no longer be a burning
issue in congress.—Rocky Mountain
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with local fapplications as they can
not reach the seat of the disease. Ca
tarrh is a blood or constitutional dis
ease, and in order to cure it you must
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tarrh Cure is takaa internally, and
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scribed by one of the best physicians
this country for years, and is a
regular prescription. It is composed
of the best tonics known, combined
with the best blood purifiers acting
directly on the' mucous surfaces.
The perfect combination of the two
ingredients is what produces such
wonderful results in curing catarrh.
Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, O.
^jjld by .grnggistg, pricp 75o.
lslk -N
t*A s.i vf
,i"1'. '*'3"' ifWN^y1
From the State Capital.
Whether it be for the purpose of
currying favor with the taxpapers
or from a genuine spirit of economy
the state senate has done the right
thing in reducing the number of
clerks from forty to twenty. If it is
a real desire to save tho state funds
why did they not think of it last ses
Ex-Congressman Walter I. Hayes,
was eleoted from Clinton county to
the vacancy occasioned by the death
of State Representative N. A. Merrill.
Last November, Mr. Hayes was the
silver candidate for congress in that
district and lacked about 1000 votes
of carrying Clinton county. At .this
special election, less than three
months after the goldbug victory, he
carried the county by about 1000 ma
jority, getting ebout two-thirds of all
the votes. If straws show which way
the wind blows, what does this indi
cate? It looks very much as though
the people are sick*of the way they
allowed the election to go last tall
and would be glad to try something
different now if they but had an op
portunity. If the same ratio holds
good all over the state, and every
thing goes to show that it will, the
reform forces will sweep Iowa next
fall by a tremendous majority.
The McKinley wave of prosperity
and restored confidence struck Des
Moines in good shape last week. To
say nothing of several smaller failures
the German Savibgs bank closed its
doors. It was the most popular bank
in the city and has plenty of assets to
pay out but owing to the scarcity of
money, which the present powers re
fuse to make an improvement on, it
could not realize on them and had to
quit. The other banks were con
siderably scared for fear their deposi
tors would want their money, know
ing that a "run" would burst every
one of them, but by publishing re
ports that they had got all the money
needed from Chicago and by taking
advantage of the sixty day clause un
der which deposits cannot be with
drawn, other banks were prevented
and depositors will continue to plod
along in a state of uncertainty and
fear, not knowing whether they will
ever^jet their money or not. Deposi
tors of the bursted bank are promised
their money as soon as the business
can be straightened out, but such
promises are always made and seldom
fulfilled and they may get all and
they may get very little. And still
there are some people who refuse to
believe that we need more and cheap
er money and a better banking sys
Never before were there so many,
people In Des Moines in need of as
sistance. Not charity, but an op
portunity to earn a living. In fact
hundreds of thousands are becoming
desperate. The monopoly-serving,
anti-silver, Hanna-helping organ, the
Register, is forced to admit that its
ante-election promises of plenty of
work at good wages as soon as Mc
Kinley's election was assured, was
false and misleading and in depicting
the present pitiable situation urges
prompt action by the city govern
ment to prevent hundreds of fami
lies fr«m starvation and says if iin
mediate assistance be not forthcom
ing there will be so-called criminal
aots to secure bread which under the
circumstances, will be perfectly justi
fiable in the sight of God. Speaking
of the destitute workingmen the Reg
ister says: "Now the savings have
been expended, they are out of em
ployment and out of food, and as a
last resort they have gone to the city
officials and told them that they must
have labor that will enable them to
earn support or they will forcibly
take sufficient of the food and fuel
of other people, wherever they can
find it, to feed and keep their loved
ones warm. That is right and is just
what they should do if necessary- to
prevent starvation and freezing."
They do say that Governor Drake
is not to be given a second nomina
tion. He is not popular with the
party. Not that the party objects to
his railroad, monopoly views that is
a satisfactory passport for republi
can support. Let a republican bob
up who entertains any anti-monopoly
views and his head goes off in a jiffy,
For example look how Larrahee was
laid in the shade. Also Wheeler
Finn, Lyons, et al. No, Drake's sub
serviency to the monopoly lash is
perfectly satisfactory. In fact no
lash is needed in bis oase. He is in
line in that respect by instinct incli
nation and on general priuciples, but
he is not satisfactory in other re
spects. He would have been thrown
off the ticket in 1895 had the opposi
tion been at all formidable, but the
machine knew they could elect "any
old thing" that year, so they left him
on the ticket, but fully resolved to
run no more such risks. The same
was done in Jackson's case, and Jack
son knew better than to ask for
second nomination. It is not known
whether Drake will be as discreet in
this respect, .as was Jackson, or not,
but it is generally believed he will,
To say nothing of the objectionable
personal and business affairs that de
veloped to his injury before and
since his eleotion some of his official
acts are going to make him unpopu
lar with the masses. Calling this
special session of the legislature and
thereby saddling an enormous useless
expense on the people will cost him
thousands of votes if be ever asks for
votes. The way he treated his
daughter, recently, on account of her
marriage, those who know say, will
ruin all hope of future popularity
with the people for him. There is
little doubt that he wanted her to
marry rich and bis only objection to
young Sturdivant was his poverty.
It is said that when^she went to
his office, after the marriage, and
wanted to continue In her position as
S» 1 "w' I.
a private clerk, he told her to re
member that she was Mrs. Sturdivant
and under the necessity of looking
elsewhere for work. She proudly
strode from his presence and joined
her husband in an effort to make
their own independent living. All
these things make it utterly impossi
ble for Drake to be elected again,
therefore the republican party will
look for some, one who will be equal
ly satisfactory to the monopolies and
at the same tfme stand a better show
with the people. They can scarcely
hope, in the face of the formidable
opposition that will likely confront
them in the combined reform forces,
to eleot- anybody, much less a man
who is loaded down wi t-h the weights
that hamper Drake. .--i
Bon&'r Banter.
30 degrees below zero last Sunday
morning. How is that for 1897.
The dance last Friday eve was
very well attended on acoount of
intense cold weather.
We have noticed that some of our
young ladieB and gents have extreme
ly bad colds.. They should try a bot
tle of Morley.'a Cough Syrup, best on
earth, for sale by Mrs. L. Shumaker.
Mrs. Wm. Foye has been on the
sick list the past week.
Miss Ida Webster accompanied by
Mr. T. S. Johnson and wife were De
corah visitors last Saturday and Sun
day, returning on Monday.
Wanted—a housekeeper call on
John Van or address Lock Box 1002,
Bonair, Iowa.
Some of our farmers and neighbors
are burning corn for fuel. They say
it is cheaper than either coal or wood
Mr. H. A. Taft bus secured a job
with the Piano Mfg. Co. at Chicago.
Miss Effie Sanborn, youngest
daughter of L. P. Sanborn, has been
quite ill the past week but is getting
better at last report. ..
The telephone company has been
fixing the wires iu our town the past
It is rumored that Mr. Cllve FisK
and Miss Aggie McPherson will be
united in matrimony in the near fu
Mr. A. Foye, of Cresco, has been
canvassing our town with anew style
coffee pot but did not have very good
Mrs. Geo. Hartman Is improving
slowly. ,.
Farmers, if you intend to build a
new house or barn, call at the Bonair
lumber yard and get prices.
A number of our young people in
tend to go to the masquerade ball at
Florenceville tonight.
The readers of the Howard County
Times looked in vain for Joker's
items last week. Some thought he
was sick others knew he was [love]
sick and could not find time to get
up any items, all his time being occu
pied in waiting upon his Dulcinea.
Prof. Thome says he is getting
along nicely with his school at Gran
ger. We all Wish him success.
Mr. James Long has moved irofb
here onto his mother's farm near
Howard Center.
Price & Shumaker have a brand
new wood sawing machine and will
eaw your wodd at a very reasonable
rate. Give the boys a tr'al.
Our County Superintendent of
Schools, Allen McPherson,- was
around visiting our school last
A party of a dozen or more of Bon
air's young people had the enjoyment
of a sleigh ride to Lime Springs last
Wednesday eve. The sleigh was
drawn by four superb horses. All re
ported a pleasant time.
Wonderful South American Blood Care
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system, cures pimples, blotches and snres on
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stitution and depravity ot the btood. Bad
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The Fact That Doctors
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climate to those suffering from ca
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edy is in building up by taking a good
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HAnrl's Dllla
Me 106
°w P'"® to take
nOOa 8 C1I18 with Hood's
•W.UUU I' H!W|l^fiHKnp^^
Insurance Legislation.
The special session of the Iowa leg
isluture begins this week. Its pur
pose is to pass upon the revised code.
Mutual insurance associations are
very seriously interested in what may
be done with respect to co-operative
insurance. The code commission in
revising the laws relative to mutu
al insurance made some changes iu
the chapter that are quite revolution
ary. No farmers mutual can have a
membership in excess of 2000. Only
those can be members who reside in
the county where the principal place
of business of the association is locat
ed or in counties contiguous thereto.
The first provision would seriously
interfere with all associations having
a membership in excess of 2000, while
the second would drive out of exist
ence such institutions as the Hail
and Tornado Associations, beoause
their territory must be co-extensive
with the state in order to safely do
business at all, since a hail or torna
do association confined to the limits
of a county would be useless to its
members in these years when neither
hail nor tornado oame, and would in
all probability be utterly bankrupted
in those years when they did come.
The essential elements in the security
of associations of this class is a terri
tory so extensive that only a small
portion of it will be likely to suffer
loss in any given season, for if loss
does come, it is usually entirely too
large for a merely local association to
When the code came up at the reg
ular session last winter, the mutual
insurance interests were able to con
vince the legislature that no changes
in the existing law were either neces
sary or desirable and had the code
work been finished at that session,
none would have been made. We
have no serious apprehension that
any will be made at the special ses
sion now, nevertheless, it will be iui
portant-to the permanancy and pros
perity of the co-operative insurance
system that it be represented in the
discussions of the session, so that
nothing may be done, either inad
vertantly or by design, that shall ob
struct or hamper the prosperity of
the system.—Homestead.
Young calves from one to three
weeks of age. Town people having
such, will find a cash purchaser by
addressing, M. F. McCabe. 3t 1 taw.
Plymouth Rock, la.
Jas. S. Dean, Gen. Grant Post,
Rondout, N. Y.
Commander Dean writes: "As
Chief U. S. Mail Agent of the U. &
D. R, R, good health is indispensible.
I found myself all run down with dys
pepsia. I doctored and doctored,
but I grew worse. I suffered misery
night a'nd day, for' fully two years.
My case was pronounced incurable.
I chanced to meet Dr. Kennedy about
that time, and told him of my condi
tion and he said, try
Iowa's Great Silver Paper.
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est, Aggressive and Progressive Paper
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You will like it. Send for sample
copies anyhow.
Order through your postmaster or
direct to office.
38t4 Dubuque, Iowa
Cheap Farms for Sale
160 acre improved farm, two miles
from Cresco, $42 per acre, a bargain
In Vernon' Springs,] 06 acres at $45
New Oregon, 80 acres at $86, 200 acres
at $35 Paris, 80 acres at $80 Howard
Ceuter, 820 acres at $38 Chester, 40
acres at $30,120 acres at $38, and 200
acres at $48 Oak Dale, 160 acres at
$30,160 acres at $84, and 820 acres at
$85 Saratoga, 160 acres at $25, and
72 acres at $30 Howard, 80 acres at
$35 New Oregon, 40 acres at $35.
Money to loan on good farm
securities. JOHN M. CANNON,
Cresco, la.
William Bhaniey,
farmer, lately from near Lourdes,
Howard county, Iowa, now living in
South-western Minn., is prepared to
give full and reliable information in
regard to all lands for sale in his sec
tion of the country. Parties desiring
a home in that locality wonld do weli
to correspond with him.
Address William Shanley, Rock,
Redwood county, Minn, to may 4
Farm for 8ale.
05 acres located 2| miles south of
Cresco. Fair building, good well and
cistern, and running water, 45 acres
plow land, balance small' timber. A
fine location will be sold at a bargain.
For terms and particulars apply to
Martin Moen on the premises or John
Moen, Cresco, Iowa. 2 m.t. a. w.
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"8aved From the Horrors of Nervous Pros
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consumption. Mr. W. II. Palmer, of
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got no sleep for days except when under the
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Surplus over all liabilities 1,618,923.14
Glen Falls, oi New York:
Total Assets $2,050,817.50
Surplus over all liabilities 1.523,577.07
tt W. H. TILLSON, Agent
E, R. Thompson
Cresco, Iowa. /v
Owner and Proprietor of a Sot of
Abstract Books
of Howard Co.
Real Estate 'Bought and Sold, and
Loans Placed.
Office over Geratv & Terry's Store
Wanted-An Idea
Protect your Idea.:
Who cjm fcWnfc
of some almpl*
thing to pMentf
ng you wealth.
CO., Pat«it Attor-
Washington, I). 0.,(or thalr fl.800 in-la
it of two ttondMd WTMttoai
Harnesses made to order by exper
ienced woikmen from the best
material procurable.
of all kinds a specialty.
In Centennial Block,
OrescOj Iowa.
Cinl Wo!
While some stand with hand In pocke
and inflate
We Have the Trade, Lead in Prioes
and Have a Life's Experience.
Yours in Harness,
Miller & Gummings
for monthly pains in the sides,
hips, back, neck, shoulders,
head and limbs.
These pains are symptoms oi
dangerous derangements pecul
iar to women.
McElree's Wine of Cardui cor
rects these derangements, cures
Whitesand falling
of the Womb,
relieves Suppressed Menstrua
tion and flooding, quiets the
nerves and brings happiness to
afflicted women.
For Sale by Medicine Dealers at
$150.00 every
month given away to any ane who ap
plies through us for the most meritorious patent daring
the month preceding.
Wo secure the best patents for oar clients,
and the object of this offer is to encourage mvcntocs to
keep track of their bright ideas. At the same daks
wish to impress upon the public the fact that
such as the "car-window" which can be easily did up
and down without breaking die passenger's bade,
"sauce-pan," "collar-button," "nut4ock/' "bottle
stopper, and a thousand other litde things that most
any one can find away of improving ana these
inventions are the ones that bring largest returns to the
author. Try to think of somethmg to invent.
Patents taken out through us receive
special notice is
the National Recorder, published at Washington,
D. C.,whichistheoestnewspaperpubUshedinAinerica
in the interests of inventors. We furnish a year's sub
scription to this journal, free of cost, to all our clients.
We also advertise, free of cost, the invention each month
which wins our $150 prize, and hundreds of thousands
of copies of the "National Recorder," containing a
sketch of thewinner, and a description of his invention,
will be scattered throughout the United States among
capitalists and manufacturers, thus bringing to tlfar
attention the merits of the invention.
All communications regarded strictly COnfidauUL
Solicitors of American and Foreign Mm,
618 Street, N.W.,
Box 385. Washington, D. C.
Reference—editor of this fairr. WriU/trou$
So-page pamphlet, FREE.
EL**S CREAM BALM Is a positive rare.
Apply Into tho nostrils. It Is quickly absorbed. 80
cants at Druggists or by mail samples 10c. by mall.
ELY BROTHERS, 66 Warren St., New York City.
Chlchcstcr'n l-.nfrliiti Diamond BnsA
I Original and Only Genuine. A
SArc, always reliable, LAOIKB aak J\
1 DrugcjUt for Chichcster'i Bnglith
in Hed and Geld meUlUo\%jBf
Qtoxes, Bcalod with bine ribbon. Take YBr
Jno other. Befutt dangerous tu*
ftion* and imitation*. At prugglsta, or Mod 4e.
in Bt*mp0 for parlioulari, testimonials an!
liellef for Ladlca," letter, by return
If MttlL KKOOO Testimonials. Nam* Paper*.
Sold br ail Local Drusxisu* Phllada» W
alh&tci Lung Troubles, Debility, distressing stomach and
female ills, and is noted for making sures when all other
treatment foils. Every mother and invalid should have it
invalid should have it
Cleanses and beaotiftes the hate
Promotes a luxuriant growth.
Never Fails to Restore Qi_
Hair to ita Youthfixl Color.
Cures scalp diseases hair falling
lbs 01
Says "Use
Miss Maria Parloa
-•.r ,1s admitted to be a leading American
-h',authority on cooking she
r.'.s ii a good stock for tlie foundation of
1 soups, sauces and many other things,
and the best stock Is
Extract of Beef."
of Miss Parloa!s recipes sent gratis
by Dauchy & Co.,
Park Place, N, Y.
A Positive Permanent Cnre
Meak Men!
Wo mall 1'ltEK to suffering mankind a recipe
of the greatest Itesturatlve on earth (for YOUNG
or OLD) suft'erlnir from premature Decline from
any cause. A Positive, Permanent Cure for
Sexual Weakness, Lost Manhood, Nervous De
bility In any form.
It Cured Me J®*It Will Cure You
This Is no scheme to extort money- from any
one. When we mail you this recipe we alto en
close catalogue of our latest Music Publications,
etc., etc. liy handing same to someone Inter
ested you fully repay us for our trouble
One Good Turn Deserves Another
If you are a sufferer, write at once for full
particulars and recipe '.of this simple remedy
that cured me and hundreds of others. IT WILL
CUKK You. Mailed FRKE in plain envelope.
[Mention this paper] Wabasha, Minn.
ill ram sin
and tho other doctors cannot help
you, write to me. Do not stay
with them until they cut you open
or kill you with their drugs".
Belleville, Ohio,

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