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Twice-a-week plain dealer. (Cresco, Howard County, Iowa) 1895-1913, May 17, 1901, Image 1

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The Oe Laval Separators
w. pltwp pof* rtnAtf
The Second Prize
A Three Weeks' Treatment FREE
Sent to any address on receipt of 10c to pay postage.
!. ip-ra
l* A'J
take the lead! 52 Sepa
rators sold for $7,240,
the vicinity of Cresco
the past seven months,
while only seven other
separators of other makes
were sold in the same ter
ritory during the
period. The capacity of
the De Laval Separator
has been increased until
now it is the cheapest ma
chine on the maket con
sidering the capacity:
I have a few bargains in second-hand De Laval sepa
rators ranging from $60.00 to $100.00, that 1 will put out
on trial and give a written guarantee, as I do with new
Chas. T. Millard, A.gt.,
N. Iowa'phone 37. CreSCO, Iowa.
The most popular breed of Poultry,
because they are large size and
good layers the whole year.
Bred Stock and Poor Poultry?
Cockerel at the Chicago Poultry Show, 19oo,
at Head of Flock.
Eggs for hatching, $i.oo for 15. Leave orders at Cresco
Union Savings Bank. T1LLSON & THOMSON.
Staudaid Phone, 16. Northern Iowa, 42,
illivl/l/ For Thin Blooded People
Pleasant to take, A Flesh Producer.

mfrIifi^!'?,?HS.,^!!.eu,i"atlsm' ,Indi^estion and Female Trouble. Area blood
Pi? 1? c. ljeol''?sain 10 pounds a month. Patients derive all
"lat "e.v would from the pure
a healthy bullock. .They the greatest cure of the age for a broken
down system, impure and thin blood. We refer you to »™«n
PkriS.'J-TC .^yavlev'
.Rac'nc. Wis., and Lydia Groves, of
Jroilaaelpfiia, N. who gained six pounds each from our
S ®.roe
treatment which we give free also to Mrs. M.
S luton, 0! lcmple, Me., who gained seven pounds in four
weeks, Mrs. G. Edwards, of Clarinda, Iowa, was cured of
nervous prostration caused by child-bed fever.
S This is the only remedy of the kind on the market and
in order to prove to you the merits of it, wc otter you
l'r°.paid- A three weeks treatment with your doctor wil?
9 ..* I1 ^50. Any medicine house will give you a sample
full three weeks treatment. This trial package is given
remedy. Positively only one package to a person.
For a Trial Package, enclose 10c for Postage, and address
W. A. HENDERSON CO., 10716th Street, CLARINDA, IOWA 5
Regular Size, 50c. Sold by
your druggist -LlOmaS & Mil 7. CO, S
is the l'lace-to Get the Best
Oail cm as when you want anytoing firat-clasB in Groceries,
Dried Fraito, Canned Goods, Flour, &c.
3js! Selected Stoct ol Crociery is tie Ci!
A a uawuirjation of quality and price will demonstrate our
leadership in this line.
T*- ~*l -i.r tJ"**'
250 lbs $ 65.00
104 Plain Dealers for 1$
•a1 V-'- rs-',
Good real estate
John M. Cannon.
Inquire of Mrs.
investments. See
Complete line childrens'slippers
Allen's shoe store.
Tire set without dishing the wheels
by J. G. Holmstrom.
Uncle Jack Fulton is reported to be
in very feeble health.
Complete line of tennis shoes, the
right k-ind at Allen's shoe store.
Seed corn, sure to grow can be found
at the Rink barn, east of this office.
Remember the Concert to be given
in Congregational church May 30th.
LOST—A pet white rabbit. Finder
will please return to Master Raymond
On Sunday, May 19th, there will be
a lady evangelist at the Baptist
Money loaned on real estate securi
ties, small or large loans made.—J. M,
Mr, and Mrs. Len Grobel have a
little son born to them Wednesday,
May 15 th.
Axles stubbed and set, giving the
wheels the proper pitch aud gather by
J. G. Holmstrom.
160 acres improved farm, near Cres
co, will make fine home. For price
see John M. Cannon.
Wm. F. Rathert bought the old
Congregational church and will con
vert it into coal sheds.
The very highest market price for
eggs, either cash or trade at T. S.
Johnson's Bonair Store.
Dr. W. T. Daly, physician and sur
geon. Office over f-ields Furniture
store, opposite postofflce.
John Walton's new street sprinkler
cost him nearly $400 and is one of
Studebaker's best patterns.
II. T. Williams is giving full price
for butter and eggs, in trade for goods
at his store at Granger, Minn.
A tirst-class '.wheel—a Rambler,
ought last season, for sale cheap.
ROY SMAKT, at Smart's Grocery.
WANTED—A girl to do cooking at
the City Restaurant, must have some
experience. A. GRAVOS.
I have a few bushels of good home
grown potatoes that 1 will sell at
market price. CHAB. CAWARD.
Barred Plymouth Roc!c eggs for set
ting $1.00 dozen. F. H. OWENS,
69t4 Chester, la.
Geo. Lickteig left Tuesday morning
for Cleveland, Ohio, where he has a
situation in a wholesale music house.
John F. Daily has the foundation
in for a new home which he will build
this season on his farm just south of
The celebrated Ohio cultivator,
The Tiger, and the Buckeye on sale
very cheap at T. S. Johnson's Bonair
Very low prices will be made on a
line of new buggies and surreys just
received by T. S. Johnson's Bonair
Mrs. E. L. Harris and little daugh
ter are down from Milbank, S. D.,
visiting among Cresco relatives and
It will not pay to mis^ the concert
at the Congregational clnirch on the
evening of Decoration Day. Admis
sion 25c.
Small farm, improved, 1 mile from
town, a good farm and excellent loca
tion. Price $50 per acre.—John M.
Strayed from my place, a small
black pony mare with white face,
weight from GOO to 700 pounds.—J. F,
Hess, Elina, Iowa.
Geo. Hatter has bought the prop*
erty now occupied by him from Mrs.
Daskam and will make considerable
improvements thereon.
A1 Burnett has been confined to his
bed since last Friday, very ill with a
swelling of the glands of the throat,
somewhat resembling the quinsy.
Wm. Hardy came over from Rice
ville, Tuesday, for a visit with his
children here, and to superintend the
erection of some monument work.
The Womens' Oak Lawn Cemetery
Association will give a concert in the
Congregational church on the evening
of Decoration Day. Admission 25c.
The concert to be given in the Con
gregational church on the evening of
May 30th, will be by home talent.
Program next week. Admission 25c.
Into each life some ruins must fall,
Wise people don'tsitdown and bawl
Only fools suicide or take to flight,
Smart pepple take Rocky Mountain
Tea at night
—Dr. Wm. Connolly.
Mrs. O. G. Watros returned yester
day from West Branch, Michigan,
where she was called by telegram last
week without a moment's warning,
to attend the funeral of her father.
Mrs. Watros' mother accompanied
her daughter to oresco.—Republican.
There will be a grand ball in
Grange Hall, Kendallville, Iowa, on
Friday evening, May 24th, with good
music and a supper to be served at A1
Clink's. Tickets, 50 cents.
FOR SALE— A two story 8 room
house in line condition on Elm St., in
a good neighborhood, will be sold at a
bargain if sold within two weeks. For
Particulars see J. H. Luers.
Mothers of good judgment and ex
perience give their little ones Rocky
Mountain Tea this month, keeps them
well. 35c. Made by the Madison Medi
cine Co. Dr. Wm. Connolly.
Annual meeting of the New Oregon
Cemetery Association at the cemetery
on Saturday, May 25, 1901, at 11
o'clock a. m.
N. S. DURGAN, Sec'y.
Mrs. Arthur Lambert, a woman
about 30 years of age, residing on the
Patterson farm at Vernon, died
Monday morning. The remains were
sent to Castalia for interment
Services in Grace Episcopal church
next Sunday at the usual hours, con
ducted by Mr. Carson, of Faribault.
Mr. Black will resume permanent
charge for the summer, commencing
Sunday, June 2nd.
All those needing glasses, who wish
to see Dr. Fisk call on him at the
Strother House, May 27th to 31st.
He will not be here on his July trip,
consequently will not be here again
for over three months.
The art of hardening copper, known
to the ancients has been lost, but the
art of hardening steel has been
mastered by J. G. Holmstrom. Re
member this if you want a good job
done on your corn shovels.
a sack for Washburn Crosby
flour, the above speaks for itself. Best
flour in the market. Highest grade
Patent For sale by N. GRAF & Co.
Thanking you in advance fOr your
patronage we remain yours truly.
Mrs. J. No matter what causes
facial eruptions, absolute cleaniness
inside and out is the only way to cure
them. Rocky Mountain Tea taken
this month will drive them away. 35c.
Dr. Wm. Connolly.
FOR RENT—A good, 7 room house,
convenient and in good lacation and
neighborhood, one door south of Will
Tillson's, on north Elm street. Pos
session given June 1st' to 15th. En
quire of James Byrne or J. B. Barber.
Prof. Fisk will be at his usual office
at the Strother House, May 27th to
31st. You receive the benefit of his
eleven years' experience free, as he
charges nothing for examinations.
Dr. Fisk has one of the largest Opti
cal practices in Iowa.
The Decorah Journal says that
H. C. Hjerleid, in company with two
other gentlemen of that place have
organized "The Standard Printing
and Stationery Company," with the
object of doing printing on a large
scale in competition with city plants
—something which to our mind is not
very feasable.
The ouiy medical man wno has ever
originated anything of value in regard
to the cuu.se, prevention and cure of
CANCKK, is Dr. Melville C. Keith, of
Ohio, lie uses no knife, plaster or
poison drugs, but we are willing to
satisfy any interested party that
cancer can lie cured without any cut
ing and will stay cured. 8btf.
If the party who is to strangely
troubled with "seein' things at night"
will kindly refraiu from publishing
falsehoods which are likely to damage
the reputation of others, the school
ma'am will do all that can be done in
exorcising the Green-eyed Monster,
not from the "GirllLeftBehindMe,"
but from "A Wolf in Sheep's Cloth
Saturday evening the"school board
selected teachers for the ensuing year.
The board was unanimous in wishing
to retain the present teachers, Mr.
Hammond and Miss Puffer, but both
refuse to teach this next year, so the
board chose Mr. Daskam, of Kendall
ville, principal and Miss Anna Turk,
of Canton, primary teacher.—Ft.
Atkinson Cor., Decorah Journal.
Four or five weeks ago a tire was
discovered in a stack of straw back of
a barn owned by Robert Noble at
Riceville. It was put out without
any serious loss. A short time after
a stack of hay owned by Mr. Roberts
was burned and last week a new barn
owned by J. C. Coles in south part of
the town was discovered to be on lire
and was totally destroyed and it was
only by hard work that his new house
and other buildings were saved. Fri
day afternoon another alarm was giv
en and the barn of H. Monholand was
found to be on fire and in a short time
was burned to ashes. It was a total
loss as there was no insurance. Lee
Fox, a 10-year-old boy of Jasper Fox,
was suspected of setting the last lire
and when arrested by Marshal Swift
he confessed to setting all of the above
tires, also Betting fire to his father's
shop.—Mitchell County Press.
Milo Woodward,
For Shoe Repairing^ South Side
Cresco. 35 tf.
Memorial Day Observance.
Headquarters Memorial Post.G.A.R.
Cresco, Iowa, May 13, '91.
General Order No. 1.
I. In obedience to General Orders,
Department Headquarters, the mem
bers of this Post, and all old soldiers
of all wars of the United States, will
assemble at Post Hall at 9 o'clock a.
ni., Thursday, May 30th, to observe
Memorial Day.
II. Comrade N.S. Durgin is hereby
appointed Marshal of the Day, aud
will be obeyed and respected ac
III. The committee to decorate
graves at Oak Lawn cewietery will
meet at court house at 7 a. in., sharp.
IV. At 1:30 p. m, re-form at Post
Hall. Post members, and all old
soldiers, and the Relief Corps.
V. Decorating Soldiers' Monument
by Floral Brigade: thence to the opera
Music by the Baud.
Prayer, by Rev. Ridlington.
Oration, by Rev. O. H. Holmes.
Benediction, by Rev. W. Silke.
VI. Memorial Post, aud all old
soldiers, and W. R. C., will meet at
Post Hall, Sunday, May 26th, at 2
o'clock p. m., and march to M. E.
church to hear the Memorial Sermon
by Dr. S. W. Heald,
By order of C. H. MILLER,
P. J. MCCULLOW, Adjutant.
is getting on its holiday lixin's. Since
we were there last fall a very notable
improvement has been made in the
village. Mr. Grabau has built a new
house and occupies it with his family,
he has also built a barn Mr. Sanborn
has built a much needed room to his
store and dwelling T. S. Johnson
occupies double the room for goods
that he did a year ago Mr. Sliumaker
is maintaining his trade D. B. Cole
occupies the Whitman hall and will
furnish food and rest to the weary
Jas. Lannan owns and occupies a nice
house near its elegant new school
house Geo. Price measures out
lumber from its well stocked yard
the blacksmith shop is well patronized
the elevator operated for the Fleming
Bros., is doing a nice business the
smoke from the creamery indicated
that it too was doing business, and
Mrs. Jane E. Price is the same good
old lady that she has been for all the
years of her eventful and toiling life,
With two churches, three stores, a
mill, an elevator, a railroad station
and telegraph office, Bonair has a
right to put on airs.
Riverside Hall.
I wish to say to the public that I
have fitted up a good hall with a fine
balcony the scenery is grand from
this balcony and it will hold one
hundred people. Hall and balcony is
lighted with electric lights, also a
large fan to keep the air in circulation.
Lemonade and ice cream will be
served on Sunday afternoons and eve
nings, there will be a dance here once
a week until further notice, good
music will be furnished Friday eve
ning will be our first. This hall will
b: furnished free of charge afternoon
and evening for any church benefit in
this town, come and see it. This hall
can be rented for dances or parties
the only hall in Lime Springs lighted
with electric lights. For particulars
enquire of Jas. Safford.
P. S. I shall run a free 'bus on
special occasions.
Nichols'New Store.
The counters and shelving for the
new store of C. D. Nichols has arrived
and is being rapidly put in place and
next week the stock of C. D. Nichols
& Co., will be put into the new store.
The fixtures are all of the best qual
ity of hardwood, oak being its pre
dominant feature. The counters are
as finely polished as a piano case. A
new and elegant stock will be opened
out to the trade full and complete in
every department. The floor space is
not only sufficient for an immense
stock, but room enough to show what
one has, and to show it to the best
advantage so that the customer can
see just what he is buying.
Bcptist Church Directory
Sunday services.
Preaching 10:45 a. m.
Sunday school at 12, noon.
Meeting for Juniors, 3 p. m.
Young People's Conference,
p. in.
r^3K.w^^s«jL *,v
Plain Dealer.
Popular evening services for discus
sion of life Problems, 7:45.
Monday, Mrs. Silke's Bible class, 7:45
Wednesday mid-week service, 7:45.
The last Wednesday of each month,
convent meeting at 2:30.
To all the meetings the public is
heartily welcome, A special invita
tion is extended to strangers and
visitors. W. G. SILKE, Pastor.
The Most Common Ailment
More people suffer from rheumatism
than from any other ailment. This is
whelly unnecessary too, foracuremay
be effected at a very small cost. G. \V
Wescott, of Meadowdale, N. Y., says:
"I have been afflicted with rheuma
tism for some time and it has caused
me much suffering. I concluded to
try Chamberlain's Pain Balm and am
pleased to say that it has cured me
For Sale by Shuttleworth Drug Co.
*. ^,«K?f
Reply 'Board
Nearly 100 people visited the Cresco
Driving grounds last Sunday. Last
Wednesday evening nearly 25 young
men of the town gathered there to
practice ball. The last Board of Re
view In the city council room of Cres
co, raised the taxed valuation of these
grounds from $1,600 to $4,000, or near
ly 143^ dollars per acre more than any
blocks of land of Its size around it.
This is rather hard pay and very poor
thanks to the stockholders of this cor
poration—the Cresco Driving Park—
for its liberality shown to the public
in the past, and very poor encourage
ment for the continuance of the same.
—From the PLAIN DEALER of May 3.
Were it not that the above state
ment is so far from the real facts in
the case the undersigned would have
passed the matter b^, leaving the pub
lie to judge for itself as to the justicc
of raising the assessed valuation of
the Fair Grounds but as the gentle
man who wrote the above article was
present with "the last Board of Re
view in the city council room of Cres
co" when the assessment was raised
from $1,600 to $3,000—not $4,000—and
expressed himself as being satisfied
with the action of the "Board of Re
view, it seems strange thathe should
give for publication an article so mis
As to the justice of raisiDg the as
sessed valuation of these grounds will
say that "the stockholderslof this cor
poration" have been offered $4,500 for
the grounds and the offer is now good.
The "Board of Review" owes the tax
payers an explanation for not raising
the assessed valuation to the cash
offer of $4,500 on same. One reason
for not doing so may be given, is that
the "Board" gave due consideration
to the "liberality shown the public in
the past. BOARD or REVIEW.
As the real estate pit of the Board
of Review has spoken and made an
other bid, and as the writer of this
article met with the Board of Beview
on April 15, 1901, in behalf of the
Cresco Driving Park, the above criti
cism may place me before the public
as saying something that had never
happened, therefore I give the public
the benefit of the notice dated at the
council chamber in Cresco, April 9,
To the Cresco Driving 'Park (Fair
You are hereby notified that at
the adjourned regular meeting of the
Board of Review of the city of Cresco,
Iowa, held at the council chamber in
said city, April 9,1901, that your as
sessment on the Cresco Driving Park
was raised from $1,600 to $4,000, and
you are hereby required to appear be
fore the Board on the 15th day of
April 1901, and show cause (if any you
have), why such assessment should
not be made. P. C. HOWE,
Clerk of the Board or Review, city of
Cresco, Iowa.
On the dated mentioned in that
notice I met with the Honorable
Board of Review and am thankful for
Its cut of $1,000 in the assessment, and
said that "if they thought it right I
would have to be satisfied with it,
right or wrong.
But I am more dissatisfied with the
malicious insinuation, bearing the
ear marks of its author, than with
the assessment, and cannot allow it
to go unnoticed as it is a direct assault
upon the association.
In assessing property for the pur
pose of taxation, I know of no better
method than comparing it with like
property around it. On the night I
met with the Board of Review I ex
plained to that body that theimrove
ments and buildings on the grounds
were mostly the property of the How
ard County Agricultural Society and
should not be taxed to the Driving
Park Association, and 1 still think so.
Other real estate as feasibly located,
nearer to the town, with valuable im
provements belonging to the owners
of the land are assessed at $05.00 per
acre, while the land of the driving
park without valuable building of its
own is assessed at nearly $200.00 per
acre. It is to the inji^stice of this
discrimination that the driving park
association complains. Either its
land is assessed too high, or the ad
joining lands too low, and the Board
of Review can take which ever horn
of the dilemma it chooses.
While we were making this explan
ation to the Honorable Board of Re
view one of its members offered $4,000
fur this property, and before I left the
room he raised his own bid to $4,500,
and now over the signature "Board of
Review" he makes another bid of
$4,500. What does the public suppose
the Roard of Review wants of the fair
grounds'? Now the "thrifty" end of
this "Board of Review" would be just
as safe in offering $9,000 for this'proper
ty as he is in offering what he has, as
it is not for sale at an price. We are
very much obliged to .-o gentleman
for his broad, liberal thought in
"giving due con&iQcmtion to the liberal
ity shown the public in the past," as
we are sure that that will go a long
way toward keeping the boards on the
fence and shingles on the roof.
While the Cresco Driving Park Ras
been a private corporation, it has also
been a public one. It has been a bene
fit to Cresco,and with the assistance of
the Howard County Agricultural So
ciety, it has helped advertise the
farmer, the mechanic, the live stock,
and live stock breeders of Howard
county. The public has po|c ted to it
with pride, it has been use(ft,y a cer
tain class of the people of Cresco ever
since it was built, 13 years ago, and is
being so used today bv the public in
a way that no private individual can
refuse. All of this has been done
without one cent of donation to its
stockholders since its organization,
I^'-iA *4K
P"".. |i
(Oorreoted each. Issue.)
Wheat 68068
Barley 30 87
Oats a«as4
oheUed Com
Onsalted Butter jjia
Cream per inch 15
MUk perewt 68
-SKS per dozen g8rf
Ovlons 75
ilawn 1.00®1 50
Biliousness is a condition character
ized by a disturbance of the digestive
organs. The stomach is debilitated,
the liver torpid, the bowels constipat
ed. There is a loathing of food, pains
in the bowels, dizziness, coated tongue
and vomiting, first of the undigested
or partly digested food and then of
bile. Chamberlain's and Liver Tab-,
lets allay the disturbances of the:
stomach and create a healthy appe
tite. They also tone up the liver to a
healthy action and regulate the bow
els. Try them aud you are certain to
much pleased with the result. For
sale by Shuttleworth Drug Co.
Dip Your Sheep
In Thymo-Cresol Dip. The Gold
Medal Dip at the Paris Exposition,
good for horses and cattle as well as
sheep, a fine disinfectant. The cheap
est aud best Dip on the market. In
quire of W. C. Nichols & Son. For
sale at C. D. Nichols Clothing Store.
For Sale Cheap.
One sulky corn plow, 1 Rockford
stirring plow, 1 double shovel plow, 1
barrel churn, 1 hay rack.
^P7 P|
$1.00 PER YEAR
Review" with still a small debt unpaid. It
has to contend with boys bad, with
other expenses and annoyances that
go with its care. These are some of
the nice boquets that the above items
bring forth, and they are very becom
ing the gentleman who brings them,
posing as "Board of Review." But
we still move on with the approval of
the public and an assurance to our
friends that we will still continue to
try and maintain, as we have in the
past, one of the best county tracks
and grounds in the state. Our
merchants and husiness men have
been interested, and there is not a
town in the state nor surrounding
country, where the stores and busi
ness houses have been more liberal,
and have closed up and been willing
to close their places of business to at
tend entertainments held on these
grounds, than have they done in Cres
co, and these grounds are not open to
speculation, and we don't understand
why such bribes should be taften as a
basis of valuations, entirely ignoring
the values on on other property
around it C. D. NICHOLS,
Sec'y of Cresco Driving Park.
Suicide Near Plymouth Rock.
Last Wednesday afternoon the body
of James Mathews, a farmer living in
Burr Oak township near Plymouth
Rock, was found by members of the
family, hanging by the neck from a
tree, a short distance from the house.
Mr. Mathews was about 76 years old
and was well known in that part of
the county, where he had lived for
many years. He came in from his
work to dinner on Wednesday as
usual, remaining a while after the
meal about 2 o'clock left the house
and went to the barn, not returning
to the house again. About 5 o'clock
the family becoming alarmed at the
prolonged absence, went in seach of
him, and found him hanging to a tree
not over 100 feet from the house. He
had procured a halter from the barn,
fastened it to a limb of the tree,
which was not above the reach of an
ordinary sized person, stepped upon a
chair and adjusting a noose about his
neck, kicked the chair from under his
feet. When cut down by the Sheriff
and the others his feet were resting
upon the ground. Blood covered his
face from a wound inflicted in the
morning by his wife striking him
with a piece of wood during a family
quarrel, which we understand were
not infrequent. Domestic difficulties
were undoubtedly the cause of his
taking his life. He leaves a widow
and several grown sons and daughters.
—Decorah Journal.
Try the new remedy forcostiveness,
Chamberlain's Stomacah and Liver
Tablets. Every box guacranteed.Price
25 cents. For sale by Shuttleworth
Drug Co.
For Sale.
full blood red poll bull and two
yearling bulls.—Aloise Schneider.
buys a sotting of Thom
son's choice Barred Ply­
mouth Rock or Partridge Cochin
One mile west of Oresco.
^fy '^V-
Timothy Seed per bushel 01,15
Flax teed 1.60®
Clover imrowt 4.iKi© 8.00
Live Hcgc .6 no 5.10
Baal on foot 2K ©3
BWt-r.i 3® 4

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