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Twice-a-week plain dealer. (Cresco, Howard County, Iowa) 1895-1913, July 02, 1907, Image 3

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\0 run 110 risk of observation
through the dirty, bare win
dows, as well as to secure
equidistance from all possible
ijtsi of approach or escape, the hunt
liith had lain htm down lu the ball,
(be bottom stair for his pillow.
SfSvas rewarded with the full shock
|ils ear splitting tattoo. Tom grop
|is way ou tiptoe to the garden door
'Ifstealthily withdrew the bolts. The
Avas one-half colored glass, sbow
iJ'tt pink moon In "a purple sky and
fcglccted garden" which by daylight
$,Id have been sky blue with la ruby
rg\n, but now it merely gave an
jr coat to night, and Torn was out
and halfway down the flight of
|e steps before he saw that which
ethe Iron balnstrndo grow colder
is band. The chimney pot bat,
te trousers aul drawn staff of one
It# pew police awaited him at tho
'JoBie pjoug," sftid tbls officer. "It's
joso turning back. Hear tlwt,"
k.:be spoke the noise, of breaking
came through the open door,, dud
si's mind was made up. Suddenly
ehlng, with knees and elbows at
te angles, he sprung clean ou top of
police officer, who collapsed be
ih him -like a .house of cards. The
was bad enough for Tom. Bik nose
Weeding when lie picked himself
|but tho other lny motionless on his
'k, and Torn bent over him In horror,
/eyes opened that InBtaut, as4 Re
a grab at Tom, who turned and
cgd down the gardeu Just as there'
's 4 of fresh feet upon the
to stain beliiod,
garden Wall was mevolfully
4 .vaulted It and all but landed in
[Cumber frame upon the other side,
found himself in a nursory garden,
avenues of crystal roofs shining
moon in long low parallels,
vg. on# sijpfe causeway sped Tom at
eprana clean on top of the police
speed, getting Into another by turn
heft And right at the first gap. Just
Wc Solicit Your Business
B^Jo Watch or Clock will tell correct time if it isg't cleaned and overhauled
|occasionally if your watch or clock hasn't been cleaned, for' a year it's
pretty certain that it needs attention. As I give this my personal at
Stent ion and use only the best material can give you the best work pos
isible and we guarantee satisfaction of all our work. Bring in yoar clock
|tr watch and have it repaired right.
I -When apiece of Jewelry gets out of order It is hififtlv important
^the repairing be done by an expert in his line. We ao all our ow
right'here in the_8tqre,.so you get it sooner, and in fact better
Bwork, iAll engraving
Author of "Rafflss,
Ihe Amateur Cr&cks
rntLii," "Stmgtrec,"
Copjrtfrt. M9«. by CHARLES
then he lionrd a welcome crash at the
cucumber frame fifty yards back. But
uow the frontage Wall loomed ahead,
cutting the stars at an uncomfortable
height, and on dasUjug up to it Tom
saw the mistake he lind made by
changing avenues. He hud ta turn back
to tlie right to make the gate, and the
officers, who had run straight ahead
aud thus gained a score of yards, were
upon him In full cry.
The gate was a high wooden one,
luckily without spike*. The runaway
straddled the top Just as the pursuers
reached the bottom and left a Woe In
their hands ere he-threw himself down
upon the other side aud kicked its
fellow to the winds.
Tom ran swiftly on and presently
overhauled a cart lumbering westward
along the middle of the road. Ho
was passing it at a less suspicious pace
when he made a discovery- The driver
was bent double and fast asleep.
Tom dropped behind again and peep
ed In over the back. It was a hay
cart, and the load .had been left in
town. All that remained was the tar
pauliiflying in a crumpled heap. He
looked back along the road, but saw
nobody. Then bo boarded the cart
silently enough in his ragged Boolra—
and curled himself up beneath the tar
At Kew the carter stopped for his
breakfast, nud Thomas Erichsen made
good his escape.
Tom had his breakfast lu the beauti
ful early sunshine beside the river's
Overnight he had avoided th "tavern,
but not the puetry cook's shop, so be
bad made his supper lu tl}p empty
Ibouse and was still provisioned. More
over, his pocket was still weighted by
poo? Blades' broken watch, nor could
he,make up his mind to pitch into thp
rlver his only asset, and one to whigh
he was so justly entitled. He was
clear of London BOW the early sun
gave 'him confidence and pluck. He
would pawn the watch in one of these
Thames valley towns and then get
Jiack to London and the docks by rlv
fjpw habiliments.- It was
Saturday morning: he would wait un
til that bdst of times, Saturday night,
but first he must find a place to hide
his head in during tlie dajv
Ho found one in the boathouse of a
small, new, white brick villa*. with- a
narrow garden leading down to the
river's .edge. The boathouse had an
open window. Hardened by his ex
tremity into incredible alacrity in such
enterprises, Tom was through it in a
£^r|tykjjng -find well pleased with ills
fitafiovffiji, ipjjQ bpat was still hiber
nating kcol upward on trestlos.v }t
would be a very strange thing If that
day. of all-others, were chosen for
Ifljitiching her for the suuiraer. Deter
mined. »t (my FRtp. to risk it, the rutt
nwfly climbed Into a little loft whlcli
might have been made for him and
settled down for the day He rolled
himself up in several folds of straw
berry netting and made another quaint
pillow of the box' of a mowing ma
chine, whereon be slept soundly5 for
several hours.
When Tom deented it dark enough
for a judicious exit the wet earth was
as fragrant as a flower. He sniffed ij:
joyously through the open window by
jvhich he had entered. The garden
WAS washed very yellow and borr
dered by twin canals, Tljpw fifprg
light thtin he bad thougbt when fe tt)9
loft. Still, not a soul-was'in view, and
It had been lighter yet when he arrlv
ed. It was necessary, however, to get
FREE on goods purchased at our store.
.v.-'.., i'-,
sDealer in-
urniture, Carpets and Matines
Undertaking in AU its Branches
owu re-
Office over Sobolik'4"'
.^ardw^are Stox^.
Cr^sco, Iowa.
out or me wmaow legs rrrst ana Dock
ward, and when Tom had done so and
turned around he beheld standing on
the yellow path between the two ca
nals and quizzically regarding hin^tbe
Quaintest and the tiniest old gentle
loan be had ever •ncotmtored.
He Was certainly hot more than five
feet high, but he' carried himself su
perbly and fixed the Intruder with a
steady, Jocular, light blue eye which
Inspired respect before fear. He seem
ed, Indeed, the essence of contempla
tive geniality, but it Was his powdered
faelr, black finee. breeches and white
silk' stockings that gave, him the pic
ture book appearance at which even
Tom found time to man-el. But he
marveled more when the old gentlo
mnu made him a courtly bow and said
In high, chirping tones:*
"I am delighted.-to see you, sir! I
fear my boathouse will have afforded
you but-indifferent shelter..on so vile a
day. Such as it has boen, ho^ejter,
you are welcome to it indeej."
"Welcome!" exclaimed Tom,
"And why not?" chirruped tho other.
"Surely we who have must give to you
who have not, be It roof or boot? I
am sorry, however, to see ypu bare
footed, for you wlILpcrmlt me to ob
serve that such stockings as you have
on are .worse than none. If you will
have the goodness to -come with me
you shall be shod nfreshand join me
In a glass of negus before you go."
"But, sir"—
"Tut! I know what you would sny—
you have trespassed already and have
no-wish to trespass further. Very
well, sir so be it. You shall have your
way and pay the penalty. I condemn
you to a glass of negus and a new pair
of shops."
And with the utmost bonhoffliHle the
tiny gentleman ijrovg Ton) before him
to tb# bouse and-through open French
Windows to a basempnt room where a
lamp and fire were burning and a ket
tle singing on the bob,
"Hungry?" ho chirped, giving Tom a
playful push in the ribs.
"I bad provisions In my pocket,"
stammered the youth, in deep embar
rassment. "I1 shall do very well. In
ueed. your kindness"—
"Tut, sir, tut! You will please me
best by saying no more about that.
You are hungry, and I shall order you
something upstairs. But here's the
sherry and thergi'g ttjo boiling water.
You caii brew yqur owq pegu^ while
I am gone, and this is today's Adver
tlspp. Make yourself at bonie, I beg!"
And, with twinkling eyes aud brisk
gestures, the little old gentleman de-.
parted, of all Tom's good "Samaritans
assuredly tlie prince ancTETng.
NO sooner was be alone than Tom
caught up, the Advertiser and found
half a column about the murder, and,
yes, there was. bis name. The Adcocks
i)«A jpolunteepefl Jt, together witU a fq
description, whose accurate tempti
Tom not to wait for his supper, but to
rush through tho- open window and
swim tlie river in bis clothes. Yet there
was more that must be read. The easo
against him was stronger than ever.
The threatening letters had boeu -found
among the dead man's effects. The
hactftiey coachman had told his story,
anil here It was. But one name was
gratefully, absent—that of Harding did
not occur lu the closely printed half
eoluinq, which so strangely fascinated
Tem that 'his quaint Samaritan /syug
back before be had put the'paper down.
"What! Feeding tlie inInd before,the
body? Well, well, to be ppre!"
"I hadn't seen today's paper,", gaid
Tom feebly, ftfe/-,
"Alia! I know what you were read
ing too The„old gentleman chuckled
as he poured sherry into two tumblers.
"I know—I know.!"
"What?" asked Tom hoarsely.
"My eyes are good. My eyes arg ex
cellent. You were reading the Hamp
stead murder." Tom held his .breath.
'It's the llainpntcad murdcrcr!"
''I never read such things myself," pur
sued tlie other, "but I did when 1 jyas
young. Oh, Lord, yes! Blood was rny
negus then."
And, with his childlike laugh, he
handed Tom one steaming tumbler,
mixed another for himself and insisted
on clinking glasses before tlrey drank,
'foiu spilt some of his portion upon, the
lioor, but bis kind host never jioticed it.
He was next invited to take pinch
from a silver mouuted bom snuffbox.
This be refused as politely as bis. state
of mind would permit. Ho trembled to
know whether tlie old gentleman had
really eschewed all accounts of tlui
murder. To make certain he hazarded
a leading question.
"{t seems to bo a queer affair, sir.
Po you think they'll ever catch him?"
"My good fellow, I ImVen't read tbp
Tom drew a deep breath and tossed
off Dls neguij (it a gulp. -., At' that mo
ment thefo came a knock at thi floor
and a smull maid entered. ..
"Renily, Mary
"Yes, sir."
"The come this way, my dear
young gentleman," the old one said,
with liif? most benevolent'smile: "up
stairs. Follow the maid. 1 will follow
you." '. .i
Tom hesitated, but gave in without
word. Ho wa^^ladeed, us bnuaty as
he was grateful, and he followed the
sen-ant upstairs, with the jolly old
fellow chatting pleasantly at his heels.
"The shoes you shall have immedi
ately. What, would you shake ray
liand? Ah, -my good fellow, I fear It's
but meager entertainment that I can
offer you. Well, "well, if you Insist!
But that's the door. Pray walk in.
He, he, he, he!"
And 6re the chirruping laugh had
ended Tom's flight was over and he
was in the hands of two policemen,
who had securely pinned him by either
arm. Resistance was useless. But
from the officers' faces a last hopo
flickered In his breast.
"What do you^want me for?" he
cried. ..
"What is the ctiiVrgo, sir?" asked one
of the constables sotto voce of the
master of the house.
"Can't you see?" piped that trlum
pliant humorist. "It's the Hampstead
murderer! I knew the fellow wit'j
half an eye."
•f (To be continued) --r
The flag, of 1777, adopted by con
gress June 4, 1777, and first unfurled
by Capt. Paul Jones on the Ranger, to
the command of which he was appoint
ed on the day the resolution adopting
the flag was passed by congress.
The flag of 1907 illustrates the ex-'
panslon of the nation, its 46 stars rep
resenting the 46 states of the union,
including Oklahoma.
By Edwin Markham.
tier* In the forest now,.
As on that old Juljc.
Wlion first our fathers took the vqjr.
The blublrd, stained with earth and sky,
Shouts from a blowing bongh
In green aerial freedom, wild and lilah,—
Arid now, as then, the 'Tlobollnk^J:
{Jut prj the '.))t)ceEt%ln br-ltH
Of the awayiog n-aple. awlnga,
While over the wood his proclamation
A daring boaat that would unklngdom
Even so the wild birds sans on bough
and wall
That day tlie Bell of Independence Hall
Thundered-upon the world the" Word-of
The wori God uttered when the world
That day when. Liberty began to be.
And mighty hopes were out on land and
Bui Freedom calls here conscripts now as
It is an endless battle to be free.
Aff- tlie old dangers lessen front the sklcsa
New dangers arise:'
Dowq the long centuries eternally,
jLgaii), again, -will rise Thermopylae—
Again, again, a new Leonldas
Must hold for God the imperiled Pass.
As long as the ages run
New Lexington will rise on Lexington
And many a valorous W«jcren fall
TJpon the Imperiled wall.
Man is the conscript of an endless quest,
Along divine adventure without rest—•
A holy War, d. battle yfet unwon
When he shall climb Beyond the burnt
out sun.. __
Each hard-earned freedom .withers to A
lioml j'
Freedom forever is beyond—beyond!.
—N. T. Independent. jZ" ',.
Two Trainmen Are Killed.
St. Paul, Mdnn., June' 24.—According
to official information- received at
Norton Pacific headquarters in thig
city, two trainmen were killed and
one seriously Injured by the derail
ment of a work train Friday night
near Detroit, Minn.
Women as Well as Wen Are SSije
Miserable by Kidney
Bladder Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
discourages and lesseusainbitibu beauty,
vigor and- cheerful
ness soon disappear
when the kidneys
out pf order or idiu
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncom
mon for a child to be
born afflicted vwitb
weak kidneys. If.the
child urinates too often, if the urine Scalds
the flesli, or if, when the child reaches at}
age when it sbouW be able tq control the
passage, It is yet afflicted wltlu bed-wet
ting, depend upon it, the cause ofthecliflv
culty is kidney trouble, ami the jSrst
step should be towards the treatmeutof
these important organs. This uu^asajrit
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
tbe kidneys aud bladder and not ,to
habit as'most people suppose. b.
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and tlie immediate efl^ct of
gWPmP'RQPt is soon realized. It is soflf
by druggists, ill fifty'
cent and oue-dollar
si%e bottles. You may
liove a sample bottle
by mail free, also a now vt gwunp-Rooi,
pamphlet telling all about Swamp-Root,
including many of the thousauds.of testi
monial letters received front sufferers
cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Bingliamton, N. Y., be sure and nIEntion
this paper! Don't make any mistake,
but remember the name, Swamp-Root,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y., on every
Was Built Half a Century Ago.
The wrecked building was ft four
story structure-built longer tbau 5Q
year's ago, and was at Walker ftnd La
fayette street$. it, belonged to the
Moseq Tyler estate, and for several
days has been In a dangerous condi
tion because of excavations for a new
building on the adjoining premises. It
had been shored up, but the constant
rumbling of subway trains a block
away was too much for it in its weak
ened condition, and it fell at two
.o'clock Friday morning. Most'of the
tenants, warned by the ominous creak
ing, fled from the building a few min
uteB before It collapsed.
Excavation for New Building Adjoin*
ing Premise? Cause Qf Disaster—
Contractor Arrested Thrilling
of an Old Man.
New York, June 26.—Seven per
sons, six of them -members of "one
Italian family, were killed early Tues
day In the collapse of a ramchackle
tenement in the down-town Italian
quarter. Three other members of
the same family, including the father
and mother, are in a hospital/ pain
fully injured.
Exciting scenes occurred after the
accident. One was the rescue of an
old man from a two-foot ledge 40
feet firom the ground, a portion of
the fallen building having adhered to
ing str
tlie -fir
scene, raise a ladder and take the
man, Jacob Kelgler, to-the ground.
the adjoining structure long enough
to permit tlie -firemen to get to the
Burled Undfir Tons of Debris.
The dead were buried under tons
of debris, and it was not until fire-,
men and volunteers had worked for
four hours that their bodies were re
cqyered. QeQrse Blumenthal, the
contractor who had charge of the re
cent repairs on the building, was
arrested, charged with homicide.
That many more persons did not
lose their lives was due to the fact
that two of the younger occupants of
the house attended an Italian cele
bration Monday nighf. The hoys
reached home early Tuesday morning,
and, warned, by the severe ..shaking
and .creaking of the house, ran
through the building and warned the
sleeping tenants. Five minutes
later scores of firemen were tearing
away at tftie pile of bricks and broken
timbers in the hope that some of the
burled persons might be taken out
Hear Mogns and Find Man.
After a few minutes of tearing at
the timbers and bricks the firemen
heard a moan and' in the dim light
saw a man's band. One. of the men
caught it and.the man under the ruins
murmured: "Save my sister." It
was Qeorge Torchino. The firemen
^dragged away the rubbish in trying to
free the young man..
Just tben a watcher cried: ''Look
out boys, she's falling." The frag
ment of wall fell, but only Battalion
Chief Galvin and Ladderman Samet
were severely hurt.. The others want
b$ck dlggteg. tR spit? of their cuts
and bruises. They thought, that
Torchino, the man they had nearly
resetted, would be killed -by the' sec
ond fall of brick, but his life was
saved. Part of tlie wooden roof that
had remained on the wall fell direct
ly "over the hole which the firemen
had opened-to him, and the frrlckg and
{infers rained harmlessly en this can
opy. The firemen pulled it off and
soon had Torchliio .out. A few mo
ments later the firemen took out the
father and mother.
Head Mashed to a Pulp.
Louisville, Ky., June 26.—Ernest
Black, of Quincy, Ind., employed with
•a pile driving gang-at the new Moon
roundhouse in New Albany- was in
stantly killed Tuesday- by a pile flr-iv*
machine. Blaiek started to oil the rnv
eWnery while the iron wetgh^, weigh
ing several tona was hoisted to the
top of the -derrick. Just as it was
released Black reached over to use
the oil' can, and his head was directly
over the end of the pile when the
mass of iron struck him. His head
was mashed flat and was completely
torn from the body. ,-t
A cat iti nti
Bean tho Hare Always
'The "Morning After" in the South of France.
Deputation from. World's Christian
Denominations Received—Car
negie Visits Palace Site.
The Hague, June 28.—M. Nelidoff,
president of the peace conference,
Tuesday received a deputation from
Christian churches throughout the
world, headed by Very Rev. William
Henry Fremantle, dean of Ripon, who
presented an address urging the con
ference to insure peace, justice and
The address was signed by all tbe
leading churchmen of Great Britain,
except the Catholic, who refused to
participate even indirectly in a confer
ence to which the pope was not in
vited. Nine American Catholic bish
ops signed the address.
M. Nelidoff cordially thanked the
deputation for the interest taken in
the work of the conference, to which,
he said, the address would be com
municated, adding that every one
earnestly desired the success 6f its
The proposition which France pre
sented to the second committee (.land
war) has not'yet been definitely draft
ed. It will merely express the wish
that a declaration of war be compul
sory before the opening qf hostilities.
Mr. and Mrs.. Andrew Carnegie, ac
companied by President Van Kar Ne
beeH of the government commission
charged with the erection of the pal«
ace of peace, the money far which was
provjded by Mr. Carnegie,- visited the
sltfe on which the palace will be built.
In the afternoon MrCamegie, ac
companied by Minister Hill, visited
Dr. Tets Van Boudrian, foreign min
ister of the Netherlands, who renewed
the expression of his thanks for Mr.
Carnegie's generous donation.
Federal Regulations to Be Enforced to
Prevent Overcrowding,
Washington, June 28,—-As far is
federal regulations will permit the
treasury department and the depart
ment of commerce and labor will com
bine to prevent the overcrowding of
steamboats this summer. The ques
tion of overcrowding of excursion and
interoceanic vessels has been referred
to the attorney general, who has de
cided that It is the duty of both these
departments to enforce the law.
Secretary Cortelyou has designated
Assistant Secretary Reynolds and Sec
retary Straus has named Inspector
General Uhler of the steamboat In
spection service to co-operate in the
framing of rules and regulations to
prevent steamboats carrying more
than their legal limit of passengers.
Prominent Arkansas Man Dead.
Fort Smith, -Ark., June 26.—W, R.
Abbott, president of the American Na
tional bank of this city, and one of the
largest Individual timber land owners
in the_ state, died Tuesday of heart
failure, aged 40 years. He was one of
the foremost men of western Arkan
sas. He was president and promoter
of the Central of Arkansas railroad, a
short line Jn progress of construction
from Dardanelle to Paris, in this state.
State Can Regulate Liquor Traffic.
Indianapolis,-Ind., June 26.—The In
diana supreme court held Tuesday
that tbe state-has the right to regu
late traffic in liquors. A decision by
Judge Christian ol Hamilton county Is
reversed. The lower court held that
the saloon Is an evil per se, and the
state has no right to license it. 4
Venezuelan Cabinet Out.
Caracas, Venezuela, June 22, via
Wlllemstad, Curacoa, June 26.—The
caUnet resigned to-day owing to the
aefion Qt congress In condemning the
policy of the minister of finance.
Heads of departments are transacting
the government business. :4'::
Clash Feared In Salvador
Washington, June 25.—The state de
partment Tuesday received a cable
gram from the American minister at
Guatemala City, stating that the situ
ation In Salvadoi is disquieting that
Guatemala and Salvador are sending
troops to the frontier.
Long Live The King!
Is the popular cry throughout European
countries while in America, the cry of
the present day is "Long live Dr. King's
New Discovery, King of Throat and
Lung Remedies!" of which Mrs. Julia
Ryder Paine, Truro, Mass., says: "It
never fails to give immediate relief and
to cjuickly cure a cough or colJ." Mrs.
Paine's opinion is shared by a majority
of the inhabitants of this country. New,
Discovery cures weak lungs and sore
throats after all other remedies have
failed and for coughs and colds it's the
only sure cure. Guaranteed by P, .&•
Clemmer, Druggist. 6Qc ai^ $1.00.
Trial bo#l$
And It Hag All Been Worked Out
from the Ancient Chinese Fire
cracker How They
Are Madej,f,^
Tlie manufacture of fireworks has
developed from an imitation of _the
Chinese firecracker to an industry of
vjist proportions In the United States.
Also from the humble and -compara
tive harmless cracker, the product has
been developed along the most com
plex yet scientific lines until the mas-
ter of ceremonies at a full fledged mod-
ern fireworks exhibit must -needs be
a man with a comprehensive knowl
edge of the explosives he is handling.
The Chinaman, having invented
gunpowder a few thousand years be
fore it came Into use In the western
world. Invented the firecracker so long
ago that the Incident of ItB birth has
be^n lost in the shuffle of history, but,
curiously enough, the Chinaman In
thfe respect has stood at the Initial
point of development, as he has in all
else that pertains to his life. He still
makes good firecrackers, but they are
of the same model and power as he
has used for hundreds of years. The Js
American, having stolen the idea, pro
ceeded to develop it along lines truly
indicative, of the American character
—flamboyant, pyrotechnic and loud.
The Chinese cracker is a small affair,
considerably more so than the crack
er to buy wjilch the small boy tolled
in the gray dawn carrying water to
the elephant, but at Chinese New
Year's, and other festival Umes a
head of the rocket or bomb, are com
posed as follows: Red, nitrate of bk--1
ryta, ehloride ^of potash and shellac
green, nitrate of baryta yellow, oxtNl
ate of soda. Purple and blue are com
posed of various preparations ef cop
per, while the making of the other
tints are trade seereta.
The llpman candle Is charged as
follows:- Sets of cases are placed on
pins and there is scooped in first tt
quantity of clay, which prevents the
explosive composition from burning
the hand then a cbarg« of gunpow*-,
der, and on top of this are placed the
colored stars In the proper sequence
of color. On top of this comes a com
position called fuse, which makes tha
intervals between the discharge of the
stars. After the fuse rammers are
brought down to pack tbe material,.
the operation being repeated as often
as required. The candles contain from
two to 35 stars. The finishing con
sists of covering the candle and pro
viding a quick match for easy Igni
Sulphur, saltpeter and charcoal en*.
ter largely Into the manufacture of
fireworks and for particularly brilliant
effects stoel and iron fillras are added.
A Wonderful Happening. 1
Port Byron, N. Y.y has witnessed onejv
of the most remarkable cases of healing,' yfc'H
ever recorded. Amos F. King, of that
placesaya: "Bucklen's Arnica Salve"
eured a sore on my leg with# which I
had suffered over 80 years. I am now
85. Guaranteed to cure all sores, by
P. A. Clemmer, Druggist, 23e,
Dyspepsia fa our .national ailment:
Burftook Bleed Bitters is tho national
eure for it. It strengthens stomach
menjbranea, promotes flow of digestive
juices, purifies the blood, builds you up.
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vA?, 'vM
string of their firecrackers suspended
from the end of a bamboo pole will
explode—every one of them—and V. ft'
there will be no "stealers" nor blanks
found in the sfring. Which goes to
show that the hand-made Chinese
article is still honestly made and that
western methods of cheap machine
manufacture have not Invaded the
cradle of the, firecracker.
But as all things American have de
veloped to prodigious proportions,
leaving In the past the memory of sim
plicity, so the firecracker of history
each year finds a smaller place In the
demonstrations of America. Instead
there have come the rocket, the bomb,
the set piece and the appliances for
pouring forth torrents and volcanoes
of multi-colored fire. It is the manu
facture of these goods that has grown
to such size and commercial conse
The preliminary In the manufacture
of nearly all fireworks Is the making
of the case. The quality of paper
varies from the commonest straw
board to the finest bank note paper.
Cases for skyrockets require a fine
grade of paper called rope -board. The
paper Is first pasted and then rolled
over a mandrel. The drying process
takes four or five days, and the case
then is 'ready for for charging. They
vary from two to 20 inches in length
and from one-quarter of an inch to two
Inches In diameter. The loading of
skyrockets, up to the last four or fiv»
years, has been done, by hand, but the.
machine now takes the plac,t» of thQ
hand loader. A spindle placed ft* tbe
center of the case causes a cavity as
the material Is packed In around it.
The materials are scooped in, ham
mered down until it is of rock-like
hardness and then the spindle Is with
drawn. When the rocket Is fired the
large surface of material In the spin
dle cavity catches fire at on.ee, cau^
Ing a tremendous pressure of gan
which pours out of the spindle cavity,
causing the rocket to shoot akyward.
The colored stars, which go in the
^£*5* tU-
Quick match, one of the Important
features of fireworks manufacture, la
made from specially prepared: wick
soaked in a solution of gunpowder. At
the proper time It is wound off on
frames and just before it is dried it ta
sifted oVer with very fine powder in
order to make It extra quick In action.
It is then cut In lengths of about six
feet and worked) Into what Is known
as match paper, after which it 1st
placed in manila paper cases, and'
joined together. Fire at one end of
quick match leaps to the other and at
most as quickly as would electricity.
The quick match is fitted out on what
are known as lances, or rods of bam-.ju hiT?®
boo. For set pieces the design Is
sketched by an artist and then scaled!^
so It can be enlarged to any size. Th&^|
regulation aet piece franiQ la 10x5
feet and is divided Into squares: a foot
large. The design is outlined fn rat'
tan, pegs are driven lntt» the rattan
and on these pegs ar» fastened th»:
quick match lqnoas referred to.
14A "M.
-V A."

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